Pharmacological characterization of a non-inactivating outward current observed in mouse cerebellar Purkinje neurones.

Background potassium channels move into focus

Review Essay: Beyond Cultural Scripts in Cross-Cultural Psychology

Identity in action: Blame and apology in rememberance of war

Socially organised use of memories of mother in narrative reconstruction of problematic pasts

T-cell activation without proliferation in juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Identification and characterisation of DerP1-specific CD8+ T cells in the peripheral blood of atopic individuals

Allergen-specific CD8+ T cells and atopic disease

Optimising active database rules by partial evaluation and abstract interpretation

Cathepsin L Is Essential for Embryogenesis and Development of Caenorhabditis elegans

The Brugia malayi genome project: expressed sequence tags and gene discovery

Sequencing and analysis of a 63 kb bacterial artificial chromosome insert from the Wolbachia endosymbiont of the human filarial parasite Brugia malayi

IL-4 dependent alternatively-activated macrophages have a distinctive in vivo gene expression phenotype

Making sense of EST sequences by CLOBBing them

Conservation of long-range synteny and microsynteny between the genomes of two distantly related nematodes

Pricing and Hedging American Fixed-Income Derivatives with Implied Volatility Structures in the Two-Factor Heath–Jarrow–Morton Model

4.4 Active Travel in Chief Medical Officer's Annual Report 2022: Air Pollution

The Ethics of Intention: Research As A Political Tool

Testing for homogeneity of variance in time series: Long memory, wavelets, and the Nile River

All steering in the same direction? Patterns of patent activity and the development of fuel cell technology

The electric vehicle: Patent data as indicators of technological development

Extending simultaneous engineering: electric vehicle supply chains and new product development

All steering in the same direction? Patterns of patent activity and the development of fuel cell technology

A Story to be Told: IR, Postcolonialism, and the Tibetan (Trans)nationalism

Selective binding of synapse-associated protein 97 to GluR-A alpha-amino-5-hydroxy-3-methyl-4-isoxazole propionate receptor subunit is determined by a novel sequence motif.

Alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid (AMPA) receptor channels lacking the N-terminal domain.

Future Active: Media Activism and the Internet

The relationship between risk attitude and advertising creativity

The structure of human liver fructose-1,6-bisphosphate aldolase

Structural and functional comparisons between vanadium haloperoxidase and acid phosphatase enzymes.

National identity and NATID: An assessment in Yemen

Working effectively in strategic alliances through managerial fit between partners: some evidence from Sino-British joint ventures and the implications for R&D professionals

Decent Exposure: Review of the first year of Regulation Fair Disclosure in the USA

Developing a framework to investigate the impact of e-commerce on the management of internal business processes: E-commerce and the management of internal business processes

The complexities of the manufacturing strategy formation process in practice

The manufacturing strategy formation process in small and medium-sized enterprises

Leadership in Context

Late Twentieth Century Congressional Leaders as Shapers of and Hostages to Political Context: Gingrich, Hastert, and Lott

The cardiospecificity of the third-generation cTnT assay after exercise-induced muscle damage

Cardiac Troponin T and Creatine Kinase MB Content in Skeletal Muscle of the Uremic Rat

Cardiac troponin-I content of skeletal muscle in patients with renal failure

Evidence of exercise induced cardiac dysfunction and elevated cTnT in separate cohorts competing in an ultra-endurance mountain marathon race

Towards Automated Generation of Beliefs in BDI Logics.

Towards Automated Generation of Beliefs in BDI Logics

Review of S. Hekman (ed.), “Feminism, Identity and Difference

Review of World Bank Policy Research Report, “Engendering Development: Through Gender Equality in Rights, Resources and Voice

A critical 'post' to critical realism

The German corporate governance code: what implications?

Questions on Leadership and Organisational Culture

Cultural Change and Intercultural Knowledge Creation

Facilitating Regeneration through New Enterprise Creation

Az Emberi Toke Atertekelesenek Szuksegessege

Findings from the macro evaluation of the New Deal for Young People

Health Impacts of New Deal for Young People

A Tale of Two Ministers: attempts at transforming research systems in the Netherlands and the UK

The Size of the Union Membership Wage Premium in Britain's Private Sector

A New Agenda for Sustainable Development

Helping young people tackle labour market disadvantage

New Deal for Lone Parents: A Qualitative Evaluation of the In-Work Training Grant Pilot

Returns to Education: Evidence From UK Twins

The Union Wage Premium: An Analysis Using Propensity Score Matching

Marching on together? Recent trends in union membership

Changes over time in union relative wage effects in the UK and the US Revisited

Policing for London: Technical Report

Forging a New Future: the experiences and expectations of people leaving paid work after 50

Evaluating Environmental Taxes: Recent Experiences and Proposals for the Future

WebStra – A Web-based intelligent advisory system for developing marketing strategies and associated e-commerce strategies

Economic Performance in European Telecommunications, 1978 – 1998: A Comparative Study

The impact of culture on international assignments

Breaking down the dual career mobility barrier

Why have an international assignment policy?

Construction of a Streptomyces sp.–Escherichia coli conjugative shuttle vector and its application for recombinant biosynthesis of poly(3-hydroxyalkanoic acid)

Gcn4 co‐ordinates morphogenetic and metabolic responses to amino acid starvation in Candida albicans

Discrimination in Europe: Findings from analysis of EUROSTATS on perceptions and personal experiences

Hypothesis of the Stolen Aesthetics

Africa in the International System

Critical Reflection in the Marketing Curriculum

Ott’s Sneeze

Language and gender in political debates in the House of Commons

Damaging effects of advanced glycation end product in the murine macrophages cell line J774A.1.

