More than a Uniform: Westminster Menswear Archive

The learning experiences and musical proficiencies of formal and informal popular musicians in Malaysia

Thinking holistically about procedural justice in alternative dispute resolution: a case study of the German Federal Ombud Scheme

Active Learning for Air Traffic Management Simulation Metamodeling

Chinese and Western Herbal Medicines for the Topical Treatment of Psoriasis - a critical review of Efficacy and Safety

______________________________________: Inclusive Football Commentary: Creating a Richer Experience for Audiences Who Cannot See

The social construction of executive pay: governance processes and institutional isomorphism

Male victims of sexual violence and their welfare in the Criminal Justice System.

Untangling the complexity of mentoring feedback practices in post-compulsory initial teacher education in the UK

A qualitative investigation of service providers’ experiences supporting raped and sexually abused men

Listening to ‘Leading Voices’: Using expert insight to identify challenges to, and suggestions for the improvement of, rape investigation and prosecution in England and Wales

Development of Intra-Individual Value Structures in Middle-Childhood: A Multicultural and Longitudinal Investigation

Antifungal effect of triclosan on Aspergillus fumigatus: quorum quenching role as a single agent and synergy with liposomal amphotericin-B

The Future of Investigative Journalism in the Age of Automation, Open-Source Iintelligence (OSINT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using Social Media to build a Counter-Power Movement: Multiple Sclerosis and CCSVI, a Case Study

Kashmir, Feminisms, and Global Solidarities

India, Israel, and Geopolitical Imaginaries of Cooperation and Oppression

Actor Network Theory and Sensing Governance: From Causation to Correlation

The Impact of Environment on Physical Activity Levels and Obesity among Saudi Arabia Youth: Comparison of Urban; Rural Farm and Rural Desert Geographical Locations

Working with a research community to identify barriers to reuse in practice research

The Ultimate Freedom? Suicide as ‘Exit Strategy’ in Marco Bellocchio’s Il regista di matrimoni (2006) and Sorelle Mai (2010)

Mental Well-Being and Sexual Intimacy among Men and Gender Diverse People Who Have Sex with Men during the First UK COVID-19 Lockdown: A Mixed-Methods Study

Development and Optimization of a Machine-Learning Prediction Model for Acute Desquamation After Breast Radiation Therapy in the Multicenter REQUITE Cohort.

Understanding stigma and suicidality among gay men living with HIV: A photovoice project

Visualising weekly learning outcomes (VWLO) and the intention to continue using a learning management system (CIU): the role of cognitive absorption and perceived learning self-regulation

Evaluating an interactive acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) workshop delivered to trained therapists working with cancer patients in the United Kingdom: a mixed methods approach

Climate Urbanism in the Post-pandemic World: Mapping Vulnerabilities and Exploring Community Activism in East London

The vulnerability of Technology-based Business during COVID-19: An indicator-based Conceptual Framework

Tableaux and Sequent Calculi for CTL and ECTL: Satisfiability Test with Certifying Proofs and Models

Developing a Generic Predictive Computational Model using Semantic data Pre-Processing with Machine Learning Techniques and its application for Stock Market Prediction Purposes

Increasing the Cognitive Screening Efficiency of Global Phase III Trials in Early Alzheimer Disease: The Cognitive Task Force

Coloniality of a Postcolonial Nation-State: India in Indian Administered Jammu & Kashmir

Predictors of loneliness during the Covid-19 pandemic in people with dementia and their carers in England: findings from the DETERMIND-C19 study

Critique and the Coloniality of Being: Rethinking Development Discourses of Encounter

Transferability of genetic risk scores in African populations

Decolonising curriculum in education: continuing proclamations and provocations

Bacterial Adaptation to Venom in Snakes and Arachnida

Climate Cop-up, Cop-out & Hycoprisy

Love and Conflict in Modern Arabic Poetry: The Case of Nizar Qabbani and Mahmoud Darwish

An Arab and Islamic View of Love: The Poetry of the 'Udhris

The Urgency of Changing the Arab World: The Case of Adonis, Mohammed Abed Al-Jabry and Mohammed Arkoun

‘For Us Foreigners, Licking Your Fingers Clean is a Good Habit’: On Learning Chinese and Learning About Discourse from Chinese-language Textbooks.

