Inhibition of the human two-pore domain potassium channel, TREK-1, by fluoxetine and its metabolite norfluoxetine

Modifying the subunit composition of TASK channels alters the modulation of a leak conductance in cerebellar granule neurons

Stem cells and orthopaedic disease

Microdamage and apoptosis

Health habits and risk of obesity among 6–13 year old school children and adolescents

Inflation Targeting in Emerging Economies: A Comparative Sacrifice Ratio Analysis

The Differences in Subtitling Between Public and Private Television

Neuronal migration and ventral subtype identity in the telencephalon depend on SOX1

Neuronal Migration and Ventral Subtype Identity in the Telencephalon Depend on SOX1

CNS injury research; reviewing the last decade: Methodological errors and a proposal for a new strategy

Preterm infants at term show increased intrahepatocellular lipid content on proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Phenotypic analysis of Der P 1-peptide specific T cells in individuals with severe atopic dermatitis

Interleukin-4 induced down-regulation of skin homing receptor expression by human viral-specific CD8+ T cells may contribute to atopic risk of cutaneous infection

p53-specific CD8+ T-cell responses in individuals with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma

Combined Oligonucleotide and Protein Microarray Temporal Analysis of p53-mediated Apoptosis

Human antibody responses to the Plasmodium vivax Duffy Binding protein in Sri Lanka

Comparison of the two different recombinant proteins representing region II of the Duffy binding protein of Plasmodium vivax by assaying for natural antibodies

Projeto Bioclimático

Combining inheritance and parametric polymorphism in a functional database language

Characterization of a Novel Filarial Serine Protease Inhibitor, Ov-SPI-1, from Onchocerca volvulus, with Potential Multifunctional Roles during Development of the Parasite

A molecular map of mesenchymal tumors

Le Televisioni Locali

Meeting parents’ needs? Discourses of ‘support’ and ‘inclusion’ in family policy

Raising the ‘Meritocracy’

Time-varying spectral analysis in neurophysiological time series using Hilbert wavelet pairs

Wavelet-based cluster analysis: Data-driven grouping of voxel time courses with application to perfusion-weighted and pharmacological MRI of the rat brain

Multiple hypothesis mapping of functional MRI data in orthogonal and complex wavelet domains

Multiscale systematic risk

Statistical analysis of pharmacokinetic models in dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging.

Themes, Concepts and Relationships in Innovation Research

Gales of creative destruction and the opportunistic incumbent: The case of electric vehicles in California

Open Publishing, Open Technologies

Community education

COPASAAR--a database for proteomic analysis of single amino acid repeats.

Predicting the phosphorylation sites using hidden Markov models and machine learning methods.

Scientists & societies: Community outreach

Book Review: Understanding Risk in Criminal Justice

E-OASys: A Helpful Assessment Tool for the Mentally Vulnerable Offender

Small-cell lung cancer (human): potentiation of endocytic membrane activity by voltage-gated Na(+) channel expression in vitro

Neuronal characteristics of small-cell lung cancer

Automation adoption and adaptation: Case study of user request evaluation tool

Controller-pilot radio channel utilization and cognitive issues

Towards a framework for evaluating the business process performance of e-business investments

Enhancing customer service operations in e-business: The emotional dimension

An interstitial deletion-insertion involving chromosomes 2p25.3 and Xq27.1, near SOX3, causes X-linked recessive hypoparathyroidism.


Action ethnography: using participant observation

Action Anthropology: Methodological Innovations in Tourism Research

Community Tourism Education: case study from Ngadha, Flores, Indonesia

Explaining Party Cohesion and Discipline in Democratic Legislatures: Purposiveness and Contexts

Institutional Competition and Conflict in a Separated System: the Congress, the Presidency and the Courts at the beginning of the 21st Century

A Cross-cultural study of the role of religion in consumers’ ethical positions

Impact of marathon running on cardiac structure and function in recreational runners

Cardiac drift during prolonged exercise with echocardiographic evidence of reduced diastolic function of the heart

Prolonged exercise should be considered alongside typical symptoms of AMI when evaluating elevations in troponin T

Cardiac troponin in intensive care

The efficacy of ice massage in the treatment of exercise-induced muscle damage

Measuring consumers’ ethical position in Austria, Britain, Brunei, Hong Kong, and USA

Investigation of cardiac troponins in postmortem subjects: comparing antemortem and postmortem levels

Dobutamine stress echocardiography and the resting but not exercise electrocardiograph predict severe coronary artery disease in renal transplant candidates

Cardiac structural and functional abnormalities in end stage renal disease patients with elevated cardiac troponin T

Mitral annular myocardial velocity assessment of segmental left ventricular diastolic function after prolonged exercise in humans

The effect of weightlifting upon left ventricular function and markers of cardiomyocyte damage

Cardiac troponins as biomarkers of drug and toxin induced cardiac toxicity and cardioprotection

Induction of Aquaporin 1 but Not Aquaporin 4 Messenger RNA in Rat Primary Brain Microvessel Endothelial Cells in Culture

The investigation and analysis of critical incidents and adverse events in healthcare

Protecting the rights and interests of minority shareholders in China: challenges for the future

Judicial enforcement of extra-legal codes in UK and German company law: including observations on OLG Schleswig-Holstein, NZG 2004, 669 (Mobilcom ll) and LG Munchen l, NZG 2004, 626 (Hypovereinsbank)

The 5th Korea Software Company Award - Analysis report

Information strategic planning for u-business in distribution industry

Trust and Creativity: Implications for Management Education


A Bizalom, a kreativitas es a menedzsment-oktatas kapcsolata

Mi Hianyzik az Uzleti Kepzesbol? Part 2

Mi hianyzik az uzleti kepzesbol? Part 1

Risk, young women and sexual decision-making

Confronting New Challenges of Work Today: New Horizons and Perspectives

Unemployed couples: the labour market effects of making both partners search for work

Investment for Innovation: a Briefing Document for Policymakers

The role of political uncertainty in the Danish renewable energy market

Opportunism and competition in the non-fossil fuel obligation

High-involvement management practices, trade union representation and workplace performance in Britain

Why So Unhappy? The Effects of Unionisation on Job Satisfaction

Incapacity Benefit Reforms Pilot: Findings from a longitudinal panel of clients

Youth Adult Differences in Demand for Unionization: Are American, British and Canadian Workers All That Different?

Incapacity Benefit reforms - the Personal Adviser role and practices: Stage Two

Letter to editor on Neonatal Survival Series

Privatising Human Rights: Corporate Codes of Conduct Between Standards, Guidelines and the Global Compact

Exploring the Role of the Internet in the “Movement for Alternative Globalization”: The case of the Paris 2003 European Social Forum

Gossip and emotion in nursing and healthcare organizations

Program evaluation: A facet-theoretic approach

ComStra – A Web-enabled knowledge automation expert system for formulating competitive strategies and aligned IT strategies

The virtues of “Blue-Sky” projects: How Lunar Design taps into the power of creative imagination

Cultural awareness: an essential, not an add-on

Welcome returns

A moving experience

Prepared for abroad

Employer of choice: the relocation dimension

Women and international mobility: alien invader or superior assignee?

The impact of expatriation on spouses' career paths

Work-life balance: the impact of policy and practice on the human resource function

The state we're in

Appointing an A-Team

Think cross-cultural for international success

Supporting the partners

The role of peer observation in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Neo-colonialism and 'Otherness': Representational issues in Field Exchange

The Role of Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Proteins in Development

Global Role of the Protein Kinase Gcn2 in the Human Pathogen Candida albicans

A Reference Model for Human Supply Chain Integration: an Interdisciplinary Approach

The Surface, the Fold and the Subversion of Form: Towards a Deleuzian Aesthetic of Sobriety

68-77-99 and Beyond: Bifo's Futural Thought

Diagram for a Transversal, Molecular Feminism?

Masculinitiy,Citizenship and Objection to Military Service in the South African Defence Force

Exploring the Shopping Imaginary: The Dreamworld of Women's Magazines

Postmodern Paralysis: The Critical Impasse in Feminist Perspectives on Consumers

The Commodification of Romance? Developing Relationships Online

Antioxidant status in J774A.1 macrophage cell line during chronic exposure to glycated serum

Diameter of parallelogramic honeycomb torus

Urban transformations and rail stations system - the study case of Naples

Over-expression of myocyte stress 1 protein in vitro switches on the fetal gene programme and anti-apoptotic pathways

Over-expression of myocyte stress 1 protein in vitro switches on the fetal gene programme and anti-apoptotic pathways

Nonlinear Dynamic Lettuce Growth Model: Parameter Selection and Estimation for N-Limited Experiments

An interferon gamma-gp120 fusion delivered as a DNA vaccine induces enhanced priming

Complement C2 receptor inhibitor trispanning: a novel human complement inhibitory receptor

The ontogenic transcription of complement component C3 and Apolipoprotein A-I tRNA in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua L.): a role in development and homeostasis?

