Mapping of 15-minute City Practices Overview on strategies, policies and implementation in Europe and beyond

Epidermal growth factor, neurotrophins and the metastatic cascade in prostate cancer

Two-Pore-Domain Channels Are a Novel Target for the Anesthetic Gases Xenon, Nitrous Oxide, and Cyclopropane

Selective block of the human 2-P domain potassium channel, TASK-3, and the native leak potassium current, IKSO, by zinc

Fas/CD95 is associated with glucocorticoid-induced osteocyte apoptosis

Guide to receptors and channels. 1st edition (2005 revision)

The Two-Pore-Domain K+ Channels TREK-1 and TASK-3 Are Differentially Modulated by Copper and Zinc

Alterations in IGF-I, BDNF and NT-3 levels following experimental brain trauma and the effect of IGF-I administration

Sources of entrepreneurial supply and embeddedness in Rural Cumbria

Entrepreneurial behaviour in rural contexts

Veblen and the entrepreneur

Rural entrepreneurs in Russia and the Ukraine: Origins, motivations, and institutional change

Internationalization, strategic behavior, and the small firm: A comparative investigation

The delocalization of production in labour intensive industries: Instances of triangular manufacturing between Germany, Greece and FYROM

Determinants of altered adipose tissue deposition in preterm infants at term

The effect of long term exercise on intrahepatic lipid and the insulin sensitivity of glucose and fatty acid metabolism in sedentary male subjects

Error Reduction in Medicine: Final report to the Nuffield Trust

Modulation of chemokine receptor expression on CLA+ T cells in atopic dermatitis

Selective depletion of activated T cells: the CD40L-specific antibody experience

Rapid effector function of circulating NC16A-specific T cells in individuals with mucous membrane pemphigoid

Achieving Best Value in Social Housing Procurement

Achieving Best Value in Social Housing Procurement

Human Antibody Responses to the Plamodium vivax DBP

Review of Randal Holme, 2004, 'Mind, metaphor and language teaching'.

Environmental Comfort Evaluation in the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of São Paulo - FAUUSP

(Dis)possessing Literacy and Literature: Gourmandising in Gibsonbarlowville

Construction of bacterial artificial chromosome libraries from the parasitic nematode Brugia malayi and physical mapping of the genome of its Wolbachia endosymbiont

A gene family of cathepsin L-like proteases of filarial nematodes are associated with larval molting and cuticle and eggshell remodeling

Most of the Response Elicited against Wolbachia Surface Protein in Filarial Nematode Infection Is Due to the Infective Larval Stage

A Mapping Study of Media Concentration and Ownership in Ten European Countries

Parenting and social capital: Accessing help and support from informal social networks

Wavelet-based estimation for seasonal long-memory processes

Wavelets and functional magnetic resonance imaging of the human brain

Identifying and tracking turbulence structures

Incumbency and the Disruptive Regulator: the Case of Electric Vehicles in California

Technology portfolio alignment commercialisation: an investigation of fuel cell patenting

Inventive concentration in the production of green technology: A comparative analysis of fuel cell patents

Defining technology management: A citation/co-citation study

Inventive Concentration: An Analysis of Fuel Cell Patents

Incumbency and the Disruptive Regulator: The Case of Electric Vehicles in California

Expecting the Unexpected: Disruptive Technological Change Processes and the Electric Vehicle

'Networks of Influence: Internet Activism in Australia and Beyond'

Evaluation of mutual information and genetic programming for feature selection in QSAR.

Reduced bio basis function neural network for identification of protein phosphorylation sites: comparison with pattern recognition algorithms.

Constructing an enzyme-centric view of metabolism.

Mining HIV protease cleavage data using genetic programming with a sum-product function.

Exodus, or an imagined political community: the landless workers movement and internal migration in the work of Sebastião Salgado

Dance culture and statuary politics: Chiang Kai-Shek and the myth of primitivism

Dance as Cultural Understanding: Ideas, Policy, and Practice

Unexpected complexity in the haplotypes of commonly used inbred strains of laboratory mice

Defining Technology Management

Employee and customer perceptions of service quality – match or mismatch? A study of Chinese retail banking

Chinese export agents’ adoption of export market-oriented behaviours: measurement and performance relationship

Pre-emptive Criminalisation Risk Control and Alternative Futures

Corporate Reporting on the Internet in Australia: An Exploratory Study

Climatic impact of surface transport

Bedside Testing of Cardiac Troponin T and Myoglobin for the Detection of Acute Myocardial Infarction in Patients with a Nondiagnostic Electrocardiogram in the Emergency Department

Avoiding the fate of the dotbombs: Lessons from three surviving dotcom start-ups

A questionnaire operationalising Hayes and Wheelwright's four-stage concept

Barriers to e-health business processes

e-Business processes: Information and operations for competitive advantage

Testing the four-stage model of the strategic role of operations in a UK context

Managing the transition from bricks-and-mortar to clicks-and-mortar: A business process perspective

E-commerce in the old economy: Three case study examples

The strategic management of operations in e-business

Mapping of three translocation breakpoints associated with orofacial clefting within 6p24 and identification of new transcripts within the region

Surrealism, Communism and Photography


Shared Benefits? Longitudinal Research in Eastern Indonesia

Cultural values in conflict: case study from Ngadha, Flores, Indonesia

The roles of Global and diasporic media in the process of developing children’s identities

Comparison of ischemia-modified albumin levels in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention for unstable angina pectoris with versus without coronary collaterals

Role of Ischemia Modified Albumin, a new biochemical marker of myocardial ischaemia in the early diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes

Effect of direct-current cardioversion on Ischemia-Modified Albumin levels in patients with atrial fibrillation

Effect of prolonged exercise in a hypoxic environment on cardiac function and cardiac troponin T

Analytical performance of the N terminal pro B type natriuretic peptide (NT-ProBNP) assay on the ElecsysTM 1010 and 2010 analysers

Altered cardiac function and minimal cardiac damage during prolonged exercise

Effect of radiofrequency catheter ablation on the biochemical marker ischemia modified albumin

Left ventricular systolic function and diastolic filling after intermittent high-intensity team sports

Ischemia-Modified albumin concentrations in patients with peripheral vascular disease and exercise-induced skeletal muscle ischemia

The impact of prolonged exercise in a cold environment upon cardiac function

Writing Economic Theory AnOther Way

Review of K. Saunders (ed.), “Feminist Post-Development Thought: Rethinking Modernity, Post-colonialism and Representation

Diagnostic Efficiency of a Point-of-Care System for Quantitative Determination of Troponin T and Myoglobin in the Coronary Care Unit

Ischemia Modified Albumin for the Assessment of Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Acute Chest Pain but Normal or Non-Diagnostic 12-lead Electrocardiograms and Negative Cardiac Troponin T

Letter to the Editor: Cardiac troponin I should be interpreted with caution in paediatric neonatal patients

Use of a quantitative point-of-care system greatly reduces the turnaround time of cardiac marker determination

Waking up after the 1997 financial crisis: corporate governance in Malaysia

Recent developments in corporate governance in New Zealand

The German takeover code: what implications?

The 4th Korea Software Company Award - Analysis report

Missing Components of Management Education

Uncovering the Communist and Capitalist Shadow: Developing Relational Forms of Inquiry and Writing

Principles and Applications in Ticketing and Reservations Management

The Saragossa Manuscript

Managing to change? British workplaces and the future of work

Effective Job Search Practice in the UK's Mandatory Welfare-to-Work Programme for Youth

Charging for domestic waste: Combining environmental and equity considerations

Towards the Design of an Environmentally and Socially Conscious Water Metering Tariff

Economic Instruments for a Socially Neutral National Home Energy Efficiency Programme

Distributional Impacts of Economic Instruments to Limit Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transport

Job satisfaction and employer behaviour

The Announcement Effect and Environmental Taxation

How to score goals

Eight Integrated Tyndall Scenarios

Ex-post evaluations of CO2-Based Taxes: A Survey

Hysteresis and Energy Demand: the Announcement Effects and the Effects of the UK Climate Change Levy

Getting out of the mess we're in: combining sustainability and social justice in waste policy

Iron, Steel and Aluminium in the UK: Material Flows and their Economic Dimensions. Final Project Report

Do Job Security Guarantees Work?

