Expression and functional role of nitric oxide synthase isoforms in human osteoblast-like cells

Characterization of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity and corticosteroid receptor expression in human osteosarcoma cell lines

Inhibition of neuronal KV potassium currents by the antidepressant drug, fluoxetine

Family production and the global market: Rural industrial growth in Greece

Processes of innovation among manufacturing smes: The experience of bedfordshire

Adapting to peripherality: A study of small rural manufacturing firms in northern england

Influence of the acute phase response on T cell phenotype and proliferation in juvenile idiopathic arthritis. Evidence for two distinct patterns

Chemiluminescent Detection of Sequential DNA Hybridizations to High-Density, Filter-Arrayed cDNA Libraries: A Subtraction Method for Novel Gene Discovery

Parasitic helminth genomics

Shifting Boundaries and Power in the Research Process: the Example of Researching ‘step-Families’

Is production and operations management a discipline? A citation/co-citation study

Strategic alliance and dependency in design and manufacture: The Rover-Honda case

Environmental Regulation and New Product Development: Extending Simultaneous Engineering

Complementary Innovation: Systems and Technologies towards the Electric Vehicle

An econometric analysis of smoking prevalence among lone mothers

Subunit Composition of Kv1 Channels in Human CNS

Crystal structure of human muscle aldolase complexed with fructose 1,6-bisphosphate: mechanistic implications.

Structure of a phosphoglycerate mutase:3-phosphoglyceric acid complex at 1.7 A.

Love and Zen in the Outer Hebrides

A detailed analysis of neutral and acidic carbohydrates in human milk

Education for participation: The villagers' perspective - a case study from Ngada, Flores

In vivo and in vitro evidence for hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) accumulation in the epidermis of patients with vitiligo and its successful removal by a UVB-activated pseudocatalase

Form and Politics in Punitive Damage

What Price Competitiveness? Unintended Consequences of Managerial Knowledge Transfer to Hungary

The Take up of Human Resource Practices in Hungary: Illusion and Disillusion

The Transfer of Western Managerial Knowledge to Hungary: Unintended Consequences

Comparative Study of Electrolux's Marketing Strategies in Hungary and Britain

Work-based training and job prospects for the unemployed: an evaluation of training for work

Britain's Future: Issues and Choices

Access to Legal Services: The Contribution of Alternative Approaches

Wealth in Britain: A Lifecycle Perspective

Key Issues for Local Authority Implementation of Direct Payment

Worker Displacement in Australia and Britain

Factors affecting career choices in medicine

A Review of US and European Literature on the Microeconomic Effects of Labour Market Programmes for Young People

Disability, poverty and social security

Relating inputs to outcomes: child poverty and family transfers in comparative perspective

Trade Unions and Training Practices in British Workplaces

Low Paid Work in Britain: baseline surveys from the Earnings Top-Up pilot evaluation

The Environment and the European Economy

Emissions Trading and the Environment

Strengthening decision-making for sustainable development

Environmental Futures

Performance, Equality and Staff Development

Job Insecurity and Work Intensification: Flexibility and the Changing Boundaries of Work

An econometric analysis of the prevalence of smoking among lone mothers

The impact of employee involvement on small firms' financial performance

Are unions good for industrial relations?

Decision-making Processes for Projects Requiring Environmental Impact Assessment: Case Studies in Six European Countries

The market viability of European mass tourist destinations. A post‐stagnation life‐cycle analysis

White Shirt to Die In

Positive Nothing

Nationalism, ethnic antagonism and mass communication in Greece

Gone to the market? The development of Asian and Greek-Cypriot community media in Britain

Electronic democracy: rhetoric and reality

Top Managers in Local Government: influences on development

GloStra: An intelligent hybrid system for developing global strategies and associated Internet strategies

Preliminary observations of cyst-theca relationships in Spiniferites ramosus and Spiniferites membranaceus (Dinophyceae)

Seen and Magnified : Five Medway Towns

Days of Future Past: Power/Knowledge and Panopticonism in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre

I Can't Believe It's Not Bakhtin!: Literary Theory, Postmodern Advertising and the Gender Agenda

Critical Marketing in the Classroom: Possibilities and Challenges

“香港的归侨团体研究—以巨港(香港) 校友会为例” (A study of guiqiao communities in Hong Kong: the case of Palembang Chinese school alumni association)

Demystifying the contents and construction of dictionaries

Politics and the envronment: from theory to practice

The user's view level of the GOQL graphical query language

On multivariate zero exclusion principle: application to stability radius

Robust Stability of Multivariate Polynomials, Part 2: Polytopic Coefficient Variations

Performance evaluation in clinical supervision

Gag Determinants of Fitness and Drug Susceptibility in Protease Inhibitor-Resistant Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1

Cell Surface Expression of CD154 Inhibits Alloantibody Responses: A Mechanism for the Prevention of Autoimmune Responses against Activated T Cells?

France and the origins of the European Community

The BH1 idiotype defines a population of anticardiolipin antibodies closely associated with the antiphospholipid syndrome

Design participation through the internet: a case study

The Piranesi system for interactive rendering

Urban texture analysis with image processing techniques

Security Issues in Electronic Distance Learning

The Learning Skills Project

The HYDRA system: A Machine Learning System for Multiple, Impure Sources

Neural-network-based electric load forecasting systems

A study of advanced learning algorithms for short-term load forecasting

Exam Essays in Twentieth Century World History

Phenotypic and phylogenetic characterization of a new Corynebacterium species from dogs: description of Corynebacterium auriscanis sp. nov.

A systematic review of interprofessional education

EDPEPPS: a graphical environment for the parallel software development cycle

Manufacturing cell formation by a flow-based heuristic

Ethical aspects of human resource development

Capturing hearts and minds: ethical issues in human resource development

Keynote lecture: Development of software tools on clusters

Place settings

S.O.S. Songs of Seduction: Sound on Film

Interactions between environment, fruit water relations and fruit growth

Body fat metabolism: observation by MR imaging and spectroscopy

Non-nominative subjects in early St. Kitt Creole

Variationen 3: German language and society, Einblicke in die Literaturszene

The globalisation of Chinese medicine

Place and space in the networked city: conceptualising the integrated metropolis

Being 'real' in suicide prevention evaluation: the role of the ethnographer's emotions under traumatic conditions

Diversity in levels of intracellular total creatine and triglycerides in human skeletal muscles observed by 1H-MRS

Experiences using reconfigurable FPGAs in implementing Monte-Carlo methods

Requirements for the use of COTS operating systems in safety related air traffic services

Literature: does it have a role in peacemaking?

Islamic diplomacy: the need for a new paradigm

Book review: Atlas al Hadrah al Islamiyah (by Isma'il al Faruqi and Lois Lamya al Faruqi)

Online investor relations

Women's cycles: two case studies

Understanding context and medium in the development of educational virtual environments

The Internet and virtual reality in heritage education: more than just a technical problem

Canonical correlation analysis of customer satisfaction and future purchase of mail-order speciality food

The personality attributes and leisure activities of the internet users: a Taiwanese case study

Transforming relationship marketing via subversive readings

A framework for a hybrid intelligent system in support of marketing strategy development

United Kingdom national report

Key-note address

Expert testimony

Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the protection of refugees against "refoulement"

The Pernambuco connection?: An examination of the nature and origin of the Portugese elements in Surinam Creoles

Response to Norval Smith

A reading of the structures of La Guerre (1916) by Pierre Albert-Birot

'Committing to Memory': introduction to a cluster of papers selected from the GWACS 1998 Conference

An information states blackboard as an intelligent querying interface for snow and avalanche data

Context based querying of scientific data: changing querying paradigms?

