Changing Spaces (1992) and Kissing Life Better (2023) in The World that Belongs to Us

Remembering peasants

ESG: Learning from the awards

Inside the Westminster Menswear Archives

MD-1 downregulation is associated with reduced cell surface CD180 expression in CLL

7Cs in the Anthropocene: Underpinnings, Processes, Practices of Moving Toward Creative Confidence in All We Humans Do in the Anthropocene

Creative Cyborgs: virtual 3D characters as artist identities for musicians

Levelling up chiptune: nostalgic retro games console sounds for the ROLI Seaboard

Pesquisa-Ação Participativa em Estudos Críticos de Dados: Interrogando a IA a partir de uma Abordagem Sul-Norte

Effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in children and young people with psychiatric disorders: a systematic review.

The World as Abyss

The Importance of Social Visits to Prisoners

Dissociated cerebellar contributions to feedforward gait adaptation

Understanding the Neuropsychological Implications of Klinefelter Syndrome in Pediatric Populations: Current Perspectives

Understanding patterns of fatigue in health and disease: protocol for an ecological momentary assessment study using digital technologies.

Mapping the Pharmacogenetic Landscape in a Ugandan Population: Implications for Personalized Medicine in an Underrepresented Population

Preprint: Fuzzy Fractional Brownian Motion: Review and Extension

How are News Agencies Coping with Digital Disruption in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? The Case of Xinhua

Unveiling the Impact of Foreign Competition on the Bond Market: Insights from S&P Debt Ratings

Challenges of developing and delivering authentic assessments

Drivers and deterrents of undergraduate and postgraduate re-enrolment at alma mater

Exploring the experiences of living with the Post-COVID syndrome: A qualitative study

Defining Art Styles in Games and Their Influence on Creative Expression

Advances in Cybersecurity: Challenges and Solutions

Exploring the potential link between prostate cancer and magnetic fields

Marine Science Can Contribute to the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life

Machine Learning for Monitoring Vocal Health and Performance of Professional Singers

Skewness in Energy Returns: Estimation, Testing and Implications for Tail Risk

Selección de activos para construir carteras de inversión en base a su asimetría y curtosis

Umbro 100: Sportswear x Fashion

Environmental Field Recording, the Immediacy of Nature and the Silence of Mediation

Artificial Intelligence in the Construction Industry: A Systematic Review of the Entire Construction Value Chain Lifecycle

Songs of Refusal

Children and the Sex Offender Register: Prevalence and Experiences

Exploratory Analysis of Machine Learning Methods for Total Organic Carbon Prediction Using Well-Log Data of Kolmani Field

The 30-30-30 method: how TikTok’s latest fitness trend could help you build healthy habits into your day

Sensitisation of Visually Induced Motion Sickness by Prior Provocative Physical Motion

Treating benign paroxysmal positional vertigo in acute traumatic brain injury: a prospective, randomised clinical trial assessing safety, feasibility, and efficacy.

Beyond identity and generations: bringing life course theory to studies of older gay men

Investigating Inflammatory Pathways in Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease

Assembly: Investigating the Role That Artist Fieldwork Can Play in Islamic Sites of Worship

Healing the Healer: Exploring UK-based doctors’ and nurses’ nutrition and dietary behaviours within the workplace

Doctoral Research Project : Sustainable production of bacterial polymers

The impact of IAS 36 on the quality of financial statements for UK companies: A multi-dimensional analysis of impairment of assets

Designing Social Micro-Learning Interventions for Blended Learning Scenarios in Higher Education: Mixed Methods Case Study at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences

What distance learning students want from an AI Digital Assistant

People from ethnic minorities seeking help for Long Covid: a qualitative study.

Recent Trends in Firm-Level Total Factor Productivity in the United Kingdom: New Measures, New Puzzles

Theatres of change: rethinking cinemas as places of worship

Gurdwaras, mosques, temples and churches: how faith groups are reviving England's old cinemas

Individual differences in sharing false political information on social media: deliberate and accidental sharing, motivations and positive schizotypy

A Contract Unto Love or entering into polyamorous love with Goodrich

“In Between” East and West: A Comparative Approach to Cinematic Portrayals of Female Lawyers

Editorial: Immersive media in connected health—volume II

Stock returns, industry concentration and firm expenditure decisions

Pre-arrival skills platforms: Bridging the gap between school and university

Prevalence of yaws and syphilis in the Ashanti region of Ghana and occurrence of H. ducreyi, herpes simplex virus 1 and herpes simplex virus 2 in skin lesions associated with treponematoses

Third Front as Method: Mao, Market and the Present in CCTV Documentaries

论“百节之乡”的空间生产——以列斐伏尔空间理论分析一座中国小城 (On the Spatial Production of the “Homeland of 100 Festivals”: Using Lefebvrian Spatial Theory to Analyse a Small Chinese City)

The City as Marginalized Space: A History of the Urban in Chinese Socialist Animation (1950s-80s)

Bringing Justice Closer to Victims and Creating a Community of Practice? Some Thoughts on Ways to Implement the ICC OTP’s Policy on Complementarity and Cooperation

Navigating the 15-minute City First Learnings and Discussions from the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership

TASK-3, two-pore potassium channels, contribute to circadian rhythms in the electrical properties of the suprachiasmatic nucleus and play a role in driving stable behavioural photic entrainment.