Changing priorities, transformed opportunities?: Why people work after state pension age

The Content of New Voluntary Trade Union Recognition Agreements 1998-2002: Report of preliminary findings

The Union Wage Premium in the US and the UK

Does Union Membership Really Reduce Job Satisfaction?

Mapping the Terrain of the Private Sector in Relation to Race

Unions and Workplace Closure in Britain, 1990-1998

Managerial responsiveness to union and non-union worker voice in Britain

Incapacity Benefit reforms - the Personal Adviser role and practices

New Deal for Young People: Relative effectiveness of the options in reducing male unemployment

A Stepping Stone to Employment? An Evaluation of the Permitted Work Rules – Wave 2

Harmony or Disharmony in the Regulation of the Promotion of Competition in EU Telecommunications? A Survey of Regulatory Offices

IGF-independent acceleration of myogenesis by IGFBP-5: modulation of cell survival and differentiation signalling pathways

IGF-independent effects of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-5 (Igfbp5) in vivo

International relocation policy design: key principles

Short-term assignments: the solution to global mobility?

Communication: the aim of the group move game

Women and international assignments: from the 1980s to the 21st century

Novel E. coli having accession no. PTA 1579 and its use to produce PHB

Process for the production of polyhydroxyoctanoate by Streptomyces lividans

Partitioning of IGFBP-5 actions in myogenesis: IGF-independent anti-apoptotic function

Akt2, a Novel Functional Link between p38 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase and Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Pathways in Myogenesis

Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 5 (Igfbp5) compromises survival, growth, muscle development, and fertility in mice

Peer observation: a tool for staff development or compliance?

‘Observing Teaching in HE: A case study of classroom observation within peer observation

Student teacher collaborative reflection: perspectives on learning together

The Commons

Towards a Perverse Neo-Baroque Cinematic Aesthetic: Raúl Ruiz’s Poetics of Cinema

The Fold, Cinema and Neo-Baroque Modernity

A solution to the three disjoint path problem on honeycomb meshes

A solution to the three disjoint path problem on honeycomb tori

‘Every Coward’s Choice’? Political Objection to Military Service in Apartheid South Africa as Sexual Citizenship

Retinal melatonin biosynthesis: interactions of A/T–rich regions and CRE–like sequences contribute to cAMP–dependent regulation of the chicken AANAT promoter

Johan Storm: dhi grétest pràktikal liNgwist in dhi werld

Understanding and reducing stereotyping effects in performance appraisals: recommendations from the UK

An exploration of the underlying meaning of job performance ratings for different ethnic groups

CD40 antibody as an adjuvant induces enhanced T cell responses

The ontogeny of complement component C3 in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.)—an immunohistochemical study

Is Apolipoprotein A-I a regulating protein for the complement system of cod (Gadus morhua L.)?

Isolation and characterization of complement component C3 from Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.) and Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus L.)

Haemogregarina bigemina (Protozoa : Apicomplexa : Adeleorina) – Past, present and future

Raster analysis of urban form

Stylist and scaleable: vector graphics for all on the web

Studi sulla traduzione

Dizionario degli studi culturali

The Prime Minister and his Trollope: reading Harold Macmillan’s reading

'List of Changes in Taxonomic Opinion': making use of the new lists

Corynebacterium caspium sp. nov., from a Caspian seal (Phoca caspica)

Jeotgalicoccus pinnipedialis sp. nov., from a southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina)

Transfer of members of the genus Falcivibrio to the genus Mobiluncus, and emended description of the genus Mobiluncus

US economic development and the growth of government

Journey through the night

Conversation with architects

Pottery making in the city: craft is not just a country pursuit

High unseriousness: artists and clay

Edmund de Waal at Roche Court

Colourfield: new work

Ceramics: the need for a new history

A single line of writing

Can vote, won't vote: is the media to blame?

William Cobbett: Wegbereiter des investigativen journalismus in England

The documentary as 'amplification': holding the baby and politics of attachment

Ruhm, Flucht und Gefangnis: William Cobbett, der erste investigative journalist

Is the media to blame?

Creative conflict in interdisciplinary collaboration: interpretation, scale and emergence

The dMARS architechure: a specification of the distributed multi-agent reasoning system

Locally twisted cubes are 4-pancyclic

Details of productions discussed

Reward management in context

Rail freight in Scotland: issues and challenges

Meeting the rail freight growth target

Zaoqi Yaozhou qingci he Nansong Lauhudong yao de jishu guangxi

Five dynasties Yaozhou Celadon: a true ancestor to Laohudong Guan ware?

GEMLCA: a grid formula for re-starting applications

City space and the politics of carnival in Zola's 'L'Assommoir'

Clinical governance for complementary and alternative medicine

Immunological changes after both exercise and activity in chronic fatigue syndrome: a pilot study

Road passenger transport

Effective job search practice in the UK's mandatory welfare-to-work programme for youth

The annexin 1-/- mouse: phenotypic studies

The loneliness of the pro bono coordinator

Legal aid and legal need

Access key in the UK

Same old story: Christianity and its myths

Politics, the papacy and the media

Church as auteur: a strong hand

The hush house: Cold War sites in England

About religion or against religion: tensions between enlightenment and propaganda in Soviet adult education in the 1920s

Human monoclonal antibodies that neutralize anthrax toxin by inhibiting heptamer assembly

“也谈华人“ (On Chinese diaspora)

”黄绍伦教授与华人研究:一个社会学的观点“ (Wong Siu-lun and Chinese migration studies: a sociological perspective)

"重塑香港的族群地图: 华人移民认同与族群建构的再认识" (Re-mapping Hong Kong’s sub-ethnicity landscape: a reconsideration of identity and ethnicity of Chinese diaspora)

Never argue with the architect: hierachy, skill and status on mid twentieth century building sites

Any woman can: twenty years of campaigning for access to training and employment

Extended normalised radial basis function for short term load forecasting

Airport privatisation and performance

The echoes of grassroots media practices in Greece: a sociological approach

A requirement for a XML Web services security architecture

Using the WSMA architecture for discovering Web services dynamically

Web services paradigm

A data warehouse environment for storing and analyzing simulation output data

‘Identification and isolation of polyhydroalkanoates and cloning of PHA biosynthetic genes from Bacillus cereus SPV

Biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoic acids by Streptomyces coelicolor

Adipose tissue magnetic resonance imaging in the newborn

An investigation into the health-related correlates of the control pause measure associated with the Buteyko breathing technique

Improving job access in the US, France and the UK: examining the role of transport initiatives

Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns: lessons for mobility management from the EU TAPESTRY project




Distimulus chromatic measurement systems

A manifesto for change

Towards civic space

Studio culture and contingent reality

Invited keynote and panel chair

Diverse excellences

Studying CPD in professional life

La Familia Aspirina

Would food irradiation as a means of technology transfer assist food productivity and security in Africa and sustain its development?

