Twomey, C. 2006. Temporary. Northern Clay Centre, Minneapolis, USA

CreatorsTwomey, C.

Thousands of clay polaroids were installed on the gallery walls, in a project that engaged with the nature of image making, memory and loss. Awarded a prize at Faenza International Museum of Ceramics.

In Temporary thousands of clay Polaroids were placed on the gallery walls. The use of clay, a temporary unfired material, acted

in contradistinction to the intention of the icon Twomey used. The Polaroid gives a sense of an impermanent thing we now

possess: the Polaroid makes memory a permanent reality and a possession. However by using the messy, visceral qualities of

the raw clay and by disrupting the purity of the images, Twomey managed to comment on the nature of image-making and of

memory and loss.

This work was commissioned by the Northern Clay Centre to question issues of criticality in relationship to craft practice. The

Northern Clay Centre is one of the most prestigious centres for ceramics in the USA with a remit to encourage innovative

practice and raise standards of interpretation. Temporary, a continuation of Twomey’s research into works with unfired clay, was

first developed while undertaking a residency at the well-respected residency centre in Keskamet, Hungary. During this period

of research Twomey undertook substantive work focusing on developing her understanding of the meanings of temporality in

her practice. This work has now been commissioned by the De Witte Voet Gallery in Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Art fair


Temporary was awarded the Medal of the Emilia-Romagna Regional Assemblea Legislativa, a significant prize, at the Feanza

Ceramics Museum International Annual Contemporary Ceramics Competition in Italy (June 16th – August 19th, 2007). This is

one of the most historic and notable museums and competitions in Europe. <http://www.micfaenza.org>

EventUnfired Clay Installations

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