The rise of traditional Chinese medicine and its materia medica: A comparison of the frequency and safety of materials and species used in Europe and China

Maternal obesity results in lower energy expenditure in adult offspring when exposed to an obesogenic diet in adulthood

Developmental programming in the pathogenesis of non-alcoholic fatty pancreas disease in mice

Maternal obesity programs offspring nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by innate immune dysfunction in mice.

3-D printouts of the tracheobronchial tree generated from CT images as an aid to management in a case of tracheobronchial chondromalacia caused by relapsing polychondritis

Osteocyte apoptosis

Directed osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem/precursor cells on silicate substituted calcium phosphate

Changing Lives, Changing Priorities: Teaching People to Use Less Energy

Public Health Nutrition Intervention Programme to Attenuate the Progression of HIV to AIDS among People Living with HIV (PLWH) in Abuja, Nigeria: A Conceptual Framework

The impact of dietary and lifestyle factors on the risk of dental caries among young children in Qatar

Clostridium difficile modulates host innate immunity via toxin-independent and dependent mechanism(s)

Beyond Performance - Companion Report: A Cultural Enquiry into major events and culture

God in Proof: The Story of a Search, from the Ancients to the Internet

Thank You, Anarchy: Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse

Adult Neural Stem Cells Generate Waves of Oligodenrocyte Progenitor Cells That Populate Transiently the Corpus Callosum but Do Not Contribute to Its Pool of Oligodendrocytes

Book review: Petros Iosifidis, Global Media and Communication Policy, Basingstoke, UK & New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011, 288 pp., £58.00 or US$95.00 (hardcover)

Niche derived oligodendrocyte progenitors: A source of rejuvenation or complementation for local oligodendrogenesis?

Reforming the Greek health system: A role for non-medical, clinical bioscientists

The late response of rat subependymal zone stem and progenitor cells to stroke is restricted to directly affected areas of their niche

Neurogenesis in the Adult Mammalian Brain: How Much Do We Need, How Much Do We Have?

The fully-functioning university and its higher education

Human Rights violation in Turkey: Rethinking Sociological Perspectives

A phase I randomized clinical trial of candidate human immunodeficiency virus type 1 vaccine MVA. HIVA administered to Gambian infants

Serum ferritin levels in adults with sickle cell disease in Lagos, Nigeria

Prevalence of priapism and its awareness amongst male homozygous sickle cell patients in Lagos

Hematological profile of normal pregnant women in Lagos, Nigeria

Prevalence of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in HIV Infected Patients in a Tertiary Hospital in Lagos, Nigeria

Full blood count pattern of pre-chemotherapy breast cancer patients in Lagos, Nigeria

New-Onset Seizures in HIV Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy at a Tertiary Centre in South-West, Nigeria

Sphingolipid synthases of Toxoplasma gondii and other organisms

Guiqiao as political subjects in the making of the People's Republic of China 1949-1979

FALI: Time Memory Information of Windows Computer Systems

On the Analysis of Information Found on Windows Application Memory

Compositional and urban form effects on residential property value patterns in Greater London

Measuring the influence of spatial configuration on the housing market in metropolitan London

Role of IRAK-M in Alcohol Induced Liver Injury

Variation in tau isoform expression in different brain regions and disease states

A multicentre observational study to evaluate a new tool to assess emergency physicians' non-technical skills

Citrate synthase from the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica

Differential expression of liver fluke β-tubulin isotypes at selected life cycle stages

O'Neills in the dossiers of the personnel section of the General Military Archive of Segovia

The O'Neills of the Fews: new findings concerning the historical O'Neill family and their present day lineage

The relationship between national culture and organisational effectiveness: the case of Iranian private sector organisations

The relationship between NC and OC: the case of Iranian private sector organisation

From Post-Object to ‘Zombie’ Fandoms: The ‘deaths’ of online fan communities and what they say about us

Serotonergic chemosensory neurons modify the C. elegans immune response by regulating G-protein signaling in epithelial cells.

Rnd3 induces stress fibres in endothelial cells through RhoB.

How to exploit grid infrastructures for federated cloud purposes with CLEVER

Data Reliability in Multi-provider Cloud Storage Service with RRNS

Combination of interdisciplinary teaching and discipline based teaching as a key to success

Study of movable and deployable structures using ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) air cushions

Development and Remodeling of the Vertebrate Blood-Gas Barrier

“Berlin Does Not Love You”

Imagining the Internet: Communication, Innovation, and Governance

Troubling normalities and normal family troubles: diversities, experiences and tensions

Personalising Poverty: Parental Determinism and the Big Society Agenda

A quantitative study of white matter hypomyelination and oligodendroglial maturation in focal cortical dysplasia type II

P-glycoprotein expression and function in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy: A case-control study

MAPPED study design: A 6month randomised controlled study to evaluate the effect of dutasteride on prostate cancer volume using magnetic resonance imaging

Brain microstructure reveals early abnormalities more than two years prior to clinical progression from mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer's disease

Convergence and tracking analysis of the ε-NSRLMF algorithm

The Effect of Making a Voluntary Labour Market Programme Compulsory: Evidence from a UK Experiment

The effect of the Troubles on GDP in Northern Ireland

Greatwall of Tibet

A Road to Dominance?

When Innovation Does Not Pay Off: Introducing the “European Regional Paradox”

When innovation does not pay-off: A tale of competitiveness in seven European regions

A Fundamental Review on Mobile Information System for Sustainable Project Management

Cloud Computing for Green Construction Management

Construction Collaboration Tools for Precast Supply Chain Management

A Review of Project and Programme Management Reference Models for the Construction Industry

The Impact of Cloud Computing Technology to Precast Supply Chain Management

The Potential of Augmented Reality Technology for Pre-Construction

Framing Landscapes: The Return Journey in Suely in the Sky

Towards application of automated planning in urban traffic control

Exploring knowledge engineering strategies in designing and modelling a road traffic accident management domain

Knowledge engineering tools in planning: State-of-the-art and future challenges

Association rule mining based study for identification of clinical parameters akin to occurrence of brain tumor

Design of dimensional model for clinical data storage and analysis

SN algorithm: analysis of temporal clinical data for mining periodic patterns and impending augury

The Young PI Buzz: Learning from the Organizers of the Junior Principal Investigator Meeting at ISMB-ECCB 2013

Bioinformatics workflows and web services in systems biology made easy for experimentalists

BioJS: an open source JavaScript framework for biological data visualization

iAnn: an event sharing platform for the life sciences

Crowdsourcing the corpasome

Why Art Photography? 1st edition

Gazing Outwards and Looking Back: Configuring Caribbean Visual Culture

Patterns of adrenal cortisol and DHEA secretion during female adolescence: Implications for psychiatric disorders

Early childhood cognitive disorders: Spina bifida and hydrocephalus

Boys with Broken Ears/ Iran's Sporting Dreamers

Comparative study of artificial chromosome centromeres in human and murine cells

Robotic injection of zebrafish embryos for high-throughput screening in disease models

Harmony ideology revisited: spatial geographies of hegemony and disputing strategies amongst the Santal

Ashes thrown to the wind; the elusive nature of transgression

Installation and performance

The Role of the Family in Facilitating Gang Membership, Criminality and Exit. Catch 22 Publication

Supervising rioters: The role of probation

Risk and privatisation

Riots and probation: governing the precariat

COST Action IS1106: Offender Supervision in Europe

Reviews: Eugene Onegin, Playing Cards 1, In the Beginning was the End

Reviews, Scene Vol 1 No 3

Auditing Practice and Education in the Information Age: Challenges & Opportunities

Fully Streched Single DNA Molecules in a Nanofluidic Chip Show Large-Scale Structural Variation

Preferential lectin binding of cancer cells upon sialic acid treatment under nutrient deprivation.

“Race”, Space and Social Action: The UK Riots 2011

The new mobilities paradigm and sustainable transport: : finding synergies and creating new methods

The Commute

Cycling and society

How women use and experience western herbal practice for distress: Implications for health care and self-management approaches

Redefining the market-state relationship: Responses to the financial crisis and the future of regulation

The Relationship between National Culture and Organisational Culture: The Case of Iranian Private Sector Organisations

Selective effects of baclofen on use-dependent modulation of GABAB inhibition after tetraplegia

Aberrant crossed corticospinal facilitation in muscles distant from a spinal cord injury.

The Digital Condition of Photography: Cameras, Computers and Display

“Pynchon’s Nineteen Eighty-Four: Vineland, Film, and Social Control”

“Deleuze, Bergson, and the Metaphysics of Film”

Self-assembling nanomaterials: Monitoring the formation of amyloid fibrils, with a focus on small-angle x-ray scattering

Rethinking Crises and the Accretion of Executive Power: The “War on Terror” and Conditionality Evidence from Seven Political Systems

Investigating pay-as-you-go to address issues of trust, privacy and security around media use at home

The Book of Love

Divorce in Bhutan

Everything I cannot tell you About the Women of Kashmir

Kashmir: a place of blood and memory

The idea of India and Kashmir

Fashion: Theory and Praxis

Beyond Maps, Beyond Nations

The Heart of Darkness

A Metonymic Theory of Translation

Writing from the Body: Kinesthetics and Entrainment in Collaborative Screenwriting

Beat: Artist's Statement

Advanced age influences the dynamic changes in circulating C-reactive protein following injury

A prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, multicenter study of the effects of irbesartan on aortic dilatation in Marfan syndrome (AIMS trial): study protocol.

The association between cortisol response to mental stress and high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T plasma concentration in healthy adults

A gripping problem: cardiac biomarkers in patients with intermittent claudication

Clot Disruption: the role of the D-dimer in testing for deep vein thrombosis

A sticky situation: fibrinogen and coronary artery disease

Randomised Assessment of Treatment using Panel Assay of Cardiac markers - Contemporary Biomarker Evaluation (RATPAC CBE)

Cardiac electromechanical delay is increased during recovery from 40 km cycling but is not mediated by exercise intensity

Rethinking Brutalist Buildings: their soul is in their making

Transnacionais: Um Estudo de Quatro Profisses em Quatro Paises no Contexto do Quadro Europeu de Qualficacoes (QEQ)

Conclusion: Reconceptualizing the Dynamics of Conflict and Cooperation

The Political Economy of Global Resources

Can Better Working Conditions Improve the Performance of SMEs: An International Literature Review

Gramsci, Counter-hegemony and Labour Union–Civil Society Organisation Coalitions in Malaysia

Evaluating South Korean legal channels for individual employment disputes through Budd and Colvin's framework

Corporate Governance in Asian Countries: Has Confucianism Anything to Offer?

