Sensory Bench

What should I be when I grow up?

Can exposure to cultural facemasks increase intentions to adhere to protective public health measures?

Why do people share false political information on their personal social media accounts?

Reasons for deliberate and accidental sharing of false political information online

Individual differences and motivation as predictors of sharing false political information on social media

“Want to know more of yr/ grand-dad?”: Ezra Pound, Gabriele Rossetti and Olivia Rossetti Agresti, when Literature meets Esotericism

L’esegesi dantesca di Silvano Panunzio: l’esoterismo di Dante incontra la letteratura europea e d’oriente

La tradition des Rose-Croix dans les littératures européenne et française au XIXe siècle

The esoteric love and the European literature, from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century

Balzac, Caetani et l'ésotérisme dantesque

L’ultima notte : Furio Jesi et la mystique du sang. Quand vampirisme et nazisme se rencontrent

The Philosophia Perennis in the English and French Literature of the nineteenth century

Utilising Big Data Analytics in the Insurance Industry for Optimal Business Insight: A Literature Review

Fraud Mitigation in Attendance Monitoring Systems using Dynamic QR Code, Geofencing and IMEI Technologies

Evaluating a Non-platform-specific OCR/NLP system to detect Online Grooming

An Empirical Evaluation of Encryption and Decryption Times on Block Cipher Techniques

Trust-based Approaches Towards Enhancing IoT Security: A Systematic Literature Review

Optimizing the Performance of the Advanced Encryption Standard Techniques for Secured Data Transmission

Citation Justice at the University of Birmingham

A Comparative Study of Twofish, Blowfish, and Advanced Encryption Standard for Secured Data Transmission

Study of Machine Learning Models for IoT based Efficient Classroom Usage

Member of Panel: In Flux Ceramics Exhibition, City Lit

Mucoadhesive pickering nanoemulsions via dynamic covalent chemistry.

Artificial Intelligence and Music Ecosystem

Restorative Potential of Intermediate Environments

An Unbiased View of AI

PVC-S Challenge Response. Summary report. QEI

Extraction of underlying factors causing construction projects delay in Nigeria

Systematic review of drivers influencing building deconstructability: Towards a construct-based conceptual framework

Ensemble of ensembles for fine particulate matter pollution prediction using big data analytics and IoT emission sensors

Building energy performance prediction: A reliability analysis and evaluation of feature selection methods

Generative AI in Higher Education: A Horizon Scanning Report for the University of Westminster

Technical Considerations for Designing and Implementing Immersive Learning Applications

A Constellation of Potential: Tapping into the iLRN Community to Connect and Collaborate

Investigating UK academics’ professional social media use: a qualitative analysis using the lenses of digital literacy, UTAUT and the concept of boundary work

Farming wellbeing through and beyond COVID‐19: Stressors, gender differences and landscapes of support

Landscapes of support for farming mental health: Adaptability in the face of crisis

The Impact of COVID-19 on Farmers’ Mental Health: A Case Study of the UK

Growing Older with Haiku: What Haiku Offers to Japanese Expats in Denmark

Editorial: Managing Cybersecurity Threats and Increasing Organizational Resilience

Design and sustainability in fashion industry: the example of independent labels in London

Towards a Better Microlevel Understanding of the Use of Emerging Technologies at Work: The Interplay Between Virtual Teams, Knowledge sharing and Innovation Output

Co Chair Roundtable session "How to design a law degree"

Sammendrag af rapporten 'Når Musikken Taler'. Del 1: Danske skabende og udøvende musikeres mentale sundhed og trivsel

What is a thing? Considering the 'extended object' and the relationships from which it emerges.

Student Perspectives on the Usage of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The political economy of digital profiteering: communication resource mobilization by anti-vaccination actors

Passive heat recovery wind tower: Assessing the overheating risk in summertime and ventilation heat loss reduction in wintertime

Influence of an integrated value-based asset condition assessment in built asset management

Impact of Climate Change on the Heating Demand of Buildings. A District Level Approach

Performance evaluation of wind tower natural ventilation with passive solid tube heat recovery based on CO2 levels

Evaluating the energy-saving potential of earth-air heat exchanger (EAHX) for Passivhaus standard buildings in different climates in China

Towards a Combined Physical and Social Evaluation of Climate Vulnerability in Coastal Urban Megacities

Development and thermal characteristic study of an integrated phase change material earthbag unit for temporary housings

Experiment and numerical investigation of a novel flap fin louver windcatcher for multi-directional natural ventilation and passive technology integration

Experimental and numerical evaluation of a novel dual-channel windcatcher with a rotary scoop for energy-saving technology integration

With Good Reason: A study of the alignment of prison conditions in Bolivia and Honduras with the Nelson Mandela Rules.

