Identification of apoptotic changes in osteocytes in normal and pathological human bone

The death of osteocytes via apoptosis accompanies estrogen withdrawal in human bone

Is EAG the answer to the M-current?

Book review: Ion Channels: Molecules in Action. Edited by D. J. Aidley and P. R. Stanfield . Pp. 340. Cambridge University Press, 1996. £17.95 paperback, ISBN 0521 49882 1. £50.00 hardback, ISBN 0 521 49531 8

Between the community and the world market: Garment entrepreneurs in rural greece

Globalization and local industrial development in the European periphery: Enterprise strategies in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

Immediate Recovery of Psychomotor Function After Patient-Administered Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation for Colonoscopy

A unified nomenclature for filarial genes

The Gauteng Rapid Land Development Programme.

Emissions or Economics: The Status and Potential of Alternative Fuel Technology

An integrated physical and genetic map spanning chromosome band 10q24.

Detailed physical analysis of a 1.5-megabase YAC contig containing the MXI1 and ADRA2A genes.

Cultural Heritage Tourism, the Villagers' Perspective. Case Study from Ngada, Flores

Anthropologists, local communities and sustainable tourism development


Make Me Think. Bruce Nauman

In Between. 3 dance pieces by Shobana Jeyasingh

Surviving Sabu

Reservoir of Gods

A Portrait of Mr Pink

The Monument

Jessica Voorsanger Meets Gary Cook / Julie Roberts Meets Three Junior Doctors

Jake and Dinos Chapman Meet Justine Frischmann / Sam Taylor-Wood Meets Alistair Morrison

Nina Saunders Meets Sallie Leslie / Hadrian Pigott Meets John Butcher

Brad Lochore Meets Anya Hurlbert / Chris Ofili Meets Anthony Ismond

Peter Randall-Page Meets Evelyn Glennie / Catherine Yass Meets Charles Archer and Lily French

Cornelia Parker Meets Rebecca Stephens / Andrew Gifford Meets Dave Allen

A Bump in the Night







You Don’t Say

Warren Beatty’s Coat / Angel

Spitting Mad

2 into 1 / Misfit


The Link

The Snowball Effect


Pull. A sculptural dance


Billy Boys

From novel to film : Le journal d'un curé de campagne and the art of adaptation

INTRA-Regional Co-operation and the Development of SMEs in Hungary

A Comperative Study of Electrolux's Marketing Strategy in Hungary and Britain

Empowerment and Culture Change: The Case of Electrolux in Hungary

Culture Changes and Trends in Hungary

Tension between Tradition and Novelty: Changes in the Hungarian Higher Education

A brit magyar felsooktatasi projectek tanulsagai

Electronic democracy and the public sphere: opportunities and challenges

Electronic democracy and the civic networking movement in context

Back to the future of democracy? New technologies, civic networks and direct democracy in Greece

Cyberdemocracy: Technology, Cities and Civic Networks

Genetic Detumbling a Satellite

Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming for Control

Evolutionary control of a Satellite

Finding patterns and subfamilies in biosequences by genetic programming

A comparison of artificial intelligence techniques for the identification of people at high risk of oral cancer

A comparison of artificial intelligence techniques for the identification of people at high risk of oral cancer

Genetic Programming for Prediction and Control

Neurocontrol: Recent advances and links with the Human Brain

Adaptive Neuro-Genetic Control of Chaos applied to the Attitude Control Problem

Evolutionary Learning Algorithms for Neural Adaptive Control

Marketing and Feminism: A Bibliography and Suggestions for Further Research

The Pathetic Phallusies of St. Thomas Aquinas and why Marketing Should Give Eve a Break

Wellcome Witnesses to Twentieth Century Medicine volume 1

Constructing the Grammars of a Language: Ivar Aasen and nineteenth-century Norwegian linguistics

Stability and robust stability of multivariate polynomials

Enhancement of immunogenicity of recombinant antigens by production of a cytokine-antigen fusion protein for vaccination

“Funding the Modern State. The Introduction of Value Added Tax in France”, EUI Working Paper no. 97/2

