New Models of Intellectual Exchange: CAN, EVENTS, HOLO

Visnjic, F. 2016. New Models of Intellectual Exchange: CAN, EVENTS, HOLO.

TitleNew Models of Intellectual Exchange: CAN, EVENTS, HOLO
CreatorsVisnjic, F.

This folio covers the inception and design, development, testing and curation of three interlinked platforms for
intellectual exchange (both digital and analogue). It reflects on their role as an emerging and evolving form of knowledge generation and dissemination in the context of an increasingly digital society, and the opportunities and challenges this offers. Designed and led by Filip Visnjic, these projects aim to generate and shape new opportunities, emerging discourse, information exchange and knowledge in (but not limited to) the intersections of technology with the fields of art, media and digital design; to archive these and set up frameworks to critically examine and assess their cultural impact though the design of platforms suitable for, responsive to and innovation in their central digital and art based subject area. These platforms are: CAN, a blog which evolved into a rapid-publication online journal; a series of
conferences, workshops, exhibitions and events; and HOLO, a more stable publication which develops on the work and
themes generated by the other two. These platforms have been devised to interact, but operate at different speeds, scales
and levels of stability, generating many forms of information exchange and gradually refining and reflecting on the
knowledge generated, sifting, critiquing and selectively stabilising the ‘churn’ of digital information. Based on McLuhan’s proposition that art anticipates and can be said to predict changes to wider culture, these much-acclaimed initiatives thus seek to make new connections between technology and existing art and digital practices and thus enable developments in the field. As expert practitioner, inventor, designer, editor and contributor, Visnjic is instigating, shaping and testing new forms of and platforms for discourse generation. While enabling, framing and disseminating both medium and message, this work critically reflects on the possibilities and problems of all information exchange, and simultaneously offers new models in response.

Year01 Nov 2016
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