Momentum - Eine Rezension

c-abl is involved in the association of p53 and trk A

Osteocyte function, osteocyte death and bone fracture resistance

Inhibition of delayed rectifier K+ conductance in cultured rat cerebellar granule neurons by activation of calcium-permeable AMPA receptors

Purinergic and muscarinic receptor activation activates a common calcium entry pathway in rat neocortical neurons and glial cells

Bcl-2, tissue transglutaminase and p53 protein expression in the apoptotic cascade in ribs of premature infants

A functional role for the two-pore domain potassium channel TASK-1 in cerebellar granule neurons

The role of Ca2+ stores in the muscarinic inhibition of the K+ current IK(SO) in neonatal rat cerebellar granule cells

NMDA receptor mediated changes in IGF-II gene expression in the rat brain after injury and the possible role of nitric oxide

Globalization and entrepreneurial response in post-socialist transformation: A case study from Transcarpathia, Ukraine

T cell phenotype and function in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Bosnia: faking democracy after Dayton

The filarial genome project: analysis of the nuclear, mitochondrial and endosymbiont genomes of Brugia malayi

Analysis of Genes Expressed at the Infective Larval Stage Validates Utility of Litomosoides sigmodontis as a Murine Model for Filarial Vaccine Development

Identification of Potential Vaccine and Drug Target Candidates by Expressed Sequence Tag Analysis and Immunoscreening of Onchocerca volvulus Larval cDNA Libraries

Moral Tales of the Child and the Adult: Narratives of Contemporary Family Lives under Changing Circumstances

Wavelet estimation of a local long memory parameter

Wavelet analysis of covariance with application to atmospheric time series

Multiscale detection and location of multiple variance changes in the presence of long memory

Chapter 10: Tetrahydrobiopterin: An Essential Cofactor of Nitric Oxide Synthase with an Elusive Role

Switched on? Patterns of patent activity and the development of the electric vehicle

Mass customization: Conflicting definitions

The Demise of Best Practice

Patterns of Activity and the Development of the Electric Vehicle

Multiple Contexts in Technological Development: Hardware and Software Development of the Electric Vehicle

Innovation in Complex Systems: Regulation and Technology towards the Electric Vehicle

Evidence for an Integrated Product-Service Matrix

Conflicting Definitions: Mass Customization

Innovation in Complex Systems: Regulation and Technology Towards the Electric Vehicle

An investigation of the increasing prevalence of nonpurchase of meat by British households

A guide to little Lhasa in India: The role of symbolic geography of Dharamsala in constituting Tibetan Diasporic Identity

Crystal structure of dodecameric vanadium-dependent bromoperoxidase from the red algae Corallina officinalis.

Wish I Was Here

Large-scale chromatin organization of the major histocompatibility complex and other regions of human chromosome 6 and its response to interferon in interphase nuclei.

In search of the source of the stream: the process of formation of manufacturing strategy in small and medium-sized enterprises

Mini review: form and function in the human interphase chromosome

Mary Coleridge

Post-modern tourist typologies: Case study from Flores, Indonesia

The Lost Dances of Egon Schiele

Tus Ojos Negros. Your Dark Eyes

To a Woman’s Heart



Men of Good Fortune

The Linesman


I Want You Not the Money



Unresponsive shareholders in public companies: dial M for motivate

Shaping the duties of directors: no to stakeholder approach, yes to transparency

Redesigning the role of non executive director: has the consultation document gone far enough?

Neither use nor ornament: do we really need annual general meetings?

Institutional shareholders: sleeping partners in corporate governance

Entrepreneurial Actions: Tactics for Survival

Developing Competent Managers: the 'Shadow' of Hungarian History

Human Resource Management in Hungary

Take- up of HR Practices in Hungary: Illusion and Disillusion

Vallalkozok Tulelesi Strategiai - Egy angol-magyar osszehasonlito kutatas tapasztalatai

Changing Management Styles in Central and Eastern Europe: the Case of Hungary

The Violence of Form: Gombrowicz, Polish Modernity and World Cataclysm

Direct Routes to Independence: A Guide to Local Authority Implementation and Management of Direct Payments

The Handling of Complaints by the GMC a study of decision-making and outcomes

Evaluating Training Programmes for the Long-Term Unemployed: An illustration of the matched comparison group methodology

Have British Workers Lost Their Voice or Have They Gained a New One?

Early Identification of the Long-Term Unemployed

The Impact of Careers Guidance for Employed Adults in Continuing Education: assessing the importiance of attitudinal information

Challenges to the health services: the professions

General Medical Council. A clear case of....