Image processing for urban scale environmental modelling

Computer-aided art direction

A neural adaptive control technique for manufacturing scheduling

Neural network identification and control of an underwater vehicle

Departmental Select Committees

‘Imagine if Labour won the Election’: the Conservative Party's political broadcasts

Engineering and Economic Performance in Britain since 1945

'The man who couldn’t feel’ and other tales

Cases from the London School of Acupuncture Teaching Clinic

A fair day's work: women in direct labour organisations

The knowledges of architecture

Copula, WH-trace and the ECP in Mauritian Creole

Raised blood albumin levels are associated with trait anxiety

Improved static multiprocessor scheduling using cyclic task graphs: a genetic approach

Improved static multiprocessor scheduling using cyclic task graphs: a genetic approach

A Methylmalonyl-CoA mutase in Escherichia coli?

Mixed uses and urban design

Prototype-oriented development of high-performance systems

From private to public: Le Corbusier and the House-Palace, 1926-1928

Change and development in the British funeral industry during the 20th century, with special reference to the period 1960-1994

Case studies in the application of geomorphology to river management

Hysterectomy: is it necessary?

Towards portable message passing in Java: binding MPI

PMPI: high-level message passing in Fortran77 and C

Automatic binding of native scientific libraries to Java

Telecommunications in the Czech Republic: the privatisation of SPT Telecom

Automatic parallelization for a class of regular computations

Mapping a generic systolic array for genetic algorithms onto FPGAs: theory and practice

Consumers' perceptions of speciality foods and therural mail-order business

Consumers' perceptions of mail‐order speciality foods

Consumers' perceptions of mail-order speciality foods

Restoring France: the road to integration

France and the international economy: from Vichy to the treaty of Rome

Lingulodinium polyedrum (Gonyaulax polyedra) a blooming dinoflagellate

Une lecture de La Guerre: la matrice d'une poétique

Pierre Albert-Birot: a poetics in movement, a poetics of movement

The unified modelling language, a critical assessment of modelling solutions

Teleworking and rural development

Technological convergence: regulatory competition. The British case of digital television

Digital television and regulatory issues: the British case

Message-passing performance of parallel computers

Massively parallel computing in Java

Video critical: children, the environment and media power

Introduction: Why no clear answers on media effects?

Another crisis for media studies

Long term administration of (-)-deprenyl increases mortality in male wistar rats

Risk behaviours and health care needs of drug-using female prostitutes (part II)

Risk behaviours and health care needs of drug-using female prostitutes (part I)

Experiments with settlement aggregation models

Experiments with settlement aggregation models

EDPEPPS: an environment for the design and performance evaluation of portable parallel software

EDPEPPS: an integrated graphical toolset for the design and performance evaluation of portable parallel software

EDPEPPS: an environment for the design and performance evaluation of portable parallel software

Case studies in performance modelling and simulation of client/server systems

Case studies in performance modelling and simulation of distributed information systems

Tourism destinations

Trade unions in South Asia

Reversing on the fast lane: prison industries in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Endogenous monoamine oxidase A inhibitory activity (tribulin), measured in saliva, is related to cardiovascular reactivity in normal individuals

Interpretation in trust: a century of sustainable stewardship, 1885- 1995

Suburbanisation and social change in England and North America, 1870-1970

The subjunctive in modern Greek: a functional grammar perspective

A computer implementation of functional grammar: observations on the Greek version of Profglot

An integrated 256-point complex FFT processor for real-time spectrum analysis and measurement

What (if anything) is distinctive about contemporary history?

Handling the transfer of power: a note on the 1964 origins of the Douglas‐Home rules

A comparison of deregulation in the road haulage markets of the UK, EU and USA

Strategies to reduce the use of energy by road freight transport in cities

Logistics and distribution trends in food manufacturing

Forecasting the future of road freight transport and distribution in Britain

Modulation of secretory immunoglobulin A in saliva in relation to an acute episode of stress and arousal

Johannesburg facing democracy

Managing the core executive

Hydrological and ecological interactions within river corridors

Contingent boundaries: the Channel Tunnel rail link considered as an architectural ensemble

A novel hexaaza macrocycle with methylenephosphonate pendant arms: a potential useful chelate for biomedical applications

Hexaaza and octaaza macrocycles with 2-hydroxy 3,5-dimethylbenzyl pendant arms

Implementing a generic systolic array for genetic algorithms

The application of NMR spectroscopy to the study of apoptosis

Directionality in pidginization and creolization

Deleloping ways of writing vernaculars: problems and solutions in a historical perspective

Book review: Hubert Devonish (ed.) Working papers in linguistics, 1. (UWILing). iv, 77pp. Mona (Jamaica): Department of Language and Linguistics, University of the West Indies. 1995. US$5.

