O7. Does apoptosis play a role in osteocyte function?

A non-inactivating K+ current sensitive to muscarinic receptor activation in rat cultured cerebellar granule neurons.

Effects on K+ currents in rat cerebellar granule neurones of a membrane-permeable analogue of the calcium chelator BAPTA

A non-inactivating K+ current sensitive to muscarinic receptor activation in rat cultured cerebellar granule neurons

Making garments in Southern Europe: Entrepreneurship and labour in rural Greece

Entrepreneurial strategies in southern Europe: Rural workers in the garment industry of Greece

Local production networks in the global marketplace: Entrepreneurial strategies in the garment industry of Macedonia, Greece

The Patient Requests Form: a way of measuring what patients want from their general practitioner.

The measurement of beliefs about physical symptoms in English general practice patients

Psychological aspects of gastrointestinal endoscopy: a review

Genes expressed in Brugia malayi infective third stage larvae

Transforming Rover: Renewal Against the Odds, 1981-94

Learning from joint venture: The Rover Honda relationship

Manufacturing Methods: Lessons from the Japanese Motor Industry

Changing preferences for meat: Evidence from UK household data, 1973-93

Mass communications and nationalism: the politics of belonging and exclusion in contemporary Greece  

Studies with type I aldolase to understand fructose intolerance and combat parasitic disease.

Taxonomic and biogeographic analysis of the Proasellus coxalis-group (Crustacea, Isopoda, Asellidae) in Sicily, with description of Proasellus montalentii n.sp.

Identification, purification and analysis of a 55 kDa lectin binding glycoprotein present in breast cancer tissue.

Oligosaccharide release from frozen and paraffin-wax-embedded archival tissues.

More detailed characterization of some of the HL60 karyotypic features by fluorescence in situ hybridization.

Molecular and genetic studies on the region of translocation and duplication in the neuroblastoma cell line NGP at the 1p36.13-p36.32 chromosomal site


Big Fish

Two Melons and a Stinking Fish


Joseph Emidy. The lost composer

The Wind of Changes

1 in a Million

The Music Practice

Hello Dolly Goodbye Mummy. A fairy tale


Degas. The old man mad about art

Carlo Scarpa

Soul Survivor

A Mulatto Song

Kala Pani. Across the black water

Chutney in Yuh Soca

Canto Fever

Bristol Vibes

Shepherd’s Calendar


Bloody Mess


Entrepreneurship in the Transitional Economies of Central Europe: The Case of Hungary

Az ertekvaltozasok szociologiai es pszichologiai hattere

Change and Choice in Accounting Practice: an Exploratory Study of the Accounting Law of 1991

That was the media analysis that was

A Kangchenjunga Seminar

Nationalism, the public sphere, and mass communications in Greece

Citizenship, community and the public sphere: communication and democracy in multicultural societies

TV coverage of the conflict in former Yugoslavia

Mass communications and nationalism: the politics of belonging and exclusion in contemporary Greece

Bulk Synchronous Parallelisation of Genetic Programming

Adaptive neuro-genetic control of chaos applied to the attitude control problem

Evolutionary Neurocontrol of Chaos and the Attitude Control Problem

Speeding up Genetic Programming: A parallel implementation using BSP

Parallel Genetic Programming

Bulk Synchronous Parallelisation of Genetic Programming

Marcadia Postponed: Marketing, Utopia and the Millennium

Inside Journalism

Chimaeric monoclonal antibodies encoded by the human VH26 gene from naive transgenic mice display a wide range of antigen binding specificities

Neural Network Modelling and Control for Underwater Vehicles

Reassessing the impact of yesterday's men

Human resource management and women: the vision of the gender-blind

Staying power: women in direct labour building teams

Skills and the construction process: a comparative study of vocational training and quality in social housebuilding

Optimal control of fed-batch fermentation processes

Architecture in space, time

A rapid method (SFE-GC-MS) used to detect irradiated minced beef

The development of a marker of definiteness in Mauritian Creole

Chinese acupuncture (Review of L'Acuponcture Chinoise by G. Soulié de Morant)

A hybrid genetic algorithm applied to automatic parallel controller code generation

Negotiated safety: not negotiable or safe?

