Research Ethics, Positive and Negative Impact and working in an Indigenous Australian Context

Brazil: The Cultural Contemporary

Memoranda: Maisie Broadhead, Stephen Dixon, Laura Potter and Elaine Wilson

Techniques for the Study of Apoptosis in Bone

Collaborative project to co-ordinate care for patients with dementia.

Laser microdissection and pressure catapulting of single human motor neurons for RNA editing analysis

Blunting of adaptive responses to resistance exercise training in women over 75y

Guide to Receptors and Channels (GRAC), 5th edition

Artificial trans fatty acids in food supply: A global health threat

The Perception of Culture through Subtitles

Can adult neural stem cells create New Brains? plasticity in the adult mammalian neurogenic niches: Realities and expectations in the Era of regenerative biology

The Number of Stem Cells in the Subependymal Zone of the Adult Rodent Brain is Correlated with the Number of Ependymal Cells and Not with the Volume of the Niche

Extracellular matrix and the neural stem cell niche

Discovery services: next generation of searching scholarly information

Firm Size and the Nature of International Relationships: The Case of Globally Integrated Small Firms

Delocalization of economic activity: Agents, places and industries

Enterprise strategies, governance structure and performance: A comparative study of global integration

Entrepreneurial origin and the configuration of innovation in rural areas: The case of Cumbria, North West England

Graduate employability and the propensity to learn in employment: a new vocationalism


Graduate Employment: 333 tips for finding your first job as a graduate

Trekking poles reduce exercise-induced muscle injury during mountain walking

Commentary to part II: Dialogical methodologies in practice

How prosody marks shifts in footing in classroom discourse

Rapid reductions in left ventricular mass following a community based 12-week prevention programme are partially predicted by change in fat depots

Mechanism for the Differential Effect of the Long-Acting Insulin Analog Detemir on Weight in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Effects of 8 weeks oligofructose supplementation on appetite and body weight in overweight and obese adults

Impact of liver fat on the response of plasma triacylglycerol to diets high and low in extrinsic sugars

PedVacc001: Safety and Immunogenicity of a Candidate HIV-1 Vaccine, MVA. HIVA, Administered to Healthy Gambian Infants Born to HIV-1/2-Uninfected Mothers

The Role of the Fc Region in CD70-specific Antibody Effects on Cardiac Transplant Survival

Characterisation of T cells induced by candidate prophylactic vaccines encoding a HIV-1 conserved immunogen in phase I/IIa trial HIVCORE002

Barriers to making referrals of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered (LGBT) victim/survivors to the MARAC and recommendations for improvement

Digital Forensic Research and Method of Extracting Relevant Information From Physical Memory Of Windows Systems

Dispersal of time aspect of information stored on physical memory

Extraction of user information by pattern matching techniques in windows physical memory

Forensic extraction of user information in continuous block of evidence

On the extraction of forensically relevant information from physical memory

A Study of Application Level Information From The Volatile Memory of Windows Computer Systems

Comparison between serum insulin levels and its resistance with biochemical, clinical and anthropometric parameters in South Indian children and adolescents

Plasma total nitric oxide and endothelial constitutive nitric oxide synthase (ecNOS) gene polymorphism: a study in a South Indian population.

Serum E-selectin levels in Indian children and adolescents: relation to clinical and biochemical parameters.

Effect of fossil-fuel electricity generators on Indoor Air Quality in Kaduna Nigeria

Patient safety factors in children dying in a paediatric intensive care unit (PICU): a case notes review study

Artemisinins act through at least two targets in a yeast model

The families of Annaghgad townland in the parish of Creggan

Fan Fiction and Copyright: Outsider Works and Intellectual Property Protection

Pathogenicity of Misfolded and Dimeric HLA-B27 Molecules

The Oxidative Folding and Misfolding of Human Leukocyte Antigen-B27

Drilling through gender stereotypes: improving prospects for female expatriation in oil and gas exploration and production?

How CLEVER-based clouds conceive horizontal and vertical federations

An approach to enable cloud service providers to arrange IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS using external virtualization infrastructures

CLEVER: A cloud cross-computing platform leveraging GRID resources

AAA in a cloud-based virtual DIME network architecture (DNA)

Lightweight and transparent covers

Evolution of Covers in Architecture

Paisaje, arquitectura y turismo. El vino como excusa

Social and emotional pedagogies: critiquing the new orthodoxy of emotion in classroom behaviour management

Clients or consumers, commonplace or pioneers? Navigating the contemporary class politics of family, parenting skills and education

From Function to Competence: Engaging with the New Politics of Family

Neurofibrillary tangle pathology and Braak staging in chronic epilepsy in relation to traumatic brain injury and hippocampal sclerosis: A post-mortem study

Dravet syndrome as epileptic encephalopathy: Evidence from long-term course and neuropathology

DCE-MRI biomarkers of tumour heterogeneity predict CRC liver metastasis shrinkage following bevacizumab and FOLFOX-6

Validation and pilot application of [ 18F]FDG-PET in evaluation of a metabolic therapy for Alzheimer's disease

Image analysis and statistical inference in neuroimaging with R

DTI measures in crossing-fibre areas: Increased diffusion anisotropy reveals early white matter alteration in MCI and mild Alzheimer's disease

Quantitative analysis of dynamic contrast-enhanced and diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for oncology in R

Special volume on Magnetic Resonance Imaging in R

Working with the DICOM and NIfTI data standards in R

Spatial patterns of brain amyloid-beta burden and atrophy rate associations in mild cognitive impairment.

Mild cognitive impairment: baseline and longitudinal structural MR imaging measures improve predictive prognosis.

Fine mapping of genetic variants in BIN1, CLU, CR1 and PICALM for association with cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers for Alzheimer's disease.

European Retrofit Network: Retrofitting Evaluation Methodology Report

Il ruolo della politica nella pianificazione strategica: l'esperienza di Metropoli Terra di Bari

Full service vehicle manufacturing: Rise and fall

The ε-normalized sign regressor least mean square (NSRLMS) adaptive algorithm

Analysis of the sign regressor least mean fourth adaptive algorithm

A steady-state analysis of the ε-normalized sign-error least mean square (NSLMS) adaptive algorithm

Analysis of the complex sign regressor least mean fourth adaptive algorithm

Adaptive channel equalization using the sign regressor least mean fourth algorithm

From Postfiction to Protofiction: Conspiracy Theory, Social Networks, and Confabulation

Buddha's not smiling

Who can carry the Dalai Lama's legacy?

China fears the living Tibetans – not those who set fire to themselves

Revisiting the China-India Border Dispute: An Introduction’

When Innovation does not Pay-off: An intriguing Observation from the European Regional Innovation Scoreboard

Is Critical Realism a philosophy in search of a method?

''The Structure of Invention'': A Critical Analysis

Cold-adapted protease enables quantitation of surface proteins in the absence of membrane trafficking.

Developing Mitigation Measures for Delays in Building Construction Projects: A Case Study in the City of Esfahan

Establishment and Development of IBS in Malaysia

Function Follows Form: the problems of specificity in the architecture of the Church of the Sacred Heart, Waterlooville

Representing Women's History

Mode of interaction of calcium oxalate crystal with human phosphate cytidylyltransferase 1: a novel inhibitor purified from human renal stone matrix

The Anti-Cancer Drug Supply Chain: A Coupled Production-Distribution Problem

Bamako 2009 Conference on the Bioinformatics of Infectious Diseases

myKaryoView: a light-weight client for visualization of genomic data

The Watertower: Gaming for Heritage

Is there a reversal in the effect of obesity on mortality in old age?

Spina bifida and hydrocephalus


A family with autism and rare copy number variants disrupting the Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy gene DMD and TRPM3

Characterization of a dominant cone degeneration in a green fluorescent protein-reporter mouse with disruption of Loci associated with human dominant retinal dystrophy.

Full Service Vehicle Manufacturing: Rise and Fall

Ecoarchitecture: The Work of Ken Yeang

These Islands, We Sing: An Anthology of Scottish Islands Poetry

Probation and social work on trial: Violent offenders and child abusers

A Method Actor's Guide to Jekyll and Hyde

Dial ‘P’ for panties: Narrative photography in the 1990s

Investor Protection v. State Regulatory Discretion

An unsupervised method for active region extraction in sports videos

The benefits of an e-business performance measurement system

Perforin activity at membranes leads to invaginations and vesicle formation

Tourism and Water in Bali: a looming Crisis

Stress Management Training for Surgeons - a randomised controlled intervention study

Hunger, Resistance and Creativity

Of a Woman's Body

Night As It Was


MC Kash: That Bayonet of a Voice

Musings on Political Machismo

Hope and Despair

Women in Bhutan

A disruptive ethnography of Tanzanian-Indians

On Loving and Losing Kashmir

On Loving and Losing Kashmir

Cultural Econo-Mixes of the Bazaar

How many zeroes are there in a trillion? On Economics, Neoliberalism and Economic Justice

Technologies of Culture: Digital Feature Filmmaking in New Zealand

Biological markers of cardiac damage are not related to measures of cardiac systolic and diastolic function using cardiovascular magnetic resonance and echocardiography following an acute bout of prolonged endurance exercise

Volume status and diuretic therapy in systolic heart failure and the detection of early abnormalities in renal and tubular function

The perils pitfalls and opportunities of using high sensitivity cardiac troponin

A unique case series of novel biomarkers of cardiac damage in cyclists completing the 4800 km Race Across America (RAAM)

The influence of a half-marathon upon cardiac troponin T release in adolescent runners

Antioxidant supplementation does not attenuate exercise-induced cardiac troponin release

Influence of Population selection on the 99th percentile reference value for cardiac troponin assays

Identifying Social and Economic Push and Pull factors responsible for Migration to the UK by Bulgarian and Romanian Nationals

Central Asia and the Politics of Oil and Gas

Migrant Workers in China: Social Exclusion, Protection and Representation

Mouse models of myeloproliferative Neoplasms: JAK of all grades. (Review)

Osong Biovalley Masterplan, South Korea

N+ Masterplan, Ningbo China

Riverside One, Middlesbrough

Homeless Facilities: Spring Gardens and the Redbridge Welcome Centre

Understanding the Psychology of Gang Violence: Implications for Designing Effective Violence Reduction Interventions

New media and Investigative Journalists in China

IL-2 Regulates Expression of C-MAF in Human CD4 T Cells

Developing your Leading Qualities

The Higher Education System: A Perspective from the UK

The Power of Authentic Communication

Moral Values and Leadership

Looking Back to Inform the Future: Michigan Street Heritage Corridor (1920s & 30s). A Multicultural Neighborhood Upon the Rising Tides of Racial Tension

Responsible Entertainment: ‘greening’ festivals and entertainment events

The Autumn in Germany: A Dialogue on Fassbinder and Terrorism

From the Multitudo to the Multitude: The Place of Spinoza in the Political Philosophy of Toni Negri

Eastern Europe as Site of Monstrosity in Import-Export and La Vie Nouvelle

Translation as a Means of Ideological Struggle

Drilling through gender stereotypes: improving prospects for female expatriation in oil and gas exploration and production?

