The role of the osteocyte in bone turnover

The osteocyte lineage

Apoptotic Bodies Convey Activity Capable of Initiating Osteoclastogenesis and Localized Bone Destruction

Bone tissue formation from human embryonic stem cells in vivo

Creating Sustainable Communities: Conceptualising an Interactive Toolkit for Skills Enhancement

Ex Vivo bone formation in bovine trabecular bone cultured in a dynamic 3D bioreactor is enhanced by compressive mechanical strain

Guide to Receptors and Channels (GRAC), 3rd edition

The M1P1 loop of TASK3 K2P channels apposes the selectivity filter and influences channel function

Research Student Supervision: Developing Reflective Practice in Higher Education

The neural stem cell microenvironment

The impact of internationalization on the clothing industry

Patterns of enterprise strategies in labour-intensive industries: The case of five EU countries

Global networks and the reorganization of production in the clothing industry of post-socialist Ukraine

Globalisation and industrial change in the clothing industry of Transcarpathia, Western Ukraine: A microlevel view

Forty Years on: Long-Term Change in the First Destinations of Graduates

Educational technology: an ecumenical stance

Strategic learners at a distance

Reduction in Total Lung Capacity in Obese Men: Role of Trunk Fat

Intra-Hepatic Insulin Exposure is Increased in Subjects with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

Intra-hepatic insulin exposure but not percent extraction of newly-secreted insulin is increased in subjects with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

Viral load, clinical disease severity and cellular immune responses in primary varicella zoster virus infection in Sri Lanka

Varicella zoster virus glycoprotein E-specific CD4+ T cells show evidence of recent activation and effector differentiation, consistent with frequent exposure to replicative cycle antigens in healthy immune donors

Varicella-zoster virus vaccine is able to evade the T-cell response during the replicative phase of the viral life cycle

Viral loads in primary varicella zoster virus infection

Analysis of the quality attributes used in establishing best value tenders in the UK social housing sector

Anti-lymphocyte function associated antigen-1 inhibits T-helper 2 function of human allergen-specific CD4+ T cells

Phenotypic analysis of human cd4+ t cells specific for ie63 protein of vzv

An Antibody Combination That Targets Activated T Cells Extends Graft Survival in Sensitized Recipients

Renew or repair existing window units? A best value approach

The function of CD180 toll like receptor(TLR) on control B cells and B cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (B-CLL) cells

{+αθρ(0)ίσεις / synathr(0)isis}

The C. elegans glycosyltransferase BUS-8 has two distinct and essential roles in epidermal morphogenesis.

Caenorhabditis elegans meets microsporidia: the nematode killers from Paris.

Homesick for Silent Hill: Modalities of nostalgia in fan responses to Silent Hill 4: The Room

Engaging with the research methods curriculum

Learning at the Cutting Edge? Help-seeking and Status in Online Videogame Fan Sites

Value at Risk and Conditional Extreme Value Theory via Markov Regime Switching Models

Electroporation of Adherent Cells In Situ for the Study of Signal Transduction and Gap Junctional Communication

Synthesis, Characterization and Stat3 Inhibitory Properties of the Prototypical Platinum(IV) Anticancer Drug, [PtCl3(NO2)(NH3)2] (CPA-7)

Reproducibility of fMRI in the clinical setting: Implications for trial designs

A statistical framework to characterise microstructure in high angular resolution diffusion imaging

A multi-resolution census algorithm for calculating vortex statistics in turbulent flows

So many ways to Tibet

Beijing's Best Bet

Tibet, China, and the west: empires of the mind

India's peaceful illusion has been shattered

Docking-MM-GB/SA and ADME screening of HIV-1 NNRTI inhibitor: Nevirapine and its analogues

ENFIN - An integrative structure for systems biology

Ten simple rules for organizing a scientific meeting.

The Ballet Called ‘Siegfried’: the Enigmatic Prince of Swan Lake

FISH glossary: an overview of the fluorescence in situ hybridization technique.

Power Relations and Legal Pluralism: An Examination of ‘Strategies of Struggles’ Amongst the SantalAdivasiof India and Bangladesh

The unravelling of manufacturing best-practice strategies

Modelling the diffusion of innovation management theory using S-curves

Engineering management or management of technology? A bibliometric study of ieee tem

HOME: Investing in Design

Space Craft: developments in architectural computing

Deconstructing probation: Risk and developments in practice

Evaluating risk assessment: A methodological study of mentally disordered offenders in the London probation area

Fit for purpose? OASys assessments and parole decisions

Tied up like a kipper: mentally disordered offenders and the parole process

Recent Developments in Probation Practice: the impact of risk analysis

Emerging communities, emerging media: the case of a Zimbabwean nurse in the British Big Brother show

Epidermal growth factor upregulates motility of Mat-LyLu rat prostate cancer cells partially via voltage-gated Na+ channel activity

Neoliberal Law: unintended consequences of market-friendly law reforms

National survey of SMEs' use of IT in four sectors

Performance measurement and performance management: The operations management perspective

ICT in small firms: Factors affecting the adoption and use of ICT in southeast England SMEs

The Benefits of e-business Performance Measurement Systems: A report for CIMA – the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

Visuo-vestibular influences on the moving platform locomotor aftereffect.

Living in Hope: Tourism and Poverty Alleviation in Flores

Sustaining Communities: Understanding the Socio-cultural and Socio-economic Impacts of Tourism

Análise confirmatória de escalonamento multidimensional (EMD) de valores baseada em una matriz de desenho: Uma nota de pesquisa [Confirmatory multidimensional scaling (MDS) of values, based on a design matrix: A research note]

Assessment of children’s values: The development of a picture-based instrument

Research Methods Used in Studying Media Consumption and Children in a Diaspora. A Case of Japanese Families in London

Hope and Despair

Democracy is all you need?

Die jüngste Demokratie der Welt

Unscheduled Halt

Power to the People

Lessons for the World

Bhutan is neither authoritarian nor stuck in a time warp

Bearing Better Witness in Bhutan

Bankers on Benefit

Bhutan crowns a jewel

Cross-Cultural Filmmaking in New Zealand National Cinema

Defective endovascular trophoblast invasion in the first trimester is associated with increased maternal serum ischemia-modified albumin

Cardiac troponin I measurement using the ACS:180 to predict four-year cardiac event rate

Ischemia-modified albumin predicts short-term outcome and 1-year mortality in patients attending the emergency department for acute ischemic chest pain

Cardiac biomarkers in chronic renal disease

Multiple molecular forms of circulating cardiac troponin: Analytical and clinical significance

Changes in vascular and cardiac function after prolonged strenuous exercise in humans

Ischaemia-modified albumin: Clinical utility and pitfalls in measurement

Cardiac troponin T release is stimulated by endurance exercise in healthy humans

Mechanisms of orthostatic intolerance following very prolonged exercise

Cardiac troponin in cerebral injury: understanding your laboratory reports

Interaction between src family kinases and rho-kinase in agonist-induced Ca2+-sensitization of rat pulmonary artery

Role of SRC-Family Kinases in Hypoxic Vasoconstriction of Rat Pulmonary Artery

Constriction of Pulmonary Artery by Peroxide: Role of Ca2+ Release and PKC

Victims and witnesses of crime: Police officers' perceptions of interviewing practices

The significance of cultural norms in the evolution of Korean HRM practices

Transferring the Anglo American system to Korea: at what cost, and are there alternatives?

Forty years: a tradition of investigative journalism

Journalism with Attitude: The Daily Mail


Finding Room for Personal Integrity in Post-graduate Research

Personal Integrity in Post-Graduate Research in Business

Introducing Innovative Approaches in Business Schools

Teaching as a Form of Intercultural Dialogie

Teaching as a Form of Intercultural Dialogue

The Importance of Trust in Management Education

Promoting and assessing Integrity in the Research Degree

International Conventions and Heritage; Tunis v.s. Lubeck

Case Study: The Big Chill Festival, England

Eurotrash Between Trash Culture and the Avant-Garde: The Strange Case of Walerian Borowczyk

Kontrol, Apparitions and Taxidermia: New Corporeal Cartographies in Hungarian Cinema

Figure of Post-Communist Desire?: The Performance of Katarzyna Figura and the Becoming-Popular of Polish Cinema

Sonic and Cultural Noise as Production of the New: The Industrial Music Media Ecology of Throbbing Gristle

Pathways to work for new and repeat incapacity benefits claimants: evaluation synthesis report

Chair, ‘Best Practice in Relocation’

The effect of financial constraints, technological progress and long-term contracts on tradable green certificates

Construction Markets in a Changing World Economy

Louis Albrechts towers over the urban planning academy

HEFCE strategic review of sustainable development in higher education in England, Report to HEFCE by the Policy Studies Institute, PA Consulting Group and the Centre for Research in Education and the Environment, University of Bath

Rise of High Involvement Management in Britain, NIESR Discussion Paper No. 321

The Changing Use of Contingent Pay at the Modern Workplace, NIESR Discussion Paper No. 319

Trading Places: Employers, Unions and the Manufacture of Voice, CEP Discussion Paper No. 884

Organizational Commitment: Do Workplace Practices Matter?, CEP Discussion Paper No. 0881

A Tale of Two Countries: Unions, Closures and Growth in Britain and Norway, CEP Discussion Paper No. 0867

Union Decline in Britain, CEP Discussion Paper No. 864

Private Sector Employment Growth, 1998-2004: A Panel Analysis of British Workplaces, Centre for Economic Performance Discussion Paper No. 861

Competition and the Retreat from Collective Bargaining, NIESR Discussion Paper No. 318

Union Decline in Britain, IZA Discussion Paper No. 3436

How Does Shared Capitalism Affect Economic Performance in the UK? NBER Working Paper No. 14235

From Industrial Relations to Human Resource Management: The Changing Role of the Personnel Function, NIESR Discussion Paper No. 315

From the Two Faces of Unionism to the Facebook Society: Union Voice in a 21st Century Context, Manpower Human Resources Lab Discussion Paper No. 6

Determinants of self-employment in urban Ethiopia: Panel data based evidence, PSI Discussion Paper (new series); 1

Integration and Citizenship of Second Generation Nationals in the UK : Insights from recent research on social cohesion in diverse communities

Economic and Monetary Union and Its Housing Consequences

Gender Discrimination in the Labour Market: Evidence from the BHPS and EiB Surveys, Research Discussion Paper 3

Mind the Gap: Socio-Legal Scholarship for a Runaway World

EU Common Asylum Policy

Post Second World War Existential Crisis of States

Human Rights and Education: Furthering Global Citizenship

Judicial Guidelines On Procedures With Respect To Vulnerable Persons

Language learner autonomy in an English context

A neutralizing antibody to the a chain of abrin inhibits abrin toxicity both in vitro and in vivo

Production of paclitaxel by Fusarium solani isolated from Taxus celebica

Becoming a Government Economist: Who Passes, Who Fails?