Urban churches in an infrasecular landscape: three case studies from the Anglican Diocese of London

Review: War at t’ Parsonage: The Brontës and Military Conflict

AI Driven IoT Web-Based Application for Automatic Segmentation and Reconstruction of Abdominal Organs from Medical Images

The human translator in the 2020s

The human translator in the 2020s: an introduction

‘Expanding’ or ‘rebranding’ the translation concept? A pedagogical approach to future-proofing the translation profession in the 2020s

‘Expanding’ or ‘rebranding’ the translation concept? A pedagogical approach to future-proofing the translation profession in the 2020s

Audit Quality and Seasoned Equity Offerings Methods  


Strategic archetypes, credit ratings, and cost of debt  

How street greenery facilitates active travel for university students

The boom in ‘Overseas Chinese museums’ in Post-Mao China

A Diasporic Tradition in the Development of Private Museums in Greater China

The Windrush Compensation Scheme: Unmet Need For Legal Advice

The Rhetoric of ‘Denazification’ of Ukraine from the Perspective of the Law of Occupation

Increased Wellbeing following Engagement in a Group Nature-Based Programme: The Green Gym Programme Delivered by the Conservation Volunteers

Listening as act of response-ability

Editorial: The Role of Vitamin D in Gut Health and Disease in Children

Tracking the nature and trajectory of social support in Facebook mutual aid groups during the COVID-19 pandemic

A cohort study of the impact of COVID-19 on the quality of life of people newly diagnosed with dementia and their family carers

Estimating Structural Shocks with the GVAR-DSGE Model: Pre- and Post-Pandemic

Arachne, self-care and ‘power-nets’ on women’s self-development programmes

Production Design & the Cinematic Home

老舍在伦敦 Lao She in London

Book review: Island encounters. Timor-Leste from the outside in, Lisa Palmer, (Monographs in anthropology series) , ANU Press, The Australian National University, Acton ACT Australia (2021), 10.22459/IE.2021, xviii, 228 pages, ebook, ISBN: 9781760464509

To Offload or Not? An Analysis of Big Data Offloading Strategies from Edge to Cloud

Supply chain simulation as a service to increase adaptation capability in manufacturing

Westminster Menswear Archive: Objects and Collecting

A Randomised Crossover Trial: Exploring the Dose-Response effect Of Carbohydrate restriction on glycaemia in people with well-controlled type 2 diabetes (D-ROC2)

The dynamics of income inequality in Africa: An empirical investigation on the role of macroeconomic and institutional forces

Competence is power: How digital influencers impact buying decisions in B2B markets

Challenges and Approaches to Green Social Prescribing During and in the Aftermath of COVID-19: A Qualitative Study

Early Photographic Federations and the Pursuit of Collaborative Education

Cyphers: On the Historiography of Digital Architecture

The impact of workplace physical activity & Sedentary behaviour interventions on employees’ health, wellbeing, and behaviour change

BBC Pashto: Dr Ayaz Safi for BBC Pashto on health and nutrition during Ramadan

Corona Haikus: a case study of interactive factual narrative that uses reflexive and evolutive agency as a strategy for deep personal and community change

Pilot evaluation of a brief training video aimed at reducing mental health stigma amongst emergency first responders (the ENHANcE II study)

International Child Abduction

Sylvia Plath's Greek Tragedy

C2 by-pass: cross-talk between the complement classical and alternative pathways

How to Teach Language Learning Strategies : 4 simple steps for successful independent language learning