The Concise Guide to PHARMACOLOGY 2023/24: Transporters

The Concise Guide to PHARMACOLOGY 2023/24: Catalytic receptors

The Concise Guide to PHARMACOLOGY 2023/24: Enzymes

The Concise Guide to PHARMACOLOGY 2023/24: Introduction and Other Protein Targets

The Concise Guide to PHARMACOLOGY 2023/24: Nuclear hormone receptors

The Concise Guide to PHARMACOLOGY 2023/24: G protein-coupled receptors

The Concise Guide to PHARMACOLOGY 2023/24: Ion channels

Plural Authenticities: How Can Digital Representation Enhance, Extend and Even Rival the Original Object?

The agency of small things: indicators of ownership on the streets of Liverpool and Belfast

Book review: Aurelie Dianara Andry. Social Europe, the Road not Taken. The Left and European Integration in the Long 1970s. [Oxford Studies in Modern European History Series.] Oxford University Press, Oxford [etc.] 2022. xii, 320 pp. £81.00. (Open Access.)

A Portrait of Marielle: Animation, Artivism and Intersectional Feminism in a Journey from Fear to Hope

Understanding Marginalisation and Defining South-to-South Media Activism

A Journey to the South: Asking Questions and Learning Concepts along the Way

Artivism in Kenya: Mobilising (Her)stories, Linking Resources and Creating Media Territories

The Stepping into Visibility Model: Invisible Stories, Protection Strategies and Link Visibility

Favela Media Activism in Brazil: Collective Memories, Dialogues and Media Territories

Introduction: The Importance of Fostering South-to-South Dialogues

A brief insight into the rare diseases in Egypt

Effect of Monascus Fermented Durian Seed Concentration on Physicochemical and Organoleptic Properties of meat Analog Sweet Potato Flour-Gluten Based

Ascertaining carcinogenicity of consumption of red meat and processed meat: A scoping review of epidemiological studies

Vehicular Propagation Velocity Forecasting Using Open CV

Twitter Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Detection Using NLTK and TextBlob

Design and Implementation of an Optimized Mask RCNN Model for Liver Tumour Prediction and Segmentation

Sustainable Climatic Metrics Determination with Ensemble Predictive Analytics

Site-integrity: An embedded and embodied approach to practice-based research

Exploring AI readiness in higher education: Conceptualisation and research propositions

Parental Nutritional Awareness for Enhancement of Child Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle: A Literature Review

Review: Medea, Dominic Cooke (dir.) (2023), Robinson Jeffers After Euripides, Soho Place Theatre, London, 16 March 2023

Review: The Red Shoes, M. Powell and E. Pressburger (dirs) (2023), 75th Anniversary Release, UK: Archers BFI Southbank, London, 29 November 2023

Artistic research: Methods that work

Getting Older with Haiku: What Haiku Offers to Japanese in Denmark

Women in Revolt! exhibition book

The effect of ageing on the innervation and total collagen content of human colon

Effect of old age on the subpopulations of enteric glial cells in human descending colon

The Distribution of Calretinin Immunoreactive Neurons in Ageing Human Colon is Region and Sublayer Specific

Histochemical and biochemical analysis of collagen content in formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded colonic samples

Effect of old age on the subpopulations of enteric glial cells in human descending colon

An immunoresponsive three-dimensional urine-tolerant human urothelial (3D-UHU) model to study urinary tract infection

Thematic Section: Revisiting Mediation in Translation and Interpreting

Review: 7 Deaths of Maria Callas, Marina Abramović (dir.) (2023) English National Opera, 8 November 2023

Moving objects: French history and the study of material culture

Landscapes of Myth, Memory and Imagination: Ursula Schulz-Dornburg’s Memoryscapes

Critical Psychology, queer activism and “Intersectional Richness”

The Black Experience at PWIs, student organising and youth activism

Decolonising Fashion Society: Addressing coloniality in the fashion industry and fashion pedagogies

Growing up in London, gentrification and the effects on working-class youth

Understanding the coloniality of postcolonial nation-states and ‘Debunking Hindutva Appropriation of Decolonial Thought’

Unsettling the University: Confronting the Colonial Foundations of US Higher Education

Moving Towards Radical Love in Organising Spaces

Carving out decolonial spaces in higher education through student-staff partnership

Can we decolonise Organisation Studies?

Can we decolonise Business Management and Marketing?