Politics and the environment: from theory to practice. 2nd edition

Making academic choices about e-learning technologies

Editiorial - Contemporary British History: A Personal View

New media and conflicting realities in multinational corporate communication: a case study

Practical Microbiology for Secondary Schools: A Resource for Key Stages 3, 4 and Post-16 and the Equivalent Scottish Qualifications

Actinomyces coleocanis sp. nov., from the vagina of a dog

Bifidobacterium scardovii sp. nov., from human sources

Arcanobacterium hippocoleae sp. nov., from the vagina of a horse

Arthrobacter nasiphocae sp. nov., from the common seal (Phoca vitulina)

Ceramic room: at home with Kate Malone and Edmund de Waal

Timeless beauty: traditional Japanese folk art

The distribution of football scores: towards a betting strategy

Attentional demands of continuously monitoring orientation using vestibular information

On the opodeictics of successive eigenvalue relaxation for large-scale eigenvalue problems: proofs of convergence estimates

Solving finite element hp-discretizations of eliptic problems by fast domain decomposition algorithms

A simulation study on supply chain complexity in manufacturing industry

Integrated design of the block layout and aisle structure by simulated annealing

Various pouring and leaking sculptures

Super Tudor

Trends in outsourcing HRD in the UK: the implications for strategic HRD

An evaluation of the composition and production processes of Chinese "Robin's Egg" glazes

William Cookworthy's Plymouth Porcelain and its origins in Jingdezhen practice

Lucie Rie no Sozai to Gihou (Lucie Rie's ceramics materials and methods.)

Ceramics without clay

Parallel traffic simulation in spider programming environment

The object sculpture

Une Page d’amour: un panorama politique

Use of email in educational establishments: a UK and Australian perspective

Experience of national railways privatisation, and of vertical separation in metro systems

Findings from the macro evaluation of the new deal for young people

Managing stakeholder relationships according to Rawls' Theory of Justive or how to create value by being fair

Practical business systems development using SSADM: a complete tutorial guide. 3rd edition

Pope as media star: a long career full of reinvention

Women constructors in the twentieth century

Phrasebooks as a model for coursebooks

Low/moderate-income families in Britain: changes in living standards 1999-2000

Genetic commerce: intelligent share trading

An overview of security issues in wireless networks

Security threads in mobile code

Design requirements for mobile agent systems

Analysis of wireless Java security

Wireless security: the key to success for M-commerce

Security concerns in mobile code computation

Mobile code protection

Biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates by Streptomyces coelicolor

Production of ligninolytic enzymes by species assemblages of tropical higher fungi from Ecuador

Studies on the mechanism of enzymatic removal of dung

Digital image processing of axis-symmetric electric arc plasma based on chromatic modulation methods

The dialectic of constitutionalism

The background type

International communication in the era of globalization

Is Morton layout competitive for large two-dimensional arrays?

Aerobic fitness, fatigue, and physical disability in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

GROUPSIM: investigating issues in collaborative simulation modelling

Spectrum estimation of nonuniformly sampled signals

Signal reconstruction from finite sets of arbitrarily distributed samples

Problem dimensionality reduction in design of optimal IIR filters

The scratch orchestra

The Scratch Orchestra

Future developments in Creole languages: moving away from analyticity

Workplace learning champions

Franchising: breaking into European markets

Entrepreneurial teams, intellectual capital acquisition and knowledge management: new perspectives on franchising as a small business growth strategy

Overview of small business research, spanning the first 25 years

School health polices and practices in Victoria – a comparison involving socio-economic status and school geographical location

Weiterbildungsmassnahmen in Ostdeutschland: Ein Misserfolg der Arbeitsmarktpolitik?

Self-monitoring: an elaboration of the concept based on Internet-mediated data

The relationship between international and domestic law: the case of the application of the European Convention on Human Rights in the Russian domestic legal order

What is the meaning of threshold in laser injury experiments? Implications for human exposure limits

The production of classic Chinese glazes in oxidising kiln atmospheres using elemental silicon as a reducing agent

For Thomas Reinke and Sara Preibsch (but I guess for different reasons)

Microwave dielectric properties of R2BAZNO5 and EU2BAZN075CU025O5 compounds using a microwave resonator cavity

Novel resonator structures for combline filter applications

'This was a great project!': Reflections on a mental health promotion project in a remote indigenous school

Employment tribunals: their growth and the case for radical reform

Access to all areas

Wujin medicine remembered: memory, networks and social identity in Chinese medicine, 1800-2000

Kexue and guanxixue: plurality, tradition and modernity in contemporary Chinese medicine

Famous contemporary chinese physicians: Professor Shen Zhong-li

Chinese medicine in contemporary China: plurality and synthesis

History, media, and communication

Benjamin contextualized: on "the work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction"

Introducing technology onto a traditional course: turning the classroom upside down

Integrating technology into the activities of a traditional university: facing up to the problems

Tissue engineering of biological cardiovascular system surrogates

The international convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women: a comparison of its implementation and the role of non-governmental organisations in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong

Finding tomorrow today

Changing consciousness of EFL learners through project work in the community

The UK Farm Films Producers Group

New areas for the application of tradable permits: solid waste management

The Energy Efficiency Agreement with the UK Chemical Industries Association

A component-based environment for distributed configurable applications

Satellite realms: transnational television, globalization, and the Middle East

Global Campus: learning to walk with webbed feet

Ecohydrology of riparian forests in the Orinoco River Basin

Why has the United States introduced a tariff on steel?

Why has the Chancellor increased the National Insurance contribution?

What are the changing characteristics of the unemployed?

Should the railways be taken back into public ownership?