Clonal analysis reveal associations of JAK2V617F homozygosity with hematological features, age and gender in PV and ET

Creative Applications Network (CreativeApplications.Net, CAN) Website and related platforms

IZA DP No. 7647: Regional Variations in Attitudes Towards Refugees: Evidence from Great Britain

Committed Rootlessness: The Anglo-Jewish Perspective and Rhetoric of Jon Silkin

Do the effects of high intensity 40 km cycling upon left ventricular function and cardiac biomarker during recovery vary with time of day?

Abdominal adiposity is the main determinant of the C-reactive response to injury in subjects undergoing inguinal hernia repair

Biomarkers of Cardiac Ischemia

Introduction to Ischemic Heart Disease

Ischemic Heart Disease

Fluorescence Characterization of Clinically-Important Bacteria

Client project capabilities and information systems change in the public sector


Use of record-linkage to handle non-response and improve alcohol consumption estimates in health survey data: a study protocol

Written medical discharge communication from an acute stroke service: a project to improve content through development of a structured stroke-specific template

Law Express Questions and Answers: Employment Law

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SEKE, the KKE and the language question

Illumination Conditions and Visual Comfort in Production Spaces of Ready-Made Garments Factories in Dhaka

Macronutrient regulation of PYY and DPPIV in human intestinal epithelial cells

Preparation and Characterisation of Solid Lipid Particles for Oral Iron Delivery

Hepcidin transcription and peptide secretion are governed by different regulatory mechanisms

Comparison Study of Oral Iron Preparations Using a Human Intestinal Model

The Curse of Online Friends: The Detrimental Effects of Online Social Network Usage on Well-Being

Detecting insider threats through language change

Drawing to Remember: External Support of Older Adults’ Eyewitness Performance


On - track: A Change Academy project investigating student attendance and engagement

The Business Case for Equality and Diversity: a survey of the academic literature

All That Stuff! Organising records of Creative Processes

Teaching translation between English and Chinese to undergraduate students learning Chinese as a foreign language

Educating Mind, Body and Spirit: The legacy of Quintin Hogg and the Polytechnic, 1864-1992

Breaking Down the Barriers in Built Environment Education

Editorial Note: It was a good year....wasn’t it?

Programme Procurement in Construction: Learning From London 2012

Spectacle of a Spectacle

Perspectives on the school spaces of the future (Perspectives pour les futurs espaces scolaires)

Decay as 'Aesthetic' and Alternative Negotiations

Professional Studies in Architecture: a Primer

Your Tour: Interactive Spatial Navigation of the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

Risk, welfare and the treatment of young drug users in England and Wales

High-Speed Rail Route and Regional Mobility with a Raster-Based Decision Support System: The Texas Urban Triangle Case

Provider-led Pathways to Work: Net impacts on employment and benefits, Working Paper No 113

Designing Carbon Taxation to Protect Low-Income Households

Dealing with critical challenges in African innovation platforms: Lessons for facilitation

My Home is not my Castle

The Effectiveness of Peer Coaching in Higher Education: Reflections of Business Studies Students

The Greek Crisis in the Media: Stereotyping in the International Press, by George Tzogopoulos

Raising Awareness In Distributed Agile Development - A Case Study Perspective

Understanding Collaborative Practices in Distributed Agile Development: Research Proposal

Negotiating Common Ground in Distributed Agile Development: A Case Study Perspective

Black Sun Alchemy, Diaspora and Heterotopia

An integrated approach towards linking intranet information portal with CMS and CRM: a bank application

Dynamic spillovers between oil and stock markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries

Directional spillovers from the U.S. and the Saudi market to equities in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries

Arc-Based Soft XML Pattern Matching

Using qualitative diary research to understand emotion at work

Student Choices of Topic Areas: What Can We Learn?

Bandwidth Efficient Techniques for Helicopter Links via Satellite

Helicopter Propagation Effects and Countermeasures for Reliable Bandwidth Efficient Communications via Satellite

Surname typology and the problem of inconsistent classification

Flight prioritisation, delay costs and the passenger – where next?

4D trajectories - assessing the cost of time

CASSIOPEIA D4.3 - case study 3 report: hub connectivity-driven variable aircraft speeds

Grounded Theory: Help or Hindrance for Consumer Behaviour?


Using Survivor Accounts to Understand Suicidal Behaviour by Offenders in Community Settings

Strategies of Major Carriers Away from their Main Hub Airports: A Comparison of the European and US Experience

Harriet Monroe, Amy Lowell and Witter Bynner: the scramble for Chinese poetry

Review of Modernism and the Orient edited by Zhaoming Qian (University of New Orleans Press, 2012)

Exploring therapeutic approaches of Western Medical Herbalists to Acne vulgaris using qualitative interviews

Exploring the therapeutic approaches for the treatment of atopic eczema by western medical herbalists: a qualitative study

Governance at Crossroads: Insights from Bangladesh

POEM Final Technical Report

New perspectives for air transport performance

Towards superior air transport performance metrics – imperatives and methods

Acts of Killing

Action research: Promoting teacher/learner autonomy and improving praxis

Catalogue of the 6th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival: Raiding the Archives

Scoping the remit and feasibility of a policy evaluation centre for Defra: A report to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Policy Studies Institute. Defra, London

Green Fiscal Commissions in Europe

Service Evaluation of 'Living Well with the Impact of Cancer' Courses

Imagining Her(story): Engendering archives

Integrating Social Media in Education

'It's the services, stupid': identifying killer applications for next-generation networks

Victor Burgin A Sense of Place

Werteforschung im Kindesalter [values research in childhood]

Value change: Empirical evidence on predictable dynamics

Structural validity of the Polish adaptation of the Picture-Based Value Survey for Children (PBVS-C)

Measuring Schwartz’s values in childhood: Multidimensional scaling across instruments and cultures

Assessment of children’s value structures and value preferences: Testing and expanding the limits


Never Odd or Even: Thomson & Craighead

Never Odd or Even

Black Women of Soul, Rock & Pop

The Right to Walk the Streets: Looking for Illegal Migration on the Streets and Stations of the UK and Germany

Introducing use cases in a small organization: An experience and lessons learned

Effect of radii of exemption on ground delay programs with operating cost based cruise speed reduction

Human development of the ability to learn from bad news

Polynomial Based Key Distribution Scheme for WPAN

Low Cost Concurrent Error Detection Strategy for the Control Logic of High Performance Microprocessors and Its Application to the Instruction Decoder

Low Cost NBTI Degradation Detection and Masking Approaches

Faults Affecting Energy-Harvesting Circuits of Self-Powered Wireless Sensors and Their Possible Concurrent Detection

Internal marketing and organizational commitment

Exploratory study of the factors with impact on internal marketing strategies in hotel sector

Proposal for inclusion of the Work Family Balance (WFB) Factor in the Internal Market Orientation Paradigm

Internal market orientation and internal reputation as prerequisites for external reputation

Robert Adams: a case study

Case study IESE Business School. "Olivia Baker"

El compromiso organizacional: un valor personal y empresarial en el marketing interno

Gamificacion con estrategia de marketing interno

Agglomeration and labour markets: The impact of transport investments on labour market outcomes

Business Support for Micro Businesses in Nigeria

Empirical analysis of the US swap curve

Social Enterprises as knowledge-based organisations: UK experiences

The organisation of Social Enterprises from a knowledge-based perspective

Fuzzy Cognitive Driver-Mapping Model of Indirect Human Information System Costs

Exploring the potential impact of colonialism on national patterns of entrepreneurial networking

Drivers of information sharing and export performance in the Jordanian agri-food export supply chain: A qualitative study

Transformations in Egyptian Journalism

Trends in international relocation assignment types and remuneration strategies

Long-term assignments: the full package

Localisation policy and practice

Repatriation: managing career paths in uncertain times

The effect of work life balance on gender diversity in expatriation: issues, problems and organisational interventions

© at open sea

Genetic programming as a solver to challenging reinforcement learning problems

The Notion of Exchange and Redefining the Idea of ‘Polyport’

Collaborative KM for SMEs: a framework evaluation study

Field testing for toxic algae with a microarray: initial results from the MIDTAL project

MIDTAL (Microarrays for the Detection of Toxic Algae)

Evaluation of the MIDTAL microarray chip for monitoring toxic microalgae in the Orkney Islands, U.K.

Biological and Geological Perspectives of Dinoflagellates

Preliminary results of the MIDTAL project: a microarray chip to monitor toxic dinoflagellates in the Orkney Islands, U.K.

Identification of a novel heterozygous mutation in exon 50 of the COL1A1 gene manifesting clinically as osteogenesis imperfecta

Unfolded protein response pathway, IRE1α-XBP1 is altered during adipogenesis in obese human adipocytes

Vitamin B12 and folate imbalance induces cholesterol synthesis and endoplasmic reticulum stress in human adipocytes

Altered mitochondrial dynamics in obesity: redressing the balance through bariatric surgery?