Exploring the myths and histories of Dalit communities and decolonising Anthropology as a discipline

Rethinking academic research culture and decolonial approaches to student-staff partnership

Decolonising Social Work Education and Practice

Researching feminist movements in China and decolonising the media

The coloniality of knowledge and decolonising psychotherapy

Decolonising Memory and Trauma studies

Ethnic inequalities in the UK, doing intersectional social research and decolonising British universities

Perspectives on Student (Dis)Engagement and Continuation (Academic and Support Colleagues)

Engaging academics for embedding sustainability in management and business curriculum: A practitioner perspective

Study of Machine Learning Models for IoT based Efficient Classroom Usage

Systemic Risk and Oil Price Volatility Shocks

Systemic Risk and Oil Price Volatility Shocks

Systemic Risk and Oil Price Volatility Shocks

Industrialisation of translation and collaborative practices in the Greek translations of Marxist texts

The Impact of Cyber Threats on the Global Food Supply Chain: a Focus on Grain Storage Security

A big data study of language use and impact in radio broadcasting in China

'The violence of illness: Palestinian and Syrian Refugee Women in Lebanon Face the Challenges of the COVID-19 Crisis’

Models of knowledge

Plan, Prepare and Respond: A Holistic Cyber Security Risk Management Platform

Secularism, Decoloniality and the Veil: Kutlug Ataman and Cigdem Aydemir on Hair and Veiling

Typologies of caregiving: Understanding support needs of carers across four continents

Linguistic Layers in John of Garland's Dictionarius

'Poems befitting a wife left at home'

Afterlives/Futurelives: Imagining Mermaids and Recalling Ghost Dancing

The Invention of Electronic Digital Computing - Plenary Panel Summary

Advancements in Building Deconstruction: Examining the Role of Drone Technology and Building Information Modelling

The Sin of Omission? The Public Justification of Cherry-Picking

French translation and validation of the Jefferson Scale of Empathy - Health Professions Student version

‘I like it when I can sit with my best friends’

A review of sustainable solutions in urban logistics in Europe

New Directions in Digital Modern Languages Research

New Directions in Digital Modern Languages: Introduction

Intelligence Oversight In Times of Transnational Impunity: Who Will Watch the Watchers?

Incentivized physical activity intervention promoting daily steps amongst university employees in the workplace through a team-based competition

Doherty Amplifier Linearity Test for Fifth Generation Signals

University of Westminster Open Access Policy

Rural Tourism: current challenges in constructing the Rural Tourism and Hospitality Experience in Northumberland

Antioxidant and Antidiabetic Properties of a Thinned-Nectarine-Based Nanoformulation in a Pancreatic β-Cell Line

Thyroid markers and body composition predict LDL-cholesterol change in lean healthy women on a ketogenic diet: experimental support for the lipid energy model

From Shore to Dinner Table: Finding and eating seaweed in Ireland and the British Isles

A Review of the Literature on HIV and Neuropsychological Functioning in Older Adults: Is More Research Needed?

Switching Gear: Law Approximation in Ukraine After the Application for EU Membership

Building Better Relationships: Developing critically reflective practice when working preventively with domestic violence and abuse

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in London: statistical analysis plan for examining impacts on driving times

Ecology under the falling sky: Nature, ecology and entropy in Yanomami cosmology

Collaboration in Higher Education: A New Ecology of Practice

Comunicação no Facebook dos Governos Federal Brasileiro e Estadual Paulista: Mensagens e Realidades Contraditórias

High-level Design Models for Rich Web-based Applications

Design Methodoolgy for Rich Web-based Appllications

Luxury Fashion Brand Management: Unifying Fashion with Sustainability

Impact of Covid-19 Policies on Women Self-employment Rates: An Integrated Conceptual Framework

Reviewing executive remuneration decision-making and reporting: implications for theory and practice

Stratejik Siber Güvenlik Yönetimi/Strategic Cyber Security Management (Turkish edition)

The permit and the gun

Moving to the West: Media, Cultural Transnationalism and Identity. Cultural Dynamics of Korean Women in Diaspora

Technology Adoption Within UK Retail Construction: An Analysis of the Technology Adoption Model (TAM) on Addressing Barriers Preventing Technology Adoption as a Solution to Productivity

Self-surveillance practices of factory women migrant workers receiving SRH interventions in Malaysia: The effects of salience, gendered subjectivity and universalism

Employment Relations Fairness and Trust in the Workplace. 2nd Edition

Classifications in our interactive learning environments need careful critical scrutiny

Artificial intelligence in teaching and learning

A Comprehensive Study on Pain Assessment from Multimodal Sensor Data

Airlines' network analysis on an air-rail multimodal system

Techniques de décarbonation logistique: benchmark et pratiques internationales

Women in Construction, Wood and Forestry: a Resource Toolkit for Gender Equality at Work

Flexibility and choice: Think Global People Relocate Awards 2024

Working remotely abroad: Policy and talent implications

Innovation, quality & cost: Strategic separation or integration for organizational success?

