Abstract Cinema - ACE232.8

1993. Abstract Cinema - ACE232.8.

TitleAbstract Cinema - ACE232.8

Extract from Study No 14 (1983), Michael Scroggins. Scroggins VO. Extract from Saturnus Alchimia (1983), part Scroggins VO. Scroggins on the chief advantage of using a computer, the ability to work in real time. Whitney on his computer equipment and its abilities. Extract from Moondrum (1989) playing on the computer screen. Extract from Two Space (1979) by Larry Cuba. Extract from Concurrents (1988) by Vibeke Sorenson; part Sorenson VO. Sorenson says her abstract work is partly to do with geometric shapes and partly the alteration of natural images. Extract from N-Loops (1989), part Sorenson VO. Sorenson on her stereoscopic computer animation. Extract from Maya - Stereoscopic Computer Animation, Left Eye (1992), part Sorenson VO, on expanding the opportunities for perception outside normal physical limitations. Sorenson on using the creativity and imagery of artists. Extract from Let’s Make a Sandwich.

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