The Complement Systems of Two Teleost Species with Emphasis on Ontogeny

Ontogeny of humoral immune parameters in fish

Child development and communication issues

Combining linear content and spatial design in Mindstage

Mindstage: towards a functional virtual architecture

La danza nel Novecento: un’esperienza di contaminazione dionisiaca

Managing change across boundaries: boundary-shaking practices


The language of business email: An opportunity to bridge theory and practice

Unpacking business emails: message embeddedness in international business email communication

The ethno-fiction films of Jean Rouchin

Very like a whale: the sculpture of Richard Deacon

The cultures of collecting and display

Tenebrae #2

Solo exhibition

Places sensed, senses placed

No ideas but in things

Mapping 18th century porcelain

Curating ceramics: challenging our history, challenging our future

Arcanum: mapping 18th century porcelain

Introduction: journalism and the new cultural paradigm

Agent-based modelling of stem cell self-organisation in a niche

Multidisciplinary Investigation into adult stem cell behavior

Grid services interoperability within the context of a workflow

Deployment and interoperability of legacy code services

Confocal microscopy for the identification of glycosylation changes associated with metastatic colorectal cancer

Mad for real

Effect of a novel motion desensitization training regime and controlled breathing on habituation to motion sickness

On the path-connectivity, vertex-pancyclicity, and edge-pancyclicity of crossed cubes

A software tool to aid budget planning for long-term care at local authority level

A tool for studying the effects of residents' attributes on patterns of length of stay in long-term care

Linear hashtable method predicted hexagonal search algorithm with spatial related criterion

Two-pass hexagonal algorithm with parallel implementation for video coding

Two-pass hexagonal algorithm with improved hashtable structure for motion estimation

Two-pass hexagonal algorithm with improved hashtable structure for motion estimation

Paralleled two-pass hexagonal algorithm for motion estimation

Linear predicted two-pass hexagonal search algorithm for motion estimation

Linear predicted two-pass hexagonal algorithm with parallel implementation for motion estimation

Linear predicted hexagonal search algorithm with moments

Linear hashtable method and predicted hexagonal search algorithm with moments invariant

Linear algorithm and hexagonal search based two-pass algorithm for motion estimation

Enhanced linear hashtable method predicted hexagonal search algorithm with moments

Appendix: Agamemnons on the APGRD Database (a detailed listing of c. 750 productions)

Aeschylus' Agamemnon on BBC radio, 1946–1976

New build (red brick architecture)

Urban freight consolidation centres

Beyond 'best practice' in human resource development

A technological examination of two Abbasid blue-and-white shards from Iraq, and their comparison with Chinese blue-and-white wares of the 8th - 9th Cs AD.

Some aspects of Yue ware production at Shanglinhu in the late Tang dynasty

"Thomas Burke, the 'Laureate of Limehouse": a new biographical outline

A balancing act


Memory and the politics of forgetting: Paris, the Commune, and the 1878 Exposition Universelle

Florent/Flourens: du nouveau sur la dimension politique du Ventre de Paris

Design patterns for automation of marketing authorisations in pharmaceutical industry

A rough set-based magnetic resonance imaging partial volume detection system

A hybrid approach to MR imaging segmentation using unsupervised clustering and approximate reducts

Experience of privatisation and deregulation of the bus and coach industry in Britain

John Killeen commemorative lecture 2004: in pursuit of a culture of evaluation

Careers in Britain: recovering the future

Early molecular regulation of adipogenesis in human mesenchymal stem cells

HRD in France: the corporate perspective

Criminal records and organised crime in England and Wales

Mies van der Rohe: drawing in space

Alcohol policy in Kazakhstan

Alcohol policy and politics in Kazakhstan

A matter of life and death: Soviet posters in the Second World War

Safety concerns involving Chinese herbal medicine

Seeking citizens' views on GM crops. Experiences from the Univited Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand

Using visual sources: a methodical appraisal

E-procurement in the aviation industry: value creation potential of B2B e-marketplaces

Computer-assisted diagnosis of wireless-capsule endoscopic images using neural network based techniques

Patterns of gene expression and novel factors involved in cartilage development identified through transcriptional analysis of hMSC chondrogenesis

A comparison of alternative airport performance techniques: a Eurpoean case study

Childcare for child development or childcare for mothers' work?

A meta strategy for electronic commerce: a twin level framework

Polyhydroxyalkanoate synthases: the enzymes involved in biodegradable polymer synthesis

Effect of recovery process on the physical and mechanical properties of Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) extracted from a newly isolated Bacillus sp.

Large scale production of P(3HB) from newly isolated Bacillus sp.

Effect of various carbon sources on the production of PHAs from the newly isolated Bacillus sp.

How do voice regimes influence conflict in the workplace?

Employee voice regimes and the characteristics of conflict: an analysis of the 2003 survey of employment tribunal applications

Measuring the returns to networking and the accumulation of social capital: are the yuppies networking?

Identifying the returns to networking and social capital accumulation

The impact of the National Minimum Wage in low wage sectors: does the earnings top-up evaluation study add to our understanding?

Student perceptions of quantitative skills abilities, and subsequent performance in quantitative skills training

Measuring the impacts of widening participation projects: how do we identify the impact of programmes that aim to support progression for disadvantaged groups

Shamanism and consciousness

The technological relationship between Islamic and Chinese glazed ceramics prior to the 16th Century AD

Flexible housing: the means to the end

The negotiation of hope

What is architectural research? Architectural research: three myths and one model

Selling neo-imporialism, television and US public democracy

From MacBride to Murdoch: the marketisation of global communication


Zimbo and son meet the girl with a gun

Not Quite (Pearl) White: Fearless Nadia, queen of the stunts

Towards building a generic grid services platform: a components-oriented approach

Scandal in a scandalous age: the impeachment and trial of Warren Hastings 1788-95

Mathematical modelling of stem cells

The rough guide to community asset management

Service management architecture in ePerSpace

Automatic grid service deployment

Security mechanisms for legacy code applications in GT3 environment

Password secured sites: stepping forward with keystroke dynamics

Evaluation of several random sampling schemes for DASP applications

Optimal random sampling for spectrum estimation in DASP applications

Optimal periodic sampling sequences for nearly-alias-free digital signal processing

Sarbanes-Oxley: employee liability and protection

Sarbanes-Oxley litigation: employee liability and protection

Basel II: principles of avoiding regulatory failure

Obligation to co-operate in marine scientific research and the conservation of marine living resources

Low-tide elevations in international law of the sea: selected issues

Cognate peptide-receptor ligand mapping by directed phage display

1st interim report on the updated UK MARKAL energy systems model

Issues on future technology cost estimation: an (incomplete) overview

Reflective writing in higher education: a case study

Balancing culture and commerce on the global stage: BBC worldwide

Teaching the Alexander Technique to People with Parkinson's

Evaluation of Lone Parents Work Focused Interviews and New Deal for Lone Parents

Teorii ale mass media dupa prabusirea communismului European. De ce vehicle modele din Est si West nu vor mai functioiona

Media and the (global) public sphere: an evaluative approach

Civil society as contested concept: media and political transformation in Eastern and Central Europe

Competition and regulation: substitutes of complements?

Green citizenship and the social economy

Democratic deliberation and environmental policy: opportunities and barriers in Britain

Beyond the ballot: 57 democratic innovations from around the world

Pathophysiological concentrations of ADMA alter human coronary artery endothelial cell gene expression: an insight into the pathophysiological significance of raised plasma ADMA levels

Developing a database for automating regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry

Developing a database for automating regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry

Supporting quality indicators in the UK national health service

Executing workflow-based grid applications with the collaborative P-GRADE portal

Workflow-oriented collaborative grid portals

Collaborative workflow editing in the P-Grade portal

Striate cortex (V1) activity gates awareness of motion

The Baghdad Stock Exchange: a dismal first decade - a growth path ahead?

Securization, not privatization: how the emerging economies can get better deals for themselves from the global financial markets

Risk management and securitization of assets: the case of Iraq

Feel it, don't think: the significance of affect in the study of digital games

Corporealis ergo sum: affective response in digital games

Novel combline resonator structures

Coupling coefficients of combline resonators

Novel compact EBG waveguide resonators in planar form

Novel bandpass filters in planar form for microwave communication systems

Left handed rectangular waveguide resonator structures

Generalized net model with intuitionistic fuzzy estimations of the process of obtaining of scientific titles and degrees

Text based dialogical systems: gimmick or query?

