Morgan’s Wall - ACE074.5

1978. Morgan’s Wall - ACE074.5.

TitleMorgan’s Wall - ACE074.5

Progress on the wall at Morgan’s, with Barnes and others – including Labour politician Tony Belton – at work; his VO explains that this is their first large mural and the experience helps them develop their skills. He feels it is important that the local community be involved. Images from the "bad" side [the mural was eventually known both as the Battersea Mural and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly] include representation of Garton’s Glucose Factory and Tate & Lyle’s "Mr Cube", some luxury flats built on a site sold cheaply by the Conservative council, and Mickey Mouse. Images from the "good" side" include recreational activities, house building, and portraits of local people. Barnes’s VO describes the images. Bricklaying.

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