The development of critical reflection in the health professions

Using critical reflection as a teaching tool

Classification of telephone signals with use of artificial neural networks

Design of optimal IIR filters in reduced dimensionality parameter spaces

Zonal and integrated management approaches to ocean governance: reflections on a dual approach in international law of the sea

The perfect crime

Beyond the limits: silent majority

Beyond the limits

Evidence for diachronic semantic change in the historical thesaurus of English: a cognitive linguistic approach

Categories and taxonomies: a cognitive approach to lexicographical resources

Benchmarking techniques for agile manufacturing implementation

Supplier strategies and responses to institutional drivers for an emerging energy technology

Voluntary organisations and the generation of social capital

The global TV bazaar

Selling television: British television in the global marketplace

Globalisation strategies

Europe as a television market

Eine Ãkonomische Einordnung der Förderung der beruflichen Weiterbildung im Rahmen der Aktiven Arbeitsmarktpolitik

The aggregate impact of active labour market policy in Germany and the UK: evidence from administrative data

The impact of the Internet on the existing media

Liberal democracy and the shaping of environmentally enlightened citizens

How can the weaknesses of deliberative decision making be overcome?

Effects of low dose ADMA on gene expression in human coronary artery endothelial cells

The impact of sports events on city images


An introduction to Catalonia

Individuals' donations to charities and their use of tax relief

Mismatched expectations: The student-lecturer expectation-performance gap

How to be a team leader: the simple way to build and manage an effective team

Dielectric combline resonators

Bandpass filters using periodically loaded combline resonators

Rectangular waveguide resonators in planar form for filter applications

Novel E-plane filters and diplexers using rectangular waveguide in planar form

Electromagnetic modelling of novel E-plane diplexers

"You become really close...You talk about the silly things you did and we laugh": the role of binge drinking in secondary students' lives

Cell surface thiol modification by GSNO: a mechanism of nitric oxide delivery?

Protein disulphide isomerase is involved in the delivery of NO from S-nitrosoglutathione into megakaryocytes

Protein disulphide isomerase is involved in the delivery of NO from S-nitrosoglutathione into megakaryocytes

Intentions & effects: the rhetoric of current cultural policy in England

The characteristics of film as a commodity

Writing the history of broadcasting

Climatic impact of surface transport

The application of downdraught evaporative cooling systems in non-domestic buildings. A case study: the Green Office, Tehran

The development of passive downdraught evaporative cooling systems using porous ceramic evaporators and their application in residential buildings

Cooling systems: principles and practice

Basic German: a grammar and workbook

Restructuring the field of Chinese medicine: a study of the Menghe and Ding scholarly currents, 1600-2000 (Part 1)

Menghe yixue xintan (a new enquiry into Menghe physicians)

Broadcasting historiography and historicality

Successful bequest fundraising: key lessons from research

Why can't I communicate with my British fellow students? Chinese learner perspectives; a rationale for pragmatic training

Plagiarism explained through copyright and intertextuality in music and film

Plagiarism explained through copyright and intertextuality in music and film

Women and media in the Middle East: an introductory overview

Young Amazighs, the Land of Eromen and Pamela Anderson as the embodiment of modernity


Detection of human papillomavirus from liquid-based cytology specimens by in-house PCR: a pilot study

Polyhydroxyalkanoate production by Bacillus cereus SPV

First national survey evening and night-time activities in England

Good practice in managing the evening and late night economy: a literature review from an environmental perspective

Understanding realised strategy: offerings, institutions, displays, resource allocation and transitions

Understanding why your new design ideas get blocked

Social determinants of mental health for young same-sex attracted men

Book review: The new public health (2nd ed.), Oxford University Press

Developing complementary therapy services: a systematic approach

An effective wavelet method of arbitrary lines for problems with boundary and interior layers

Unprecedented access? Women instrumentalists in punk bands 1976-1984: an exploration

The forgotten revolution of female punk musicians in the 1970s

Hands off my instrument!

'Lady' punks in bands: a subculturette?

Conclusion: reappraising Farrell

Archaeology of the air: O'Donnell and Tuomey, Architecture

Developing grid services with Jini and JXTA

Morphological changes in the submerged cultures of Penicillium chrysogenum: elicitor effects

The Question of the Subject and the Autobiographic in Artists Moving Image Practice

Active daydreaming: the nature of collaboration

Zineb Sedira: l'art de traduire le conflit

Language and identity issues with home students on EAP writing programmes

Patterns of the expression of CD32 and CD64 on monocytes of patients with B cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

A sociolinguistic approach to the Norse-derived words in the glosses to the Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gospels

The adaptation of ON grið in old English as represented by the works of Archbishop Wulfstan

Whom did al-Ghazāl meet? An exchange of embassies between the Arabs from al-Andalus and the Vikings

Being a thrall of the antichrist: how much lower can you get?

Warner Bros in the inter-war years: strategic responses to the risk environment of filmmaking

Hollywood and the risk environment of movie production in the 1990s

Developing CAMEO (CAM Evidence Online) for cancer

The invisible presence of homosexuality: implications for HIV/AIDS and rights in Southern Africa

The rejuvenation of tourism in Barbados 1993-2003: reflection on the Butler model

Caspian catachreses: environmental transplanting and integration in a space of flows

Boundaries of exclusions past: the memory of waste

Beauty and the beast: art and law in the hall of mirrors

Establishment and analysis of 3-D collagen cultures of C-20/A4 chondrocytes

An intuitionistic fuzzy component based appoach for identifying web usage patterns

Why we need integrated health care

1st International Conference on Panic Attacks: diversity of theories and treatments


Independent living in later life

The reality of psychomotor problems, and the possibility of Parkinson's disorder, in some recreational ecstasy/MDMA users: a rejoinder to Sumnall et al. (2003).

Redistribution or recognition?: A misguided debate

Limits of the Indian political imagination

Using IT to combat plagiarism: 10 years of successes and failures

Towards an alternative way of verifying proxy objects in Jini

Enhancing security in Jini networking technology

Re: the archive, the image and the very dead sheep

A picturesque journey


Instead (dialogue with an absent friend)

DNA Ligases: Stuctures

Decreased pain tolerance and mood in recreational users of MDMA

The social construction of youthful masculinities: peer group subcultures

Forecasting the density of asset returns

The effects of organisational climate on market orientation: evidence from the facilities management industry

Gaussian estimation of a continuous time macroeconomic model of the United Kingdom with unobservable stochastic trends

An explorative study of the combined use of homoeopathy and craniosacral therapy and the therapeutic potential of integration

Macular pigment and percentage of body fat

Copyright: moral rights, fair use, and the online environment

Planning world cities: globalization and urban politics

Londres: le maire et le partenariat dans une ville globale

Tribe, Islam and state in Libya: analytical study of the roots of the Libyan tribal society and interaction up to the Qaramanli rule (1711-1835)

Taraxer-14-en-3β-ol, an anti-inflammatory compound from Sterculia foetida L.

Understanding urban tourism: the regeneration and development of amenity in Birmingham, UK

Motivation-based selection of negotiation partners

Classroom design demonstrations for complex IIR filters

The limits of liberal pluralism: towards an agonistic multipolar order

Til varnar agreinings likani um lydraedi

Pluralism, dissensus and democratic citizenship

Le politique et la dynamique des passions

Cosmopolitan democracy or multipolar world order?

New strategies in vaccine research: targeting quorum sensing pathways for prophylaxis against antibiotic-resistant S. aureus infections

Holism and interprofessional learning: from the whole patient to the whole team

Designing a demonstration project: an employment, retention and advancement demonstration for Great Britain. 2nd edition

Deconstructing Paco Rabal: masculinity, myth and meaning

Neuropsychological studies of insight in psychosis

Perception of psychosis in patients

The content of new voluntary trade union recognition agreements 1998-2002: volume one - an analysis of new agreements and case studies

Validating indirect human costs MEFM Taxonomy: case studies from the banking sector

Utilising web log files for the evaluation of learning experiences of local and distance students in computer science: the Global Campus project

Role of hydrogen peroxide in the aetiology of Alzheimer's disease: implications for treatment

The physiological responses to running after cycling in elite junior and senior triathletes

Local authority fines: penny wise, pound foolish

Regulation of internet telephony in the United States and the European Union

Institutional arrangements of regional regulatory regimes: telecommunications regulation in the European Union and the limits to policy convergence

The poetics of form

Project coordinator and curator: Body Memory

Key-frame extraction algorithm using entropy difference

UV and light stress on the human eye: protection

United Kingdom

Higher education, professionalism and skills in the built environment: the impact of the new urban agenda on teaching and learning

Viewpoint: science and the future

EU chemicals policy - a foundation for environmental protection or a missed opportunity?