Eating more quickly heightens overall systemic exposure to glucose and NEFA in the post-prandial phase, irrespective of energy expenditure in obese women

Maternal B12 insufficiency predicts neonate's metabolic risk factors

Human abdominal subcutaneous adipocytes as an active source of LpPLA2, influenced by fat depot and metabolic state, with LpPLA2 converting LDL into more potent atherogenic Ox-LDL, in vitro

FGF21 action on human adipose tissue compromised by reduced βKlotho and FGFR1 expression in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Raised circulating fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) coupled with reduced adipose tissue BetaKlotho and FGF21 receptor 1 (FGFR1) expression in Type 2 diabetes may in part explain FGF21 resistance

The impact of high fat meal frequency on metabolic profile and energy expenditure in obese subjects

dentification of a novel heterozygous mutation in exon 50 of the COL1A1 gene causing osteogenesis imperfecta

Raised circulating fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) coupled with reduced adipose tissue BetaKlotho and FGF21 receptor 1 (FGFR1) expression in Type 2 diabetes may in part explain FGF21 resistance

NFκB as a potent regulator of inflammation in human adipose tissue, influenced by depot, adiposity, T2DM status, and TNFα

The Effects of Children’s Education and Supporting Organizational Policy and Practice on Corporate Expatriation

Pictures from the Real World, Colour Photographs 1987-88

The Syntax of a Photowork

The Triple Articulation of Media Technologies in Audiovisual Media Consumption

Managing Operating Procedures in Distributed Collaborative Projects

Putting the Lab in the Lab Book: Supporting Coordination in Large, Multi-site Research

A novel approach to oral iron delivery using ferrous sulphate loadedsolid lipid nanoparticles

Annexin-A1 protein and its relationship to cortisol

Attenuation of plasma annexin A1 in human obesity

Gazing Outwards and Looking Back: Configuring Caribbean Visual Culture

Cultural Programmes for Sporting Mega Events: London 2012 – A Case Study

No Wave Film and the Music Documentary: From "Documents" to Retrospective Documentaries

Noise from Nowhere: Exploring 'Noisyland's' Darker, Experimental and Industrial Music

Cinema, Insatiability and Impure Form: Witkacy on Film

Impossible Cartographies: Approaching Raúl Ruiz's Cinema

Accessing the creative ecosystem: a study of the approaches taken by UK apparel designers

An examination of strategic decision-making practices in music industry micro-firms

Design In Strategy: the case of cultural organisations

Strategic flexibility and networks co-evolution: 3D-printing technology’s accelerator effect

Business Network Dynamics and Diffusion of Innovation

The 3-D-technology: a new competitive arena

How Strategic Orientation Affects Inter-Organizational Networks in Uncertain Environments

Future-Proofed Energy Design for Dwellings: Case studies from England and Application to the Code for Sustainable Homes

The Punk-Rock King: Musical Anachronism in Period Film

Fan Filmmaker and Star-struck Celebrity: An Interview with Michael Winner

Cracking the USA? Interpreting UK-to-US TV Drama Translations

Resonances: Noise and Contemporary Music

The Death of the Lady: Haunted Garments and (Re-)Possession in Sarah Waters’s The Little Stranger’

‘The Uncanny can happen’: Desire and Belief in Ali Smith’s The Seer’

Contemporary Critical Perspectives: Ali Smith

Permanent Sovereignty over Natural Resources from a Human Rights Perspective: Natural Resources Exploitation and Indigenous Peoples' Rights in the Arctic

The Cinema of Raul Ruiz: Impossible Cartographies

The onset of lactase persistence in Europe

Modern British Sculpture Catalogue

Experiments and Archives in the Expanded Field

On Not Knowing

Epistemic Events

Return migration and cultural heritage in China

An ethnographic investigation into gender and language in the Northern Ireland Assembly

Gender and politics in the devolved assemblies

‘I am not an Honourable Lady’: Gender and language in the National Assembly for Wales

How long have adult humans been consuming milk?

Modeling Recent Human Evolution in Mice by Expression of a Selected EDAR Variant

Edge of a barrel: Gun violence and the politics of gun control in Brazil

Beyond ‘infernos’ or ‘paradises’: the politics of precariousness

Welcoming International Visitors - Communication and Culture

Parallel pipelined histogram architecture via C-slow retiming

Asynchronous distributed parallelization of mobile network optimization algorithms

Distributed parallelization of greedy Mobile Network Optimization algorithms

Bit-index sort: A fast non-comparison integer sorting algorithm for permutations

Researching suicide, attempted suicide and near-lethal self-harm by offenders in community settings: Challenges for future research

Enabling Leg-Based Guidance on Top of Waypoint-Based Autopilots for UAS

Effect of wind on operating-cost-based cruise speed reduction for delay absorption

Cruise Speed Reduction for Ground Delay Programs: A Case Study for San Francisco International Airport Arrivals

The design studio as liminal space

Postmodern Paralysis: The Critical Impasse in Feminist Perspectives on Consumers

Reconstruction Constraints: Political and Economic Realities

Strategic and organisational perspectives

The making of Channel 4

Assessing residual reasoning ability in overtly non-communicative patients using fMRI

Transmitting Chinese Medicine: Changing Perceptions of Body, Pathology, and Treatment in Late Imperial China

Accessibility Planning tools for sustainable and integrated Land Use/Transport (LUT) development: an application to Rome

Class and gender: the formation of white-collar masculinities in contemporary China

Men, domestic violence and the law: constructions of masculinities in popular, activist and academic discourses

Success or failure in knowledge management systems: a universal issue

Uddering the Other: Androcentrism, Ecofeminism and the Dark Side of Anthropomorphic Marketing

Law as a regulator: steering waste management by steering itself through its relationship with the environment

Children’s Perspectives through the Camera Lens Reflections on Meaning-making Processes and Participatory Research

An explanation of how a collectivist culture underpins the marketing strategy process in Japanese and South Korean electronics companies

Indicators of university-industry knowledge transfer performance and their implications for universities: Evidence from the UK’s HE-BCI survey

Are there 'institutional failures' in intellectual property marketplaces? Evidence from information and communication technology firms

Media Professionalism and Training

Efficient Coefficient Store in Decomposed DFT/FFT Architectures for On-Board Processors

Ideology, ST Choices and Translation Strategies: a study of Nicky Harman translating Chinese fiction

Discrimination: when you must and when you mustn't

Implementing the consumer ADR directive (policy brief 2013 ADR conference in Oxford)

The origins and evolution of consumer dispute resolution systems in Europe

Online Radio: A Social Media Business?

Cars, Driving, Landscape, and the Architectural Gaze

The surprising effect of larger class sizes: evidence using two identification strategies

Religion and returns in Europe

The motives and performance of cross-border acquirers from emerging economies: Comparison between Chinese and Indian firms

American evangelicals and global warming

Climategate, Public Opinion, and the Loss of Trust

Prescription before careful diagnosis?

UK Air Travel Demand: Issues for the Future

The Traffic and Financial Performance of UK Regional Airports 2003-2013

A Method for Developing a Consumer Preference Centric Airline Schedule Quality Metric

Airports and Tourism

Vernaculars and the idea of a standard language

Evaluation of the Roche prototype 454 HIV-1 ultradeep sequencingdrug resistance assay in a routine diagnostic laboratory

How the public engages in climate change: A social representations approach

Cyborg Subjects: Discourses on Digital Culture

Muscle-Damaging Exercise Increases Heat Strain during Subsequent Exercise Heat Stress

Exercising in a hot environment with muscle damage: Effects on acute kidney injury biomarkers and kidney function

Pulsed extremely low-frequency magnetic fields stimulate microvesicle release from human monocytic leukaemia cells

The Role of Deimination as a Response to Trauma and Hypoxic Injury in the Developing CNS

Blood/plasma secretome and microvesicles

Interplay of host–pathogen microvesicles and their role in infectious disease

Inhibition of Protein Deimination Ameliorates Neuronal Damage Caused by Hypoxic Ischemic Insult in the Neonatal Brain

Walter Benjamin and the Inhumanities: Towards a Pedagogical Anti-Nietzscheanism

NFC RF Analog Challenge and Enhanced High Speed Transmitter Design

Novel Time-Interleaved Variable-Center Frequency Σ-∆ Modulators - Design, Analysis and Critical Evaluation

An accessibility planning tool for network transit oriented development : SNAP

Design and Evaluation of Time-Interleaved Variable Center-Frequency Sigma-Delta Modulators

Drink availability is associated with enhanced examination performance in adults

How to prevent 804,000 children under five dying

Technoself Enhanced Blended Learning via Social Interaction

Should Justice Beware? Are the Current Forms of Voice Identification Reliable Enough to be Admitted in the UK’s Criminal Courts as Prosecution Evidence?

Employment Law Questions and Answers

Halfband IIR Filter Alternatives for On-Board Digital Channelisation

Unlocking Evidence. 2nd Edition

Researching the professional identities of female law students: ethical issues

An unending affair: culture, language & identity in Northern Ireland

Cloud Computing with Intelligent Agents to Support Service Oriented System Control and Management

Teachers in a tide of change: technology’s influence on professional practice

Modernisation, marketization and housing reform: the use of evidence based policy as a rationality discourse

New localism, old retrenchment: the Big Society, housing policy and the politics of housing reform

MigrantInnen aus China im Wiener Hochschul- und Gesundheitswesen: Dynamische Zwischenzonen und Einzelinitiativen. (Migrants from China in Vienna’s Higher Education and Health Care Systems: Dynamic In-Between Zones and Individual Initiatives)

Comment: The Instagram Lawscape

Associations between initial change in physical activity level and subsequent change in regional body fat distributions

Intakes of calcium, vitamin D, and dairy servings and dental plaque in older Danish adults

C-reactive protein and later preeclampsia: systematic review and meta-analysis taking into account the weight status

Model probability in self-organising maps

3D hand pose estimation with neural networks

Football video annotation based on player motion recognition using enhanced entropy

Diet or exercise, or both, for weight reduction in women after childbirth

Nature for rehabilitating offenders and facilitating therapeutic outcomes for youth at risk

A randomised control trial of physical activity in a perceived environment on self-esteem and mood in UK adolescents

The great outdoors: how a green exercise environment can benefit all

A repeated measures experiment of green exercise to improve self-esteem in UK school children

Editorial: International Socety for River Science

A Multifaceted Approach to Numeracy Support for Life Sciences Students.

Beckford’s ride: the reconstruction of historic landscapes

A sparse representation method for determining the optimal illumination directions in Photometric Stereo

Performing post-migration cinema in Italy: 'Corazones de Mujer' by K Kosoof

Heritage North N8/AHRC Consortium report

Natural User Interfaces in Volume Visualisation using Microsoft Kinect

Tribute run to Father Graham Hullett and the roots of British two-wheel revivalism

SUMAT: an online service for subtitling by machine translation

Parallel subtitle corpora and their applications in machine translation and translatology

Embracing the threat: machine translation as a solution

Hitting home: the multifaceted impact of the London French Project

From the 16eme to South Ken? A contemporary study of the French population in London

Semantic Recommendation of Information Sources for Lifelong Learning

Transformations of the backpacking food tourist: emotions and conflicts

Market orientation and organisational performance in Nigeria

Mobilities in South-East Asia

Community-based tourism in Bali: on the road towards empowerment? An interview with Djinaldi Gosana

Understanding diachronic change in Cappadocian Greek

Should homeopathy be considered as part of a treatment strategy for otitis media with effusion in children?

