Dextran sulfate promotes the rapid aggregation of porcine bone-marrow stromal cells

Apoptosis in growing rat bone: preliminary studies

Differential responses of human tumour cells to polyunsaturated fatty acids: Stimulation of proliferation of a colon tumour cell line by docosahexaenoic acid

Book review: Methods in neurosciences volume 19: Ion channels of excitable cells

Multiple G-protein-coupled pathways inhibit N-type Ca channels of neurons

Potent block of potassium currents in rat isolated sympathetic neurones by the uncharged form of amitriptyline and related tricyclic compounds

Labour regimes and the domestic domain: Manufacturing garments in rural greece

Japanese Production Strategies and Competitive Success: Mazda's Quiet Revolution

Simple DNA repeats and sex chromosome differentiation in asellus aquaticus (Crustacea, isopoda)

Cytogenetic and molecular studies on the neuroblastoma cell line NGP: identification of a reciprocal t(1;15) involving the "consensus region" 1p36.1.

Sensitivity Minimisation for the Class of Self-Tuning Control Systems

Three Songs on Pain Light and Time

Raag Glitter & Chips. Asian music, British society

The Homecoming. A short film about Ajamu

Dalda 13. A portrait of Homai Vyarawalla

Cedar Wood and Silk

The Body of a Poet. A tribute to Audre Lorde, warrior poet, 1934-1992


Harmonica Breakdown. Speaking about the dance

Frantz Fanon. Black skin white mask

Africa - I Remember




Never Say Die

Man Act




Dwell Time




Wind Water

The Wrong Address

New Blue

A Portrait of Arshile

The Eye Like a Strange Balloon


Bathing Boxes

Through the Pane

The Shaping of DAM

In the Making

Another World

Strong Culture

The Spice Tin


Johnny Zee / Songs for Our Daughters / The Feelgood Factor

Down at the Station

The Desert is no Lady. Women artists of the American South West

Changes in Hungarian Accounting and Reasons for Choice

'God, patria and home': ‘reproductive politics’ and nationalist (re)definitions of women in East/Central Europe

Requirement specification for a ground ADS end system

A Woman’s Guide to Managing Men

Appraisal: a fair assessment?

Phospholipid binding specificities and idiotype expression of hybridoma derived monoclonal autoantibodies from splenic cells of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Endothelium-derived haemostatic factors and the antiphospholipid syndrome

A human monoclonal antiphospholipid antibody that is representative of serum antibodies and is germline encoded

Effect of nitric oxide on basal and NMDA-evoked release of glutamate and aspartate release in vivo

Autoantibodies to myeloperoxidase in systemic sclerosis

The work of Unit 22

The urban miniature

The epic and the everyday

Alagba: a Water Spirit Masquerade

Melodrama and the negotiation of morality in mainstream Hindi film

Cerebral 31P MRS in patients with chronic hepatic encephalopathy

Technology transfer in Britain: the case of monoclonal antibodies

Product performance assessment

Uniformization techniques for reducible integral recurrence equations

The scientific basis for setting minimum ecological flows

Changing river channels: the geographical tradition

Effects of pergolide, (-)-deprenyl and thioridazine on soluble SOD, catalase and glutathione peroxidase in rat striata

Grammar spectrum 1: elementary with answers

Nachhaltige Entwicklung im Raum

Reflective students, reflective teachers

Regularising transformations for integral dependencies

Determining n-D convex hulls using parallel facial lattice exploration

A synthesis method of LSGP partitioning for given-shape regular arrays

The caring enterprise: a sociology of corporate social involvement in Britain and Italy

River channel assessment: a method for defining channel sectors: the River Glem, Lincolnshire UK

Assessing the river aquifer interactions within the hyporheic zone

Integration des Umweltschutzes in die Produktion Hamburger Industriebetriebe

Seeking asylum: comparative law and practice in selected European countries

Seeking asylum on gender grounds: justifying discrimination in the treatment of refugee women

Entrée et Séjour au Royaume-Uni en vue de l'Etablissement ou pour la Prestation de Services/Einreise und Aufenthalt im Vereinigten Konigreich zum Zwecke der Niederlassung und der Erbringung von Dienstleistungen'

Asylum-seekers, refugees and the European Community: case studies of France and the United Kingdom

CTD Net III - an eager reduction model with laziness features

Espace liminal et naissance du poème dans Le Quatrième état de la matière

From BSP to a virtual von Neumann machine

A comparative analysis of Booch '93 and Rumbaugh et al.'s object oriented methodologies

Can you transform a country by design?