Reimagining the Good City from Ennore Creek

Greek in Minoritized Contexts: Identities, Authenticities, and Institutions

The Growth in ESEA Representation: Pitfalls, Potentials, and Politics

Advancing neo-institutional theory and upper echelons perspectives: A multi-dimensional model for exploring executive remuneration decision-making

Imagining Latin America: Magical Realism, Cosmopolitanism, and the ¡Viva! Film Festival, By Nicola Jones. Woodbridge: Tamesis, 2021. Pp. 231. £75 (hardback). ISBN 9781855663299

Investigating the key success factors within business models that facilitate long‐term value creation for sustainability‐focused start‐ups

White torture: interviews with Iranian women prisoners. By Narges Mohammadi. London: Oneworld Publications. 2022. 272pp. £20.00. ISBN978 0 86154 550 6. Available as e-book.

Harwood, Elain, Brutalist Britain, Buildings of the 1960s and 1970s

Challenges to hepatitis C virus testing and treatment in a rural setting of Lao People's Democratic Republic

Analysis of androgen receptor expression and activity in the mouse brain

Applications Model: A High-Level Design Model for Rich Web-Based Applications

Stock Returns, Industry Concentration and Firm Expenditure Decisions

Adpositional phrase

Determiner spreading


περίττου σαν τους Έλληνες ‘more like the Greeks’: linguistic cleavages and authenticity in London’s Greek Cypriot diaspora

Researching identities, authenticities, and institutions in minoritized settings: insights from diverse Greek-speaking communities

What interventions increase active travel?

Endometriosis and stigmatization: A literature review

Unveiling Anxiety Factors in Orthorexia Nervosa: A Qualitative Exploration of Fears and Coping Strategies

Research Perspective Contribution from the ACUTE Knowledge Hub

Endometriosis and stigmatization: A literature review

Religious proximity and misinformation: Experimental evidence from a mobile phone-based campaign in India

Unveiling Anxiety Factors in Orthorexia Nervosa: A Qualitative Exploration of Fears and Coping Strategies

Book Review: Olivier Sykes, David Shaw and Brian Webb, International Planning Studies: An Introduction

Accessible by Design? Exploring How Barriers faced by Disabled Students are Resolved in Online and Distance Learning

Picturing Cities: The Photobook as Urban Narrative

Social Media: The Convergence of Public and Personal Communication. 2nd edition

Emotional Relations in the Early Cold War: Power, Politics, and the French Gratitude Train to Americans, 1948-49

Glass Ceiling in the Nigerian Banking Sector: Evidence from Senior Male and Female Employees

Prediction of ATFM impact for individual flights: A machine learning approach

Network pharmacology and molecular docking: Combined computational approaches to explore the antihypertensive potential of Fabaceae species

Factors associated with hepatitis B vaccination in Laos: findings from the multiple indicator cluster surveys in 2011/12 and 2017.

Achieving health equity through conversational AI: A roadmap for design and implementation of inclusive chatbots in healthcare

Effect of Sustainably Sourced Protein Consumption on Nutrient Intake and Gut Health in Older Adults: A Systematic Review

Considering Expected TMA Holding into In-flight Trajectory Optimization

Comparative Analysis of Micro/Minichannel Flow Boiling Pattern Recognition and Classification using Clustering Algorithms

Echoes of Support: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis of Caregiver Narratives in Lung Cancer Care

Navigating the social-technological intersection: Analyzing pedestrian risk perception, trust in autonomous vehicle, and crossing decisions with the ICLV model

Achieving health equity through conversational AI: A roadmap for design and implementation of inclusive chatbots in healthcare

Return of the Atlantic Route from West Africa to Europe: Imperialism and Regional (De-)Integration

Does annual report readability influence the design of SEOs?

Does corporate culture shape “Tone at the Top”? Evidence from earnings calls

Urban Regeneration

Culture-Led Rural Revitalisation in Chinese Intermediary Cities: Challenges and Opportunities during the Pandemic

Song of the Wind

Listening Louder with Clay: Conversation as a Clay Tool

Leaving a mark: gesture and performance in clay

Leveraging large language models for medical text classification: a hospital readmission prediction case

Heat Transfer Optimisation using Novel Biomorphic Pin-Fin Heat Sinks: An Integrated Approach via Design for Manufacturing, Numerical Simulation, and Machine Learning

How do different kinds of contemporary Anglo-American storytelling engage audiences with the complexities of human / nonhuman and more-than-human relationships in the Anthropocene?

