Morgan’s Wall - ACE074.7

1978. Morgan’s Wall - ACE074.7.

TitleMorgan’s Wall - ACE074.7

View of mural covering the entire face of the end of a run of shops. VO saying that using such a space can mean that to "assess the quality a work of art" relating to its size. Outside Charlton Athletic football ground. Derelict terraced houses. Floyd Road: painting mural showing lots of people resisting demolition and building and decorating houses; VOs of members of Greenwich Mural Workshop talking about the process of discussion, design and execution, all of which involved local people, "not the traditional activities of the artist", and the use of "art politically". Woman from GMW announces street party to celebrate completion of mural and introduces Deputy Mayor Dick Neave to cut the ribbon. Scenes at the party, including artists helping children make masks, a Punch and Judy show, etc. GMW VOs talking about the importance of the party; suggesting that painting in public serves to demystify the process, and saying how important group activities are.

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