A continental ambience? A study of the urban management of mixed-use entertainment neighbourhoods in northern European cities

Factors contributing to the effectiveness of hybrid organisational forms: the case of new product development

Evidence-based complementary medicine: rigor, relevance, and the swampy lowlands

The essential eye: British Airways London Eye

Technological development at the Huangbao kiln site, Yaozhou, in the 9th 11th C AD: some analytical and microstructural examinations

An open framework for traffic simulation using the high level architecture (HLA)

An open framework for traffic simulation strategies and assessment

Efficient methods for checking integrity: a structured spreadsheet engineering methodology

Study of the effects of oligosaccharides in liquid cultures of penicillium chrysogenum

Morphological details of the life history of Alexandrium minutum (Dinophyceae)

Effect of essential oils and their components on cell

Performance comparisons of basic openMP constructs

The global future of public service broadcasting

The construction of an anti-Hollywood film aesthetic: the film criticism of Walter Mycroft in the 1920s

A sociolinguistic approach to the Norse-derived words in the glosses to the Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gospels

Zimbabwean law and the production of a white man's disease

Social dynamics of 'foreign-born' and 'young' returning nationals to the Caribbean: outline of a research project

The beach boy of Barbados: the post-colonial entrepreneur



The Cist Grave Cemetery of La Motte (Green Island), Jersey: prehistoric or medieval?

Personality type and the natural development of knowledge evolution

Chronic ethanol consumption increases the formation of an aldehyde-protein adduct in hepatic mitochondria

A methodology for the selection of knowledge management (KM) tools

US economic development and budgetary politics

Deposits: a body of work comprising 1942 (Poznan), Housed memory, the Weiner library, Inside the archive

Chris Marker: the archival power of the image

Forecasting the conditional covariance matrices of a portfolio under long-run temporal dependence

Volatility and VaR forecasting for the IBEX-35 stock-return index using FIGARCH-type processes and different evaluation criteria

Forecasting the conditional covariance matrix of a portfolio under long-run temporal dependence

Forecasting Japanese interest rates: an empirical analysis

The volatility of Japanese interest rates: evidence for Certificate of Deposit and Gensaki rates

Interest rate models in risk management: results for US treasury yields

The legacy of Wittgenstein: pragmatism or deconstruction










French Guiana

Economic integration and bi-lateral trade flows among East African Economies

Cote d'Ivoire


For an agonistic public sphere

Die fundamente des politischen

Dollarization and its implications for developing countries

Can we blame the currency board for Argentina's problems

Consensus conferences as heterogeneous policy networks: the due consideration of public perceptions

Proposing taxonomy of indirect human costs for the evaluation of information systems

Developing taxonomy of information system's indirect human costs

Comparative leadership study: women in executive management

Broadband communications in the European Union: myths and realities

The faces of time

Bodies of substance: works by Margaret Hunter, Azade Köker, Ping Qiu

Wanted: a time machine

Towards a specific practice

The solitude of a system

Mother desire

John Smith's films: reading the visible


Content in context


Discrimination in Europe (Report C)

Discrimination in Europe (Report B)

Discrimination in Europe (Report A)

Personality under pressure: management styles in the fire brigade

Compositional technique for synthesising multi-phase regular arrays

Diminished sensitivity to phase variation in injected second harmonic linearization technique for multichannel amplifiers

Amplifiers with improved IMD performance for multi-channel wireless systems

Partnership and collaboration in destination management

Creating successful partnerships in urban destination management

The personality attributes and leisure activities of Taiwanese internet users

Globalisation in higher education: how students perceive the education they receive?

Accessing and using internet services from Java-enabled handheld wireless devices

A distributed approach for intelligent reconfiguration of wireless mobile networks

Intelligent reconfiguration of wireless mobile networks

Intelligent reconfiguration management of wireless networks

Software radio: technical challenges and issues

Second homes and planning control in Wales

Les consequences de l'isolationnisme francais dans les annees 1940 et 1950

Making the connections: interim report on transport and social exclusion

Constraining autonomy through norms

The role of IgE in the development of hypersensitivity in allergic and autoimmune conditions

Prioritisation queuing of user services for multi-layer wireless systems

Good practice in core area development: combating poverty through a participatory approach

Spatial planning, access and infrastructure

Communicating urban research knowledge in international development cooperation

Regulation of vitamin C transport by protein kinase C (PKC)

Phylum Pyrrophyta (Dinoflagellates)

Adaptation of the white-rot basidiomycete panus tigrinus for transformation of high concentrations of chlorophenols

NESTOR sustainability effects of efficiency measures in freight transport. Milestone 1

Health impacts of new deal for young people

Networking to promote energy efficient and environmentally sound technologies in small and medium scale industries

What helps the development of new vaccine products : an economic analysis of R&D spending in the vaccine industry, the productivity of biotechnological research and related issues in science and technology policy

Knowledge flow and research success in established biotechnology companies

Contribution of non-destructive testing to the study, documentation and conservation of four icons of the Ionian Islands

IFGNs in analysing transaction database systems with continuous deadlock detection

Image processing: a helpful tool in art conservation

An intelligent detection scheme for sonar signal tracking

Intelligent diagnosis of urinary tract infections in vivo, using electronic noses

Electronic nose: clinical diagnosis based on soft computing methodologies

What do we learn from longitudinal research?: second interviews with women entrepreneurs

Benchmarking the effectiveness of New Deal for Young People

Absence of regulatory volume increase (RVI) in isolated bovine articular chondrocytes

Differential mechanisms of intracellular pH (pHi) recovery following acid load to in situ bovine articular chondrocytes within different cartilage zones

The role of the actin cytoskeleton in regulatory volume decrease (RVD) in bovine articular chondrocytes

A formal definition of the Users View (UV) of the Graphical Object Query Language (GOQL)

The GOQL Graphical Query Language

Book review: John Rahn: Music Inside Out: Going Too Far in Musical Essays Softcover, 2001, ISBN 90-5701-342-8, ISSN 1025-9325, US$ 28.00, 191 pages, illustrated, references; Gordon and Breach Publishing Group

Self-employment in deprived communities. A report to the Bank of England

Identity, alienation and belonging: guillaume de kostrowitzky/guillaume apollonaire and the experience of war

Whatever happened to democracy?