Continuities in caring? Emotion work in a NHS Direct call centre

ShapeShifting TV: interactive screen media narratives

A hybrid Constraint Programming approach for nurse rostering problems

Pedagogy for Autonomy in Modern Languages Education: Theory, practice, and teacher education

Learner and teacher autonomy: concepts, realities and responses

Análise confirmatória de escalonamento multidimensional (EMD) de valores baseada em una matriz de desenho: Uma nota de pesquisa [Confirmatory multidimensional scaling (MDS) of values, based on a design matrix: A research note]

Assessment of children’s values: The development of a picture-based instrument

Simultaneous Switching Noise: The Relation Between Bus Layout and Coding

Power Consumption of Fault Tolerant Busses

Checkers' No-Harm Alarms and Design Approaches to Tolerate Them

Analysis of the environment in Marketing

Obesity is associated with activation of innate immune pathway and ER stress in human abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue

Endoplasmic reticulum stress and the innate immune signalling pathway in human abdominal adipose tissue: the effects of obesity

Endoplasmic reticulum stress and the innate immune signalling pathway in human abdominal adipose tissue: the effects of obesity

Corporate Re-branding: Is Cultural Alignment the Weakest Link?

Expatriates and work-life balance

Change in the international arena

Making sense of international experiences

What's hot in relocation?

Talent management: implications for relocation professionals

Calling relocation heroes!

Culture and Identity in Sociology

Migrant Autobiographical Writing: A Search for the 'Self' and Political Expression

Trafficking of women for Sexual Exploitation

Women and international assignments: Taking stock-a 25-year review

The Tactile Window

Mega Events and innovative mobility system: the Expo transport lessons

Book review: Chinese business in the making of a Malay state, 1882-1941: Kedah and Penang

Border, place and identity: mainlander professional migrants in Hong Kong

Re-defining return in Asian migration: the case of China

Chinese mainland professionals in Hong Kong: profile, prospect and problems

Narratives of organizational crises in the mass media: the VIOXX case

Too polite to fight? What happens when women enter the House?

Characterization of three human sec14p-like proteins: a-Tocopherol

New Principles in Planning Evaluation

“Somewhere on the Border - Of Credibility”: The Cultural Construction and Contestation of ‘the Border’ in White Society

Contesting the Masculine State: White Male War Resisters in Apartheid South Africa

The Masculine State in Crisis: War Resistance in Apartheid South Africa

Masculinities and Narrating the Past: Experiences of Researching White men who Refused to Serve in the Apartheid Army

Thinking Through Theory: Materialising the Oppositional Imagination

Strategic marketing decision-making in Japanese and South Korean companies

Mother-baby sleep interactions

Volatility and VaR Forecasting in the Madrid Stock Exchange

Development and validation of a measure of dysfunctional behaviour

Reducing job-irrelevant bias in performance and appraisals: compliance and beyond

Quantification of reverse transcriptase in ALS and elimination of a novel retroviral candidate

Cities go at high speed

Voluntary resistance running wheel activity pattern and skeletal muscle growth in rats

Can maternal leptin level at early gestation be used as a predictor of postpartum weight retention?

Accuracy and correlates of maternal recall of birthweight and gestational age

Assessment of weight changes during and after pregnancy: practical approaches

Realismo e immagine digitale

Book review: 'Europe (in theory)' by Roberto M. Dainotto (2007)

Rossetti’s letters: intimate desires and 'sister arts'

La danza del Novecento: un'esperienza di contaminazione dionisiaca

Afterword: segmentation, reorientation and new exclusions

Languages and international events: are we ready to talk to the world in 2012?

Student views of diversity in two faculties at MMU

Old and new timings in a high-tech firm

Enterprising selves: how governmentality meets agency

A case study of financialization and EVA©

Brand development for SMEs

Brand development for SMEs

Aspekte strategischen und operativen controllings (Aspects of strategic and operative controlling)

Die versicherungsnachfrage von unternehmen: eine empirische untersuchung der sachversicherungsnachfrage Deutscher unternehmen (The demand for insurance by firms: an empirical investigation of the property insurance demand of German companies)

Review of 'A novel: The year of the revolutionary: the bread making machine', by Hassan Daoud

Review of 'Heroes and martyrs of Palestine: the politics of national commemoration', by Laleh Khalil'i

Review of 'What did we do to deserve this? Palestinian life under occupation in the West Bank', by Mark Howell

Review of 'The last resistance', by Jacqueline Rose

Review of two poetry collections: 'Flawed landscape', by Sharif S. Elmus: 'Poets for Palestine', by Remi Kanazi (ed.)

Review of 'A country of words: a Palestinian journey from the refugee camp to the front page', by Abdel Bari Atwan

Towards a theory of culture of communication: the fixed and the dynamics in Hamas’ communicated discourse

Observing culture

Trends in private foundation support for U.S. cultural diplomacy

A diversity of understanding: the increasing importance of major public service broadcasting institutions

Mainstreaming the participatory approach in water resource governance: the 2002 water law in Kenya

WebInternational - a Web-based hybrid system that combines Web knowledge automation, fuzzy logic and online databases for international marketing planning

AgentsInternational - an Internet-enabled hybrid system that integrates multiple intelligent agents, Monte Carlo simulation, knowledge bases and fuzzy logic for international marketing decision making

Strategic Spatial Planning and Planning Evaluation: Developing an Entrepreneurial Urbanization Strategy in South-Holland

Consensus Planning: The Relevance of Communicative Planning Theory in Dutch Infrastructure Development

International business communication: helping advanced learners of English cope with the demands

Academic writing in nursing: genres, marking criteria and course design

New principles in planning and evaluation

Beyond the academic essay: discipline-specific writing in nursing and midwifery

Student use of blogs and wikis on psy413: Basic IT Skills module


The essay

Some reading on touch

North North West

Modern masters

Focus: Jacob van der Beugel

Edmund de Waal

Edmund de Waal

Edmund de Waal

Edmund de Waal

Tomatoes: origin, cultivation techniques, and germplasm resources

Changing behaviour towards a more substainable transport system: COST Action 355 final report

High performance liquid chromatography-ion trap mass spectrometric analysis for metabolites of isoline in rat urine and bile

Quantitative analysis by HPLC-MS2 of the pyrrolizidine alkaloid adonifoline in Senecio scandens

Subjective trust based decision strategies utilizing the Grid reputation-policy trust management service

Reputation-policy trust model for grid resource selection

Microstrip three-port 4-channel multiplexers using dual-band bandpass filters for wireless applications

Melanocortin 3 receptor in the testes of mice

Research into Chinese media organisations. The case of Xinhua Shanghai bureau

The eternity man

Spider in the city: la machine in Liverpool

Art of faith

A novel serological assay for the detection of rabies virus and lyssavirus neutralising antibodies

The evaluation of antibody responses to rabies virus using retroviral pseudotypes and the implications for ‘in-field’ vaccine trials

Through a glass darkly: problems and issues in reward

Pensions and human resource

Gender, equality and pay: someday, will my pay be equal?


Alter ego

Opera interna

Cover story

Melanocortin 3 receptor in the testes of mice

Cars, corporations, and commodities: Consequences for the social determinants of health

The challenge of high cube ISO containers for British rail freight operations

Container train operations between ports and their hinterlands: a UK case study

An investigation of container train service provision and load factors in Great Britain

The new public management and the police service: the role for the sergeant in implementation of performance management

Technological parallels between Chinese Yue wares and Korean celadons

Work-life balance

Book review: Formal investigations: aesthetic style in late Victorian and Edwardian detective fiction

Bloomsbury, Limehouse and Piccadilly: a Chinese sojourn in London


The well-travelled lens: studies in photography and cultural encounter, memory and identity

Photography and cultural memory. Four contemporary photographers: Daniel Boetker-Smith, John Nassari, Matthew Pontin and Stephen Smith

Le Fanu’s “Carmilla”, Ireland, and diseased vision

A system for calculating the greatest common denominator implemented using asynchrobatic logic

An asynchrobatic, radix-four, carry look-ahead adder

Using positive feedback adiabatic logic to implement reversible Toffoli gates

Transport for London: success despite Westminster?

The biology of human mesenchymal stem cells

Advanced Grid programming with components: a biometric identification case study

The European criminal record in England and Wales


Evaluation of the Legal Service Commission's Training Contract Grant Scheme

Encouraging the next generation of legal aid solicitors: the LSC’s Training Grants Scheme

Costs of complaining and claiming

Hero or villain, but always a celebrity: John Paul II

Air grid: the city of unimaginable subjects

Air grid: five houses

Soundings from the estuary

Isles of grain

Kazakhstan: habits and human impact

Introduction and timeline

The historical context of Victorian literature

Organophosphorus compounds: intervention in mechanisms of signal transduction relevant to proliferative, immunological and circulatory disorders

Cultural perspectives: Chinese perceptions of UK hotel service quality

A panel study of young Chinese students’ learning experiences in a UK business school from a Chinese cultural perspective

The impact of cultural exposure on young Chinese students’ teamwork experiences in a UK business school

Sulfated beta-glucan derived from oat bran with potent anti-HIV activity

The pragmatics of corrections in the process of first language acquisition: a relevance-theoretic approach

(Un)settling the emigrant identity: an analysis of William Bulfin's travel narratives

Integrating the visual: work identities in teaching, banking and railways

Influence of performance on oxygen uptake kinetics in heavy intensity swimming

A stakeholder identification and salience theory for non-traditional operating modes

Generic strategies and performance

Evaluating the use of wikis in student group work within Blackboard VLE

A decision support system for measuring and modelling the multi-phase nature of patient flow in hospitals

The role of brands in UK economy and society

Valuing brands in the UK economy

Small businesses in the UK: new perspectives on evidence and policy

Diversity league table 2008 - Ethnicity and gender in the legal profession

Weak signal and multipath analysis using GNSScope: a toolbox for end-to-end modelling, simulation and analysis of GNSS systems

GNSScope: overview of a toolbox for end-to-end modelling, simulation and analysis of GNSS systems

A reconfigurable SDR receiver for multi-mode GNSS applications

A low complexity DSP driven analog impairment mitigation scheme for low-IF GNSS receivers

On the implications of analog to digital conversion on variable-rate bandpass sampling GNSS receivers

Digital filtering of band-limited signals using Periodic Nonuniform Sampling

Dietary and supplemental iron, red meat, and blood pressure: INTERMAP study

Marketing relationships in financial services business markets: the global hedge fund industry


Narrating the diaspora: diasporic audiences and the construction of diasporic experience

A strategic approach to sustainable partnership development

A simulation exercise for senior staff in educational institutions: intelligence and strategic response

A multi-organizational resilience value system enhanced by an intelligence culture

An explanation of how case study research and simulation can be used to teach the subject of negotiation

Journalists and society: a critical study of media and power in China

Why multiculturalists should seek to abolish the freedom of religion

Universalism, multiculturalism and the rule of law

The separation of law and morals - part 2: sources and interpretations

The return of the knowing subject in legal theory

A happy age (before the days of architects)

Three myths and one model


Virtual learning environments and world languages: the way forward

Globalization and Bollywood: the hype and the hope

The family legacy

Nollywood just doing it

Unprepared piano

Thomson-Craighead at Studion

My contacts; Signals; Flat Earth

Flipped clock

Flat Earth

Decorative news feeds; beacon

Decorative news feeds


Domain-specific metadata for model validation and performance optimisation

Nutraceuticals, functional foods and botanical dietary supplements; promote wellbeing and underpin public health

Childhood obesity prevention (CHOP) programme: a conceptual framework for nutrition intervention

A component-based integrated toolkit

Some principles of disclosure for asset backed securities under the EU Prospectus Regulation 2004

Islamic finance structures and regulations

Investor rights to ever increasingly complex financial instruments under US and EU securities regulations: a risk symmetric approach

Asset-backed securities home-host disclosure rules under US and EU securities law: how to avoid races to the bottom

Evaluating the impact of personal dictionaries for cross-language information retrieval of socially annotated images

A dual approach to ocean governance: the cases of zonal and integrated management in international law of the sea

Case concerning territorial and maritime disputes between Nicaragua and Honduras in the Caribbean Sea

What does disagreement do for politics?