Building an evaluation instrument for OO CASE tool assessment for Unified Modelling Language support

The application of UML to the modelling of automated support of evaluating medicinal products across different regulatory requirements

Design issues for efficient implementation of MPI in Java

Muslim families in Europe: social existence and social care

Muslim families in Europe: social care provision in three communities

Transport of forest residues to power stations

Supply systems for biomass fuels and their delivered costs

Causes of catchment scale hydrological change

The cost of job loss

The television policies of the UK administrations of Margaret Thatcher and John Major 1979-1997

Indikatoren für eine zukunftsfähige Entwicklung Hamburgs

Performance optimisations of the NPB FT kernel by special-purpose unroller

MPI and Java-MPI: contrasts and comparisons of low-level communication performance

Multi-language programming environments for high performance Java computing

A programming environment for high-performance computing in Java

TV living: television, culture and everyday life

Effect of long-term administration of pergolide and (-) -deprenyl on age related decline in Hole Board activity and antioxidant activity in rats

Schizotypy and sensational interests

The Kahun project: CVE technology development based on real world application and user needs

Pedagogical virtual actors technology development based on real worl applications and user needs

What is an acupuncturist? Five differing views

The other side of the Adriatic: landscape, people and place

Computer based project management tools for protected areas

Balancing acts in construction: a study of two women painters in Denmark and Britain

A note on sources for book 2, chapter 8

Working class women's experiences of moving to new housing estates in England since 1919

Technology, social change, and the planning of a post-industrial city: a case study of Milton Keynes

Management and engineering education in the 1950s and 1960s

MPI for Java

Does the revised multiple affect adjective checklist hostility subscale measure hostility?

Logistics implications of packaging waste recovery

Developments in Western European logistics strategies

Self-employment dynamics of the independent contractor in the direct selling industry

Virtual actors in collaborative virtual environments for museum education

Maritime Greenwich: a world heritage site. The official guide

Democracy, real and ideal: discourse ethics and radical politics

X-RAY: A multi-language industrial strength tool

Measuring ripple effect for software maintenance

COTS component evaluation and the internet

Melatonin synthesis pathway: circadian regulation of the genes encoding the key enzymes in the chicken pineal gland and retina

Magnetic resonance: in-vivo NMR, applications – other nuclei

Buckminster Fuller and the politics of shelter

Agonist-promoted GTP[S35]-binding as a probe for receptor.G protein communication in Sf9 cells

Seperating the wheat from the chaff

The texts of Samuel Augustus Mathews with annotations

Evidence from old texts on the origin and diffusion of Kittitian and other Atlantic English Creoles

Logistics implications of the UK packaging waste regulations

Training for change: developing ILS staff through multi-skilling and a competency-based framework

Developing information and library staff through work-based learning: 101 activities

Crossing academic boundaries

101+ approaches to work-based learning

A second that grows first, a black unreal in which a real lies hidden and alive: the fiction of A.S. Byatt

Parallel algorithms for knapsack type problems

A comparative study of complex multiple-band noise-shaping sigma-delta modulators for multi-tone input signals

Increasing the variability of centre frequency locations in multiple-band sigma-delta modulators via the use of fractional delay filters

Concurrent noise-shaping for multiple narrow-band single-loop and multi-stage sigma-delta modulators

Application of fractional delay filters to tune the centre frequency location of single-band sigma-delta modulators

The making of Channel 4

St. Kitts and the Atlantic Creoles: the texts of Samuel Augustus Mathews in perspective

Ethics and human resource management

Ethical issues in contemporary human resource management

Documenting the cultural heritage

A reference river system for the Alps: the Fiume Tagliamento

The vanity of form

A conceptual model for alpine proglacial river channel evolution under changing climatic conditions

Channel changes and invertebrate faunas below Nant-Y-Môch Dam, River Rheidol, Wales, UK: 35 years on

Lost opportunities? Organisational restructuring and women managers

The distribution of spiders in the wooded riparian zone of three rivers in Western Europe

A comparison of the characteristics of circulating anti-myeloperoxidase antibodies in vasculitis with those in non-vasculitic conditions

Using the Internet for psychological research: personality testing on the World Wide Web.