New multi-cue bioreactor for tissue engineering of tubular cardiovascular samples under physiological conditions

Association between interleukin 1-β promoter (-511) polymorphism and depressive symptoms in Alzheimer's disease

A Guide to the Childrens Act, 2001

Extending the scope of employment equality legislation: comparative perspectives on the prohibited grounds of discrimination



Die einsamkeit eines systems. Vom kino in die galerie

Sex at work

Performance analysis of cluster based interactive 3D visualisation

The British lone parent cohort and their children 1991 to 2001

Employment and child poverty

Practical experience: an architecture student's guide to internship and the year out

Matching learning styles and distance education: can this make a difference in today's problems of distance education

The impact of Radio Zimbabwe adult talk on a national audience

Distinctive places and the reconfiguration of London tourism

Lessons from the long term: tourism strategy in Cambridge UK, 1978-2003

Are VisitBritain's marketing activities effective? Analysis of stakeholder views

The colour shines: the factors influencing the purchase of cosmetics by young women in the UK

The ePerSpace service management architecture

What can systems theory do for you?

Learning from Manchester

Shrinking to grow?: The urban regeneration challenge in Leipzig and Manchester

The intelligent street: responsive sound environments for social interaction

Agent-based software development

Environment and social justice: rapid research and evidence review

Integrating crime and fear of crime initiatives with transport and accessibility improvements in deprived areas

Delivering the connections: transport, social exclusion and accessibility planning

Accessibility planning: developing and piloting approaches to accessibility planning in eight case study authorities

Prioritising local environmental concerns: where there's a will there's a way

Running on empty: transport, social exclusion and environmental justice

Normative agent reasoning in dynamic societies

Urban design for sustainability: final report of the Working Group on Urban Design for Sustainability to the European Union Expert Group on the Urban Environment

Comparative analysis of data mining algorithms for predicting inpatient length of stay

A mixed approach towards formulating global market strategies and related e-commerce strategies: group judgment + a fuzzy expert system

Work-life balance: is e-learning the panacea?

An active, ontology-driven network service for internet collaboration

Nuclear receptor corepressor RIP140 regulates fat accumulation

CO2-Reduktion und Energieeffizienz im Straßengüterverkehr

CO2 reduction and efficiency in road freight traffic: measures, baseline and potential

NESTOR - Nachhaltigkeitseffekte von Effizienzmaßnahmen in der Transportwirtschaft - Vorstudie zur geplanten Fördermaßnahme „CO2-Vermeidung durch intelligente Logistik – BMBF Schlussbericht, FKZ 19G2064

CO2 reduction and energy efficiency in German road freight traffic

Designing an effective survey of air travellers

A missed opportunity? EU law and asylum in the 21st century

The EU Qualification Directive, the UK and international law

Activation of melanocortin receptors induces cAMP-dependent hemeoxygenase-1 expression in murine macrophages

Melanocortin receptor type 3 as a potential target for anti-inflammatory therapy

No ARM in it? (reply to Kippert and Gerloff)

A migration framework for executing parallel programs in the grid

The effectiveness of educational CD-ROMs and web-based applications in the classroom

The effectiveness of educational CD-ROMs and Web-based applications in the classroom

Feature extraction techniques using adaptive wavelets for signal classification

Intelligent control of unmanned underwater vehicles

Multi network classification scheme for computer-aided diagnosis in clinical endoscopy

Computer-aided diagnosis in clinical endoscopy using neuro-fuzzy systems

Lokales wissen in stadt- und quartiersentwicklung

Evaluation of lone parent work focused interviews: final findings from administrative data analysis

Electronic marketplaces based on OSGI grid services

Deploying application on a GT3 Grid

Science and civilisation in China, vol. 5, chemistry and chemical technology. Part 12, ceramic technology

The system architecture of the GOQL language

Implementation of the GOQL language

Design considerations of the GOQL interface

An ultrastructural study of hypnozygotes of Alexandrium species (Dinophyceae)

Violence and democracy

MDDQL-Stat: data querying and analysis through integration of intentional and extensional semantics

Research made easy in complementary and alternative medicine

The poetics of the ordinary: ambience in the moving transitional landscape

Grid solution for e-marketplaces integrated with logistics

High-level grid application environment to use legacy codes as OGSA grid services

A high-level grid application environment to grid-enable legacy code

Contextualising components when addressing database interoperability

Simulation education with web-based discrete event simulation models

A software architecture to support interoperability in multiple database systems

Welding and the British shipbuilding industry: a major constraint

Use of bioinformatics and PCR in the search for ABC transporter homology among various bacteria

The role of complement in the clearance of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) containing immune complexes

Bearing witness: implications of the law of negligence for the acupuncture profession

Three things on teaching and the taught

Introduction to book


New naturopathy degree wins GCRN approval

Naturopathy: current and future developments

Instilling an integrated healthcare paradigm

A CRH family peptide protects a human chondrocyte cell line against apoptosis

The value of an impoverished aesthetic: the iron ladies and its audiences

Neuropsychological profile of patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus and Alzheimer's disease

E-learning in developing countries: suggesting a methodology for enabling computer-aided assessment

D 1.1 BESTUFS policy and research recommendations I: urban consolidation centres, last mile solutions

Parents' views of financial issues and post 16 education and training for young people 16-19. NFPI consultation for the Treasury

Exposing the myth of the 1:5:200 ratio relating initial cost, maintenance and staffing costs of office buildings

Maternity and paternity rights in Britain 2002: survey of parents

Tackling ethnic inequalities in private sector workplaces: progress and prospects

Developing an agent oriented emergency service system with AUML and gaia methodology

Efficiency measurement for UK airports: an application of data envelopment analysis

Memories of Arabia and empire: an oral history of the British in Aden

Review of 'Strategic marketing plan: the 12P model' by Ranjan Madenayeke

Review of 'Designing for people' by Henry Dreyfuss, New York: Allworth Press, 2003, 256 pages, $47.95

Are you being served? Research into service design management compared to product design and the development of BS 7000-3 'guide to managing service design'

Devolution in the UK: a step towards federalisation

Capital punishment: the families of the homicide victim and the condemned

Capital punishment: meeting the needs of the families of the homicide victim and the condemned

Capital punishment: improve it or remove it?

Alternatives to the death penalty: the UK experience

Stillman, Cecil George (1894-1968)

Robert Morris, architecture and the scientific cast of mind in early eighteenth-century England

Morgan, Charles Langbridge (1894-1958)

Trust a Solicitor? You may not need to!

Hysterical Bodies. Contemporary Chinese art as cultural aftermath of the cultural revolution.

