The antioxidant effect of estrogen and Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators in the inhibition of osteocyte apoptosis in vitro

Selective estrogen receptor modulator inhibits osteocyte apoptosis during abrupt estrogen withdrawal: Implications for bone quality maintenance

Neuronal two-pore-domain potassium channels and their regulation by G protein-coupled receptors

Guide to Receptors and Channels (GRAC), 2nd edition

Gαq-Mediated Regulation of TASK3 Two-Pore Domain Potassium Channels: The Role of Protein Kinase C

TASK-3 two-pore domain potassium channels enable sustained high-frequency firing in cerebellar granule neurons

Identification of a region in the TASK3 two pore domain potassium channel that is critical for its blockade by methanandamide

Therapeutic potential of neuronal two-pore domain potassium-channel modulators

Nutrition and alcoholic liver disease

Research Supervision: Training, process and experience

Plasma 5-HT And Fatigue During Endurance Cycle Exercise: Effects Of Exercise Intensity And Duration

A study of the adult sub-ependymal zone and of its regeneration following AraC treatment, in the Tenascin C null mice

The adult mouse subependymal zone regenerates efficiently in the absence of tenascin-C

Dual function of Sox1 in telencephalic progenitor cells

Institutional change in post-socialist regimes: Public policy and beyond

Engaging from the inside: Reflections on the value of Social Cognitive Theory for learning in online discussions

The value of social cognitive theory in online discussion: reflection via a critical incident repertory grid

Continuity of care 2006: what have we learned since 2000 and what are policy imperatives now?

Positioning in accounting for redemption and reconciliation

Exploratory, randomised, double-blind, controlled trial of breast milk fortifier containing long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPUFA) in pre term (PT) infants: effects on term body composition

Increased abdominal and visceral adiposity is manifest in Indian babies at birth

Relationship between intrahepatocellular lipid content and features of the metabolic syndrome in subjects with known nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and healthy volunteers

Impaired insulin-mediated non-esterified fatty acid suppression in patients with hepatic steatosis quantified using proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Interleukin-4 promotes human CD8+ T cell expression of CCR7

The role of skin-homing T cells in extrinsic atopic dermatitis

The role of human keratinocytes in T-cell activation

Keratinocyte apoptosis induced by allergen-specific T cells

Human keratinocyte induction of rapid effector function in antigen-specific memory CD4+ and CD8+ T cells

Bacterial superantigen facilitates epithelial presentation of allergen to T helper 2 cells

Rapid effector function of varicella-zoster virus glycoprotein I-specific CD4+ T cells many decades after primary infection

Phenotypic analysis of human CD4+ T cells specific for immediate early 63 protein of varicella-zoster virus

OVID-BV : optimising value in decision making for best value in the UK social housing sector

Uncertainty in best value decision making

The development of a tender analysis support tool for use in social housing best value procurement

Case control analysis of repeat expansion size in ataxia

The Impact of the Media on Children and Young People

Draft Genome of the Filarial Nematode Parasite Brugia malayi

Differential effects of c-Ras upon transformation, adipocytic differentiation, and apoptosis mediated by the simian virus 40 large tumor antigen

Adenovirus E1A requires c-Ras for full neoplastic transformation or suppression of differentiation of murine preadipocytes

Examination of gap junctional, intercellular communication by in situ electroporation on two co-planar indium-tin oxide electrodes


Making the Right Connections: ‘Knowledge’ and Power in Academic Networking

Using the wild bootstrap to quantify uncertainty in diffusion tensor imaging

Statistical group comparison of diffusion tensors via multivariate hypothesis testing

Study-level wavelet cluster analysis and data-driven signal models in pharmacological MRI

Resampling methods for improved wavelet-based multiple hypothesis testing of parametric maps in functional MRI

Quantifying heterogeneity in dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI parameter maps

KCC2 interacts with the dendritic cytoskeleton to promote spine development.

Stop Signs: An Introduction to Culture Jamming

Beta-sheet containment by flanking prolines: molecular dynamic simulations of the inhibition of beta-sheet elongation by proline residues in human prion protein.

Binding Modes, binding Affinities and ADME Screening of HIV-1 NNRTI Inhibitor: Efavirnez and its analogues.

In-silico TAT-PTD prediction for cell penetrating peptides

Docking mode of delvardine and its analogues into the p66 domain of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase: Screening using molecular mechanics-generalized born/surface area and absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion properties

Docking mode of delvardine and its analogues into the p66 domain of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase: screening using molecular mechanics-generalized born/surface area and absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion properties

Highlights from the Third International Society for Computational Biology Student Council Symposium at the Fifteenth Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology

Folding patterns in protein sequences

PFF--an integrated database of residues and fragments critical for protein folding

Offender profiles and crime scene patterns in Belgian sexual murders

Endothelial Nox2 overexpression potentiates vascular oxidative stress and hemodynamic response to angiotensin II: studies in endothelial-targeted Nox2 transgenic mice.

Replication profile of PCDH11X and PCDH11Y, a gene pair located in the non-pseudoautosomal homologous region Xq21.3/Yp11.2.

Engineering management or management of technology? A bibliometric study of IEEE TEM

Defining key inventors: A comparison of fuel cell and nanotechnology industries

Architectural voices: listening to old buildings

Institutional Racism, Pre-Emptive Criminalisation and Risk Analysis

Risk analysis and the new practitioner: Myth or reality?

Working with mentally disordered offenders: Government policy, NOMS and inaction

Prison is good but I shouldn't be here' Perspectives from prisoners interviewed in an Indian jail

Changing with herbs: findings from a randomised, waiting-list controlled pilot study of care of women in the menopause by herbal practitioners

ICT adoption and use in UK SMEs

Developing a framework to analyse the roles and relationships of online intermediaries

Historical analysis of performance measurement and management in operations management

An objective method for bed capacity planning in a hospital department - a comparison with target ratio methods.

Search for neuroblastoma loci: characterization of tumor cell lines that could facilitate their positional cloning.

The Archaeology of Photography: Rereading Michel Foucault and The Archaeology of Knowledge

The Politics Of Friendship

Implementing and evaluating a code of conduct for visitors

Beyond authenticity and commodification

Tourism, Culture and Development: Hopes, Dreams and Realities in East Indonesia

Entrepreneurship and Empowerment: Considering the barriers - a case study from Indonesia

Community Development and Entrepreneurial Activity

George W. Bush, the “War on Terror”, and the New Constitutional Equilibrium

Imagining Economics Otherwise: encounters with identity/difference

Maternal cardiac function in early pregnancies with high uterine artery resistance

Cardiac troponin in the forensic detection of cardiac contusion

Impact of repeated prolonged exercise bouts on Cardiac function and biomarkers

Evidence of Cardiomyocyte Necrosis in Glycogen Storage Disease type-II

Markers of muscle ischaemia, necrosis and inflammation following uterine artery embolisation in the treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroids

Altered left ventricular diastolic filling following a marathon is a reproducible phenomenon

Evaluation of ischaemia-modified albumin as a marker of myocardial ischaemia in end-stage renal disease

First trimester material serum ischaemia-modified albumin: a marker of hypoxia-ischaemia-driven early trophoblast development

Comparison of the clinical utility of atrial and B type natriuretic peptide measurement for the diagnosis of systolic dysfunction in a low-risk population

Biomarkers of cardiovascular damage

Independent value of echocardiography and N-terminal pro-natriuretic peptide for prediction of major outcome in patients with suspected heart failure

Cross-cultural Filmmaking in Aotearoa New Zealand

The influence of exercise upon cardiac biomarkers: a practical guide for clinicians and scientists

The role of existing and novel cardiac biomarkers for cardioprotection

Biomarkers of cardiovascular damage and dysfunction – An overview

Exercise-induced cardiac troponin T release: A meta-analysis

Communication Patterns in a UK Emergency Department

Patient safety and iatrogenesis

Current changes in labour management and industrial relations in Japan and their impact on its “stakeholder‐oriented” governance model

The cultural aspects of corporate governance reform in South Korea

Elucidation of the Mechanism of Elicitation in Penicillium Chrysogenum: Systematic Approach to Study the Effect of Oligosaccharides on Production of Penicillin G

Martian sub-surface ionising radiation: biosignatures and geology

The China Impact - the Westminster Hearings on China's Economic Development and the UK

Choices and Responsibilities: A Human Centric Approach to University-Industry Knowledge Transfer

Factors of Trusting in International Business

Trust Capital is an Important Component of Moral Capital

Principles of Architectural and Urban Design in the Desert: Proportions, Mass, Materials, and Details

Therapeutic Tourist Resorts; Past, Present, and Future

Prolactin in culture leads to a shift in stimulatory threshold but does not augment the K-ATP channel independent pathway for glucose-stimulated insulin secretion

Needs met through computer game play among adolescents

BBW: Techno-Archaism, Excessive Corporeality and Network Sexuality

Creative Cultural Differentiation: The New Pop Art of Laibach/NSK and Lodz Kaliska; Introduction: Transnationality in Arts and Media

Chair, ‘What’s Happening in International HR?’

Supporting an intergenerational centre in London: Scoping the evidence

Public Understanding Synthesis Report: a report to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Camden Childcare Needs Assessment

The Wage Impact of Trade Unions in the UK Public and Private Sectors

Representation of Hydrogen in the UK, US and Netherlands Markal Energy Sytem Model

The sexual health needs of unaccompanied minors in Enfield and Haringey

Productivity and days of the week

Economics and Market Prospects of Portable Fuel Cells

Prospects of Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Units in the Civil Markets

Hydrogen Infrastructure for the Transport Sector

How We Use Planning: Planning Cultures and Images of Futures

Changing Paradigms of Corporate Criminal Responsibility: Lessons for Corporate Social Responsibility

The Other European Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility: From the Green Paper to New Uses of Human Rights Instruments

The New Corporate Accountability: Corporate Social Responsibility and the Law

UK Asylum Law and Policy: A Tale of Four Parties

The Relationship between the Public and the Asylum Seeker: a Meta-Ethical Perspective

What makes a good government economist?

Across between: art into design

Pedagogy for autonomy in language education in Europe: a framework for learner and teacher development

On Brick Lane

Won’t On-Chip Clock Calibration Guarantee Performance Boost and Product Quality ?