Angiotensin-converting-enzyme gene insertion/deletion polymorphism and response to physical training

European Union broadcasting and telecoms: towards a convergent regulatory regime?

Relation of triglyceride stores in skeletal muscle cells to central obesity and insulin sensitivity in European and South Asian men

Differential coupling of the sphingosine 1-phosphate receptors Edg-1, Edg-3, and H218/Edg-5 to the Gi, Gq, and G12 families of heterotrimeric G proteins

Research on the Internet: Validation of a World-Wide Web mediated personality scale

"Asian" men on the scene: challenges to "gay communities"

Long-term survival of marine planktonic diatoms and dinoflagellates in stored sediment samples

Relation between proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy within 18 hours of birth asphyxia and neurodevelopment at 1 year of age

Bench development along the regulated, lower River Dee, UK

The tyranny of the visible: problems in the evaluation of anti-institutional radicalism

The awakening cortisol response and blood glucose levels

The influence of drought on chalk stream macroinvertebrates

Flow management to sustain groundwater-dominated stream ecosystems

An evaluation of MTF determination methods for 35mm scanners

Riparian flooded forests of the Orinoco and Amazon basins: a comparative review

Building a European asylum policy under the 'first pillar' of the consolidated treaty establishing the European Community

Expression of a functional antibody fragment in the gut of Rhodnius prolixus via transgenic bacterial symbiont Rhodococcus rhodnii

Non-ionic bulky Gd(III) DTPA-bisamide complexes as potential contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging

Instream mesohabitat biodiversity in three groundwater streams under base-flow conditions

Losing sight of the ball? Children, media and the global environment in a video research project

Don’s diary

Footprinting of Chlorella virus DNA ligase bound at a nick in duplex DNA

The state of education

POMC gene-derived peptides activate melanocortin type 3 receptor on murine macrophages, suppress cytokine release, and inhibit neutrophil migration in acute experimental inflammation

Obituaries: Roger Hockney

Incorporation of metabolite prior knowledge for data analysis: biochemical implications of dynamic 31P NMR ex vivo pig liver studies

Evidence that cysteine-166 is the active-site nucleophile of Pseudomonas aeruginosa amidase: crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of the enzyme

Brain bioenergetics in murine models of scrapie using in vivo 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy

The theory and practice of citizens’ juries

Protection against refoulement from Europe: human rights law comes to the rescue

The European Court of Human Rights and the right of refugees and other persons in need of protection to family reunion

Engineering requirements through use cases in complex business environment

Evidence for cortical dysfunction in clinically non-demented patients with Parkinson’s disease: a proton MR spectroscopy study

Doing feminist research in a masculine paradigm

Digital sexualities: a guide to internet resources

Improved preservation solutions for organ storage: a dynamic study of hepatic metabolism

Funding the urban renaissance

Accurate performance prediction using visual prototypes

Access issues: operational support systems and regulation

Revenue streams

Ethical issues in contemporary human resource development

Cerebral proton and phosphorus-31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy in patients with subclinical hepatic encephalopathy

EPFIL: waveguide E-Plane filter design software and user's manual

Sampling for Internet surveys. An examination of respondent selection for Internet research

Narrow-band variable center frequency single-loop and multistage sigma-delta modulators for bandpass signals

The influence of cycling time trial pacing on subsequent 10km running performance

Long term effects of pergolide and (-)-deprenyl on 3H-mazindol and 3H-spiperone binding in rat brain

Honeycomb tori are Hamiltonian

Endogenous monoamine oxidase inhibitory activity and HPA activation in the pig

Conflicting MRI signals from gliosis and neuronal vacuolation in prion diseases

Carbon monoxide induces vasodilation and nitric oxide release but suppresses endothelial NOS

Fault-tolerant ring embedding in a honeycomb torus with node failures

Phenotypic and phylogenetic characterization of a new Corynebacterium species from dogs: description of Corynebacterium auriscanis sp. nov.