Fear and democracy

Intelligent reconfiguration of mobile networks using complex organic distributed architecture (CODA)

Data warehouse approach to the intelligent reconfiguration of mobile networks

Query construction through meaningful suggestions of terms

The design and implementation of a meaning driven data query language

A semantically advanced querying methodology for medical knowledge and decision support

Teaching electronic commerce

Applying component based modelling in the process of evaluation of medicinal products

Setting the research agenda: response to new transport alternatives and policies

Options for reducing traffic congestion: an overview

Devising publicly acceptable traffic restraint measures: a European perspective

The redox status of bound pterin cofactor determines whether eNOS produces NO or superoxide anion: [3H] - BH4 binding studies provide insights into vascular pathophysiology

A triumph of failure: the British shipbuilding industry and the offshore structures market, 1960-1990: a case study of Scott Lithgow Ltd

The British shipping mission in the United States and British merchant shipbuilding in the second world war

British shipbuilding and the state since 1918: a political economy of decline

A treaty too far? Britain, France, and concorde, 1961-1964

Public intervention and the 'hollowing out' of British shipbuilding: the Swan Hunter closure

Virtual learning environment toolkit in VICTEC, EC Framework-V VICTEC technical report

High-level functional architecture for the virtual learning environment, EC Framework-V VICTEC technical report

The web-based interactive virtual tour of heritage: temple of heaven

Virtual heritages and architecture in virtual environments


Effect of gamma correction in discrete imaging systems upon determination of MTF

Stable expression and characterisation of the human sodium-dependent vitamin C transporter isoforms (hSCCT1 and hSVCT2) in mammalian cells

Distributed online doctor surgery

Metric approaches to image quality

On the light fading of colorants in hard copy media

Some problems and solutions in quantifying image quality

Restricted vision

Quality management and e-commerce: the role of codes of conduct governing the use of technology

Partnership in practice

Disappearing pathways and the struggle for a fair day's pay

Behavioral conditioning of the immune system

Franchising: an international perspective

The application of design management theory to real design projects

Using experience in design: a practical attempt to simplify the design process

Design management education: the UK experience

"Red is for love...": citizens as consumers in East Germany


Marshall Lands



Simulation modelling and knowledge management: separated but inseparable?

Knowledge management in e-commerce: the use of intelligent agents

Client motivations to maintain relationships with lawyers

The struggle for control of global communication: the formative century

Community development to improve diet and nutrition

Governance of Europe's city regions: planning, policy, and politics

In touch: young people, communication and technology

The impact of information and communications technology on managerial practices, the use of codes of conduct

The war on Afghanistan and the growth of protest space on the internet

Distance learning comes home: resource-based learning for campus-based students

Satellite and cable platforms: development and content

Fast and reproducible method for the direct quantitation of adipose tissue in newborn infants

Sit facing in: the design of dining out

The Royal Navy

Regulatory volume decrease (RVD) by articular chondrocytes isolated from normal and degenerate human articular cartilage

Gendering first-line management roles

Middle managers' responses to organisational re-branding

Clinical trial of E1B-deleted adenovirus (dl1520) gene therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma

Assessment of growth inhibition and morphological changes in in vitro and in vivo hepatocellular carcinoma models post treatment with dl1520 adenovirus

Canonization achieved?: Stuart Hall's "encoding/decoding"

Emap, a collaboration between the University of Westminster and PDD Ltd.

Annotating cooperative plans with trusted agents

The war against illegal immigration: state crime and the construction of a European identity

International outbound statistics: a practical analysis of the major tourism origin countries

Integration of lowpass filters in bandpass filters for stopband improvement

Antenna filters for wireless telecommunications systems

Savings for retirement?: the different products individuals use

A queueing model for bed-occupancy management and planning of hospitals

Media cluster in London

S. Greer

French orientalist painting as a transcultural exercise: an ambiguous gaze

Assignment schemes for replicated services in Jini


Moving experiences: media effects and beyond. 2nd edition

Media, gender and identity: an introduction


Changing diets

A taxonomy of factors contributing to the effectiveness of hybrid organisational forms: the case of design's role in product innovation

Barriers and gaps in the communication process

Phagocytosis and the regulation of apoptosis in B-chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

A functional magnetic resonance imaging study of overt letter verbal fluency using a clustered acquisition sequence: greater anterior cingulate activation with increased task demand

A critical review of evaluations of interprofessional education

Motopia: cities, cars and architecture

The possible role of agricultural land drains in sediment delivery to a small reservoir, Wocestershire, UK: a multiparameter tracing study

Land degredation and sediment dynamics in the South African Karoo

Capital markets, globalisation and global elites

A comment on 'working-class culture and the labour movement in the South Wales and the Ruhr coalfields, 1850-2000: a comparison' by Stefan Berger

Diasporic communication: transnational cultural practices and communicative spaces

Europe: centre of the 'globes'?

Sex and the open market

Past, perfect or imperfect: changing images of the ideal wife

Advertising agency and individual risk taking and creative awards

For a state of peace: conflict and the future of democracy in Sudan

An evaluation of the Kenyan Tourist Board: website marketing in international management

International marketing of British education: research on international students' perception and the UK market penetration

Efficient remembering: nicotine improves suppression of irrelevancies

Subjective picture quality assessment for UMID/metadata watermark

An exploratory taxonomic study of IMP Group conference papers

In praise of confidence in international commercial arbitration: a call for convergence around the English approach to confidentiality: part I

Imagining things you’ve never seen: imagery effects in individuals born totally blind

Current perspectives in cancer proteomics

Towards automatic creation of Web services for Grid component composition

Integrating web-based information systems: WWW and the functional model

Development of a computer-based project simulation exercise to provide a dynamic learning environment for construction management students

Coupled 3-D finite difference time domain and finite volume methods for solving microwave heating in porous media

Measuring the employment effects of networking and the accumulation of social capital: does the 2000 UK time use survey add to this understanding?

