Effects of the cyclo-oxygenase inhibitor, fenbufen, on clenbuterol-induced hypertrophy of cardiac and skeletal muscle of rats

Function of nicotinic synapses

Rectification of currents activated by nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in rat sympathetic ganglion neurones.

Simulation with Animation

Light-dark cycle and mitotic index in Asellus aquaticus (L.) (Crustacea, Isopoda)

Train up a child in the way he should go

Utterance. The music of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Threads of Time

Love in a Cold Climate. A story of urban living and rituals of survival

Linear Rhythm. A portrait of three artists

I is a Long-Memoried Woman. Based on a collection of poems by Grace Nichols

Le Bohemian Noir et le Renaissance del Afrique

Being Here & There

Batik. The living art

The Fall

The Creation by Joseph Haydn

Word of Mouth 10

Word of Mouth 9

Word of Mouth 8

Word of Mouth 7

Word of Mouth 6

Word of Mouth 5

Word of Mouth 4

Word of Mouth 3

Word of Mouth 2

Word of Mouth 1

The Spiral Cage. Animal, Vegetable, Human! or Mineral. (Al Davison – a Life)

Joseph Wright of Derby. The Spectacle of Light

Hidden Heritage. The roots of Black American painting

Relocation: a Practical Guide

La France, la Grande Bretagne et le problème du dollar 1945-1950


Going home

Real-time functional programming systems

Isatin, regional distribution in rat brain and tissues

The dazzling image: series 1

Tales of Faith and Foxes

Gran Gran Fiesta!

Evaluation facility for high-speed network systems

Mechanism and structure of a coenzyme-B12 dependent enzyme

Purification of the seed lectin from Dolichos biflorus by chromatofocusing

Ray tracing using the SCRIP machine

The role of ecotones in aquatic landscape management

Water engineering and landscape: prospect for environmentally sound development

Forrested alluvial corridors: a lost resource

Proton MR spectroscopy of the brain in infants

A systolic array solution for the assignment problem

An efficient double pipe systolic array for matrix product

On the suitability of higher block matrix forms for systolic LU decomposition

Quaternary dinoflagellate cysts from the upwelling system offshore Peru, Hole 686B, ODP Leg 112

"Et moi aussi je suis peintre": poetry, painting and the manipulation of typography

Architecture of a high-speed network interconnection unit

Catalytic antibodies-designer enzymes

Catalytic antibodies

Punching shear and moment transfer in reinforced concrete flat slabs

Proton MR spectroscopy of intracranial tumours: in vivo and in vitro studies

A systolic topelitz linear solver

The long march from Lahore to Khartoum: beyond the 'Muslim reformation'

Book review: Harvey, D. (1989). The condition of postmodernity

The design of a house for a merchant, 1724

Nuclear magnetic resonance and circular dichroism spectroscopic studies of copper complexation in blood plasma

The Landlord and Tenant Act 1987

Review of John R. Rickford, Dinensions of a Creole continuum. Stanford: University Press, 1987

Pacific reorientations

Off target?

Generalisations on RP consonant clusters

Training for information technology

Water, engineering and landscape: water control and landscape transformation in the modern period

Rank annihilation on a ring of processors

l-NG-nitro arginine (l-NOARG), a novel, l-arginine-reversible inhibitor of endothelium-dependent vasodilatation in vitro

Implementing pattern-matching function definitions in CTDNet - a multiprocessor architecture

31P Magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the human paediatric liver

NMR studies of drug metabolism and disposition

Proton MR spectroscopy in herpes simplex encephalitis: assessment of neuronal loss

A systolic helix for matrix triangularisation with partial pivoting

The Givens Batcher Reduction (GBR) algorithm

Liquid property

The systolic control ring instruction processor (SCRIP)

Transputer arrays and computer-aided control system design

Complex eigenproblem solution by a parallel norm-reducing Jacobi method

Discovering the South: Sudanese dilemmas for Islam in Africa

Transputer implementation of systolic arrays for model reduction

Profile Vittorio Gregotti: the urban dimension

Sorting without exchanges on a bit-serial systolic array

Improved matrix triangularisation using a double pipeline systolic array

Efficient systolic string matching

An orthogonal systolic design for the assignment problem

Systolic arrays for group explicit methods for solving first order hyperbolic equations

Dead spaces? Grave matters