Septins promote caspase activity and coordinate mitochondrial apoptosis

Dispatcher3 - Machine learning to support dispatching processes

Pilot3 - Multi-criteria trajectory optimisation final results

Devisualizing the Museum: from Access to Inclusion

Pilot3 D7.2 - Project communication, dissemination and exploitation report

Pilot3 D5.2 - Verification and validation report

Pilot3 D4.4 - Crew assistant decision model software package (final release) - Pilot3 - User manual

Pilot3 D4.3 - Crew assistant decision model description (final release)

The Representation of the Violated Body and its Spectatorship: the Negative Approach (1970s to 2016)

Radical alternatives to punitive detention

‘We’re welcomed into people’s homes every day’ versus ‘we’re the people that come and arrest you’: The relational production of masculinities and vulnerabilities among male first responders

Plasma metabolic signatures of healthy overweight subjects challenged with an oral glucose tolerance test

“I Didn’t Feel I Was A Victim”: A Phenomenological Analysis of the Experiences of Male-on-male Survivors of Rape and Sexual Abuse

Classification of Uterine Fibroids in Ultrasound Images Using Deep Learning Model

Super-Resolution Convolutional Network for Image Quality Enhancement in Remote Photoplethysmography based Heart Rate Estimation

Machine Learning models for predicting 30-day readmission of elderly patients using custom target encoding approach

Transfer Learning based Natural Scene Classification for Scene Understanding by Intelligent Machines

Accounting Classification in the Era of International Financial Reporting Standards: The case of Africa

Getting back into the “business of making things”. On the promise and perils of the “productive city”

Serotonin transporter in the temporal lobe, hippocampus and amygdala in SUDEP

microRNA expression in acute myeloid leukaemia: New targets for therapy?

Chrysanthemum species used as food and medicine: Understanding quality differences on the global market

Running and Reading Remnant Danwei Walls in China's Post-socialist City

An Industry Gateway for Rapid Reconfiguration of Manufacturing Processes

Everyday orchestration with Docker on Kubernetes

Sharing Data Collections and Models for Ionosphere, Thermosphere and Plasmasphere Research

Industrial Digitalization in the Industry 4.0 era: Classification, Reuse and Authoring of Digital Models on Digital Twin Platforms

Acute Hypoxia Alters Extracellular Vesicle Signatures and the Brain Citrullinome of Naked Mole-Rats (Heterocephalus glaber)

Number of outputs with and without attachments held in WestminsterResearch: 2006 - 2021

WestminsterResearch download data: March 2015 - August 2021

Experiential examination of higher education partnerships in the UK: a knowledge management perspective

Financialization and later life financial (in)security: the Twice Migrant Gujarati households of west London

African Off-grid Housing (AOH)

Adopting a ‘Search’ Lens in Exploration of How Organisations Transform Digitally

Trajectory Clustering for Air Traffic Categorisation

Climate Change and Architectural Practice - competing visions and practices of sustainability

Does managerial tone matter for stock liquidity? Evidence from textual disclosures  

Asymmetries in risk premia, macroeconomic uncertainty and business cycles

Escrevendo além das distinções

Microfinance and Entrepreneurship: The Enabling Role of Social Capital Among Female Entrepreneurs

Secure Smart Wearable Computing through Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems for Health Monitoring

Financial Exclusion in the UK: Evidence on Ethnicity

Analysis of MRI-derived spleen iron in the UK Biobank identifies genetic variation linked to iron homeostasis and hemolysis

What is 'useful' knowledge?

Force-dependency of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo in acute Traumatic Brain Injury: a prospective study

The UK Public Sector VfM Audit Expectations Gap: Evidence from the Informed Groups

Jade Urbanism

Monsoon as Method: Assembling Monsoonal Multiplicities

Monsoon Assemblings

Ensemble machine learning approach for electronic nose signal processing

Interstitial and Abyssal Geographies

Ecology Under the Falling Sky (Portuguese)

Violations of the Right to Property in Libya and the Promise of Transitional Justice

The Study of Exception: A methodological reflection on Agamben’s problematisation of the relation between law and life

Dr Manal Mohammed for The Conversation about why eating fermented food aids gut health

The cognitive-phenomenological assessment of delusions and hallucinations at the early intervention in psychosis service stage: The results of a quality improvement project

Safety of intracranial electroencephalography during functional electromagnetic resonance imaging in humans at 1.5 tesla using a head transmit RF coil: Histopathological and heat-shock immunohistochemistry observations.