The role of employee and family relocation support in the current cost of living crisis

The role of HR in change management: Key issues and priorities

Preprint: Murmurations of Dirichlet Characters

Exploring diverse frontiers: Advancements of bioactive 4-aminoquinoline-based molecular hybrids in targeted therapeutics and beyond

Strategies for Improving the Bacterial Biodegradation of PET

Decolonising Public Relations in Africa: Centring Local Epistemes in Ghanaian Political Communication

Combining sociocultural intelligence and artificial intelligence to increase organizational cyber security provision through enhanced resilience

Managing Cybersecurity Threats and Increasing Organizational Resilience


Academic and Practical Information Seeking Behaviours and Needs of International Students at Pre-arrival and Arrived (First Year) Stages

Remote Working and Task Innovativeness – an Integrated Resource Based View and Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence Perspective

Performing Fear in Television Production: Practices of an Illiberal Democracy, by Siao Yuong Fong

"We Must Hope That the Moderates with Their Quiet Attire Are the Rising Section": British Women Friends’ Relinquishment of Plain Dress

Jungle: A Critical Intersectional History

Generative Photographic Spaces: A Pixel-perfect Thrill

Look Me in The Eye!: Towards Full Ownership of Every AI-generated Photograph

White spirit: situating whiteness in contemporary church architecture

Guest Editorial: Developing Sustainable, Innovative, and Agile Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

We need to work together to prevent domestic abuse-related suicide

Combining Feature Selection Techniques and Neurofuzzy Systems for the Prediction of Total Viable Counts in Beef Fillets Using Multispectral Imaging

Impact of Hypoxia-Induced miR-210 on Pancreatic Cancer

Computing Climates: Global Networks and Scientific Assemblages

SESAR’s European Knowledge Transfer Network – benefits delivered, opportunities ahead

Some Reflections on the Use of Force in the Recent Escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Experiences of Participation in Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) Research: A Qualitative Exploration

Out of Nowhere the Mind Comes Forth: A Practice-Based Exploration of the Relationship Between Buddhist Thought and Creative Writing

Introduction: Law and Smell

Climate Adaptation and Cultural Resilience. The Case of the Oasis of Figuig, Morocco.

Roadmap for a European open science alliance for ATM research - presentation

ATM strategies for, and impacts of, space launches

RSC Live from Stratford-upon-Avon: Ten Things I Think I Know, or, Of Course We’re Making a Movie

Project on Architectural Student Employment Outcomes (PASEO)

Kidney Shape Statistical Analysis: Associations with Disease and Anthropometric Factors

Domestic homicide review as a site for multi-agency working and change to improve responses to domestic abuse



Las masacres del norte de brasil

Novel Pathogenesis and Treatments for Cardiovascular Disease

Use of Cardiac Troponin for the Diagnosis of Cardiac Pathology in Postmortem Samples Taken at Autopsy

It’s time to end the negative narratives surrounding foundation students

Refinding my balance - on three wheels

European performance assessment –challenges and concepts

Connectedness, Collaboration, and Co-creation

Research on the Impact of Financial Resources on Industrial Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Impact of Financial Resources on Agricultural Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Why Do People Spread Disinformation on Social Media? The Role of Social Identity and Perceived Morality

Preprint: Analysis of Receptor-type Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Extracellular Regions with Insights from AlphaFold


MultiModX - Integrated Passenger-Centric Planning of Multimodal Transport Networks

Mercury - An open-source platform for the evaluation of air transport mobility - presentation

Mercury - An open pax & flight simulator

Mercury: an open source platform for the evaluation of air transport mobility

Roadmap for a European open science alliance for ATM research

Prison Officer Training in Scotland And Norway: Is It Fit For Purpose?

The Islands Are Not Lost, The Compass Is

Michael Nath: A Conversation

Chapter 15 (extract) Talbot & The Fall: A Comedy (With Support)

Chapter 7: Phenotyping, Body Composition, and Precision Nutrition

More-than-leaky bodies: Existence as resistance

The effectiveness of sexual assault referral centres with regard to mental health and substance use: a national mixed-methods study – the MiMoS Study

Telling a story with metadata or Always drink upstream from the herd: What if your metadata isn’t properly represented in the stream?