Law, politics and human rights

Engendering civic solidarity

This is that place

Creating a movement: the struggle for inclusive education in the UK 1990 - 2006

Agitpop 1968 - 2008: activist graphics, images, pop culture

'Agit disco' a collection of annotated playlists of 'political 'musics'

'Romance', 'Dream Vision', 'Sir Amadace', ,Sir Cleges', 'Sir Degaré', 'Sir Launfal', 'Sir Tristrem'

Medieval romance and the construction of heterosexuality

The muscular male: a comparison of the physical attractiveness preferences of gay and heterosexual men

Perfectly formed? The effect of manipulating the waist-to-hip ratios of famous paintings and sculptures

Methodological and conceptual issues in the science of physical attraction

Novel folded SRR-loaded waveguide bandpass filters

Compact waveguide bandpass filters with enhanced stopband performance

Knowledge management

Writing as professional practice in the university as workplace: new insights into academic identity

Learning to write about teaching: understanding the writing demands of lecturer development programmes in higher education

HE lecturers researching HE issues: issues and dilemmas for academic developers

An analysis of "hybrid" scholarly journals: new spaces for developing distinctive ways of knowing?

The ebbs and flows of tourism: a case study of Leeds

Developing and delivering the vision: culture, growth and regeneration in Colchester

Asymmetric dimethylarginine negatively influences osteoblast differentiation in vitro

Reflections 2: Television fiction exchange: methodological issues






Screen capture software for feedback in language education

New direction in providing feedback to students

Social exclusion: what can public transport offer?

Media systems in transition: Poland, Russia, China

After transition: a comparative study of Poland, Russia and China

Annexin A1 in the brain: undiscovered roles?

Law and the employment relationship

Recruitment and selection

Performance, disability, humour, and being in the world: an interview with Aaron Williamson

Teaching citizenship in higher education

Using major events to promote peripheral urban areas: Deptford and the 2007 Tour de France

Over de wet van communicerende vaten: artikelen 60 en 61 van het Afrikaans Handvest voor de Rechten van de Mens en Volkeren

Ethiopia and the right to secession in international and comparative law

De internationale bescheming van inheemse volkeren

Union organising: taking the first steps

Implementation of the ABC quantum mechanical reactive scattering program on the EGEE grid platform

A model for outsourcing HRD

Training and learning

Introduction to architectural technology

State dependency in brain stimulation studies of perception and cognition

Inducing conscious perception of colour in blindsight

Cost of capital of Islamic banking institutions: an empirical study of a special case

Ingredients of successful partnerships among higher education institutions: the case of the University of Westminster

Editorial: Women and the mosaic of Mid-east management

Editorial: Shifting sands of Islamic finance

Editorial: London cements leadership slot in Islamic finance

Book review: the politics of Islamic finance

Book review: Understanding Islamic banking: the value proposition that transcends cultures

Book review: Theoretical studies in Islamic banking and finance

Book review: Handbook of Islamic banking

Book review: Globalisation and the politics of development in the Middle East

Another building stone in bridging the "great divide" of our time

Managing internationally mobile personnel

Generation of ontologies from relational databases: an experience

Bankers. Do they tell it like it is? Internal communication of corporate social responsibility within the retail banking sector: a comparison of UK German, Indian and Chinese experiences

Tandoori and tagliatelle: 2nd generation ethnic entrepreneurs in the B2B cultural hotpot

Wha’ppun Star? Wa a gwaan?

Du Traité de Paris au règlement 17/1962: ruptures et continuités dans la politique européenne de concurrence, 1950-1962

Journeys to truth: the BBC as a pragmatic ethical engineer at home and abroad

The BBC an imperfect beauty

Praktijkboek Rechtsmethodologie. Inleiding tot het opzoeken en analyseren van de bronnen van nationaal, Europees en internationaal recht. 2nd revised edition

Editorial: Alternate currents

Post occupancy evaluation of non-domestic buildings using downdraught cooling: Case studies in the US

Cooling without air-conditioning

Transforming emotions with Chinese medicine: an ethnographic account from contemporary China (review)

The mangle of practice and the practice of Chinese medicine: a case study from nineteenth-century China

Authenticity, best practice, and the evidence mosaic: the challenge of integrating traditional East Asian medicines into Western health care

How long is too long?

Theatrical dialectical tradition and intercultural dialogue in Magna Grecia: case study the “Grico theatre: between Greece and Italy" project

Gaps in the market: insights from scholarly work on Arab media economics

Egyptian TV in the grip of government: politics before profit in a fluid Pan-Arab market

A checkpointing mechanism for the Grid environment

Checkpointing of parallel applications in a grid environment

'Digital discovery; strategies and solution', IATUL Conference 2008

The discursive construction of national identity by the newspapers in North Cyprus

Mobile learning, collaborative learning and world languages: the flexi-pack project at SOAS-UCL CETL for languages of the wider world

Arab media and cultural studies: rehearsing new questions

Microbial biosynthesis of PHAs and its applications

Microbial PHA biosynthesis and its applications

Polyhydroxyalkanoates: a new generation of biotechnologically produced biodegradable polymers

Fabrication of a novel

Post-European settlement impacts on erosion and land degradation: a case study using farm reservoir sedimentation in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

Protection of natural environment in time of armed conflict


The notion of H-IFS in data modelling

Criteria for assessing object-relational quality

Unfinished business: an evaluation of the Licensing Act 2003

Chaînes logistiques et consommation d’énergie: Cas des meubles et des fruits & légumes; second rapport d'étape

Modélisation de l’énergie consommée en transport de fret

Chaînes logistiques et consommation d’énergie: Cas des meubles et des fruits & légumes

Energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions of different supply chains: a comparison of French, UK and Belgian cases

David Rokeby: plotting against time

Implementation and second-year impacts for lone parents in the UK Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) demonstration

A survey of user authentication based on mouse dynamics

User dynamics in graphical authentication systems

An automated predictor of hydrogen gas production from a sucrose based bioreactor system

A machine learning investigation of a beta-carotenoid dataset

Diagnostic feature analysis of a dobutamine stress echocardiography dataset using rough sets

Behavioral biometrics: a remote access approach

Validity of a respiratory snorkel for determination of oxygen kinetics in swimming

Belonging and entitlement: shifting discourses of difference in multi-ethnic neighbourhoods in the UK


As the crow flies

Production of medium chain length polyhydroxyalkanoates using Pseudomonas species

Relativity in judgements: the implications of a concern for relative position on well-being, longevity and decision making

Come si costruisce un sogno: slogan pubblicitari a servizio delle Olimpiadi di Pechino 2008 (How to construct a dream: advertising slogans to serve the 2008 Beijing Olympics)

Post-conflict statebuilding: governance without government

Gender patterns in hypertext reading

Gender and information processing in electronic age

Does gender matter in hypertext reading?

"New skills and abilities to enable me to support my pupils in a forward thinking positive way": a Self-Discovery Programme for teachers in mainstream school

"The past is still right here in the present": second-generation Bajan-Brit transnational migrants' views on issues relating to race and colour class

Strategic human resource management

What is human resource management?

Loanwords and gender in the Viking diaspora

The materiality of race theory

Research themes, concepts and relationships: A study of International Journal of Service Industry Management (1990-2005)

Playing politics with HIV

Female sex tourism In Barbados: a postcolonial perspective

When 'no' means 'yes': a constitution for Europe and the limits of ignorance

On absence: society’s return to barbarians

In-enviroment of law

Polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase in Bacillus cereus SPV, a class IV PHA synthase

Efficient periodicity mining of sequential patterns in a post-mining environment

Complementary therapies in the NHS: some thoughts and three cases

Accumulation, storage and obtainment of generalized net tokens characteristics history

Joint conversation specification and compliance

An auctioning protocol for Facilitating VOs

Exploring the selection of technology for enabling communities

Social networking/social media in a business context: consequences, concerns, benefits?

A new politics of identity: political principles for an interdependent world

Prospective des transports : un état des lieux en Europe

Prospective des transports : un état des lieux en Europe

Turkish flexi-packs

Partisan polarization, procedural control, and partisan emulation in the U.S. House: an explanation of rules restrictiveness over time

“Introduction: America's 'war on terrorrsm': new dimensions in US Government and national security

Presidential aggrandizement and congressional acquiescence in the "war on terror": a new constitutional equilibrium?

Explaining congressional acquiescence in the US "war on terror"

Bicameralism, strategic interaction and lawmaking within the contemporary congress: the US House and Senate in an era of polarised partisanship

Comparative in silico analysis identifies bona fide MyoD binding sites within the myocyte stress 1 gene promoter

In these great times

Validating A knowledge transfer framework in health services

Validating A knowledge transfer framework in health services

Technology enhanced learning in the 21st Century: supporting the attainment of an old paradigm or developing a new one?

An embarrassment of riches: how to choose, use and present learning materials to students

Formal and informal applications for learning

The use of social networking by students and staff in higher education

Consumer-based brand equity and brand performance

Outsourcing: enhancing organisational performance

Outsourcing: enhancing organisational performance

Does R&D really drive competitive advantage and performance?