Epigenetic Mechanisms of Metal Carcinogenicity

Tales from two cities: COVID-19 and the localisation of tourism in London and Paris

Human Rights Council’s Fact-Finding Missions and the Assessment of Violations of the Principle of Precaution in Attack in the Absence of Cooperation by the Attacker

Knowing, Visibility, and a Comedic Penis

A Systematic Review of the Effects of Urban Living on Suicidality and Self-Harm in the UK and Ireland

Infection with the hepatitis C virus causes viral genotype-specific differences in cholesterol metabolism and hepatic steatosis

Contrast discrimination in images of natural scenes

The Intersections Between the Arms Trade Treaty and the International Law of Foreign Intervention in Situations of Internal Unrest

Media governance as diagnostic lens to probe hidden dimensions of authoritarian decision-making in the Arab Middle East

The Metaverse: framework, quantum strategies, technologies and analytics

Solidarity as Normative Rationale for Differential Treatment: Common but Differentiated Responsibilities from International Environmental to EU Asylum Law?

Interoperable Data Analytics Reference Architectures Empowering Digital-Twin-Aided Manufacturing

Labour law without labour law: The United Kingdom’s labour market response to COVID-19

3Es for AI: Economics, Explanation, Epistemology

Academic Leaders: In-Role Perceptions and Developmental Approaches

Manifestation of Belief and the “Liberal” Law of Religion: Why It Is Time to Rethink the Status-Quo?

Sacred Necroresistance in India-Administered Kashmir

Citizenship in the age of populism

Understanding the Influence of Communication on Employee Work Satisfaction: Perspectives from Decentralised Government Institutions in the Oti Region, Ghana

In The Future

Making School Streets Healthier: Learning from temporary and emergency closures

Producing Ambiguous Threats: The Xenos and Xenophobia in Postcolonial France

Another Decolonial Approach is Possible: International Studies in an Antiblack World

Hunger and Meaning in the Novels of Cristina García

Camera Spatial Frequency Response Derived from Pictorial Natural Scenes

The Evolution of Smart Buildings: An Industrial Perspective of the Development of Smart Buildings in the 2010s

Embedding Participatory Governance

The BBC German Service during the Second World War: Broadcasting to the Enemy. VIKE MARTINA PLOCK, 2021 London, UK, Palgrave Macmillan pp. xvii + 293, illus., index, bibliography, £99 (hardcover), £79.50 (eBook)

Intervening to prevent suicide at railway locations: findings from a qualitative study with front-line staff and rail commuters.

A Qualitative Study Exploring Patient Shadowing as a Method to Improve Patient-Centred Care: Ten Principles for a New Gold Standard

Removal of multiple artifacts from ECG signal using cascaded multistage adaptive noise cancellers

Nickel's Role in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: Potential Involvement of microRNAs

Green tea polyphenols in cardiometabolic health: A critical appraisal on Phytogenomics towards personalized green tea

From tweeting to tweetposium. So what? A reflection

International Relations in the Anthropocene

Visitor studies: Interdisciplinary methods for understanding the impact of inclusive museum AD experiences

Street space experiments: tensions for just transitions towards post-car cities

Book Review: Dandy Style: 250 Years of British Men's Fashion

Fatty acid metabolism of Mycobacterium tuberculosis: a double-edged sword

The role of plant-derived natural antioxidants in reduction of oxidative stress.