From psychotherapy to legal practice. The use of clinical supervision by lawyers in England and Wales

Microfinance and Women's Entrepreneurship: Impacts on Income and Welfare in Rural Pakistan

Experimental and Numerical Study on the Thermal Performance of Earthbag-wall Units Incorporated with Phase Change Materials

The walks often give me a reason to get up and get out in the morning rather than hiding. Towards sustainable community-health enhancing interventions

The Contribution of Genetic Sequencing Information to the Identification and Functional Characterization of Two-Pore Domain Potassium (K2P) Channels as Viable Therapeutic Targets

Eyewitness confidence in the interviewing context: Understanding the impact of question type and order

Literature Review of support mechanisms to aid tutors in teaching Level 1 students

Representations of veridictory modalities and post-truth in the digital transition: discourse and corporeality in the Netflix show Clickbait

Institutions, gender, governance

Echoes of Support: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis of Caregiver Narratives in Lung Cancer Care

Machine learning for number theory: unsupervised learning with L-functions

Influences apparent in undergraduate course design

Designing a Law degree: The cultural construction of a narrative

The value of student research as a learning tool

Freeing itself from the 'movement' to generate momentum: The Conolly Association, 1945-62

Sammendrag af rapporten 'Når musikken taler': Mental sundhed og trivsel i den danske musikbranche

Social media usage to facilitate knowledge creation

Understanding how doctoral researchers perceive research supervision to impact their mental health and well-being

Introduction: Where Next for Public Service Broadcasting?

Conceptualising queer activist critiques of Pride in the Two-Thirds World: Queer activism and alternative Pride organising in South Africa, Mumbai, Hong Kong and Shanghai

Curatorial Continuum: Symbiotic inspiration between fashion collections and the fashion industry (round table)

Prevalence, Disclosure, and Help Seeking in Black and Asian Male Survivors of Sexual Violence in the United Kingdom: A Rapid Review

Signalling through managerial tone and analysts’ response

(Eds) RadioDoc Review Special Issue: Audio Storytelling and the Global South

Introduction: Audio Storytelling and the Global South

Perpetrator Involvement in Domestic Homicide Reviews in England and Wales


A new dawn for ticket regulation?

Sharon Hodgson MP Interviewed

Culturing marine bacteria from UK sediment samples to design co-created student research projects and promote microbiology and genomics education

A case study of disaster management planning in Indonesia: tourism industry perspectives

Sectorial Evaluation and Characterization of Internal Marketing Orientation through Multicriteria Analysis

Experimental and Numerical Study on the Thermal Performance of Earthbag-wall Units Incorporated with Phase Change Materials

When Music Speaks - Mental Health and Next Steps in the Danish Music Industry. Part 4 - Final Recommendations

When Music Speaks - Mental Health and Next Steps in the Danish Music Industry. Part 3 - Danish Music Creators' Working Lives and Mental Health Wants

London Marathon 2024: Best meals for after the run according to an expert - and restaurants to dine at

Towards the acceptance of autonomous vehicles: The role of government and vehicle manufacturers

Digital Forensics Challenges in Cyberspace: Overcoming Legitimacy and Privacy Issues Through Modularisation

Echinacea Reduces Antibiotics by Preventing Respiratory Infections: A Meta-Analysis (ERA-PRIMA)

CFD simulation of pumping ventilation in a three-story isolated building with internal partitioning: Effects of partition widths, heights and locations

The Impacts of Visible Green Spaces on the Mental well-being of University Students

A critical review of windcatcher ventilation: Micro-environment, techno-economics, and commercialisation

What is the role of ChatGPT and other large language model AI in Higher Education?

Can windcatcher's natural ventilation beat the chill? A view from heat loss and thermal discomfort

From Social Media to Deepfakes: Participatory human rights witnessing and advocacy using audiovisual media, incorporating the emerging impacts of deceptive AI and technologies for authenticity and trust (2007-22)

Theory and Applications in Macroeconometric Modelling

An Adaptive Temporal Convolutional Network Autoencoder for Malicious Data Detection in Mobile Crowd Sensing

Loose Coupling between the Voltage Sensor and the Activation Gate in Mammalian HCN Channels Suggests a Gating Mechanism

Genomic Analysis of uropathogenic E. coli strains in Egypt

Where International Child Abduction Occurs Against a Background of Violence and/or Abuse

Olympic Urbanism: Past, Present and Future

Alpha-synuclein pathology in the "weaver" mouse, a genetic model of dopaminergic denervation.

Active learning using adaptable task-based prioritisation

Reversal of Postnatal Brain Astrocytes and Ependymal Cells towards a Progenitor Phenotype in Culture

Salutogenic Design in Prison Environments​

A Multispecies Red-Light District for Amsterdam: A Propositional Image

Editorial. Active travel and health equity: towards an intersectional approach

Bringing light to prison design

Rainbow families: A neglected area in global mobility

The global mobility function: well-being, talent and inclusion implications

Screening for atrial fibrillation in care homes using pulse palpation and the AliveCor Kardia Mobile® device: a comparative cross-sectional pilot study

Preface for the Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Information Management (ICIM 2024)

Assessing retrofit policies for fuel-poor homes in London

No clear evidence of a difference between individuals who self-report an absence of auditory imagery and typical imagers on auditory imagery tasks

Borders and Corporate Domination

BRCA Mutations and MicroRNA Expression Patterns in the Peripheral Blood of Breast Cancer Patients

Listening Louder with Clay: Conversation as a Clay Tool

Perverse attraction: Idolatry, pornography, and the making of infrastructure

Negotiating challenges faced by homicide offenders upon their release from prison: a thematic analysis