Back to the future: a fresh look at Pearce and Robinson grand strategies

Treating Islam as a monolithic bloc

Media systems in West Asia

Defining the nation? Lebanese TV stations: the political elites' dominance over the visual space 1992-2005

The general moments expansion and its applications for financial risk

Predicting the monthly volatility of the EuroStoxx 50 Index using data sampled at different frequencies. Macroeconomic forecast and analysis laboratory discussion paper

The ethics of corporate governance

Waste makes haste: Sarbanes-Oxley, competitiveness and the subprime crisis

Politics in corporate governance: how power shapes the board's agenda

Designing business curricula: building relevance into higher education

Designing business curricula

Nutritional approaches to the management of eating disorders and eating distress

Population ageing and public pension reforms in a small open economy

Metropolitan governance in a global city region: the London experiment

Four perspectives on European world cities

Distributed public governance: depoliticisation and planning for large infrastructure projects in the UK

The role of the actin cytoskeleton in chondrocyte protection following single impact

A new technology of control: e-government

Political anomalies and web-based civil antibodies in Silvio Berlusconi’s Bel Paese

Krupps XIXth

Evidence for involvement of ZFP36L1 protein downregulation in differentiation of the murine BCL1 leukaemia cell line

Optimisation studies of multiple elicitor addition in microbial systems: P.Chrysogenum and B.Lichiniformis

Managing diverse expectations on a new MSc in computer forensics

Metabolic Syndrome and its components among Qatari population

On-line assessment in e-learning: the elephant in the room?

A thematic analysis of childrens' experiences of living with thalassemia major in Pakistan

Democratic politics and the dynamics of passions

Cultural workers as organic intellectuals

Art as an agonistic intervention in public space

Targeting the lung using siRNA and antisense based oligonucleotides

Public relations for the new Europe

Public relations for Asia

PR: a persuasive industry?

Key performance indicators for IS/IT indirect human costs in the service sector

Corporate hospitality in times of an economic downturn

Homocysteine inhibits hydrogen peroxide breakdown by catalase

Equality and diversity in employment

Implementation and second-year impacts for New Deal 25 Plus customers in the UK Employment Retention and Advancement (ERA) demonstration

A life in the file of … or “Data Protection”


Reading the place of others: Brazilian bodies in Portuguese public spaces

Whacking Bush: tactical media as play

Electronic civil disobedience and symbolic power

Non-invasive means of measuring hepatic fat content

Investigation of Mobile IPv6 and SIP integrated architectures for IMS and VoIP applications

Developing innovative and more sustainable approaches to reverse logistics for the collection, recycling and disposal of waste products from urban centres: literature review and identification of opportunities

Resource paper: The collection of long distance freight data in Europe

The responsibility to protect: the role of international human rights law

Human security as a critique of international law

Human security and the dilemma of intervention

Developing a UN human security framework

Building bridges: the role of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in development and security

Souvenirs of the architectural tourist: Ahmedabad framed

Love, lust and sex in the city: an exploration of conflicts of interests withon sexual and romantic relationships at work

Counselling at work

Coaching and mentoring for professional development

Trust, institutions and information in industrial clusters

National identity and the 'melancholy of ruins': Cecil Beaton's photographs of the London Blitz

Amazing stories from the future that never was: Neo Rauch and the haunted spaces of science fiction

Vexatious litigants

Legal profession, social background, entry and training

Lawyer-client relations

The use of multiple choice tests in law

The reasonable adjustments duty for higher education in England and Wales

Company lawcards. 6th edition

Social prospecting

SZTAKI desktop grid: building a scalable, secure platform for desktop grid computing

Enabling Java applications for BOINC with DC-API

Understanding institutions, actors and networks: advancing constructionist methods in urban policy research

The dark side of management: the consequences for organisations

Interpersonal communication at work

Active ageing: independence through technology assisted health optimisation

The safe implementation of research into healthcare practice.

Visitor-host relationships: conviviality between visitors and host communities

We’re all tourists now: but what does that mean for cities?

"Tourist spots are always very generic": the importance of everyday life for distinctive urban destinations

Dissolution of a person-brand relationship: an understanding of brand-detachment

The impact of the changing ethnocentrism and global consumerism on the attitudes towards western brands in the Czech food market

Ontology based access control derived from dynamic RBAC and its context constraints

Research issues in access control for pervasive healthcare

Why didn't I get a better mark? Student perceptions and use of feedback

Setting student expectations: do contracts work?

Reflective practice and learning styles with international students

Reflective practice and international students

Terrain-based navigation for underwater vehicles using an ultrasonic scanning system

Navigation and control schemes for autonomous underwater vehicles: recent advances and new challenges

The value of new transport in deprived areas: who benefits and why?

Unsupervised classification for ancient manuscript analysis

EDGeS: integrating EGEE with desktop grids

What is it? Approaches to developing shared meaning about the logistics and supply chain industries: lessons from the EMPATHY net-works project

System and circuit level design and analysis of a 16-bit sigma-delta ADC for a TETRA-2 network mobile station application

Combining AHP, simulation and a fuzzy expert system for strategic marketing planning

Tonic inhibitory control of the mesenteric microcirculation by the melanocortin type 3 receptor

Inhibitory role of endogenous melanocortin type 3 receptor in the inflamed microcirculation

The impacts of globalisation on international road and rail freight transport activity: past trends and future perspectives

Improving energy efficiency in the road freight transport sector: the application of a vehicle approach

Climate mitigation through efficiency in road freight transport sector: vehicle approach and policy recommendations

Impact analysis and evaluation of Lyon traffic, noise and emission reductions tests

Impact analysis and evaluation of Barcelona noise and emission reductions tests

Job quality & work organisation in the UK and Europe: a literature review for the HSE

The link between cultural value systems and strategic marketing: unlocking the mindset of Japanese and South Korean managers

Strategic marketing decision-making in Japanese and South Korean companies

Placing the Japanese retail sector in context: issues for marketers in overseas companies

Entering the South Korean market: a marketing-planning process model for marketers based in overseas companies

Prawo międzynarodowe publiczne [Public International Law]

Poland: implementation without transposition

Enhanced multilateralism and enhanced bilateralism: Integration without membership in the European Union

Box of chocolates integration: the European Economic area and Swiss model revisited

Expert submission on family reunification in UK law (2008) to the Israeli Supreme Court

Comparative perspectives of constitutional asylum in France, Italy and Germany: requiescat in pace?

Transnational law in national asylum cases

The Limits of transnational law: refugee law, policy harmonization and judicial dialogue in the European Union

A transnational legal order and European refugee law

A European protection jurisprudence: is it achievable, is it desirable?

GSEEM: a European master program on global software engineering

A general and scalable solution for heterogeneous workflow invocation and nesting

Teacher and trainer training via videoconferencing in ESP, EAP and EFL

Foreword from the editor

Transaction-oriented simulation in ad hoc grids: design and experience

Involvement and consumer selectivity within and outside the consideration set

Representation of value imperfection with the aid of background knowledge: H-IFS

Intelligent classification using adaptive fuzzy logic systems

An intelligent decision support system in wireless-capsule endoscopy

Neuro-fuzzy classification system for wireless-capsule endoscopic images

The strolling study: psychogeography for organisational researchers

My colleagues and my filing cabinet: insider research access for part-time post-graduate students

Utilizing heterogeneous data sources in computational grid workflows

Towards Grid data interoperation: OGSA-DAI data resources in computational Grid workflows

High-level user interface for accessing database resources on the Grid

Workflow level interoperation of grid data resources

How countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) can use the World Trade Organisation and the European Community flexibilities for better access to affordable HIV/AIDS medicines

The Southern African Development Community

Meta-broker for future generation grids: a new approach for a high-level interoperable resource management

Podcasting in the School of Biosciences

Economic crime

Evaluation of mobile tourist guides

Deploying thick mobile clients using thin client architecture: a case in mobile tourist guides

The quest to build a multi-platform mobile tourist guide for the Municipal Council of Mytilene, Greece

A tribe called Chris: pop music analysis as idioethnomusicology

Performance management and appraisal

Languages and international events

Crises of memory: victimisation and forgiveness

Increasing school choice: sustainability paradox

Automatic service deployment using virtualisation

Virtual appliances: a way to provide automatic service deployment

Delay analysis in construction contracts

Decision-making online and offline: the case of the ‘movement for alternative globalization’

Ontology for supporting context aware applications for the intelligent hospital ward

Ontology for supporting context aware applications for the intelligent hospital ward

Ontology for interoperability and data sharing in healthcare

Implementation of ontology for intelligent hospital ward

An analysis of the pre-pack technique and recent developments in the area

Configurative design: a house is a city is a house

Studies on Methylmalonyl-CoA Mutase from Escherichia coli

Bimodal paramagnetic and fluorescent liposomes for cellular and tumor magnetic resonance imaging

Supporting dynamic parameter sweep applications in workflows: lessons learnt from the CancerGrid project

Can we connect existing production grids into a world wide grid?

WS-PGRADE: supporting parameter sweep applications in workflows

Towards making BOINC and EGEE interoperable

Webs of accountability: the challenge of 'new governance'

Outsourcing as liberation: the case of hotel services in the NHS

An analysis of sovereign wealth funds' recent venture in developed capital markets

Cross-sectional variation in the long-run performance of capital-raising depositary receipts and their underlying stocks

Equity offerings by firms that emerged from bankruptcy

Scottish shipbuilding

A cost-effective approach to cultural heritage representation using game engines

A rule based approach to classification of EEG datasets: a comparison between ANFIS and rough sets

Classification using adaptive fuzzy inference neural networks

Intelligent decision support system for classification of EEG signals using wavelet coefficients

Complementary therapies education for the 21st century

Dynamic service-based integration Of mobile clusters in Grids

Evaluation of dynamic clustering architecture for utilising mobile resources

The wider landscape of learner support. A report for the Learning and Skills Council

Final evaluation of the ESF funded TNG: Quality Care Matters training programme

Directors' personal liability for cartel activity under UK and EC law - a tangled web

What is success and failure in product and service design?

British Standards: a personal view

BS7000-10:2008. Design management systems. Vocabulary of terms used in design management

The European Union and the securitisation of immigration: implications for regional governance

Regional sustainability initiatives between Whitehall and Brussels. The institutional handling of EU environmental policy under UK devolution

Lone parents and the challenge to make work pay

London student pledge evaluation

Capital punishment: a review and critique of abolition strategies



Silent minority: exploring gay and bisexual men's accounts of learning and teaching in British university psychology departments

Queer dilemmas: the problem of power in psychotherapeutic and counselling practice

Co-production and co-creation using self-service technology: the application of service-dominant logic

Leveraging operant resources of consumers: improving customer experiences or productivity?

Lest we forget the customer experience: the dark side of S-D logic within the consumer services context

Documentary modes of engagement

Big projects, big project ideas

Governmental policies for ICT diffusion and leadership legitimacy in grassroots movements

From democratic spaces to the electronic panopticon: a Foucauldian analysis on how virtual interactions may support disciplinary power

A political economy of radio in the digital age

Reality radio: the documentary

Radio technology

Case study: The mobile phone industry

Case study: De Beers: are strategic resources forever?

