Abstract Cinema - ACE232.6

1993. Abstract Cinema - ACE232.6.

TitleAbstract Cinema - ACE232.6

Extracts from Wet Paint (1977) by Jules Engel. Engel defining abstract cinema, and VO on his use of lines in rhythm; he describes himself as a "graphic choreographer". Extract from Landscape (1971), Engel VO, and talking about colour. Pat O’Neill says his work has no formal relation with film music; he’s more interested in creating tensions. Extract from Saugus Series (1974). Extract from Len Lye’s Trade Tattoo (1937) which O’Neill (VO) says he saw in the 1960s. O’Neill on the mechanics of cinema illusion. Extract from Let’s Make a Sandwich (1982), part O’Neill VO. O’Neill on films not always thought of as actually abstract. Extract from La Région Centrale (1970-71), Michael Snow; O’Neill VO. Extract from Berlin Horse (1970), Malcolm Le Grice; O’Neill VO.

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