Properties of a three domain anti-progesterone antibody fragment expressed in Escherichia coli: comparison of periplasmic, culture medium and refolded forms

The role of dead wood in aquatic ecosystems in forests

Floodplain Coleoptera distributions: the River Trent, UK

Performance characterisation of the cache memory effect

Moving experiences: understanding television's influences and effects

‘Full of very different people all mixed up together’: understanding community and environment through the classroom video project

Broadcast concerns: a report on Broadcasting Standards Council complainants, based on a study of complaints received over an 18 month period

Reaching male clients of female prostitutes: the challenge for HIV prevention

Secretory immunoglobulin A as convenient biomarker in health survey work

Thermal profiles within river beds

Victor Horta

Workers' rights in a global world

The legal process and limits of environmental legislation in India

The chemical industry in India and some facts about Gujarat

Occupational health safety and working conditions and the legal process in India

Law and informalisation of work In India

Introduction of microelectronic technology and its impact on collective bargaining in the Bombay region

Gambling, "the fancy", and Booth's role and reputation as a social investigator

A functional approach to the subjunctive in modern Greek

Transport trends in Europe: comparisons and contrasts

The viability of alternative solid fuels for power generation: the importance of logistics planning

Teaching techniques in inorganic chemistry

Distortion of face to face: communicative reason and social work practice

All talk? The new deliberative theories of democracy

Buddy Quow, St Kitts and St Barts

Motivation in creole genesis

Book review: Multilingualism and nation building (Gerda Mansour)

Broad transcription in phonetic training

Speech sounds

MASH structures for bandpass sigma-delta modulators

Man's influence on freshwater ecosystems and water use

From contact to Creole and beyond

Changing river channels

Structural requirements at the melatonin receptor

Effect of functional grade and etiology on in vivo hepatic phosphorus-31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy in cirrhosis: Biochemical basis of spectral appearances

Neutral gadolinium(III) complexes of bulky octadentate dtpa derivatives as potential contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging

Characterization of a progesterone-binding, three-domain antibody fragment (VH/K) expressed in Escherichia coli

Screening the evidence

Supply chain relationships in British food distribution

An interview with Richard Wilson

Thalassiosira species (Bacillariophyceae) from a Scottish sea-loch

Angels with dirty faces

CTDNet III-An eager reduction model with laziness features

From BSP to a virtual von Neumann machine

The role of coarse woody debris in forest aquatic habitats: Implications for management

Teachers: recruitment and the labour mrket

MRI assessment of the blood-brain barrier in a hamster model of scrapie

The effects of water abstractions on invertebrate communities in U.K. streams

Patial distribution of spiders on the floodplain of the river trent, UK: the role of hydrological setting

Sensitivity of alpine stream ecosystems to climate change and human impacts

The GENESIS distributed memory benchmarks. Part 2: COMMS1, TRANS1, FFT1 and QCD2 benchmarks on the suprenum and IPSC/860 computers

Quantification of biomedical NMR data using artificial neural network analysis: lipoprotein lipid profiles from 1H NMR data of human plasma

Cirrhosis of the human liver: an in vitro 31P nuclear magnetic resonance study

Local variability of gold in active stream sediments

A general methodology of partitioning and mapping for given regular arrays

Functional expression of a single-chain anti-progesterone antibody fragment in the cytoplasm of a mutant Escherichia coil

Nitric oxide regulates excitatory amino acid release in a biphasic manner in freely moving rats