Empirical customer orientation in fragmented markets: a study on Greek feta purchases

The use of MDS and HCA enabled pharmacists to reveal their roles which reflect on country of practice and cultural differences when improving patients' adherence to asthma medication

How does involvement in decision making affect individual participation in knowledge management?

Maximising digital loyalty card usage through a regional collaborative innovation network: a cross country comparison

Investigation of an intelligent personalised service recommendation system in an IMS based cellular mobile network

Multi-party trust computation in decentralized environments in the presence of malicious adversaries

Analysing the demand for supply chain jobs through job advertisements

Human Resource Management (HRM) strategies and academic engagement in UK universities: reflections on an academic-practitioner study

Marketing intelligence in SMEs: implications for the industry and policy makers

Marketing in a small business context: a problem-based learning approach to entrepreneurial marketing

Women on boards: companies need to be looking internally

Women on boards: quotas are a quick fix and only short-term

Syria: the weeping child of our conscience

Egypt: retreat from democracy

The portrayal of an enemy: violence in the thought of two leaders from the movements of Hizbullah and Hamas, Naim al-Qasim and Mushir al-Masri

Review of 'Sketches of Spain, with illustrations by Julian Bell' by Federico Garcia Lorca

Review of 'The power and the people: paths of resistance in the Middle East' by Charles Tripp

Islam in the narrative of Fatah and Hamas

Humanism, nationalism and violence in Mahmoud Darwish’s poetry

United Kingdom

Adaptive learning in motion analysis with self-organising maps

Cultural diplomacy: a learning journey (Beyond cultural diplomacy: keynote response)

Should journalists be regulated?

Leveson past, present and future: the politics of press regulation

What is a normal patient pathway?

Plurality, Leveson and the threat to the BBC

The Demand for Consistent Web-Based Workflow Editors

A semi-parametric approach for football video annotation

Examining consumers’ intentions to purchase luxury goods and counterfeits

Goal-orientation theory and elderly consumers’ intentions to use mobile applications for entertainment purposes

Interaction between Bacillus species and filamentous fungi for the control of fungal toxin production

High Speed 2: identifying opportunities for freight at Euston and Old Oak Common

Road freight analysis

A review of rail freight initiatives in the urban supply chain

The basis for a Labour Party policy on planning for housing

Tackling squalor: the pivotal role of social housing

Garden cities, garden suburbs and urban extensions

Innovative options for building and refurbishing council homes

Developing Knowledge Management Capabilities in Social Enterprises: UK experience

Advances in PHAs Production

The Power of Information: A Journey into the Faultlines of Globalization, Art, and Media

Privacy and Security in Europe

Laccase-assisted bio-grafting of polyhydroxy-alkanoates (PHAs) onto the ethyl cellulose (EC) backbone

Constraint 鬱 as a Window on Approaches to Emotion-Related Disorders in East Asian Medicine

Legal Writing (3rd Edition)

Distinct H3F3A and H3F3B driver mutations define chondroblastoma and giant cell tumor of bone

United Kingdom: What Robinson v Solicitors Regulation Authority Tells Us about the Contested Terrain of Race and Disciplinary Processes

Ulster PD Scheme: Using e-portfolios and professional conversations to evidence recognition claims

Strategic tensions within the smartphones industry: the case of BlackBerry

An assessment of the prebiotic potential of single and blended substrates in anaerobic in vitro batch culture fermentations using canine faecal samples as inocula

La competencia interpersonal en la formación de traductores en España: un estudio empírico-descriptivo del trabajo colaborativo durante la primera etapa de formación en Traducción e Interpretación

Cities, Nations and Regions in Planning History: 15th International Planning History Society Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 15-18 July, 2012

Value creation in capital waterway projects: Application of a transaction cost and transaction benefit framework for the Miami River and the New Orleans Inner Harbour Navigation Canal

Workshop report: Evaluation in Integrated Land-Use Management: Towards an Area-Oriented and Place-Based Evaluation for Infrastructure and Spatial Projects, University of Groningen, 13-15 March 2014

Industrial land development and manufacturing deconcentration in Greater Jakarta

Employment relations on major construction projects: the London 2012 Olympic construction site

Understanding alexithymia in female adolescents: the role of attachment style

Modelling Citation Diffusion: Innovation Management Literature

Research in information systems: A study of diversity and inter-disciplinary discourse in the AIS basket journals between 1995 and 2011

Are there return and volatility spillovers from major bank stocks to the national stock market in the UK?

Continuous and discrete time modelling of spillovers in equity and bond markets

Coriobacteriaceae: could gut bacteria be implicated in lipid metabolism?

The microbial–mammalian metabolic and signalling axis in cardiometabolic diseases

Microbiota and metabolome associated with the human caecum

Restrictions to movement rights imposed by the Member States on their own citizens

Editorial Note: It was a good year....wasn’t it?

Children of the Lesser Law: A Commentary on Joined Cases Ziółkowski and Szeja

Decoding a Legal Enigma: the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and infringement proceedings

Structure of Cu(I)-bound DJ-1 reveals a biscysteinate metal binding site at the homodimer interface: insights into mutational inactivation of DJ-1 in parkinsonism

An assessment of the prebiotic potential of single and blended substrates in anaerobic in vitro batch culture fermentations using canine faecal samples as inocula

Use of denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis to detect Actinobacteria associated with the human faecal microbiota

Corynebacterium uterequi sp. nov., a non-lipophilic bacterium isolated from urogenital samples from horses

Biodiversity of lactococcal bacteriophages isolated from 3 Gouda-type cheese producing plants

Colonic bacterial metabolites and host health

Evaluating the Business Impact of Social Science: a report to the ESRC

Behavioural coping patterns in Parkinson's patients with visual hallucinations

How women use and experience western herbal practice for distress: implications for health care and self-management approaches.

Illuminating the Dilemmas of Assisted Dying - The Clarity Afforded by Orthodox Systems Theory

Internal report cluster 1: Urban freight innovations and solutions for sustainable deliveries (1/4)

Fair trade

Locative media in the city: drawing maps and telling stories


The call

Comparison study of iron preparations using a human intestinal model

Dual drug release nanocomposites prepared using a combination of electrospraying and electrospinning

Coaxial electrospinning using a concentric Teflon spinneret to prepare biphasic-release nanofibers of helicid

Practising classical reception studies “in the round”: mass media engagements with antiquity and the “democratic turn” towards the audience

Practising classical reception studies 'in the round': mass media engagements with antiquity and the 'democratic turn' towards the audience

Introduction. Louis MacNeice, classical antiquity and BBC radio: from wartime propaganda to radio plays

Aristophanes at the BBC, 1940s-1960s

Monstrosity: the human monster in visual culture

Get the digital edge: a digital literacy and employability skills day for students

Melatonin in cancer treatment (protocol)

Thomas Burke, Limehouse nights: tales of Chinatown (1916)

There the facts are: Andrew Lang, facts and fantasy

Modernism and magic: experiments with spiritualism, theosophy and the occult

"Miraculous constellations in real material”: spiritualist phenomena, dada photomontage and magic

A reflection on the management and treatment of cervical spine neuropathies with East Asian medicine: acupuncture

Multidirectional memory and exile in Jacques Hassoun’s polyphonic novel 'Alexandries'

Imaginary investments: illness narratives beyond the gaze

The politics of the transcendental

Researching Chinese Christianity: (mis)conceptions and revelations

Missionaries and China’s modernization

Christian values in Communist China

Chinese Christians and the party-state: the perfect complementarian relationship?

Chinese Christian values online: harmony in diversity

Yoga treatment for chronic non-specific low-back pain (protocol)

‘We’re kind of devolving’: visual tropes of evolution in obesity discourse

No Fat Future? The Uses of Anti-Social Queer Theory for Fat Activism

Uzbek youth fashion in local and global perspective

Subjugated scientific knowledges : detecting the Victorian female scientist

How Facebook impacts on young consumers' decisions on e-retailers

Guiqiao as political subjects in the making of the People's Republic of China 1949-1979

Medical student experiences in clinical reproductive medicine: dual-cohort assessment of a new learning module at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

An architecture of parts: architects, building workers and industrialisation in Britain 1940-1970

Constructing London’s satellite towns: building workers in Stevenage new town 1950–70

Molecular docking: a potential tool to aid ecotoxicity testing in environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals

Chromosomes and nuclear organisation in ICF syndrome

Human rights, corporate social responsibility and the shaping of the European Union’s linkage strategy: ‘a peaceful revolution’?

"Etiquette and magic": between embedding and embedded corporate social responsibility

CD180/RP105 Toll-like Receptor (TLR) mediated signalling in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia

Healthcare planning and its potential role increasing operational efficiency in the health sector: a viewpoint

A healthcare space planning simulation model for Accident and Emergency (A&E)

Towards a participatory, co-operative and sustainable information society? A critical analysis of Swedish ICT policy discourses

Early nutritional determinants of intrahepatocellular lipid deposition in preterm infants at term age

From Jackson-Vanik to Magnitsky: continuing a tradition of ineffective human rights bolt-ons to trade bills

Acceptable bit-rates for human face identification from CCTV imagery

Social media and the 2011 Vancouver riot

Facebook: friend or foe

Defining human contrast sensitivity and discrimination from complex imagery

Contrast sensitivity and discrimination of complex scenes

Affordances, young people, parks and alcohol consumption

The evolution of shell lace

Exploring early developmental changes in face scanning patterns during the perception of audiovisual mismatch of speech cues

De-Americanizing media studies and the rise of ‘Chindia’

Communicating India's soft power: Buddha to Bollywood

Nanny of the maroons

Thieves of the Orient: the Arabian Nights in early Indian cinema

Metabolic syndrome, overweight and fatty liver

Development of a pseudotype-based neutralisation assay kit for in-field vaccine evaluation and sero-surveillance of highly pathogenic viruses

HREBS and cohesion chains as similar tools for semantic text properties research

European money market funds: a comparative analysis of US and European de facto and de jure micro-processes

Entangled semantics

Tehran project

Another country, 2010

Syntax of Mauritian Creole

Serial verb constructions in the Indian Ocean Creoles (IOCs): substrate, universal or an independent diachronic development?

