The effect of the beta-adrenergic agonist clenbuterol on growth and protein metabolism in rat muscle cell cultures

5‐HT3 receptor channels in dissociated rat superior cervical ganglion neurons

Classification of muscarinic receptors inhibiting calcium current and M current in dissociated rat superior cervical ganglion (SCG) neurons

Inhibition of N- and L-type calcium channels by muscarinic receptor activation in rat sympathetic neurons

Characterization of muscarinic receptor subtypes inhibiting Ca2+ current and M current in rat sympathetic neurons

Morphological differentiation of a sex chromosome and ribosomal genes in asellus aquaticus (Crust. Isop.)

Latifah and Himli’s Nomadic Uncle

Ursulena’s Box

PS We’ve Got a New Dog...!

Memories in Mind


Confusion. The music of Khuljit Bhamra

The Vanishing Rembrandts

Two Autumns. Futatsu no Aki. The work of Andy Goldsworthy in Scotland and Japan

Sickert’s London

Mirrors of Paradise

Ode on St. Cecilia’s Day by Henry Purcell, from Stationers’ Hall, London where Purcell gave the first performance on St.Cecilia’s Day, November 22nd,1692

London Underground. 36 hours in the life of the London underground scene

Barcelona with Robert Hughes

The Connection Machine Implementation and Programming

International Relocation: A Global Perspective

The impact of appraisal systems on ethnic minority staff

The impact of appraisal decisions

Final report on benchmark suite

Mid-term report on benchmark suite

Software development tools for transputer Systems

Parallel processing and the European dimension

Architecture and the ethics of technology

The dazzling image: series 2

Developments in parallel discrete event simulation at the Centre for Parallel Computing at the Polytechnic of Central London

The short and long form of verbs in Mauritian Creole: functionalism versus formalism

Molteplici culture

Floodplain assessment for restoration and conservation: linking hydrogeomorphology and ecology

Target or non-target: hormonal signal perception and response in the determination of cell performance

VLSI systolic arrays for table based algorithms

An introduction to systolic algorithm design

Practical steps towards algorithmic engineering

Experimenting with DTAGS: an interactive synthesis package

Automated analysis of the deoxyribonuclease active constituents of the medicament Varidase ®

Performance visualisation of conservative and time warp based parallel simulators

Suburbanization problems in the USSR: the case of Moscow

L’espace féminin at le mariage: une étude du roman Une femme pour mon fils

Benchmarking for MPP procurement. Mid-term report

1-Dimensional parallel FFT benchmark on SUPRENUM

PMCS (Process Model of Cognitive Systems): a model for distributed co-operating systems

Applied English

Tourism in Europe

Effect of l-alanine infusion on 31P nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of normal human liver: towards biochemical pathology in vivo

In vivo and in vitro31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy of focal hepatic malignancies

A bit of a flutter: popular gambling and English society, c. 1823-1961

A bit of a flutter: off-course ready-money betting in England, 1853-1961

Playing the system: the world of organised street betting in Manchester, Salford and Bolton, 1880-1939

Bookmaker, bribery and the betting tax

Synthesis and crystal structure of a gadolinium(III) complex of a tetraimine schiff-base macrocycle: a potential contrast agent for magnetic resonance imaging

MRS characterisation of tissue and body fluids

Pondicherry. Ce n'est plus la France, ce n'est pas encore l'Inde

The River's handbook: hydrological and ecological principles. Vol. 1

River conservation and management

Lowland floodplain rivers: geomorphological perspectives

H-1-Nmr studies of reactions of copper complexes with human blood plasma and urine

Pergolide can induce soluble Superoxide dismutase in rat striata

Groundwater invertebrates of european alluvial floodplains

More on systolic line drawing

Phosphorus-31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the human liver using chemical shift imaging techniques

Biotic score and prediction to assess the effects of water abstractions on river macroinvertebrates for conservation purposes

Systolic designs for Aitken's root finding method

The ontogeny of 2-[125I]iodomelatonin binding sites in chicken brain

In vitro selection and affinity maturation of antibodies from a naive combinatorial immunoglobulin library

Keeping a finger on the pulse

Inhibitory potency of some isatin analogues on human monoamine oxidase A and B

Physical map location of the new Escherichia coli gene sbm

Antibodies without immunization

A fast Faddeev array

Distortional isomerism in oxomolybdenum systems: the evidence re-evaluated

The modernisation of Russian motherhood 1917-37