Socially inherited memory, gender and the public sphere in Poland

Rivers and their catchments

Fluvial hydrosystems: the physical basis

The drainage basin perspective

The scientific basis of managing biodiversity along river margins

Sustaining the ecological integrity of large floodplain rivers

Inter-basin water transfers: issues affecting the West Midlands in the 21st century

Crisis or renewal: the origins, evolution and future of public service broadcasting 1922 to 1996

Genetic algorithms applied to automatic parallel controller code generation

Automatic synthesis of parallel algorithms

Exploiting reconfigurability through high level synthesis

Characteristics of antibodies to myeloperoxidase in vasculitic and non-vasculitic conditions

Characteristics of anti-myeloperoxidase autoantibodies in vasculitis and other conditions

Autoantibodies to neutrophil granule proteins: pathogenic potential in vasculitis?

A review of modeling and simulation in urban spatial planning

The independent learner: an overview

Nuisance microalgae in tidal waters

Working with semiotic theory or, How can I believe what you tell me?

From painter to poet: the visual poetry of Pierre Albert-Birot in la lune ou le livre des poèmes

The unified method: a reflective description and analysis

The unified method rules

Hepatic phosphorus-31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy in primary biliary cirrhosis and its relation to prognostic models

Media concentration policy in the European Union and the public interest

Benchmarking the cache memory effect

Tribulin and stress in normal individuals

Cases from the London School of Acupuncture Teaching Clinic

Simulation modelling of parallel systems in the EDPEPPS project

Simulation modelling of parallel systems

A graphical toolset for performance-oriented design of portable parallel software

The changing role of transnational corporations: workers in the new world order

Occupational health, safety and work environment in the Asian region

Industrialization, labour policies, and their impact on the labour movement: a historical overview

Reducing inequality of access and care provision for people affected by HIV/AIDS

Heritage in trust: sustainable stewardship in transition?

Rapid identification of novel genes expressed in a circadian manner in rat suprachiasmatic nuclei

A Greek version of a functional language model of the natural language user

A human monoclonal anti-myeloperoxidase antibody can prime human neutrophils in vitro

The nature of river habitats

Systolic algorithms in numerical analysis

International freight market trends: a comparison of the freight markets in the UK, EU and USA

Human impacts on fluvial systems

α-aminophosphonate monoesters in one step

Lanthanide and transition metal complexes of dialkyl alpha-hydroxyiminophosphonates

Body fluid spectroscopic studies

Dietary changes: observation by NMR spectroscopy

English-derived contact languages in the Pacific in the 19th century (excluding Australia)

The origins and diffusion of Pidgin English in the Pacific

The development and diffusion of pronouns in Pacific Pidgin English

English-derived contact languages in the Pacific in the 20th century (excluding Australia)

The potential for the development of Arabic-based and other contact languages along the maritime trade routes between the Middle East and China, from the start of the Christian era

Some development interferences from the historical studies of pidgins and creoles

Review article: Pidginization, creolization, and français approximatif: Des îles, des hommes, des langues, by Robert Chaudenson

Productive fellow

On the development of certain prepositional forms in Mauritian and other French Creoles

Book review: Jacques Arends, Pieter Muysken and Norval Smith (ed.): Pidgins and creoles: an introduction. (Creole Language Library, Vol.15.) xv, 412pp. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 1994. Guilders 140, $79 (paper Guilders 60, $29.95).

