Twomey, C. 2004. Heirloom.

CreatorsTwomey, C.

A site-specific installation of more than 2000 pieces of cast porcelain domestic objects relating to the local history of domestic life in Swansea. Heirloom was a site-specific installation comprising more than 2000 cast porcelain domestic objects. These objects related to

the local history of domestic life in Swansea, where the Mission Gallery is situated. All the objects were collected from local

sources, making the narratives of the pieces of immediate relevance to the main visitors to the exhibition space.

Heirloom represents the culmination of a six year research project which has explored the narrative of the domestic object in

different ways and led to several public outputs. An earlier exploration of these ideas was seen in her 2003 show, Ephemeral

Objects, at Burton Gallery, Bideford.

As a result of Heirloom, the final gallery context for this research, Twomey was commissioned to make a major piece of public

art incorporating these ideas in the new building of Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2006. A five-storey high installation called

‘home’, this features life-size casts of toys and household objects, embedded into the plaster of the 25-meter high atrium walls,

to produce a work that reflects on fragility and permanence. Consultation with the user groups in the hospital furthered

Twomey’s research into audience participation and the perception of works of art. This work can be viewed at:


Heirloom was reviewed in Ceramic Review and Ceramic Art and Perception, which praised its challenge to the space in which it

was exhibited and the sensitive use of material that gave voice to the inherent narratives This project extended Twomey’s

practice of collecting material from the public and making a work in response to the continual feedback gained from the public in

all its developing stages.


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Twomey, C. and Groom, S. 2004. Consciousness/concience. Tate Liverpool 25 May - 30 Aug 2004

Twomey, C. 2004. Consciousness/concience. in: Groom, S. (ed.) A secret history of clay: from Gauguin to Gormley Liverpool, UK Tate Liverpool in association with Tate Publishing.

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