Ana Genovés and Kerry Stewart in conversation

Dismantling AI Capitalism: The Commons as an Alternative to the Power Concentration of Big Tech

Domestic Violence As An Aspect of 1980 Hague Abduction Convention Return Proceedings

Responding to sociolinguistic change: New speakers and variationist sociolinguistics

Proceedings of the 5th Student-STAFF Research Conference

Security, Ethnography and Discourse: Transdisciplinary Encounters

Towards a culture of open scholarship: the role of pedagogical communities.

'It started with this one post’:# MeToo, India and higher education

We are Louder when we are Heard Together’: Sara Ahmed on Complaint!

Music and Wellbeing vs Musicians’ Wellbeing: Examining the Paradox of Music-Making Positively Impacting Wellbeing, but Musicians Suffering from Poor Mental Health

Editorial: Survival in Extreme Environments - Adaptation or Decompensation?, Volume I.

The landscape of informal economy research: a systematic review of transient trends, pivot, and emerging pattern: is there a spatial turn?

Predicting anxiety, depression and wellbeing in professional and non-professional musicians

Friendship and International Relations in the Himalayas: Bhutan, Britain and the 1910 Treaty of Punakha

China: Xinjiang :: India: Kashmir

What are the barriers to the development of convict criminology in Australia?

Stochastic Delay Cost Functions to Estimate Delay Propagation under Uncertainty

Towards targeted dietary support for shift workers with type 2 diabetes (Shift‐Diabetes study): A mixed‐methods case study protocol

A survey of language learning/teaching with an overview of activities in Italy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Black Anthropocene: And the End(s) of the Constitutionalizing Project

A cross-sectional MR study of body fat volumes and distribution in chronic schizophrenia

Precision MRI Phenotyping Enables Detection of Small Changes in Body Composition for Longitudinal Cohorts

The Haunted Landscape of the Uncanny North: Scott Graham’s Shell (2012) and Gordon Napier’s 1745 (2017)

Coloniality and the Courtroom: Understanding Pre-trial Judicial Decision Making in Brazil

Global Modern Slavery and Sustainable Development Goals: Does Institutional Environment Quality Matter?

Access-based consumption, behaviour change and future mobility: Insights from visions of car sharing in Greater London

Composing for the non-text infrastructure dance

The U.S. drone programme, imperial air power and Pakistan’s federally administered tribal areas

Does Spotify Create Attachment? Algorithmic Playlists, Intermediation and the Artist-Fan Relationship

Renal tumouroids: challenges of manufacturing 3D cultures from patient derived primary cells.

Localisation economies, intellectual property rights protection and entrepreneurship in China: A Bayesian analysis of multi-level spatial correlation

Visual Violence: Sex Workers' Experiences of Image-Based Abuses

The influence of blockchains and internet of things on global value chain

‘Women Working in the Music Business: An Alumni Study’

Staying poor: Unpacking the struggles of barefoot institutional entrepreneurship failure  

What do we know about diversity, intersectionality and inclusion in organisationally-assigned expatriation? A review of relocation management company/consultancy practitioner research

Decolonising Arabic language teaching: a case study

Co-Administration of Iron and Bioavailable Curcumin Reduces Levels of Systemic Markers of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in a Placebo-Controlled Randomised Study

Next steps for practice research: the PR Voices and SPARKLE projects

Reverberations and Post-War Trauma: the Sustained Aftermath of Aerial Strikes on Lebanon in 2006

A Comparison of Physical Activity and Sedentary Lifestyle of University Employees through ActiGraph and IPAQ-LF

Experience of Western Herbal Medicine practitioners in supporting brain health in mid-life and older patients: a qualitative research study

Common variants in breast cancer risk loci predispose to distinct tumor subtypes.