Preprint: MRI assessment of adipose tissue fatty acid composition in the UK Biobank and its association with diet and disease

A Viscous Law and the Sticky Bodies of Cocoa: For a cosmopoetics of justice

The Future of the Already Built

Cybersocialism and the future of the socialist calculation debate

Study protocol for a pragmatic randomised controlled trial of comparing enhanced acceptance and commitment therapy plus (+) added to usual aftercare versus usual aftercare only, in patients living with or beyond cancer: SUrvivors’ Rehabilitation Evaluation after CANcer (SURECAN) trial

Two Sides of the Same Virtual Coin: Investigating Psychosocial Effects of Video Game Play, including Stress Relief Motivations as a Gateway to Problematic Video Game Usage

‘You Are Not Alone, We’ve Got You’: Power Plays, Devotion, and Punishment on Healthy Eating and Pro-Eating Disorder Websites

The Poverty Of Embodiment in the Work of Juhani Pallasmma

Lord’s Resistance Army: ICC awards reparations to victims of commander Dominic Ongwen – what happens next

Take This Hammer: Work, Song, Crisis

The value of neck adipose tissue as a predictor for metabolic risk in health and type 2 diabetes

Learning Development as a collaborative discipline. Book review: Syska, A. and Buckley, C. (eds.) (2023) How to be a Learning Developer in higher education: critical perspectives, community and practice. Abingdon: Routledge

What Is Hot and New in Basic and Translational Science in Liver Transplantation in 2023? Report of the Basic and Translational Research Committee of the International Liver Transplantation Society

Westminster hosts Student Health and Nutrition Conference 2024

Acupuncture in cancer care: recommendations for safe practice (peer-reviewed expert opinion).

Developing Phage Therapy by Investigating the Basis of Bacteria-Phage interaction

An Exploration of shared code execution for malware analysis

The Metaverse: Paradigm, technologies, quantum strategies, intelligent smart avatar and digital clone and consumer behaviour, AI digital cloning & clones, Metaverse analytics, Metaverse memory recalling, and cyber security & survivability

Split family and fly-in, fly-out expatriation: Practical support

Rainbow families: A neglected area in global mobility

Admiral and the Aesthetic Merit of Design

Corporate Life in the Digital Music Industry: Remaking the Major Record Label from the Inside Out

The music industry does exist

Navigating Subjectivity in AI-Generated Photography: The Quest for Ethics and Creative Creative Agency

Stop and Search: Past Problems, Current Concerns

Diversity in remuneration committees: A view from the inside

Performing the Symbiotic Relationship Between the Adapted Mosque and its Congregation

Connectedness Between Central Bank Digital Currency Index, Financial Stability and Digital Assets

The distinct roles of reinforcement learning between pre-procedure and intra-procedure planning for prostate biopsy.

Nutrigenomics-guided lifestyle intervention programmes: A critical scoping review with directions for future research

The role of Inflammation in platelet activation (and in anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA) vasculitis)

Genetic evidence for distinct biological mechanisms that link adiposity to type 2 diabetes: towards precision medicine

Breastfeeding duration reduces the risk of childhood leukemia lymphoma and modifies the risk of developing functional gastrointestinal disorders

Exploring the dynamics of cross-boundary interactions in Qinglinkou, China: the perspective of networks of second-home owners

Applicability of Apartheid to Situations of Occupation: At the Crossroad between International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, and International Human Rights Law

Provocation in porcelain

Unpacking Epistemic Insights of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Science Education: A Systematic Review

When the Stage Came Down: A short-term feel-good experience at South Africa’s World Cup

Mapping the Unmappable: Cartography at war

ATM strategies for, and impacts of, space launches

Orochi impact formula: An evidence-based approach for quantifying the societal harm of County Lines drug supply

Photography and Early Motor Touring in Britain

Does digital platform promote democracy? Rethinking the approaches in Taiwan (R.O.C)

Book review: Pedagogical Partnerships: A How-To Guide for Faculty, Students, and Academic Developers in Higher Education by Alison Cook-Sather, Melanie Bahti and Anita Ntem - A Book Review

Parental Child Abductions to Third Countries

Moving gender across, between and beyond the binaries: In conversation with Shona Bettany, Olimpia Burchiellaro and Rohan Venkatraman

Closing the loop – the role of pathologists in digital and computational pathology research

Preprint: Loose Coupling between the Voltage Sensor and the Activation Gate in Mammalian HCN Channels Suggests a Gating Mechanism

Guest editorial: Locating the Darkroom. Special issue on "The Darkroom: Chemical, Cultural, Industrial"

Subverting Sex, Gender and Genre in Cuban and Mexican Detective Fiction

'El Narco Está de Moda': Corporeality, Gender Violence and Narcoculture in Culiacán, Sinaloa

Redefining the hepatoprotective potential of Javanese turmeric (Curcuma xanthorrhiza) Kombucha towards the diethylnitrosamine-induced hepatotoxicity of mice

Nutrition and Public Health in Georgia: Reviewing the current status and inspiring improvements: A joint event of the Georgian Nutrition Society, The Nutrition Society of the UK and Ireland and the Sabri Ülker Foundation, October 2023