Goutong and Gemenr: communicating masculine culture in Chinese contemporary art

Exhibiting China. From scrap to monument. The work of Huang Yongping, 1989-1999

The idea of learning: young viewers of reality TV in the UK

Watching Big Brother

Reality TV: audiences and popular factual television

Fernsehzuschauer und factual-TV in Grossbrittannien (Television audiences and British factual programming)

Children watching reality TV

Governance and new regionalism in the capital city regions of England and Germany

Continued division through obstructionist institutionalism: the city-region of Berlin and Brandenburg 15 years on


The role of business in the modern world: progress, pressures and prospects for the market economy

Globalisation, economic progress and new millennium collectivism

Social constructionism and international comparative housing research

Technologies and Utopias: the cyberflâneur and the experience of being online

West, Temple (bap. 1715, d. 1757)

Vernon, Edward (1684-1757)

Townsend, Isaac (1684/5-1765)

Steevens, Charles (bap. 1705, d. 1761)

Seapower: the struggle for dominance, 1650-1815

Sea power: the struggle for dominance, 1650-1815

Peyton, Edward (d. 1749)

Ogle, Sir Chaloner (1680/81-1750)

Mitchell, Cornelius (fl. 1709-1748)

Medley, Henry (d. 1747)

Legge, Edward (c.1710-1747)

Knowles, Sir Charles, first baronet (d. 1777)

Jenkins, Robert (d. 1743)

Haddock, Nicholas (bap. 1685?, d. 1746)

Griffin, Thomas (1692/3-1771)

Forbes, John (1714-1796)

Crookshanks, John (1708-1795)

Corbett, Thomas (d. 1751)

Brown, Charles (1678/9-1753)

Blakeney, William, Baron Blakeney (1671/2-1761)

Barton, Matthew (1714/15-1795)

Barnett, Curtis (d. 1746)

The incidence of youth unemployment in urban Ethiopia

Vegetable propagule dynamics and fluvial geomorphology

Post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety symptoms in children exposed to the 1999 Greek earthquake

Copyright law and power in the music industry

State crime: governments, violence and corruption

Reden ist silber, Handeln ist gold. Leitlinien für eine globale Energiewende

Alexander McQueen in Fashion at Belsay

The regulation of US airports

Current issues in airport management: an international perspective

An approach to managing quality of services and performance in grid computing

A 3rd order ridge waveguide filter with parallel coupled resonators

Creating scalable traffic simulation on clusters

Analysis of continuous time models of the euro interbank rate


The UK from speculation to reality

Computational grid and web services: concepts, functionalities and comparisons

The trouble with media studies

Web studies: what's new

Ten things wrong with the “effects model”

Madonna's daughters: girl power and the empowered girl-pop breakthrough

Exploring the management of resources: how cellular biology helps redescribe alliance management within the music industry

How relevant is transaction cost economics to inter-firm relationships in the music industry?

Second homes: a new framework for policy

The cartel offence

Partners in crime: the UK cartel offence

Arts in embassies: challenges for the 21st century

Student support: Internet training from the perspective of the e-learning professional

Projection of learning objects in cultural awareness

From e-Learning to b-Learning: how students use e-learning material in a blended learning environment

Factors influencing learning behaviour of diverse distance students

Richard Llewellyn-Davies

Davies, Richard Llewelyn, Baron Llewelyn-Davies (1912-1981)


Report on costs of legal aid in other countries

King Coal and his unruly subjects: Coal industries and Coal societies in Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries

Striking for socialism

Coalminers crossing national borders: Upper Silesia, the Ruhr, South Wales and Durham

A first revisionist replies to her revisionists

The Law Society's training framework review: on the straight and narrow or the long and winding road?

Present mirth: performing Shakespeare's comedies at the Globe

An introduction to applied cognitive psychology

Practical lessons for winning support for radical transport projects

P4-086 5-HT2A receptor polymorphism may modulate antipsychotic treatment response in Alzheimer's disease

Characteristics and controls of gravel-bed riffles: an analysis of data from the River Habitat Survey

Surveillance and post market monitoring of potential health effects of novel (including GM) foods: feasibility study

Integrated accounting à la française

The definition and measurement of creativity: what do we know?

Waiting for Armageddon: the "mother of all empires" and its Middle East quagmire

On the state, democracy and pluralism

Islamic movements: establishment, significance and contextual realities

Green taxes and charges: reducing their impact on low-income households

Managerial perspectives on corporate environmental and social responsibilities in 22 countries

The potential role of planning technicians and planning support staff in enhancing service delivery in a reformed statutory planning system

Recruitment and retention of planners: towards addressing the need for planners in London

The cognitive effects of reversible hormone therapy for prostate cancer

Virtual reality and museums: the development of a collaborative virtual environment for learning about ancient Egypt

Understanding social interaction and informing the design of virtual actors in collaborative virtual environments (CVEs) for learning

International taxation, taxation of natural resources and taxation issues in Kazakh bilateral and investment treaties

Cross-border taxation of corporate investment income profits arising from Kazakhstan's oil and gas industry

Creative discoveries in mental imagery: the role of spatial processing in individuals with and without sight

Values in healthcare: a spiritual approach

Harnessing changes in cellular glycosylation in new cancer treatment strategies.

Equality and diversity: women solicitors research study 48

Towards the design of an environmentally and socially conscious water metering tariff

The distributional impacts of economic instruments to limit greenhouse gas emissions from transport

Economic instruments for a socially neutral national home energy efficiency programme

Charging for domestic waste: combining environmental and equity considerations

Engaging the hard-to-reach: an evaluation of participatory methods for research with secondary school students

The world on the box: international issues in news and factual programmes on UK television 1975-2003

A logic programming e-learning tool for teaching database dependency theory

Dependency theory e-learning tool

Families and Children Strategic Analysis Programme (FACSAP): Low-moderate income couples and the labour market

Using matched substitutes to adjust for nonignorable nonresponse: an empirical investigation using labour market data

The new deal for young people: effect of the options on the labour market status of young men

A solution for providing pseudo dynamic discovery for XML Web services

A new computational approach to microwave heating of two-phase porous materials

Computational analysis of microwave heating patterns in resonant microwave cavities

Computational analysis of microwave heating in single and multi-mode resonant cavities

Evaluating the flexibility of a pedagogical framework for e-learning

Learning behaviour patterns in flexible distance higher education in Asia and North Africa

Learning behaviour patterns in flexible distance higher education in Asia and North Africa

Thorn in the side, or needle in a haystack? Acupuncture in the NHS

Verschleiern und Entschleiern: Moderne Tarnung und die Stadt als Kriegstheater

Between veiling and unveiling: modern camouflage and the city as a theatre of war

The future of long-haul air services from Europe

Running out of steam? The growth prospects for European low-cost airlines

Can the European low-cost airline boom continue? Implications for regional airports

Innovations: a course in natural English. Intermediate workbook

Innovations: a course in natural English. Intermediate coursebook

Innovations: pre-intermediate workbook

Innovations: pre-intermediate course book

Publishing and executing parallel legacy code using an OGSI grid service

Experiences with publishing and executing parallel legacy code using an OGSI grid service

Traffic simulation in P-Grade as a grid service

GEMLCA: grid execution management for legacy code architecture design

Riparian zones: where biogeochemistry meets biodiversity in management practice

The impact of social trends on the business tourism market

How can Europe capture Chinese MICE?