Interactions between cell surface protein disulphide isomerase and S-nitrosoglutathione during nitric oxide delivery into MEG-01 megakaryocytes

Regulating the labour market

Bringing the World to the UK: factual international programming on UK public service TV, 2005

Gestalten statt verwalten: der beitrag von europabeamten zur europäischen integration

Carnage and the media: the making and breaking of news about violence

CIPD guide to human resource outsourcing

Quantification of urban freight transport effects I, deliverable D5.1

The opportunities for flexible housing

The lost judgement

Double-skin facades: Improving performance and reducing costs

Teach yourself German conversation. Goal: two-way communication

Restructuring the field of Chinese medicine: a study of the Menghe and Ding scholarly currents, 1600-2000 (Part 2)

Television and history

Stem cells, tissue engineering and the mechanical environment

The final gift: motives and barriers to giving

Marketing bequest club membership: an expolratory study of legacy pledgers

'Academic tourism' or 'a truly multicultural community? Why international students need pragmatic training for British H.E.

Women, development and Al Jazeera: a balance sheet

Media policy in the Middle East: a reappraisal

Asymptotic analysis of piezoelectric shallow shells

The day Moroccans gave up couscous for satellites: global TV, structures of feeling, and mental migration

Trichomonas vaginalis: paradigm of a successful sexually transmitted organism

Addressing the 24/7 issue

Italy: Law reform needed to implement the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

I compiti delle Forze di pace dell'Unione Europea' (The tasks of the EU peace-keeping forces)

A practical approach to housing law

Salt intake and cardiovascular health in adults: analysis of INTERMAP study and NDNS

Post-market surveillance of novel foods

Assessing learning in an undergraduate database administration module using student demonstrations

Transformations in the night-time economy in English town centres: challenges to management

Hybrid organizations as a strategy for supporting new product development

Complementary and alternative medicine evidence online for cancer

DataMining a keystroke dynamics biometrics database using rough sets

A rough sets based breast cancer decision support system

SOM based image pathology detection system

Enhancing login security using keystroke hardening and keyboard gridding

Classifying heart disease datasets using rough sets

A breast cancer diagnosis system: a combined approach using rough sets and probabilistic neural networks

Attribute extraction and classification using rough sets on a lymphoma dataset

A rough sets based classifier for primary biliary cirrhosis

A computational model of stroke-in-progression

A computational model of acute and delayed tissue damage resulting from ischemic stroke

Developing a keystroke dynamics based agent using rough sets

Apoptosis as a mediator of delayed tissue damage in progressive stroke: a computational study

Monitoring clinical performance: the role of software architecture

Architects today: the hundred greatest living architects

How do you climb the corporate ladder? A multi-regional analysis of the ethical preferences for influencing superiors

Developing an understanding of credit-risk processes in selected UK sectors

La pubblicità sociale in Cina: un quadro generale (Public service advertising in China: an introduction)

Probablistic image-based characterisation of manuscript inks

Towards a hypertext reading/comprehension model

The logic of correctness in software engineering

British Asian undergraduate students in London

An etymological note on of līfe forrǣdan

The Norse origin of OE afol / ME afell: is evidence strong enough?

Archbishop Wulfstan's lexical choices: lagu vs ǣ

The long and winding road: tracking down the evidence on CAM in cancer

"No language restrictions" in database searches: what does this really mean?

Television sitcom production at the BBC 1973-1984: an integrated approach

Ten white men thirteen years later: the changing constitution of masculinities in South Africa, 1987-2000

Distinguishing between learning, growth and evolution

The vociferous rupture

User controlled filtering in WEB usage mining

Intuitionistic fuzzy generalised nets in modelling web usage patterns indentification

Forecasting heavy-tailed densities with positive Edgeworth-Sargan and Gram-Charlier expansion

Crossing heterogeneous information sources for better analysis in long term care for elderly people

Rossi in retrospect: fame and familiarity

Developing agent Web service agreements

A formal framework for agent interaction semantics

Portal in the SEE-GRID

Exploring the selection of technology for enabling communities

Trust: an investigation of the diverse disciplines exploring trust, and the relationships types being explored

Local government: how to attract, recruit and retain young people and prospective graduates

Changing priorities, transformed opportunities?

Farmers, farm workers and work related stress

Des inégalités sociales aux inégalités scolaires: choix éducatifs et prospect theory

Institutional competition and conflict in a separated system: the Congress, the Presidency and the Courts at the beginning of the 21st century

What the billboard saw / la ville mode d'emploi

Urban Inventory #1-4

Talk is cheap: some notes on freedom of speech and the ethics of listening in Route 181 by Michel Khleifi and Eyal Sivan

Still moving and moving still

Inside the archive

In concert

Excerpts from 'time and again'

Forecasting the density of asset returns

Forecasting heavy-tailed densities with positive Edgeworth and Gram-Charlier expansions

Estimating the dynamics of interest rates in the Japanese economy

Methodological issues in researching ethnic entrepreneurship: African entrepreneurship in London

Econometric modelling of the Euro using two factor continuous time dynamic interest rate models

Derivative prices from interest rate models: results for Canada, Hong Kong, and United States

Continuous time dynamic modelling of interest rates in emerging markets

Continuous time interest rate models in Japanese fixed income markets

Beyond the Arab disease: new perspectives in politics and culture

Synen pa icke-fiktion i TV: resultatredovisning

Original intent and the European Convention on Human Rights

London: the mayor, partnership and world city business

Significant to Bradley

Torture: a legitimate interrogation technique or a gross violation of human rights

Recent developments in English criminal law and procedure

Case note: Drawing inferences from positive suggestions put to witnesses: R v Webber

Potential therapeutic benefit of novel DDAH inhibitors for the treatment of endotoxemia

Towards unravelling the elicitation mechanism in cultures of Penicillium chrysogenin: Chrysogenin elicitation

Protecting and promoting good nutrition in crisis and recovery: resource guide

Schmitt's vision of a multipolar world order

On the political

The "end of politics" and the challenge of right-wing populism

Convertibility law and its ramifications

Comparative immunomodulatory properties of a chitosan-MDP adjuvant combination following intranasal or intramuscular immunisation

The content of new voluntary trade union recognition agreements 1998-2002 - volume 2: findings from the survey of employers

A day in the life of a reflective teacher: a reflective approach to research in education

Reducing the costs of doing business: human costs and social issues of IS/IT strategies

Engaging the hard-to-reach: an evaluation of participatory methods used in research with secondary school students

All the nuts in one basket: participatory research and unexpected ethics

Public involvement in food policy: guidelines for commissioning consultative activities with the hard-to-reach

Natural biodegradable polymers from the Polyhydroxyalkanoate family emerging as a promising material for biomedical applications

Phosphorylated amyloid-ß: the toxic intermediate in Alzheimer's disease neurodegeneration

Using Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to enhance the museum visit experience

Art in the making: aesthetics, historicity and practice

'EastEnders' and the manufacture of celebrity

A cosmorama of now

E-Care co-ordination: an inclusive community-wide holistic approach

"Joining up" e-Health and e-Care sevices: meeting the demographic challenge

Viewpoint: science education and the public interest

Science education and the public interest

Urban form reducing the demand for car travel: towards an integrated policy agenda for the Belfast Metropolitan area?

