Abstract Cinema - ACE232.2

1993. Abstract Cinema - ACE232.2.

TitleAbstract Cinema - ACE232.2

Stan Brakhage VO and interview talking about cinema having "the possibility to exteriorise moving visual thinking" though it has been mostly used as an extension of drama or to illustrate a novel. Intercut with extracts from films by Oskar Fischinger, James Whitney, Len Lye, etc. Extract from Fantasia, Walt Disney (1940); Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by J.S.Bach. Based on designs and animation by Oskar Fischinger. William Moritz, Film Historian, talking about Fischinger (with stills). Extract from Study No 6 [Studie Nr 6] (1930), Oskar Fischinger. Moritz on Fischinger (with stills), who felt that aural music would help people understand the rhythms of his "visual music". Extract from Circles [Kreise] (1933); Moritz on Fischinger’s devotion to the non-objective image (with stills). Extract from Allegretto (1936).

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