When Music Speaks: Mental Health and Next Steps in the Danish Music Industry. Part 1 – Danish Music Creators’ Subjective Wellbeing and Mental Health

Sharing Open Space

Narrativising Dispossessed Histories

Stabilitocracy in Practice: An Analysis of the EU’s Policy towards the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue

Greenwashing and Brand Perception- A consumer sentiment analysis on organisations accused of greenwashing

Environmental Sustainability Communications, Online Customer Engagement and Sales Performance: Evidence from the Luxury Fashion Industry.

Emerging trends for urban freight transport-The potential for sustainable micromobility

Reframing the Interaction between Native Terms and Loanwords: Some Data from Occupational Domains in Middle English

Medieval English in a Multilingual Context: Current Methodologies and Approaches

Global Diasporic Chinese Museums Network Initiative’ (AHRC Research Networking Scheme)

'Negotiating Diasporic Identities in Glocal Heritage Discourses: The Case of Chinese New Year Celebration in London’

Negotiating Chinese Identities in Global Museumscape

Beyond Europe. Before James Holmes

Drivers of Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales Success and the role of Digitalization after COVID-19 Disruptions

Air pollution linked with global rise in antibiotic resistance.

‘School Streets’ and the Adaptation of London’s State-Led Tactical Urbanism During Covid-19

"Little Islands": Challenges and Opportunities for Student Carers at the University of Westminster

Contact-Induced Lexical Effects in Medieval English

Choice and equity: A critical analysis of multi-modal public transport services

Transit Usage in Social Shocks: A Case Study of Station-Level Metro Ridership in Anti-Extradition Protests in Hong Kong

Communicating science in the COVID-19 news in the UK during Omicron waves: exploring representations of nature of science with epistemic network analysis

Waiting for signalized crossing or walking to footbridge/underpass? Examining the effect of weather using stated choice experiment with panel mixed random regret minimization approach

Drawing metro maps in concentric circles: A designer‐in‐the‐loop approach with visual examples

Science communication in the media and human mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic: a time series and content analysis

Understanding Paris cycling revolution.

The Future of the High Street: Implementing effective road- reallocation schemes that work better for local businesses

Delivering Good Work: A stakeholders’ perspective

Delivering Good Work: Labour, employment and wellbeing in London’s cargo bike sector

What Are You Looking At? Ableist Abuse in Public Spaces

Evaluation of the Dual-Band PA Nonlinear Behavior for 5G Signals

From Neuroscience to New Horizons and Innovative, Inclusive Research Agendas

Intragroup Marginalization, Well-being and Willingness to Seek Mental Health Resources at the Intersection of Bicultural and LGBTQ+ Identities

The Art Schools of the East Midlands

Symmetrical Disguise: Realizing Homomorphic Encryption Services from Symmetric Primitives

MetaPriv: Acting in Favor of Privacy on Social Media Platforms

Love or Hate? Share or Split? Privacy-Preserving Training Using Split Learning and Homomorphic Encryption

stoRNA: Stateless Transparent Proofs of Storage-time

Multi-dimensional time and university technology commercialisation as opportunity praxis: A realist synthesis of the accumulated literature

Split Without a Leak: Reducing Privacy Leakage in Split Learning

Live Demonstration of the PITHIA e-Science Centre

Easy Edges: Automating Connectivity and Scheduling at the Edge

“Some Reflections on the Use of Force in the Recent Escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” (in Italian)

Immunopathology of Hematodinium sp. infection of decapod crustaceans

Exploring the Effect of Mindset on Project Manager Wellbeing

Digital platform democracy in Taiwan (R.O.C.): Adolescents' participation in political affairs after the social movements

The Possibility of Digital Platform Democracy: The Approach to Combating Harmful Information in Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Philosophical Education as Subjectivation Practice in the Prison Context: Considerations through the Medium of Foucault

Stimulation of the Pro-Resolving Receptor Fpr2 Reverses Inflammatory Microglial Activity by Suppressing NFκB Activity

“You feel that you are stepping into a different world”: Vulnerability and biases in the treatment of anorexia nervosa

Non-Binary in Higher Education Survey Findings Report and Recommendations

Setting the agenda on Britain’s policy towards the European Community: Miriam Camps at Chatham House

Equity, diversity, and inclusion at the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health

The National Imaginarium: A History of Egyptian Filmmaking, by Magdy Mounir El-Shammaa


A Comparison of Chitosan Adhesion to KOH and H2O2 Pre-Treated Electrospun Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Nanofibers

The Exiles: My Stolen Chinese Father

"Symbolic im-mobility'', "semantic dis-placements" and the politics of unauthorised migration representation in Moroccan and Algerian mainstream media