Open Resources in Built Environment Education (ORBEE)

Three Films on Language/Poland/Belarus, Integration, Internationalism, Nationalism

Difficulties in Writing the Truth

Nou Relat per a L'habitage public com a Infraestructura Civica

Restoring Infrastructure

The Futures of the City Region

A review of the effective approaches to environmental labelling of food products. Report to Defra, for Project Report for FO0419 entitled 'Effective approaches to environmental labelling of food products'

Road transport fuel prices, demand and tax revenues: impact of fuel duty escalator and price stabiliser

The Big Society Concept in a Natural Environment Setting

Expanding the evidence base for the design of policy influencing consumer choice for products and services with environmental impacts: final report

Expanding the evidence base for the design of policy influencing consumer choice for products and services with environmental impacts: policy briefing

Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) demonstration: The impact on workers outcomes, DWP Research Report 759

Non-participation in the Employment Retention and Advancement Study: Implications for the experimental fourth-year impact estimates, DWP Working Paper No 96

Breaking the low-pay, no-pay cycle: Final evidence from the UK Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) demonstration, DWP Research Report No 765

The Role of the Internet in Current Global Activism

Co-Chaired Five Seminars in the Refugee Council and Refugee Law Initiative Seminar Series ‘New Challenges in Refugee Integration’

The Impartiality of BBC Output with regard to Immigration: Discussion Paper for the BBC Trust

Developing and Assessing the Communication Skills of MSc Applied Economics Students

Breaking the Silence: The role of gossip in organizational culture

The effectiveness of a disaster training programme for healthcare workers in Greece

Watch this space: Working between disciplines and paradigms in the scholarship of organizational gossip

Learning about leadership through critical reflection and practitioner-academic co-inquiry

Value Propositions in Higher Education: an S-D logic view

Consumer attitudes towards direct advertising of prescription drugs - a UK perspective

Near Miss Suicide of Offenders Doing Community Sentences

Security and Development: are they two sides of the same coin? Investigating India’s two-pronged policy towards left wing extremism

ComplexWorld Position Paper

MARILLE – Promoting plurilingualism in the majority language classroom

Reconceptualising Intercultural Education: A Model from Language Education

Fragile identities: Exploring learner identity, learner autonomy and motivation through young learners’ voices

Identity, Motivation and Autonomy in Language Learning

Passenger-Oriented Enhanced Metrics

Values in childhood

The emergence of a value structure at an early age: Cross-cultural evidence

Out of this World: Space Children: From Dr Funkenstein to the ArchAndroid

Exploration of process and competitive factors of entrepreneurship in digital space: A multiple case study in Iran

The neural basis of centre-surround interactions in visual motion processing

Case study IESE Business School. "Michel Saint-Laurent"

Two Peacocks: A Department Store

Building country image through corporate image: exploring the factors that influence the image transfer

Creativity and entrepreneurial intention in young people: empirical insights from business school students

Conceptualising the influence of corporate image on country image

Common and shared services in the context of cloud computing

Rewarding performance in an international environment

The changing nature of international assignments

The changing nature of expatriate demographics

Emerging markets: tapping in to new talent

Are flexible policies the smart solution?

Low B12 and High Folate: Novel Mechanism of Higher Insulin Resistance in Human Adipocytes

Low B12 and high folate: a novel regulator of cholesterol biosynthesis in human adipocytes

Mitochondrial bioenergetics changes are induced by metabolic endotoxinaemia contributing to mitochondrial stress and dysfunction in human adipocytes

Adiposity and diabetic status influences PLA2 isoforms in human abdominal subcutaneous and omental adipose tissue

Folate and vitamin B12 imbalance induces endoplasmic reticulum stress in human adipocytes

The ‘precondition effect’: The role of financial elements in relocation policy in supporting women’s expatriate participation in the oil and gas industry

Drilling through gender stereotypes: improving prospects for female expatriation in oil and gas exploration and production?

The Exotic Orient in Gender and Tourism

Phylum Dinophyta (Dinoflagellates)

Acute and chronic saturated fatty acid treatment as a key instigator of the TLR-mediated inflammatory response in human adipose tissue, in vitro

Glucose oscillations, more than constant high glucose, induce p53 activation and a metabolic memory in human endothelial cells

Visfatin Is Regulated by Rosiglitazone in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Influenced by NFκB and JNK in Human Abdominal Subcutaneous Adipocytes

Theoretical Perspectives on Expatriate Gender Diversity

What do we really know about corporate career women expatriates?

Networking: a valuable career intervention for women expatriates?

Social Media for Digital and Social Inclusion: Challenges for Information Society 2.0 Research & Policies

Rethinking determinants of ICT acceptance: Towards an integrated and comprehensive overview

Clorinda Matto de Turner's Herencia as the creation of an alternative social knowledge

Simulation of airborne ATFM delay and delay recovery by cruise speed reduction

Depart and approach procedures for UAS in a VFR environment

Open Innovation and Locally Responsible Design

Design Management in Services: A Case Study of the Design Management Competences Used in a Museum Exhibition that Focused on Increasing Social Inclusion

The strategic role of design in cultural products and services

Museumfying Chinese diaspora: same heritage, different meanings?

How does a house remember? family, village and memory of an Indonesian-Chinese community in Guangdong

Media amplification of brand crisis and its affect on brand trust

Towards an Archaeology of Media Ecologies: The Case of Italian Free Radios

Gub Neal: Cracking the Business of TV Drama Production

mtDNA and Y‐chromosome diversity in Aymaras and Quechuas from Bolivia: Different stories and special genetic traits of the Andean Altiplano populations

Evolution of lactase persistence: an example of human niche construction

Citizenship and Agonism

Copyright Law and Technology: Challenging the Concept of Balance

Influence of chylomicron remnants on human monocyte activation in vitro

Youth and Community: Connections and Disconnections

Total synthesis of 3,5-O-dicaffeoylquinic acid and its derivatives

Departure and approach procedures for unmanned aircraft systems in a visual-flight-rule environment

Evaluation for Participation and Sustainability in Planning

'What do we need to know? The state of Canadian research on work, employment and climate change' (Lipsig-Mumme book review)

Retrofitting housing (a review of the European Retrofit Network Retrofitting Evaluation Methodology Report)

Introduction in 'Climate change and construction labour'

On Olivier & Simmond’s 'Less is More: Energy Security after Oil’ (Review Essay)

Rise, fragmentation, infringement and fear: emerging urban issues in Chinese clustering in Italy

(Re)Creating Cultural Models of Motherhoods in Contemporary Advertising

'The City of Our Dreams?' The Political and Economic Realities of Rebuilding Britain's Blitzed Cities, 1945-1954

Mitigate DoS and DDoS Attack in Ad Hoc Networks

An FPGA based decimation filter processor design for real-time continuous-time Σ−Δ modulator performance measurement and evaluation

Densificare le aree metropolitane? Le frange urbane come città potenziali.Infrastrutture tra densità e dispersione nel sistema territoriale tra Nola e Napoli

The troubling concept of class: reflecting on our ‘failure’ to encourage sociology students to re-cognise their classed locations using autobiographical methods

Prince: The Making of a Pop Music Phenomenon

The Hidden World of Consumer ADR: Redress and Behaviour (report on ADR conference in Oxford 2011)

Initial Phase Crisis Communications following high perceived risk events: The volcanic ash crisis and the Japanese tsunami as examples

2010 Meltdown – Airport Closure Risk Communications in London and NYC

A new proposal for computing portfolio valueat-risk for semi-nonparametric distributions

Are the high-order moments of the assets returns distribution forecastable?

An exploratory analysis of supervisors' comments in performance appraisal: data from a call center

Ethics and Loss of Chance in Medical Causation

The (adverse) consequences of expanding higher education: evidence from Italy

Multivariate Semi-nonparametric Distributions with Dynamic Conditional Correlations

Impact: Linguistics in the real world

Impact of the N348I Mutation in HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase on Nonnucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Resistance in Non-Subtype B HIV-1

A filtration-based protocol to isolate human plasma membrane-derived vesicles and exosomes from blood plasma

Protein deiminases: new players in the developmentally regulated loss of neural regenerative ability

"The Implicit Theory of Historical Change in the work of Alan S. Milward" Barcelona Graduate School in Economics Working Paper no. 586

The river solofrana bicycle network: a project of green mobility

Urban rail systems investments: an analysis of the impacts on property values and residents’ location

Christian Schad; The Private Face behind the Public Mask (Facade)

Three-dimensional visualisation of developmental stages of an apicomplexan fish blood parasite in its invertebrate host

Unexpected response of a captive blackeye thicklip, Hemigymnus melapterus (Bloch), from Lizard Island, Australia, exposed to juvenile isopods Gnathia aureamaculosa Ferreira & Smit

Why do I need to learn this? Inspiring first year students

The immediate and short-term chemosensory impacts of coffee and caffeine on cardiovascular activity

Habitual coffee and tea drinkers experienced increases in blood pressure after consuming low to moderate doses of caffeine; these increases were larger upright than in the supine posture

Navigating a pathway to partnership through turbulent seas of adversity

Prohibited by Parliament but Considered in Courts: Pursuing an Action in Nuisance under the Planning Act 2008

Planning for Nuisance? A Review of the Effects of the Planning Act 2008 on the Statutory Authority Defence in the UK

Systematic review of clinical trials on dietary interventions to prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy among normal weight, overweight and obese women

Video and image processing with self-organizing neural networks

Intuitionistic fuzzy XML query matching

A generalized net with an ACO-algorithm optimization component

Recommended aerobic fitness level for metabolic health in children and adolescents: a study of diagnostic accuracy