On the structure and development of Saxon-type genitives in Mauritian Creole and the processes of creole formation

An examination of ethnic differences in actual-ideal body weight discrepancy and its correlates in a sample of Malaysian women

Resource security impacts men’s female breast size preferences

Body image concerns in professional fashion models: are they really an at-risk group?

Lunar lies: the impact of informational framing and individual differences in shaping conspiracist beliefs about the moon landings

Blame it on patriarchy: greater sexist attitudes are associated with stronger consideration of cosmetic surgery for one’s self and partner

Weight bias against women in a university acceptance scenario

Attitudes toward cosmetic surgery among ethnic minority groups in Britain: cultural mistrust, adherence to traditional cultural values, and ethnic identity salience as protective factors

The influence of the hijab (Islamic head-cover) on interpersonal judgments of women: a replication and extension

Analysis of pollen samples using DNA barcoding

Overlooking a city farm

Out of sight: surrealism and photography in 1930s Japan

The complexities of tourism and regeneration: the case of the 2012 Olympic Games

Connecting the peripheries: networks, place and scale in the World Social Forum process

Children's television culture

Factive plasticity: the abstract pottery of William Staite Murray

Sombra Dolorosa (Guy Maddin, 2004): a queer archival performance

Migrant memories: cultural history, cinema and the Italian post-war diaspora in Britain

Love Meetings, Pasolini (1964)

Diaspora in the field of vision

Book review: Seeing witness: visuality and the ethics of testimony (Jane Blocker, University Minnesota Press)

What is the "digital divide" and why is it important?

The art of borrowing

Islam in Europe: public spaces and civic networks

Cortisol secretion in saliva and hair: methodological considerations and relationships with state and trait well-being

The erotic doll: a modern fetish

Designing democratic innovations at the European level: lessons from the experiments

“De-risking” East London: olympic regeneration planning 2000–2012

The question of land grab in Africa and the indigenous peoples’ right to traditional lands, territories and resources

The effect of leverage mimicking portfolios in explaining stock returns variations

Post-communist capital city tourism representation:a case-study on Bucharest

Introduction to architectural technology (2nd edition)

Follow-up analysis of federal process of care data reported from three acute care hospitals in rural Appalachia

An evidence-based policy for the provision of subsidised fertility treatment in California: Integration of array comparative genomic hybridisation with IVF and mandatory single embryo transfer to lower multiple gestation and preterm birth rates

Towards formalisation of situation-specific computationsin pervasive computing environments

Fashion's digital body: seeing and feeling in fashion interactives

Children's independent mobility: a comparative study in England and Germany (1971-2010)

3D gesture recognition with growing neural gas

The drafting and the role of regulation 17: a hard-fought compromise

The BBC and the ‘hidden wiring’ of the British constitution: the imposition of the broadcasting ban in 1988

Democracy promotion in a post-political world

Keep talking German: an audio course for advanced beginners

Internal divisions and security cultures: the impact of Turkish membership on the European Union's foreign and security policies

Feminist legal theory

Maternal nutrition: building foundations of long term good health

Where Arab media magnates stand vis-a-vis globalized media flows: insights from Egypt and Saudi Arabia

‘We cannot let it loose’: geopolitics, security and reform in Jordanian broadcasting

Transformations in Egyptian journalism

Aspergillosis: interactions of Aspergillus fumigatus andHuman Airway Cells

Towards a vertical hermeneutics of the modern: on modernness

Contrast and strength of visual memory and imagery differentially affect visual perception

Towards the validation of a measure of challenge and threat in sport

The implementation of problem based learning styles to teach the coach athlete relationship to undergraduate sport and exercise science students

British and Chinese television news: a comparative textual study

The Management Standards Indicator Tool and evaluation of burnout

Le complexe vestimentaire au Cameroun et au Congo: entre fripe, sape and habit traditionnel

Interlinking diet, nutrition, menopause and recommended resources

Supplier selection: literature review, practical issues and some empirical findings from Malaysia

Miniaturized dual-mode microstrip bandpass filters with a reconfigurable notched band for UWB applications

Miniaturised sharp rejection bandpass filter with reconfigurable bandwidth for UWB applications

Effect of Salvia miltiorrhiza on antioxidant enzymes in diabetic patients

Magic Mirror

Psychology: yesterday and today

Online diasporic political spheres: inside the emerging spaces for Zimbabweans

Portfolios and meaning-making in the assessment of prior learning

Complementary and alternative therapies


Spirulina (blue-green algae)

Pomegranate (Punica granatum)

State of mind

Luhmann encountered

The world without outside

The normativity of animal atmosphere

The autopoietic fold: critical autopoiesis between Luhmann and Deleuze

Spatial justice in the lawscape

Actors or spectators? Vulnerability and critical environmental law

Taking dogs to tourism activities: incorporating attachment into a pet-related constraint-negotiation model

Examining consumers’ intention to purchase luxury goods and counterfeits

Goal-orientation theory and elderly consumers’ intentions to use mobile applications

Hardship in transnational commercial contracts: a critique of legal, judicial and contractual remedies

Exceptional tunings: controlling urban events

Utilising the tools of coaching psychology as a method of enhancing competencies at work

Talent management practices in organisations: a financial industry review

Identifying sub-optimal diets among athletes

Polyhydroxyalkanoates: the natural polymers produced by bacterial fermentation

Motion sickness susceptibility in healthy subjects and vestibular patients: effects of gender, age and trait-anxiety

The onward march of (asymmetric) partisan polarisation in the contemporary congress

Rivals only sometimes: presidentialism, unilateralism and congressional acquiescence in Obama’s ‘ongoing struggle’ against terrorism

Guilty by association: Olympic law and the IP effect

Sounds from beneath

Forced displacement in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, international law and transitional justice

Making the news: the media and the movement against the Iraq war

System evolution for unknown context through multi-action evaluation

The case for regulating nanotechnologies: international, European and national perspectives

Simulated impact trauma and osteoarthritis: the role of cell volume and mechanotransduction

Music as image: an analytical-psychology approach to music in film

Oestrogen and immunomodulation: new mechanisms that impact on peripheral and central immunity

MicroRNA biotherapeutics: key challenges from a drug development perspective

Who gets to play? Investigating equity in musical instrument instruction in Scottish primary schools

Gambling with regeneration: seaside resort regeneration and casino development

Optically reconfigurable E-plane waveguide resonators and filters

Compact E-plane varactor–tuned bandpass filters

Towards more sustainable urban forms in the city of Benghazi:a study of urban fragmentation at the neighbourhood level

Kissorphin peptides for use in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease or diabetes mellitus

Thirty years of private television in Europe: trends and key moments

Tetracycline-encapsulated P(3HB) microsphere-coated 45S5 Bioglass®-based scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Hepcidin transcription and peptide secretion are governed by different regulatory mechanisms

Application of presuppositions in motivating change

Programme procurement in construction: learning from London 2012

Aunty and her little villains: the BBC and the Unions, 1969-1984

Structural Engineering for Architects

Printed matter

Dante's inflatables

The migrant in contemporary Irish literature and film:representations and perspectives

Battles on the Barbican: the struggle for trade unionism in the British building industry, 1965-7

Food Loop: a technical research report for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Technologies, spiritualisms, and modernities

Literary digital humanities and the politics of the infinite

From the premodern to the postmodern: mnemotechnics and the ghost of "the folk"

An integrated approach towards linking intranet information portal with CMS and CRM: a bank application

The very model of a modern travel agency? : the Polytechnic Touring Association 1888-1962

From philanthropy to commerce: the Polytechnic Touring Association

Doing the continental: Quintin Hogg's polytechnic at home and abroad, 1887-1911

The effectiveness of peer coaching in higher education: reflections of business studies students on their introduction to coaching psychology

The invisible decision: strategic decision making and organisational ambiguity

Development of a pseudotype neutralisation assay-based diagnostic kit for in-field vaccine evaluation and serosurveillance for highly pathogenic viruses

Integrated view of genome structure and sequence of a single DNA molecule in a nanofluidic device.

Dead life: George Herbert versus modern self-surrender

Gender, wellbeing, and civil society

Traps and tools: a contextual critique of the right to development in international law

Consumers’ perceptions of pseudo-science in anti-aging advertising

The effects of media exposure on the levels of body dissatisfaction and muscle dysmorphia in men

Conjugation of quantum dots on carbon nanotubes for medical diagnosis and treatment

Researching suicide, attempted suicide and near-lethal self-harm by offenders in community settings: challenges for future research

The Haig-Shoup mission to France in the 1920s

A multi-agent-based novel framework for flexible and tailorable modeling and smart simulation for supply chains

The overall value of web-based hybrid models for strategic marketing decision-making: managers’ responses to the WebIntegrated and WebMarP systems

Increase urban freight efficiency with delivery and servicing plan: status, methods and UK cases

Tools for urban freight transport modelling

Benefits of using electric vehicles in urban freight

Introduction: European refugee law and transnational emulation

Conclusion: Europe’s normative power in refugee law

Brain responses and looking behavior during audiovisual speech integration in infants predict auditory speech comprehension in the second year of life

Exploring workflow interoperability for neuroimage analysis on the SHIWA platform

The effect of involvement on the stability of the consideration set across time

School essentials for 21st century learning: connect, collaborate, create, contextualise

21st century learning: exploring the classroom experience

Towards simplifying learning systems: a critical review

Examining the conditions under which educational technology mediates learning

Modeling of survival curves in food microbiology using fuzzy wavelet neural networks

The weakest link: Leveson report and media ownership

The crystal world: executing a new media materialism

Conclusion: a temporal and spatial mapping of the French in London

"An infinity of living forms, representative of the absolute”? Reading futurism with Pierre Albert-Birot as witness, creative collaborator and dissenter

"Silent transformations": ageing and the work of writing in Robert Pinget’s Théo ou le temps neuf

Pierre Albert-Birot and SIC: the avant-garde review as collective adventure and personal poetics