To Live With: A Conversation Between May Adadol Ingawanij, Sorawit Songsataya, and Riar Rizaldi

Innovation (as a Systemic Activity) and Income Inequality: Conceptual Model and Causal Mechanisms

Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook’s Relational Tableaux

Negative Spill Over Effects in Brand Alliance Crises

Chinese and British Exhibition

‘Yu Rongling (裕容齡1889–1973) – Diplomat’s daughter who introduced Western dance to China’

Wearable Nano-Based Gas Sensors for Environmental Monitoring and Encountered Challenges in Optimization

Rethinking the Sites of the Ditchley Portrait through Notions of Polyvocality: Drawing upon narratives of place, time and medium

Modernity and Monasticism: Roman and Anglo-Catholic Monasteries in the Twentieth Century

Ketosis Suppression and Ageing (KetoSAge): The Effects of Suppressing Ketosis in Long Term Keto-Adapted Non-Athletic Females

Electoral bonds are a threat to Indian democracy

Ethnic differences in intergenerational housing mobility in England and Wales

Ketosis Suppression and Ageing (KetoSAge): The Effects of Suppressing Ketosis in Long Term Keto-Adapted Non-Athletic Females

Tackling Fuel Poverty in London

Focusing on functional fitness in your 20s and 30s can help you stay ready for anything — and many exercises can help you achieve it

Slow Practice -(re)drawing time. Balancing narrative, ghosts and tensions.

Editorial: Women in AI medicine and public health 2022

“A Switch Went off in my Whole Body”: Lived Experiences of Fatigue and Post-Exertional Malaise in Long Covid

An assemblage of affective sounds: resistance and power through the Palestinian electronic music scene

After Belonging: Architecture, Nation, Difference

Education pathways to the labour market for 16-year-olds who struggle to achieve maths and English in General Certificate of Secondary Education

Assessment of barriers to the adoption of sustainable building materials (SBM) in the construction industry of a developing country

Representing Black British Music in the Westminster Menswear Archive

Widening Student Access to Implicit Assessment Criteria Using Recorded Verbal Instructions

Machine Learning Class Numbers of Real Quadratic Fields

How can students-as-partners work address challenges to student, faculty, and staff mental health and well-being?

Baseline and recurrent exposure to the standard dose of artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs) induces oxidative stress and liver damage in mice (BALB/c)

The Experiences of Faith and Church Community among Christian Adults with Mental Illness: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis

The values of urban design - spatial models

(Dys)Functional Polities: The Limits of Politics in the Postcolonial Arab Region

Prognostic performance of pretreatment systemic immune-inflammation index in women with epithelial ovarian cancer

Wireless Networks Cyber Security Threats and Countermeasures

Key-Pre Distribution for the Internet of Things Challenges, Threats and Recommendations

A proactive approach to protect cloud computing environment against DDoS attack

Westworld Case Study

Fleabag Case Study

Investigating the Dynamics of Host-Phage interaction: Towards Effective Phage Therapy!

Computational approaches to Explainable Artificial Intelligence: Advances in theory, applications and trends

A framework for the metrification of input image quality in deep networks

Migrations: Socio-Cultural Contexts and Constitutions

Why do people share false political information online?

Community language education in Greece and Cyprus: an afterword

Identity is a matter of place: intersectional identities of Romanian women migrant entrepreneurs on the Eastern-Western European route.

Practical application of the Information Seeking and Communication Model (ISCM) in Higher Education - Westminster Business School Module Leader practice

Real-world implications of Aphantasia: Episodic recall of eyewitnesses with aphantasia is less complete but no less accurate than typical imagers.

“Complexity of Choice in Asylum Seeker Decision-Making,” UNU-CPR Policy Brief

Contemporary Nurturing of the 1980 Hague Convention

Enhancing household soybean processing and utilization in the Eastern Province of Zambia, a concurrent triangulation study design.

A drug repurposing screen for whipworms informed by comparative genomics.