Modeling Crosstalk Effects in CNT Bus Architectures

Latch Susceptibility to Transient Faults and New Hardening Approach

The effect of HIV status and the impact of ARV therapy on mitochondrial metabolism in human adipose tissue

Mitochondrial genes related to energy homoeostasis are dysregulated in obesity and type 2 diabetes in human adipose tissue

Assessing job candidates’ creativity: Propositions and future research directions

Understanding the Pitfalls of Corporate Rebranding

Off-shoring: a cultural dilemma?

The new face of the trailing spouse

International reward and recognition: recent research findings

Role models, mentors, sponsors and networks: facilitators of international adjustment

Inspirational relocation!

Culture: a question of difference, dilemma or diversity?

Managing international assignments: ensuring a smoother ride

Work-life balance: expatriates reflect the international dimension

Conference and survey roundup: Autumn 2007

Women’s participation in international mobility as expatriates: current trends and issues

Archivist, Archaeologist, Author and the Tactile Window

Participation, justice and trust within developmental peer observation of teaching: a model and research agenda

The Last Things

Enhancement of immune response of HBsAg loaded poly(L-lactic acid) microspheres against Hepatitis B through incorporation of alum and chitosan

Diet, obesity and diabetes: a current update

Network on Ethnicity and Women Scientists: state of the art report on the UK

Evaluation of the Pension Increase Pledge: Evidence from the first year of implementation

Automatic reading of aeronautical meteorological messages

East-West European Superpositions as Transvergent Cinema: Greg Zglinski's 'Tout un hiver sans feu

Transit Oriented Development: a Solution for Station Area planning

On Policy Relevance of Ramsey Tax Rules

Power, Knowledge and the Academy

Marginalised Mothers: Exploring Working Class Experiences

A process-based Knowledge Management framework supported by ARIS Enterprise Modelling architecture

Reputation Performance: a portfolio selection approach

‘Never let me down again’1: Loyal customer attitudes towards ticket distribution channels for live music events: A netnographic exploration of the us leg of the depeche mode 2005–2006 world tour

Reputation performance: a portfolio selection approach

The induction of macrophages foam cell formation by chylomicron remnants

Dietary fats induce human monocyte activation in vitro

Effects of lycopene on the induction of foam cell formation by modified LDL.

Exploring the Celtic Narrative in Advertising: Goddess Culture and the Lexicon of Perfumery

A Space of One's Own: Women's Magazine Consumption Within Family Life

Composing a Database of Minority Enterprises in Scotland: A Discussion Based on the Concept of Mixed Embeddedness

A Single-Frame Super-Resolution Innovative Approach

Example-Based Face Shape Recovery Using the Zenith Angle of the Surface Normal

Platelets induce Pai-1 mRNA expression in monocytes through TGF-BETA

Expression of myocyte stress 1 (ms1), a novel gene involved in cardiac development and hypertrophy is regulated by evolutionarily conserved GATA motifs

Expression of myocyte stress 1 (ms1), a novel gene involved in cardiac development and hypertrophy is regulated by evolutionary conserved GATA motifs

Platelet PAI-1 is dependent on the 4G/5G polymorphism

Myocyte Stress 1 (ms1): a novel nexus that integrates the SRF and GATA4 cardiac gene regulatory networks

A conserved E-box module drives rhythmic mouse Pai-1 transcription in vitro and provides a cognate binding site clock and hypoxic factors

Private school quality in Italy

Proteome changes in developing and injured chick spinal cord

Differential gene expression following chick spinal cord injury at permissive and non permissive stages for regeneration

The complement regulatory receptor CRIT is expressed in the developing kidney

Complement C2 and CRIT are involved in the terminal differentiation of monocytes

Pathology associated with parasitic juvenile gnathiids feeding on the puffadder shyshark, Haploblepharus edwardsii (Voight)

TCM-Doctors from the PRC in Vienna: Hybrid Professionalism and Chinese Tradition

Losing weight after pregnancy: diet and exercise better than diet alone

Losing weight after pregnancy: diet plus exercise better than diet alone

Does weight gain during pregnancy predict future weight?

The use and interpretation of anthropometric indicators of nutritonal status during preganancy

Does excess pregnancy weight gain constitute a major risk for increasing long-term BMI?

Sorveglianza, sicurezza, spazio

Parresia visuale? Foucault e la verita dello sguardo

La traduccion como estudio cultural

Un dipinto e i suoi sonetti: proserpine di Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Broadcasting policy in Italy's 'second republic' 1994-2006

La conduite de soi et les sujets entreprenants: les cas Midco et Labco

Change and continuity in writing about change and continuity

Decision Support Systems in Wireless-Capsule Endoscopy: Revisited

How do consumers respond to food scares? A case study of avian influenza in the UK using supermarket loyalty card data

Die entwicklung des firmengeschäfts in Deutschland (The development of commercial insurance in Germany)

The rise of risk management – the fall of corporate insurance

The rise of risk management – the fall of corporate insurance

Quo Vadis GKV? Zukünftige entwicklungen des gesetzlichen krankenversicherungsmarktes in Deutschland (Quo Vadis social health insurance? The future of the German statutory health insurance market)

Strategisches asset-liability management in der versicherungswirtschaft: ein ansatz zur integrierten bilanzstrukturoptimierung (Strategic asset-liability manangement in insurance: an approach for an integrative balance sheet optimisation)

Industrial relations and the management of risk in the construction industry

Review of 'A threat from within: a century of Jewish opposition to Zionism', by Yakov Rabkin

Review of 'Failing peace: Gaza and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict', by Sara Roy

Cultural observatory characteristics: measurements of success

Model UNESCO: a conversation on cultural diversity and the 2005 UNESCO Convention

Cultural diversity equals soft power? Measuring Canada's international influence

Being objective: changing the world

Integrating Water Management and Spatial Planning: Strategies Based on the Dutch Experience

Spatial Planning System in Transitional Indonesia

Writing for Nursing and Midwifery Students

Controlled Language through the Definitions of Coastal Terms in English

Diet, immunity and functional foods

Enhancing competitiveness of Shizuoka - development beyond tourism

Qualified exceptionalism: the US Congress in comparative perspective

A social or a capabilities model? Approaches to disability in the construction and health sectors in Britain and the Netherlands compared

From camera-stylo to camera-crayon

Building Bridges: the Cinema of Jean Rouch

Astruc and Rossellini

Year one

Rethinking Bernard Leach: studio pottery and contemporary ceramics (Japanese edition)


Sprak, Cenrtum och periferi

Martin Smith

Form and Function: Anders Ruhwald

Edmund de Waal at Mima

Edmund de Waal at Kettles Yard

A sounding line

3 installations: 'North North West', 'Water, Salt' and 'Tristia'

Super compact microstrip pseudo-interdigital bandpass filters

Tracing the boundaries: women, nation & modernity in Turkey

Xinhua news agency and globalization: negotiating between the global, the local and the national

How to do fieldwork?

A semi-open queueing network approach to the analysis of patient flow in healthcare systems

Vision on: film, television and the arts in Britain

Image capture, analysis and quantification

Stages of imagination: Greek plays on BBC radio

The Balliol Players at Holywell Manor

Aristophanes revitalized! Music and spectacle on the academic stage

A novel serological assay for detection of rabies virus neutralising antibodies

Characterisation of persistent viral infections in bats

Effect of Duffy antigen receptor for chemokine (DARC) polymorphisms on susceptibility to HIV infection and progression to AIDS

Conversation piece: a speech-based interactive art installation

Alter Ego

Semblance and resemblance: the face in art and medicine

Opera interna: first act

Interactivity and identification: alter ego and conversation piece

Interactivity and identification: a discussion of conversation piece and other recent works


Literature Review WM7: Scope for modal shift through fiscal, regulatory and organisational change, carried as as part of Work Module 1, Green Logistics Project

Comparison of urban freight data collection in European countries

Wagonload rail freight: is there a future?

Logistics and freight transport: responding to the new energy challenge

New frameworks for the investigation and understanding of Chinese ceramic technology

Chinese glazes: their chemistry, origins and re-creation. New and revised edition

Psychodynamic counselling and complementary therapy: towards an affective collaboration

Thomas Burke: "Son of London"

Teaching contemporary British fiction: some preliminary considerations

The gallery socks

Forest of steles

Paris and the Commune 1871-78: the politics of forgetting

Forest of no return

microRNA expression in the aging mouse lung

MicroRNAs are differentially expressed in the developing lung but not in the aged lung

The role of teleworking in Britain: its implications for the transport system and economic evaluation

The uses of data from smartcard systems for public transport management

Court-based mediation in England and Wales: are judges evading their responsibilities?

What is home?

Do cinema journals have responsibilities?

"For people so young they had so much to offer": implementing active citizenship in the UK undergraduate social science curriculum

On drawing forth, designs and ideas

Air grid: a new colour form

Victorian gothic

Oscar Wilde

Blood and ink: narrative and the Whitechapel murders

ω-Phosphinyl-α-amino acids: synthesis, and development towards use as therapeutic agents

Cultural and psychological perspectives: Chinese perceptions of service quality in UK higher education

Chinese perceptions of UK hotel service quality

Home as a circular process: a study of the Indonesian Chinese in Hong Kong

“让我们一起去香港” (Let’s go to Hong Kong together)

“跨境人口流动及其政策含义: 基于香港的分析” (Trans-border mobility and its policy implications: the case of Hong Kong)

“归的含义” (The meaning of return)

The use of photographs in eliciting work-life histories: a tool for international comparisons?

Injury, illness and performance decrement in British National Squad triathletes: a prospective study

Review and contrast of the French and German approaches to e-Democracy

Beyond the tick box: older citizen engagement in UK local government

Conceiving ShapeShifting TV: a computational language for truly-interactive TV

Filtering of multiband signals using periodic nonuniform sampling, a sub-Landau rate sampling approach

Setting up local travel plan groups: the future of workplace travel planning in urban connurbations. Examples from London, UK

The role of trust in financial services business relationships

SME's adoption of B2B eCommerce in the North, South and West of China

Think tank trophy

Contemporary clay


MALDI-TOF mass spectral analysis of siRNA degradation in serum confirms an RNAse A-like activity

Policy analysis and networks: tools for the fitness-for-purpose assessment of strategic transport research in support of European transport policy

Diasporic cultures and globalisation

"Re-evaluating dispora": connectivity, mobilization and imagination in a globalised world

A strategic marketing intelligence framework reinforced by corporate intelligence

An extended multi-cultural communication model for use in disaster and emergency simulation exercises

Simulations, international collaboration and a university teacher-stakeholder development framework

Placing organizational learning in the context of strategic management

Past, present and future issues relating to games and simulations: bringing academics and practitioners together

International collaboration in disaster management and planning

Healthy body equals beautiful body? Changing perceptions of health and attractiveness with shifting socioeconomic status

Flexible space


News as entertainment: the rise of global infotainment

God is great. But what can I make of my life?

