Calcitonin gene related peptide stimulates differentiation of neonatal rat myogenic cultures

Visualisation and selective elimination of a subpopulation of mitogen-responsive bone marrow stromal cells using bromodeoxyuridine and photo-induced cell killing

The modulation by lanthanum of the gating of voltage-dependent potassium currents in rat isolated cerebellar granule neurones

Block of potassium currents in rat isolated sympathetic neurones by tricyclic antidepressants and structurally related compounds

The Politics of Identity: Nationalism & National Identity in Contemporary Greece

MULTIPRINS: a method for multicolour primed in situ labelling

Photography and the colonial vision


Little Sister What Colour Flower Are You Wearing in Your Hair?

Damirifa Due! Saying goodbye.

Chaytantra. The Sixth Story


The Grateful and the Dead

From Hill to Castle

Should Accidentally Fall

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Duets With Autombiles

Beethoven in Love. A fantasy in five songs

Showcase City

On Common Ground

Gallery Without Walls

Changing Faces

Along the Tracks

Carlo Levi Stopped Here

Sampling London

Ragga Gyal D’bout

Gospel Truth

Fro Hair to Eternity

An Eye on X

Double-Six Pose

Day and Night

Anansi Fantasia

Abstract Cinema

Modeling Dynamic Systems

Neuromodels of Analytic Dynamic Systems

History of Electrex 1950-1993

France and the European Payments Union

Le franc français 1952-1957. Débat sur la convertibilité

A neural predictive controller for underwater robotic applications

Symposium: Editing Political Diaries

The winter hunt

Postgraduate training in parallel and distributed computing

The Jazz Package: Series

A methodology for the decomposition of discrete event models for parallel simulation

Primary sequence analysis and representation techniques in carbohydrates

The parallelisation of discrete-event simulation: a methodology

Frondizi and the politics of developmentalism in Argentina, 1955-62

Null subject in Mauritian Creole and the pro-drop parameter

Sequence homology relationships in glycolipid oligosaccharides

Analysis of sequence-function relationships in oligosaccharides using artificial intelligence techniques

Implementation of a generic monitoring architecture in a ring message router

The frontier of national sovereignty: history and theory, 1945-1992

Computer simulation and optimisation of solar heating systems for Cyprus

The givens-batcher reduction algorithm and matrix triangularisation

The derivation of uniform recurrence equations using the knapsack problem

Multi-layer systolic algorithms

Mapping a class of run-time dependencies onto regular arrays

Restoring France: the road to integration

An automated method for the determination of deoxyribonuclease activity as exemplified by fractionation of the components of the medicament Varidase®

Restoration of floodplains: a UK perspective

Real time decision support in management of large networks

Parallel simulation model of CCITT signalling system

From BSP to a Virtual von Neumann machine

Application of parallel discrete event simulation to telecommunication network modelling

Fast parallel simulation of SS7 telecommunication networks

Exploiting lookahead in parallel simulation of SS7 telecommunication networks

Media reform and democratization in post-Mao China : a television case study

Effects of dopaminergic drugs on superoxide dismutase: implications for senescence

Performance visualisation in a portable parallel programming environment

Performance analysis of distributed applications by suitability functions

Comparative performance analysis of uniformly distributed applications

The GENESIS distributed memory benchmarks

The GENESIS benchmark suite: current state and results

The GENESIS benchmark suite manual. Release 2

Simulation of a parallel robot arm planning system using Transim and Gecko

The eclipse of reason: the media in the Muslim world

Knowledge, justice and conflict resolution: Islamic perspectives and traditions

Effects of fish oil on phospholipid metabolism in human and rat liver studied by 31P NMR spectroscopy in vivo and in vitro

Potential of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy for studies of N- fatty acid metabolism in plasma, liver and adipose tissues

In vivo fatty acid analysis in humans and animals using carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

¿Espacios Muertos o Refugios Viventes?

The east of Suez decision

Pre-processing stage in solving ODEs with extrapolation methods

Performance indicators in the road haulage industry

Dictionnaire etymologique Des Creoles Francais De L'ocean Indien. 2e Partie, "Mots d'origine non-francaise ou inconnue"

The critical reception of Inigo Jones

William Samwell

Privacy and the plan

Peter Mills

Hugh May

Henry Bell

Macrocyclic lanthanide complexes as potential contrast agents for NMR imaging

Synthesis and crystal structure of a novel hexaaza macrocyclic ligand with 2-hydroxy-3,5-dimethylbenzyl pendant arms and its gadolinium(III) complex

NMR: a clinical approach

Detection of aluminium (III) binding to citrate in human blood plasma by proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Contribution a l'histoire du futur en Créole Mauricien

Australian influence on Melanesian Pidgin English

Assessing the African contribution to French-based Creoles

Just-in-time transportation

Just-in-time transportation

The GENESIS distributed-memory benchmarks

The GENESIS distributed-memory benchmarks. Part 1: Methodology and general relativity benchmark with results for the SUPRENUM computer

Hydrosystèmes fluviaux

English architecture public and private: essays for Kerry Downes

Non-peptide antagonists, CP-96,345 and RP 67580, distinguish species variants in tachykinin NK1 receptors

Changes in plasma cortisol and catecholamine concentrations in response to massage in preterm infants

The scientist and his time

Efficient systolic Broyden algorithm

Kaurenoids and Gibberellins, including the newly characterized Gibberellin A88, in developing apple seeds

Systolic partitioning algorithms

Physical habitat changes and macroinvertebrate response to river regulation: the river Rede, UK

The relationship between secretory immunity, mood and life-events

Assessing the ecological effects of groundwater abstraction on chalk streams: three examples from Eastern England

Altered phosphorylation status, phospholipid metabolism and gluconeogenesis in the host liver of rats with prostate cancer: a 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy study

N-Bromoacetyl 5-Methoxytryptamine: an irreversible melatonin ligand?

The proton NMR spectrum in acute EAE: the significance of the change in the Cho:Cr ratio

Antigonadal effects of two novel melatonin analogues in adult Djungarian hamsters

Morality and politics: the free churches and the Labour Party between the wars

A 31P and 1H NMR investigation in vitro of normal and abnormal human liver

Primary sequence analysis and representation techniques in carbohydrates

In vivo fluorine-19 magnetic resonance spectroscopy of cerebral halothane in postoperative patients: preliminary results

Transition metal complexes of dialkyl α-hydroxyiminophosphonates, a novel class of metal complexes

The effect of pergolide and MDL 72974 on rat brain CuZn superoxide dismutase