Mapping free French London: spaces, places, traces

Grabinoulor has fun with language and makes new friends: the first book of Grabinoulor and beyond

Internet cultures and protest movements: the cultural links between strategy, organizing and online communication

Guide for responsible corporate engagement in climate policy

Natural language processing: semantic aspects

The greater stigma? Family visits to the condemned

Novel time-interleaved variable centre-frequency, single-bit A/D and D/A Sigma-Delta modulator topologies

Factor analysis of the market environment for artisanal dimension stone in Nairobi, Kenya

The eco-city as urban technology: perspectives on Caofeidian International Eco-City (China)

Towards the ‘ubiquitous eco-city’: an analysis of the internationalisation of eco-city policy and practice

Dynamic capabilities in a sixth-generation family firm: Entrepreneurship and the Bibby Line

Frank Lloyd Wright beyond America

The impact of transport infrastructure on the development of urban communities

The role of cancer stem cells in osteosarcoma

Electromagnetic modelling of dielectric-filled waveguide antenna filter arrays

A cross-cultural study of architectural production in Korea and the West: cultural transfer within South Korean architecture and urbanism, 1990-2010

Cell-walls of growing plant cells

"We will remain idle no more": the shortcomings of Canada’s ‘Duty to Consult’ indigenous peoples

Animism and the performative realist cinema of Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Language contact

The effects of consuming a medium-high protein diet on weight loss, body composition and satiety

Successful termination in timed CSP

Specifying and analysing networks of processes in CSPt (or in search of associativity)

Traditional amateur video producers’ use of the Internet:making connections in a complex and contested environment

Women and conflict in the Middle East: Palestinian refugees and the response to violence

Topic 2: performance prediction and evaluation

The UK’s devolved authorities and the European Sustainability discourse: between identity and actor hierarchy

Selective memory: channelling the past in post-GDR society


Masculinities at work

Masculinities at leisure

Masculinities at home

Class and gender: the formation of white-collar masculinities in contemporary China

Adopting self-service technology to do more with less

Ideology, critique and surveillance

The responsibility to protect as the apotheosis of liberal teleology

The permanence of inconsistency: Libya, the Security Council, and the Responsibility to Protect

Libya and the responsibility to protect

International law, justice and world politics

Humanitarian intervention: an introduction (2nd edition)

Investigating the antibody neutralisation potential of a rabies virus lentiviral pseudotype: an international inter-laboratory trial

Compaction, scale and proximity: an investigation into the spatial implications of density for the design of new urban housing

Thriving on sustainable development: sustainable autopoietic organisations

Airport marketing

Public and private surveillance

Damaging effect of free fatty acids and alcohol on hepatic mitochondrial function

The London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) and UK construction industry output 1990 to 2008

Good governance, scale and power: a case study of North Sea fisheries

State executioner Pierrepoint: a cinematic portrayal of moral disengagement?

Keeping children safe whilst playing sport: what can South Africa learn from the United Kingdom experience?

Managing airports: an international perspective, 4th edition

Aviation, tourism and the impact on travel medicine

Olympic volunteering for the unemployed: who benefits and how?

Ecological subjects

Architecture of Abadan and Khormashahr oil cities of Persian Gulf

Motion sickness and disorientation in vehicles

Women at the polytechnic

Quintin Hogg and his legacy

The neglected role of labour in low energy construction: ‘thermal literacy’ and the difference between design intention and performance

Cloud adoption issues: interoperability and security

Madness and the city: the collapse of reason and sanity in Alan Moore’s From Hell

Tennyson’s Maud (1855) and the “unmeaning of names”: geology, language theory and dialogics

Shelley’s “cancelled cycles”: Huttonian geomorphology and catastrophism in Prometheus Unbound (1819)

Cultures of creativity


Creativity and digital innovation

Did the Bank of Mexico follow a systematic behaviour in its transition to an inflation targeting regime?

Informal prison dynamics in Africa and Latin America

The internet as surveilled workplayplace and factory

What is digital labour? What is digital work? What’s their difference? And why do these questions matter for understanding social media?

The diamond model of open access publishing: why policy makers, scholars, universities, libraries, labour unions and the publishing world need to take non-commercial, non-profit open access serious

Karl Marx @ internet studies

Why and how to read Marx’s “Capital”? Reflections on Johan Fornäs’ book “Capitalism: a companion to Marx’s economy critique“

Social media and capitalism

Why and How to Read Marx’s “Capital”?

Political economy and surveillance theory

Class and exploitation on the internet

The right hand man: manual laterality and language

An exploration of pre-attentive visual discrimination using event-related potentials

What do lawyers do? An ethnography of a large law firm

BGAN radio interface enhancements for SatCom-on-the-Move

The (unintended) benefits of green exercise

The lyssavirus glycoprotein: how significant are the currently characterised antigenic sites in the induction of neutralising antibodies?

Investigating the functionality and antigenicity of chimeric lyssavirus glycoproteins and their neutralisation profiles

Investigating the functionality and antigenicity of chimeric lyssavirus glycoproteins and their neutralisation profiles

Re-populating the nighttime city: Hospitality and gender

Gatekeeping and drinking cultures: How do we talk about drinking?

Sudan: the insecurity of power and the "revenge of the state"

Islamists in Sudan: the insecurity of power and the "revenge of the states

Islamism in Sudan: before, after, in between

Islamism and the state After Darfur: soft state, failed state or 'black hole state'?

Arab Spring, Islamist ice-age: Islamism, democracy and the dictatorship of the ‘liberalism of fear’ in the age of revolutions

Environmental management systems and the third sector: exploring weak adoption in the UK

Physical activity barriers in the workplace : an exploration of factors contributing to non-participation in a UK workplace physical activity intervention

Dressing up London

Mega-events as a place marketing strategy in entrepreneurial cities: Izmir Expo 2015 candidacy as a roadmap for hosting Expo 2020

Time- and task-dependent non-neural effects of real and sham TMS

Leader-followers joint optimization of product family configuration and supply chain design

Leader-followers joint optimization of product family configuration and supply chain design

Genetic programming as a solver to challenging reinforcement learning problems

Melanocortin 3 receptor (MC3) activation effects on testicular testosterone and nitrite production in vitro

Regional dimensions of the Australian business cycle

Exhibition design: reflections

Elevating Mallarmé’s Shipwreck

Picturing Modern Ankara: “New Turkey” in Western imagination

International security: the contemporary agenda (2nd edition)

Geopolitics and international relations of resources

British science fiction and the Cold War, 1945-1969

Review essay: Justice and governance in dystopia

Listening to the elders as keepers of the water

Children’s television: markets and regulation

Afterword: Communism, modernity and memories of the everyday

Migrants, borders and global capitalism: West African labour mobility and EU borders

Labour and underdevelopment? Migration, dispossession and accumulation in West Africa and Europe

Globalisation du marché du travail, frontières et migrations à partir du Sénégal

Book review: Chronique d’une transition (Kmar Bendana. Les Editions Script, Tunis, 2011) and La face cachée de la révolution tunisienne: Islamisme et occident, une alliance à haut risque (Mezri Haddad. Arabesques, Tunis, 2011)

Identification of an essential endogenous regulator of blood-brain barrier integrity, and its pathological and therapeutic implications

Vestibular perception following acute unilateral vestibular lesions

Introduction: towards a history of the French in London

Feminism and body image: a qualitative investigation

Landscape conservation action plan guidance

Evaluation guidance

‘During the course of the programme my attention shifted and deepened – I was more interested in developing myself as a person’: Evaluating a careers award in higher education

Book review: Gender, masculinities and lifelong learning

Book review: A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about qualitative research (Silverman, 2013)

Introduction: the plan for Milton Keynes and its legacy

Destruction and dispersal: the Blitz and the 'break-up' of working-class London

Outsourcing practices in automotive supply networks: an exploratory study of full service vehicle suppliers

Schmitt in South Africa: appropriation and the law of the (post)colony

Reading Arendt ‘reading’ Schmitt: reading nomos otherwise?

Re-setting the stepping stones: from personal learning to building a ‘learning organisation’. The case study of the strategic perspectives module: BKEY601 of WBS

Re-setting the stepping stones: from personal learning to building a ‘learning organisation’. The case study of the strategic perspectives module: BKEY601 of WBS

Re-setting the stepping stones: from personal learning to building a ‘learning organisation'. The case study of the strategic perspectives module: BKEY601 of WBS

DJs and the aesthetic of acceleration in drum 'n' bass

The circadian timing system and cardiac function: ticking clocks in beating hearts

Melatonin and prevention of cardiac arrhythmias

Benzothiazole aniline-tetra(ethylene glycol) and 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole inhibit neuroprotection against amyloid peptides by catalase overexpression in vitro

The role of neurotransmitters in protection against amyloid-β toxicity by KiSS-1 overexpression in SH-SY5Y neurons

Immunolocalization of kisspeptin associated with amyloid-β deposits in the pons of an Alzheimer’s disease patient

Patient outcomes and experiences of an acupuncture and self-care service for persistent low back pain in the NHS: a mixed methods approach

Sensitized terbium(III) macrocyclic-phthalimide complexes as luminescent pH switches

Taking dogs to tourism activities: testing a pet-related constraint–negotiation model

Statelessness and tribal identity on Lebanon's eastern borders

On the conservatism of post-Jungian criticism: competing concepts of the symbol in Freud, Jung and Walter Benjamin

Assessing students' entrepreneurial skills development in live projects

Where is the human in human-centred approaches to development? A critique of Amartya Sen’s ‘Development as Freedom’

Resilience ethics: responsibility and the globally embedded subject

Promoting democratic norms? Social constructivism and the "subjective" limits to liberalism

Peacebuilding and the politics of non-linearity: rethinking ‘hidden’ agency and ‘resistance’

‘Human-centred development? Rethinking “freedom” and "agency" in discourses of international development

Human security: the dog that didn't bark

Freedom vs necessity in international relations: human-centred approaches to security and development

Contemporary critiques of human rights

Born posthumously: rethinking the shared characteristics of the ICC and R2P

Towards a software tool for preventing diabetic foot in diabetic patients

Linearity evaluation of optically reconfigurable UWB microstrip bandpass filter

Nonlinear distortion evaluation of reconfigurable RF circuits in wireless communication systems