Thermodynamics and Inflammation: Insights into Quantum Biology and Ageing

Can culture beat Covid-19? Evidence that exposure to facemasks with cultural symbols increases solidarity

Associations between tactile intimacy and sleep quality in healthy adults: A systematic review

Dynamic and Static Cognitive Deficits in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder After the First Episode

Contextual and Ethical Issues with Predictive Process Monitoring

Only minimal differences between individuals with congenital aphantasia and those with typical imagery on neuropsychological tasks that involve imagery.

Translating Wang Xiaoshuai: From Third Front to Cultural Revolution

On the Expressive Power of the Normal Form for Branching-Time Temporal Logics

Corporate social performance and financial risk: Further empirical evidence using higher frequency data

William Klein: Yes

Indeterminacy: Thoughts on Time, the Image, and Race(ism)

Victor Burgin's Photopath


Abstractions of Abstractions: Metadata to Infrastructure-as-Code

Partner employment access – the triple win

Working from anywhere – the hidden implications of cross-border and remote working

Walking in the cities without ground, how 3D complex network volumetrics improve analysis

A Conceptual Framework to Predict Mental Health Patients' Zoning Classification.

Chinese Feminism, Tibet, and Xinjiang

Disease consequences of higher adiposity uncoupled from its adverse metabolic effects using Mendelian randomisation

Between the Office and the Coffee Shop: A examination of spaces used for research degree supervision

A Demonstration Study of the Quiet Time Transcendental Meditation Program

microRNA-21 Regulates Stemness in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Cells

Supply Chain Management and Resilience During Disruption. Evaluation of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Supply of Personal Protective Equipment

Exploring the temporal variations in accessibility to health services for older adults: A case study in Greater London

Management Planning for Cultural Heritage. Places and Their Significance

Deliberation and sustainability: From policy instrument to emancipation

Rogue drivers, typical cyclists, and tragic pedestrians: a Critical Discourse Analysis of media reporting of fatal road traffic collisions

Mistress Ethics: On the Virtues of Sexual Kindness

Semantic shift in Middle English: FARMING and TRADE as test cases

Eyes in the skin I live in: The incorporation of surveillance in mediatized culture

Women and Minority Expatriates

A radical turn in International Law and Development? Corporations, capitalist states and imperial governance

Viral journalism. Strategy, tactics and limitations of the fast spread of content on social media: case study of the UK quality publications

Deliberative democracy and the climate crisis

The Role of Fatty Acid Metabolism in Drug Tolerance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

The effect of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) combined with cognitive training on EEG spectral power in adolescent boys with ADHD

The precision of the human hand: variability in pinch strength and manual dexterity

Toward a reference architecture based science gateway framework with embedded e‐learning support

Four groups of type 2 diabetes contribute to the etiological and clinical heterogeneity in newly diagnosed individuals: An IMI DIRECT study

The Precision of the Human Hand: Variability in Pinch Strength and Manual Dexterity

Susceptibility to auditory hallucinations is associated with spontaneous but not directed modulation of top-down expectations for speech

Supporting Vulnerable Populations During the Pandemic: Stakeholders’ Experiences and Perceptions of Social Prescribing in Scotland During Covid-19

Fundamental Concepts and Functions of Passenger and Freight Transportation in Great Britain

Sustainable partner selection and order allocation for strategic items: a framework and decision-making model

Sorting Insiders from Co-workers: Remote synchronous computer-mediated triage for investigating insider attacks

Orthorexia Nervosa: the Medicalization of Extreme Healthy Eating Practices

Supporting Vulnerable Populations During the Pandemic: Stakeholders’ Experiences and Perceptions of Social Prescribing in Scotland During Covid-19

Propaganda and Radicalization: The Case of Daesh in Iran

The Effect of Embedding Formative Assessment on Pupil Attainment

Menu design approaches to promote sustainable vegetarian food choices when dining out

Frack-Off: Social media fights against Fracking in Argentina

Digital Captialism: Media, Communication and Society. Volume 3

Hagia Sophia at ICSID? The Limits of Sovereign Discretion

Monsoonal Solidarity: A Global Approach to Climate Justice

Review of Marco Pertile, Diritto internazionale e rapporti economici nelle guerre civili (Editoriale Scientifica 2019), ISBN 9788893919371, 330 pp, EUR 24.00