El Sabor del Solar

Short films about flying

Miss Frontier Mail: the film that mistook its star for a train

The public health advocate: food irradiation's offer to food security

Information technologies for the information agent

Computerised diagnosis of malaria

Generalized Net Model for Outpatient Care in Bulgaria

On filtering multiband signals sampled at sub-Landau rates

The principles of flight planning and ATM messaging

The Guyana/Suriname arbitration: a commentary

The impact of Europeanisation on policy-making inTurkey: controversies, uncertainties and misfits in broadcasting policy, 1999-2005

'Que se Vayan Todos!' the struggle for democratic party politics in contemporary Argentina

Musculoskeletal examination [DVD/video presentation]

Cranial nerves examination [DVD/video presentation]

Teaching the language of Chaucer

The development of the noun phrase in Mauritian Creole

Oblique subjects in contact languages and the nature of emergent grammars

Differences in attractiveness preferences between observers in low and high resource environments in Thailand

Preferences for female body weight and shape in three European countries

The female nude in Rubens: disconfirmatory evidence of the waist-to-hip ratio hypothesis of female physical attractivenes

A cross-cultural investigation of students’ preferences for lecturers’ personalities in Britain, Malaysia and the United States

The psychology of physical attraction

The missing arms of Venus de Milo: reflections on the science of attractiveness

The influence of body weight and shape in dertermining female and male physical attractiveness

Evolutionary psychology: 'new science of the mind' or 'Darwinian fundamentalism'?

Novel millimetre wave metawaveguide resonators and filters

Emerging legal challenges for countertrade techniques in international trade

Digital and documentary eco-innovation indicators

Researching the experiences and perspectives of tourism policy makers

Europe: television in transition








Using screen capture software in student feedback

Innovation and student feedback

Archival memories: between history and experience

Development of e-commerce in Croatia: a survey

Globalization, development and the mass media

Impact of resistant starch on body fat patterning and central appetite regulation

Application of magnetic resonance methods to studies of gene therapy

The application of in vivo MRI and MRS in phenomic studies of murine models of disease

BBC to the rescue! Digital switchover and the reinvention of public service broadcasting in Britain

C-reactive protein and asymmetric dimethylarginine: markers or mediators in cardiovascular disorders?

Monumentality in 'capital' cities and its implications for tourism marketing: the case of Barcelona

The future of work: employers and workplace transformation

Role based access control for a medical database

Compact SRR loaded waveguide bandpass filters

Re-locating ceramics: art, craft, design? A practice-based, critical exploration of ceramics which re-locates the discipline in the context of consumption, the home and the everyday

A European administration in the making: recruitment patterns, national balance and their impact on the European high officials

Denys Hay

Application of phage display to high throughput antibody generation and characterization

Flexible housing

Larousse alemán - Método integral (Spanish version of Teach yourself German)

Yun Tieqiao

Fei Boxiong

Ding Ganren

Currents of tradition in Chinese medicine, 1626-2006

Contemporary education in Chinese medicine under a strategy of standardization: a response

Media and Communication

Cell and tissue organisation

Sports massage

Capturing the ephemeral: an exploration of interaction surrounding formative feedback on an English for Academic Purposes course

'Academic tourism' or 'a truly multicultural community? Why international students need pragmatic training for British H.E.

Knowledge sharing through face-to-face communication and labour productivity in UK trading workplaces

Knowledge, skills and productivity in retailing

Human resources management, knowledge transfer and productivity in retailing

Challenger or lackey?: The politics of news on Al-Jazeera

Arab television today

Approaches to exploring media-politics connections in the Arab world

Characterisation of the Helix pomatia agglutinin binding glycoproteins of colorectal cancer cell lines and tissue samples

In search of the present Arab cultural tense

Over under

Prevalence of human papillomavirus amongst cervical cancer sufferers amongst slum dwellers in India

Cervical cancer and human papillomavirus among slum dwellers in India

Book review: Standing out, standing together: the social and political impact of gay-straight alliances

PHA biosynthesis in Bacillus cereus SPV and its applications

PHA Biosynthesis in Bacillus cereus SPV

La giurisdizione della Corte penale internazionale tra risoluzioni del Consiglio di sicurezza e accordi bilaterali di esenzione (The international criminal court’s jurisdiction between security council resolutions and bilateral exemption agreements)

La giurisdizione della Corte penale internazionale tra risoluzioni del Consiglio di sicurezza e accordi bilaterali di esenzione

David Rokeby: silicon remembers carbon

Flexible hierarchies and fuzzy knowledge-based OLAP

On imprecision intuitionistic fuzzy sets & OLAP - the case for KNOLAP

Interviewing and counselling skills

Muhammad Sadiq's exploration of the Hijaz route and the first photographs of the prophet's mosque

Living at the cutting edge. Women's experiences of protection orders: volume 2: what's to be done? a critical analysis of statutory and practice approaches to domestic violence

Living at the cutting edge. Women's experiences of protection orders: volume 1: the women’s stories

Quieter safer cheaper

How relevant is transaction cost economics to inter-firm relationships in the music industry?

Evaluating complementary therapies

Examination of the parameter space of a computational model of acute ischaemic stroke using rough sets

Critical architecture

Max Bill: Hfg Ulm, Drawing and Redrawing

Guest editorial: On sharing knowledge: sociotechnical approaches

Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates from Bacillus cereus SPV under different nutrient limiting conditions

Production of medium chain length polyhydroxyalkanoates using pseudomonas species UOW0417398

A novel spectral estimation method by using periodic nonuniform sampling

Alias-free spectrum estimation of periodically sampled random signals

Taking My Skin

Blind Light (2007)

An analysis of acceptance and deferred payment credits in civil and common law

A pilgrim's progress: translation towards new identities

A paw in every pie: Wulfstan and the Anglo-Saxon chronicle again

An etymological note on two old English medical terms: ridesoht and flacg

Two compounds in the old English and old Norse versions of the prose Phoenix

Norse-derived vocabulary in late old English texts: Wulfstan’s works, a case study. 3rd edition

Reflective writing and reusable learning objects

Association between ulcerative colitis and multiple sclerosis

Parenting and ethnicity

Reconciling customs with rights: sexuality and gender in national constitutions and the African Commission

In the lawscape

Fear in the lawscape

Brazilia: utopia postponed

Book review: WILLIAM TAYLOR (ed.), the geography of law: landscape, identity and regulation. The oñati international series in law and society. Oxford: Hart, 2006, 176 pp., ISBN 1841135577 / 9781841135571, £22.00 (pbk)

Absent environments: theorising environmental law and the city

Polyhydroxy-alkanoates - the biodegradable polymers

ncreased expression of microRNA-146a/b negatively regulates IL-1b induced cytokine release from airway epithelial cells

Gender, social class and work-life balance in the new economy

Writing jazz biography: race, research and narrative representation

Political marketing communications planning in the UK and Taiwan: comparative insights from leading practitioners

Image building in Taiwanese political advertising: exploring how audiences evaluate celebrity endorsement and emotional appeals in political advertisements

The calculation of annular duct geometries by prescribing a velocity distribution on the pressure surface and the radius of the suction surface

Science, politics and business in the work of Sir John Lubbock: a man of universal mind

Knowledge sharing: developing from within

Social software begat Web 2.0 begat Enterprise 2.0 begat business value?

Introducing your students to spoken grammar

Perspectives on how to effectively manage and engage the potential of employees in Serbian organisations: Dr. Dobrila Vujić, University of Belgrade

Endogenous MC3R and inhibition of inflammatory arthritis. PC112

Design support for componentising and grid-enabling scientific applications

Marketing the postmodern city, a shift from tangible to intangible advantages

George W. Bush, the "War on Terror", and the New Constitutional Equilibrium

The transgenerational memory of monkeys


The Benin Project

The Benin Project

Participatory imagination and narration in the work of vision machine and Jean Rouch

Beneath the sheets of history: historical recovery in the work of Vision Machine Project

Show of force

Architectures of justice: legal theory and the idea of institutional design

Sociology A level textbooks: a critical account, part two, 1990-2007

Sociology A level textbooks: a critical account, part one, 1967-89


Semi-parametric density expansions: orthogonality vs simplicity

Estimating the dynamics of interest rates in the Japanese economy

A tribute in verse

Diplomacy in Islam: a modular course for diplomatic training

Rebalancing the board's agenda

News and corporate governance: what Dow Jones and Reuters teach us about stewardship

Knowledge creation: revisiting the 'ba' humbug people and 'latent' knowledge in organizational learning

Fairness in assessing group projects: a conceptual framework for higher education

Ethics of corporate governance

Strategic spatial planning: collective action and moments of opportunity

Metropolitan regions: international lessons

Cultural policy and tourism development in East London

The blocking unit

"We are unknown to ourselves, we knowers": more thoughts on Lewis's "paramount influence"

The un-structured student

Pedagogical design issues for e-learning: a clash of cultures

The tourism area life-cycle and declining traditional Onsen resorts in Japan: Antami and the challenges of rejuvenation

Sustainable and responsible leisure and tourism space development in post-industrial cities: the case of OdaibaWaterfront City

Expression profiling in vivo demonstrates rapid changes in lung microRNA levels following lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation but not in the anti-inflammatory action of glucocorticoids

Expression profiling implicates microRNA expression in the resolution of the inflammatory response in vivo

Lung delivery studies using siRNA conjugated to TAT(48−60) and penetratin reveal peptide induced reduction in gene expression and induction of innate immunity

Child Support Awards in Britain: an analysis of data from the Families and Children Study


Understanding one aspect of the knowledge leakage concept among SMEs: people

Unearthing key drivers of knowledge leakage

The unfortunates: linerarity, hypertext, and the act of reading

A.L. Kennedy

Social tourism: a potential measure against social exclusion? A UK-Ireland perspective

The need to incorporate cultural competence teaching in MICE education: a proposed teaching plan for exploring cultural attitudes towards women-only hotel floors

Social tourism: a potential policy to reduce social exclusion?

