Sound of Fractures - Perfect Night / web3 Remix project

Reddington, J. Forthcoming. Sound of Fractures - Perfect Night / web3 Remix project .

TitleSound of Fractures - Perfect Night / web3 Remix project
CreatorsReddington, J.

Following a string of high-quality releases, including the recent visionary IRL EP, Sound of Fractures readies an innovative new record built from sounds created by Harris Cole ( The exclusive library of sounds was created over many years by Cole using the Prophet 6 Polysynth and released by StemsDAO for their community members to sample and remix. StemsDAO is a community and platform at the forefront of the decentralized cultural movement blurring the lines between artists and their fans. The platform allows artists to drop collections of stems as NFTs with a community game around the drop to incentivize the making of new music. In this way, fans can make music with their favourite artist.
“Perfect Night,” the winning song from StemsDAO Game IV, is the love-child of a talented artist and fan who is also an artist: Harris Cole and Sound of Fractures. Before Game IV, Sound of Fractures collected Cole’s “Rain, Pt.2” NFT. The game allowed Sound of Fractures to create a new track with Cole’s exclusive stems, while crediting Cole as a songwriter on his track.

This is not the first time StemsDAO and Sound of Fractures have collaborated. Sound of Fractures is constantly innovating and his forward-thinking approach to music making initially connected him with StemsDAO. In March, Sound of Fractures released the stems of his song “Real Friends”, for Game II, a track focussed on human connection which reflected the StemsDAO vision. Out of 18 remixes submitted by the StemsDAO community, 6 were chosen by Sound of Fractures to be released on DSPs as a collaborative remix album ( The “Green Ring Remix" reached #21 in the iTunes House Charts in United Kingdom. Both “Perfect Night” and the “Real Friends (StemsDAO Remixes)” were mastered by Atlanta-based JRich, the GRAMMY Nominated audio engineer who has been empowering engineers using web3.

Speaking on the new release, Jamie states: “Created as part of the StemsDAO community games, ‘Perfect Night’ by Sound of Fractures is built from Harris Cole’s exclusive stems and was the winning song from the StemsDAO Community game IV. Having previously been a collector of Harris Cole’s NFT’s, Sound of Fractures took the opportunity to collaborate with one of his favourite artists and Perfect Night was born. Perfect Night is emotional electronic music at its best, and a great example of the collaborative ethos being developed in web3 online communities. Blending emotional electronic music with indie lo-fi influences, Perfect Night sits perfectly alongside artists such as Fred Again, Tourist and Jamie XX."

In a statement about the release, StemsDAO explains: “We were so happy to see Jamie participate in another one of our remix games - this time as the remixer instead of the curated artist. The vision of StemsDAO is to help fans ‘make music with their favourite artist’ and blur the lines between artist and fan. A prolific musician in his own right, Sound of Fractures was also a fan of Harris Cole before and actually collected NFTs from him. Game 4 gave him the chance to make music with the stems of one of his favourite artists and Harris Cole is credited as a songwriter on the track, so the opportunity allowed Jamie to also release a song with him.”

Collaboration between Sound of Fractures and StemsDAO has been natural due to their common ethos. Both focus on bringing people together using web3 technology while also not discounting traditional web2 success. In fact, they have found that the two are synergistic - success in web3 actually increases web2 success. Many StemsDAO artists have seen their monthly listener count on DSPs increase by up to 15x following completion of a remix game. Sound of Fractures has amassed a dedicated fan base spanning the globe, the London native’s catalogue of house-infused tracks. “Real Friends”, the song centered around Remix Game 2, has clocked just north of 200K Spotify streams.

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