The contradictions and intersections of class and gender in a global city: placing working women's lives on the research agenda

Towards a multi-criteria sustainability appraisal of competing hydrogen futures

Report of the September 2005 UKSHEC Hydrogen Transitions Workshop

Markov model-based clustering for efficient patient care

Ansel Adams: the gender politics of literary-philosophical and photographic archives

The phantom of surrealism: photography, cultural identity and the reception of surrealism in England

Urban future organisation

Disability discrimination and higher education in England and Wales and Australia compared

When managers derail: coaching can help managers get back on track and deal with their problems

Evidence of systemic and pulmonary endothelial dysfunction in the Dimethylarginine Dimethylaminohydrolase I (DDAH I+/-) heterozygous knockout mouse

Dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase I (DDAH I) heterozygous knockout mice display a cardiovascular phenotype consisting of pulmonary and systemic endothelial dysfunction

A comparative study between UK and US: the student satisfaction in higher education and its influential factors

A semi-autonomous generic network for seamless personalised services at home and elsewhere

ePerSpace: a distributed platform for personalised services at home and elsewhere

Going, going, gone: regulating the market in illicit antiquities

Science not rhetoric

How do we produce rounded thinking?: A case study

Providing transport for social inclusion within a framework for environmental justice in the UK

UK energy policy frameworks (panel debate)

A study on the effects of accumulated and independent clock jitter on discrete-time delta-sigma modulators

A normative framework for agent-based systems

An architecture for a portable grid-enabled engine

Localising the Habitat Agenda for urban poverty reduction, DFID research project R-7963, final report volume 3: country reports

Localising the Habitat Agenda for urban poverty reduction, DFID research project R-7963, final report volume 4: general workshop reports, presentations and publications

Localising the Habitat Agenda for urban poverty reduction, DFID research project R-7963, final report volume 5: inception phase report and literature reviews

Localising the Habitat Agenda for urban poverty reduction, DFID research project R-7963, final report volume 1: main report

Localising the Habitat Agenda for urban poverty reduction, DFID research project R-7963, final report volume 2: background and methodology papers

Computer modeling for urban partnership and participation

A feature selection procedure and its application in health care

An analysis of missing data treatment methods and their application to health care dataset

Virtual learning communities: a guide for practitioners

Emerging pedagogical and organisational issues: impact of virtual learning communities in the workplace

Semantic-based policy engineering for autonomic systems

Decoupling GDP and performance growth from energy use in German road freight traffic

Understanding energy efficiency improvements in road freight transport companies: the example of courier and parcel services

NESTOR2 – Nachhaltigkeitseffekte von Effizienzmaßnahmen im Straßengüterverkehr mit Fokus auf KEP-Dienste und Speditionskooperationen

CO2-Minderung und -Effizienz im Straßengüterverkehr. Baseline, Massnahmen und Potenzial

Radiographic images

The European Convention on Human Rights and the protection of refugees: limits and opportunities

E-Commerce as an alternative distribution technology: the readiness of Chinese consumers

Distortion correction of LDMOS RF power amplifiers using digital predistortion

The media & Japanese children in diaspora: understanding Japanese families’ media consumption & everyday lives in London

The effectiveness of educational technology on children's learning in a school environment

An application of intuitionistic fuzzy relational databases in football match result predictions

Representing uncertainty and ignorance in probabilistic data using the intuitionistic fuzzy relational data model

Computational modelling of the gene expression profile from acute ischaemic brain injury

Probabilistic image-based characterization of manuscript inks

Identification of urinary tract infections using soft computing techniques

Detecting abnormalities in capsule endoscopic images by textural description and neural networks

The use of gas-sensor arrays to diagnose urinary tract infections

Classification of capsule endoscopic images based on texture and neuro-fuzzy systems

A neurofuzzy methodology for the diagnosis of wireless-capsule endoscopic images

An intelligent system for diagnosis of capsule endoscopic images

Intelligent systems for the diagnosis of wireless-capsule endoscopic images

Improved neural network-based interpretation of capsule endoscopic images

Neural network-based approach for the classification of wireless-capsule endoscopic images

Intelligent gas-sensing systems for bacterial clinical isolates in vitro classification

Intelligent classification of bacterial clinical isolates in vitro, using an array of gas sensors

Financing strategies of women small business owners

"Torn between the two": work/life balance of women small business owners

"In the eye of the beholder": women entrepreneurs' measures and sources of success

Evaluation of the extension to lone parent work focused interviews eligibility: administrative data analysis

Evaluation of the Childcare Taster Pilot and Extended Schools Childcare programmes: further qualitative research into implementation

Legacy code support for production grids

User friendly legacy code support for different grid environments and middleware

Integration of GEMLCA and the P-GRADE portal

Data mining a hepatitis dataset using rough sets

Production of biopharmaceuticals through microbial cell immobilization

Stimulation of regulatory volume decrease (RVD) by isolated bovine articular chondrocytes following F-actin disruption using latrunculin B

Online, interactive technologies to support e-learning

An embodied conversational agent for interactive videogame environments

Autobiography and independence: selfhood and creativity in North African postcolonial writing in French

Automatic deployment and interoperability of grid services

Automatic deployment of interoperable legacy code services

Journalism and democracy across borders

Civil society organisation and the internet: the case of Amnesty International, Oxfam and the World Development Movement

Multi-lingual database querying and the atoms of language

MDDQL: an ontology driven, multi-lingual query language and system for an integrated view of heterogeneous data sources

On the relativity of ontological domains and their specifications

The impact of change on the performance of a high profile finance company

The metabolic role of methymalonyl CoA mutase in Escherichia coli

Contemporary urban gateways

Experiences of generating COTS components when automating medicinal product evaluations

Software support in automation of medicinal product evaluations

COTS components and DB interoperability

Outsourcing network management

Lost in translation? Challenges for participatory governance of science and technology

Between policy and politics. Or: whatever do weapons of mass destruction have to do with GM crops?: the UK's GM nation public debate as an example of participatory governance

Project B: option generation: literature review

Scott Lithgow: deja vu all over again!: the rise and fall of a shipbuilding company

The First Fleet Victory since Trafalgar: The Battle of Cape Matapan and Signals Intelligence

Review of: Transforming stress: the HeartMath solution for relieving worry, fatigue and tension (Doc Childre and Deboraj Rozman. Oakland, New Harbinger Publications Inc, 2005)

Review of: Consciousness, bioenergy and healing: self-healing and the energy medicine for the 21st Century

Review of: And the journey begins

An automated anomaly EEG detection algorithm using discrete wavelet transforms

Detecting clinically relevant EEG anomalies using discrete wavelet transforms

Automatic detection Of EEG abnormalities using wavelet transformations

A review of security threats on smart phones

Book review on 'Why, mister, why?'

Naturopathy as a profession: current and future prospects

A lightweight platform for integration of mobile devices into pervasive grids

Integrating mobile devices into the grid: design considerations and evaluation

European television industries

Policy and research recommendations: urban consolidation centres, and last mile solutions, project deliverable D1.1

Cultural competence in family support: a tool kit for supporting black, minority ethnic and faith families

Approaches to council housing management: a study of 'best value' implementation in two London boroughs

Pebbles (2002)


Tackling the white-ethnic minority employment gap: Jobcentres and ethnic minority outreach

Making research work

Using product and design tools to improve services

The new standard on service design management

BS7373-3: Guide to identifying criteria for specifying a service offering

The asymmetric institutions and politics of devolution

Young women, sexual behaviour and sexual decision-making

Neoliberalism, the new right and sexual politics

The unintended, entirely foreseeable though perhaps unavoidable consequences of litigating the abolition of capital punishment

Replacing capital punishment: an effective penal policy approach

Business process modelling using discrete-event simulation: current opportunities and future challenges

Peer e-mentoring: enhancement of the first year experience

Services marketing curriculum development: mainstream or specialist study?

Monkeys and museums

Audiences and factual and reality television in Sweden

Reality TV: performance, authenticity, and television audiences

Women health care provider projects: joint findings from Ghana and Uganda

Global competition and city regional governance in Europe

Urban quality, competitiveness and governance: a North American-European perspective

The uneasy trend to economic freedom

Economics, climate change issues, and global salvationism

Self-rated everyday and prospective memory abilities of cigarette smokers and non-smokers: A web-based study

Characterization of expressed sequence tags from a gallus gallus pineal gland cDNA library

Benchmarking report in the Italian hospitality industry

A memory of possibilities

The Employment Retention and Advancement scheme - the early months of implementation: summary and conclusions

The nature of self-employment in urban Ethiopia

Re-employment hazard of displaced German workers: evidence from the GSOEP

e-Government in Greece: opportunities for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of local government

Safety net? Trust and e-government

The road to academia: a different experience. FP6 project REKS

Tony Blair won't eat our dinner, why do we?

Effects of deposited wood on biocomplexity of river corridors

Go with the flow or seize control? Interaction principles that make games enjoyable

Retrieval-induced forgetting is inversely related to everyday cognitive failures

The double meaning of law: does it matter if film lawyers are unethical?

Notes from the Institute of Electrical Anthropology

Transport and transit: air, sea and land

How low cost carriers development in Europe has changed the airport structures: lessons for Polish airports

Have the major forces driving leisure airline traffic changed?