Health Values from Ecosystems

Student Numeracy Support Using Bespoke Reusable Learning Objects

Foreword to 'Distributed intelligence in design'

Subdivision surfaces for integrated design, analysis and optimisation

Towards non-linear representation

Geometry optimisation for adaptable lightweight structures in remote areas

Performance based interactive analysis

Reduced-Reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Edge Preservation

A study of Cappadocian Greek nominal morphology from a diachronic and dialectological perspective

Langford's advanced photography 8th Edition

Sensual geographies of tourism

Risk, excitement and emotional conflict in women's travel narratives

Book review: 'Tourism in South-East Asia: challenges and new directions' by Hitchcock, M., King, V. T., & Parnwell, M (Eds.) (2009)

Community-based tourism in Thailand: (dis-)illusions of authenticity and the necessity for dynamic concepts of culture and power

UK bio-pharma: innovation, re-invention and capital at risk

Book review: 'Interpreting Interviews' by Mats Alvesson

Systemic risk in financial services

Neuter heteroclisis in Asia Minor Greek: origin and development

Empirical evidence of a relationship between business growth and use of formalised marketing information amongst food and drink SMEs

(In)security, risk, Muslim communities, policing and the 'new terrorism'

Empirical evidence for a relationship between business growth and the use of structured marketing information amongst food and drink SMEs

How differentiated is Scottish beef? An analysis of supermarket data

Innovationen in der versicherungswirtschaft

Innovationen und signale in der versicherungswirtschaft (Innovation and signals in the insurance industry)

Alternativer risikotransfer als ergänzung des risikomanagements von unternehmen (Alternative risk transfer as complement in firm's risk management)

Financing of long‐term care in Germany

Al Gore Jr

Earth summit

Eco-cities - a global survey 2011: eco-city profiles

Review of 'What it means to be Palestinian: stories of Palestinian peoplehood' by Dina Matar

Review of 'The rise and fall of a Palestinian Dynasty: the Husaynis 1700-1948', by Ilan Pappe

Review of 'Tablet and pen: literary landscapes from the modern Middle East', by Reza Aslan

Identity in Mahmoud Darwish's poem 'The dice player'

Language as culture: the question of Arabic

Local cultural diversity: a U.S. perspective

Regifting America: exploring the relationship for U.S. government support for cultural expressions at home and abroad

Crusaders or pigs in raincoats?

A Case-study: Finding References to Product Development Knowledge from Analysis of Face-to-Face Meetings

Development of a Face-to-Face Meeting Capture and Indexing Process

Law Students as Peer Mentors: Developing the Reflective Practitioner and/or Embedding Legal Learning: Correspondent’s Report from the United Kingdom

WebIntegrated - a Web-based hybrid intelligent system for advising integrated conventional marketing, digital marketing, mobile marketing and social media marketing strategies

Cultural and intercultural negotiation aspects: United Kingdom

Collaborative Learning in the Translation Classroom: Preliminary Survey Results

Impact of GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) on population dynamics of the human gut microbiota in a continuous culture fermentation system

Islam and Democracy. Prospects and Possibilities. A Critical Analysis of the Theory of the Religious Democracy of Dr Abdulkarim Soroush

The effect of the L’Aquila earthquake on labour market outcomes

Wellbeing and a Capability Approach in Planning Evaluation and Regional Development

Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate), P(3HB) production and its biomedical applications

Evaluation for Sustainability and Participation in Planning

Minority Students and Undergraduate Psychology: Mapping a Common Framework for the Minority Student Experience

Psychology from the Standpoint of Ethnic Minority Students

Operations Management

Investigation of bacteriophage diversity associated with the human gastrointestinal microbiota

Isolation of a Klebsiella bacterium–bacteriophage combination from human caecum effluent

Pilot study investigating the Coriobacteriaceae population of the human gastrointestinal microbiota

Use of static batch culture systems to investigate the fermentation effects of selected oligosaccharides and fibres by the canine faecal microbiota

In vitro fermentation of rice bran combined with Lactobacillus acidophilus 14 150B or Bifidobacterium longum 05 by the canine faecal microbiota

Visual memory errors in Parkinson's disease patient with visual hallucinations

The significance of the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees to the development of asylum law in Europe since 1951

Time for Reflection? Considering the "Past", "Present" and "Future" of Feminist Legal Scholarship: A Roundtable Discussion

Caught between Islam and the West: secularism in the Kemalist discourse

Film archive

China's environment and China's environment journalists: a study

The determinants of disparities in inward FDI flows to the three macro-regions of China

A synergistic reputation-policy based trust model for Grid resource selection

Combining M-FISH and Quantum Dot technology for fast chromosomal assignment of transgenic insertions

A different place in the making: the everyday practices of rural migrants in Chinese urban villages

Coaxial electrospinning with organic solvent for controlling the size of self-assembled nanoparticles

Self-assembled liposomes from amphiphilic electrospun nanofibers

Reservoir operating rules to sustain environmental flows in regulated rivers

Web 2.0, grassroots journalism and social justice in China

A multi-agent-enabled evolutionary approach to supply chain strategy formulation

Greek immigrants playing ancient Greeks at Chicago’s Hull-House: whose antiquity?

Performing Greek drama in Oxford and on tour with the Balliol Players

CL-184, a combination of two human monoclonal antibodies, for use as a vaccine for the potential postexposure prophylaxis of rabies

"Modernising" away gender pay inequality? Some evidence from the local government sector on using job evaluation

Towards an optimal purchasing policy for nursing home placements in long-term care

Development of a web-based system using the model view controller paradigm to facilitate regional long-term care planning

CETL for work based learning: enhancing innovation and creativity in teaching and learning

Green and healthy jobs in transport: launching a new partnership under THE PEP

"Curious kisses": the Chinatown fantasies of Thomas Burke

Book review: Wilkie Collins: a literary life

Bedraggled ballerinas on a ’bus back to Bow: "the fairy business"

The politics of enjoyment: the media viewing preferences and practices of young higher-educated Chinese

Vision, science and literature, 1870-1920: ocular horizons

From minsheng to hexie shehui: addressing social inequality through social welfare. China's Amity Foundation as an example of Big Society

Amity foundation: joining the grass roots and the local state in China's 'harmonious society'

Osteoarthritis: the role and mechanisms of the chondroprotective peptide Urocortin I

Chondrocyte CRF receptor expression and Urocortin I mediated chondroprotection

Solicitors as imagined masculine, family mediators as fictive feminine and the hybridization of divorce solicitors

The locus inside

Cartoons on drink and drunkenness in the late Soviet period

Unnatural selection: variation, deviation and excess at the fin de siècle

A research oxymoron: objectifying human skills

Realising enactments of Chinese medicine

More like hairdressing than acupuncture

The evolution of health policy guidelines for assisted reproduction in the Republic of Ireland, 2004-2009

Building a community: construction workers in Stevenage, 1950-1970

Representing identity and work in transition: the case of South Yorkshire coal mining communities in Britain

Individual predisposition, household clustering and risk factors for human infection with Ascaris lumbricoides: new epidemiological insights

Human rights in business context: perspectives and trends

Human rights and the normative ordering of global capitalism

Challenges and innovation in the legal discourse: achieving corporate responsibility for human rights

Profitability in the airline vs airport business: a long-term perspective

A case study using simplified discrete-event simulation models as a tool to reconfigure health care services

Using simplified discrete-event simulation models for real world health care applications

Flexible New Deal evaluation: customer survey and qualitative research findings

Media industries: ownership, copyright and regulation

Justice for all in the dispute settlement system of the World Trade Organization?

The strategic economic impact of diversity on business performance

Self employment, small firms and enterprise

Access to the legal profession

Made in China

Collecting the edges

Grid application meta-repository system: repository interconnectivity and cross-domain application usage in distributed computing environments

A research agenda for social media surveillance

Mutual transparency or mundane transgressions? Institutional creeping on Facebook

Organizational learning and service management: a collectivist partnership approach

How qualitative research can facilitate partnership development in the context of the cyber environment

Daylighting: architecture and lighting design

Telling tales

The intimate inner

Blended learning, empowerment and world languages in higher education: the flexi-pack project for "languages of the wider world"

Students' engagement with online learning

Infotainment Inc.: the ascent of a global ideology

Imaging internal features of whole, unfixed bacteria

Distant voices, magic knives: Lal-e-Yaman and the transition to sound in Bombay cinema

Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) and pregnancy in the UK: identification of subtype, management and outcome of subsequent pregnancies

Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP) and pregnancy in the UK: indentification of subtype, manangement and outcome of subsequent pregnancies

Aberrant adiposity and ectopic lipid deposition characterize the adult phenotype of the preterm infant

Pragmatic study of orlistat 60 mg on abdominal obesity

Rethinking Thai architecture and cultural identity

The development-security nexus and security sector reform

Distributed computing and modelling and simulation: speeding up simulations and creating large models

The effect of cyclostationarity on a DASP-based spectrum sensing method

D1.2 Passenger and traffic data input to model

In vitro selection and characterisation of human anti-HIV-1 antibody fragments

Adoption of business-to-business E-commerce in China: an empirical analysis of the Pearl River Delta economic region, the Yangtze River Delta economic region and West China

Towards a full implementation of collaborative care plan. OR Informing National Health Policy

Untitled 2009

Double object constructions in Maurtian Creole and their distribution in creole languages: a convergent solution

Abstract B76 - An overview of the DietCompLyf study - a multicentre UK study to evaluate the role of diet, lifestyle and complementary medicine use on breast cancer recurrence

The evolutionary psychology of human beauty

Celebrity worship among university students in Malaysia: a methodological contribution to the Celebrity Attitude Scale

Acceptance of cosmetic surgery among British female university students: are there ethnic differences?