Zur autonomen Auslegungsmethode im internationalen Steuerrecht- am Beispiel der atypisch stillen Unterbeteiligung in Personengesellschaften im DBA Grossbritannien (The autonomous interpretation method in international tax law: the 'atypical' silent partnership under the German-British Double Taxation Treaty)

Halpern v. Halpern: Zur Anwendbarkeit nicht-staatlichen Rechts und «Rom I» in England: Entscheidung des englischen Court of Appeal vom 3. April 2007

Europaeische Zeitschrift fuer Wirtschaftsrecht (EuZW): 'Die stille Gesellschaft im internationalen Steuerrecht (The Silent Partnership in International Tax Law)

Legal theory and the reform of international commercial contract law and arbitration

International Commercial Harmonisation and National Resistance: the development and reform of transnational commercial law and its application within national legal culture

The changing conception of self-defence

Humanitarian intervention after Kosovo: Iraq, Darfur and the record of global civil society

A simulation study on impact of competition on performance in a supply chain network

Planning and developing mixed income communities in England and Scotland: some early reflections on theory and practice

Marketing for stakeholders

Introductory certificate in marketing

The disreputable projects of David Greene

The ideology and organisation of maritime war: an expedition to Canada in 1746

The ideology and organisation of maritime war: an expedition to Canada in 1746

Operaciones anfibias británicas, 1700-1815

Horatio, Lord Nelson

Workplace diversity and employee wellbeing in Britain: a WERS2004 based analysis

Rail-to-rail CMOS op-amp input stage using level-shift multiplexing technique

Achieving rail-to-rail input operation using level-shift multiplexing technique for all CMOS op-amps

Strategic management: theory and application

Retrieval-induced forgetting in schizophrenia and depression

Retrieval-induced forgetting and intrusive thoughts

Retrieval-induced forgetting and anxiety

P for professional

Learning (and staying) together beyond the classroom: experiences of action learning sets

Contradictions within the criminalisation of ticket touting: what should be the role of the law?

Changing with herbs: treatment of menopausal symptoms by qualified herbal practitioners: a prospective, randomized controlled trial

The impact of low cost airline operations to Malta

Overcoming future challenges for airports in the Middle East and Africa

Managing airports: an international perspective. 3rd edition

How important are commercial revenues to today's airports?

Airport planning and regulation in the United Kingdom

An international study on the adequacy of retirement income

A statistical evaluation of neural computing approaches to predict recurrent events in breast cancer

Novel compact substrate integrated waveguide resonators at 60 GHz for LCP

Compact substrate integrated waveguide resonators on LCP substrate for mm-wave wireless systems

Compact multilayer SRR-loaded integrated waveguide filters on liquid crystal polymer substrate

Building services and the code for sustainable homes

Problématique de l’identité dans l’oeuvre de Mahamat-Saleh Haroun: des héros en devenir?

An industrial study using UML design metrics for Web applications

An industrial study using UML design metrics for Web applications

Design metrics for web application maintainability measurement

Empirical validation of UML class diagram metrics through an industrial case study

Ownership and the strategic behaviour of small and medium size manufacturing firms

Formal strategic planning, operating environment, size, sector and performance

Drivers of strategic direction in high technology small firms

The middle ground – a dangerous place to be

A role for melanocortin peptides in modulating oxidative stress induced inflammation in A549 cells


Integrated framework for development and execution of component-based Grid applications

In and outside post-devolution Scotland: Scottish national identity and women writers

Crossing dream boundaries: decoding nonsense and fantastic ambiguities in Naomi Mitchison’s beyond this limit

The feasibility of systems thinking in sustainable consumption and production policy: a report to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Media, gender and identity: an introduction. 2nd edition

Creative brainwork: building metaphors of identity for social science research

Developing the structural capital of higher education institutions to support work-based learning programmes

Development of a method for studying decision-making about evidence-based healthcare in Guideline Development Groups

Digital/web-based technology in purchasing and supply management: a UK study

An explanatory study of partner selection and retention decisions and risk perceptions on buyers-suppliers partnership orientation

An explanatory study of partner selection and retention decisions and risk perceptions on buyers-suppliers partnership orientation

Visualization of scientific arts and some examples of applications

Internet and society: social theory in the information age

Design research

Polyhydroxyalkanoate synthasis using Bacillus cereus SPV

Final evaluation of the TNG: Pathways to Progression training programme

Reconstructing historical sediment yields from the infilling of farm reservoirs, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Straight there no detours: direct access to barristers

Lawyers, law firms, and the stabilization of transnational business

Lawyers, law firms and the stabilization of transnational business

Will there be fallout from Clementi? The global repercussions for the legal profession after the Legal Services Act 2007

Role of lawyers

Globalization and lawyers

Globalisation and large law firms

Future directions in the UK legal profession: life after the Legal Services Act 2007

Becoming global lawyer

From space immaterial: the invisibility of the lawscape

Turbo-code division multiple access: capacity enhancement of mobile satellite systems using narrowband multiuser detection

Advanced satellite technologies for air traffic management

EDGeS: a bridge between desktop grids and service grids

Biochemical and spectroscopic studies of human melanotransferrin (MTf): electron-paramagnetic resonance evidence for a difference between the iron-binding site of MTf and other transferrins

Utilizing the EGEE infrastructure for desktop grids

Class differences in mothers' work schedules and assessments of their 'work-life balance' in dual-earning couples in Britain

Gender in modern Chinese culture

Conflicted times, conflicted places: an oral history of social change in 'old Beijing'

"Bitter Labour": demolition and development in 'south Beijing'

Who needs an Islamic state? 2nd edition

Race, memory, religion and politics in Frances Deng’s Cry of the owl

Popular fiction television production in Nigeria: global models, local responses

Hydrogen futures

The contribution of virtual actors in collaborative virtual reality environments in education

The street

The news media and democracy in Ghana (1992-2000)

Synchronization protocols for reliable communication in fully distributed agent systems

An optically reconfigurable dual-band branch-line coupler with artificial transmission lines

Optically reconfigurable input matching network

Staple foods

Nutritional deficiencies

Changing diets

Reconciling Web information classification approaches: the methods, the facts and the hype

Mandating Intensive Activity Period for jobseekers aged 50+: final report of the quantitative evaluation

Stereopsis and still-life

Changes in the returns to education in Argentina

The Asian business sector and the dynamics of change: a story of growth, diversity and success in the UK

Making a fortune: learning from the Asian phenomenon

Business support and minority ethnic businesses: Asian, Korean and African-Caribbean businesses in England

Minimum information specification for in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry experiments (MISFISHIE)

Enriching learning through pedagogic problem solving

Comparative analysis of regional airline industry in Europe and North America and some insight into current developments

Development of new services from regional airports

Multivariate Gram-Charlier densities

Juridische verwijzingen en afkortingen

Siobhan Davies and Edmund de Waal in conversation

Associative behaviour and conference attendance preferences of Generations X and Y

The war for talent

The use of spas by meetings participants: the case of the United States

The meetings market today

The impacts of Generation Y on the meetings industry

Trends in the global meetings industry

Outlook for the business tourism industry

Generation Y as conference delegates: challenges and issues

Generation Y and what they want from incentive travel

Protecting children online: towards a safer Internet

Child sexual abuse: media representation and government reactions

Chechnya: has Moscow won?

European neighbourhood policy - Selling the brand strategically

Organisational development,organisational learning and the learning organisation

Management behaviour and management development

Water resources development and water conflicts in two Indian Ocean states

Liberal theory, human rights and water-justice: back to square one?

Children's television: the soft underbelly of public service broadcasting

EDGeS: bridging desktop and service grids

Spacing Abstraction

'We have our being in justice'

A comparative study of selected classification accuracy in user profiling

Classification accuracy performance of Naïve Bayesian (NB), Bayesian Networks (BN), Lazy Learning of Bayesian Rules(LBR) and Instance-Based Learner (IB1) - comparative study

Understanding and managing the costs of delay to airlines

Understanding and managing the costs of delay to airlines

Dynamic cost indexing: cost estimations and building the prototype

Managing the Acceptance of Change in ATM

Dynamic cost indexing

Special issue on: "Using technology for innovation and knowledge sharing in SMEs: sociotechnical approaches"

Knowledge management in a project climate

Zones of mutual trust? Qualifications, occupations and skills: the cases of England, France, Netherlands and German

Apprenticeship in England: scope for expansion?

Zones of Mutual Trust? Qualifications, occupations and skills: the cases of England, France, Netherlands and Germany

Convergence or divergence in competence-based VET systems: occupational families of trust and mistrust in England, France, the Netherlands and Germany

Customer care in PHT: evaluation of an educational intervention

Lifelong learning project group @ University of Westminster

Embedding MyCareer: online career development in a learning and teaching context

Working with schools: active citizenship for undergraduate students

The principle of autonomy and new uses for letters of credit

Understanding the commercial matrix of international trade

Proposal to extend statutory civil liability regime under the FSMA Act 2000

Legal issues in letters of credit

Laytime and demurrage clauses in contracts of sale - s survey of the NY Society of Maritime Arbitrators' practice and English case law

International commercial litigation

Implications of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007

EU - The Commission Guidelines on the application to maritime transport services of EC Treaty rules on restrictive business practices

EU - Advocate General's opinion on the EU Ship-Source Pollution Directive

Conflict of laws and forum shopping in maritime disputes


Application of the Hague Visby rules – by force of law or contract


Writing on: Robert Creeley's the death of venus

The notion of H-IFS -an approach for enhancing query capabilities in Oracle10g

Evaluating service marketing in airline industry and its influence on student passengers' purchasing behavior using Taipei–London route as an example

The limits of post-territorial political community: from the cosmopolitan politics of global civil society to the biopolitics of the multitude

The EU’s promotion of democracy in the Balkans

Avrupa Birliği Ulus Đnsaasi: Liberal Barisi Ab Genislemesiyle Güven Altina Alma

Naturopathic physical medicine approaches to general health enhancement and specific conditions

Couplage production – distribution des médicaments anti-cancéreux

Design and low-power implementation of an adaptive image rejection receiver

Human resources in the business events industry

The one, the many, the one

The fashion shoot in cinema

A conversation with Edgar Martins

The aesthetics of the pixel: Thomas Ruff's JPEGs

Strangely simple and simply strange: the photobook for children

Re-viewing Rear Window

Photography and Cinema

From ecstacy to agony: cinema and the fashion shoot

Brian Alfred is a person

Three interesting cases demonstrating the continued heterogeneity of ADAMTS13 abnormalities

What you know

Reducing pulse compression sidelobes by inversion-amenable code selection

United Kingdom

Justice and peace? The role of law in resolving Colombia’s civil conflict

Gestione stragiudiziale delle controversie del consumatore in Inghilterra: Tracciati e soluzioni diverse

A survey of the alternative methods for the resolution of consumer disputes in England and Wales

Tesla's multi-frequency wireless radio controlled vessel

Miniaturised microstrip dipexers for WiMAX applications

From the two faces of unionism to the Facebook society: union voice in a twenty-first-century context

The theory and practice of pay setting

Analysing energy use in supply chains: the case of fruits & vegetables and furniture

The potential use of urban consolidation centres in the hotel industry in London

City access restrictions and the implications for goods deliveries

Sterling Stuff 2

Myths and Legends

The average total daylight factor

Länderübergreifende gleichwertigkeit beruflicher fertigkeiten und qualifikationen

Can performance-related learning outcomes have standards?