Experiences with deploying legacy code applications as grid services using GEMLCA

Application of recombinant phage display antibody system in study of Codakia orbicularis gill proteins

Pensions and retirement savings: cluster analysis of consumer behaviour and attitudes

A heuristic approach in hepatic cancer diagnosis using a probabilistic neural network-based model

A hybrid approach to cancer classification: rough sets and probabilistic neural networks

An evolutionary computational approach to probabilistic neural network with application to hepatic cancer diagnosis

Child development and communication issues

United Kingdom: never mind the policy, feel the growth

Low conspiracy? Government intervention in the BBC

Fame and the changing role of the drawing

On surrealism and architecture

New creative visual research in action

Moving experiences: media effects and beyond. 2nd edition

Beyond "effects": new visual methods in media audience research

Sample surveys of public perceptions and opinions

The information society debate revisited

Best practices and community asset management projects as vehicles for communicating development

Second homes: European perspectives and UK policies

Differential glycosylation of gelatinase B from neutrophils and breast cancer cells

Support mechanisms for web-enhanced learning in diverse cultural contexts

East meets West: a web-based training needs analysis of e-learning professionals across cultures

Evaluating interprofessional education: a self-help guide

Alternative models for the regulation of global sport

Report on international approaches to the defence of indigent persons in criminal cases: a report for Lord Carter's review of legal aid procurement

Internal case assignment in England

Socio-legal ethnography

Rating, dating, and the (in)formal regulation and formal ordering of financial transactions: securitisations and credit rating agencies

Employment effects of the provision of specific professional skills and techniques in Germany

Eduard Bernstein, the first Marx reviser and his relevance for social democracy today

Signal processing techniques for aeronautical communications via satellite

The cabinet of horribly violent glove puppets

The Londoners

Lactoferrin: the conductor of the immunological system?

Islam in the British broadsheets: how historically-conditioned orientalist discourses inform representations of Islam as a militant monolithic entity

(Co-author) The Arab human development report 2004: towards freedom in the Arab world

Management of produced water on offshore oil installations: a comparative assessment using flow analysis

A sectoral sustainable development methodology for the UK offshore oil and gas sector

A comparative assessment of options for produced water management in the North Sea

Management of produced water on offshore oil and gas facilities: comparative assessment using flow analysis

Dilemmas of public participation

Energy systems and modelling

Trade, environment and development: issues, linkages, challenges and opportunities

Thinking through the economics

Pre-Budget 2004 and Budget 2005: tax, appraisal, and the environment. Memo and evidence

Inquiry into economic aspects of climate change

Improving delivery of national SD strategies

How important is recycling to sustainable development?

Emissions trading: impacts on electricity consumers: a summary report by Prof Paul Ekins, Policy Studies Institute

Eco-efficiency: motives, drivers and economic implications

Towards a user-centred method for studying CVEs for learning

Illuminating non-visual imagery: exploring the everyday use of sensory imagery in the blind and sighted

UKSHEC hydrogen visions

Towards a multi-criteria sustainability appraisal of competing hydrogen futures

Hybridisation and the dynamics of technological transitions: insights for the putative hydrogen economy

Learning values in healthcare

Structure/function of N-glycans


Climate change and fuel poverty

An evaluation of participatory methods for research with hard-to-reach groups

Methods to access consumer views on food policy issues: an evaluation of their viability and efficacy for inclusive participation in food policy making

Food choice, influencing factors

Supervising and examining practice-based PhDs in the moving image

British documentary television and docusoaps

An e-learning tool for database administration

Knowledge capture, sharing and maintenance in the semantic Web age: a framework proposal

From end-users to bots: the balancing act of web-based knowledge search and sharing

Joint claims for JSA extension: a technical report on the quantitative evaluation of labour market effects

A sketch and simulation of an integrated modelling framework for the study of interdependent infrastructure-based networked systems

Modelling unexpected events in a continuous-time econometric-input-output model of the Midwest economy

Religion, community relations and constructive unionism: the Arlow disturbances of 1890-1892

A software system for clinical monitoring

On migration and unemployment: evidence from Italian graduates

Sustainability and ethnic minority businesses: an examination of the Asian business sector in the UK

The new media handbook

Riis, Jacob

Radiant city

Book review: Masking terror: how women contain violence in southern Sri Lanka

Synthesis of reconfigurable multiplier blocks: part II: algorithm

Synthesis of reconfigurable multiplier blocks: part I: fundamentals

Efficient implementation of digital filters using novel reconfiguaration multiplier blocks (REMB)

Teaching lexically [Online training course]

Innovations: elementary workbook

Innovations: elementary teacher's book

Innovations: elementary coursebook

GEMLCA: running legacy code applications as grid services


Statistical mechanics of combinatorial optimization problems with site disorder

Paradise row

We Have Met the Enemy & He Is Us

'Sister Kali's Soul Temple – the Goddess of Death and Aretha Franklin' and 'Lecture in Conversation - an improved dialogue between Albert Camus and Lord Krishna'

London in six easy steps

For a few rupees more

Protecting children from sex offenders online: when strangers become 'virtual friends'

Changing patterns of HRM in the Romanian organisation: an exploratory study of management in Eastern Europe

Changing patterns of HRM in the Romanian organisation: a study in management in Eastern Europe

Eco-efficiency trends in the UK steel and aluminum industries: differences between resource efficiency and resource productivity

An exploratory study for effective COTS and OSS product marketing

Investigating computer-supported cooperative learning: applications for flexible learning environments

The phenomenology of non-dwelling: Massimo Cacciari, modernism and the philosophy of the metropolis

The Futures of Surrealism: Hegelianism, Romanticism, and the Avant-Garde

Photography and the literary conditions of the surrealist image

Asceticism against colour, or modernism, abstraction and the lateness of Beckett

The way we work now

Semantic-based matching and personalization in FWEB, a publish/subscribe-based web infrastructure

Automatic hyperlink creation using P2P and publish/subscribe

Hannah Arendt and the "right to have rights"

Reconnoitre (release 2)


System poetics and software refuseniks


"Citizens" study: results of European focus groups examining public perceptions of air transport growth and ATM

Attitudes t societal demands in ATM operations: introduction of a B-CDA trial at Manchester Airport

Problems with equality: is equality the proper basis for discrimination law?

From slavery to ageism: finding a common ground for anti-discrimination law

Discrimination law and the quota fear in Britain and the United States

Marcosandmarjan: interfaces / intrafaces

Archigram: Experimental architecture, 1961-1974

Improve your German: an advanced course in German

Grammar spectrum for Italian students

A comparison of uk health regulators guidance on professional boundaries

An interactive framework for developing simulation models of hospital accident and emergency services

Sociotechnical concepts applied to information systems

The concept of communities of practice

Communities of practice

A risky business retirement (for higher education)

KM in a project climate

What is the value of intellectual capital?

Knowledge management practices in some UK service organisations

Communities of practice and technology support

A comparison of the features of some CoP software

SMS communication and announcement classification in managed learning environments

Informal adult education between the wars: the curious case of the Selbourne Lecture Bureau

The charter of fundamental rights: what guarantee of the social equity of reforms?

Ethnically segregated sectors: forces of exclusion and inclusion

Divergent divisions of construction labour

Approaches to skills and training

A European skills framework? - but what are skills? Anglo-Saxon versus German concepts

Cities, suburbs, countryside

State aid for maritime transport: Case C-400/99 Italy v Commission

Standard contractual clauses for the transfer of personal data to third countries

Siebe Gorman overruled: retrospective effect of the overrule applied by the House of Lords

Ship master's right to be paid for short breaks

Performance bonds: Tradigrain v State Trading Corp of India

Performance bonds given by a foreign government

Liner conferences in the EU and the proposed review of EC Regulation 4056/86

Implementation of the directive concerning the enforcement of provisions in respect of seafarers' hours of work

Freedom of establishment and threats of industrial action by unions of maritime workers. Viking Line ABP v International Transport Workers' Federation and Finnish Seamen's Union

Extension of liner shipping consortia block exemption

Conflicts of law and letters of credit

Apparent conflict of jurisdiction between the CMR and the Brussels regime on civil and commercial jurisdiction

Representation of factual and temporal unawareness in electronic patient records

On probability, null values, intuitionistic fuzzy, and value imperfection

Polysaccharides and polysaccharide-modifying enzymes in Ganoderma species

Polysaccharide-modifying enzymes from Ganoderma species and their applications

Phylogenetic relationships between Basidiomycetes believed to be Ganoderma species based on distance analysis of their 5.8S, ITS1 and ITS2 rDNA sequences

The trouble with talkies

Cranial manipulation: theory and practice: osseous and soft tissue approaches. 2nd edition

Joint compensation of IQ-imbalance and carrier phase sychronization errors in communication receivers

Efficient FPGA implementation of an adaptive IQ-imbalance corrector for communication receivers using reduced range multipliers

International comparisons of GDP

The distance and contemporaneity in exploring the practice of states: the British Archives in relation to the 1957 Oman and Muscat incident

A theory of distributed objects: asynchrony, mobility, groups, components

Labour market transitions among the over-50s

Putting the child in kitemark

What is childcare: the need for the voice of the child

Glass camouflage: photography, objects and objectivity

A novel mutation in the ADAMTS13 gene of patients with adult onset TTP

A genetic basis for adult onset TTP?