Educating children about sexual abuse and evaluating the Metropolitan police safer surfing programme

Organizational research: conflict and power within UK and Australian social housing organizations

Jurnalismul si cultura populara

Re-envisioning transboundary water disputes as development conflicts

Global commons: but where is the community

The handbook of work based learning

Strangers in the city

How the sublime became "now"

Novel microstrip resonators with embedded 3D curves

Restoration of nitric oxide production by N-hydroxyarginine in endothelial cells with NO deficiency triggered by elevated glucose

A home from home: empowering a community

Finding relevant web pages through equivalent hyperlinks

Improving quality of service in application clusters

Gameboy UltraF_uk

Understanding the true cost of delay to airline operators

Evaluating the true cost to airlines of one minute of airborne or ground delay: final report

Nurture groups: theoretical background and research on their effectiveness

Using reflective practice in an interprofessional complementary therapies programme

Bringing IS ontologies closer to the real world

Knowledge creation and sharing mechanisms: from Heads (of Departments) to Hands (of staff)

The impact of psychological stress on immune function in the athletic population

Cortisol as a biomarker of stress

Evaluation of the National Parks Sustainable Development Fund

Russell Square: a lifelong resource for teaching and learning

Pioneers of conservation: the Selborne Society and the Royal SPB

Now you're in, now you're out: women's changing participation in the building trades in Britain


The institutionalisation of skill division in Britain and Germany: examples from the construction industry

Creare il nuovo cittadino modello: governi e politichi abitativi nella Gran Bretagna del primo dopoguerra

A social history of Milton Keynes: middle England / edge city

Topham , Mirabel Dorothy (1891–1980)

Sangster, Vernon Edmund (1899–1986)

Joseph Coral (1904–1996)

Critchley, Alfred Cecil (1890–1963)

Statutes and conventions on private international law. 2nd edition

Recent EU developments

Private international law - choice of law - Islamic law. Shamil Bank of Bahrain EC v Beximco and others

Payment and payment systems

Letters of indemnity? Delivery of goods without bills of lading. Pacific Carriers Ltd v BNP Paribas

Letter of credit - applicable law and forum non conveniens. Marconi Communications International Ltd v PT Pan Indonesia Bank Ltd TBK

Jurisdiction and illegal strike action by shipping trade union

FOB contract - laytime - opening of a letter of credit - condition of precedent - seller's duty to load. Kronos Worldwide Ltd v Sempra Oil Trading SARL

External community transit - remission of import duties. BAT BV v Hauptzollamt Krefeld

The EU’s plans to reduce air pollution for ships: progress and obstacles

Direct effect of the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea against Pollution and Article 6(3) of the Athens Protocol. Syndicat professionnel coordination des pêcheurs de l'étang de Berre et de la région v Électricité de France (EDF)

Anti-competitive conduct of Greek ferry operators

Discrimination against educated women in the labour market: evidence from UK

On uncertainty and data-warehouse design

Temporality and intuitionistic fuzzy data warehouses

Temporality and intuitionistic fuzzy data warehouses

Representing and querying temporal workflow schemas

Development of a clinical data warehouse

Deriving structure from semi-structured data using functional grammar

cis-Eudesmane Sesquiterpene Glycosides from Liriope muscari and Ophiopogon japonicus

Integrating data on the long-term care for elderly people from heterogeneous sources in support of research

Normal cerebral asymmetry in familial and non-familial schizophrenic probands and their unaffected relatives

IgG_{4} Pf NPNA-1 a human anti-Plasmodium falciparum sporozoite monoclonal antibody cloned from a protected individual inhibits parasite invasion of hepatocytes

Constructing global civil society: morality and power in international relations

Building global civil society 'from below'?

Conquer pain the natural way: a practical guide

L'hospitalisation à domicile: quel(s) intérêt(s) et quelle(s) organisation(s)?

On various low-hardware-complexity LMS algorithms for adaptive I/Q correction in quadrature receivers

Adaptive self-calibrating image rejection receiver

State and nation in the international law tradition: a history of French-German antagonisms and possible responses in the Spanish late medieval tradition

The Corfu channel case: and the missing admiralty orders

Architecture for dynamically reconfigurable real-time lossless compression

Engineering maths: is problem-based learning enough?

Neighbourhood governance: capacity for social integration

ADAMTS13 gene mutations and polymorphisms in thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura patients

Semi-lexical heads and clitic climbing

Dynamic matched filtering: animating the action

Edinburgh's integrated transport initiative, phase V: market research. Final report

Fractal quantization

A FPGA pipelined backward adaptive scalar quantizer

Investigation into low power of a 2D inverse discrete cosine transform (IDCT) in FPGAs

A transcontinental movement of citizens?: Strategic debates in the 1980s western peace movement

European Nuclear Disarmament: a study of transnational social movement strategy

Los Lugares de Victor Burgin (o los placers de Vertigo a 9000 metros) / Locating Victor Burgin or Vertigo at 30000 ft

A French ABC of corporate crime? Abus de biens sociaux and elf affair (Part 2)

A French ABC of corporate crime? Abus de biens sociaux and elf affair (Part 1)

LDMOS RF power amplifiers with improved IMD performance

Carbohydrates and carbohydrate active enzymes in Ganoderma applanatum

Job satisfaction and employer behaviour

Urban freight movements and public private partnerships

Developments in urban distribution in London

Report on freight transport data sources relating to London

Freight transport in London: a summary of current data and sources

The role and treatment of light goods vehicles in urban freight transport

Low emission zones: the likely effects on the freight transport sector

Applying life cycle assessment to investigate the balance of energy consumption between production and transport activities

Les enjeux de la logistique urbain

Christie Brown, Heidi Morstang

Public perceptions of direct selling: an international perspective

Skin tight: the sensibility of the flesh

Thabo Mbeki: the geography of exile

Reframing township space: the Kliptown project

Bounded spaces: democratic anxieties in post-apartheid Johannesburg

Intangible assets and social, intellectual and cultural capital: origins, functions and value

Intelligent systems for computer-assisted clinical endoscopic image analysis

Cognitive aspects of web-based hypertext: an experimental approach

Cognitive aspects of web-based hypertext: an experimental approach

'Real-time' communication in e-learning: a pilot study using Blackboard

Cognitive model for web based hypertext comprehension

Let the computer prove it

A clausal resolution method for branching-time logic ECTL+

Tie me up, tie me down: on the neobarroco, masochist suspension and class tension in the work of Nestor Perlongher

William Samwell

Roger Pratt

Peter Mills

John Webb

Integrated Rehabilitation Project Plan: survey of the architectural and archaeological heritage (IRPP/SAAH): regional programme for cultural and natural heritage in South-East Europe: Kosovo/UNMIK

Integrated Rehabilitation Project Plan: survey of the architectural and archaeological heritage (IRPP/SAAH): regional programme for cultural and natural heritage in South-East Europe: Bulgaria

Hugh May

Henry Bell

Hampton Court: a definitive architectural history?

Perceptions of participation

Web-based communities for girls and women in IT: countering influences from home, school, and work through to retirement

Aspect of image quality and the Internet

The curator also rises...

The application of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy to gene therapy

Joint claims for JSA age range extension: quantitative evaluation: survey report

Enculturation and student performance: a critical work in progress

Management development tracker: a handbook of materials for local authority middle managers

Leadership development: the use of self managed, work based, learning

A hybrid biometric-enhanced authentication system for Electronic and Mobile Commerce

The effects of financial innovations and the Internet on the banking industry

The effects of the Internet and financial innovation on the banking industry

Interest versus non-interest banking model

A research design and experiment for validating the alpha metric

Reading room: erosion and sedimentation in Sebald's Suffolk

Optimierte Disposition und Telematik steigern Effizienz im deutschen Straßengüterverkehr

Voyeurism and portraiture

Bungled memories: Series of five photographs examining, through the conventions of the still life genre, the thesis that accidents are not necessarily 'accidents'.

Interprofessional education: a decade of developments in Oula and beyond

Which end of the telescope? From market to cultural value

Can the BBC survive?