High tech manufacturing and economic growth in the APEC region: how important is absorptive capacity?

The crisis in air transport and the future structure of European airlines and airports

Budget airlines

Designing multiplier blocks with low logic depth

Power consumption behaviour of multiplier block algorithms

Power analysis of multiplier blocks

The formation of the British journalist 1900-2000

Phoenix from the ashes?: Labour-management partnership in Britain

Why do Black Women Organise?: a comparative analysis of black women's voluntary sector organisations in Britain and their relationship to the state

The use of information and communications, technology by the European meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) sectors

Symmetric spectral problems and asymptotically optimal algorithms: towards a harmony between the continuous and the discrete

Sustainable development or self-determination? Asking the hard questions about the WSSD

Specifying and detecting composite events in content-based publish/subscribe systems

Specifying and detecting composite events in content-based publish/subscribe systems

Distributing graphs to implement user subscriptions in a content-based publish/subscribe system

Simulation of replicated services in Jini


Densification and urban compaction: reinforcing the drive for sustainability

Subjective hiring practices; quotas and plantation economies: what is the new definition of indirect discrimination supposed to challenge?

Incorporating human, social and organisational dimensions into IS development

Editorial: knowledge management

Post-industrial economy and competitive positioning: the value of knowledge management and learning organisations

Knowledge management: what is the value of intellectual capital?

Stakeholders and boundaries in strategic information systems planning: a framework for increasing sufficiency

Neuroimmune relationships in perspective

Sustaining water-related ecosystems: the role of instream bedform design in river channel rehabilitation

Socio-technical and human cognition elements of information systems

Lifelong learning in rural areas: a report to the Countryside Agency

Bosnia and Hercegovina

The institutionalisation of class divisions: education and training for professionals and operatives in the construction industry.

Regulation of the labour process vs. control of the building product

Minority ethnic groups in High Wycombe and the Probation Service: phase 1 report of a Connecting Communities project

Chaos magick: Subterranean spirituality?

Street, beat and respectability: the culture and self-image of the late Victorian and Edwardian policeman

Internet banking services: questioning the current response to account aggregation

The effect of a high carbohydrate meal on endurance running capacity

Representation of temporal unawareness

Representation and querying of temporal conflict

Representing and querying temporal workflow schemas

Explaining the development of the reengineering teams using conflict, and communication

Imperative mood, sentence type and functional discourse grammar

Cities and Regions: comparable measures require comparable territories

Catalogue for Vidarte 2002: Festival of video and electronics arts

From Kosovo to Kabul: human rights and international intervention

Anti-corruption strategies and democratization in Bosnia-Herzegovina

On the structure, convergence and performance of an adaptive I/Q mismatch corrector

On the structure and performance of a novel blind source separation based carrier phase synchronization error compensator

On the performance of a blind source separation based I/Q-corrector

Correction of transmitter gain and phase errors at the receiver

Harold Macmillan and Europe 1950-56: the Cold War, the American context and the British approach to European integration

Characteristic impedance in triple ridge waveguide

MathComm interactive CD-ROM for A-Level mathematics students

Characterization of CXC and CC chemokine expression in a murine model of chronic granuloma

Ser316Ser β2-glycoprotein I variant with reduced binding to phospholipid associated with anti-β2-glycoprotein I antibodies in a patient with pregnancy complications

The inflection/clitic distinction in the Bulgarian nominal 'Clitic Cluster'

In favor of a "clitic cluster" in the Bulgarian and Macedonian DP

Public consultation strategy, phase IV: strategic regional consultation

Public consultation strategy, phase III: regional market research

A clocking technique with power savings in virtex-based pipelined designs

Improving mW/MHz ratio in FPGAs pipelined designs

Cross border insolvency within the European Union: dawn of a new era

British devolution and European policy-making: transforming Britain into multi-level governance

CAD of RF and microwave filters for wireless communications

Dielectric resonators for mobile communication applications

Design of low intermodulation amplifiers for wireless multichannel applications

Design of generalized Chebyshev lumped element filters by computer optimisation

Optimisation of asymmetrical bandpass filters

Reallocating roadspace: theory and practice: a guide for practitioners

The use of propensity score matching in the evaluation of active labour market policies

The growing importance of light goods vehicles in the UK

Child of glass

Functional and molecular glycobiology

Ultrasound measures of bone and the diurnal free cortisol cycle: a positive association with the awakening cortisol response in healthy premenopausal women

Direct sales franchises in the UK: a self-employment grey area

American-owned direct sales franchises in the United Kingdom

A comparison of direct sales people in multi-level vs. single-level organisation

Boudicca, SS:02 collection

The shape of memory: the Apartheid Museum at Gold Reef city

Reinventing the Johannesburg inner city

Closure, simulation and making do

La chanson populaire en France au temps des colonies: de l'insouciance à la contestation

The inclusion of graphology in academia

The applications and prices of graphology

Graphodigest 2001: papers from the second virtual conference for graphology

Book review of Leslie De Chernatony's from brand vision to brand revaluation: strategically building and sustaining brands

A global language for graphology: broken

Searching for linkages between knowledge management, learning organisation and organisational culture within large enterprises in the United Kingdom: what KM practitioners say

Getting the knowledge habit (part 2)

