Abstract Cinema - ACE232.9

1993. Abstract Cinema - ACE232.9.

TitleAbstract Cinema - ACE232.9

O’Neill thinks that abstract imagery, being based so often on common sights, isn’t seen as particularly special. Extract from Flatman (1992), director David Anderson, animation Stuart Hilton (advertisement for Purdey’s soft drink). Moritz on earlier animated advertising where the film-maker need only relate the storyline to the product right at the end. Extract from Rainbow Dance (1936), Len Lye. Moritz VO.
Moritz pointing out that current advertising is far more product directed and thus permits the film-maker less creativity. Le Grice on abstraction now being more commonplace and "acceptable". Extract from Stakker Eurotechno (1989) by Colin Scott and Marek Pytel, part O’Neill VO. O’Neill suggests that younger film-makers may now be nostalgic about abstraction, part of the past, not the future. Collage of clips, followed by extract from High Voltage (1957) by James Whitney. Cedits.

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