British men’s hair color preferences: An assessment of courtship solicitation and stimulus ratings

Love at first sight? Individual differences and the psychology of initial romantic attraction

Evolutionary perspectives on human appearance and body image

Artistic practices & democratic politics: towards the markers of uncertainty: from counter-hegemonic positions to plural hegemonies

World Englishes on the Internet: some considerations for teaching

Team teaching English in Japan: an English as a lingua franca analysis

Targeting of anionic membrane species by lanthanide(III) complexes: towards improved MRI contrast agents for apoptosis

Global governance after the analog age: the world after media piracy

Little kids TV: downloading, sampling and school TV experiences of the digital era

British television in the American marketplace

TfL urban freight policies

Patterns of occupation

Visual culture studies

Ekonomia społeczna, przedsiębiorstwospołeczne i teoria d emokracji stowarzyszeniowej

Putting democracy into welfare provision

The 2012 games: the regeneration legacy

The UN mapping report on crimes committed in the DRC between 1993 and 2003: from a responsibility to remember to a responsibility to react

Plastic modes of listening: affordance in constructed sound environments

Capital structure and returns

Identification of Schistosoma mansoni microRNAs

Permanent marker

By dint of a coarse inscription

Playing for the camera: Huizinga's Homo Ludens: technology, and the playful body in fashion photography

Economic growth and regional integration in Mexico

The German Army on the Western Front: 1914 – 1918

Spaces of possibility & imagination within the Palestinian/Israeli conflict: healing fractures through the dialogue of everyday behaviour

Minkan in China: 1949–89

Revisiting the capital tax ambiguity result

Is MDMA present in hair samples consistent with reported Ecstasy use?

Perfect your German: lower intermediate to advanced level

Influence of estrogens on GH-cell network dynamics in females: a live in situ imaging approach

Product innovation and the costs of energy-using product policies

Impact of energy-using product policies

Globesity in action: systematic review and pilot intervention to assess the potential health benefit of moderate physical activity

Crystal structures of ABL-related gene (ABL2) in complex with imatinib, tozasertib (VX-680), and a type I inhibitor of the triazole carbothioamide class

Placing political economy in relation to cultural studies: reflections on the case of cinema in Saudi Arabia

Checkpointing of parallel applications in a Grid environment

Arab cultural studies: mapping the field

Arab cultural studies: between re-territorialization and deterritorialization

Semantic management of submissions of applications for marketing authorisation of medicines

Not 'just a student': a qualitative exploration of business, psychology and law students' accounts of their placement experience

Book review: 'Adolescence’, pregnancy and abortion: constructing a threat of degeneration

Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates and their biomedical applications

Negative security assurances in the protocols additional to the treaties establishing nuclear weapon-free zones

Prospective memory: the influence of ecstasy, cannabis and nicotine use and the WWW

Units of observation for the measurement and analysis of energy consumption in freight transport

Theorising men and distress: What’s on the horizon for research and scholarship?

Scientific workflow makespan reduction through cloud augmented desktop grids

Provisioning OpenCL capable infrastructure with infiniband verbs

Data warehousing based architecture for the reporting of the NHS primary care prescribing

Lone parents work aspirations: a literature review

GPs make the NICE 2009 back pain guidelines work for patients in difficult financial times?

Book Review: Manuel d'Ingredients culturels camerounais, by Jean-Claude Mbarga, Paris: L'Harmattan, 2011

Identification of tumour-associated gycoproteins recognised by the lectin from Helix pomatia in breast cancer

Polyhydroxyalkanoates: the emerging new green polymers of choice

Migrant workers’ interactions with welfare benefits: a review of recent evidence and its relevance for the tax credits system

High-linearity reconfigurable microstrip UWB bandpass filters

Simulation of reconfigurable WLAN notch for UWB filters

Zhongguo bainian Aoyun mengxiang yu dianshi guanggao “Ying’er pian” (China’s 100-year-old Olympic dream and the televised PSA “The infant”)

Near-infrared ink differentiation in medieval manuscripts

Exploring food attitudes and behaviours in the UK: findings from the Food and You Survey 2010

Exploring food attitudes and behaviours in the UK: findings from the Food and You Survey 2010

Paysages transitoires - La migrance dans les oeuvres de trois plasticiennes d'origine maghrébine

Family futures: childhood and poverty in urban neighbourhoods

The etymology of the OE hōre word-field and the lexico-cultural climate of eleventh-century England

England: accreditation of Prior Experimental learning (APEL) research in higher education

Developing transnational race theory: a place for CRT?

Understanding the strategic organization propensity through "Managerial Discussion and Analysis"

Diffusione dell'innovazione ed evoluzione dei sistemi locali complessi: un'analisi attraverso la simulazione ad agenti

Where and how to find data on safety: what do systematic reviews of complementary therapies tell us?

The 'perils' of sex and the panics of race: the dangers of interracial sex in colonial Southern Rhodesia

Teaching sexuality and law in Southern Africa: locating historical narratives and adopting appropriate conceptual frameworks

Blackmail in Zimbabwe: troubling narratives of sexuality and rights

The sound of a breaking string: critical environmental law and ontological vulnerability

Towards a critical environmental law

Suspension of suspension: notes on the hybrid

Looking for the space between law and ecology

Giving guilt: the aneconomy of law and justice

Critical autopoiesis: the environment of the law

A comparison of the trait emotional intelligence profiles of individuals with and without Asperger syndrome

Schillermarkt studio

The legal basis for harmonisation of environmental criminal law in the EU: past and future challenges

Whose bandwagon is it anyway? Empirical findings from Taiwanese (ROC) magistrates


Synthesis and anti-cancer evaluation of cyclotriphosphazene hydrazone derivatives

Coaching provision: added value project for the MBA students at Westminster Business School: an innovative approach

Brain-writing technique: application as an evaluative and revision tool

Understanding the role of culture in the post disaster reconstruction process: the case of tsunami reconstruction in Tamilnadu, Southern India

The impact of the economy on recruitment and retention in the armed forces: final report

REV5901 induces calcium dependant chondroprotective effects post in vitro mechanical loading

Mechanical loading and cartilage physiology

The impact of Italianate on consumers’ brand perceptions of luxury brands

A ‘post-partisan’ President in a partisan context

Financialisation, income distribution and aggregate demand in the USA

The effect of import penetration on labor market outcomes: the case of Austrian manufacturing industry

The crisis in Western and Eastern EU: does the policy reaction address its origins?

Globalisation, macroeconomic performance and distribution

From wage suppression to sovereign debt crisis in Western Europe: who pays for the costs of the crisis?

Device-dependent scene-dependent quality predictions using effective pictorial information capacity

Trade liberalisation, globalisation and the cocoa industry in Ghana: the case of the smallholder cocoa farmers


Multivariate distributions based on general moments expansions: evidence from exchange rates

Multivariate distributions based on general moments expansions: evidence from exchange rates

Multivariate distributions based on general moments expansions: evidence from exchange rates

Multivariate distributions based on general moments expansions: evidence from exchange rates

On the stability of the CRRA utility under high degrees of uncertainty

Estimation of one, two and three factor generalized vasicek term structure models for Japanese interest rates using monthly panel data

Corporate governance: principles and issues

Corporate governance and the board

A critique of European Standard EN 15251: strengths, weaknesses and lessons for future standards

Europe’s Lochner moment

Business rights as human rights

The development of copyright and moral rights in the European legal systems

Planning world cities: globalization and urban politics. 2nd edition

Global city planning

Stewardship of the built environment in England: lessons for developing sustainable communities

Kennedy inquires into the meaning of Kokum (short story)

"By curious sovereignty of art”: Wyndham Lewis and nihilism

Synchronization of the sheep oestrous cycle

Managing motion sickness

Managing motion sickness

Measuring the action of CPP–siRNA conjugates in the lung

Uptake, efficacy, and systemic distribution of naked, inhaled short interfering RNA (siRNA) and locked nucleic acid (LNA) antisense

Islamism, globalisation and development in Iran and Turkey: fundamentalism or reconciliation with capitalism?

Iran ambitious for regional supremacy: the great powers, geopolitics and energy resources

An Australian approach to ethical warfare? Australia and the 'war on terror'

Electomagnetic modelling of dielectric-filled waveguide filters for diplexer applications

The influence of maternal body mass index on infant adiposity and hepatic lipid content

What is social tourism?

Kissorphin Peptides used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease or Diabetes Mellitus P.

Kissorphin Peptides used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease, Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease or Diabetes Mellitus P.

La política europea de comunicación y su impacto en los medios radiodifusión (“European media policy and its impact on broadcast media”)

...but where is the art?


Explosive ordinance disposal: motion sensor simulator in Nintendo Wii

Fast image representation with GPU-based growing neural gas

Using electrophoretic deposition to identify protein charge in biological medium

Quantum linguistic patterning, Volume 1

O'Brennan abroad: an Irish editor in London and Chicago

A New Unintended Equilibrium of Functions

The department of books

Thrilling at a distance: an exhibition of architectural imaginings for Croydon

Counterpoint: Less answers, more questions

The dilemma of intervention: human rights and the UN security council

Novel ontogenetic patterns of sexual differentiation in arcuate nucleus GHRH neurons revealed in GHRH-enhanced green fluorescent protein transgenic mice

Peripheral vs. central sex steroid hormones in experimental Parkinson's disease

Terrorism, conspiracy, and surveillance in Bombay's urban cinema

When we trust too much: on the implications of learning to trust in highly socialised environments

Strategic intent and inter-organisational conflict management in the Arve Valley industrial district

FCM: an architecture for integrating IaaS cloud systems

Workers in the clouds

Fluorescent fusion polypeptides and methods of use

Expression of recombinant multi-coloured fluorescent antibodies in gor -/trxB - E. coli cytoplasm

Popular music as journalism in Africa: issues and contexts

Where to next? The shape of doctorates for now and the future

Illusions for life: on the importance of illusions for our life and the role of cinema in creating these illusions

Near-miss suicides in offenders doing community sentences

The Macmillan diaries: vol II, Prime Minister and after 1957-1966

Assessing the impact of receiving Disability Living Allowance: secondary analysis of existing data

Accurate stability prediction of single-bit higher-order delta-sigma (Δ-Σ) modulators for speech codecs

Men behaving well? Journeys towards constructive engagement with well-being through meditation

Men behaving well? Journeys towards constructive engagement with well-being through meditation

International transmission of shocks: a time-varying factor-augmented VAR approach to the open economy

A history of BBC local radio in England: c1960 – 1980

Separation and characterization of different isoform populations of PSA in seminal fluid

WebDigital: a Web-based hybrid intelligent knowledge automation system for developing digital marketing strategies

A mathematical, computational and symbolic representation framework towards digital marketing planning

Hybrid solutions for international marketing decision-making: mathematical description, computational modelling, knowledge automation and software examples