Social tourism for low-income families as a potential policy to reduce social exclusion

Social Tourism: a potential policy to reduce social exclusion? The effects of visitor-related social tourism for low-income groups on personal and family development

Diversity by default? The case of disability policies in health, ICT and construction

Governing European communications: from unification to co-ordination

Permutations: site and location

Making porn into art


Art and obscenity

Politics, religion and the press: Irish journalism in mid-Victorian England

Interactive business development, capturing business knowledge and practice: a case study

Market, class, and employment

Gothic and the romantics

Contemporary gothic theatre

The responsibility to protect: towards human security?

The responsibility to protect: the role of international human rights law

Human security in international law: the role of the United Nations

Achieving human security through UN human rights law: prospects and challenges

The size and distribution of midbrain dopaminergic populations are permanently altered by perinatal glucocorticoid exposure in a sex- region- and time-specific manner

The dispersed subject

Final cut: media art and cinema


Option generation tools for sustainable urban transport strategies

Developing "new commons" between HRD research and practice: case studies of UK universities

He who has never dreamt of Mae West: surrealist masculinity and the late collages of ELT Mesens

Gursky, Ruff, Demand: allegories of the real and the return of history


What have we learned from the past and how can we prepare for the future?

Tackling social exclusion or ensuring gentrification? Social housing and the management of mixed income communities

Cultural theory and the dynamics of organizational change: the response of housing associations in London to the Housing Act 1988

The dark side of personality: coaching for destructive management styles

Recognising, and managing, the genius at work

Exploring the impact of adult talk radio in Zimbabwe

EDITORIAL: Special Issue, Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing: Marketing National Capital Cities

Tourism, the creative class and distinctive areas in cities

Culture, city users and the creation of new tourism areas in cities

Cultural tourism and the development of new tourism areas in London

Attracting more entrants into engineering: the UK perspective

Acute hypoxia alters glucose tolerance in type 2 diabetes

Memorias de un soldado / typescript revised and prepared for publication with notes and preface by Michael Alpert

Prospective of transport in Europe. Preliminary results of a first content analysis lesson learnt, expected follow-up

Analysis of business-to-business adoption of e-commerce in Turkey

The creation of the new Marketer - are we getting it right?

Developing reflective practice with an international student body

Are the requirements of Business to Business Marketing Companies for graduates different? An empirical study of the Market Research Industry

Harmonization through competition? The evolution of taxation in post-war Europe

An introduction of a novel friction drive: metal belt drive with magnets

Constraint analysis of pressure angle of involute elliptical gears

An assessment and critique of capabilities for examining the long-term social sustainability of transport and land-use strategies

Evaluation of the contribution of new transport interventions in deprived areas in the UK

Comparing British and American approaches to the human right to transportation

Using cognitive profiling to aid diagnosis and monitor or predict recovery in idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus

GRID superscalar enabled P-GRADE portal

Correctness debugging of message passing programs using model verification techniques

What is it? Approaches to developing shared meaning about the logistics and supply chain industries: lessons from the EMPATHY net-works project

Tonality index of sigma-delta modulators: a psychoacoustics model based approach

Stability analysis of higher-order delta-sigma modulators for sinusoidal inputs

Typo-morphological analysis as a tool for urban survey and planning

UN-Habitat slum upgrading facility: field testing field instruments in Indonesia. Main report

Social identity and representation in Britain

Crucial role for endogenous melanocortin type 3 receptor in mesenteric post-reperfusion injury. PC106

Climate mitigation through efficiency in road freight transport sector: vehicle approach and policy recommendations

Facilitating inter-organizational and intra-organizational development: new challenges for a new era

Two sides of the same coin? Framework decisions and directives compared

Unia Europejska: prawo instytucjonalne i gospodarcze 2007

The instruments of the European neighbourhood policy

What procedural reform to improve the contribution of the European Court of Justice to the European Penal Area?

Rozporządzenie jako źródło prawa Wspólnot Europejskich [Regulations as Source of EC Law]

The Reform Treaty: a paradise for lawyers and jigsaw puzzle for EU citizens (in Polish)

Propozycje reform procedury pytań prejudycjalnych w obszarze wolności, bezpieczeństwa i sprawiedliwości [The proposed reforms of the preliminary ruling procedure]

The Polish parliament and EU affairs; an effective actor or an accidental hero

The Polish constitution, the European constitutional treaty and the principle of supremacy

Poland: constitutional tribunal on the surrender of Polish citizens under the European Arrest Warrant. Decision of 27 April 2005

Free movement of workers: transitional periods for the new member states (in Polish)

European criminal law as a challenge for the ECJ: towards the reform of the preliminary ruling procedure

Enhanced bilateralism and multilateralism: integration without a membership

Engaged elites or kings of dreams: businesses as enforcers of EU law in Central and Eastern Europe

Eelotsusemenetluse – kaasusõpped [case studies on the preliminary ruling procedure]

Application of EU law in the new Member States: per varios usus artem experentia fecit

And then they were twenty-seven... a legal appraisal of the Sixth Accession Treaty

Putative human liver progenitor cells in explanted liver

Langford’s advanced photography. 7th edition

The position of aliens in relation to the European Convention on Human Rights

Transnational cross-referencing in refugee law cases

Expert testimony

Towards a European master programme on global software engineering

Agglutinated articles in the Portuguese-based Creoles

Consumer adoption of online music services: the influence of perceived risks and risk relief strategies

User oriented grid testing

Design of LDMOS balanced power amplifiers with improved IMD performance and size-reduction

The role of involvement, perceived differentiation and awareness set in the descriptive properties of the consideration set, in memory-based consumer decision-making

Can television be good for children?

Ink discrimination based on co-occurrence analysis of visible and infrared images

A Bayesian decision model for watercolour analysis

New lessons for technology policy and climate change: investment for innovation

An adaptive neurofuzzy approach for the diagnosis in wireless capsule endoscopy imaging

Utilising different data sources in computational grid workflows

SRB data resources in computational grid workflows

Grid computing: the European business perspective

Brokering multi-grid workflows in the P-GRADE portal

Grid meta-broker architecture: towards an interoperable grid resource brokering service

Grid interoperability by multiple broker utilization and meta-brokering

The use of technology to teach anatomy

Prawo instytucjonalne Unii Europejskiej [Institutional law of the European Union]

Le premier homme and the literature of loss

Automatic service deployment using virtualisation

The European Social Forum and the Internet: a case of communications networks and collective action

Go-CID: generic ontology for context-aware, interoperable and data sharing applications

The take-up rate of Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance: feasibility study

Developing a framework for analysis of university students' workbased learning: report on preliminary findings and appropriateness of approach

Gender, subjectivity and feminist art: the work of Tracey Emin, Sam Taylor-Wood and Gillian Wearing

An algebra and conceptual model for semantic tagging of collaborative digital libraries

Simulation of the EMMIL e-marketplace model in see-grid using the P-grade portal

Supporting workflow-level parameter study applications by the P-GRADE grid portal

Workflow-level parameter study support for production grids

Extending the services and sites of production grids by the support of advanced portals

The political ecology of water commercialisation in Kenya

Toward effective governance of water services in Kenya

Public spheres pushing for change: participation in the governance of GM crops

Rediscovering mixed-use streets: the contribution of local high streets to sustainable communities

The rationalisation of slow speed diesel marine engine building in the UK, 1912-1990

The development of the British ship repair industry, 1945-1985: an overview

Distributed VR for collaborative design and manufacturing

Effective pictorial information capacity as an image quality metric

Data mining an EEG dataset with an emphasis on dimensionality reduction

Digital anti forensics: tools and approaches

How we were

The ladder of participation

The importance of being earnestly interactive

Social media and internal communications

Participatory media

Next generation Web marketing - beyond the glog

From viewer to participant

Facilitation of participatory media



Children and participatory media

Changes to media consumption affecting production methods

Blog on virtual worlds for children

Audiences, 2.0 - (Just Joining In)

The effectiveness of craniosacral treatment

Clinical outcome research at the University of Westminster Polyclinic

Hyperbolic heritage: bourgeois spectatorship and contemporary Thai cinema

A tri-generational study of language choice and shift in Port Harcourt

Nottingham city strategy: an analysis of child poverty policy

Social cohesion in diverse communities

Race discrimination claims: unrepresented claimants' and employers' views on Acas' conciliation in employment tribunal cases

Neighbourhood responses to new immigration

Integration of second generation migrants in the UK: insights from recent research on social cohesion in diverse communities

A tale of two communities: reframing the debate on social cohesion

Extending the gaia methodology for the design and development of agent-based software systems

Sub-Landau sampling and design of PNS

The future of work: individuals and workplace transformation

Time after time

Grumpy old members: a regular series

Comment on cutting out services or designing it?

Young women, sexual behaviour and sexual decision-making

The future-proofed practitioner: a service-centred marketing curriculum

Private client perceptions of the personal disclosure experience

Hysterical bodies, contemporary Chinese art as (male) trauma in the post-Mao period

Mapping lifestyle

Vampire hunters: the UK marketing and reception of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Restyling factual TV: audiences and news, documentary and reality genres

Global geographies of post-socialist transition: geographies, societies, policies

Life on air: a history of Radio Four

Methodology of uniform contract law: the UNIDROIT principles in international legal doctrine and practice

Methodology of uniform contract law: the UNIDROIT Principles as a source of law

UNMIK: facilitating Kosovo's final status or its future status? Reconceptualising the problem, changing the solution

Conclusion: from intervention to administration

Where is Taiwanese identity?