The Sans Souci project

Reframing township space

Recovering from apartheid

Abouna de Mahamat-Saleh Haroun: classicisme ou Nouvelle Vague dans le cinéma africain francophone?

Failure of promise? Planning for housing under the Mayor of London (2000-2008)

Management accounting - business strategy

Patient 2.0 empowerment

Review of suicides by foreign national prisoners

Self-harm, rumination and coping style


Utilizing artificial neural networks for WLAN positioning

The ethics and conduct of lawyers in England and Wales. 2nd edition

A new approach for non-linear analysis of power amplifiers

Spectrum regrowth reduction in power amplifiers using digital baseband signal injection

Minimizing memory effects in OFDM transmitters using adaptive baseband equalization

Linearization of power amplifiers by baseband digital predistortion for OFDM transmitters

Automating natural deduction for temporal logic

Natural deduction system for linear time temporal logic

Tackling ”until induction” in natural deduction for PLTL

Tackling "until induction" in natural deduction for PLTL

The Ljubljana Process: funding heritage rehabilitation in South-East Europe

Built heritage of the Balkans: a rehabilitation project

In this place of safety

Direct accountability at the end

The effect of lifelong learning on intra-generational social mobility - evidence from longitudinal data in the United Kingdom

Business improvement districts in England: the UK government's proposals, enactment, and guidance

Employee relations and managing the employment relationship


The impact of Pathways on benefit receipt in the expansion areas

Evidence on the effect of Pathways to Work on existing claimants

Use and abuse cases

Learning how to discover requirements

The doctor-manager relationship: a behavioural barrier to effective health care?

Empowering proactive and personal health care: no option no choice

Personal and proactive cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): a method for coping with low frequency noise annoyance

Impact of lifestyle and dietary habits on hypovitaminosis D in type 1 diabetes mellitus and healthy children from Qatar, a sun-rich country

Islamic banking: the case of Algeria

Introduction: telling places

Employee and employer responses to engaging in work based learning: a qualitative study

Quality in cancer nursing care

Bungled Memories

Bungled Memories

Design and implementation of a hybrid P2P-based Grid resource discovery system

Methodology for component-based development of grid applications

Behavioural model of component-based Grid environments

Automata-based formal specification of stateful systems

Automata based formal specification of stateful systems

Towards GCM re-configuration – extending specification by norm

Social work in collaboration with other professions

Can the public service broadcaster survive? Renewal and compromise in the new BBC Charter

Executive functions are impaired in patients with Parkinson's disease with visual hallucinations

Mode of action of Rituximab in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: activation of Tis11b, an inducer of mRNA instability and induction of apoptosis

Whose experience is the measure of justice?

The politics of legal cultures

Poetic injustice: a case study of the UK's anti-terrorism legislation

SZTAKI desktop grid: distributed computing in Hungary

EDGeS: the common boundary between service and desktop grids

A comparative study of recruitment websites in India and the United Kingdom

Impacts of free concessionary travel in English rural regions from April 2006

Playing Paul: an interview with Adam Godley

Managing the metropolis: economic change, institutional reform and spatial planning in London

Building community capacity and social cohesion through resident-led evaluation: the example of Stockwell Urban II Project in London

School uniforms, religious, symbols and the Human Rights Act 1998: the 'purity ring' case

Islam and social work: debating values, transforming practice

Modelling and performance measure of a perinatal network centre in the United Kingdom

Študija o Solčavskem: Poročilo o skupnem terenskem delu Univerze v Ljubljani in Univerze v Londonu 1932 - 2007 [Solčavsko Studies 1932 – 2007]

Active-GNG: model acquisition and tracking in cluttered backgrounds

Porno-nationalism and the male subject: an ethnography of Hindu nationalist imagination in India

Dangers of management speak: politics of crisis management and erasures of histories

Use of mobile texting technology to enhance students experience in higher education

Secret judaism and the Spanish inquisition. Revised and expanded edition

La guerra civil española en el mar. 2nd ed.

BESTUFS policy and research recommendations IV: environmental zones in European cities, accommodating the needs of passenger and freight transport in cities, and BESTUFS Project recommendations

Internalising the external costs of light goods vehicle transport in Britain

Sustainable freight distribution progress measures: progress report

Community asset management: life cycles and learning

Gobernanza de la política estrategica de vivienda en el sector de alquiler en Londres

The effect of prolonged hypotonicity on chondrocyte volume regulation and intracellular calcium signalling

Transport: challenging disabling environments

NHS LIFT and the new shape of neoliberal welfare

Managing risk and regulation within new local ‘health economies’: The case of NHS LIFT (local improvement finance trust)

Flexible regulation: the birth of a qualitative audit society?

Evaluation of several reconstruction methods of bandlimited signals

A random effects sensitivity analysis for patient pathways model

Pension reforms and saving for retirement: comparing the United Kingdom and Italy

A cost-benefit analysis of Pathways to Work for new and repeat incapacity benefits claimants

A fully CNN based fingerprint recognition system

Establishing the finite word-length parameters for a CNN based fingerprint recognition system

Length of stay based grouping and classification methodology for modelling patient flow

A Gaussian mixture model approach to grouping patients according to their hospital length of stay

Analysis of stopping criteria for the EM algorithm in the context of patient grouping according to length of stay

A practical approach to conveyancing. 10th edition

Writers talk: interviews with contemporary British novelists

Writers talk: conversations with contemporary British novelists

What is research in the visual arts? Obsession, archive, encounter

Visual culture studies: interviews with key thinkers

The Victorian literature handbook

Unia Europejska. Prawo instytucjonalne i gospodarcze 2008 [European Union. Institutional and Substantive Law 2008]

Section editor - Thieme almanac 2008: acupuncture and Chinese medicine

Recent developments in the communities and local government affordability model

Quik Build

Property law handbook

Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Harmful Algae, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4-8 September 2006

Prawo Unii Europejskiej, testy, kazusy, tablice [EU law, tests, cases and tables]

Politika i strah (Politics and fear)

Managing global business strategies: a 21st century perspective

Making grids work : proceedings of the CoreGRID Workshop on Programming Models Grid and P2P System Architecture Grid Systems, Tools and Environments 12-13 June 2007, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

KIOSK 02: a magazine of art, design and architecture

Global E-Security: 4th international conference, ICGes 2008, London, UK, June 23-25, 2008, Proceedings

Fashion as photograph: viewing and reviewing images of fashion

Exploring human resource management

Distributed and parallel systems: in focus, desktop grid computing

Current developments in English for academic, specific and occupational purposes

Critical Engagements: a Journal of Criticism and Theory 2.2

Critical Engagements: a Journal of Criticism and Theory 2.1

Creative transformations: conversations on determination, risk, failure and unquantifiable success

Aviation and tourism: implications for leisure travel

America's "war on terrorism": new dimensions in U.S. government and national security

A great and glorious victory: the Battle of Trafalgar conference papers

Data mining techniques for HIV/AIDS data management in Thailand

Space and time in the plant cell wall: relationships between cell type, cell wall rheology and cell function

A rapid direct solvent extraction (DSE) method for the extraction of cyclobutanones from irradiated chicken and liquid whole egg

The influence of men's sexual strategies on perceptions of women's bodily attractiveness, health and fertility

Colour analysis and verification of CCTV images under different lighting conditions

The utility of counter-terrorism and non-proliferation of WMD clauses under the EU-ACP revised Cotonou Agreement

Intermittent renewable generation and the cost of maintaining power system reliability

Multilingual gendered identities: female undergraduate students in London talk about heritage languages

Predicting image quality using a modular image difference model

McLean's nuggets

HEFCE strategic review of sustainable development in higher education

Conviviality and everyday life: the appeal of new areas of London for visitors

Do marketing and logistics understand each other? An empirical investigation of the interface activities between logistics and marketing

Minor physical anomalies in patients with first-episode psychosis: their frequency and diagnostic specificity

Applying data mining algorithms to inpatient dataset with missing values

Computational models for pigment analysis

The application of post-market monitoring to novel foods

Comment & response: the implications of changing environments for business education

Sudanese futures: one country or many?

Changes in the extent of inequality in access to university education in Italy

Perception and reality changes following the Fascia Congress

The painting of modern life

Altered glycosylation of proteins in cancer: what is the potential for new anti-tumour strategies

London freight data report

Factors influencing the likelihood of regulatory changes in renewable electricity policies

Book review: Recalling London: literature and history in the work of Peter Ackroyd and Iain Sinclair

McLean's nuggets

School uniforms, religious, symbols and the Human Rights Act 1998: the 'purity ring' case

Balancing the NHS balanced scorecard!

Book review: Psychosomatics: the uses of psychotherapy, by Shoenberg, Peter.

Book review: Diritto internazionale-Problemi fondamentali by Tullio Treves [Giuffrè, Milano, 2005, 782 pp, ISBN 8814112967, €55 (p/bk)]

Book review: Comunità internazionale e obblighi «erga omnes» by Paolo Picone [Jovene, Napoli, 2006, 684 pp, ISBN 8824316018, €35 (p/bk)]

Ratio of 5,6,7,8-tetrahydrobiopterin to 7,8-dihydrobiopterin in endothelial cells determines glucose-elicited changes in NO vs. superoxide production by eNOS

Oil, arms and media: how US interventionalism shapes Arab TV

McLean's nuggets

Editorial: Racism in the closet: interrogating postcolonial sexuality

Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor stimulation by exendin-4 reverses key deficits in distinct rodent models of Parkinson's disease

Book review: Jiří Přibáň, legal symbolism: on law, time and European identity

Hen parties: Bonding or brawling?

Editorial: IMA Health 2007

Application of Grid computing for designing a class of optimal periodic nonuniform sampling sequences

Tourism policy making: the policymakers' perspectives

McLean's nuggets

Solving the grid interoperability problem by P-GRADE portal at workflow level

The death of a project

Improving computerized routing and scheduling and vehicle telematics: a qualitative survey

Assessing the fitness-for-purpose of strategic transport research in support of European transport policy

Neonatal intrahepatocellular lipid

Book Review: Grant, J.(ed) Planning the Good Community: New Urbanism in Theory and Practice, Abingdon, Routledge

McLean's nuggets

Measuring self-disclosure online: Blurring and non-response to sensitive items in web-based surveys

A comfortable night out? Alcohol, drunkenness and inclusive town centres

Five-factor personality correlates of perceptions of women's body sizes

Something old, something new: the 2006 Semipalatinsk Treaty on a nuclear weapon-free zone in Central Asia

McLean's nuggets

Artificial Odor Discrimination System using electronic nose and neural networks for the identification of urinary tract infection

Cognitive and mood effects in healthy children during 12 weeks' supplementation with multi-vitamin/minerals

Women and media in Saudi Arabia: rhetoric, reductionism and realities

Diversity and diaspora: Arab communities and satellite communication in Europe

Sequence-specific 1H, 13C and 15N backbone resonance assignments of the 34 kDa catalytic domain of human PTPN7

Structural Change journalism practice: Xinhua News Agency in the early 2000s

Is love really so blind?