ADAMTS13 gene mutations and polymorphisms in acquired thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) patients

No association between pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis and the –455G/A β-fibrinogen gene polymorphism

Higher and further education students' income, expenditure and debt in Scotland

Output-energy filters in non-coherent pulse-event detection

Optimal signal selection for FIR matched filtering in pole-only noise

Compromises in FIR matched filter design

A new organization for a perceptron-based branch predictor and its FPGA implementation

Implementation of a block based neural branch predictor

FPGA organization for the fast path-based neural branch predictor

How can you be sure of Shell? Is corporate governance better served by unitary or two-tier boards?

Waveguide components

Catching a wave: the adoption of voice and high commitment workplace practices in Britain: 1984-1998

Youth adult differences in demand for unionization: are American, British and Canadian workers all that different?

Why so unhappy?: The effects of unionisation on job satisfaction

Job satisfaction and employer behaviour

Working with dinosaurs?: Union effectiveness in Britain

Working off welfare

Assessing energy consumption in the jeans supply chain

The Fragmented Figure

Body Language

Direct selling: an academic perspective

Foreign policy as dialogue

Remaking Johannesburg


Le film de fiction historique: support dans l'acquisition de compétences langagières et culturelles

Research methods for business students: an online course

Ultraflower case study

Robert Saudek's contribution to graphology

Graphologues: image sociale et statut professionnel. La graphologie

Codes of conduct for graphology in Europe

Codes of conduct and graphology

Behind advertising scenes

Knowledge management, learning and trust in e-business operations

Using the Internet for religion: a study of the possible use of the Internet for religious purposes among the Catholics of the Archdiocese of Mumbai, India

Die lehre vom stufenbau des rechts nach Adolf Julius Merkl ('Adolf Julius Merkl's doctrine of the hierarchical structure of the law')

The formalisation of research ethics

Normative agents: formal analysis and applications

Proof-searching algorithm in first order classical natural deduction calculus

Automated first order natural deduction

Nestor Perlongher and the avant-garde: privileged interlocutors and inherited techniques

Connecting the P-GRADE portal with the MDS-2 Grid Information System

A consideration of the UK Government's proposals for business improvement districts in England: issues and uncertainties

Measuring ripple effect for the object oriented paradigm

Women in computing: a European and international perspective

Using program slicing to identify faults in software: an exploratory study

Part time work, good for work life balance: but bad for optimum performance. Do patterns of communication disadvantage part time workers?

Using the ripple effect to measure software quality

Evidence for a neuroprotective role of the CRH-like peptide, urocortin, in the 6-hydroxydopamine treated rat

Urocortin attenuates key indicators of nigrostriatal pathway destruction in a rat hemiparkinsonian model

Critic's choice

A forest of logos

Animal toxins: what features differentiate pore blockers from gate modifiers

Joint claims for JSA evaluation: synthesis of findings

Joint claims for JSA evaluation: synthesis of findings

Living with ambivalence: a case study of a critical management education encounter

Gaussian estimation of continuous time macroeconomic model of the United Kingdom with unobservable stochastic trends

Evaluating the dynamic employment effects of training programs in East Germany using conditional difference-in-differences

Every individual is the exception to the rule

The isocapnic buffering phase and mechanical efficiency: relationship to cycle time trial performance of short and long duration

Novel compact resonators with multiple 2-D Hilbert fractal curves

Über die Wirksamkeit von FuU-Maßnahmen, Ein Evaluationsversuch mit prozessproduzierten Daten aus dem IAB

Hybrid authentication systems: towards robust user authentication on wireless and mobile devices using biometric technologies

Understanding the rules of financial innovations

Financial liberalisation: lessons from the literature on transitional economies

Physiological role of carnosine in contracting muscle

Effect of basic and advanced formulation carbohydrate-electrolyte drinks on physical and mental performance during high-intensity intermittent exercise

Zapruder, Warhol, and the accident of images

A hybrid message logging-CIC protocol for constrained checkpointability

Search strategies for resolution in CTL-type logics: extension and complexity

Behavioural models for hierarchical components

Multiprofessional/interprofessional education

Interprofessional education: today, yesterday and tomorrow: a review. Revised edition June 2005

Opportunity or threat? The BBC, investigative journalism and the Hutton Report

Hello sky, goodbye world

Family life in Britain: findings from the 2003 Families and Children Study (FACS)

The Young Men's Initiative: an evaluation

Ethnic minority outreach: an evaluation

Evaluation of the Childcare Taster Pilot and Extended Schools Childcare programmes: qualitative research into initial implementation

Evaluation of the Childcare Taster Pilot and Extended Schools Childcare pilot programmes: qualitative research into initial implementation

Energy-economy-engineering environment: an E4 representation of the UK energy system

An intelligent tutoring system for program semantics

An introduction to postcolonial literature

Of young magicians and growing up: J. K. Rowling, her critics, and the "cultural infantilism" debate

International and Uzbek law: the doctrines of transformation, incorporation and self-executing treaties

Head of state immunity in the light of multiple legal regimes and non-self-contained system theories: theoretical analysis of ICC third party jurisdiction against the background of the 2003 Iraq war

Current developments, public international law: the Iraqi special tribunal for crimes against humanity

Book review of 'The policy of law: a legal theoretical framework' by Mauro Zamboni (Stockholm: Stockholm University Press)

Towards integration of legacy code deployment approaches

Developing a framework to improve the quality of grounded theory research

Supporting a wireless network using OSS

People, personnel and performance

Modern project management and the lessons from the study of the transformation of the British Expeditionary Force in the Great War

Working with phonetics

Discovering phonetics: learning through fieldwork

Spelling aloud: a preliminary study in idiomatic intonation

Speech sounds. 2nd edition

Phonetics in pedagogy: where do we draw the line?

Phonetic pedagogy


Outsourcing repair and maintenance in local authority housing in the UK: directions for research

Intracorporeal videoprobe (IVP)

Automatic landmarking of 2D medical shapes using the growing neural gas network

Automatic landmark extraction from a class of hands using growing neural gas

A study of van activity in two London Boroughs

Reducing costs: a practical application for performance-based specification and transaction cost theories

A generic business modelling framework for integrating organisational, social and information systems concepts

Religion and the legitimation of the state: the development of political thought in contemporary Shi’ism (Case study Iran 1979-2004)

Dr Angel Pulido and philo-Sephardism in Spain

Affordability targets: implications for housing supply

Direct digital recovery of modulated signals from nonuniformly distributed samples

Women into social enterprise (WISE) project: an analysis of the project and its outcomes.

Book review: Developing academic library staff for future success

Back to work: supporting professional women’s return to the workplace after a career break

Promoting requirement identification quality: enhancing the human interaction dimension

Verification of data in staging schema, mapping between source tables and materialized views

Promising niches: a survey of early markets for hydrogen technologies

The UK Climate Change Levy: an empirical analysis of the price and announcement effect

The role of market risk in the performance of tradable quota systems and feed-in laws

Factors influencing the likelihood of a regulatory change in renewable electricity policies

Is there really a value in entrepreneurship education?

Insatiable demand or academic supply: the intellectual context of entrepreneurship education

A practical approach to conveyancing. 7th edition

The law and legal system of Uzbekistan

Theory and method in socio-legal research

The Royal Navy, 1930-1990: innovation and defence

Risk management in emerging markets

Proceedings of the First East European Conference on Health Modelling Computation: HCMC 2005, Craiova, Romania, August 31st - September 2nd 2005

Proceedings of International Workshop on E-learning Online Communities: ELOC 2005

Photography and Literature in the Twentieth Century

Network art: practices and positions

Network art: practices and positions

Making journalists: diverse models, global issues

Governance and risk in emerging and global markets

Future generation grids: proceedings of the Workshop on Future Generation Grids, November 1-5, 2004, Dagstuhl, Germany

Experiments in architecture

Encyclopedia of communities of practice in information and knowledge management

Dynamic models and their applications in emerging markets

Component models and systems for grid applications: proceedings of the Workshop on Component Models and Systems for Grid Applications held June 26, 2004 in Saint Malo, France.