Compact tunable bandstop filters using defected microstrip structure for multi-standard wireless systems

Nonconformity and the labour movement

Churchill as Chancellor of the Exchequer (1924–9) and the return to the gold standard

Evaluation of behavioural and gastrointestinal symptoms in autistic children after visceral osteopathic treatment

Chemerin15 inhibits neutrophil-mediated vascular inflammation and myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury through ChemR23

A comparison study of children's independent mobility in England and Australia

Expanding community art practice: an analysis of new forms of productive site within community art practice

Embodiment and the senses in travelogue filmmaking

2-D nonlinearity compensation technique for concurrent dual-band wireless transmitters

Recovery of DNA from coloured fabrics: a study into the effects of clothing dye contamination on the recovery and amplification of DNA

Chinese herbal medicine and depression: the research evidence

Publishing francophone African literature in translation: towards a relational account of postcolonial book history

Book review: Vivan Steemers, Le (néo)colonialisme littéraire: quatre romans face à l’institution littéraire parisienne (1950–1970)

Book review: Perceiving pain in African literature, by Zoe Norridge

African literature in French and the Heinemann African writers series: towards a relational account of postcolonial book history

Estimating the labour market returns to qualifications gained in English further education using the Individualised Learner Record (ILR)

Reconfigurable matching networks for wireless transmitters

A comparative assessment of the light goods vehicles fleet and the scope to reduce its CO2 emissions in the UK and France

The potential for rail to make a significant contribution to urban freight operations

London freight data report 2013

London 2012: the potential to change delivery patterns in response to the impact of the Olympic Games on traffic flows

Working and dreaming, paper given at Earth, Energy, the 47th Annual National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts conference 2013

Sculptural ceramics

Marking the line: ceramics and architecture


Social media, aggregation and the refashioning of media business models

Public service content provision: new models, new partnership, new skills

Grounds for benefit: developing and protecting community benefit in football stadia

Vertigo and dizziness from environmental motion: visual vertigo, motion sickness, and drivers' disorientation

Implementing the EQF: English as distinct from continental bricklaying qualifications

Book review: The Routledge history of the Holocaust, ed. Jonathan C. Friedman

Book review: Barjonet, Aurélie and Liran Razinsky (Eds.), Writing the Holocaust today: critical perspectives on Jonathan Littell's 'The kindly ones'

Foreign policy, domestic politics and international relations: the case of Italy

Book review: A cracking read. Review of J. Stoner: Toward a minor architecture

Towards a minor global architecture at Lamu, Kenya

Featured graphic: Taxi hand signals in Johannesburg

Dissident water

Book review: Refugee cities: under the sheltering sky. Review of Herz, M. From Camp to City: refugee camps of the Western Sahara

Cinéma, mythe et modernité: Darratt, Saison Sèche de Mahamet-Saleh Haroun

Characterization of a monoclonal antibody cocktail for human rabies prophylaxis

Monoclonal antibodies for prophylactic and therapeutic use against viral infections

Single domain antibody multimers confer protection against rabies infection

The disciplinary processes of the legal profession

Walter Sickert and the image of Camden Town

Review article: Inigo Jones

Art from synthetic biology

Flavonoids by HPLC

The regime for asylum in Mexico: historical perspective and current challenges

The construction of chimeric rabies virus glycoproteins rescues Arctic-like rabies pseudovirus production

Strangers to the stars: abstraction, aereality, aspect perception

Beyond the darkness of the just lived moment

Between the castle and the village

The digital condition of photography: cameras, computers and display

Stories from faraway places: international reporting, public service television and a glass half full

The liquidity of knowledge: learning across disciplinary divides

Impact evaluation framework of three clean vehicle trials

Regeneration: the inner city in context

Engaging local communities in neighbourhood regeneration in England: an evaluation of aims, objectives and outcomes

Biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates for cardiac tissue engineering applications

Neuroprotective efficacy of the endogenous neuropeptide Urocortin in a oxygen-glucose deprivation model of transient cerebral ischaemia with reperfusion

Phonetic pedagogy

The ‘IPA Exam’: certificate of proficiency in the phonetics of…

Developing professional learning and identity through the recognition of experiential learning at doctoral level

Between Cybercide and Cyber Intifada: Technologic (dis-)empowerment of Palestinian activism

Mutations in the GABRB1 gene promote alcohol consumption through increased tonic inhibition

Construction studies in higher education and the use of digital technology

Innovative professional services: empirical evidence on the determinants of physicians’ purchase intention

Night, Space and Urban design: case study of Mashhad, Iran

Intuitionistic fuzzy XML query matching and rewriting

Development initiatives in programming on privately-ownedArab satellite television and their reception amongdisadvantaged Saudi women

Data collection for understanding urban goods movement: comparison of collection methods and approaches in European countries

The construction of chimeric rabies virus glycoproteins rescues Arctic-like rabies pseudovirus production

Matter in or out of place? Bicycle parking strategies and their effects on people, practices and places

Incompetent or too competent? Negotiating everyday cycling identities in a motor dominated society

Non-compressive wideband spectrum sensing with sub-nyquist sampling rates

Multidimensional random sampling for Fourier transform estimation

A critique of litigation and abolition strategies: a glass half empty

Compressive and non-compressive reliable wideband spectrum sensing at sub-nyquist rates

Linking social media, intelligent agents and expert systems for formulating open innovation strategies for software development

The effect of labour earnings on post retirement income

The return of the native: Thomas Hardy

The rationalist reader: architecture and rationalism in Western Europe 1920-1940 and 1960-1990

The machine and the ghost: technology and spiritualism in 19th to 21st century art and culture

The international library of essays on capital punishment: 3-volume set

A history of the French in London: liberty, equality, opportunity

Handbook of Food Fortification and Health: From Concepts to Public Health Applications Volume 2 (Nutrition and Health)

Handbook of Food Fortification and Health: From Concepts to Public Health Applications Volume 1 (Nutrition and Health)

The global reach of European refugee law

The art of Nick Cave: new critical essays

To flip or not to flip? Phonetics and phonology in the flipped classroom

Stem cells and bone tissue

Social tourism: perspectives and potential

The Routledge handbook of international statebuilding

No limits: media studies from India

My new green dress had a dinosaur on the front wearing pink plastic glasses

Luhmann observed: radical theoretical encounters

Louis MacNeice: the classical radio plays

Libya, the responsibility to protect and the future of humanitarian intervention

Language contact: a multidimensional perspective

Handbook of nutrition, diet and sleep

Handbook of cheese in health: production, nutrition and medical sciences

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH): production, structure and function

Global resources: conflict and cooperation

Fair shared cities: the impact of gender planning in Europe

Democracy: a reader

Darfur: Hasad al-Azma ba’d ‘Aqd min al-Zaman (Darfur: a decade in crisis)

Comprehensive guide to autism: volumes 1 to 5

Capital punishment: new perspectives

The Blitz and its legacy: wartime destruction to postwar reconstruction

Architecture and globalisation in the Persian Gulf region

Ali Smith: contemporary critical perspectives

Does meditation improve emotional intelligence of senior managers? Findings from a study in London

Revolutions in the age of ‘globalization’: between the trans-temporal and the trans-subjective

Integration of biohydrogen, biomethane and bioelectrochemical systems

Fibril formation and toxicity of the non-amyloidogenic rat amylin peptide

More than words: the influence of affective content and linguistic style matches in online reviews on conversion rates

Attenuation of plasma annexin A1 in human obesity

Saving for retirement: a review of ethnic minorities in the UK

Mothers’ employment and their children’s schooling: a joint multilevel analysis for India

Simultaneous co-metabolic decolourisation of azo dye mixtures and bio-electricity generation under thermophillic (50°C) and saline conditions by an adapted anaerobic mixed culture in microbial fuel cells

Exam scheduling and student performance

Partial heat acclimation of athletes with spinal cord lesion

Water consumption, not expectancies about water consumption, affects cognitive performance in adults

A targeted glycoproteomic approach identifies cadherin-5 as a novel biomarker of metastatic breast cancer

Comprehensive cytogenomic profile of the in vitro neuronal model SH-SY5Y

Structure, agency and the career strategies of women and BME individuals in the legal profession

Active foreground region extraction and tracking for sports video annotation

Domes of discovery

Book review: Tough choices: risk, security and the criminalization of drug policy

Overcoming the barriers: a qualitative study of simulation adoption in the NHS

Assessing multiple prior models of behaviour under ambiguity

Floating on the same plane: metropolis, money and the culture of abstraction

Factors affecting faculty use of learning technologies: Implications for models of technology adoption

A multi-country analysis of the 2007–2009 financial crisis: empirical results from discrete and continuous time models

Cycling’s sensory strategies: how cyclists mediate their exposure to the urban environment

Who are 'Londoners on Bikes' and what do they want? Negotiating identity and issue definition in a ‘pop-up’ cycle campaign

Structures of ABCB10, a human ATP-binding cassette transporter in apo- and nucleotide-bound states

The DietCompLyf study: a prospective cohort study of breast cancer survival and phytoestrogen consumption

Social media, television talk shows, and political change in Egypt

Urocortin protects chondrocytes from NO-induced apoptosis: a future therapy for osteoarthritis?