The new generation of lifestyle magazine journalism in China: the professional approach

'My London’: exploring identities through audience participation and critical consumption

City logistics best practices in Europe: a handbook for authorities

A consolidation network model for urban freight transport

Véhicules électriques et réseau de plates-formes de fret à Londres

Urban Consolidation Centres typologies and good practice assessment

Assessing the impacts of goods distribution

Integrated partnership development: Japanese and Korean perspectives

Changing academic identities in changing academic workplaces: learning from academics’ everyday professional writing practices

Visionary behind the iron curtain: Cezary Berezowski on european integration

Treaty of Lisbon and EU’s absorption capacity

Half full, half empty glass: the application of EU law in Poland (2004-2010)

Is it in yet? Optimisation and screening of an RNAi delivery screen

Article 2 1951 Convention (general obligations)

Art and celebrity: a study of the celebritisation of artists in Taiwan 1987-2010

Interoperability of heterogeneous large-scale scientific workflows and data resources

Enabling JChem on the grid

Application of wavelet neural networks as a non-linear modelling technique in food microbiology

Power load forecasting using extended normalised radial basis function networks

Porting computation and data intensive applications to distributed computing infrastructures incorporating desktop grids

Work and identity: historical and cultural contexts

Gridifying the TINKER conformer generator application for gLite grid

Multi-level brokering solution for interoperating service and desktop grids

The Making Assessment Count (MAC) consortium–maximising assessment and feedback design by working together

The development of war and culture studies in the UK: from French studies, beyond and back again

How to live? One question and six or seven life lessons with Albert Memmi

Law lords v new Labour: did the highest court frustrate the government's attempts to control immigration?

Foundations of efficient virtual appliance based service deployments

Asylum law or criminal law: blame, deterrence and the criminalisation of the asylum

Sharing healthcare data by manipulating ontological individuals

Resolving semantic conflicts through ontological layering

Corporate  rescue in the UK and the effect of the TUPE

Predicting the outcome of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) adult claims

α-MSH and [DTRP]8-γ-MSH inhibit pro-inflammatory cytokine release from stimulated primary bovine chondrocytes

MC1 and MC3 activation inhibits caspase-3 production and activity, promotes cell-viability, and induces IL-10 and HO-1 release from human C20/A4 chondrocytes

Investigation into the immuno-therapeutic potential of melanocortin peptides on activated chondrocytes

Life meaning life: is there any hope of release for prisoners serving whole life orders?

Editing the field: video tales from globalised cityscapes

Synthesis and characterization of a theranostic vascular disrupting agent for in vivo MR imaging

How to make BOINC-based desktop grids even more popular?

Evaluation and adaptation of molecular approaches for detection and characterization of viruses of the respiratory tract

Eco-city governance: a case study of Treasure Island and Sonoma Mountain Village

Eco-cities: the mainstreaming of urban sustainability; key characteristics and driving factors

Nudge nudge, think think: experimenting with ways to change civic behaviour

A decision support system for EEG signals based on adaptive fuzzy inference neural networks

Exploring the effect of temperature variations on unplanned asthma admissions

The impact of temperature disparity on emergency readmissions and patient flows

Urban explorations: methods and tools

Shanghai borderlands: The rise of a new urbanity?

Language choice and language shift in Port Harcourt

High-dose vitamin D supplements are not associated with linear growth in a large Finnish cohort

Employability programmes: a review of evidence of ‘what works’ for lone parents

Introduction: variations on the theme of war and culture

Antecedents of luxury brand purchase intention

An exploratory analysis of the links between human-pet relationship and consumer behaviour

Who cares where I play? Linking reputation with the golfing capital and the implication for golf destinations

Resource integration using self-service technology: the customer perspective

Helping customers to help themselves

The films of Kenneth Anger and the sixties politics of consciousness

European migrant workers’ understanding and experience of the tax credits system

The role of employer attitudes and behaviour, JRF programme paper: Poverty and ethnicity

Recession and cohesion in Bradford

'A world of movement': memory and reality for Palestinian women in the camps of Lebanon

Keeping the memory alive: Palestinian women in Lebanon narrate home, homeland and homelessness

The ‘Ostalgia’ trap? Ostalgia and the ambivalence of inner German relations in east Germany’s path to ‘normality'

'How happy are you ...?’ Subjective well-being in East Germany twenty years after unification

Externalising Germany’s immigration policy: from the European neighbourhood policy to the eastern partnership

East Germans and the inner unity project: an everyday route to normality

The paradox of pluralisation: men, masculinities and power in contemporary China

The domination of men: masculinities, sexualities and power in contemporary China

White-collar men and symbolic violence against women in postsocialist China

Masculinities and androgyny in contemporary China

Anxious men and the recuperation of masculinity in contemporary China

Co-creation: resource integration and value realisation

The audience is the show

Paranormal media: audiences, spirits and magic in popular culture

Big formats, small nations: does size matter?

The role of the regions: networks, scale, territory

Borders in post-socialist Europe: territory, scale, society

Breaking the low-pay, no-pay cycle: Final evidence from the UK Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) demonstration

Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) demonstration: delivery, take-up, and outcomes of in-work training support for lone parents

Development of user-friendly, high throughput screening for ligands and inhibitors of carbohydrate modifying enzymes

The responsibility to protect and international law

Zum vermeintlichen Zumsammenhang zwischen gescheiterten Staaten und glbalem Terrorismus

The Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide: adding value to the UN's mechanisms for preventing intra-state crises?

Security, discretion and international law

Conclusion: war, law and ethics

Clinical Simulation: Exploring its history and evolution

Parliament and the British fiscal-military state: ideology, consent and state expenditure in Britain, 1739-1748

The practical challenges of evaluating a blanket emergency feeding programme in northern Kenya

A quest for an applicable model of growth for Directgov

Alterations to liver energy metabolism and cell death following alcohol exposure

Food and public health: contemporary issues and future directions

Hydrology and ecology of river systems

The role of cultural flagships in the perception and experience of urban areas for tourism and culture. Case study: The Royal Opera House in Covent Garden

Basic fashion management 01: fashion merchandising

The juridification of sport: a comparative analysis of children’s rugby and cricket in England and South Africa

Sport and the law: considerations for sports managers

Improving DWP assessment of the relative costs and benefits of employment programmes

Justice and the Khmer Rouge: concepts of just response to the crimes of the democratic Kampuchean regime in Buddhism and the extraordinary chambers in the courts of Cambodia at the time of the Khmer Rouge tribunal

Social enterprise and social entrepreneurship: a bibliometric analysis from 1991 to 2010

Social enterprise and social entrepreneurship research and theory: a bibliometric analysis

Airports as venues for business tourism

The role of airports in developing tourism

The impact of North Atlantic passenger services on airports

The UK airport situation

Leisure travel demand: implications for airlines and airports

The impact of the shifting pensions landscape on the psychological contract

The Olympics' employment and skills legacy: a literature review

The architecture of the extended mind: towards a critical urban ecology

Reclaiming space and identity: heritage-led regeneration in Palestine

Global nutrition

Substrate integrated waveguide cross-coupled filters for wireless applications

Development of waveguide filter structures for wireless and satellite communications

From invisible grids to smart cloud computing

Component-oriented approaches for software development in the extreme-scale computing era

Granular security for a science gateway in structural bioinformatics

The dear green place

From hijab to sweatshops: segregated bodies and contested space in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane

Beyond the gaps: postmodernist representations of the metropolis

The tragedy of Islamism in Britain: a fetishism for politics

Development platforms for mobile applications: status and trends

Action-based visual and creative methods in social research

The future of play

Six principles for media education

Media studies 2.0, and other battles around the future of media research

Making is connecting: the social meaning of creativity from DIY and knitting to YouTube and Web 2.0

Good and bad times for making and thinking

Fast Autonomous Growing Neural Gas

Foundations of critical media and information studies

Lectin microarray profiling of metastatic breast cancers

Abstract LB14 - Lectin microarray profilling of metastatic breast cancers

Biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates and their medical applications

Use of time and value of unpaid family care work: a comparison between Italy and Poland

Legal education in the global context: challenges from globalization, technology and changes in government regulation

Reliability and comparability of psychosis patients' retrospective reports of childhood abuse

Rural tourism

Unlocking potential: performance evaluation of Penrose

Dilemmas in measuring the impact of subject-specific mentoring on mentees’ learners in the lifelong learning sector

Implementing fair value accounting in the agricultural sector

Editorial: African accounting studies

The responsibility to protect and international law

Constituting Liberty, Healing the Nation: revolutionary identity creation in the Arab world's delayed 1989

Azmat Al-Dawla fi’l-‘Alam Al-‘Arabi; Halat Al-Sudan (Crisis of the state in the Arab world: the case of Sudan)

Exploring the impact of sucking sweets on flavour imagery

The application of Reiki in nurses diagnosed with Burnout Syndrome has beneficial effects on concentration of salivary IgA and blood pressure

Bioreactor control by genetic programming

Genetic evolution of controllers for challenging control problems

Bioreactor control based on evolutionary computing and neural dynamic programming

Total pituitary hormone content in wild type and MC3 null male and female mice

Comparison between the total pituitary hormone content in wild type and melanocortin 3 receptor (MC3) null male and female mice

Diversity's contribution to the bottom line: assigning a monetary value to diversity initiatives

An investigation of an innovative power pack and motor for a compressed air car of practical performance

The experience of implementing a Psychology Work Placement year

Koolhaas: ‘Sono una macchina che produce critica'

The fundamental role of metonymy in conceptualization and communication

Analysing Larkin: complementary approaches to teaching texts

Investigation of quorum sensing process in Bacillus licheniformis

Exploring traditional and metropolitan Indian arts using the Muggu tradition as a case study

Modelling high dependency care in the local neonatal unit

When unreason masquerades as reason: can law regulate networked communication ethically?