Working for a Living? : Employment, Benefits and the Living Standards of Disabled People

Child poverty in Europe

Child Support - Light at the end of the tunnel?

Labour Market and Skill Trends 2000

The Medium-term Effects of the Voluntary Stage of ONE

The First Effects of ONE

The British Lone Parent Cohort 1991 to 1998

The First Effects of Earnings Top-up

EMU and Its Housing Consequences

What's this Got to Do with Me? France and Transboundary Air Pollution

Environmental Technology

Longitudinal Data for Policy Analysis

Lone Mothers' Poverty and Employment

Impact of Careers Guidance on Employed Adult People

The Employment of Lone Mothers in Denmark and Great Britain

New Deal for Young People: Towards an Ethical Employment Policy?

New Deal for the Long-term Unemployed pilots: baseline report

Office of hope: A history of the public employment service in Great Britain, 1910-97

Fate, Hope and Insecurity: Future Orientation and Forward Planning

Fast, Friendly and Expert?: Legal aid franchising in advice agencies without solicitors

Ethnicity and Employment in Higher Education

Coming up for Care: Assessing the post-hospital needs of older patients

Building California's Future

Human Rights and Political Justice in Post-Communist Eastern Europe: Prosecuting History

Learner Autonomy, Teacher Autonomy: Future Directions

Reconceptualising disaffection: issues of power, voice and learner autonomy

Rodinsky's Room

Electronic democracy in practice: one, two, three .... countless variants

Cloning and characterisation of CaGcn4

Benchmarking brand management in the creative industry

Women managers abroad: a bright future from the ashes of the past?

Nazi Wireless Propaganda: Lord Haw-Haw and British Public Opinion in the Second World War

Marketing and Feminism: An Evolving Relationship

Gender, Nationality and Cultural Representations of Ireland: An Irish Woman's Place?

Marketing and Feminism: Current Issues and Research

Gender, language and floor apportionment in political debates

Kevin Barry and the Anglo-Irish Propaganda War

Robust Stability of Multivariate Polynomials, Part 3: Frequency Domain Approach

Playing games

Viaggio in Sicilia

Questioning historical research methodologies: the insights of a case study

Elevated territories

Comparison of advanced learning algorithms for short-term load forecasting

'Tantalising Glimpses': The Intersecting Lives of Eleanor Marx and Mathilde Blind

The Development and Role of Cabinet Committees in Britain

A self-access center for business English learners: meeting individual learners' needs

Strategic Delivery for Business English Presentations

Putting it in black and white: the role of writing in business negotiations

Business e-mail communication: some emerging tendencies in register

Insect Cell systems to Study the Communication of Mammalian Receptors and G proteins

Characterization of a Gemella-like organism isolated from an abscess of a rabbit: description of Gemella cunicula sp. nov.

Characterization of Actinomyces isolates from infected root canals of teeth: description of Actinomyces radicidentis sp. nov.

Characterization of Actinomyces isolates from samples from the human urogenital tract: description of Actinomyces urogenitalis sp. nov.

Actinomyces canis sp. nov., isolated from dogs

Vagococcus fessus sp. nov., isolated from a seal and a harbour porpoise

Interprofessional education: effects on professional practice and health care outcomes (Cochrane Review)

'It was as if she had said....': May Sinclair and reading narratives of cure

Experience in the UK bus and coach industry

The great herbal of Leonhart Fuchs (review article)

The Materia Medica of mid-19th century medical botanists

Potential role of island dynamis in river ecosystems

Microsphere encapsulated Diphtheria Toxoid induces protein secretion from in-vitro Peyers’ patches and in vivo

Thick time

Nature and landscape conservation in transition in central and south-eastern Europe

Jump rope for heart: evaluating a cardiovascular health programme for primary school students

Guide to good practice in core area development: DFID research project R6860 – Delhi field studies and workshop, March 2000

Guide to good practice in core area development: DFID research project R6860 – Jakarta field studies and workshop, March 2000

Guide to good practice in core area development: good practice guidelines

Improving research knowledge transfer: final report

Clinical supervision: what will it offer to the development of practice nurses?

