Sound of Fractures - IRL EP

Reddington, J. 2022. Sound of Fractures - IRL EP.

TitleSound of Fractures - IRL EP
CreatorsReddington, J.

Following a series of well-received singles, including the hazy summertime track “Dream” and the club-life infused “Your Touch”, Sound of Fractures combines organic production with inspired creativity to form the IRL project. Rounding off the release with lead single “Sunflowers”, he continues to deliver honest and visceral snapshots of life through his music, exploring the deeply vulnerable yet universal feeling of self-doubt in an empowering way. With the Sunflowers 1/1 NFT drop on Catalog works arriving on 17th August, Sound of Fractures has found liberation in his visionary approach to music making, allowing him to share his most authentic and confident release to date. A master of fusing atmospheric sounds to compose a sophisticated yet mellow signature, Sound of Fractures’ ability to innovate whilst synchronously producing timelessly beautiful music, continues to shine.

Talking about the making ‘Sunflowers’ Sound of Fractures explains, “‘Sunflowers’ is about escaping the things that hold you back. Breaking free from the shackles. It's different for every person but we all have something: our past, our surroundings, anxieties, insecurities... and we also all have moments where we are free from them... ‘Sunflowers’ is a celebration of when we feel our most free.”

In a statement about the EP release, he says “The concept of IRL is focussed on people, it's inspired by the idea that even something or someone who is seen as ordinary can be deeply complex and beautiful if you look deeper. The idea came from watching people as I travelled and wondering what they were really like. I've found people who are quiet are often the most interesting, and then this started to feed into the idea of online identities too as I explored web3. The artwork and visuals are focused on individual people, and the idea of how complex they may be when you dive deeper, and what they have experienced beyond what you see.... or perhaps as you get to really know them and they let you in.”

A multi-faceted creator, Sound of Fractures constantly pushes artistic boundaries, splicing together sound and imagery to form one synoptic emotional musical expression. Enlisting the help of visionary aesthetic artists such as Guy Gooch and Max Gabbay, their collaborations bring together mediums to help shape the connection between film and music that influences Sound of Fractures’ work.

Seeping in the culture of UK dance music, hip-hop and soul, his musical ethos, based around the concept of finding beauty in imperfection, takes inspiration from the likes of Massive Attack, Jamie XX, Burial and Frank Ocean. His unique sound helping amass a dedicated fan base spanning the globe, the London native’s catalogue of house-infused tracks, including “Real Friends” (clocking just north of 300K Spotify streams), and remix work alongside the likes of RITUAL and Jay Prince for “Instinct” has garnered close to 500K Spotify streams. Continuing to make waves within the electronic music scene, he has caught the attention of tastemakers STAMP THE WAX and WHY NOW, an inclusion on dameeeela’s Spotify ‘track IDs’ playlist, as well as production credits for the likes of Jay Prince, RAYE and Issey Cross — the latter working closely alongside UK duo Wilkinson for their enthralling smash hit “Used To This”.

Embracing new formats to determine his own lane in the industry, Sound of Fractures is ensuring he remains at the very forefront of the contemporary electronic scene. An enigmatic all-around creative, drawing big-hitting attention for his grasp of his sound and style, the release of IRL continues to mark him as one of the most captivating and nuanced artists in the genre.

Year22 Aug 2022
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