Effect of estrogen suppression on the mineralization density of iliac crest biopsies in young women as assessed by backscattered electron imaging

The role of estrogen in the control of rat osteocyte apoptosis

Voltage-activated potassium channels in mammalian neurons and their block by novel pharmacological agents

Characterization of the hyperpolarization - Activated chloride current in dissociated rat sympathetic neurons

Activation of group I metabotropic glutamate receptors elicits pH changes in cultured rat cortical glia and neurons

Inhibition by inorganic ions of a sustained calcium signal evoked by activation of mGlu5 receptors in rat cortical neurons and glia.

Internationalisation and entrepreneurial response on the European periphery: The experience of North-Eastern Greece

γδ+ T Cells Preferentially Respond to Live Rather than Killed Malaria Parasites

The Underlying Problems of the UK Construction Industry

The fit and misfit of technological capability: responses to vehicle emission regulation in the US

International Joint Ventures in Manufacturing and Design

Manufacturing Strategy Regained: Evidence for the Demise of Best-Practice

Preliminary X-ray analysis of a new crystal form of the vanadium-dependent bromoperoxidase from Corallina officinalis.

Factors that affect the implicit processing of motion

Breast cancer progression is associated with a reduction in the diversity of sialylated and neutral oligosaccharides.

Release and analysis of polypeptides and glycopolypeptides from formalin-fixed, paraffin wax-embedded tissue

Nucleotide sequence and chromosomal mapping of the 5S rDNA repeat of the crustacean Proasellus coxalis.

Numerical abnormalities of chromosomes 1 and 10 in endometrial adenocarcinoma: fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis of 23 archival paraffin-embedded samples.

Tradition and Tourism: Dilemmas in Sustainable Tourism Development: A Case Study from the Ngada Region of Flores, Indonesia

SOS. Songs of seduction

Something to Make You Sing

The Score

Night Work

Market of the Dead


In vivo and in vitro hepatic phosphorus-31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy and electron microscopy in chronic ductopenic rejection of human liver allografts

Survival Techniques for Small Businesses: A Comparative Study of Britain and Hungary

Regeneration and SMEs Following Economic Restructuring

Theory and Pragmatism in Transition: The case of Lehel in Hungary

Kreativ vezetesi technikak a bizonytalansag koraban

The Brahma

MarStra – An intelligent hybrid system for developing marketing strategies

Robot Path Planning for Maze Navigation

Neural Robot Path Planning: The Maze Problem

Guest editorial: Neural Networks for Machine Vision

An assessment of the accuracy and reproducibility of the most probable number (MPN) technique in estimating numbers of nutrient stressed diatoms in sediment samples

Simple and efficient protocol for isolation of high molecular weight DNA from Streptomyces aureofaciens

Casting a Critical 'I' Over Caffrey's Irish Ale: Soft Words, Strongly Spoken

The 'Glasshouse Effect': Women in Marketing Management

Stirring the Marketing Cauldron: Commentary on a Strange Brew

Romancing the Utopian Marketplace: Dallying with Bakhtin in the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre

"东亚现代化视野中的华人经济网络:以泰国为例的研究" (Overseas Chinese economic networks in the perspective of East Asian modernization: the case of Thailand)

Robust stability of a diamond of multivariate polynomials

"De Gaulle’s First Veto. France, the Rueff Plan and the Free Trade Area”, EUI Working Paper no. 98/2

Some Strange and Spectral Dream: The Brontes' Manipulation of the Gothic Mode

Cases from the London School of Acupuncture Teaching Clinic

Removal of physical infrastructure barriers

Management development: strategy and practice

Research report: work-based management development

Practical SSADM version 4+: a complete tutorial guide. 2nd edition

Desegregating construction

Blueprint for change: construction skills training in Britain

Injury and training characteristics of male elite, development squad and club triathletes

Table manners


Architecture of the impure community

Pull: a sculptural dance

Magnetic resonance imaging of total body fat

A rapid supercritical fluid extraction method for the detection of 2-alkylcyclobutanones in gamma irradiated beef and chicken