Three actors, two geographies, one philosophy: the straightjacket of social movements

Global media, business and politics: a comparative analysis of News Corporation’s strategy in Italy and the UK

Content aggregation in the age of online video: an analysis of the impact of internet distribution on the television business

The architecture of money: Jameson, abstraction and form

Global art, global modernity, global metropolis

Capitalist and bourgeois epics

Four circle paintings

Rents, rights, rejections and resistance: West African migrants, the EU's migration regime and militarisation in Mauritania

D4.1 The preliminary POEM network model

Blind multidimensional matched filtering for wireless channelswith multiple antennas

The Southern Ocean Studies


Systemness: towards a data aesthetics of climate change

D5.1 Design of the analysis plan

D1.1 Passenger and traffic data specification

Modelling the airline costs of delay propagation

European airline delay cost reference values

D1.2 High-level functional specification: model outputs

D1.1 High-level functional specification: model inputs

Bret Easton Ellis: underwriting the contemporary

Evaluation of the Heritage Lottery Fund Landscape Partnership Programme: report to the Heritage Lottery Fund

Fanny Copeland and the geographical imagination

Establishing equivalence through zones of mutual trust

The forthcoming Olympics in London

What’s the point of industrial relations?

Trade? Job? Or occupation? The development of occupational labour markets for bricklaying and lorry driving

Building capitalism: historical change and the labour process in the production of built environment

Transitions in action? Exploring vocational learner progression into and out of higher education

Supporting vocational learners: a focus on transition from FE to HE

Student retention model - illustrative examples: 18 - University of Westminster

Making transitions? Researching vocational learner progression into the graduate labour market

Lifelong learning in action? Researching further to higher education transitions (and beyond...)

Employability skills in action? Evaluating the Career Development Centre Skills Award

Career development centre skills award (case study 6)

Career development centre skills award

Career development centre skills award

Off vertical axis rotation motion sickness and field dependence

Staging memories: the imagined city through the mise-en-scène of photography

Rumble in the jungle: city, place, and uncanny bass

Temporal conflict in workflow schemas

The pragmatics of the modal particles να, θα, ας and μη(ν)

The pragmatics of prohibitive and hortative in modern Greek

Identifying the user’s intentions: basic illocutions in modern Greek

Basic illocutions of the MG subjunctive

Is it feasible and effective to provide osteopathy and acupuncture for patients with musculoskeletal problems in a GP setting? A service evaluation

Thrombospondin 1 is a key mediator of transforming growth factor β-mediated cell contractility in systemic sclerosis via a mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase (MEK)/extracellular signal-regulated kinase (ERK)-dependent mechanism

Diagnostics in Chinese medicine

Journeys in and beyond the city: cinema in Calcutta, 1897-1939

Understanding the gap between the promise and the reality of the responsibility to protect

“Hys surcote was ouert”: The “Open Surcoat” in late MedievalBritish texts

Notions of belonging: the student perspective

Democracy, cosmopolitanism and national identity in a ‘globalising’ world

Heat acclimation improves intermittent sprinting in the heat but additional pre-cooling offers no further ergogenic effect

Jeff Wall: picture for women

The treatment of urinary incontinence and frequent urination: how modern scientific research can inform traditional acupuncture practice

Lancer, aujourd’hui, c’est créer l’événement’: exoticism, engagement, and post-war publishing strategy

Patterns of representation in SETA 2008

Analysis of the survey of employment tribunal applications

Waking the dead of the Spanish Civil War: Judge Baltasar Garzon and the Spanish law of historical memory

A comparative assessment of the scope to reduce CO2 emissions from light goods vehicles in the UK and France

The impact on urban distribution operations of upstream supply chain constraints

London Consolidation Centres Scheme (LCCS) Demand analysis

Enhancing the sustainability of urban freight transport and logistics

Doing pedagogical research in engineering

Lost and found

Developing football regulation to encourage supporter community ownership in football

Developing public policy to encourage supporter community ownership in football

Introduction: cross-national equivalence of skills and qualifications across Europe?

Europäische qualifikationen und unterschiedliche kompetenzkonzepte

Higher education qualifications: convergence and divergence in software engineering and nursing

Book review: The resistance: the French fight against the Nazis by Matthew Cobb

Book review: Jan Karski, Story of a secret state

The renaissance of geopolitics in post-1989 Italy

Resisting Europe? The case of Italy’s foreign policy

Reconsidering disclosure and liability in the transatlantic capital markets

Etudier les questions environnementales en apprentissage des langues étrangères: Compte-rendu d’expérience dans une université britannique

French studies and employability at home and abroad: the experience of Westminster

Mahamat-Saleh Haroun and the Chadian City: a new kind of neo-realism in contemporary Francophone African cinema?

Hollywood and world cinema influences: tracing intertextuality in the works of two contemporary filmmakers from Francophone Africa; Mahamat Saleh Haroun and Abderrahmane Sissako

The truth about lies: the relationship between fiction and reality in Abbas Kiarostami’s 'Certified Copy'

Simulation game for training new teachers in class management

"Cognitive theory of multimedia learning" and learning videos design: The "redundancy principle"

Characterization of a plant-derived monoclonal antibody cocktail for human rabies prophylaxis

Characterization of a monoclonal antibody cocktail for human rabies prophylaxis

Evaluation of mental health first aid training in North East England

Professionalism under the Legal Services Act 2007

Natural deduction system in paraconsistent setting: proof search for PCont

Natural deduction in the setting of paraconsistent logic

Handling periodic properties: deductive verification for quantified temporal logic specifications

Transformations of photography in Japan (1990-1999)

Final year project: a test case for requirements engineering skills

The (post-human) consumer, the (post-avian) chicken and the (post-object) Eglu: Towards a material-semiotics of anti-consumption

Disney discourses of self and other: animality, primitivity, modernity, and postmodernity


Real world approaches to assessing the impact of environmental research on policy

The place of catastrophe: Clarence King, Mike Davis and the politics of contingency

Signs of the sky, signs of the times: photography as double agent

Concrete ambivalence: inside the bunker complex

Cardiac-specific RNAi knockdown of Abra disrupts heart function and alters lifespan in Drosophila melanogaster

Financial development and income inequality: evidence from African countries


Meta-analysis of sex difference in testosterone levels in umbilical cord blood

The rise and fall of television journalism: just wires and lights in a box?

Revitalizing the old machine of a neo-Victorian London: reading the cultural transformations of steampunk and victoriana

Dark materials to create more worlds: considering His dark materials as science fiction

"Dark materials to create more worlds": considering his dark materials as science fiction

The sociology of law: from industrialisation to globalisation

Having ones cake and eating it: the paradox of contextualisation in socio-legal research

Basel III: dehybridisation of capital

The Man who Walked with God: Philip Pullman's Metatron, the Biblical Enoch, and the Apocrypha

Wandle Valley Regional Park: action plan for the governance and management of the Regional Park

The continuing popularity of the neighbourhood and neighbourhood governance in the transition from the 'big state' to the 'big society' paradigm

Do soup preloads reduce total calorific intake in overweight and obese subjects outside the laboratory? A pilot study

A PXR-mediated negative feedback loop attenuates the expression of CYP3A in response to the PXR agonist Pregnenalone-16α-Carbonitrile

Press coverage of the second intifada (September 2000 - April 2002): impressions of media bias

Freedom of expression v. hate speech: an illustration of the dilemma through an in-depth analysis of judicial approaches in England and France

Book review: Law and religion, by Russell Sandberg

Spatial agency: other ways of doing architecture

Creative and visual methods in audience research

Forming a new political aesthetic: the enabling body in Pat Barker's life class

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Employment relations in Chile and Argentina

The l-vocalisation trend in young London English speech: growing or declining?

The flipped lecture: a pre-vodcasting trial

Understanding phonetics

Towards a metric for measuring the value of professional doctorates

Designing professional doctorate curricula: the case of Higher Education practitioners

Islamic money management: a western view

The Egyptian experience: sense and nonsense of the Internet revolution

Palestine online: transnationalism, the Internet and the construction of identity

Gender dynamics in Palestinian Internet cafés

A growing neural gas algorithm with applications in hand modelling and tracking

Object representation with self-organising networks

The influence of involvement on the size and the variety of the consideration set in different decision types

China, oil and global politics

Engineering of recombatinant antimalria antibodies for application in paratransgenesis

Hindu nationalism in India and the politics of fear

Conceptual framework of public health-nutrition intervention programme to attenuate the progression of HIV to AIDS among people living with HIV (PLWH) in Abuja, Nigeria

Load forecasting using fuzzy wavelet neural networks

Dynamic non-linear system modelling using wavelet-based soft computing techniques

An IFTr approach to approximate XML query matching

Improved ultrasound digital beamforming using single-bit sigma-delta modulators with band-pass decimation filters

Improved sigma-delta ultrasound beamformers with adaptive low-pass decimation filters

Working through the labyrinth: women’s journeys into management and leadership positions. A comparative study of women in public sector organisations in Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom

From community participation to organizational therapy? World cafe and appreciative inquiry as research methods

Multi-ethnic London: an architectural study of religious buildings in a globalized urban culture

A novel Fourier transform estimation method using random sampling

The effect of missing samples on quality of spectral analysis

Equidistributed sampling sequences for spectral analysis

Sukuk structure and its regulatory environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A SARS multiband spectrum sensing method in wideband communication systems using RSG

A DASP multiband spectrum sensing method based on total random sampling on Grid without replacement

A spectrum sensing method based on stratified sampling

Applications of nonuniform sampling in wideband multichannel communication systems

Nonproportional random effects modelling of a neonatal unit operational patient pathways

Dual-tracking multi-constellation GNSS front-end for high-performance receiver applications

Jobseekers Regime and Flexible New Deal Evaluation: findings from longitudinal customer surveys and qualitative research

Media consumption amid contestation: Northern Nigerians’ engagement with the BBC World Service

The business of human rights: an evolving agenda for corporate responsibility

Translation, performance and reception of Greek drama, 1900-1960: international dialogues, a special double issue of Comparative Drama 44.4 (Winter 2010) – 45.1 (Spring 2011)

Stabilising an unequal economy?: Public debt, financial regulation, and income distribution

Richard Rogers: Centre Pompidou

Radical post-modernism: architectural design

Political economy of crisis and development

Panorámica actual de la cultura ecuatoriana

Nuts and seeds in health and disease prevention

News online: transformations and continuities

Naval leadership and management 1650-1950

Media in Europe today

Law and ecology: new environmental foundations

Language contact and language shift: grammatical and sociolinguistic perspectives

Knowledge, skills and competence in the European labour market: what's in a vocational qualification?