Legitimacy, meaning and knowledge in the making of Taiwanese identity

British maritime strategy and Hanover, 1714-1763

Amphibious operations

A national survey of the health of school children in Ethiopia

All aboard: power, participation and governance in the North Sea regional advisory council

Review of the DWP Cost Benefit Framework and how it has been applied

Istanbul, political Islam and the law: the paradox of modernity

Not on my own: women's experience of herbal practice as participants in a randomised controlled trial

"Not on my own": women's experience of herbal practice as participants in a randomised controlled trial

"Not on my own": women's experience of herbal practice as particiapnts in a randomised controlled trial

Changing with herbs: treatment of menopausal symptoms by qualified herbal practitioners

Evaluation of the Childcare Taster Pilot and Extended Schools Childcare Pilot programmes: further qualitative research into implementation

Supporting interoperability frameworks in the UK public sector

UK and German airport performance: similarities and differences

Sustaining travel and tourism

Coping with maturing markets and routes: what happens when the high growth rates start to disappear?

British airport development

Improving Grid computing performance prediction using weighted templates

Face-to-face interactions along the production chain and across networks: a study of film and television industry in London

Marx matters: aesthetics, technology and the spirit of matter

Yukos risk: the double edge sword, a case note on international bankruptcy litigation and the transactional limits of corporate governance

Taking environmental engineering out of the laboratory

Do family planning programmes help women's employment? The case of Indian mothers. IZA Discussion Paper No. 2762

Glucocorticoid and melanocortins: special issue

Letters to the editor


Participation in continuous, on-the-job training and the impact on job satisfaction: longitudinal evidence from the German labour market

Twisting arms: court referred and court linked mediation under judicial pressure

The technology landscape of wireless web

Managing romance in the workplace

Representing identity: findings from a study using visual metaphors

Media Studies 2.0: the collapse and rebirth of Media Studies?

Creative explorations: new approaches to identities and audiences

Building metaphors, building identities

Reducing regression test size by exclusion

Mutual and partaken bliss: an introduction to the science of bodily beauty

Timeline of U.S. federal cultural policy milestones 1787 to 2006

Trade negotiations between the EU and South Africa: a three-level game

Architecture and the 'special relationship': the American influence on post-war British architecture

Biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates and their applications

Partnership and professionalism in global law firms: resurgent professionalism?

Participant observation

Lawyers as sanctifiers: the role of elite law firms in international business transactions

Lawyers as sanctifiers of value creation

Law firms

Low rate turbo code extensions and modem design for high reliability satellite links

Supporting MPI applications in P-GRADE portal

New Zealand Working For Families programme: Literature review of evaluation evidence

Literature review of evaluation evidence for Working for Families

The subject of gender: daughters and mothers in urban China

Local travel plan groups: a practical guide to setting up an effective group

EVA and shareholder value creation: an empirical study

Uniform Act Organizing and Harmonizing Accounting Systems in the Signatory States to the Treaty on the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa with Commentaries

Fair value accounting and fair trade: an analysis of the role of international accounting standard no. 41 in social conflict

Establishing the link between plant operator performance and personal motivation

Physical activity and psychological well-being in children with Type 1 diabetes

An investigation of the effects of nicotine on executive processes using a virtual reality environment

An investigation of a non-selective imagery impairment on strategic and autobiographical memory processes following posterior frontal lobe craniotomy

The Docklands photo-murals

Forests and climate change: global understandings and possible responses

Optically reconfigurable dual-band compact branch-line couplers

Autolanding of commercial aircrafts by genetic programming

Mapping genres: broadcaster and audience perceptions of makeover television

Quality issues in Web information and knowledge management

progress2work and progress2work-LinkUP: an exploratory study to assess evaluation possibilities

Implementation and first-year impacts of the UK Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) demonstration

The performance of a power pack for a compressed air driven vehicle

Accurate portrayal or lazy stereotype? The changing nature of the Asian business sector in the UK

Dynamism and enterprise: Asian female entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom

'A sort of juridical phantasm' : the criminal law’s (lack of) engagement with lesbianism

Picturing ruinscapes: the aerial photograph as image of historical trauma

Montage and modern architecture: Giedion's implicit manifesto

Alvar Aalto through the Eyes of Shigeru Ban

Modelling the linguistic mind

The future of European air transport operations

Stimulation or saturation? Perspectives on European low-cost airline market and prospects for growth

Determining readmission time window using mixture of generalised Erlang distribution

Legacy code support for service-oriented production grids

Multivariate Gram-Charlier densities

Multivariate Gram-Charlier densities


Artists' studio

Artist's studio

The education and careers backgrounds of Convention Bureau managers

Gli eventi come leva del destination management

Crime and disorder

Management culture in Romania: patterns of change and resistance

Analysis of integrated development environments for J2EE applications

Three actors, two geographies, one philosophy: the straightjacket of 'social movements'

Imperial agendas, global solidarities and socio-legal scholarship in the 'third world'

Emancipatory movements

Ein Blick in die Kristallkugel: >>Zivilgesellschaft<< und >>Humanitat<<im 21. Jahrhunder (A look into the crystal ball, "civil society" and "humanity" in the 21st Century)

Colonialism, neo-colonialism, post-colonialism

Codification, cartography and the making and remaking of empires

Le TV locali e la questione dell’accesso al tempo del digitale terrestre

Digital switchover in Italy: an analysis of government policy 1996-2006

Re-Placing the novel: Sinclair, Ballard and the spaces of literature

Living in the slashing grounds: Jack the Ripper, monopoly rent and the new heritage

Architecture in the age of global modernity

Architecture as critical knowledge

Stuart Cumberland: Congratulations

Making interactive TV easier to use: interface design for a second screen approach

An econometric investigation of Chinese outward direct investment


Information aesthetics: data visualisation as art

Dynamic cost indexing

A psychosocial approach to understanding pilot and controller acceptance of change in ATM, based on three CDA case studies

VANTAGE Phase 1, Traffic Flow Model

Designing an effective survey of air travellers

The management and costs of delay

Discriminatory motive and the but for test: the proper approach to direct discrimination in Britain and the United States

Developing the concept of knowledge leakage in relation to UK productivity

Spaces in difference: Laura Parnes’ 'Blood and guts in high school'

Teach yourself German

The regulation of professional boundaries in healthcare

Developing an application of an accident and emergency patient simulation modelling using an interactive framework

Developing communities of innovation by identifying innovation champions

Evaluation of the Childcare Taster Pilot and Extended Schools Childcare Pilot programmes: final report on qualitative research into implementation

Vocational education: conceptual differences between Britain and Germany

Skill shortages, recruitment and retention in the housebuilding sector

Divergent divisions of labour

It was nice because citizenship was sort of in the group itself

The active citizenship project: defamiliarising and contesting the social

Active citizenship: defamiliarising the social in contexts of new universities?

Working with schools: active citizenship for undergraduate students

What students want

Skills in the curriculum: a guide

CaSE: Towards a 21st century careers service

Customer relationship management and the teenage market

The unwelcome return of the EU draft Civil Liability Directive?

The new Companies Act 2006 and directors' duties

The free on board (FOB) seller as shipper

Whether towage in open seas subject to maritime cabotage rules

UCP 600 - new challenges and issues

Exemption from VAT to apply to partial chartering?

EU consultation on ship dismantling launched

EU VAT law and shipping – recent ECJ case law

Duty to nominate a safe port - The Count

Documentary credits – introduction of the new UCP 600

Changes to the Council of Mortgage Lenders' Handbook for England and Wales

Assessment of damages for breach of contract

Athens: the boundless city and the crisis of law

Improperly obtained evidence in the Commonwealth: lessons for England and Wales?

From the local to the global: China's television policy in transition

The need for change: the experience of office review

What about OR opportunities in the home care domain?

Living and dealing with RF impairments in communication transceivers

Analysis and compensation of RF impairments for next generation multimode GNSS receivers

Seung Woo Back's double vision

Photography and cinematic surface

Six adult onset TTP patients with several ADAMTS13 polymorphisms and a missense mutation (R1060W) that exhibits defective secretion in vitro

The reveries of Roger Ailing

Substrate integrated non-radiative dielectric waveguide resonators for millimeter wave applications

Novel metawaveguide bandpass filters

Personality testing on the Internet: what we know and what we do not

Employee voice and human resource management: an empirical analysis using British data

What voice do British workers want?

New Zealand Working For Families programme: methodological considerations for evaluating MSD programmes

The effect of trade unions on wages

New labour, new unions?

Literature Review WM9: Part I - urban freight transport, carried out as part of Work Module 1, Green Logistics Project

The potential use of urban consolidation centres in the hotel industry in London

Literature Review WM9: Part II - light goods vehicles in urban areas, carried as as part Work Module 1, Green Logistics Project

The role of urban consolidation centres for different business sectors

The supply chain for jeans: assessing transport and energy consumption

Logistics and the waste sector: a London case study

Dietary carbohydrate intake of individuals (total, starch, total sugar) and their blood pressure: INTERMAP study

After life

Qualifications, learning outcomes and competencies: a. review of European divergences in vocational education and training (VET)


How to change your foreign policy in 100 days: a new course with the Prodi government?

Europe, the USA and the ‘policy of the pendulum’: the importance of foreign policy paradigms in the foreign policy of Italy (1989–2005)

Chi governa la PESD? (Who governs ESDP? The actors, institutions and politics of the European security and defence policy)

Johannesburg: emerging/diverging metropolis

Memory, nation building and the post-apartheid city: the apartheid museum in Johannesburg

Making life public in contemporary Johannesburg

Book review: Beningfield, J. The Frightened Land. Land, landscape and politics in South Africa in the twentieth century

Remembrance of things past: new Perspectives on films and French domination in Algeria. The significance of François Luciani’s L’Algérie des Chimères (2003)

Coming to care: the work and family lives of workers caring for vulnerable children

How graphology has been treated by the media

How graphology has been treated by the media

Guerrilla marketing research: marketing research techniques that can help any business make more money

Green or eco-graphology

Graphology and cancer

Undergraduate computer science projects in UK: what is the point?

Criteria for the evaluation of business process simulation tools

Grundrechte als Prinzipien ('Basic rights as principles')

Looking back: analysing experiences of legal education and training

WiMax power amplifier linearisation through injection of base-band component

A Simpler formulation of natural deduction calculus for linear-time temporal logic

Buy one get two free: a simpler formulation of natural deduction for computation tree logic CTL

Automating natural deduction for linear-time temporal logic

A just weight: a history of Greenwich Market

Stress at work: a report prepared for The Work Foundation’s principal partners

The UN global programme against trafficking in human beings

What effect do unions have on wages now and would "what do unions do?" be surprised?

