Morgan’s Wall - ACE074.3

1978. Morgan’s Wall - ACE074.3.

TitleMorgan’s Wall - ACE074.3

Factory. Members of BRAG, the Battersea Redevelopment Action Group, formed to fight Morgan Crucible Company’s redevelopment plans for the Battersea riverfront, wanting "planning for local people, for Battersea working class people", demonstrating in Battersea Church Road, as shareholders arrive for the company’s AGM. Battersea Bridge; the riverfront and nearby buildings. Man painting the words Wandsworth Mural Workshop on wall. People on scaffold outside Morgan’s, painting the exterior wall white, as Morgan’s themselves had refused to do. Brian Barnes’s VO saying that, following "making it more attractive" in this way, he decided to paint a mural on the 256ft x 18ft wall, and describes the process of researching and painting a picture, to which local people contributed, which he considers had political and artistic significance. Bricklaying.

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