Guest editorial: Special issue on “disruption, innovation and resiliency in immersive learning”

Public science and environmental sustainability: a national culture framework for innovation ecosystems en route to net zero

AI in Software Programming: Understanding Emotional Responses to GitHub Copilot

Improving the Discoverability of Practice Research Processes, Outputs, and Data

Book Review: Organizing Occupy Wall Street: This is Just Practice by Holmes, Marisa 2023, Brooklyn, NY, Palgrave Macmillan and Singapore, Springer Nature Singapore, €42.79 (hardcover), ISBN 978-981-19-8946-9

Preprint: SARS-CoV-2 infection associated cell entry proteins ACE2, CD147, PPIA, and PPIB as potential prognostic and infection biomarkers in neuroblastoma

Propositions and recommendations for enhancing the legacies of major sporting events for disadvantaged communities and individuals

Cognition and Belief

The Evaluation of Microbiological, Physicochemical, and Sensory Properties of Rice Bran Yogurt with Cavendish Banana (Musa acuminata) Puree at Various Concentrations

Social prescribing for older adults in mainland Portugal: Perceptions and future prospects

A Conscious Creation? Political Economy, Globalisation and Cultural Representation in Terrestrial South Korean Miniseries 2002-2017


" For the Love of Music - Crossing the technological divide; an examination of the impact of digital disruption on issues of social reproduction, mental health and inequality in the working lives of the music workforce in the UK.”

The Subjecthood of Slime Mould: modelling single-celled intelligence through living systems art

Pre-problem families: predictive analytics and the future as the present

Heritage-led regeneration in Chinese intermediary cities: understanding incremental changes under a ‘business as usual’ urban governance regime

Teacher perspectives on the introduction of linguistics in the languages classroom: Evidence from a co-creation project on French, German and Spanish

Social entrepreneurship, empowerment of women experiencing homelessness and gender equality

Boat commuting, travel satisfaction and well-being: Empirical evidence from Greater London

Celebrate Black History Year and tackle racial inequality all year long

Sense of direction in vestibular disorders

Differing approaches to embedding low energy construction and climate literacy into vocational education and training

Machine learning algorithms to uncover risk factors of breast cancer: insights from a large case-control study

The Use of NADH Anisotropy to Investigate Mitochondrial Cristae Alignment

Interpreting Impoliteness

Tracking the object: a case of a small-scale Developmental Work Research-based intervention

Against book enclosures: Moving towards more diverse, humane and accessible book publishing

CrimOPS: Exploring students’ experiences in using virtual simulation for authentic learning and assessment in criminal psychology

The Association of Cardiometabolic, Diet and Lifestyle Parameters With Plasma Glucagon-like Peptide-1: An IMI DIRECT Study

Quantifying the effect of nutritional interventions on metabolic resilience using personalised computational models

The Effect of Alhagi maurorum Medik on Mitochondrial Function

Understanding Student Self-Harming Behaviours and The Spectrum of Care Within a University Context: A Mixed-Methods Approach

The driving forces behind tourism social entrepreneurship: a case study of social entrepreneurs in Thailand

My Daughter's Mind (1984/5) and Presence (1990) in Women in Revolt: Art and Activism in the UK 1970-1990)

Silence as a magnifying glass for uncertainty and affect: The qualitative case studies of Karin and Dana’s journals

Book Review: Whiteness in Puerto Rico by Guillermo Rebollo Gil, London, Bloomsbury Academic, 2023, 145 pp., £85.00 (hardback), ISBN: 9780755635504

Digitally augmented, parent-led CBT versus treatment as usual for child anxiety problems in child mental health services in England and Northern Ireland: a pragmatic, non-inferiority, clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness randomised controlled trial

Book review: Sanda Miller, Images on the Page: A Fashion Iconography

The dark side of optimism: Musical dreams, belief, and gambling

A Potential Prognostic Gene Signature Associated with p53-Dependent NTRK1 Activation and Increased Survival of Neuroblastoma Patients

CARE in the UK? Towards a social-justice oriented data management plan

‘Trusted to the ends of the earth?’ An Analysis of Solicitors’ Disciplinary Processes in England and Wales from 1994 to 2015

Heterodox Economics and Global Emergencies: Voices from Around the World

The Long Walk to Equality: Perspectives on Racial Inequality, Injustice and the Law

Do Prizes Have Any Point? The Potential for Diversity Initiatives to Change the Ethnic Profile of the Solicitors’ Profession


Neo-tribal Sociality in the Upper Echelons of the Legal Profession: Issues of Race

Service sector firm death and productivity in urban and rural locations

Youth homicide Offenders: A review of recent literature

When Music Speaks: Mental Health and Next Steps in the Danish Music lndustry. Part 2 - A Review of Models of Musicians' Mental Health Interventions

Night-time and strategies for regeneration in two medium sized town centres

A Point‐of‐Care Sensing Platform for Multiplexed Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease Biomarkers Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymers

Autoethnographic reflections on creating inclusive and collaborative virtual places for academic research

Formulated Palmitoylethanolamide Supplementation Improves Parameters of Cognitive Function and BDNF Levels in Young, Healthy Adults: A Randomised Cross-Over Trial

Geofencing to accelerate digital transitions in cities: Experiences and findings from the GeoSence project

A web-based prosocial intervention can shape adolescents’ values: Findings from a mixed-methods study

Value transmission in primary schools: Are teachers’ acculturation orientations a moderator?