Post-conflict branding

The Embodied Constitution: Key Workers, Bodies, Rights and COVID in Britain

Motion sickness: current concepts and management

Entertainment Mobilisation

New speakers and their heritage languages

Estimating the Effect of Liver and Pancreas Volume and Fat Content on Risk of Diabetes: A Mendelian Randomization Study

Branding Through Visitors: How Cultural Differences Affect Brand Co-Creation in Independent Hotels in Iran

Sustainable Infrastructure for Cities and Societies

What senior academics can do to support reproducible and open research: a short, three-step guide

Cultural perceptions of ethical leadership and its effect on intention to leave in the independent hotel industry

The 2021 ECtHR’s Decision in the Georgia v Russia (II) case and the Application of Human Rights Law to Extraterritorial Hostilities

The Duties of Occupying Powers in Relation to the Prevention and Control of Contagious Diseases Through the Interplay between International Humanitarian Law and the Right to Health

Foundations of Critical Theory. Media, Communication and Society Volume Two

Who is Right? A Word-Identification-in-Noise Test for Young Children Using Minimal Pair Distracters

Gossip, Organization and Work: A Research Overview

Hybrid deep convolutional neural models for iris image recognition

Private events in a public park: Contested music festivals and socio-spatial justice in Finsbury Park, London

Drinking water enhances cognitive performance: positive effects on working memory but not long-term memory

Millennials and repurchasing behaviour: A collectivist emerging market

Children’s documentaries: distance and ethics in European storytelling about the wider world

The BBC School Broadcasting Council and the Education System 1935–1971

A cross-sectional study of auditory verbal hallucinations experienced by people with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder

Art and Communication: A Regional Genealogy

‘You mean some strange revenge’: The Jacobean Intersections of Revenge and the Strange

Lessons from the Loss of Avicii: Business Ethics, Responsibility, and Mental Wellbeing

Restoration, Expansion and the Building Art: Contemporary Issues in the Life of Mies van der Rohe’s Museum of Modern Art (New National Gallery) in Berlin

The Staff Views About Assessing Voices Questionnaire: Piloting a Novel Socratic Method of Evaluating and Training Multidisciplinary Staff's Cognitive Assessment of Patients' Distressing Voices.

Do carers of adolescents at first episode psychosis have distinctive psychological needs? A pilot exploration

Whose Lifestyle Matters at Johannesburg Pride? The Lifestylisation of LGBTQ+ Identities and the Gentrification of Activism

Materialism: A Caring Obituary

The asymmetrical anthropocene: resilience and the limits of posthumanism

On the Borders of Contention: Brexit's physical and psychological impact on Britain's border with Ireland

Communication in the Gig Economy: Buying and Selling in Online Freelance Marketplaces

Do family firms pay less for external funding?

The Role of Universities in the Development of the Local Knowledge Base: Supporting Innovation Ecosystems through Skills Development and Entrepreneurship

Collective Knowledge and Social Innovation in Communities of Practice: The Case of the Slow Food Movement in Italy

RegTech Compliance Tools for Charities in the United Kingdom: Can Machine Learning help lighten the Regulatory Burden?

Memorias de Papel: El Archivo Fotográfico y sus Lecturas

Beyond India and China: Bhutan as a Small State in International Relations

Can Machine Learning, as a RegTech Compliance Tool, lighten the Regulatory Burden for Charitable Organisations in the United Kingdom?

Performing Electronic Music Live

Diaspora museum: Re-conceptualizing Tan Kah Kee’s museum endeavors in 1950s China

Gender diversity and earnings management: the case of female directors with financial background

Problem-solving for problem-solving: Data analytics to identify families for service intervention

Cycling behaviour in 17 countries across 6 continents: levels of cycling, who cycles, for what purpose, and how far?