A rapid direct solvent extraction method (DSE-GC-MS) used to detect irradiated minced beef

A rapid supercritical fluid extraction method for the qualitative detection of 2-alkylcyclobutanones in gamma-irradiated fresh and sea water fish

Frondizi: la politica del desconcierto

Aquellas islas desde estas islas

Insignificance, a short discourse on the physical and ideational economy of line within architectural representation


The eco-oriented project for the wine industry

Book review: a Qin Bowei anthology: clinical essays

Metabolic Engineering, a route to the production of novel products

La libertà di esprimere dichiarazioni razziste e blasfeme nella giurisprudenza della Corte europea dei diritti dell’uomo

Neural network analysis of hue spectra from natural images

The economics of food safety

Asian men on the scene: challenges to 'gay communities'

Static multiprocessor task graph scheduling in the genetic paradigm: a comparison of genotype representations, research report no. 98-25

Floodplain rivers and their restoration: a European perspective

Update on complementary medicine

The messenger: a verse narrative in fifteen parts

Online investor relations: how technology is reshaping shareholder communications

Outcomes for the children of lone parents

Virtual environments: real uses

Addressing the effects of siltation in a trout stream experiencing exceptional low flows: River Glen, UK

Creation of reconfigurable hardware objects in PVM environments

Synthesis of a systolic array genetic algorithm

Perceived benefits of mail-order speciality foods

A tax for Europe: the introduction of value added tax in France

A comparison of the variable region genes of two human monoclonal antibodies to myeloperoxidase

Guide to good practice in core area development

The scope of urban design

Adjacent proline residues in the inhibitory domain of the Oct-2 transcription factor play distinct functional roles

"Les Fils du pauvre": poverty, knowledge and politics

The assessment of object oriented modelling elements of the UML 1.1

DBRE migration from relational to object oriented databases

HIPERTRANS: a road traffic simulation as an operational tool

Low-level benchmarking: performance profiles

From ‘mixed’ to ‘sustainable’: the challenge of the socio-economic development of localities in Docklands

Peer provision counselling

The implementation of the 1989 Television Without Frontiers Directive: television advertising and sponsorship in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK

Chile’s market orientated model of public television

Ten things wrong with the “effects” model

Moral panic and media effects

Rule-based models as planning tools: three prototypes

A phased approach to developing a set of requirements for the use of virtual actors in share virtual learning environments

Developing requirements for the use of virtual actors in shared virtual learning environments

The virtual building site

Cases from the London School of Acupuncture Teaching Clinic

Chinese medicine and family stories

EDPEPPS: a toolset for the design and performance evaluation of parallel applications

An integrated environment for the parallel development life cycle

EDDEPPS: an environment for optimal parallel software design

Manipulation of growth of horticultural crops under environmental stress

Travel and tourism in Europe. 2nd edition

The role and regulation of monoamines in stress

Management plans and planning: a guide. CCP527

Education and training for nature conservation and landscape protection: content, context and competence

Tenants' associations and community activism

Public participation and Amnesty International: evaluating the relationship between Amnesty International UK and its membership base

The Exodus collective: DIY activism in action?

Open University audio cassette 2571, side B,'Milton Keynes', for AT 308, Cities and Technology

Invincible green suburbs, brave new towns: social change and urban dispersal in postwar England

Community and association in Milton Keynes

DSP techniques applied to terminal technology

A comparison of ATP recovery or phosphomonoester/inorganic phosphate ratio to assess metabolic activity in liver at hypothermia: a 31P NMR study

Enhanced energy metabolism at hypothermia following addition of a prostacyclin derivative in porcine liver

Depression of liver mitochondrial complex II-linked respiration following cooling: beneficial effects of using a prostacyclin analogue during hypothermia

An extensible complex fast Fourier transform processor chip for real-time spectrum analysis and measurement

Front-end architectures for CMOS radio receivers: a research overview

Cabinet committees in British governance

Using the World Wide Web for formative assessment

The logistics of food

The impact of sustainability policies on urban freight transport and logistics systems