Internet and surveillance: the challenges of web 2.0 and social media

International law, security and ethics: policy challenges in the post-911 world

Imagining a shared future: perspectives on law, conflict and economic development in the Middle East

Globalisation, religion and development

Flour and breads and their fortification in health and disease prevention

Evolutionary psychology: a critical introduction

Critical perspectives on Philip Pullman’s His dark materials: essays on the novels, the film and the stage productions

Around and about Stock Orchard Street

A wartime radio Odyssey: Edward Sackville-West and Benjamin Britten's The Rescue (1943)

Beyond repression and resistance - Christian love and China's harmonious society

A cross-cultural investigation of men's judgements of female body weight in Britain and Indonesia

Oslo’s new Opera House: cultural flagship, regeneration tool or destination icon?

Combination forecasts of international tourism demand

Researching mental health in minority ethnic communities: reflections on recruitment

Case brief: Manchester City Council v Pinnock [2010] UKSC

Understanding how men experience, express and cope with mental distress: where next?

Race and racism after anti-racism

The Olympic Games' cultural programme and its role in fostering local creativity: report to the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

Asset protection trusts: a legal and economic analysis of competing regulatory frameworks

Acute hypoxia and exercise improve insulin sensitivity (S(I) (2) *) in individuals with type 2 diabetes

Queering psychoanalysis: power, self and identity in psychoanalytic therapy with sexual minority clients

The problem of coordination in politics: what critics of neoliberalism might draw from its advocates

Seeing the wood for the trees

Leavis at York

Sustainable innovation and right to market

Making the transition

Local sustainability initiatives in English National Parks: what role for adaptive governance?

A pyrophosphate-responsive gadolinium(III) MRI contrast agent

Receptor tyrosine phosphatase PTPγ is a regulator of spinal cord neurogenesis

Book review: Chinese male homosexualities: Memba, Tongzhi and golden boy. Travis S. K. Kong

Interpreting multi-agency partnerships: ideology, discourse and domestic violence

Editorial: A rich seam

Book review: Victorian vulgarity: taste in verbal and visual culture

London 2012 and the impact of the UK’s Olympic and Paralympic legislation: protecting commerce or preserving culture?

Editorial introduction

Wideband spectrum sensing technique based on random sampling on grid: Achieving lower sampling rates

Book review: Revenge of the forbidden city. The crackdown on the Falungong in China, 1999-2005

An improved technique for chromosomal analysis of human ES and iPS cells.

Measuring and modelling occupancy time in NHS continuing healthcare

Book review: Civilising missions: international religious agencies in China, by Miwa Hirono

'Ecstasy use, by itself, does not result in residual neurotoxicity'- a powerful argument?

Controlled delivery of gentamicin using poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) microspheres

Evaluating the use of an urban consolidation centre and electric vehicles in central London

Functional human artificial chromosomes are generated and stably maintained in human embryonic stem cells

Book review: Intercultural Language Activities by John Corbett

Tweeting the Oslo massacre: collateral damage

Translation students' use and evaluation of online resources for Chinese-English translation at the word level

Editorial: IMA Health 2010

Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA): bacterial cellulose composites for biomedical applications

Robust estimation of nonlinear model coefficients for wireless power amplifiers

Cell surface glycan-lectin interactions in tumor metastasis

Using SenseCam with an amnesic patient: Accessing inaccessible everyday memories

(Guest Editors) Special Issue: leaving the academy

Folded substrate integrated waveguide cross-coupled filters with negative coupling structure for wireless systems

Philosophy for children

Framing scrappage in Germany and the UK: from climate discourse to recession talk?

A literature review of decision-making models and approaches for partner selection in agile supply chains

The homopolymer poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate) as a matrix material for soft tissue engineering

What’s in the bottle? Prescriptions formulated by medical herbalists in a clinical trial of treatment during the menopause

The use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in pregnancy: Data from the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC)

The impact of the “war on terror” on executive-legislative relations in the UK and US: a comparative analysis

Novel waveguide filters using T-shaped resonators

London freight data report 2010

Novel multifunctional nanoparticle mediates siRNA tumour delivery, visualisation and therapeutic tumour reduction in vivo

Use of static batch culture systems to investigate the fermentation effects of selected oligosaccharides and fibres by the canine faecal microbiota

Body dissatisfaction assessed by the Photographic Figure Rating Scale is associated with sociocultural, personality, and media influences

In vitro mesenchymal stem cell differentiation after mechanical stimulation

An exploration of the use of student-run, real businesses in the South East region, the UK and internationally for all or part of the award of a university degree

Anxious attachment style and salivary cortisol dysregulation in healthy female children and adolescents

Free healthy breakfasts in primary schools: a cluster randomised controlled trial of a policy intervention in Wales, UK

Who rules Iran? The June 2009 election and political turmoil

Module based antibody engineering: a novel synthetic REDantibody

Targeting the melanocortin receptor system for anti-stroke therapy

Criminal offending and distinguishing features of offenders among persons experiencing a first episode of psychosis

The economic cost of pathways to care in first episode psychosis

A literature review of virtual communities: the relevance of understanding the influence of institutions on online collectives

Cation-π interactions induce kinking of a molecular hinge in the RNA polymerase bridge-helix domain

Qualitative research in nutrition and dietetics: data collection issues

Does the stock market compensate banks for diversifying into the insurance business?

Transmit precoding for flat-fading MIMO multiuser systems with maximum ratio combining receivers

ADAMTS-13 deficiency: can it cause chronic renal failure?

Space partitioning strategies for indoor WLAN positioning with cascade-connected ANN structures

Obesity and low vision as a result of excessive internet use, and television viewing

Information and communication technologies and skill upgrading: the role of internal vs. external labour markets

Energy : scientific and artistic, utopian and critical visions

Highbury Group on housing delivery: submission to localism bill committee

The Arabs and South Sudan: negativity in neglect (in Arabic)

The effect of smoking nicotine tobacco versus smoking deprivation on motion sickness

Cycling policy in the UK: a historical and thematic overview

Technology helps achieve more with less, "Academic Insight‟ section of Thought leaders special issue

First reported deliveries in Ireland using surgically retrieved sperm for non-obstructive azoospermia

The recognition of mental health disorders and its association with psychiatric scepticism, knowledge of psychiatry, and the Big Five personality factors: an investigation using the overclaiming technique

Personality, individual difference, and demographic antecedents of household waste management behaviours

The Acceptance of Cosmetic Surgery Scale: initial examination of its factor structure and correlates among Brazilian adults

Navigating the cloud computing landscape: technologies, services, and adopters

Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates and their medical applications

Generational differences in work values: a review of theory and evidence

Draft evaluation plan for NSPCC HomeBuilders Commission

An approach for virtual appliance distribution for service deployment

P-GRADE portal family for grid infrastructures

Pandora's Box? Humanitarian intervention and international law

Special issue. Portals for life sciences: providing intuitive access to bioinformatic tools

The diurnal cortisol cycle and cognitive performance in the healthy old

Intuitive perception and the competitive advantage of small family businesses: an exploratory study

The notion of H-IFS: an approach for enhancing the OLAP capabilities in oracle10g

Materia Secunda, text as image

The 3 prime paradigm of the miR-200 family and other microRNAs

Religion, ethnicity, coping style, and self-reported self-harm in a diverse non-clinical UK population

What difference does it make? Facilitative judicial mediation of discrimination cases in employment tribunals

An investigation of container train service provision and load factors in Great Britain

Recipient screening in IVF: first data from women undergoing anonymous oocyte donation in Dublin

Impact of BIG funding of community enterprise overseas

Radical subjects after hegemony

Gaussian estimation of continuous time diffusions of UK interest rates

Application of fluorescent indicators to analyse intracellular calcium and morphology in filamentous fungi

Creativity, imagination, values - why we need artistic research

Peptide YY3-36 and pancreatic polypeptide differentially regulate hypothalamic neuronal activity in mice in vivo as measured by manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging

Is a postural-structural-biomechanical model, within manual therapies, viable? A JBMT debate

Art as research

An overflow loss network model for capacity planning of a perinatal network

Investigation of bacteriophage diversity associated with the human gastrointestinal microbiota

Accountability and responsibility

Medium chain length polyhydroxyalkanoates, promising new biomedical materials for the future

Writing for Nursing and Midwifery Students. 2nd Edition

Measurement issues when assessing quality of life outcomes for different types of hernia mesh repair

Improving polymer nanofiber quality using a modified co-axial electrospinning process

Coreceptor and cytokine concentrations may not explain differences in disease progression observed in HIV-1 clade A and D infected Ugandans

Associations between the cortisol awakening response and heart rate variability

Cities and biodiversity: Perspectives and governance challenges for implementing the convention on biological diversity (CBD) at the city level

Performance and performativity: undoing fictions of women business owners

Working at the (double-) edge

Enhanced intracellular Ca(2+) concentrations in Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis after addition of oligosaccharide elicitors

A review of the evaluation of consumer financial education body's redundancy handbook

A novel method to count the red blood cells in thin blood films

An efficient method for data exchange using network coding and narrowband multiuser detection

Personality and media influences on violence and depression in a cross-national sample of young adults: data from Mexican-Americans, English and Croatians

P-GRADE portal: a generic workflow system to support user communities

Event-related potential evidence for the use of external coordinates in the preparation of tactile attention by the early blind

Capturing the readmission process: focus on time window

Mixture models of choice under risk

Stability analysis of bandpass sigma–delta modulators for single and dual tone sinusoidal inputs

A week in the life of … Nathalie Ticheler, London Metropolitan University

Legal ethics in the academic curriculum: correspondent’s report from the United Kingdom

Quality and potential use of data collected during nutrition surveys: an analysis of surveys in Ethiopia

Synthesis and characterisation of a novel tubulin-directed DO3A–colchicine conjugate with potential theranostic features

Marked for life? A prospective study of tattoos on appearance anxiety and dissatisfaction, perceptions of uniqueness, and self-esteem

Poly-3-hydroxyoctanoate P(3HO), a medium chain length polyhydroxyalkanoate homopolymer from Pseudomonas mendocina

CD180 functions in activation, survival and cycling of B chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells

Law’s spatial turn: geography, justice and a certain fear of space

The ethics of shareholder value: duty, rights and football

Institutional logics in research supervision

Questions of authenticity: brickwork and ‘found space’

Identification, cloning and characterization of two N-acetylgalactosamine binding lectins from the albumen gland of Helix pomatia