Complete family health guide new medicine: how to integrate complementary & conventional medicine for the safest and most effective treatment

China and Britain: the potential impact of China's development

Capital flows and foreign direct investments in emerging markets

British admirals of the Napoleonic Wars: contemporaries of Nelson

Architecture and participation

American visual cultures

A new sociology of work?

The 1970s is here and now

A continuous time Markov model for the length of stay of elderly people in institutional long-term care

Differences in turnover predictors between multilevel and single level direct selling organizations

Retail franchising: an intellectual capital perspective

Hepatic triglyceride content and its relation to body adiposity: a magnetic resonance imaging and proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy study

Reimaging the city: the value of sport initiatives

Feminist activism, third party interventions and the courts

Friends and relatives in need of an explanation: Gr. anagkaîos, L necessarius and PGmc *nauð-

Postmodern global governance and the critical legal project: translated by Julia H. Chryssostalis with Patrick Hanafin

Leptin expression in the fetus and placenta during mouse pregnancy

Evaluation of UK car insurance brokers' web sites: some preliminary findings

The diurnal patterns of the adrenal steroids cortisol and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in relation to awakening

'Competing regionalisation' through territory and cluster networks: experiences from post-socialist Eastern Germany

The end of the amphibious option?: The cancellation of Operation Chopper, Sicily, July 1943

Development of a questionnaire to collect public health data for school entrants in London: Child Health Assessment at School Entry (CHASE) project

Labour reform in a neo-liberal 'protected' democracy: Chile 1990-2001

Capacity utilisation and corporate restructuring: a comparative study of the US, UK and other EU countries

Obituary Symposium: Jacques Derrida, 1930-2004

The critical instance 'after' the critique of the subject


Users of graphology

The best of graphology

Six of the best

The Iraqi Special Tribunal for Crimes Against Humanity

Altered adiposity after extremely preterm birth

A framework for predicting gross institutional long-term care cost arising from known commitments at local authority level

Correspondence: beyond deworming

Book review: When food kills: BSE, E coli and disaster science

Editorial: bio-medicine in crisis: cost, cure, compassion and commitment

Work, life and time in the new economy: an introduction

Gated communities as club goods: segregation or social cohesion?

Evaluating teamwork

Urban logistics: how can it meet policy makers' sustainability objectives?

Targeting and contemporary aerial bombardment

Women's paid work and moral economies of care

Exploring the African view of the global

Book review: Hera Cook (2004), The long sexual revolution: English women, sex, and contraception 1800 - 1975, Oxford; Oxford University Press, 412 pp., £35 hbk, ISBN 0-19-925239-4

Accuracy: a new initiative

Editorial: squaring the circle: nursing and the future of holism

Excess visceral and hepatic adipose tissue in Turner syndrome determined by magnetic resonance imaging: estrogen deficiency associated with hepatic adipose content

McLean's nuggets

Canada as a case study

GEMLCA: running legacy code applications as grid services

Implementing a five-factor personality inventory for use on the Internet

Book review: Human nature and public policy: an evolutionary approach by Albert Somit and Steven A Peterson

Cardiovascular tests: use & limits of biochemical markers - therapeutic measurements of ADMA involved in cardiovascular disorders

Book review: Love and communication

Selective substrate-based inhibitors of mammalian dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase

McLean's nuggets

Soft and hard evidence

Making sense of illness: the experiences of users of complementary medicine

Editorial: spirituality and healthcare practice

Personality, gender and self-perceived intelligence

McLean's nuggets

The concept of metropolis

Book review: Nation, Civil Society and Social Movements: Essays in Political Sociology

Effects of ADMA upon gene expression: an insight into the pathophysiological significance of raised plasma ADMA

Fact and fiction in housing research: utilizing the creative imagination

Editorial: holism, mental health and mental wealth

Editorial: ‘Hybrid Identities in Digital Media’

McLean's nuggets


Emerging themes of cancer stem cells: editorial overview


Donnybrook Quarter

The statistical mechanics of travelling salesman type problems

Malignant ascites increases the antioxidant ability of human ovarian (SKOV-3) and gastric adenocarcinoma (KATO-III) cells

The film business in the United States and Britain during the 1930s

The final gift: targeting the potential charity legator

Emigration as popular culture: the case of Morocco

Incidence of bipolar affective disorder in three UK cities: results from the ÆSOP Study

Phosphorus-31 brain MR spectroscopy in women during and after pregnancy compared with nonpregnant control subjects

Motion sickness

Veganism and its relationship with insulin resistance and intramyocellular lipid

The brain-sex theory of occupational choice: a counterexample

The Iraq invasion as a recent United Kingdom 'contribution to international law'

Nonequivalence of on-line and paper-and-pencil psychological tests: the case of the prospective memory questionnaire

Learning from 'near misses': interviews with women who survived an incident of severe self-harm in prison

Sustainable disposal of domestic sanitary waste

Phosphorylated Amyloid-ß 1-43 protein and its use in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

In vitro and in vivo induction of heme oxygenase 1 in mouse macrophages following melanocortin receptor activation

Simultaneous determination of six isoflavonoids in commercial Radix Astragali by HPLC-UV

Ets-2 repressor factor recruits histone deacetylase to silence human cytomegalovirus immediate-early gene expression in non-permissive cells

Divorce solicitors and ethical approaches: the best interests of the client and/or the best interests of the family?

Between light and darkness: Earthsea and the name of utopia

Why we need a new model for 21st century healthcare

Is it good to talk?: Information disclosure and organizational performance in the UK

Protocol engineering for web services conversations

B cell response to surface IgM cross-linking identifies different prognostic groups of B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients

Inside: interview with Charlotte Cotton, Head of Programming at the Photographers' Gallery

Why clients need, rather than want, lawyers

Using creative visual research methods to understand media audiences

From cultural to creative industries

Child Health Assessment at School Entry (CHASE) project: evaluation in 10 London primary schools

Unemployed couples: the labour market effects of making both partners search for work

Introduction to 'sexual movements and gendered boundaries: legal negotiations of the global and the local'

Why have workers stopped joining unions?: The rise in never-membership in Britain

Cause lawyers and the alternative ethical paradigm: ideology and transgression

From SMART to agent systems development

Trends in the use of hospital beds by older people in Australia: 1993-2002

Graffiti composition: screenplay

The locally twisted cubes

Retention of skills learnt in Alexander technique lessons: 28 people with idiopathic Parkinson's disease

The problem of globalization

What is 'global' about Arab media?

Pathways to care and ethnicity. 2: source of referral and help-seeking: report from the AESOP study

Pathways to care and ethnicity. 1: sample characteristics and compulsory admission: report from the ÆSOP Study

Exploring the African view of the global

Developmental indices of nutritionally induced placental growth restriction in the adolescent sheep

In vivo measurements of T1 relaxation times in mouse brain associated with different modes of systemic administration of manganese chloride

Large-scale social experimentation in Britain: what can and cannot be learnt from the Employment Retention and Advancement Demonstration?

Airport benchmarking: a review of the current situation

Perspectives on aesthetic computing

Different effects of typical and atypical antipsychotics on grey matter in first episode psychosis: the ÆSOP Study

Colonial law and the Tungabhadra disputes: lifting the veil over the agreement of 1892

Discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation outside the workplace: is it actionable?

The role of insulin receptor substrate 2 in hypothalamic and β cell function

The violence of security: Hindu nationalism and the politics of representing 'the Muslim' as a danger

Compact ridge waveguide filter with parallel and series-coupled resonators

Activation of Key Profibrotic Mechanisms in Transgenic Fibroblasts Expressing Kinase-deficient Type II Transforming Growth Factor beta-receptor (T beta RII delta k)

Suspended particulate matter (SPM) in rivers: empirical data and models

Bi-bicyclic and bi-tricyclic compounds from Dendrobium thyrsiflorum

No longer 'the best in the world': the challenge of exporting British television drama

Doing the groundwork? Transferring a UK environmental planning approach to Japan

Dig a bit deeper: law, regulation and the illicit antiquities market

Mothers reframing physical activity: family oriented politicism, transgression and contested expertise in Australia

Eleven theses on markets and civil society 1

A standard to stop a potential financial disaster for UK's sporting ambitions

Beyond media history: the challenge of visual style

Vaccination against cervical cancer

Proteomics: more than just biochemistry

Investigating the mechanical shear-plane between core and sheath elements of peripheral nerves

The detection of protective antigen (PA) associated with spores of Bacillus anthracis and the effects of anti-PA antibodies on spore germination and macrophage interactions

Graphological researchers required

Natural resource revenue sharing schemes (trust funds) in international law

A comparison-based diagnosis algorithm tailored for crossed cube multiprocessor systems