The relationship of geographical indications with real property valuation and management

The impact of Pathways to Work

Progressing a taxonomy of possible reflexivities: guidelines for reflexive practice in consumer research

The material-semiotics of consumption: or where (and what) are the objects in consumer culture theory?

Local accounts: authoring the critical marketing thesis

Proceedings of the 2007 symposium on Component and framework technology in high-performance and scientific computing

A continuous time econometric model of the United Kingdom with stochastic trends

Ray Davies and Friends

Low frequency noise annoyance and the negotiation challenge for environmental officers and sufferers

Leadership development: learners taking the lead

Velocities of power

Resistance becomes ballistic: Vanishing Point and the end of the road

Everyday madness: surrealism, ethnography and the photographic image

Emperor's new clothes

Automatic pictures

Simon H. Fell's 'Composition No. 75: Positions & Descriptions'

Interprofessional education in essence

The case against auctioning spectrum

Crisis, what crisis? Why young people are not deserting political television

Beyond a critical press

International criminal law. 3rd edition

Contextualising journalism education and training in Southern Africa

Case assignment in English courts

Sociological jurisprudence

Review of D. J. Galligan’s Law in Modern Society

Law, race and ethnicity

Georges Gurvitch

Gender and health inequality in welfare state regimes: a cross-national study of twelve European countries

Analysis of UKSHEC hydrogen visions in the UK MARKAL energy system model

Effects of trade on emissions in an enlarged European Union: some comparative dynamics analyses with an empirically based endogenous growth model

SZTAKI desktop grid: a modular and scalable way of building large computing grids

Creole linguistics from its beginnings, through Schuchardt, to the present day

Creating and sustaining mixed income communities in Scotland: a good practice guide

Why is it so difficult to build successful, well designed and sustainable mixed tenure communities? Learning the lessons from housing and regeneration strategies in England and Scotland

Opportunities and barriers to creating fully integrated mixed tenure communities: a comparison of housing and regeneration strategies in England and Scotland

Mapping political history: Elizabeth Barrett Browning and nineteenth-century historiography

Casa Guidi neighbours: Eliza Ogilvy, Elizabeth Barrett Browning and poetry of the Risorgimento

Phonetics ear-training: design and duration

International law and international relations

Building civil society: is there a role for the corporate sector?

Family support in children's centres: planning, commissioning and delivery

Robust modelling and tracking of NonRigid objects using Active-GNG

Nonparametric modelling and tracking with Active-GNG

Prevalence of overweight and obesity among 6-13 year old Kuwaiti school children: secular trends, risk factors and their implications

El ejército popular de la República 1936-1939

BESTUFS good practice guide on urban freight transport

D 1.3 BESTUFS Policy and Research Recommendations III: Port cities and innovative urban freight solutions: Managing urban freight transport by companies and local authorities

Synthesis report on data collection and proposed tools and techniques

BESTUFS policy and research recommendations: port cities and innovative urban freight solutions

The EMPATHY net-works e-mentoring project

Time to learn? E-learners' experiences of time in virtual learning communities

Supervising and leading teams in ILS

Developing the best blend? From blended e-learning to blended learning

Blended learning: tools for teaching and training

Competitive food safety program: the case of Qatar

Databases for facilitating data sharing in the UK NHS

Patients flow: a mixed-effects modelling approach to predicting discharge probabilities

Guest editorial: Theory and practice, strategy and sustainability

A practical approach to conveyancing. 9th edition

The margins of becoming: identity and culture in Taiwan

The making of Mauritian Creole

The international simulation and gaming research yearbook, volume 15: Effective learning from games and simulations

The cinematic

The body beautiful: evolutionary and socio-cultural perspectives

Unravelling the algae: the past, present, and future of algal systematics

The China impact: China's rise and the future of the UK

Teaching contemporary British fiction

Teaching Chaucer

Talking art: interviews with artists since 1976

State building: theory and practice

Some remarks on the lens, the shutter and the light sensitive surface

The Routledge Companion to Gothic

Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown: learning from Las Vegas

Rationalist traces

Law and the city

Kultureller Umbau: Räume, Identiäten und Repräsentationen

Johannesburg: emerging/diverging metropolis

Jack the Ripper: media, culture, history

Gift: papers and exhibition 2007

European air traffic management: principles, practice, and research

Edmund de Waal at Kettle’s Yard, Mima and elsewhere

Distributed and parallel systems: cluster and grid computing (Proceedings of the 6th Austrian-Hungarian Workshop on Distributed and Parallel Systems (DAPSYS))

Critical Engagements: a Journal of Criticism and Theory 1.2

Critical Engagements: a Journal of Criticism and Theory 1.1

Cedric Price: potteries thinkbelt

Can the prizes still glitter? The future of British universities in a changing World

Can the prizes still glitter? The future of British Universities in a changing world

Aristophanes in performance 421 BC - AD 2007: peace, birds, and frogs

Arab media and political renewal: community, legitimacy and public life

Looking at China, looking at the Chinese media

Generalized matching networks and their properties

Appropriate indicators of rail freight activity and market share: a review of UK practice and recommendations for change

Union organization in Great Britain

Assessing the potential of immunohistochemistry for systematic gene expression profiling

Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biosynthesis from structurally unrelated carbon sources by a newly characterized Bacillus spp

Polyhydroxyalkanoates in Gram-positive bacteria: insights from the genera Bacillus and Streptomyces

From a division between research and policy making towards an integrated innovation activity

Global partnerships and the new international society for river science (ISRS)

Large-scale events and sustainable urban regeneration: key principles for host cities

Do Western media really understand the Islamic world?

McLean's nuggets

New East Manchester: urban renaissance or urban opportunism?

A neuro-fuzzy-based system for detecting abnormal patterns in wireless-capsule endoscopic images

China week on the BBC: the media making knowledge and writing history

Hopping, skipping or jumping to conclusions? Clarifying the role of the JTC bias in delusions

Sectoral sustainability and sustainability assessment methodologies: a review of methodology in light of collaboration with the UK oil and gas sector

Spatial processing, mental imagery, and creativity in individuals with and without sight

Minor physical anomalies across ethnic groups in a first episode psychosis sample

Current practice and research into Internet sex offending

Answering the question: What is to be done? (Education)

What is naturopathic physical medicine?

The importance and the policy impacts of post-contractual opportunism and competition in the English and Welsh non-fossil fuel obligation

Development of measures of online privacy concern and protection for use on the Internet

How Henri Lefebvre missed the modernist sensibility of Mies van der Rohe: vitalism at the intersection of a materialist conception of space and a metaphysical approach to architecture

Exercise training reduces fatty acid availability and improves the insulin sensitivity of glucose metabolism

Interactions between cell surface protein disulphide isomerase and S-nitrosoglutathione during nitric oxide delivery

Disruption of methylarginine metabolism impairs vascular homeostasis

McLean's nuggets

Slumming it: Mike Davis's grand narrative of urban revolution

A simple graphical decision aid for the placement of elderly people in long-term care

'Getting on with life': the experiences of older people using complementary health care

Great expectations: the implementation of the Rome Statute in Italy

Predictors of axillary lymph node metastasis in breast cancer: a systematic review

McLean's nuggets

Book review: Knowledge leadership: the art and science of the knowledge-based organization

Creatine supplements in patients with idiopathic inflammatory myopathies who are clinically weak after conventional pharmacologic treatment: Six-month, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial

Anxious sexualities: masculinity, nationalism and violence

Internet users' perceptions of 'privacy concerns' and 'privacy actions'

Expecting 'Great Things'? The impact of theLicensing Act 2003 on democratic involvement,dispersal and drinking cultures

McLean's nuggets

Risk under performance-based contracting in the UK construction sector

The corticotrophin-releasing factor-like peptide urocortin reverses key deficits in two rodent models of Parkinson's disease

Urocortin, a CRF-like peptide, restores key indicators of damage in the substantia nigra in a neuroinflammatory model of Parkinson's disease

Threats of armed force and contemporary international law

Women solicitors as a barometer for problems within the legal profession: time to put values before profits?

McLean's nuggets

Editorial: Special Issue: Research into policy: current issues and challenges for sustainable development


A review of BIG funding for older people

The Cotton Caves @ Stevenage New Town

Understanding commercial music contracts: the place of contractual theory

Treatment of menopausal symptoms by qualified herbal practitioners: a prospective, randomized controlled trial

Identification and elimination of false-positives in an ELISA-based system for qualitative assessment of glycoconjugate binding using a selection of plant lectins.

A threepenny omnibus ticket to "Limey-housey-causey-way": fictional sojourns in Chinatown

Pioglitazone added to conventional lipid lowering treatment in familial combined hyperlipidaemia improves parameters of metabolic control: relation to liver, muscle and regional body fat content

Proteome analysis of metastatic colorectal cancer cells recognized by the lectin Helix pomatia agglutinin (HPA)

McLean's nuggets

Community governance or corporate governance? Two models for primary care provision in England

Automating natural deduction for temporal logic

Numerical simulations of the random phase sine-Gordon model and renormalization group predictions

Tanner Street Estate

Domain-specific metadata for model validation and performance optimisation

Marketing research: tools & techniques

Maternally imprinted microRNAs are differentially expressed during mouse and human lung development

A simulation study of scheduling clinic appointments in surgical care: individual surgeon versus pooled lists

Perceptions of female body weight and shape among indigenous and urban Europeans

Male physical attractiveness in Britain and Greece: a cross-cultural study

More than just skin-deep? A pilot study integrating physical and non-physical factors in the perception of physical attractiveness

General health mediates the relationship between loneliness, life satisfaction and depression

Could this revolutionise student feedback?

Effects of stimulus frequency and duration on somatosensory discrimination responses

A reconsideration of Wulfstan’s use of Norse-derived terms: the case of þrǣl

Patterns of denitrification rates in European alluvial soils under various hydrological regimes

Patterns of information disclosure and joint consultation in Great Britain: determinants and outcomes

Mothers' child support arrangements: a comparison of routes through which mothers obtain awards for maintenance in Britain

Poly(3- hydroxybutyrate)/Bioglass® composite films containing carbon nanotubes

Where to treat the older patient? Can Markov models help us better understand the relationship between hospital and community care?