Families and children in Britain: findings from the 2002 Families and Children Study (FACS)

Working after state pension age: qualitative research

Architecture and race: a study of black and ethnic minority students in the profession

An intelligent tutoring system for database transaction processing

A database transaction scheduling tool in Prolog

Protecting federated databases using a practical implementation of a formal RBAC policy

Practical RBAC policy implementation for SQL databases

Fantasy and the interpretation of fantasy in Harry Potter

Dark matter: the controversy surrounding Michael Frayn's Copenhagen

Internet-based psychological testing and assessment

International oil and gas dispute settlement and its application to Kazakhstan

Delimitation and legal regime of the Caspian sea under international law: the use of equitable principles

Defences in international criminal law

Corporate social responsibility in international law

The 2003 investment law: its impact and compatibility with international foreign investment law

When do rights matter? A case study of the right to equal treatment in Sweden

Meeting Kyoto targets in an enlarged European Union: comparative dynamics analyses with an empirical endogenous growth model

The demand for public transport: a practical guide

Sue les origines africaines et europennes des devinettes mauriciennes de Baissac (1880, 1888)

Browning and Wordsworth

Not just a good children's story: a tribute to adverse possession

A typology of relationships and goals for regulation and coordination

Corporate involvement in human rights: is it any of their business?

Delivering distance learning material via interactive television in the UK: a dynamic content-based inferface

Evaluating statistical shape models for automatic landmark generation on a class of human hands

diARTgnosis: study of European religious painting

Work-based learning for adults: an evaluation of labour market effects

Bulk liquid and powder road tanker, rail tank wagon and tank container operations

Human and economic development in developing countries: a public health dimension employing the food multimix concept

A new international history of the Spanish Civil War. 2nd revised and expanded edition

London 1849: a Victorian murder story

Analysing the potential impacts of sustainable distribution measures in UK urban areas

Boys will be boys: constructing problem places from bad behaviour

Housing and welfare in Southern Europe

Project management: tools and techniques for today's ILS professional

Promoting system quality through a sociotechnical requirements identification and elicitation process

Impaired phagocytic function of monocytes in B cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

An empirical analysis of the announcement and the effects of the UK Climate Change Levy

A survey of acceptance of e-government services in the UK

Missing the Point? Management education and entrepreneurship

A practical approach to conveyancing. 6th edition

Companion to property law and practice: a guide to assessment

Women in construction

Web studies. 2nd edition

Spatula: how drawing changed the world

Reading and writing ‘La Rupture’: essays in French studies II

Proceedings of the Twelfth British Conference on Judeo-Spanish Studies, 24-26 June, 2001: Sephardic language, literature and history

Marcos Cruz (marcosandmarjan architects): unpredictable flesh = corpo imprevisil vel / Goncalo Furtado

Lives of Victorian literary figures, part II: the Brownings [volume one]

Dionysus since 69: Greek tragedy at the dawn of the third millennium

Cross-wired: communication, interface, locality

Capital punishment: strategies for abolition

British ships in China seas: 1700 to the present day : papers presented at a conference held at the Merseyside Maritime Museum in September 2002, organised jointly by the Society for Nautical Research and National Museums on Merseyside with the support of the P.H. Holt Charitable Trust and the Swire Charitable Trust

British ships in China seas: 1700 to the present day

An economic history of film

Measurements of the modulation transfer function of image displays

'Les fleurs du mal': an adaptive wavelet method of arbitrary lines I: convection-diffusion problems

Elicitor effects on reactive oxygen species in liquid cultures of Penicillium chrysogenum

Testing the homogeneity of SMEs: the impact of size on managerial and organisational processes

Neonatal 5HT activity antagonizes the masculinizing effect of testosterone on the luteinizing hormone release response to gonadal steroids and on brain structures in rats

The characteristics of supermarket shoppers in Beijing

Neuropsychological profile of young adults with spina bifida with or without hydrocephalus

Trichomonas vaginalis: an irritating protozoan or an important viral co-factor

Is there a link between the increasing use of inhaled corticosteroids to treat asthma and increasing obesity prevalence in children?

Nestor Perlongher and mysticism: towards a critical reappraisal

Book review: Human embryonic stem cells

Extending conceptual boundaries: work, voluntary work and employment

Distribution of adipose tissue in the newborn

Familial partial lipodystrophy associated with compound heterozygosity for novel mutations in the LMNA gene

So many managers, so little vision: registered social landlords and consortium schemes in the UK

Elevated fasting plasma ghrelin in Prader-Willi Syndrome adults is not solely explained by their reduced visceral adiposity and insulin resistance

Editorial: on remembering our roots

Renegotiating tradition on Radio Zimbabwe

Notes on Nuance: Rethinking a philosophy of modern music

Book review: Information and IT literacy: enabling learning in the 21st century

Book review: Developing web-based instruction: planning, designing, managing, and evaluating for results

Increased intensity of Ecstasy and polydrug usage in the more experienced recreational Ecstasy/MDMA users: A WWW study

Cytotoxicity of lavender oil and its major components to human skin cells

Functional characteristics of the streptococcal deoxyribonuclease 'streptodornase', a protein with DNase activity present in the medicament Varidase

Democratic Republic of the Congo. Comments and recommendations of the July 2003 draft law implementing the Rome statute of the international criminal court

Editorial: in praise of visionary scepticism

We are most aware of our place in the world when about to fall

Gli utenti della grafologia

Editorial: neurophysiology, culture and the pensions crisis

CO2 efficiency in road freight transportation: status quo, measures and potential

Spectral analysis of randomly sampled signals: suppression of aliasing and sampler jitter

Fluorescence properties of green fluorescent protein FRET pairs concatenated with the small G protein, Rac, and its interacting domain of the kinase, p21-activated kinase

US economic development and the growth of government

What effect do unions have on wages now and would freeman and medoff be surprised?

Fleeting Beauty

Two combinatorial models with identical statics yet different dynamics

Globalization, nation, and television in Asia: the cases of India and China

Bad jobs in Britain: nonstandard employment and job quality

Addressing bed costs for the elderly: a new methodology for modelling patient outcomes and length of stay

France and European integration: from the Schuman plan to economic and monetary union

The determinants of university dropout in Italy: a bivariate probability model with sample selection

Edition de deux textes religieux du XVIIIe siecle: Philippe Caulier: Profession de Foy, en jargon des Esclaves Negres et Petit Catechisme de l'Isle de Bourbon tournee au Style des Esclaves Negres

Same-sex marriage revived: feminist critique and legal strategy

Combline filters using periodically loaded resonators

Peptides for use in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Modulation of inflammation and response to dexamethasone by Annexin 1 in antigen-induced arthritis

On the double-vertex-cycle-connectivity of crossed cubes

Turf wars and market control: competition and complexity in the market for legal services

Outsourcing salesforces via self-employment: the case of direct selling in the UK

Re-addressing practice-based research: funding and recognition

The impact of management techniques on performances in technology-based firms

'Really, though secretly, a papist': G.K. Chesterton's and J. Meade Falkner's rewritings of the gothic

Tools for regularizing array designs

Combating domestic violence in China: contemporary strategies of the women's federation

The awakening cortisol response: methodological issues and significance

Book review: Against the Third Way

Beyond otonomy, or beyond the law of law's ear

–455G/A β-fibrinogen gene polymorphism, factor V Leiden, prothrombin G20210A mutation and MTHFR C677T, and placental vascular complications

What role for smart-card data from bus systems?

Sponging off the poor

Research in primary care complementary and alternative medicine provision: an integral part of NHS clinical governance activity

Mechanical functioning of peripheral nerves: linkage with the "mushrooming" effect

Research issues in complementary therapy

Academic literacy practices and widening participation: first year undergraduates on an academic writing programme

Cytotoxic CD4+ T cells in patients with B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia kill via a perforin-mediated pathway

America, the War of 1739-48 and the development of British global power

Combination of optison with ultrasound and electroporation increases albumin and thrompoietin transgene expression whilst elongation factor promoter prolongs its duration

Interactions of lactoferricin-derived peptides with LPS and antimicrobial activity

Il Grafologo: immagine sociale e collocazione professionale

Alternative dispute resolution: a mapping exercise on accreditation schemes

E-learners’ experiences of time

Back to the future: staying with the suburban ideal

Applying the reflective middleware approach in Grid computing

The plug domain of a neisserial TonB-dependent transporter retains structural integrity in the absence of its transmembrane β-barrel

On the maximal connected component of hypercube with faulty vertices

Perceived control, locus of control and preparatory information: effects on the perception of an acute pain stimulus

Human anti-anthrax protective antigen neutralizing monoclonal antibodies derived from donors vaccinated with anthrax vaccine adsorbed

Conclusions about differences in linear growth between Bangladeshi boys and girls depend on the growth reference used

Viscosity of milk: influence of cluster formation

Finding the right complementary therapies course

Bioinformatics: a useful tool for the molecular microbiologist?