Evaluation of Environmental Conditions on Object Detection Using Oriented Bounding Boxes for AR Applications

Suzanne Ciani – The Diva of the Diode

The role of employee and family relocation support in the current cost of living crisis

Accounting for the Demonic: Helpful and Unhelpful Factors Associated with Belief in Demonic Etiologies of Mental Illness Amongst Evangelical Christians

Special Issue "Contemporary Issues Relating to International Child Abduction in Contemplation of he Eighth Special Commission into the Operation of the 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention (2023)"

Fashion Supply Chain Management: Integrating Sustainability through the Fashion Supply Chain

Near-Infrared Light Exposure Triggers ROS to Downregulate Inflammatory Cytokines Induced by SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein in Human Cell Culture

Long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the quality of life of people with dementia and their family carers

Editorial: Global excellence in children and health

The Legacy of Coloniality in Migrant Women’s Experiences of Domestic Violence in Britain

Apprehending Sound: Ordering and Interference

Greater male variability in daily energy expenditure develops through puberty

Drivers of Big Data Analysis Adoption and Implications on Management Decision-Making on Financial and Non- Financial Performance: Evidence from Nigeria’s Manufacturing and Service Industries

Invisible Men in Black

Emergent quality issues in the supply of Chinese medicinal plants: A mixed methods investigation of their contemporary occurrence and historical persistence

The Shape of Life: Reading Space in Sai Paranjpye's Cinema (1980-2009)

A comparative study of how political journalists in four European countries reported on the coronavirus pandemic

To be present with what we cannot see: Curating as a dialogical practice

That Bird is Singing Us an Invitation to Meet Our Future: Listening to the Call of Sankofa to Develop Memory Practice Methodologies for Performative Practice

A Moderated Mediation Approach to Risk Factors for First-Year University Students’ Stress-Related Anxiety and Depression

Development of Service Assurance Techniques for Intent Based Networking

Using cultural animation to work with students to decolonise the Business School

Decolonising a Business School: Going beyond the curriculum

Decolonising Birmingham Business School: A Student’s Perspective

Doctor Watson Architects: Incomplete Works Volume Five

Artificial intelligence: the impact on the global mobility function

ESG: Putting the social factor into leadership and global mobility

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: Immunological mechanisms and current treatments.

Targeting neuroendocrine abnormalities in Parkinson’s disease with exercise

RUNDC1 inhibits autolysosome formation and survival of zebrafish via clasping ATG14-STX17-SNAP29 complex

The Cavendish Living lab - a multidisciplinary, vertically integrated project focused on sustainability

Alternative forms of assessment - the oral tradition

Investigating the Value of UK Higher Education Fashion and Textile Collections

It's a joke, not a dick. So don't take it too hard”: Online Sexual Harassment in Indian Universities

Antiviral Drug Target Identification and Ligand Discovery

Clinical and cognitive effects of external trigeminal nerve stimulation (eTNS) in neurological and psychiatric disorders: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Technologies of Power in Digital Inclusion

‘Seen’ through records: parents’ access to children’s social care records in an age of increasing datafication

Consulting for Reform: The Definition and Naming of Domestic Homicide Reviews

Hepatitis B virus and other transfusion-transmissible infections in child blood recipients in Lao People’s Democratic Republic: a hospital-based study

The challenges of viral hepatitis elimination: a global response to a global problem

Low seroprotection against diphtheria and tetanus in Lao adolescents

Narratives of Externality, Oppression, and Agency: Perceptions of the Role of the Demonic in Mental Illness Among Evangelical Christians

Stories Matter: A Novel Approach to Exploring Perceptions, Discourses, and the Symbolic Social Order in Pastoral Psychology

Multifaceted information-seeking motives in children

Liquid Funk: Acceleration, late capitalism and the signification of nature in jungle drum and bass music

Counting points on elliptic curves

Stakeholder perspectives on fairness in the marketplace: Empirical evidence from the Kenyan alcohol market

Evaluating robust determinants of the WTI/Brent oil price differential: A dynamic model averaging analysis

The Ladies Ulster in the 1870s and 1880s: From “Eccentric-Looking” to “Beau Ideal”

What China is Missing: ‘Faith’ in Political Discourse

Impact of cost approximation on the efficiency of collaborative regulation resolution mechanisms

Non-chemical Signalling Between Mitochondria

Climate Assemblies: Emerging Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

Enhancing Immunomodulatory Properties of Javanese Turmeric (Curcuma xanthorrhiza) Kombucha against Diethylnitrosamine in Male Balb/c Mice

Reviewing domestic abuse related deaths by suicide

Centring LGBT domestic abuse-related deaths

Monsoon as Method

Liability for Environmental Harm to the Global Commons

Bio-Hacking Better Health—Leveraging Metabolic Biochemistry to Maximise Healthspan

Parental attitudes to school- and home-based Relationships, Sex and Health Education: evidence from a cross-sectional study in England and Wales

Reviewing LGBTQIA+ domestic abuse-related deaths: keeping victims central

Immigrants and School Achievement Levels in the United Kingdom

Dual production of polyhydroxyalkanoates and antibacterial/antiviral gold nanoparticles