Les prenoms et l'absence de prenoms clitiques en Creole Mauricien

Toward deliberative institutions

Rue des Martyrs

Appropriateness and necessity research on the internet: using a "second opinion system"

Thermal stability and energy efficiency in wine storage spaces: Ridge Winery, Lytton Springs, Healdsburg, California

Specification of automatic vent opening devices for natural ventilation

Property-oriented development of component-based distributed multimedia systems

La sesta Conferenza di riesame del Trattato sulla non proliferazione delle armi nucleari

Beginning to globally investigate the influence tactics of managers

Datos para la reconstrucción léxica del inglés antiguo: las glosas de Aldred a los Evangelios de Lindisfarne

Communication strategies by non-native interviewers

Chaucer's use and abuse of fourteenth-century English in the miller's tale

Analysis of the Scandinavian loanwords in the Aldredian Glosses to the Lindisfarne Gospels

Aldred's glosses to numismatic terms in the Lindisfarne Gospels

A family of efficient regular arrays for band and sparse matrix inversion using Monte Carlo methods

River restoration: policy and practice

Blitzkrieg or sitzkrieg? The extinction of endemic faunas in Mediterranean island prehistory

The Sufi path to social responsibility: is it a viable route?

Communicating intangible value

Novel protein secretion from both ex-vivo Peyers’ patches and in-vivo; induction by microsphere encapsulated diphtheria toxoid

"God is an alien": Understanding informant responses through user participation and observation

Choosing and using a driving problem for CVE technology department

Faith, fatherland and the politics of exile: the Irish press in mid-Victorian Britain

The psychic staring effect

Customers' satisfaction and future purchase of mail-order specialty food in the UK

De Gaulle's first veto: France, the Rueff plan and the free trade area

Compact city policies for megacities: core areas and metropolitan regions

Computer-based support for marketing strategy development

Developing marketing strategy with MarStra: the support system and the real-world tests

Using a virtual campus to support work-based learning students, staff and partners

Hemmnisse der nachhaltigen Entwicklung in europäischen Metropolregionen

The multilingual challenge

Expert testimony. The influence of the European Court of Human Rights judgments on other international treaty bodies

Contempt of court in French law: a criminal offence

Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the protection of refugees and rejected asylum seekers against refoulement from Europe

Lifetime experiences of self-employment

Russian and Eastern European rivers

The role of [Ca2+](i) in mediating regulatory volume decrease in isolated bovine articular chondrocytes

Programming languages, models, and methods

The politics of identity, the poetics of identity: issues in post-colonial autobiographical discourses in North African writing in French

Une poétique du fantastique: une lecture de Quelqu'un et Baga

"Ode à Londres bombardé": Philippe Soupault, la guerre, l’Angleterre

Committing to memory

Vaclav Havel: a political tragedy in six acts

Reflexiones sobre la violencia

MDDQL: a visual query language for metadata driven querying

The application of UML to the modelling of complex business environments

Extreme programming and its development practices

Melatonin biosynthesis in chicken retina: regulation of tryptophan hydroxylase and arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase

Real time high performance simulator interfaced to urban traffic control systems

HIPERTRANS: High performance transport network modelling and simulation

A high performance support tool for urban traffic management

A literature review of evaluation documents

Flexible workers and the changing boundaries of work: theory and the practice

The cortisol response to normal and nocturnal awakening

Effiency measurement for airports

Myth and metaphor: the power of propoganda in twentieth-century warfare

Innovation management for the long-term

Shifting the discourse: feminist perspectives on consumer behaviour research

Restructuring regulation: technological convergence and European telecommunications and broadcasting markets

Radio in the global age

Function and regulation of chemoattractant receptors

Learning from the War: the development of British amphibious capability, 1919-1929

Domain knowledge evolution in business and IT system change

Public health measures to control helminth infections

Integrating user research in practice for a TCS scheme

Heaven knows I'm miserable now: job insecurity in the British labour market

The ties that bind: charting contemporary sporting contractual relation

The impact of globalisation on the airport industry

Maturity of leisure air travel demand with particular reference to the UK transport market

Introductory report

An overview of developmental risk and children of drug using parents

MC3-R as a novel target for anti-inflammatory therapy

Panel on Metacomputing

Aspects of portability and distributed execution for JNI-wrapped message passing libraries


The web goes to the pictures

The future: faster, smaller, more, more, more

Web.studies: rewiring media studies for the digital age

Web studies: a user’s guide

The worrying influence of "media effects" studies

Improving research knowledge transfer: guides

The television policies of the British Labour Party 1951-2000

Mind, immunity and health: the science of psychoneuroimmunology

Environmental accounting for sustainable development: an evaluation of policy and practice in the forestry sector in Cameroon