Looking good: factors affecting the likelihood of having cosmetic surgery

Moderate exercise, postprandial energy expenditure, and substrate use in varying meals in lean and obese men

Climate change and chronic disease: public health writ large

Moneo, Libeskind and a question of influence

Poland: Constitutional tribunal on the preliminary ruling procedure and the division of competences between national courts and the Court of Justice. Court of Justice of the European Communities Order of 19 December 2006

Women and Islamic resistance in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories

Cognitive impairment by spatial disorientation

[18F]2-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose positron emission tomography (FDG PET) as a diagnostic tool for neurofibromatosis 1 (NF1) associated malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumours (MPNSTs): a long-term clinical study

Co-operative work practices and knowledge sharing issues: a comparison of viewpoints

Optimisation of β-glucuronidase production from a newly isolated Ganoderma applanatum

Heparan sulfate-dependent ERK activation contributes to the overexpression of fibrotic proteins and enhanced contraction by scleroderma fibroblasts

Prevalence of the ADAMTS-13 missense mutation R1060W in late onset adult thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

Union free-riding in Britain and New Zealand

Assessing the impact of research on policy: A review of the literature for a project on bridging research and policy through outcome evaluation

Evaluation of the Legal Service Commission's Training Contract Grant Scheme

E-mentoring: support online

Dynamic service-based integration of mobile clusters in grids

Picturing an occupational identity: images of teachers in careers and trade union publications 1940-2000

German translation and psychometric evaluation of the Body Appreciation Scale

Beliefs about the meaning and measurement of intelligence: a cross-cultural comparison of American, British and Malaysian undergraduates

Beliefs about schizophrenia and its treatment in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

The cyclical dynamics and volatility of Australian output and employment

Metabolite profiles of interacting mycelial fronts differ for pairings of the wood decay basidiomycete fungus, Stereum hirsutum with its competitors Coprinus micaceus and Coprinus disseminatus

The social construction of gender and its influence on suicide: a review of the literature

Acute normobaric hypoxia stimulates erythropoietin release

Nonlinear-stability analysis of higher order ∆ –Σ modulators for DC and sinusoidal inputs

Coping strategies for low frequency noise

Regulation of chondrocyte Regulatory Volume Decrease (RVD) by [Ca2+]i and cell shape

Control of chondrocyte regulatory volume decrease (RVD) by [Ca(2+)](i) and cell shape

DISTILLATE: A KonSULT-based strategy option generator

Measuring eco-innovation: framework and typology of indicators based on causal chains: final report of the ECODRIVE Project

The concept of advising: from theory to practice-the United Kingdom context

Feedback, BBC Radio 4, March 2008: interview on broadcasting coverage of the 1968 student revolts

Self-harm in first-episode psychosis

Determinants of academic attainment in the US: a quantile regression analysis of test scores

The North Sea fisheries crisis and good governance

The film and television industry in London's suburbs: lifestyle of the rich or losers' retreat?

"From Petty to Ricardo up to Sraffa". Review article on The wealth of ideas: a history of economic thought by Alessandro Roncaglia. Cambridge University Press, 2005. pp. xiv, 582.

The four-capital method of sustainable development evaluation

Jinn, psychiatry and contested notions of misfortune among East London Bangladeshis

Perceptions of disadvantage, ethnicity and psychosis

Risk attitude in real decision problems

Legal education and training in England and Wales: back to the future

Cardiac release of urocortin precedes the occurrence of irreversible myocardial damage in the rat heart exposed to ischemia/reperfusion injury

Factors affecting the decline in bus use in metropolitan areas

Work memorabilia and affect in oral histories of work

Managing money in new heterosexual forms of intimate relationships

Reflections on the conservation and sustainable use of genetic resources in the deep seabed beyond the limits of national jurisdiction

Radical popular?: a review of 'Subversion: the definitive history of underground cinema', a book by Duncan Reekie

Masculinities and suicide

Weight-based discrimination in occupational hiring and helping behavior

Breaking the boundaries: transformative innovation for the global good

Visualising London

Relativity, rank and the utility of income

Biomarkers and environmental risk assessment: Guiding principles from the human health field

Comparison of nanoscale and microscale bioactive glass on the properties of P(3HB)/Bioglass® composites

Comparison of nanoscale and microscale bioactive glass on the properties of P(3HB)/Bioglass composites

Implementing diversity employment policies: examples from large London companies

Variable structure TITO fuzzy-logic controller implementation for a solar air-conditioning system

Spiritual advisors and old age psychiatry in the United Kingdom

The interaction of arginine- and tryptophan-rich cyclic hexapeptides with Escherichia coli membranes

Masculine men

A review and meta-analysis of the impact of intestinal worms on child growth and nutrition

Will there Be fallout from Clementi? The global repercussions for the legal profession after the UK Legal Services Act 2007

Innovative Cooperative Actions of R&D in EUROCONTROL Programme CARE INO III: Dynamic Cost Indexing: Including climate impacts of NOx in a Dynamic Cost Indexing

Office review: managing successful change in an overwork culture

Quantity and quality: who are we building for?

Does prolonged breastfeeding reduce the risk for childhood leukemia and lymphomas?

Internationalisation: integrating student

Like a prayer: the role of spirituality and religion for people living with HIV in the UK

Rapid changes in microRNA-146a expression negatively regulate the IL-1β-induced inflammatory response in human lung alveolar epithelial cells

HLA component based environment for distributed multiscale simulations

Developmentally acquired PKA localisation in mouse oocytes and embryos

Hedge fund pricing and model uncertainty

An exploration of the indecisiveness scale in multiethnic Malaysia

Governing Paris - Planning and political conflict in Ile-de-France

Video feedback using Screen Recorder Software

Have alternative fuel cars reached a 'tipping point' or are they just a fad?

Social interactions in economic models of migration: a review and appraisal

Healing spaces?

Jacobi correction equation, line search, and conjugate gradients in Hermitian eigenvalue computation II: computing several extreme eigenvalues

Jacobi correction equation, line search and conjugate gradients in Hermitian eigenvalue computation I: computing an extreme eigenvalue

Associations between positive emotion and recovery of functional status following stroke

The ecotoxicology and chemistry of manufactured nanoparticles

Caregiving is associated with low secretion rates of immunoglobulin A in saliva

School attendance of children and the work of mothers: a joint multilevel model for India.

What does Generation Y want from conferences and incentive programmes?

Estimating ethnic parity in Jobcentre Plus programmes: a quantitative analysis using the Work and Pensions Longitudinal Study (WPLS)

Isolation of lactoferrin from milk of different species: calorimetric and antimicrobial studies

That obscure object of photography

Polaroid: an obituary

Motion pictures: the films of Mark Lewis

Dried tangerine peel

Chen Pi

Figuring companion-species consumption: a multi-site ethnography of the post-canine Afghan hound

The challenge and response to global tourism in the post-modern era: the commodification, reconfiguration and mutual transformation of Habana Vieja, Cuba

How do we develop leaders?

Q&A with Jasbir Puar

Building bridges to health

What can we learn from recent trends in London and the PTEs?

The archive hour, BBC Radio 4, 24th & 31st May 2008: interview on history of the Reith Lectures

Random assignment and informed consent: a case study of multiple perspectives

Polyhydroxyalkanoate biosynthesis in Bacillus cereus SPV under varied limiting conditions and an insight into the biosynthetic genes involved

Inter-laboratory trial to validate the direct solvent extraction method for the identification of 2-dodecylcyclobutanone in irradiated chicken and whole liquid egg

The influence of feminist ascription on judgements of women's physical attractiveness

Initial examination of the validity and reliability of the female photographic figure rating scale for body image assessment

Attitudes toward the use and role of mobile telephony: a comparison of East and West Malaysia

Free the animals? Investigating attitudes toward animal testing in Britain and the United States

Introduction: Alternate currents

Calculating luminous flux and lighting levels for domesticated mammals and birds

Look who's talking: sources of variation in information disclosure in the UK

Voluntary resistance running wheel activity pattern and skeletal muscle growth in rats

GNSScope: a toolbox for end-to-end modeling, simulation and analysis of GNSS

Towards higher laccase activities produced by aquatic ascomycetous fungi through combination of elicitors and an alternative substrate

NATO's role in statebuliding: interview with Jamie Shea

Purification and analysis of DNases of Tritrichomonas foetus: evidence that these enzymes are glycoproteins

The effects of global warming on food security

Location, location, location: the role of experience of disadvantage in lay perceptions of area inequalities in health

Container stowage: a matter of cooperation or liability

Review article: Theorising the shift from security to insecurity: Kaldor, Duffield and Furedi

Deriving an approximation algorithm for automatic computation of ripple effect measures

Subjective and objective measures of colour hard copy images

EMPATHY net-works: impact of an e-mentoring project on e-mentors’ learning careers

Sense-Think-Act: an occultural open archive

Innovative Cooperative Actions of R&D in EUROCONTROL Programme CARE INO III: Dynamic Cost Indexing: Aircraft maintenance – marginal delay costs

Craft conscious

Researching teachers' working lives: findings from the ESRC project 'Does work still shape social identity and action?'

Isolation of Bacillus clausii, Bacillus licheniformis and other bacilli from human faecal samples

Dialogue, RTE 1, Ireland, 24th June 2008: 30-minute interview about my book, Life on air

Characterization of fifty-one flavonoids in a Chinese herbal prescription Longdan Xiegan Decoction by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled to electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry and photodiode array detection

Still life, still lives: Michael Geertsen

Craft cultures

Structural remedies in Article 82 energy cases

Pacing during an elite Olympic distance triathlon: comparison between male and female competitors

ShapeShifting TV: interactive screen media narratives

Running out of time: a qualitative investigation of homeless men's access to health services

Context-dependent preferences for facial dimorphism in a rural Malaysian population

Hybrid cars: part two of an article exploring alternative fuel cars

Social networking: connect-ing students and staff

Social tourism in Flanders

A parametric linguistics based approach for cross-lingual web querying

Special Section: Grid-enabling legacy applications and supporting end users

International evidence on the relationship between trading volume and serial correlation in stock returns

The ecotoxicology of nanoparticles and nanomaterials: current status, knowledge gaps, challenges, and future needs

Characteristics of freshly deposited sand and finer sediments along an island-braided, gravel-bed river: the roles of water, wind and trees

Retrieval-induced forgetting and unwanted thought intrusions

Cognitive ability, learning approaches and personality correlates of general knowledge

Sexed bodies, sexualised identities, and the limits of gender

Cultural applications for mobile devices: issues and requirements for authoring tools and development platforms

Ecotoxicity test methods and environmental hazard assessment for engineered nanoparticles

What can we learn from the Fascia Congress?