Standardised coding of diet records: experiences from INTERMAP UK

In conversation

Endothelin-1 promotes myofibroblast induction through the ETA receptor via a rac/phosphoinositide 3-kinase/akt-dependent pathway and is essential for the enhanced contractile phenotype of fibrotic fibroblasts

What patients expect from complementary therapy: a qualitative study

Influence of manufacturing tolerancies on central frequency of a narrow band E-plane waveguide filter

Exploring the evidence: the challenges of searching for research on acupuncture

Peripheral nerves in the rat exhibit localized heterogeneity of tensile properties during limb movement

Rigorous analysis of delta-sigma modulators for fractional-N PLL frequency synthesis

The chancellor-candidates and the campaign

Cost vs. production: disparities in social housing construction in Britain and Germany

Marxism and international law: perspectives for the American (twenty-first) century?

Diversité ethnique à la télévision française : l'exemple de Fatou la Malienne (Daniel Vigne, 2001)

Integrated waveguide bandpass filters using thick-film technology

An examination of land use change due to irrigated agriculture in north-eastern Jordan using geoinformatics

Software architecture style for interoperable databases

Experiences of teaching UML within the information systems curriculum

A survey of acceptance of e-government services in the UK

Compact ridged-waveguide bandpass filters and diplexers

Sarajevo Concert Hall

Are there distinctive methodologies for pedagogic research in higher education?

What reality has misfortune?

(Dis)Continuities of custom in Zimbabwe and South Africa: the implications for gendered and sexual rights

The anticardiolipin assay is required for sensitive screening for antiphospholipid antibodies

Wrenching the machine around: EastEnders, the BBC and institutional change

Overexpression of dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase enhances tumour hypoxia: an insight into the relationship of hypoxia and angiogenesis In vivo

Soft and sticky development: some underlying reasons for microarchitectural pattern convergence

Sex dimorphisms in the neuroprotective effects of estrogen in an animal model of Parkinson's disease

Investigation into the potential anti-inflammatory effects of endothelin antagonists in a murine model of experimental monosodium urate peritonitis

A study of hippocampal shape anomaly in schizophrenia and in families multiply affected by schizophrenia or bipolar disorder

Molecular dissection of the human antibody response to the structural repeat epitope of Plasmodium falciparum sporozoite from a protected donor

The influence of small oligosaccharides on the immune system

Fault tolerance of Möbius cubes under two forbidden fault set models

The effect of dawn simulation on the cortisol response to awakening in healthy participants

Effects of low dose ADMA on gene expression in human coronary artery endothelial cells

Weekly iron supplements given by teachers sustain the haemoglobin concentration of schoolchildren in the Philippines

Contrast enhancement of short T2 tissues using ultrashort TE (UTE) pulse sequences

'It was an incredible thrill': the social meanings and dynamics of younger gay men's experiences of barebacking in Melbourne

For Gode and for worolde: Wulfstan's differentiation of the divine and worldly realms through word-formation processes

Liver dysfunction induced by bile duct ligation and galactosamine injection alters cardiac protein synthesis

Analysing the types of procurement used in the UK: a comparison of two data sets

Genetically modified food: good news but bad press

The democracy-development tension in dam projects: the long hand of the law

Restoration of nitric oxide production by N-hydroxy-L-arginine in endothelial cells with NO deficiency triggered by elevated glucose

A solution to the three disjoint path problem on honeycomb tori

A solution to the three disjoint path problem on honeycomb meshes

Aspects of literary Limehouse: Thomas Burke and the “glamorous shame” of Chinatown

Pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of gentiopicroside following oral and intravenous administration in mice

Prompt release in the United Nations convention on the law of the sea: some reflections on the ITLOS jurisprudence

The Unani system of medicine: does it have a scientific basis?

Building a digital cultural commons: the example of the BBC

Developing metropolitan tourism on the fringe of central London

Developing change management skills: a resource for health care professionals and managers

Variation in antimicrobial activity of lactoferricin-derived peptides explained by structure modelling

The new public management and the UK Police Service

Media ownership policies: pressure for change and implications

An analysis of the resurgence of anti-semitism in France


On the maximal connected component of hypercube with faulty vertices (II)

Extended review of Derby Gateway, Architects Fluid

Building social capital in city politics: scope and limitations at the inter-organisational level

Reduction of neural adhesions by biodegradeable autocrosslinked hyaluronic acid gel after injury of peripheral nerves: an experimental study

A defining moment: a feminist perspective on the law of sexual harassment in the workplace in the light of the Equal Treatment Amendment Directive

The health benefits of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids: a review of the evidence

Cortisol response and subjective sleep disturbance after low frequency noise exposure

Quality management and e-commerce: the role of codes of conduct governing the use of technology

Why do employees, particularly women, reject occupational pension schemes?

MC-3 receptor and the inflammatory mechanisms activated in acute myocardial infarct

Researching food habits: methods and problems

The problems of 'nation-building': imposing bureaucratic 'rule from above'

Inhibitory effects of TSG-6 Link module on leukocyte-endothelial cell interactions in vitro and in vivo

Identita sbagliate

Puerto Rico trench

Reactions of "hybrid" Mn-peroxidase of the white rot fungus Panus tigrinus with benzylic alcohols in the presence of mediators

Generalized honeycomb torus is Hamiltonian

Foxes Fox and Freedom of the City 2005

The politics and aesthetics of a phantom palace: Le Palais des Tuileries in Charles Soulier’s Paris incendié, mai 1871

Acute reduction in secretory immunoglobulin A following smoking cessation

Boredom, repetition, inertia: contemporary photography and the aesthetics of the banal

The development of passive downdraught evaporative cooling systems using porous ceramic evaporators and their application in residential buildings

Discordant and ambiguous messages in official representations of empire: Versailles 1845 and Crystal Palace 1851

Step changes for decarbonising the energy system: research needs for renewables, energy efficiency and nuclear power

The principles and application of qualitative research

'Crisis' in British documentary television: the end of a genre?

Apprenticeship and applied theoretical knowledge

A clocking technique for FPGA pipelined designs

New constructs

Bulk tanker operations in Great Britain

His passionate bride

Global asymptotic stability in a rational recursive sequence

Global attractivity in a recursive sequence

Investigating mechanical behaviour at a core-sheath interface in peripheral nerve

Therapeutic approaches to raising plasma HDL-cholesterol levels

Franchising as a small business growth strategy: a resource-based view of organizational development

The Holocene Storegga Slide tsunami in the United Kingdom

The Royal Commission on Criminal Justice and Factual Innocence: remedying wrongful convictions in the Court of Appeal

Elicitor effects on Penicillium chrysogenum morphology in submerged cultures

Adjuvant synergy: the effects of nasal coadministration of adjuvants

WebStra: a web-based intelligent system for formulating marketing strategies and associated e-commerce strategies

Real-time digital modelling in design education and practice

Fair value accounting in the agricultural sector: some implications for international accounting harmonization

Heat and mass transfer in two-phase porous materials under intensive microwave heating

Cost vs. production: labour deployment and productivity in social housing construction in England, Scotland, Denmark and Germany

Creating sustainable corporate value: a case study of stakeholder relationship management in China

Reality radio: the documentary