Talking about Ann Quin: An Interview with Claire-Louise Bennett

Trends and Perspectives on Digital Platforms and Digital Television in Europe| Public Service Broadcasting in the Online Television Environment: The Case for PSB VoD Players and the Role of Policy Focusing on the BBC iPlayer

Practices for gender-inclusive module introductions

Airportscape and its Effect on Airport Sense of Place and Destination Image Perception

Mimetic rivalry in practice: The case of Kosovo

Applied research by design: an experimental collaborative and interdisciplinary design charrette

Understanding destination brand love using machine learning and content analysis method

Pre-apprenticeship training for young people: Estimating the marginal and average treatment effects

Who Is in the Middle: Social Class, Core Values, and Identities in India

Exploiting formyl peptide receptor 2 to promote microglial resolution: a new approach to Alzheimer's disease treatment.

Tourists’ experiences of mega-event cities: Rio’s olympic ‘double bubbles’

Lexical Borrowing in the Middle English period: A multi-domain analysis of semantic outcomes

A Real Options Approach To Measuring Freedom In Sen’s Capabilities Approach

Decolonising resilience: reading Glissant’s Poetics of Relation in Central Eurasia

Religion, Parliament, State and Nation since the Glorious Revolution


Religion and the Constitution to 1688

What We Think We Know About Cybersecurity: An Investigation of the Relationship between Perceived Knowledge, Internet Trust, and Protection Motivation in a Cybercrime Context

Afrokology and the right to communicate in Africa

A cross-sectional study of physical activity behaviour and associations with wellbeing during the UK coronavirus lockdown

Changes in the study abroad gender gap: A European cross-country analysis

Fashion Events and e-WOM

A Very Un-English Predicament: 'The White Slave Traffic' and the Construction of National identity in the Suffragist and Socialist Movements' Coverage of the 1912 Criminal Law Amendment Bill)

‘Losing Work, Losing Purpose’: Representations of Musicians' Mental Health in the Time of Covid-19

Optimal Feedback Control of Stock Prices Under Credit Risk Dynamics

A Stacking-Based Data Mining Solution to Customer Churn Prediction

IAMCR and the Middle East and North Africa: Questions of place, people and paradigms

Purposes and practices of MENA television: Components of an ever-evolving medium

Songwriting, Visuality and Technological Determinism – Exploring Artistic Responses to Perceived Negative Effects of Streaming on Songwriting and Production

A Comparative Machine Learning Modelling Approach for Patients' Mortality Prediction in Hospital Intensive Care Unit

On the long-run dynamics of income and wealth inequality

Exploring Entrepreneurship Education Effectiveness at British Universities – An Application of the World Café Method

Attaining organisational agility through competitive intelligence: the roles of strategic flexibility and organisational innovation

Public transport equity in Shenyang: Using structural equation modelling

Inequalities in the commuting burden: Institutional constraints and job-housing relationships in Tianjin, China

Improving professional observers’ veracity judgments by tactical interviewing

Does an International Academic Environment Promote Study Abroad?

Dante Bini: Architect

The Effects of Knowledge Spillovers and Accelerator Programs on the Product Innovation of High-Tech Start-Ups: A Multiple Case Study

Reinventing Europe: The History of the European Union, 1945-2020

Screen Plays: Theatre Plays on British Television

Love and poetry in the Middle East: Love and Literature from Antiquity to the Present

Language and national identity in Palestine: representation of power and resistance in Gaza

Time for Change: An Actor's Perspective - Christopher Hogg in Conversation with Mandip Gill

Like Gold Dust (2019) (selection) in the exhibition Intersectional Geographies




Reflections on 'Television Adaptation Specifically', CST Online

Podcast: The media as a colonial force, online politics of representation and decolonising Chinese studies

Puffer Tank

‘You Mean Some Strange Revenge’

Festivity and Inclusivity: Latino Life in the Park

The Horror Show