Getting the knowledge habit (part 1)

Strategic styles in emergency services: an Anglo-Dutch study of management behaviours: fire protection, market competition and public services

SPSS for psychologists: a guide to data analysis using SPSS for Windows. Chinese traditional language edition

Intelligent self-study aid: a revision tool that uses natural language

They get knocked down: do they get up again? Displaced workers in Britain and Australia

Evaluation of New Deal for Young People in Scotland: phase 2

Enterprise and Lifelong Learning research findings no. 4: evaluation of New Deal for Young People in Scotland: phase 2

Joint claims for JSA: quantitative evaluation of labour market effects

New deal for partners: characteristics and labour market transitions of eligible couples

White rapper/black beats: discovering a race problem in the music of Garbriel o Pensador

Nestor Perlongher and surrealism: opposites and the individual self

Maritime Greenwich Campus, the University of Greenwich

The institutions

The Royal Hospital buildings at Greenwich

The PFI/PPP and property: a practical guide

The effect of reduced color depth on the color reproduction of web images

New! Improved! The packaging of contemporary art in Britain

Conceptualising marketing theory as an empirical domain: a speculative taxonomy of research approaches to the practice of marketing theory and suggestions for feminist ethnographic interventions

Whistle concert

Specific aspects of contemporary triathlon: implications for physiological analysis and performance

Thick film technology and lowpass filter design

Developing countries and the challenge of globalisation of financial services

Banking in transition, evidence from Algeria

Using agents to build a practical implementation of the INCA (Intelligent Community Alarm) system

An agent-based architecture for managing the provision of care: the INCA (Intelligent Community Care & Alarm) experience

Gender and ethnic segregation in the British labour market: mechanisms of marginalisation and inclusion

Equality for women and ethnic minorities in an unequal labour market: comparing the UK and Germany.

Gleichstellung von Frauen und ethnische Minderheiten in einem von Benachteilingungen gepraegten Arbeitsmarkt: Das Beispiel Grossbritannien

Sheffield's new heart: the transplant continues

Social work in collaboration with other professions

Interprofessional education: today, yesterday and tomorrow: a review, 2002

A licence for future media power

Impartiality redefined: protecting news on commercial television in Britain

Minority ethnic students and practitioners in architecture: a scoping study for the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment

SPITS: an intelligent tutorial systems for schedule properties

Philosophy, psychoanalysis and parody: exceedingly Beckett

The hi-tech gift economy

Sociological jurisprudence

No Creolization without prior Pidginization

"Toms Laocoon": a newly discovered poem by Thomas Lovell Beddoes

Building sustainable networks: a study of public participation and social capital

Modelling water flow and quality: an evaluation of the ISIS model in the River Avon, United Kingdom

Relation between cholesterol levels, statins and alzheimers disease in the human population

Perceived colour differences in displayed colours, part 2: spatial differences in soft copy imaging

Perceived colour differences in displayed colours, part 1: hard copy to soft copy matching

Gamut considerations for accurate colour reproduction on a computer displays

Food colour appearance judged using images on a computer display

Infrastructure support for agent-based development

Phonetics in pronunciation teaching for modern foreign languages, in 'Guide to good practice for learning and teaching in languages, linguistics and area studies'

Regulation and control of the labour process and the division of skill

Building critical organisational knowledge: a case study

Operaciones secretas inglesas en Espana durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial

Understanding the growth in service trips and developing transport modelling approaches to commercial, service and light goods movements

Development and application of key performance indicators for retail home delivery operations: phase one summary report

The tangled web: neighbourhood governance in a post-Fordist era

European urban policy and disadvantaged neighbourhoods

Physical renewal and combating social exclusion

Creating barriers or jumping hurdles? Sustainable development, social exclusion and the notion of equity

Spectral magnitude and phase estimation of nonuniformly sampled modulated signals

High level student autonomy in a virtual learning environment

E-learning and teaching in library and information services

Book review: The library and information work primer

Use of non-destructive methodology in the identification of old inks

Knowledge requirements system (KRS): an approach to improving and understanding requirements

A framework for managing knowledge in requirements identification: bridging the knowledge gap between business and system developers

An introduction to law and social theory

Urban rivers: our inheritance and future

Urban livelihoods: a people-centred approach to reducing poverty

Underexposed: pictures of the 20th century they didn't want you to see

This is not architecture: media constructions

The Undercut reader: critical writings on artists' film and video

Simon Patterson

Rethinking human rights: critical approaches to international politics

Proceedings of the 2002 joint ACM-ISCOPE Java Grande conference

Participatory technology assessment: European perspectives

Neurobiology of the immune system

Knowledge management in the sociotechnical world : the graffiti continues

Franchising: in international perspective

Foundations and applications of multi-agent systems: UKMAS Workshops 1996-2000

Feministische Perspektiven

Communicating for development: experience from the urban environment

Electricity and conflict: advantages of a distributed system

Activation and inactivation of neuronal nitric oxide synthase: characterization of Ca2+-dependent [125I]Calmodulin binding

The role of English local authorities in tourism

Low frequency noise enhances cortisol among noise sensitive subjects during work performance

Guest editorial: business process reengineering: an analysis perspective

Teams and their motivation for business process reengineering: a research note

Liability of Statutory Auditors to Third Parties: Is the European Writing on the Wall for Caparo v Dickman

Tips for journalists

Quick analyses

No Creolisation without prior pidginisation

The effect of careers guidance for employed adults on continuing education: assessing the importance of attitudinal information

Use of proteomic methodology for the characterization of human milk fat globular membrane proteins

The navigational rights of nuclear ships

Resting metabolic rate, plasma leptin concentrations, leptin receptor expression, and adipose tissue measured by whole-body magnetic resonance imaging in women with Prader-Willi syndrome

Reporting the 'other' in the age of globalisation

Online Assessment: Desirable or Dangerous?