Here comes the new: Deadwood and the historiography of capitalism

Whole body fat: content and distribution

Forecasting daily UK interest rates using continuous time and ARIMA, ARFIMA models

Unnoticed apocalypse: the science fiction politics of urban crisis

Aspirin-loaded P(3HO)/P(3HB) blend films: potential materials for biodegradable drug-eluting stents

Principle of proportionality as principle of economic efficiency

A history of previous gestational diabetes mellitus is associated with adverse changes in insulin secretion and VLDL metabolism independently of increased intrahepatocellular lipid

An initial psychometric evaluation and exploratory cross-sectional study of the Body Checking Questionnaire among Brazilian women

A clustering-based fuzzy-wavelet neural network model for short-term load forecasting

Novel Poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate)/Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) blends for medical applications

Chicken IFITM3 restricts influenza viruses and lyssaviruses in vitro

Capitalism or information society? The fundamental question of the present structure of society

Editorial: Building the evidence for CAM—30 years on

Exploring what formal learning involves in the digital era

Rethinking research supervision: some reflections from the field of employment relations

Policing the crisis, or, why we love The Wire

Human handedness: an inherited evolutionary trait

The business of conversations: market social media surveillance and visibility

Semantic remote patient monitoring system

Teaching reproductive endocrinology in Iran: pilot assessment of hospital-based clinical modules for medical students at Tehran University of Medical Sciences

High linearity microstrip bandpass filter with electronically tunable notch

Knowledge acquisition in supply chain partnerships: the role of power

Spatial development of hydrogen economy in a low-carbon UK energy system

Remote living: exploring online (and offline) experiences of young people living in rural areas

Depression, constraint and the liver: (dis)assembling the treatment of emotion-related disorders in Chinese medicine

Witnessing the archive: art, capitalism and memory

I was so done in that I just recognized it very plainly, “You need to do something”’: men’s narratives of struggle, distress and turning to meditation

Unpacking the mechanism by which corporate responsibility impacts stakeholder relationships

Using participatory approaches with older people in a residential home in Guyana: challenges and tensions

Who encounters what here? Comment on Kevin Cox ‘Marxism and critical realism: a brief encounter'

Psychometric properties of the QuickPIPER: a shortened version of the PIPER Fatigue scale

Third world and international law (interview)

Institution-wide language programmes, higher education and blended learning: students' experience of a virtual learning environment among beginners and post-beginners of French

Body image and personality: associations between the big five personality factors, actual-ideal weight discrepancy, and body appreciation

Preterm births in countries with a very high human development index

Feminizing human rights adjudication: feminist method and the proportionality principle

Nonlinear model based approach for accurate stability prediction of one-bit higher-order delta-sigma (Δ-Σ) modulators

Prazosin, an α(1)-adrenoceptor antagonist, prevents memory deterioration in the APP23 transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer's disease

No emancipatory alternative, no critical security studies

The use of gross fixed capital formation as a measure of construction output

Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge trials in 2012: a year in review

Military conscription and university enrolment: evidence from Italy

Imperialism and self determination: revisiting the nexus in Lenin

Bedouin in Lebanon: social discrimination, political exclusion, and compromised health care

Sustaining heritage in South-East Europe: working with the Council of Europe, 2003-10

Towards an evidence-based decision making healthcare system management: modelling patient pathways to improve clinical outcomes

Societal and ideological impacts of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) internet surveillance

Kroppenstedtia sanguinis sp. nov., and Kroppenstedtia pulmonis sp. nov., thermoactinomycetes isolated from human clinical sources

Associations among men's sexist attitudes, objectification of women, and their own drive for muscularity

A method for analysing operational complexity in supply chains

Enhanced replication of R5 HIV-1 isolates in vitro by a small-molecule reagent targeting HIV-1 protease

A chip scale atomic clock driven receiver for multi-constellation GNSS

Girl in the cellar: a repeated cross-sectional investigation of belief in conspiracy theories about the kidnapping of Natascha Kampusch

Starting from the Amazon: communication, knowledge and politics of place in the World Social Forum

How short-term memory maintenance modulates subsequent visual after effects

Compact UWB bandpass filter with reconfigurable notched band

Atmospheres of law: senses, affects, lawscapes

A web-based hybrid system for evaluating marketing and e-commerce web site performance

Investigating the impact of nicotine on executive functions using a novel virtual reality assessment

Advances in the valorization of lignocellulosic materials by biotechnology: an overview

Men, masculinities and the world of romance in China’. Panel on ‘From dating to divorce’

Sulforaphane alters cerebral leukocyte endothelial cell interactions post global ischaemia reperfusion

Annexin-A1 protein and its relationship to cortisol in human saliva

Entangled staff-inmate relations

Resisting resilience? Reply to Mark Neocleous

C-slow retimed parallel histogram architectures for consumer imaging devices

Young people’s uses and understandings of online social networks in their everyday lives

Reflections on Fanon’s legacy

The microbial–mammalian metabolic and signalling axis in cardiometabolic diseases

Production, characterization, and antigen specificity of recombinant 62-71-3, a candidate monoclonal antibody for rabies prophylaxis in humans

'It was the most beautiful country I have ever seen': the role of Somali narrative in adapting to a new country

Highly linear microstrip wideband bandpass filter with switchable notched band for wireless applications

Relationship of dietary monounsaturated fatty acids to blood pressure: the international study of macro/micronutrients and blood pressure

Sleep disturbance as part of the neurofibromatosis type 1 phenotype in adults

The next frontier: expanding protection in Europe for victims of armed conflict and indiscriminate violence

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)

Understanding the low cost carrier and airport relationship: a critical analysis of the salient issues

Front-of-pack nutrition labelling: are multiple formats a problem for consumers?

The symbolist interior and crystal imagination

Foreword: History, law, space and time

The world of attachment? The post-humanist challenge to freedom and necessity

Resilience and the autotelic subject: toward a critique of the societalization of security

Identity issues surrounding American skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) and an optimised high performance liquid chromatography method to authenticate commercially available products

Sliding Gate

The cultural politics of being a knob

Devising airport groupings for financial benchmarking

Rethinking crises and the accretion of executive power: the “War on Terror” and conditionality evidence from seven political systems

A parallel quantum histogram architecture

Exploring the impact of silos in achieving brand orientation

Subjective thirst moderates changes in speed of responding associated with water consumption

Inmate governance in Brazilian prisons

Mapping the environmental third sector in England: a distinctive field of activity?

The neuroprotective role of catalase overexpression in SH-SY5Y cells against beta-amyloid and H2O2 toxicity

Microbiota and metabolome associated with the human caecum

Context matters: investigating the impact of contextual information on aesthetic appreciation of paintings by Max Ernst and Pablo Picasso

Evidence for the involvement of intracellular Ca 2+ ions in the elicitation mechanism of Bacillus Licheniformis

International relations as juridical life: rethinking ‘the international’ in international theory

Ultra compact inline E-plane waveguide extracted pole bandpass filters

Current progress with serological assays for exotic emerging/re-emerging viruses

Towards a volunteer cloud system

Competitiveness and sustainability: can ‘smart city regionalism’ square the circle?

Strategy modulates spatial perspective-taking: evidence for dissociable disembodied and embodied routes

Workers' compensation in construction: workers' benefits under alternative dispute resolution systems

Drawing and the material conditions of space

Active design of tooth profiles using parabolic curve as the line of action

Intermediated securities holding infrastructure an avant - garde system jeopardised by the usual suspects

Salivary cortisol as a biomarker in social science research

Weight discrepancy and body appreciation among women in Poland and Britain

Social dominance orientation predicts drive for muscularity among British men

Delays of 5–15 min between awakening and the start of saliva sampling matter in assessment of the cortisol awakening response

Do human resource practices enhance organizational commitment in SMEs with low employee satisfaction?

‘A big night out’: young people’s drinking, social practice and spatial experience in the ‘liminoid’ zones of English night-time cities

Analysis of factors affecting the selection of low-cost green building materials in housing construction

Lyotard, art, seeing

State variation in the cortisol awakening response

The value of dedicated cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure on rural roads

Specifying termination in CSP

WZ59_Mont2 (2013) – Now

Do Study Abroad Programs Enhance the Employability of Graduates?

Men’s oppressive beliefs predict their breast size preferences in women

“Mirror, mirror…” A preliminary investigation of skin tone dissatisfaction and its impact among British adults

Cataloguing architecture: the library of the architect

Composite polymer-bioceramic scaffolds with drug delivery capability for bone tissue engineering

Saving friends or saving strangers? Critical humanitarianism and the geopolitics of international law

The creation of trust: the interplay of rationality, institutions and exchange

‘The car indispensable’: the hidden influence of the car in inter-war suburban London

The architecture of pleasure: British amusement parks 1900-1939

Searching for common ground: urban borderlands in a world of borders and boundaries

An examination of the psychometric properties of Brazilian Portuguese translations of the Drive for Muscularity Scale, the Swansea Muscularity Attitudes Questionnaire, and the Masculine Body Ideal Distress Scale

Reconstructing Europe: the need for guidelines

Towards a social model approach?: British and Dutch disability policies in the health sector compared

The development of smart homes market in the UK

Bat Performance

Structured bimanual actions and hand transfers reveal population-level right-handedness in captive gorillas

Metalheads: the influence of personality and individual differences on preference for heavy metal

Acupuncture therapy for psychiatric illness

The roles of melanin-concentrating hormone in energy balance and reproductive function: are they connected?

Brain responses to audiovisual speech mismatch in infants are associated with individual differences in looking behaviour

The responsibility to protect in international political discourse: encouraging statement of intent or illusory platitudes?

A novel approach to oral iron delivery using ferrous sulphate loaded solid lipid nanoparticles

Meta-analysis of European heat pump field trial efficiencies

The Anonymous movement in the context of liberalism and socialism

Ligand-specific conformational change of the G-protein-coupled receptor ALX/FPR2 determines proresolving functional responses

The brief body avoidance and checking scale for physically active men: development and initial validation

The no-nonsense guide to training in libraries

A multi-criteria decision support system for the selection of low-cost green building materials and components

Effects of rail network enhancement on port hinterland container activity: a United Kingdom case study

Place of desire: skilled migration from mainland China to post-colonial Hong Kong

Irish public opinion on assisted human reproduction services: contemporary assessments from a national sample

Theses on the philosophy of history: the work of research in the age of digital searchability and distributability

Taking political engagement online: an experimental analysis of asynchronous discussion forums

Young adults and the decline of the urban English pub: issues for planning

The responsible tweeter

Between Pandora and Diogenes: Fox Talbot and the gender of archives

Exploring the experiences of ex-offender mentors

Men and masculinities in contemporary China

Understanding the professional characteristics, needs and experience of nutritional therapy practitioners working with cancer patients

A few notes on Amdahl’s law

Computing laws: origins, standing, and impact

Trade-based skills versus occupational capacity: the example of bricklaying in Europe

International statebuilding and the ideology of resilience

A generalized 2-D linearity enhancement architecture for concurrent dual-band wireless transmitters

The political life of rising acid mine water

Social barriers to the adoption of smart homes

Permanent sovereignty over natural resources in the 21st century: natural resource governance and the right to self-determination of indigenous peoples under international law

Backstage behaviour in the global city: tourists and the search for the ‘real London’