Can cell wall peroxidase activity explain the leaf growth response of Lolium temulentum L. during drought?

Supply systems for biomass fuels and their delivered costs

Running learning groups

Promoting independent learning through IT

Developing ILS staff using a competency-based framework

Effective-fourth-order resonator based MASH bandpass sigma-delta modulators

Organizational restructuring and the achievement of an equal opportunity culture

Changes in adipose tissue composition in malnourished patients before and after liver transplantation: A carbon-13 magnetic resonance spectroscopy and gas-liquid chromatography study

Autoantibodies to myeloperoxidase in systemic sclerosis

Proun: an exercise in the illusion of four-dimensional space

Reconstitution of receptors and GTP-binding regulatory proteins (G Proteins) in Sf9 Cells: a direct evaluation of selectivity in receptor.G protein coupling

Noninvasive characterization of neonatal adipose tissue by 13C magnetic resonance spectroscopy

In vivo assessment of metabolic perturbations following alanine and glucagon administration using 31P-MRS in the rat

Agonist-independent activation of Gz by the 5-hydroxytryptamine1A receptor co-expressed in spodoptera frugiperda cells: distinguishing inverse agonists from neutral antagonists

Sub-acute treatment of rats with dexamethasone reduces ICAM-1 levels on circulating monocytes

Loss and recuperation, order and subversion: post-war painting in France 1945-51

The costs and benefits of the Noise at Work Regulations 1989

A graphical toolset for simulation modelling of parallel systems

Non-invasive assessment of ATP regeneration potential of the preserved donor liver

EDPEPPS: an environment for the design and performance evaluation of portable parallel software - linked tools

Generic systolic array for genetic algorithms

Inhibition of neutrophil and monocyte recruitment by endogenous and exogenous lipocortin 1

EDPEPPS: an environment for the design and performance evaluation of portable parallel software - final syntax definition of SimPVM

Between fear and disappointment: critical, empirical and political uses of Habermas

A framework for virtually transparent monitoring of parallel programs

Peer counselling provision

Hyporheic temperature patterns within riffles

EDPEPPS: an environment for the design and performance evaluation of portable parallel software - final model definition

Evidence for distinct behaviour of phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin at the low density lipoprotein surface

Multiple signals and mechanisms that regulate leaf growth and stomatal behaviour during water deficit

Efficient operator pipelining in a bit serial genetic algorithm engine

The cortisol response to psychological challenge is preceded by a rise in endogenous inhibitor of monoamine oxidase.

Queer connections: community, the scene and an epidemic

The central role of logistics in reducing environmental impacts: a case study of the biomass industry

In vivo and in vitro hepatic 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy and electron microscopy of the cirrhotic liver

Project management in protected areas: a tale of two systems

Scalar quantisation using a fast systolic array

Inhibition of poly (ADP-ribose) synthetase attenuates neutrophil recruitment and exerts anti-inflammatory effects

Bacterial expression and purification of recombinant Plasmodium yoelii circumsporozoite protein

Molecular determinants of monosodium urate crystal-induced murine peritonitis: a role for endogenous mast cells and a distinct requirement for endothelial-derived selectins

An autoinhibitory control element defines calcium-regulated isoforms of nitric oxide synthase

Purification of a streptococcal deoxyribonuclease by affinity chromatography based on a DNA-cellulose matrix

The four stages of retail: grocery sector survey

Assessment of quantitative artificial neural network analysis in a metabolically dynamic ex vivo31p NMR pig liver study

Variable centre frequency resonator based bandpass Σ-Δ modulator

From pharmaceuticals to alternative treatments for HIV/AIDS: what is the potential?

Tradables: developing output and price measures for Australia's tradable and non-tradable sectors