A case study in digitizing a photographic collection

Late twentieth century congressional leaders as shapers of and hostages to political context: Gingrich, Hastert, and Lott

The Debate over Universal Service in the European Union: Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

Letter: Digenic inheritance of severe insulin resistance in a human pedigree

Editorial: The importance of information resources in complementary therapies

Ecstacy/MDMA attributed problems reported by novice, moderate and heavy recretional users

The Drosophila clock protein Timeless is a member of the Arm/HEAT family

Mies van der Rohe: a drawing and a letter to a client

Constructionism, realism and housing theory

Benchmarking the effectiveness of NDYP: a review of European and US literature on the microeconomic effects of labour market programmes for young people

Congress: the co-equal partner

The optimisation of block layout and aisle structure by a genetic algorithm

Samuel Mockbee, an appreciation

More than a crisis

Altered hepatic mitochondrial ribosome structure following chronic ethanol consumption

Of being seen to do the right thing: provisional findings from the first Australian consensus conference on Gene Technology in the Food Chain

Cluster growth in two growing network models

Heavy schistosomiasis associated with poor short-term memory and slower reaction times in Tanzanian schoolchildren

Systematic reviews of evaluations of interprofessional education: results and work in progress

Direct sales franchises in the UK: a self-employment grey area

Interprofessional education: selected case studies

Chickens’ Cry2: molecular analysis of an avian cryptochrome in retinal and pineal photoreceptors

Soft-link hypertext for information retrieval

Peptides for use in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Client defection in the design industry: a study of the causes, process and context of switching agencies

Allying for quality excellence: scope for expert systems in supplier quality management

Children's work in Côte d'Ivoire: an overview. UCW Working Papers

Report of a study on the uptake and use of the 'Managing Change in the NHS' publications

Ethics in legal education and training: four reports, three jurisdictions and a prospectus

Engineering democracy

Marketing OTC equity derivatives: the role of relationships

Managing the media in an era of round-the-clock news: notes from India's first tele-war

Streamlining and clarifying the appellate process

Recognition of human gestures and behaviour based on motion trajectories

JBMT/University of Westminster conference report: integrative bodywork: towards unifying principles, London October 2001

Towards an integrated approach to knowledge management: hard, soft and abstract issues

Beta-catenin expression and allelic loss at APC in sporadic colorectal carcinogenesis

ß-Catenin expression and allelic loss at APC in sporadic colorectal carcinogenesis

Island-dominated landscapes of large floodplain rivers, a European perspective

Corresponding dynamic appearances

The connection between access to university and net social welfare expenditure in Southern Italy

Complex North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) Index signal of historic North Atlantic storm-track changes

The design of a configurable and reconfigurable middleware platform

Suburban paradox? Planners' intentions and residents' preferences in two new towns of the 1960s: Reston, Virginia and Milton Keynes, England

Lipoprotein (a) does not participate in the early acute phase response to training or extreme physical activity and is unlikely to enhance any associated immediate cardiovascular risk

Enhanced fibroblast contraction of 3D collagen lattices and integrin expression by TGF-β1 and -β: mechanoregulatory growth factors?

New perspectives on violence in social care

Identification of bacteria associated with Dinoflagellates (Dinophyceae) Alexandrium spp. using tyramide signal amplification fluorescent in situ hybridization and confocal microscopy

The amyloid-β peptide binds to cyclin B1 and increases human cyclin-dependent kinase-1 activity

Computation matters: review of RIBA Digital Tectonics Future Studies Conference

Phospholipase C-β 2 interacts with mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 3

Extended review of Sandford Kwinter's 'Architectures of time: towards a theory of the event in modernist culture'

A novel control mechanism based on GDNF modulation of somatostatin release from sensory neurones

The road to concorde: Franco-British relations and the supersonic project

Metaphor in the literature of organizational analysis: a preliminary taxonomy and a glimpse at a humanities-based perspective

At the confluence of law and geography: inter-state water disputes in India

E-learning in the workplace

Elimination of luteinizing hormone cross-reactive epitopes from human chorionic gonadotropin

New nation rising: a 21st century symphony

Novel periodically loaded ridged waveguide resonators

Functional outcome following stroke in children

Distributed generation and distribution utilities

Finding a place for health in the schooling process: a challenge for education

The effectiveness and rationale of the 'nurture group' approach to helping children with emotional and behavioural difficulties remain within mainstream education

ms1, a novel stress-responsive, muscle-specific gene that is up-regulated in the early stages of pressure overload-induced left ventricular hypertrophy

Aspects of children's road crossing behaviour

Medico-legal implications of drug treatment in dementia: prescribing out of licence

Towards the public sphere: reflections on the development of participatory technology assessment

The spectrum of p53 mutations in colorectal adenomas differs from that in colorectal carcinomas

A randomised trial in Mali of the effectiveness of weekly iron supplements given by teachers on the haemoglobin concentrations of schoolchildren

Restructuring physical geography

Cardiac troponin T and creatine kinase MB content in skeletal muscle of the uremic rat

Discrimination law: victimisation

The regulation of liberty: free speech, free trade and free gifts on the net

The Napsterisation of everything

Men behaving badly: an analysis of English undue influence cases

The menstrual joy questionnaire items alone can positively prime reporting of menstrual attitudes and symptoms

Mitochondrial superoxide production during oxalate-mediated oxidative stress in renal epithelial cells

Soft computing based techniques for short-term load forecasting

Polynucleotide phosphorylase is a global regulator of virulence and persistency in Salmonella enterica

The awakening cortisol response: no evidence for an influence of body posture

Randomized controlled trial of the Alexander Technique for idiopathic Parkinson's disease