Housing delivery and sustainable communities

Badland and gully erosion in the Karoo, South Africa

Nauseogenicity of off-vertical axis rotation vs. equivalent visual motion

Intelligent techniques and tools for novel system architectures

Duffy Antigen Receptor for Chemokines mediates trans-infection of HIV-1 from red blood cells to target cells and affects HIV-AIDS susceptibility

Intermodal rail freight in Britain: a terminal problem?

Reforming the Soviet model: alcohol treatment services in Kazakhstan

Observing the implementation of a social experiment

Dye decolorisation by laccase entrapped in copper alginate

Does financial security influence judgements of female physical attractiveness?

The canonical e-box motif: a target for glucocorticoid action that drives rhythmic mouse Pai-1 transcription in vitro

Foreign acquisition and firm productivity: evidence from Slovenia

Dynamic premotor-to-parietal interactions during spatial imagery

A comparative evaluation of the impact of nurse specialists on clinical outcomes in patients with prostate cancer

Relationship of dietary linoleic acid to blood pressure: the international study of macro-micronutrients and blood pressure study

Promoting pro-environmental behaviour: existing evidence and policy implications

Cytotoxic sesquiterpenes from Ligularia platyglossa

The effects of age and income on retirement decisions: a comparative analysis between Italy and the UK

Identification of an iron-hepcidin complex

The revival of Carl Schmitt in international relations: the last refuge of critical theorists?

Review essay: Human security: the dog that didn't bark

Human security II: waiting for the tail to wag the dog - a rejoinder to Ambrosetti, Owen and Wibben

Housing and the credit crunch: government and market failure

Just noticeable gamma differences and acceptability of sRGB images displayed on a CRT monitor

Feedback with screen capture

A sequential analytic approach to code-switching in the Ikwerre community of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Investigating antibody neutralization of lyssaviruses using lentiviral pseudotypes: a cross-species comparison

The impact of structural pension reforms on the macroeconomic performance: an empirical analysis

Personality and individual difference correlates of positive body image

Translation and validation of the Malay subjective happiness scale

Outsourcing for competitive advantage: an examination of seven legacy airlines

Unemployment, social isolation, achievement–expectation mismatch and psychosis: findings from the ÆSOP Study

If you want to sell the solution, sell the problem first

Nineteen-sixties radicalism and its critics: radical utopians, liberal realists and postmodern sceptics

Elicitation effects of oligosaccharides on the transcriptional level of bacitracin ABC transporter genes in Bacillus licheniformis

Identification of Streptococcus gallolyticus subsp. macedonicus as the etiological agent in a case of culture-negative multivalve infective endocarditis by 16S rDNA PCR analysis of resected valvular tissue

Adaptive high-performance velocity evaluation based on a high resolution time-to-digital converter

Identification of Neisseria gonorrhoeae as the causative agent in a case of culture-negative dermatitis-arthritis syndrome using real-time PCR

A mechanistic inter-species comparison of spatial contrast sensitivity

Live recording: an interview with Asa Briggs

Humanitarian intervention: past, present and future

'If Michael Owen drinks it, why can't I?' - 9 and 10 year olds' perceptions of physical activity and healthy eating

Sexually dimorphic changes in the amygdala in relation to delusional beliefs in first episode psychosis

Preferences for body mass index and waist-to-hip ratio do not vary with observer age

Wood as a driver of past landscape change along river corridors

Who studies abroad? Evidence from France and Italy

Emergency readmission criterion: a technique for determining emergency readmission time window

Neurological abnormalities and cognitive ability in first-episode psychosis

Protecting vulnerable young people in cyberspace from sexual abuse: raising awareness and responding globally

Density, housing mix and space standards of new housing development in London

The politics of legal cultures

EDGeS, the common boundary between service and desktop grids

Developing and sustaining mixed tenure housing developments

Catch 22 in the workforce?

How water flows in spatial planning: The strategic role of water in Dutch regional planning projects

Annexin 1 mediates the rapid anti-inflammatory effects of neutrophil-derived microparticles

FMRI/ERP of musical syntax: comparison of melodies and unstructured note sequences

Dynamic reconfiguration of GCM components

Miniaturised microstrip filters and diplexers for wireless communication systems

A beauty-map of London: ratings of the physical attractiveness of women and men in London’s boroughs

The influence of skin tone, hair length, and hair colour on ratings of women's physical attractiveness, health and fertility

Factors influencing preferences for height: a replication and extension

Lonelier, lazier, and teased: the stigmatizing effect of body size

Dalry Primary School: an innovative Scottish case study

Healing with water: naturopathic hydrotherapy in a university setting

Norse-derived terms and structures in the Battle of Maldon

Complementary therapies for depression: what is the evidence and how does it compare with the advice? Proceedings of the UKCPA Spring Meeting 2007

ADM1 can be applied to continuous bio-hydrogen production using a variable stoichiometry approach

Group projects: more learning? Less fair? A conundrum in assessing postgraduate business education

Radio's cultural turns

Mineral magnetic signatures in a long core from Lake Qarun, Middle Egypt

Market analysis for potential inspectors

Degree flexibility and university drop-out: the Italian experience

Above Paris: the aerial survey of Roger Henrard / Shot from above: aerial aspects of London

Landscapes of feeling arenas of action: information visualisation as art practice

Innovative Cooperative Actions of R&D in EUROCONTROL Programme CARE INO III: Dynamic Cost Indexing: Aircraft crewing – marginal delay costs

Obstacles to diversity in construction: the example of Heathrow Terminal 5

Normative power and the liberal peace: a rejoinder to John O'Brennan

Knowledge, skills, competence: European divergences in vocational education and training (VET): the English, German and Dutch cases

Ethical and political issues in contemporary research relationships

Improved batch fuzzy learning vector quantization for image compression

Immunization and treatment methods for anthrax

HIV blocking antibodies following immunisation with chimaeric peptides coding a short N-terminal sequence of the CCR5 receptor

Antibodies against protective antigen and methods of use for passive immunization and treatment of anthrax

Destructive whirlwind: nurses' perceptions of patients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder

Descartes' dreams

Mediating extremes: a journey of rediscovery in Chile

Measuring the returns to networking and the accumulation of social capital: any evidence of bonding, bridging or linking?

Extraction and identification of cyclobutanones from irradiated cheese employing a rapid direct solvent extraction method

An assessment of combining tourism demand forecasts over different time horizons

Skin microvascular reactivity in children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes in relation to levels of physical activity and aerobic fitness

Public officials and community involvement in local services

Computing several eigenpairs of Hermitian problems by conjugate gradient iterations

Strategic spatial planning: collective action and moments of opportunity

Quo Vadis computer science: from Turing to personal computer, personal content and collective intelligence

Women and Islamic resistance

Non-market coordination: towards an ecological response to Austrian economics

e-Science: the added value for modern discovery

A multidimensional approach to investigations of behaviour: revealing structure in animal communication signals

Establishing an agenda for calcareous dinoflagellates (thoracosphaeraceae, dinophyceae) including a nomenclatural synopsis of generic names

Innovative Cooperative Actions of R&D in EUROCONTROL Programme CARE INO III: Dynamic Cost Indexing: Electronic prototype of a dynamic cost indexing tool

Innovative Cooperative Actions of R&D in EUROCONTROL Programme CARE INO III: Dynamic Cost Indexing: Airline costs of delayed passengers and how to estimate full network delay costs

Forum: A historical context for theories underpinning the production of the built environment

Trade union education: some thoughts from the past

Competence-based vocational education and training (VET): the cases of England and France in a European perspective

Bolineol, a novel co-metabolite of strobilurins A, F and G from Bolinea lutea

Developing and sustaining mixed housing developments: reviewing the evidence

Everyday resistance on the internet: the Palestinian context

Internalising the external costs of light goods vehicle transport in Britain

Review of UK urban freight studies

Using official data sources to analyse the light goods vehicle fleet and operations in Britain

Survey forms used in urban freight studies

Review of survey techniques used in urban freight studies

Reply to Bridge (2008) Discussion of articles in "Sedimentary features of tsunami deposits"

Largest connected component of a star graph with faulty vertices

Role of miRNA-146a in the regulation of the innate immune response and cancer

The beliefs in the inheritance of risk factors for suicide ccale (BIRFSS): cross-cultural validation in Estonia, Malaysia, Romania, the United Kingdom, and the United States

Would it still be possible to identify irradiated lipid-containing foods towards the end of their shelf-life?

The influence of skin tone, body weight, and hair colour on perceptions of women's attractiveness and health: a cross-cultural investigation

Factor structure of the Body Appreciation Scale among Malaysian women

Angels of suburbia

A new direction in feedback

Globalising Chinese medical understandings of menopause

Chaînes logistiques et consommation d’énergie: Cas des meubles et des fruits & légumes; Rapport final

Mortality and immortality: the Nobel Prize as an experiment into the effect of status upon longevity

‘Energy medicine’, and the gulf between body and spirit

On the legality of the ship-source pollution 2005/35/EC directive: the Intertanko case and selected others

Euro and FIBOR interest rates: a continuous time modelling analysis

Which world order: cosmopolitan or multipolar?

Cumulative social disadvantage, ethnicity and first-episode psychosis: a case-control study

Corporate hospitality in the economic downturn

Developing research strategies in complementary and alternative medicine

The generation principle and mathematical models of a novel cosine gear drive

Retrofitting Soho: improving the sustainability of historic core areas. Report on a pilot study sponsored by Westminster City Council, the Soho Community Environment Fund, The Crown Estate, English Heritage and Shaftesbury PLC

Inflamed phenotype of the mesenteric microcirculation of melanocortin type 3 receptor-null mice after ischemia-reperfusion

National survey of the health and nutrition of schoolchildren in Ethiopia

Adaptation of ventilation to 'buffeting' in vehicles

A role for MC3R in modulating lung inflammation

Plagiarising the Ettrick shepherd? A note on the manuscript of Charlotte Brontë's tales of the islanders and Winifred Gérin's Emily Brontë

Patient preferences for psychological counsellors: evidence of a similarity effect

Mixed communities: good practice guidance for management and service provision

Anti-urban or pro-town? The continuing popularity of suburban living in twentieth century England

TV review: The story of India with Michael Wood: BBC television series (BBC/PBS: 2007)

Ricoeur's hermeneutic phenomenology: an implication for nursing research

Listening to the voices of patients with cancer, their advocates and their nurses: a hermeneutic-phenomenological study of quality nursing care

Textual and critical approaches to reading Schmitt: rejoinder to Odysseos and Petito

A quarter century of workplace employment relations surveys

Putting the patient first? An analysis of what drives doctors and managers in NHS hospitals

An analysis of foreign banks financial performance in the UK

TV news and the echo of Murrow

Internalising the external costs of light and heavy goods vehicle transport in London

Airport valuation: an alternative driver-based approach

Obstacles to diversity in construction: the example of Heathrow Terminal 5

Air grid: five houses and some curious ideas - an interpretation of the fold

Lawyers, law firms and the stabilization of transnational business