Strategies to reduce the use of energy by road freight transport in cities

Participatory planning: models of urban governance. Porto Alegre and Greater Johannesburg

Crime and the emerging landscape of post-apartheid Johannesburg

Synthesis of novel α-functionalized phosphinic acid derivatives of thiophene and the first crystal structure of an α-hydroxyalkylphosphinate

A gadolinium cryptate with two coordinated water molecules

The systolic array genetic algorithm, an example of systolic arrays as a reconfigurable design methodology

Systolic array library for hardware genetic algorithms

Revaluation 2000: a forecast for the major office centres in East Anglia and the East Midlands

Proposed amendments to FRS5

REST: a tool to measure the ripple effect of C and C++ programs

The transport and logistics of packaging waste

The transport and logistics implications of the packaging waste regulations

Implications of the packaging waste regulations

Aguas Peligrosas:nueva historia internacional de la guerra civil española

Logistics management and costs of biomass fuel supply

Independent learners

Developing a learning organisation

An analysis of non-ideal variable centre frequency narrow-band bandpass sigma-delta modulators

Tunable centre frequency resonator based bandpass Σ-Δ modulators

Stability evaluation of tunable resonator-based bandpass sigma-delta modulators via root locus analysis

The everyday and architecture

The best laid plans: Milton Keynes since 1967

Freedom Square: a site investigation of Freedom Square, Kliptown, Soweto


The UML rules

Differential regulation of formyl peptide and platelet-activating factor receptors: role of phospholipase Cbeta3 phosphorylation by protein kinase A

Human gene for physical performance

Intracellular and extracellular skeletal muscle triglyceride metabolism during alternating intensity exercise in humans

Critical assessment of in vivo13C NMR spectroscopy and gas–liquid chromatography in the study of adipose tissue composition

Regional and molecular separation of the four bioactivities of ‘tribulin’

Transdifferentiation of mature cortical cells to functional abscission cells in bean

Generalized filter design by computer optimization

Gene therapy with a single chain interleukin 12 fusion protein induces T cell-dependent protective immunity in a syngeneic model of murine neuroblastoma

River energy budgets with special reference to river bed processes

13C-Glycogen deposition during pregnancy in the rat following routine meal feeding

Secretory immunoglobulin A and cardiovascular responses to mental arithmetic and cold pressor

Morphological and ecological change on a meander bend: the role of hydrological processes and the application of GIS

The relationship between circadian patterns of salivary cortisol and endogenous inhibitor of monoamine oxidase A

Whose straw is it anyway?

Regulation of tomato fruit growth by epidermal cell wall enzymes

An independent view: the food standards agency and the national interest

Mind-body influences on immunity: lateralised control, stress, individual differences, and prophylaxis

Non-invasive metabolic assessment of human donor livers: metabolite assignment in 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Recombinant immunocytokines targeting the mouse transferrin receptor: construction and biological activities

Compounds for use in the treatment of inflammation

Caring for Muslim families in Europe

Implementation of an intelligent SAR image registration system

Reduction of gaba and glutamate transporter messenger rnas in the severe-seizure genetically epilepsy-prone rat

Evaluation of the stability of the proton chemical shifts of some metabolites other than water during thermal cycling of normal human muscle tissue

Preferred Tone Reproduction of Images on Soft Displays

The effect of intermittent heating on some chemical parameters of refined oils used in Egypt. A public health nutrition concern

Persistent increase in cerebral lactate concentration after birth asphyxia

High-performance parallel programming in Java: exploiting native libraries

UK construction skills in the context of European developments

Phosphorylation of the periplasmic binding protein in two transport systems for arginine incorporation in Escherichia coli K-12 is unrelated to the function of the transport system

What it costs to lose your job

Circadian expression of tryptophan hydroxylase mRNA in the chicken retina

Systolic arrays for the Haar transform

MPI for Java: position document and draft API specification

Metabolic changes underlying 31P MR spectral alterations in human hepatic tumours

The relationship between salivary secretory immunoglobulin A and cortisol: neuroendocrine response to awakening and the diurnal cycle

Modulation of antibody display on M13 filamentous phage