Striatal susceptibility to a dopaminergic neurotoxin is independent of sex hormone effects on cell survival and DAT expression but is exacerbated by central aromatase inhibition

The potential for hydrogen-enriched biogas production from crops: scenarios in the UK

Popular music as journalism in Zimbabwe

Uncertainty and the Tyndall decarbonisation scenarios

A decade of development: complementary therapies at the University of Westminster

Continuous dark fermentative hydrogen production by mesophilic microflora: principles and progress

Renewables and the grid: understanding intermittency

The halfway house: democracy, complexity, and the limits to markets in green political economy

Perception of female buttocks and breast size in profile

Developed space: Theo van Doesburg and the Chambre de Fleurs

Age discrimination, the default retirement age and occupational pensions: experiences from Canada and predictions for Britain

Cognition in a hierarchy

Visual memory transformations in dyslexia

Closed policy networks, broken chains of communication and the stories behind an ‘entrepreneurial policy’: the case of NHS local improvement finance trust (NHS LIFT)

Altered tactile spatial attention in the early blind

Lemon Factory Extension

At play: Edmund de Waal explores Sun Kim's pots

Silicon gap-loaded microstrip slit-tetragonal resonator under IR-irradiation

A study on the cost of operational complexity in customer–supplier systems

Targeting therapeutics: closing the gap between bench and bedside. A focus on tissue microarrays

Living and working in urban working class communities

Engaging older citizens: a study of London boroughs

Differences in attractiveness preferences between observers in low- and high-resource environments in Thailand

Evaluating self and partner physical attractiveness

"The walls were so damp and cold" fuel poverty and ill health in Northern Ireland: results from a housing intervention

Traditional Chinese medicine - what are we investigating? The case of menopause

The Lone Parents Pilots: A qualitative evaluation of Quarterly Work Focused Interviews (12+), Work Search Premium and In Work Credit

Polyhydroxyalkanoates: biodegradable polymers with a range of applications

Financial development and its impact on private sector’s investment in Iran

Effective linearization technique for amplifiers operating close to saturation

'An unfinished death': the legacy of Albert Camus and the work of textual memory in contemporary European and Algerian literatures

Construction statistics review for Kenya

Molecular characterization of the variable domains of an αIIbβ3-specific immunoglobulin M κ platelet cold agglutinin in a follicular lymphoma patient with treatment refractory autoimmune thrombocytopenia: idiotypic overlap between αIIbβ3 integrin antibodies

The link between perceptions of power and client behaviours

Public and popular: British and Swedish audience trends in factual and reality television

Motherhood, choice and the British media: a time to reflect

Cognitive performance in light current users and ex-users of ecstasy (MDMA) and controls

Multimedia applications for mobile devices: issues and requirements for authoring tools and development platforms

'A theoretical diagram in an empty classroom': Jeff Wall's picture for women

The lone parent pilots after 12 to 24 months: an impact assessment of In-Work Credit, Work Search Premium, Extended Schools Childcare, Quarterly Work Focused Interviews and New Deal Plus for Lone Parents

Postface: reflections on the literary Thames: river, city and chronotope

Illness perceptions in depersonalization disorder: testing an illness attribution model

Western colonial representations of the other: the case of Exotica Tibet

Human rights update

Making an impact: skills for promoting blended learning within higher education

CCN2 is necessary for the function of mouse embryonic fibroblasts


Water quality and Cryptosporidium distribution in an upland water supply catchment, Cumbria, UK

Survivability of a probiotic Lactobacillus casei in the gastrointestinal tract of healthy human volunteers and its impact on the faecal microflora

Association between active GB virus-C (hepatitis G) infection and HIV-1 disease in Uganda

Inhibitation of γ-secretases alters both proliferation and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells

Employee voice regimes and the characteristics of conflict: an analysis of the 2003 survey of employment tribunal applications

Business-to-business adoption of eCommerce in China

Dansk public diplomacy og tegningesagen.

Building review Norwich Forum 1998-2001: millennial prospect, coincident detachment

Rebels at Heart: the National Brotherhood of Saint Patrick and the Irish Liberator

Efficiency tests in the merger control regimes of the Baltic countries: myth or reality

Micronutrient supplements for children after deworming

Genre, iconography and British legal film

Extracting performance hints for grid users using data mining techniques: a case study in the NGS

Continuing professional development in the legal profession: a practice-based learning perspective

Oceanic changes in the Sargasso Sea and declines in recruitment of the European eel

The transferability of the low-cost model to long-haul airline operations

Evaluating the potential for urban consolidation centres

The impact of occupational pensions on retirement age

Renewable electricity policies in The Netherlands

Models of labour services and estimates of total factor productivity

Argentina's mirror: the causa Malvinas

Transformation of human mesenchymal stem cells increases their dependency on oxidative phosphorylation for energy production

Protein disulfide-isomerase mediates delivery of nitric oxide redox derivatives into platelets

A comparative study on the modified Max-Log-MAP turbodecoding by extrinsic information scaling

Rescript: Edmund de Waal admires Marit Tingleff's vast dishes

Looking in the opposite direction: the West's response to Japanese crafts

Demand fluctuation and chaotic behaviour by interaction between customers and suppliers

Evaluation of rail freight facilities grant funding in Britain

Ethical consumers in search of markets

Image quality comparison between JPEG and JPEG2000. II. Scene dependency, scene analysis, and classification

Setting greenhouse gas emission targets under baseline uncertainty: the Bush climate change initiative

Effects of stimulus frequency and duration on the somatosensory mismatch negativity

From 'event-led' to 'event-themed' regeneration: the 2002 Commonwealth Games Legacy Programme

A notary archive model for secure preservation and distribution of electrically signed patient documents

The right tool for the task: 'boundary spanners' in a partnership approach to tackle fuel poverty in rural Northern Ireland

Quieter, safer, cheaper? Planning for more inclusive town centres at night

Searching for CAM evidence: an evaluation of therapy-specific search strategies

Web service negotiation in an insurance grid

Joint conversation specification and compliance

A text mining approach for automatic taxonomy generation and text categorisation

The integration of lipid-sensing and anti-inflammatory effects: how the PPARs play a role in metabolic balance

Novel application of oligosaccharides as elicitors for the enhancement of bacitracin A production in cultures of Bacillus licheniformis

Co-operation, compromise and confrontation: the Universal News 1860-69

'Now who will be the witness/When we're all too healed to see?' The sad demise of Nick Cave

An experimental study on magnetic belt drive

Life cycle energy, emissions and cost inventory of power generation technologies in Singapore

A decade of university complementary therapies provision

Regions between imposed structure and internally developed response. Experiences with twin track regionalisation in post-socialist Eastern Germany

Between difference and adjustment: the re-/presentation and implementation of post-socialist (communist) transformation

From tech-led to brand-led—has the internet portal business grown up?

Airport traffic and financial performance: a UK & Ireland case study

Employment effects of the provision of specific professional skills and techniques in Germany

Everyday talk: investigating media consumption and identity amongst school children

The melancholic air of the city

Transformation procurement in the Immigration Directorate: applying Sveiby

Supporting innovation: communities of practice and change

A long-term study of population characteristics and downstream migrations of the European eel Anguilla anguilla(L.) and the effects of a migration barrier in the Girnock Burn, north-east Scotland

John Stezaker's precise enigmas

The new capital accord and the Chinese banking industry

Doing the right thing? Does fair share capitalism improve workplace performance?

Temporary agency workers and workplace performance in the private sector

Images of exile: tracing the past within the present in Henri-François Imbert's No Pasaràn! Album souvenir

Image quality comparison between JPEG and JPEG2000. I. Psychophysical investigation

High-performance liquid chromatography-diode array detection/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for the simultaneous analysis of cis-, trans- and dihydro-2-glucosyloxycinnamic acid derivatives from Dendrobium medicinal plants

What criteria do police officers' use to measure the success of an interview with a child witness?

Dead letters: gender, literary history and the cross-correspondences

Effect of mannan oligosaccharide elicitor and ferulic acid on enhancement of laccases production in liquid cultures of basidiomycetes

Preferences for female body size in Britain and the South Pacific

Extending and refining the propaganda model

FAK Is Required for TGFβ-induced JNK Phosphorylation in Fibroblasts: Implications for Acquisition of a Matrix-remodeling Phenotype

Sharing space: urban design and social mixing in mixed income new communities

Acupuncture for anxiety and anxiety disorders: a systematic literature review

Review debate: we need human rights not nationalism 'lite': globalization and British solidarity

Review debate: reply to David Goodhart and Andrew Pilkington

The usage of soft-computing methodologies in interpreting capsule endoscopy

Maritime and business history in Britain: past, present and future?

Nang Nak: Thai bourgeois heritage cinema

Improving food provision in a Guyanese home for the elderly: a participatory approach

Is Pakistan a failed state?

Recruitment policies and practices in the context of demographic change: Critical issues in the ICT sector and recommendations

Nutrition and alcoholic liver disease

Modeling unexpected events in temporally disaggregated econometric input-output models of regional economies

Conversation with Brett Rogers, director of the Photographers' Gallery, London

The diffusion of workplace voice and high-commitment human resource management practices in Britain, 1984-1998

Lactate threshold does not influence metabolic responses during exercise in cyclists

Developing Databases for Enabling Interoperability in the UCAS Admission Process

Wind electricity in Denmark: a survey of policies, their effectiveness and factors motivating their introduction

Xiyuan Entertainment Complex

Periodic table

Intelligent reconfiguration of dynamic distributed components

Human rights update

A sounding line

The long goodbye: new establishments and the fall of union voice in Britain

Delivering value for money to government through efficient and effective public transit service continuity: some thoughts: response 4

Synthesis of a novel ‘smart’ bifunctional chelating agent 1-(2-[β,d-galactopyranosyloxy]ethyl)-7-(1-carboxy-3-[4-aminophenyl]propyl)-4,10-bis(carboxymethyl)-1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane (Gal-PA-DO3A-NH2) and its Gd(III) complex

The 'Murdochization' of news? The case of star TV in India

Force generation of different human cardiac valve interstitial cells: relevance to individual valve function and tissue engineering

Miniaturised rectangular waveguide filters

Britain's labor market under the Blair governments

A human rights campaign? The campaign to abolish child slavery in Hong Kong 1919-1938

Community participation in nutrition programmes for child survival and anemia

A machine learning approach to keystroke dynamics based user authentication

Orientation, opportunity and autonomy: why people work after state pension age in three areas of England

Fabrication and characterization of biodegradable poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) composite containing Bioglass

Performance characteristics of a two stage process producing hydrogen and methane continuously

Sustain no city: an ecological conceptualization of urban development

Venture-capital funding: when and where?

