Wild Awake

Reddington, J. 2023. Wild Awake.

CreatorsReddington, J.

Wild Awake, the tl;dr:

Orchestrating consistent limited-edition drops that are mainly but not always an artist’s first drop on chain

To build the culture and a sonic reputation around Wild Awake that people can turn to as more and more artists release on chain.

Creating a reliable place that collectors can build a culture around

Being a hub to support and discover emerging artists

To support independent music

Discovering the best new music in web3

Developing creative freedom, opening our eyes to something new and exploring the unknown together.

Wild Awake is a brand, an identity, a meme. It will be ever-evolving as we and others experiment in and around music in different ways. Its initial concept is as a Web3 label and scene incubator. It’s a catalyst for conversations and relationships that will contribute to the growth of new music scenes - Web3-first, but with a wider cultural impact.

Wild Awake will provide the early foundations for artists to go on and explore web3 tools and technology as part of their approach. It will help artists develop their own idea of what a healthy long-term career can be, and how retaining creative control and the ownership of their work can be central to that. It will be a place where artists can access knowledge and experiences while developing and learning as part of a community of artists, music lovers and collectors who will all be on the journey of learning and experimenting with Web3 tools together. The first ‘home’ for Wild Awake is TokenTraxx, a platform that upholds the same values as us and who work with us and our artists to help achieve our goal of showing what it can mean to keep full creative control over their work.

We will bring new artists on chain and provide a base for those already experimenting. There are not enough Web3 music scenes and we think that having a new digital home base will contribute to the development of Web3 music culture as a whole.

Wild Awake provides artists the tools to learn and navigate releasing their music on chain, but also provides a community to do this with. Culture is built on the work of many scenes and communities and the more of these there are the better. Wild Awake will give artists the support to release their first on-chain records. The first cohort consists of 5 artists releasing their debut on-chain track, 12 editions of each, priced at 0.02 ETH.

By collecting the NFTs released by our first cohort of artists, you signal that you care about the foundations of an artist’s career. Moreover, you get to join Wild Awake and help us build out the brand, identity, and meme to become culturally relevant and long-lasting. The music is the utility here, but in a classic play, the real utility is building this community together as we explore creating a new scene with a high impact on artists’ lives and the Web3 music ecosystem.

Wild Awake was born out of our love of traditional labels that have been a hub for scenes to grow as well releasing regular high quality output (such as Nina tune, Warp, XL, Young Turks, and many more). We want to experiment with how to combine a sonic identity such as these labels developed, with with what we can learn from community focussed projects we have been inspired by in Web3 music ( WavWrld, Future Surf, Songcamp, Mashibeats, LNRZ to name a few). Releases will be scheduled regularly and focussed on high-quality and limited-number editions, to increase scarcity, collectability, and future value.

Year06 Jun 2023
13 Jul 2023
20 Jul 2023
27 Jul 2023
03 Aug 2023
13 Jul 2023
Fundertoken traxx
Web address (URL)https://mirror.xyz/wildawake.eth

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