Saudi Arabia and the UAE: Bandwagoning, balancing and hedging

Oil, materiality and International Relations

‘Meeting the client where they are rather than where I’m at’: A Qualitative Survey Exploring CBT And Psychodynamic Therapist Perceptions Of Psychotherapy Integration

Hybrid homomorphic encryption: the future of privacy-preserving data analytics and machine learning in sleep medicine? (HARPOCRATES)

Law and Film

Minimal information for studies of extracellular vesicles (MISEV2023): From basic to advanced approaches

Concluding Reflections: Key Questions and Challenges for the Future

Theorising Organisational Compassion – Could Gossip Help?

Seeing Compassion Through Students' Eyes

Impacts of active travel interventions on travel behaviour and health: Results from a five-year longitudinal travel survey in Outer London

Microservices and serverless functions – lifecycle, performance, and resource utilisation of edge based real-time IoT analytics

DEVELOPING COMPETENCE FOR INNOVATION IN KNOWLEDGE PRACTICE: an exploration of the sustainability science-policy interface

A DOI is not enough: improving the discoverability and re-usability of practice based arts research and data

Impact of Family Group Conference referrals at pre-proceedings stage on child outcomes: A randomised controlled trial

Non-Lethal Weapons and the Sensory Repression of Dissent in Democracies

Swarmchestrate: Towards a Fully Decentralised Framework for Orchestrating Applications in the Cloud-to-Edge Continuum

Modulating Aspergillus fumigatus biofilm formation: Antifungal-induced alterations in conidium-abiotic surface interactions

Posthumous Resilience and Active Withdrawal: Byronic Contemplation of Violence and Vulnerabilities in the Anthropocene Embodied in the Sculpture of the Dying Gaul

On the Edge

Gender based water violence: cross cultural evidence of severe harm associated with water insecurity for women and girls

‘A little bit patronising if I’m being honest’: working-class mothering and expert discourses.

The Caring Public Sphere: Reframing the Concept in Era of Care Crises

Linguistic distance to English impedes research performance

A random-key genetic algorithm-based method for transportation network vulnerability envelope analysis under simultaneous multi-link disruptions

Vol. 5 No. 2 (2024): Special Interest Groups Special Edition

Challenges and barriers for first-year home and international students in Higher Education in the UK and Ireland: A scoping review

RAISE Special Interest Groups (Early Career Researchers and Research & Evaluation) Collaboration: A Case Study

Q&As - A Conversation with the Editors

Who am I? Navigating Professional Identity as an Ethnic Minority Early Career Academic

Where do we belong?’ Collaborative Insights from RAISE Special Issue Groups’ (Early Careers and Research Evaluation) Writing Project

The People’s Plan for Eco-restoration of Ennore Wetlands

Brand Community Motives and Engagement: The Impact of Gender

Preprint: Enhancing Credit Card Fraud Detection: An Ensemble Machine Learning Approach

Enhancing Credit Card Fraud Detection: An Ensemble Machine Learning Approach

RUNDC1 negatively mediates the fusion of autophagosomes with lysosomes via regulating SNARE complex assembly

Exchange Rate Predictability Fact or Fiction?

Re-envisioning female operatic roles in contemporary performance from a feminist perspective

The homocapitalist politics of queer tourism: global LGBTQ+ activism, queer travel, and other queer mobilities in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Preprint: Low-coverage whole genome sequencing for a highly selective cohort of severe COVID-19 patients

An Exploratory Study Investigating the Correlates of Sexual Health Anxiety and Preferences for Digital Services Amongst Internet Users

Nurturing Compassion in Education: Unveiling the Neuroscience of Empathy and Compassion

First person – Vincenzo Torraca

Crisis and temporary public spaces: reflections from London, UK

Sharia boards, managerial strategies and governance practices in Islamic banks: a Goffmanesque discourse

Participatory Action Research in Critical Data Studies: Interrogating AI from a South-North Approach

Ultra Weak Photon Emission - A Brief Review

The Traitors: the show’s Highland setting is befitting a game of deception

Preprint: Two Sides of the Same Virtual Coin: Investigating Psychosocial Effects of Video Game Play, Including Stress Relief Motivations as a Gateway to Problematic Video Game Usage

Justificative conformity in ontologically ring-fenced fields: Problematizing the scholarly nomenclature in qualitative studies

Preprint: Binding of PUFA stabilizes a conductive state of the selectivity filter in IKs channels

Promoting students’ interest through culturally sensitive curricula in higher education

Enhancement of endogenous midbrain neurogenesis by microneurotrophin BNN-20 after neural progenitor grafting in a mouse model of nigral degeneration

Five poems from Lapwing


Mindset and entrepreneurial learning in social entrepreneurship: ListenField - a driving force of sustainable solutions and impact for farmers

Kazakhstan’s Foreign Policy since Independence: A Small State From Order Taker to Order Maker (1991-2021)

Stay-at-home Fathers in Contemporary Urban China

The buccal micronucleus cytome assay: New horizons for its implementation in human studies

Female entrepreneurs and discrimination in South Africa: leveraging network embeddedness to access governmental support for social innovation

Cases on Entrepreneurship and Diversity

Aged and wheeled mobility in transit-oriented development: The capabilities approach

Do returns and volatility spillovers exist across tech stocks, cryptocurrencies and NFTs?