Using private desktop grid system for accelerating drug discovery

Towards a powerful European DCI based on desktop grids

Retirement saving choices: review of the literature and policy implications

State and territory employment and unemployment patterns in Australia

Understanding the Middle East peace process: a historical institutionalist approach

A systematic review to assess the evidence of the positive and negative effects of Chinese herbal medicine in the treatment of depression

Maximising occupier value from business improvement districts

Testosterone and mood dysfunction in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome compared to subfertile controls

Modelling and tracking objects with a topology preserving self-organising neural network

Childhood trauma and cognitive function in first-episode affective and non-affective psychosis

Repetition, or the awnings of justice

Significant changes in dietary intake and supplement use after breast cancer diagnosis in a UK multicentre study

A randomised placebo-controlled trial of oral hydrocortisone for treating tobacco withdrawal symptoms

Alien psychology: associations between extraterrestrial beliefs and paranormal ideation, superstitious beliefs, schizotypy, and the Big Five personality factors

Factors influencing attitudes towards seeking professional psychological help among South Asian students in Britain

Strategic focus and business model organization: the main field analysis approach

The International Collaboration on Complementary Therapy Resources (ICCR): working together to improve online CAM information

Dennis Severs' house: performance, psychogeography and the gothic

Aviation, tourism and dreaming in 1960s Bombay cinema

Selection, optimization, and pharmacokinetic properties of a novel, potent antiviral locked nucleic acid-based antisense oligomer targeting hepatitis C virus internal ribosome entry site

Symmetric dimethylarginine (SDMA) is raised in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a pilot study

The public value of vacant urban land

Neurofibromatosis 2: a novel risk factor for hypertension?

Hyper-reality and statebuilding: Baudrillard and the unwillingness of international administrations to cede control

Simulation: Knowledge transfer from classroom to patient care

Domain general mechanisms account for imagined transformations of whole body perspective

The re-landscaping of the legal profession: large law firms and professional re-regulation

Sugar-sweetened beverage, sugar intake of individuals, and their blood pressure: international study of macro/micronutrients and blood pressure

Epigenetic mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease: progress but much to do

Student engagement: post 2012

Cost effective estimation and equalization of frequency selective channels for transmit diversity

Seasonal differences in the diurnal pattern of cortisol secretion in healthy participants and those with self-assessed seasonal affective disorder


Home country heterogeneity in the determinants of China’s inward foreign direct investment

Examining mental health literacy and its correlates using the overclaiming technique

The influence of practitioner nationality, experience, and sex in shaping patient preferences for dentists

Preliminary examination of the psychometric properties of the Psychiatric Scepticism Scale

Conspiracist ideation in Britain and Austria: Evidence of a monological belief system and associations between individual psychological differences and real-world and fictitious conspiracy theories

Age and sex differences in complications and convalescence after laparoscopic cholecystectomy

A comparison of the National Center for Health Statistics and new World Health Organization growth references for school-age children and adolescents with the use of data from 11 low-income countries

Simvastatin effects on androgens, inflammatory mediators, and endogenous pituitary gonadotropins among patients with PCOS undergoing IVF: results from a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial

Medicine at the tipping point

ICTY wartime sexual violence jurisprudence and the surrounding debate: a critical feminist analysis

Science and environmental law: collaboration across the double helix

Collective intelligence systems: classification and modeling

Mytilene e-guide: a multiplatform mobile application tourist guide exemplar

A low molecular weight folate receptor targeted contrast agent for magnetic resonance tumour imaging

Prediction of individual probabilities of livebirth and multiple birth events following in vitro fertilization (IVF): a new outcomes counselling tool for IVF providers and patients using HFEA metrics

The objectives and outcomes of airport privatisation

Key issues facing the airport industry

Immunohistochemical assessment of intrinsic and extrinsic markers of hypoxia in reproductive tissue: differential expression of HIF1α and HIF2α in rat oviduct and endometrium

Drug control, human rights, and the right to the highest attainable standard of health: a reply to Saul Takahashi

Making peace gambles work: the Oslo Accords, the Sudanese "Comprehensive Peace Agreement" and their "Spirals of Insecurity"

The enforcement approach to crime prevention

Are eco-tourists different? a study of marketing communications effectiveness in destination selection

The impact of eating behavior on psychological symptoms typical of reactive hypoglycemia. A pilot study comparing women with polycystic ovary syndrome to controls

An assessment of positive illusions of the physical attractiveness of romantic partners

A practical approach to conveyancing (13th ed.)

Property law handbook 2011-2012 (4th ed.)

European retrofit network: retrofitting evaluation methodology report

Performance evaluation of mutual fund investments: the impact of non-normality and time-varying volatility

The causes and consequences of neglect and self neglect amongst vulnerable older people

Energy consumption variation due to different thermal comfort categorization introduced by European standard EN 15251 for new building design and major rehabilitations

Rumination, inhibition and stress: the construction of a new scale for assessing emotional style

Too good to be true: the survival of English everyday PoMo

Vacillating between distress and adaptation: a multi-perspective account of lived experiences of thalassemia major

Ontology-based operational risk management

Globalization, welfare regimes and social protection expenditures in Western and Eastern European countries

The poverty of tabloid journalism: ‘A post-mortem to the News of the World'

What is radical post-modernism? / post-modernism: an incomplete project

A field guide to radical post-modernism

Re-radicalising post-modernism

FAT projects: manifesting radical post-modernism

Virtual corpses, figural sections and resonant fields

Recognition is deserved, qualifications are merited. Where does that leave fairness in accreditation?

Correlates of self-rated business competencies

The effect of the exchange rates on investment in Mexican manufacturing industry

Anxiety and depression in polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Compact second-order highly linear varactor-tuned dual-mode filters with constant bandwidth

Confined offline, traversing online Palestinian mobility through the prism of the Internet

Isolation of a Klebsiella bacterium–bacteriophage combination from human caecum effluent

Governmentality or governance?

Modernism in Miniature: Points of View

Hexa-arm star shaped hydrazone derivatives from hexakis(4-formylphenoxy)-cyclotriphosphazene core

Picomolar nitric oxide signals from central neurons recorded using ultrasensitive detector cells

siRNA-mediated inhibition of Na^sup +^ -K^sup +^-2Cl^sup -^ cotransporter (NKCC1) and regulatory volume increase in the chondrocyte cell line C-20/A4

Legitimacy of the  Commons  debate on  prisoner  voting

Melatonin synthesis in retina: cAMP-dependent transcriptional regulation of chicken arylalkylamine N-acetyltransferase by a CRE-like sequence and a TTATT repeat motif in the proximal promoter

Novel inline waveguide E-plane filters using dual-mode extracted pole section

Does family planning help the employment of women? The case of India

Key characteristics and attitudes of airline passengers, with particular emphasis upon the low-cost sector: implications for pre-trip decision-making and airline choice

Planned leisure behaviour and pet attachment

Enhanced wireless transmitters using an inter-stage notch filter

Tourism entrepreneurs in Northumberland

Investigations of the human faecal Coriobacteriaceae population

Cell surface thiol isomerases may explain the platelet-selective action of S-nitrosoglutathione

Voices of Courage

1H NMR study of monocrotaline and its metabolites in human blood

A threepenny omnibus ticket to "Limey-housey-causey-way": fictional sojourns in Chinatown

Aspects of literary Limehouse: Thomas Burke and the “glamorous shame” of Chinatown

Potential impacts of teleworking on transport systems

Tuneable EBG phase shifters for antenna applications

Agonism and the reconception of European citizenship

Perceptions and meta-perceptions of self and partner physical attractiveness

Assessment of posttraumatic symptoms in patients with first-episode psychosis

Enter the gallery

A physiological approach to assess the affinity of lectin carbohydrate interactions using cancer cells immobilised on a biosensor surface

In the frame

Presentation on professional consultancy practice

Codesign for systems and applications: charting the path to exascale computing

Introduction: the sick body and the fractured self: (contemporary) Scottish gothic

Becoming Hyde: excess, pleasure and cloning

Target animacy influences gorilla handedness

China and global oil: vulnerability and opportunity

The politics of housing development in an age of austerity

Compromised critique: a meta-critical analysis of American studies after 9/11

Transitions: becoming a cyclist and cycle trainer in London

Reconfigurable tri-band H-shaped antenna with frequency selectivity feature for compact wireless communication systems

The impact of the localism agenda on strategic planning in London

Highbury Group on housing delivery: submission to communities and local government committee inquiry into the financing of new housing supply

Identification of metabolites of geniposide in rat urine using ultra-performance liquid chromatography combined with electrospray ionization quadrupole time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometry

Working memory without consciousness

AU-rich RNA binding proteins in hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis

TMS effects on subjective and objective measures of vision: stimulation intensity and pre- versus post-stimulus masking

Mapping the epistemologicaldiversity of Chinese medicine;a Q methodology study

Respiratory vulnerability to vehicle buffeting

Survey article: Democratic innovations: bringing theory and practice into dialogue

Bivariate analysis of basal serum anti-Müllerian hormone measurements and human blastocyst development after IVF

The origins and development of community radio in Britain under New Labour (1997-2007)

Compassion: a call to action

Fraud on the European Union emissions trading scheme: effects, vulnerabilities and regulatory reform

Citizens into wolves? Carl Schmitt’s fictive account of security

The role of dispute settlement in the climate change regime

The Melanocortin receptor system as an anti-inflammatory therapeutic target for stroke

Investigating the role of melanocortin receptor subtypes in mediating anti-inflammatory protection following cerebral ischemia reperfusion injury

The responsibility to protect in international political discourse: encouraging statement of intent or illusory platitudes?

Exploiting the bulk-driven approach in CMOS analogue amplifier design

Extraction of generalized coupling coefficients for inline extracted pole filters with nonresonating nodes

Backyard diplomacy: prospects for international cultural engagement by local arts agencies

Labour markets in developing countries

Genetic analysis of the pnp–deaD genetic region reveals membrane lipoprotein NlpI as an independent participant in cold acclimatization of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium

Compact high linearity switchable dual-mode microstrip bandpass filters

A SARS method for reliable spectrum sensing in multiband communication systems

Association of serum anti-Tn IgM with breast cancer recurrence

Uncanny city: revisiting Alexandria's haunted spaces

Highbury Group on housing delivery response to CLG consultation on draft national planning policy framework