Morgan’s Wall - ACE074.2

1978. Morgan’s Wall - ACE074.2.

TitleMorgan’s Wall - ACE074.2

Artist; little girl pressing her hand on painted hand. People painting wall; gathering in front of mural in Floyd Road, Charlton. VO saying that "Art students tend to be idealistic. They say things like, ‘We must keep going, we must keep on producing art.’ The discussion of ‘who for?’ doesn’t occur… Now … we are inclined to think that possibly galleries are the wrong place to show … and they’re showing to the wrong people…" Images of a variety of public murals in London. Artist’s VO saying that the chance to paint murals offered the chance to get out of the studio, and out of the "gallery situation": Peter Pelz’s Ascension mural on St Hugh’s, Charterhouse-in-Southwark. Another VO over view of the Morgan’s mural says it’s the doing of the painting that’s important. Russell Barrett working on his White City Estate Pop Heroes project, with portrait of James Dean and images of comic book figures. Mural under Westway as artists push scaffold into position; Emily Young’s VO talking about mural art being without commercial bias: Young on scaffold working on the mural. Mill Lane bridge; man talking about the first mural painted on it (1971); Marie Richman’s VO saying that the current bridge project is being done by the four-person West Hampstead Mural Workshop, leaving empty spaces for local people to add their own images; she introduces herself, and Geoff Richman, seen in mirror with Caroline Goldie and Ron Orders. Bricklaying.

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