Departments and research groups

Active Travel Academy


Africa Media Centre

Ageing Biology and Age-related Diseases

Ambika P3

Applied Biotechnology

Applied DSP and VLSI

Arab Media Centre

Architectural Humanities

Black Music Research Unit

Black Research Unit

Business Psychology


Cancer Mechanisms and Biomarkers

Centre for ATM Research

Centre for Capital Punishment Studies

Centre for Digital Business Research

Centre for Employment Research

Centre for Finance and Financial Services

Centre for Law Gender Race and Sexuality

Centre for Law, Society and Popular Culture

Centre for Parallel Computing

Centre for Psychological Sciences

Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media

Centre for Resilience

Centre for Science and Imagination

Centre for Social Justice Research

Centre for Social Media Research

Centre for the Study of Democracy

Centre for the Study of Science and Imagination

Centre for the Study of the Production of the Built Environment

Centre for Tourism Research

Centre on the Legal Profession

Ceramic Research Centre

China Media Centre

Climate Change, Energy Policy and Sustainability

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive Neuroscience

Communication and Media Research Institute

Community Health Resilience and Wellbeing

Computational Vision and Imaging Technology

Contemporary China Centre

Creative Writing

Criminal Investigative and Forensic Research - CIFR

Cyber security

Deep Field Project

Design Practices

Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Distributed and Intelligent Systems



Emerging Territories

Entrepreneurship Research Group

Equality and Criminal Justice

European and Comparative Law

Experimental Practice

Food, Nutrition and Public Health

Forum for Uzbek and Silk Road Studies

Francophone Studies Research Group

Genomics and Infectious Diseases

Global Economic Policy Group

Global Health and Active Nutrition

Global Itineraries

Governance and Sustainability

Group for War and Cultural Studies

Health and Social Care Modelling

Health Data Science

Highbury Group on Housing Delivery

Higher Education Research Centre

History Research Group



Imaging Technology Research Group

India Media Centre

Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture

International Centre for Documentary and Experimental Film

International Law at Westminster

Labour Migration Research Group

Law, Development and Conflict Research

Learning and Teaching Research Group

Literary Studies

Max Lock Centre

Medicines Diagnostics and Disease Modelling

Menswear Archive

Music Research Group

Neuroscience, Inflammatory Disorders and Therapeutics

Pathobiology and Extracellular Vesicle Research Group

Patient Outcomes in Health

Pedagogic Research for Languages in Higher Education

Pensions Research Network

Perspectives in Health

Place and Experience

Property and Construction Research Group

Psychobiology and Health Psychology

Psychophysiology and Stress Research Group

Representation, Fabrication, Computing

Research Centre for Optimal Health

Research Group for Inclusive and Sustainable Business

Security and International Relations

Semantic Computing and System Engineering

Serious Games at Westminster

Service Research and Customer Experience

Social Psychology

Society for Research into Higher Education

Sociology and Criminology Research Group

Sociology and Cultural Studies Research Group

Software Systems Engineering

Supporting Patients with Long-term Health Conditions

Sustainable Biotechnology

Sustainable Communities

Tissue Architecture and Regeneration Research Group

Translational Physiology Research Group

Transport and Mobilities

Transport Studies Research Group

Urban and Regional Governance

Urban Studies

Visual Cultures

Westminster Development Policy Network

Westminster Diversity in Education Research Group

Westminster Forum for Language and Linguistics

Westminster Institute for Advanced Studies

Westminster Law and Theory Lab

Westminster Water Research

Wireless Communications

Work and Social Policy