Reviving controversy: Islamic revivalism and modern human rights

Rationality of politics and politics of rationality

CVE technology development based on real world application and user needs

Towards a user-centred method for studying CVLEs

Requirements elicitation for virtual actors in collaborative learning environments

Imagery and people with a visual impairment

Low cost airlines and scheduled airline operations

Innovations [Students' book]

Regulation of leaf and fruit growth in plants growing in drying soil: exploitation of the plants' chemical signalling system and hydraulic architecture to increase the efficiency of water use in agriculture

What teachers need to know about child pedestrian safety: pointers for your next lesson

Computer mediated communication in universities and further education establishments: a comparison of use and utility

Knowledge management in the university sector: some empirical results

Formal and informal types of political organisation: from Exodus to the Labour Party

Communicative action? The case of the Exodus collective

Activism in the public sphere: exploring the discourse of political participation

The suburban aspiration in England since 1919

A century of amusement machines: gaming in the twentieth century

Introduction to special issue of Contemporary British History, 'Planning, politics and housing in Britain'

Foreign and Commonwealth policy in opposition: the Labour Party

Quantitative evaluation of three reconfiguration strategies on FPGAs: a case study

Accelerating JPEG compression with a dynamically reconfigurable FPGA systolic array

Potential of the Internet for personality research

New deal for young people: national survey of participants: stage 1

A comparison of deregulation in the road haulage markets of the UK, EU and USA

La politica estera e di sicurezza in Europa (European foreign and security policy)

Has European “Uncommon foreign policy” a future?

Living in Britain: results from the 1998 General Household Survey

Post-apartheid urban geography: a case study of Greater Johannesburg's rapid land development programme

Book review: Saitowitz’s words echoed. Review of Stanley Saitowitz Architecture at Rice 33

Finsbury Park: the identification of a suburban entity

Greenwich: an architectural history of the Royal Hospital for Seamen and the Queen's House

Synthesis and structural properties of metal complexes of dialkyl α-hydroxyiminophosphonates

The thrill has gone: a reply to Professor Ehrenberg

Outbreaks of democracy

Citizenship and political judgment: between discourse ethics and phronesis

Blind hierarchism and radical organizational forms

Non-functional requirements for COTS software components

Criteria for selection of COTS real-time operating system: a survey

An over-illuminated world: Reyner Banham and art history in the wilderness

‘A certain but fugitive testimony': witnessing the light of time in Cormac McCarthy's Southwestern fiction

Blown away: wars visible and invisible in Richard Misrach’s Desert Cantos

Identification of a region at the N-terminus of phospholipase C-beta 3 that interacts with G protein beta gamma subunits

Towards obtaining better data on the languages of London's schoolchildren

The languages of London's schoolchildren

The languages of Hillingdon's schoolchildren

The languages of Camden's schoolchildren

Constructing new pronominal systems from the Atlantic to the Pacific

Introducing the Languages of London Project

Theories of creolization and the degree and nature of restructuring

Understanding change: using the patterns paradigm in the context of business domain knowledge

The sustainability of urban freight transport: company behaviour and policy measures

A framework for considering policies to encourage sustainable urban freight traffic

A framework for considering policies to encourage sustainable urban freight traffic and goods/service flows: summary report

Urban goods and service transport - Report 3: Making urban goods and service operations more sustainable through policy measures and company initatives

Urban goods and service transport - Report 2: Current goods and service operations in urban areas

Urban goods and service transport - Report 1: Approach taken to the project

Working with academics

Training skills for information and library staff

The problems and future of Denmark

KRS: a strategic elicitation and a systematic approach to customer requirements

Remembering and representing the experience of war in twentieth-century France

Reforming the constitution: debates in twentieth century Britain

Precursors of Nelson: British admirals of the eighteenth century

Northcliffe’s legacy: aspects of the British popular press 1896-1996

Multilingual capital: the languages of London's schoolchildren and their relevance to economic, socal and educational policies

Global perspectives on river conservation

France at war in the twentieth century: propaganda, myth and metaphor

First conference on HRD research and practice across Europe

Corporate support for work-based management development

Final Report, EPSRC Grant GR/L35089/01: systolic and regular array composition environment (SARACEN)

The development of a hybrid intelligent system for developing marketing strategy

Preferential loss of visceral fat following aerobic exercise, measured by magnetic resonance imaging

MPJ: MPI-like message passing for Java

The efficacy of a World-Wide Web mediated formative assessment

Crystal structure of eukaryotic DNA ligase–adenylate illuminates the mechanism of nick sensing and strand joining

In vivo evaluation of the effects of continuous exercise on skeletal muscle triglycerides in trained humans

The internet: a challenge to public service broadcasting?