Why should CAM degrees be Bachelor of Sciences?

Does the marketing curriculum reflect the importance of services marketing for practitioners?

Planning and know-how: the relationship between knowledge and calculation in Hayek's case for markets

A paradox of alliance management: resource contamination in the recorded music industry

The use of guidelines for dissemination of "best practice" in primary care of patients with eating disorders

Glimpses of the big picture

The determinants of Chinese outward foreign direct investment

Are there day of the week productivity effects?

Daratt, saison sèche: changement ou continuité dans l'oeuvre de Mahamat-Saleh Haroun

Workplace industrial relations in Britain, 1980–2004

Geopolitical exotica: Tibet in Western imagination

Modelling fungal growth using radial basis function neural networks: the case of the ascomycetous fungal Monascus ruber van Tiegham

Exploring men's and women's experiences of depression and engagement with health professionals: more similarities than differences? A qualitative interview study

The role for rail in port-based container freight flows in Britain

What's wrong with globalisation

Chikungunya virus: an emerging problem?

Positive prevention: contemporary issues facing HIV positive people negotiating sex in the UK

An overview of research on complementary therapies in life-limiting conditions

How to summarise and report written qualitative data from patients: a method for use in cancer support care

Negotiation for authorisation in virtual organisation

Back the bid: the 2012 summer games and the governance of London

Structural basis for nick recognition by a minimal pluripotent DNA ligase

Cell-penetrating-peptide-mediated siRNA lung delivery

Executive coaching and psychometrics: a case study evaluating the use of the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) in senior management coaching

Executive Coaching and Psychometrics: A case study evaluating the use of the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) and the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) in senior management coaching

"War! What is it good for?" The work of the group for War and Culture Studies

On the calculation of optical performance factors from vertebrate spatial contrast sensitivity

An evaluation of the impact of a school nutrition programme in Vietnam

Habermas and the public sphere

The fall and rise of barristers' clerks

Designing interactive TV with users in mind

An empirical test of sex differences in the emphasis on physical attractiveness in mate selection

Looking for medical information on the Internet: self-disclosure, privacy and trust

The effects of exercise intensity or drafting during swimming on subsequent cycling performance in triathletes

Gospel truth? Brenton's 'Paul' and the bible

Investing in Ear-training

Fieldwork for success

Reconstructing the pattern and depth of flow onshore in a palaeotsunami from associated deposits

Details relating to ABS are to be found in archive

Detection of Actinobacteria associated with the human faecal microbiota

SZTAKI desktop grid: building a scalable, secure platform for desktop grid computing

Problem solving environment for distributed interactive applications

On guard (the First Emperor’s buried army)

Alcohol, policy and politics in Kazakhstan

Pharmacokinetic behavior of gentiopicroside from decoction of radix gentianae, gentiana macrophylla after oral administration in rats: a pharmacokinetic comaprison with gentiopicroside after oral and intravenous administration alone

Pharmacokinetics and bioavailability of gentiopicroside from decoctions of Gentianae and Longdan Xiegan Tang after oral administration in rats: comparison with gentiopicroside alone

Architecture and contingency

Architecture and contingency

Women's empowerment and violent death among women and men in Europe: an ecological study

The Passivhaus standard in European warm climates: design guidelines for comfortable low energy homes

The night-time economy and sustainable town centres: dilemmas for local government

Diabetes and complementary therapies: mapping the evidence

The second leg home advantage. Evidence from European football cups competitions

The relationships between science and sport: application in triathlon

Putative human liver progenitor cells in explanted liver

Block locally optimal preconditioned eigenvalue Xolvers (BLOPEX) in Hypre and PETSc

Effect of oligosaccharide elicitors on bacitracin A production and evidence of transcriptional level control

Strategizing the decennial census of housing for poverty reduction in Kenya

Social snapshot: 1967

God slot: religion and Radio Four

Feedback, BBC Radio 4, September 2007: interview on coverage of sex on the BBC

Determining Kosovo's final status: the viability of ongoing administration

Integrating climate-hydrology-ecology for alpine river systems

Principal–agent analysis with one agent and two principals: European Union trade negotiations with South Africa

Cell wall water content has a direct effect on extensibility in growing hypocotyls of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Cortisol secretory activity in older people in relation to positive and negative well-being

The effect of computer use on earnings in Italy

End of the free lunch? The responses of traditional European airlines to the low-cost carrier threat

Childcare Taster Pilot and Extended Schools Childcare Pilot Programme Evaluation: Final Report on Qualitative Research into Implementation

Hollow Hegemony: theorising the shift from interest-based to value-based international policy-making

The impact of foreign direct investment on the productivity of China’s automotive industry

Comparing freight transport strategies and measures in London and Paris

Factors that affect the likelihood of undergoing cosmetic surgery

Benefits of working in partnership: a model

Where has all the time gone? Temporal challenges of women e-mentors

Proceedings of the CoreGRID Workshop on Grid Systems, Tools and Environments, 1st December 2006, Sophia-Antipolis, France

Effective dielectric constant and design of sliced Lüneberg lens

Structural features and anti-HIV-1 activity of novel polysaccharides from red algae Grateloupia longifolia and Grateloupia filicina

Guerrilla tactics of investigative journalists in China

Treaty obligation to promote public education and the teaching of international law

Special Double Issue: Diversity and commonality in higher education

Environmental criminal law in the first pillar: a positive development for environmental protection in the European Union?

The development of 'consumer welfare' and its application in the competition law of the European Community and Lithuania

AgentStra: an Internet-based multi-agent intelligent system for strategic decision-making

Wireless - but not yet faithless: religion and Radio Four

Virtual philosopher, October 2007: interview on broadcasting and morality

The three-dimensional structure of codakine and related marine C-type lectins

The relation between child labour and mothers' work: the case of India

Sediment tracing and environmental history for two small catchments, Karoo Uplands, South Africa

Colorectal cancer – a sticky problem

The effect of Pathways to Work on labour Market Outcomes

Competition and change in the long-haul markets of Europe

What's wrong with "rights"?

Cyclone.soc: an interactive artwork visualizing Internet newsgroup postings as cyclonic weather conditions

European Union statebuilding: securing the liberal peace through EU enlargement

Polly Braden's solo city

Conversation with Paul Graham

Biodegradable polymer coated 45S5 Bioglassderived glass-ceramic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Regulating mediators?

Interprofessional education: the fourth focus

Technological change in niches: auxiliary power units and the hydrogen economy

Arts on Film Archive

Human rights update

Fault-tolerant behavior in state-of-the-art grid workflow management systems

Expert ear: Today turning 50 and growing old gracefully

A technological examination of ninth-tenth century AD Abbasid blue-and-white ware from Iraq, and its comparison with eighth century AD Chinese blue-and-white Sancai ware

Large-scale production and efficient recovery of PHB with desirable material properties, from the newly characterised Bacillus cereus SPV

Do ERP components triggered during attentional orienting represent supramodal attentional control?

Therapeutic exploitation of endogenous anti-inflammatory mechanisms: old and new leads

A framework for web service negotiation

Relationship of glycaemic index with cardiovascular risk factors: analysis of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey for people aged 65 and older

NQOC'1: social identity and representation in British politics

The temporal sequence of gut peptide-central nervous system interactions tracked in vivo by magnetic resonance imaging

The myth of the failed state and the war on terror: a challenge to the conventional wisdom

The impossibility of gender in narratives of China's modernity

A synthesis review of the public understanding research projects: a research report completed for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs by the Policy Studies Institute

Fluctuations in the site-disordered traveling salesman problem

Attitudes to change in ATM operations: introduction of CDA trials at Manchester, Bucharest, and Stockholm

An analysis of the proposed EU legislation on supply chain security

Technological transitions and strategic niche management: the case of the hydrogen economy

Discovery-Systems and e-Books

Boscombe Reflections: Boscombe Library Façade

Memories of work: exploring identities through visual and oral approaches

Spirit of the middle passage

Meta-Brokering requirements and research directions in state-of-the-art Grid Resource Management

Innovations in Web communications infrastructure

Human rights update

Peri-urbanisation in East Asia: A new challenge for planning?

Quantitative analysis of total retronecine esters-type pyrrolizidine alkaloids in plant by high performance liquid chromatography

Letter to the editor: Further thoughts on: Julie’s museum: the evolution of thinking, dreaming and historicization in the treatment of traumatized patients

Biological fingerprinting analysis of the traditional Chinese prescription Longdan Xiegan Decoction by on/off-line comprehensive two-dimensional biochromatography

Beliefs in genetic determinism and attitudes towards psychiatric genetic research: psychometric scale properties, construct associations, demographic correlates, and cross-cultural comparisons

The relative contribution of profile body shape and weight to judgements of women's physical attractiveness in Britain and Malaysia

Unattractive, promiscuous and heavy drinkers: perceptions of women with tattoos

Cultural significance of leg-to-body ratio preferences? Evidence from Britain and rural Malaysia

Acupuncture for hypertension: a tale of two trials. From the perspective of the anthropologist

Effects of 4-hydroxynonenal on mitochondrial 3-hydroxy-3methylglutaryl (HMG-CoA) synthase

Aspiration levels and educational choices: an experimental study

Review and commentary: News and corporate governance: what Dow Jones and Reuters teach us about stewardship

Grey matter abnormalties in first episode schizophrenia and affective psychosis

Fuzzy logic controller implementation for a solar air-conditioning system

From market to non-market: an autonomous agent approach to central planning

An introduction of new UML design metrics for Web applications

Needs met through computer game play among adolescents

The security-development nexus and the rise of 'anti-foreign policy'

Dynamic protrusive cell behaviour generates force and drives early matrix contraction by fibroblasts

Towards a scientific workflow-oriented computational World Wide Grid

Factors behind recent patronage trends in Britain and their implications for future policy