The role of funding in the ‘performative decarbonisation’ of transport in England

The Responsibility to Protect Debate: An Enduring Black Hole

Book Review: Women resisting sexual violence and the egyptian revolution: Arab feminist testimonies

Preprint: Individual differences in sharing false political information on social media: deliberate and accidental sharing, motivations and positive schizotypy

PCA, arithmetic, and murmurations

Negotiating challenges faced by homicide offenders upon their release from prison: a thematic analysis

MicroRNAs in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: New Approaches For Better Diagnosis And Therapy

An Evaluation of the risks to food safety and shellfish farming in Great Britain,posed by marine biotoxins from, current and future emerging, marine microalgal species

The Protection of the Environment in Occupied Territory under International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law and International Environmental Law

Configuration Management of Distributed Systems over Unreliable and Hostile Networks

Evaluating the Influence of Urban Blocks on Air Pollution Concentration Levels: The Case Study of Golden Lane Estate in London

Drawing as a tool in metaphor-led discourse analysis

From abuse to trust and back again

Combining experiment and energy landscapes to explore anaerobic heme breakdown in multifunctional hemoproteins

Congestion and pollutant emission analysis of urban road networks based on floating vehicle data

Prevalent Elements of Consumer Wellbeing in Wearable Technology Use: An Interdisciplinary Systematic Review and Future Research Agenda

Insights for precision oncology from the integration of genomic and clinical data of 13,880 tumors from the 100,000 Genomes Cancer Programme

Analysis of Receptor-Type Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Extracellular Regions with Insights from AlphaFold

Precision MRI phenotyping of muscle volume and quality at a population scale

Whither Public Service Media Governance: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Competition Law and Regulation

Positional Health Assessment of Collaborative Robots Based on Long Short-Term Memory Auto-Encoder (LSTMAE) Network

The Path to Entrepreneurship: The Role of Social Networks in Driving Entrepreneurial Learning and Education

Transcriptional profiling of zebrafish identifies host factors controlling susceptibility to Shigella flexneri

An Inquiry into the Architectural Identity of Herzog & de Meuron: A study of their Tate Modern, London, and the Museum of the Twentieth Century, Berlin, competition events and design strategies

Review: Les Proverbes del vilain (MS Oxford, Bodleian Library, Digby 86)

Changing and unfinished narratives of the mental health impact of HIV in the UK

Water insecurity is associated with gender-based violence: A mixed-methods study in Indonesia

A dataset of community perspectives on living conditions and disaster risk management in informal settlements: A case study in KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa

Everyday domestic water and energy consumption in Shanghai homes: The resurgence and persistence of gendered practices in China

Rooting out ultraweak photon emission a-mung bean sprouts

Rooting out ultraweak photon emission a-mung bean sprouts

An Empirical Analysis of Corporate Sustainability Bonds

Contesting Everyday (Food) Heritage in London’s Chinatown

Exploring ‘equigenesis’ in the associations between green space and kidney health among middle-aged and older adults using street view data

An introduction to neo-Riemannian operations and their application in music production

The importance of social visits to prisoners

A win-win situation: Enhancing sharing economy platform brand equity by engaging business owners in CSR using gamification

What is not said in organizational methodology: How to measure non-verbal communication

“We make something with the flower, but feel like I make with myself something”: The role of a community arts project supporting women who have experienced human trafficking

Variation and change in language revitalization


Juvenile Homicide in Belgium

Globale Handelsmacht oder regionaler Block? Die EU zwischen Freihandel und Protektionismus

The 1895 Election

The road to 2005: how the memory of colonialism in France became a substitute for race

The Influence of European Legal Culture on the Evolution of Lex Olympica and Olympic Law

Changes in motor traffic in London’s Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and boundary roads

Developing Pedagogies of Compassion in Higher Education: A Practice Based Approach

International Law and the Principle of Non-Intervention - History, Theory, and Interactions with Other Principles

Epistemic Rights in the Era of Digital Disruption

Public Service Media as Enablers of Epistemic Rights

Public Service Media and the Internet: Two Decades in Review

Consolidating ‘traditional methods’ of public order policing: the response of the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police to mass demonstrations in 1968

The Datafication of Migrant Bodies and the Enactment of Migrant Subjectivities

Flaherty Film Seminar 2024: To Commune

Liver Shape Analysis using Statistical Parametric Maps at Population Scale

How managers' perceptions about dynamic complexity change: sensemaking catalyzed by shock and surprise

Gravity-based models for evaluating urban park accessibility: Why does localized selection of attractiveness factors and travel modes matter?