Australian and Melanesian Pidgin English and the fellows in between

The hydrosystem concept in river management

The conceptual basis

UK generation of electricity from biomass resources: preliminary resource analyses and infrastructure modelling

Transport and supply logistics of biomass fuels: volume 2 - biomass resource analysis and strategic modelling, ETSU Report ETSU/B/W2/00399/REP/2

Transport and supply logistics of biomass fuels: volume 1 - supply chain options for biomass fuels, ETSU Report ETSU/B/W2/00399/REP/1

Warehousing and road-rail terminal provision in Britain: a review, report for the Rees Jeffreys Road Fund

The independent learner: developing independence in learning

Solving systems of linear algebraic equations by Monte Carlo method on regular arrays

Artificial neural network analysis of 1H NMR spectroscopic data from human plasma

Measurement and characterisation of MASH bandpass sigma-delta modulators for direct IF analog-to-digital conversion

Traditional Chinese medicine in general practice: an analysis of one year's referrals

River restoration: selected extracts from the Rivers handbook

River flows and channel forms: selected extracts from the rivers handbook

River biota: diversity and dynamics: selected extracts from the Rivers handbook

The Northern Ireland question in British politics

Fluvial hydrosystems

Computers in urban spatial planning: a guide to research for developing world applications

Changing meanings, changing functions: papers relating to grammaticalization in contact languages

The relationship between isatin and monoamine oxidase-B inhibitory activity in urine

Final Report, EPSRC Grant GR/H 46725: recurrence for-loop extensions (reflex)

Urinary cortisol and endogenous monoamine oxidase inhibitor(s), but not isatin, are raised in anticipation of stress and/or arousal in normal individuals

Circadian variation of EAAC1 glutamate transporter messenger RNA in the rat suprachiasmatic nuclei

New theories of discursive democracy: a user's guide

An in vivo 13C magnetic resonance spectroscopic study of the relationship between diet and adipose tissue composition

Automated feature extraction for the classification of human in vivo13C NMR spectra using statistical pattern recognition and wavelets

Development of a rapid and efficient magnetic resonance imaging technique for analysis of body fat distribution

Effects of n-3 fatty acids on the NMR profile of plasma lipoproteins

Contingent theory: the educator as ironist

An incomplete encyclopedia: Rem Koolhaas and S,M,L,XL

Design of a distributed software architecture for an intelligent planning system

The recruitment and retention of people with disabilities

Cerebral metabolism within 18 hours of birth asphyxia: a proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study

Biphasic modulation of GABA release by nitric oxide in the hippocampus of freely moving rats in vivo

Urinary output of endogenous monoamine oxidase inhibitory activity is related to everyday stress

The target for higher level skills in an international context

New developments in deliberative democracy

Religiosity, sexual behaviour and safe sex practices: further evidence

Systolic random number generation for genetic algorithms

Water allocation to protect river ecosystems

Historical channel-floodplain dynamics along the River Trent: implications for river rehabilitation

Temporary work and the labour market

Isatin: a link between natriuretic peptides and monoamines?

The masked cysteine residues in methylmalonyl-CoA mutase from Propionibacterium shermanii are essential for catalytic activity

Employers' use of temporary workers

Characterisation of secondary metabolites associated with neutrophil apoptosis

Salivary monoamine oxidase A and B inhibitory activities correlate with stress

Propagation of an attenuated virus by design: Engineering a novel receptor for a noninfectious foot-and-mouth disease virus

Hepatic nucleotide triphosphate regeneration following a period of brief hypothermic reperfusion in the pig model: an in vitro 31P-NMR study

The agenda for ethics in human resource management

The commitment to reduce long-term unemployment in EU mamber states

Health surveillance in Great Britain

Cloning and expression of a single-chain antibody fragment specific for foot-and-mouth disease virus

Managing culture change: can it ever be ethical?

Business ethics and human resource management: themes and issues

Positive but not negative life events predict vulnerability to upper respiratory illness

Staff room reports: the challenge is to raise the effectiveness of the existing teachers

Specifications of EDPEPPS toolset prototype

Prison labour: human rights v profits: prison work - prison reform or wage slavery?

Metabolic changes associated with vacuolation in murine models of scrapie using in vitro 1H-NMR spectroscopy