Internet research: Self-monitoring and judgments of attractiveness

Cortical dysfunction in non-demented Parkinson's disease patients: A combined 31P-MRS and 18FDG-PET study

The ability to detect unseen staring: a literature review and empirical tests

Acceptability of flexible sigmoidoscopy screening in older adults in the United Kingdom

Citizens' juries and deliberative democracy

Large wood retention in river channels: the case of the Fiume Tagliamento, Italy

The ethical dimension of human resource management

Carlos Saul Menem: variations on the theme of populism

A perspective on the abiotic processes sustaining the ecological integrity of running waters

Increased availability of central benzodiazepine receptors in patients with chronic hepatic encephalopathy and alcohol related cirrhosis

Demand for leisure air travel and limits to growth

Scheduling issues and network strategies for international airline alliances

EDPEPPS: an integrated environment for the parallel development life-cycle

The British Acupuncture Council guidelines for acupuncture education

Peroxidase isozyme patterns in the skin of maturing tomato fruit

A structural framework for deciphering the link between I-Ag7 and autoimmune diabetes

Varidase: the science behind the medicament

From holism to integration: is there a future for complementary therapies in the NHS?

Modulation of secretory immunoglobulin A in saliva; response to manipulation of mood

A political economy of radio in the digital age

Characterization of 111In3+ complexes of DTPA amide derivatives: biodistribution and clearance studied by gamma imaging

Social existence and social care

The British electoral system 1885-1970

Reinventing the Johannesburg inner city

Enhancement of chrysogenin production in cultures of Penicillium chrysogenum by uronic acid oligosaccharides

Longitudinal variations in exposed riverine sediments: a context for the ecology of the Fiume Tagliamento, Italy

Using a computer-based clinical management system to improve effectiveness of a homeopathic service in a fundholding general practice

Women and public power: class does make a difference

Effective desktop videoconferencing with minimal network demands

Impaired phagocytic function of polymorpho-nuclear neutrophils in B chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Rapid turnaround telephone interviewing with businesses

Obituary. Chris Corne 1942–1999

Towards an objective approach to the evaluation of videoconferencing

Wood storage within the active zone of a large European gravel-bed river

Book review: Budiansky, S. (1998). If a lion could talk: How animals think. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson. Pp. 234. ISBN 0297819321. £20.00 (Hbk). ISBN 0753807726. £7.99 (Pbk).

Negative correlates of computer game play in adolescents

Bioenergetic targeting during organ preservation: 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy investigations into the use of fructose to sustain hepatic ATP turnover during cold hypoxia in porcine livers

Assessing gene expression in vivo: magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy

CuZn-superoxide dismutase transgenic mice: no effect on longevity, locomotor activity and 3H-mazindol and 3H-spiperone binding over 19 months

Investigation of human low-density lipoprotein by 1H nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy:  mobility of phosphatidylcholine and sphingomyelin headgroups characterizes the surface layer

Lipolytic enzyme production in batch and fed-batch cultures of Ophiostoma piceae and Fusarium oxysporum

Proteins of parotoid gland secretions from toads of the genus Bufo

Social capital and urban governance: adding a more contextualized ‘top-down’ perspective

Integrated accounting à la française: the perspective of the système croisé

Craft versus industry: the division of labour in European housing construction

The I-Ag7 MHC class II molecule linked to murine diabetes is a promiscuous peptide binder

Physiological and biomechanical adaptations to the cycle to run transition in Olympic triathlon: review and practical recommendations for training

Muslim communities in Europe: reconstruction and transformation

Characterization of the chicken serotonin N-acetyltransferase gene: activation via clock gene heterodimer/E-box interaction

The adolescence of ethics in human resource management

Regional variations in the sediment structure of trout streams in southern England: benchmark data for siltation assessment and restoration

Pop music radio in the public service: BBC Radio 1 and new music in the 1990s

Classification of river regimes: a context for hydroecology

(Re)imagining nationalism: identity and representation in the Tibetan diaspora of South Asia

Seeing how it's done: matching conditions for observer rats ( Rattus norvegicus ) in the bidirectional control

Methodological approaches to developing content for the cultural grid

Design, analysis and evaluation of bandpass sigma-delta modulators

Flow variations and macroinvertebrate community responses in a small groundwater-dominated stream in south-east England

Characterization of Actinomyces isolates from infected root canals of teeth: description of Actinomyces radicidentis sp. nov.