Morgan’s Wall - ACE074.6

1978. Morgan’s Wall - ACE074.6.

TitleMorgan’s Wall - ACE074.6

Peter Pelz painting on the wall of a petrol station. VO says "Mural painting gives the artist … an opportunity of creating something that has a ‘place’ and is related to the surroundings..." Ornately painted organ with organist playing. People paintings at Art Club; mural portraits painted by members. Pelz with students in his art class in Clapham; VO talks about how people need to "see", and how they work with colour, etc.; class members talking about what they do, and how Pelze helps them. Buildings on the South Bank – Hayward Gallery, etc. – and nearby office blocks. Murals. The same sequence of shots seen on editing table. Pelz talking about his responses to the "oppressiveness" of the wall alongside car park on which he painted a long mural. The Ascension mural in Bermondsey. More from the South Bank mural; Pelz’s VO says that his work is about "freedom … attitudes of freedom", and describes himself as a "visionary painter, rather than a technical painter", and gives voice to people’s "distress". Bricklaying.

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