Survival and growth responses of Populus nigra, Salix elaeagnos and Alnus incana cuttings to varying levels of hydric stress

Scalable desktop grid system

Pavilion and Auditorium / Cafe, 75th Lisbon Book Fair

Blanket peat erosion and sediment yield in an upland reservoir catchment in the southern Pennines, UK

Adapting research activity AHRC review of practice-led research

Female physical attractiveness in Britain and Malaysia: a cross-cultural study

Adiposity induced by adenovirus 5 inoculation

The theory and practice of group representation: reflections on the governance of race equality in Birmingham

Flexible housing: opportunities and limits

The impact of long-chain n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on human health

Conflicts of liveability in the 24-hour city: learning from 48 hours in the life of London's Soho

Mesenchymal stem cells: lineage, plasticity, and skeletal therapeutic potential

The limits of John Rawls's pluralism

Megakaryocyte apoptosis: sorting out the signals

The cultural context of critical architecture

Investment in education versus early entry in the labour market in developing countries

The neuropsychology of normal pressure hydrocephalus (NPH)

Attitudes, women's employment and the domestic division of labour: a cross-national analysis in two waves

Devolution, change and European union policy-making in the UK

Sociological implications arising from World Bank projects and their impact on sub-Saharan indigenous peoples

A novel adaptive wavelet-based approach for a class of singularly perturbed partial differential equations

Degradation of nitrocellulose by fungi

Legacy code support for production grids

The art of Henry Moore

Maximum induced subgraph of a recursive circulant

Dynamics of river-aquifer interactions along a chalk stream: the River Lambourn, UK

Modelling nationwide hospital length of stay: opening the black box

The structure of the Australian growth process: a Bayesian model selection view of Markov switching

Generic method for imaging transgene expression

Widening participation in higher education: student quantitative skills and independent learning as impediments to progression

Homeopathy for depression: a systematic review of the research evidence

A brief introduction to the relationship between sexuality and rights

On the use of multi-state multi-census techniques for modelling the survival of elderly people in institutional long-term care

Integrating land-use planning and transportation in Belfast: a new policy agenda for sustainable development?

Does neoadjuvant hormone therapy for early prostate cancer affect cognition? Results from a pilot study

SRES, IPCC and the treatment of economic issues: what has emerged?

Disaster by design: corruption, construction and catastrophe

Independent financial advisers: why they remain the strongest distribution route for pensions

Industry consolidation and future airline network structures in Europe

The European construction social partners: gender equality in theory and practice

High-involvement management practices, trade union representation and workplace performance in Britain

From public service to service industry: the impact of socialisation and work on the motivation and values of lawyers

Corporate involvement in human rights: is it any of their business?

Modeling of switched-capacitor delta-sigma Modulators in SIMULINK

Cell proliferation rates in an artificial tissue-engineered environment

Re-dating of Chinese celadon shards excavated on Mapungubwe Hill, a 13th century Iron Age site in South Africa, using Raman spectroscopy, XRF and XRD

Altered mesencephalic dopaminergic populations in adulthood as a consequence of brief perinatal glucocorticoid exposure

Length of stay-based patient flow models: recent developments and future directions

Scheduling for rural and urban listeners on bilingual Radio Zimbabwe

A Web-enabled hybrid approach to strategic marketing planning: Group Delphi+a Web-based expert system

Gas fired combined cycle plant in Singapore: energy use, GWP and cost - a life cycle approach

Construction orders and output : A comparison of Government and commercially available data 1995-2001

Muscle metabolites, detected in urine by proton spectroscopy, correlate with disease damage in juvenile idiopathic inflammatory myopathies

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Novel 3D Hilbert microstrip resonators

Cooperative unionism and employee welfare

Energy use in offshore oil and gas production: trends and drivers for efficiency from 1975 to 2025

Review of: Researching food habits: methods and problems. Edited by Helen Macbeth and Jeremy MacClancy (Oxford: Berghahn Books. 2004)

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Aloe vera for preventing radiation-induced skin reactions: a systematic literature review

Ethnic and gender differences in intergenerational mobility: a study of 26-year-olds in the USA

Online music markets in China: the broader picture and the role of copyright and DRM

Multi-grid, multi-user workflows in the P-GRADE grid portal

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Hagiographical graphology

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Complementary medicine

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An example to us all

Mulini Valley Water Power Project


Multiflorane triterpene esters from the seeds of Trichosanthes kirilowii

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The impact of research and teaching quality inputs on the employment outcomes of postgraduates

An innovative new application for waste phenolic compounds: use of Kraft lignin and naphthols in leather tanning

Attainment of precision in implementation of 24 h dietary recalls: INTERMAP UK

Dams and geomorphology: research progress and future directions

Increased pituitary volume in antipsychotic-free and antipsychotic-treated patients of the sop first-onset psychosis study

Putting the 'E' into LSPs: representing the environment within Local Strategic Partnerships (LSPs) in the UK

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Public understanding of food risks in four European countries: a qualitative study

Motion sickness susceptibility fluctuates through the menstrual cycle

A Small Molecule α4β1 Antagonist Prevents Development of Murine Lyme Arthritis without Affecting Protective Immunity

Can tamoxifen relieve motion sickness?

Synchronous design of business processes and information systems using dynamic process modelling

Gamma-emitting radionuclides and metallic elements in urban dusts and sediments, Coventry, UK: implications of dosages for dispersal and disposal

Quality early education-quality food and nutrition practices?: Some initial results from a pilot research project into food and nutrition practices in early years settings in Kent, UK

Sediment delivery from agricultural land to rivers via subsurface drainage

Communications system

Argentina: the state we're in

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Between cosmopolitanism and the locals: mobility as a resource in the transition to adulthood

UK student banking revisited: influences and the decision-making process

Mindfulness-based stress reduction as supportive therapy in cancer care: systematic review

Structure/function overview of proteins involved in iron storage and transport

Differential expression of CD180 and IgM by B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells using mutated and unmutated immunoglobulin VH genes

Protein adduct species in muscle and liver of rats following acute ethanol administration

Groundless metaphors and living maps in the writing of Mary Shelley

Press freedom, professionalism and proprietorship: behind the Zimbabwean media divide

T:G mismatch-specific thymine-DNA glycosylase (TDG) as a coregulator of transcription interacts with SRC1 family members through a novel tyrosine repeat motif

Optimism, positive affectivity, and salivary cortisol

Users' experiences of heroin and methadone treatment

From craft to qualified building labour in Britain: a comparative approach

Recent suburbanisation in Britain: implications

Life cycle assessment in the supply chain: a review and case study

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Comparing two methods of scheduling outpatient clinic appointments using simulation experiments

Societas, universitas and the third order of the political

Securitisation disclosures and compliance under Basel II: Part 1: a risk-based approach to economic substance over legal form

Male physical attractiveness in Britain and Malaysia: a cross-cultural study

Achieving health or achieving wellbeing?

Yoga for depression: the research evidence

Invited Response – Levine, B D & Stray-Gundersen, J (2005). Comments on Point: Counterpoint "Positive effects of intermittent hypoxia (live high:train low) on exercise performance are/are not mediated primarily by augmented red cell volume"

Theory of the firm only a microeconomist could love?: A microeconomist's reply to Lubatkin's critique of agency theory

Yoga for anxiety: a systematic review of the research evidence

Platelet integrin α 2 I-domain specific antibodies produced via domain specific DNA vaccination combined with variable gene phage display

e-Government in Greece: bridging the gap between need and reality

Lex Sportiva and Lex Ludica: the Court of Arbitration for Sport's Jurisprudence

The 'third world' and socio-legal studies: neo-liberalism and lessons from India's legal innovations

Video games: issues in research and learning, part 1

Video game play in British and Japanese adolescents

Matrix contraction by dermal fibroblasts requires transforming growth Factor-ß /activin-linked kinase 5, heparan sulfate-containing proteoglycans, and MEK/ERK: insights into pathological scarring in chronic fibrotic disease

Gender and ethnic minority exclusion from skilled occupations in construction: a Western European comparison

The new public management and managerial roles: the case of the police sergeant

Low emission zones: the likely effects on the freight transport sector

The French film industry's current financial crisis and its impact on creation: the example of Jacques Doillon's Raja (2003)

Physiological responses during submaximal interval swimming training: effects of interval duration

Book review of 'Race, law, resistance' by Patricia Tuitt (London, The GlassHouse Press, 2004, 134 pp., £25.00)

Legal writing

The vulnerable articulate: prosthetics, aesthetics, and erotics in James Gillingham, Aimee Mullins, and Matthew Barney