The relationship between regional and national unemployment

Twelve tips for undertaking a systematic review

A portable instrument for measuring macular pigment with central fixation

Clausal resolution in a logic of rational agency

Getting on against the odds: how black and ethnic minority nurses can progress into leadership

An examination of the relationship between cycle training, cycle accidents, attitudes and cycling behaviour among children

Germination of Bacillus cereus spores in response to L-alanine and to inosine: the roles of gerL and gerQ operons

Small firms and internationalisation: learning to manage and managing to learn

Prescribing patterns for psychotic and behavioural symptoms in dementia: a national survey

Support for a three-dimensional structure predicting a Cys-Glu-Lys catalytic triad for Pseudomonas aeruginosa amidase comes from site-directed mutagenesis and mutations altering substrate specificity

Schistosomiasis, helminth infection and health education in Tanzania: achieving behaviour change in primary schools

Big Brother: the real audience

The establishment and enforcement of codes

Cyst-theca relationship, life cycle, and effects of temperature and salinity on the cyst morphology of Gonyaulax baltica sp. Nov. (Dinophyceae) from the Baltic Sea area

Imagining things you have never seen: imagery effects in individuals born totally blind

On the relationship between w-automata and temporal logic normal forms

Practical and theoretical innovations in multi-agent systems research

The problem of time in financial services business markets: a conceptual approach

Complex political emergencies, the international community & the Congo conflict

Remodeling the arsenal of Chinese medicine: shared pasts, alternative futures

The need for a new language of health and healing

Ion-dependency of the streptococcal deoxyribonuclease "streptodornase", an active constituent of the medicament Varidase

Integrating group Delphi, fuzzy logic and expert systems for marketing strategy development: the hybridisation and its effectiveness

Structure-based experimental confirmation of biochemical function to a methyltransferase, MJ0882, from hyperthermophile Methanococcus jannaschii

Long-term route traffic forecasts and flight schedule pattern for a medium-sized European airport

Discrimination law: justification, alternative measures and defences based on sex

Towards a model of quality of life for older ethnic minority migrants in Germany, Austria and the UK

Doris's Place

Cedar's Road Hostel

Should the payment of bribes overseas be made illegal?

The Stade de France: the last expression of French centralism?

Legitimizing fluvial ecosystems as users of water: an overview

Forecasting financial time series using neural network and fuzzy system-based techniques

Activation of melanocortin type 3 receptor as a molecular mechanism for adrenocorticotropic hormone efficacy in gouty arthritis

Melanocortin peptides and their receptors: new targets for anti-inflammatory therapy

Problem driven CVE technology development

Leisure extensions to business trips

Reformulating activism, reformulating the activist

On the origin of the species

Will a crisis in journalism provoke a crisis in democracy?

Information literacy

Effects of short- and long-term (-)-deprenyl administration on mRNA for copper, zinc- and manganese-superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase in rat brain

Anandamide and noladin ether prevent neurotoxicity of the human amyloid-ß peptide

Modelling decisions of a multidisciplinary panel for admission to long-term care

Containing corruption: can the state deliver?

Un pas sin futuro?: Reflexiones sobre el colapso argentino [A country without a future?: Reflections on the Argentine collapse]

Phil: review of Anna Best installation

Evidence for sequential utilization of fibronectin, vitronectin, and collagen during fibroblast-mediated collagen contraction

Management by panacea: the training implications

Endogenous lipid- and peptide-derived anti-inflammatory pathways generated with glucocorticoid and aspirin treatment activate the lipoxin A4 receptor

Modelling patient duration of stay to facilitate resource management of geriatric hospitals

Moving beyond words: therapeutic discourse and ethical problematization

WTO 2002: imaginary crisis, real problems

Using a queueing model to help plan bed allocation in a department of geriatric medicine

Delivering affordable housing through planning: explaining variable policy usage across rural England and Wales

Smokers' representations of their own smoking: a Q-methodological study

Unsupervised adaptive signal processing techniques for wireless receivers

Self-inflicted deaths of prisoners serving life sentences

In situ identification and localization of bacteria associated with Gyrodinium instriatum (Gymnodiniales, Dinophyceae) by electron and confocal microscopy


Blue House

Is the internet the right medium for a 'don't quit campaign'?

A possible role of poly-3-hydroxybutyric acid in antibiotic production in Streptomyces

Bacterial lipopolysaccharide directly stimulates cortisol secretion in human adrenal cells

Bacterial Lipopolysaccharide directly stimulates cortisol secretion in human adrenal cells

The expression of prion protein by endothelial cells: a source of the plasma form of prion protein?

The annexin-1 knockout mouse: what it tells us about the inflammatory response

Narrative, desire and critical discourse in Pedro Almodovar's Carne tremula (1997)

Regulation of the human vitamin C transporters expressed in COS-1 cells by protein kinase C

Quantization effects in the polyphase N-path IIR structure

Inter-organisational relationships in the worldwide popular recorded music industry

Food safety and consumers: constructions of choice and risk

Modelling medical operational knowledge for e-health applications

Technological change, labor markets, and 'low-skill, low-technology traps'

Fish and fisheries of the tidal Thames: management of the modern resource, research aims and future pressures

Influence of luminance and resolution on the perceived quality of black-and-white images on soft displays

'Oh politics schmolitics!': art in the postmodern age

Investigating contemporary and historical sediment inputs to Slapton Higher Ley: an analysis of the robustness of source ascription methods when applied to lake sediment data

Bye bye

The link module from human TSG-6 inhibits neutrophil migration in a hyaluronan- and inter-alpha -inhibitor-independent manner

Staple foods

Practical Microbiology for Secondary Schools: A Resource for Key Stages 3, 4 and Post-16 and the Equivalent Scottish Qualifications