Decentralisation in School Management and Student Achievement: Evidence from India

Plastic Borders: On the Photographic Frame and its Virtual Experience

Cinema, Suffering and Psychoanalysis: The Mechanism of Self

Constant Connectivity and Boundary Management Behaviors: The role of Human agency

The moderating effect of supply chain collaboration on servitization

Activity Theory: An Introduction

Extracting Multi-objective Multigraph Features for the Shortest Path Cost Prediction: Statistics-based or Learning-based?

Weathering the storm: A case study of organizational culture and effectiveness in times of disruptive jolts and crisis

The Women. They Were Plotting Too: Declaring Our Independence in the Spirit of Sankofa

“Prayer Is Fine, but Don’t Then Quickly Move on, as If You’re Done and Dusted”: How Can the Evangelical Church Better Support Those with Mental Illness?

The Tragedy of the Knight of Faith

Evaluating Oil Price Forecasts: A Meta-analysis

The Challenges of Public Policy Strategy: A Case Study of British Prime Ministers

The conflictual governance of street experiments, between austerity and post-politics

Naming practices in domestic homicide reviews in England and Wales

A Contemporary Archaeology of London’s Mega Events: From the Great Exhibition to London 2012

A review of the nutritional guidance for athletes to prevent eating disorders

Sociolinguistics for language education

Digital (In)justice in the Smart City

Investigating the impact of food tourism vlogger entrepreneurs' language characteristics on audiences' attitude and behaviours

Institutional Racism: Colonialism, Epistemic Injustice and Cumulative Trauma

Inside the Westminster Menswear Archive

Getting beyond peeing and pronouns: Living non-binary gender in higher education

Masculinity and pregnancy

International trade fluctuations: global versus regional factors

Seeing Omissions from inside the Interpreter’s Mind

Translation and Interpreting as Social Interaction: Affect, Behaviour and Cognition

Addressing Ancestry and Sex Bias in Pharmacogenomics

Intersectionality theory

The Politics of the Unseen: Speculative, Pragmatic and Nihilist Hope in the Anthropocene

Negotiating Diasporic Identities in Glocal Heritage Discourses: The Case of the Chinese New Year Celebration in London

Negotiating Identities, Language and Migration in Global London: Bridging Borders, Creating Spaces

Improving last-mile parcel delivery through shared consolidation and portering: A case study in London

The Relationship Between Hope and Societal Stability in Kosovo

The Applicability of Apartheid to Situations of Occupation: At the Crossroads between International Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, and International Human Rights Law, forthcoming in (2024) 24 Anuario Mexicano de Derecho Internacional

AI for Social Good? Inspirations from Participatory Action Research (PAR) to Critical Data Studies

Programming Parks. How do Organized Events and Activities Affect the Inclusivity of Urban Green Spaces?

Two Production Strategies for Music Synchronisation As Speculative Entrepreneurship

Intelligent Machines, Collectives, and Moral Responsibility

Teenage Pregnancy in Tambogrande, Peru: Causes, Consequences and Cycles of Violence and Disadvantage

Critique and the Black Horizon: Questioning the Move ‘Beyond’ the Human/Nature divide in International Relations

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: Considerations for Financial Institutions for Compliance with the Regulatory Burden in the United Kingdom

Determinants of Intention to Revisit in Hospitality Industry: A Cross-Cultural Study Based on Globe Project

Audiovisual Translators

Doctoral writing through a trajectorial lens: an exploratory study on challenges, strategies and relationships

Introduction: Bridging the Gap between Migration, Cities and Language: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Towards democratic intelligence oversight: Limits, practices, struggles

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire: Music Education, Mental Health, and Our Students’ Futures

Bourdieu the Ethnographer: Grounding the Habitus of the ‘Far-Right’ Voter

A Museum for Me: Place and Memory Making with Mujer Diáspora

A (queer) CEO society? Lesbians Who Tech and the politics of extra-ordinary homonormativity

Quality evaluation of commercial herbal products using chemical methods

Translating Figurative Language

Upper echelon theory

Does R&D Investment Drive Employment Growth? Empirical Evidence using Industry-Level from Japan

Alevi Kurds in the UK: Paving the way towards recognition of a new ethno-religious identity

The Black Anthropocene: And the End(s) of the Constitutionalizing Project

Sorting Insiders from Co-workers: Remote synchronous computer-mediated triage for investigating insider attacks

“Sorry, I’m French”: Frenchness as Uneasy Resource in the Construction of Home, Identity and Belonging among French Students in London

The Changing Geopolitics of Global Communication


Sound of Fractures Teases Forthcoming Album 'Scenes' with New Single 'Bubbles': The album is set to exist in a unique digital manner, intending to rethink the artist-audience relationship

International Women's Day Event 2024

Behind the Music E28: Sound of Fractures Sponsored by WAVES

Sustainable Planet 2

Umbro 100: Sportswear x Fashion

AI Music Arts and Creativity - [PRESENTATION] - 2024

Planet vs. Plastics

University of Westminster HUBS L&T workshop ‘Authentic assessments in an AI world’

Reading the Crisis: The West and the Rest (Stuart Hall Foundation)

The Many of Any Past: The New 'World' Music

Video Interfunctional coordination (Students as cocreators)

Blender for Musicians