Bharat: why the recent push to change India’s name has a hidden agenda

Development of a continuous flow MEC-AD system with autonomous feeding control and performance optimisation

Enhanced Azo Dye Treatment in a Sequential Anaerobic-Aerobic Coupled System of a Biophotovoltaic Cell and Aerobic Bioreactor

The challenges and opportunities of reviewing domestic abuse-related deaths by suicide in England and Wales

Reviewing in a pandemic? A commentary on Covid-19 and domestic homicide review

‘Illuminating the past to make the future safer?’ Exploring the potential and peril of domestic homicide reviews as a mechanism for change

Inclusion for Cultural Education in Museums, Audio and Touch Interaction

Multi-trait discovery and fine-mapping of lipid loci in 125,000 individuals of African ancestry

Parallels in Practice: Applying Principles of Research Integrity and Ethics in Domestic Violence Fatality Review (DVFR)

A Coxsackievirus B1-mediated nonlytic Extracellular Vesicle-to-cell mechanism of virus transmission and its possible control through modulation of EV release

Collaboration for democratic change: a guide for practitioners and academics

Predictors of in-hospital mortality in HIV-infected patients with COVID-19

Generalisation of genomic findings and applications of polygenic risk scores

Racism is very much there: Validating Racial Trauma in the context of Criminal Justice

Sound and fury? The impact of councillors’ LTN positions on voting behaviour in Greater London

What does the evidence on Low Traffic Neighbourhoods really show?

Sonic Futures: Short Fiction Storytelling: Artificial Intelligence in Popular Music Studies

Orchestration in the Cloud-to-Things Compute Continuum: Taxonomy, Survey and Future Directions

Active Blended Learning: Implications for academics and students in the post-pandemic period

Architecture and buildings: building the post-emancipation Church

Go to Article New research reveals that Ötzi the iceman was bald and probably from a farming family – what else can DNA uncover?

Development of a continuous flow MEC-AD system with autonomous feeding control and performance optimisation.

Evaluating the Impact of green practices on company performance in the Montenegro hotel industry

The development of a rebar-counting model for reinforced concrete columns: Using an unmanned aerial vehicle and deep-learning approach

Custodians of contemporary pluralism? Acas' evolving role in addressing conflict during a time of economic and regulatory flux

Quantum accountability: When does enough become too much in top pay decision-making?

Provoking Us to Change the World

Photography as Criticism: Gabriele Basilico and the Project of a “Small Utopia”

Whoretography – The Sex Worker As Image-Maker: A critical analysis of sex workers’ self-representation in online public spaces

Labour Agency and Transnational Environmental Regulation - A Study of the Relevance of Global Framework Agreements

Predictive Modelling Approach to Data-Driven Computational Preventive Medicine

Artificial intelligence for dementia drug discovery and trials optimization

Genetic signature detected in T cell receptors from patients with severe COVID-19

Museum Across Borders: Toward A Dialogical Approach to Museum Representations of Chinese Diasporas Around the World

Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speech sounded more like a snake oil salesman than a statesman

Preprint: Essential role of proline synthesis and the one-carbon metabolism pathways for systemic virulence of Streptococcus pneumoniae

Tailored by Umbro: Football, fashion and the construction and reconstruction of Englishness through cut, fit, and style

Religion and Terrorism: Is Far-Right Terrorism Another Form of Religious Terrorism?

Pippa Catterall

Embodied and Disembodied FDI Spillovers and Distance from the Educational Frontier.

Diagnosing the UK Productivity Slowdown: Which Sectors Matter and Why?

Core Product Competence and Productivity Gains: The Role of Foreign Ownership

Foreign Direct Investment and Relative Capacity: Theory and Evidence

Gender, Firm Performance, and FDI supply-purchase Spillovers in Emerging Markets

Why 'It didn't Happen Here' The Irish Working Class and Party Politics 1791-1913

Informing the Cannabis Conjecture: From Life’s Beginnings to Mitochondria, Membranes and the Electrome - A Review

The Statistics Called Gross Domestic Product

Empirical Research on Financial Efficiency and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Anglo-Norman Glossaries

Research on the Impact of Financial Resources on Industrial Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Impact of Financial Resources on Agricultural Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa: Impact of Financial Resources on Agricultural Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Accessing health care autistically: a routine nasojejunal tube replacement

Influence of digitalisation adoption level on construction project delivery in Nigeria

Lecturer's pedagogical attributes and teaching quality for construction and engineering education in UK universities: mediating effect of research informed teaching

Young African diaspora: Global African narratives, media consumption and identity formation

The spectrum of care within a university context: the differing roles of carers in supporting students who self-harm

Career Choice With the Serious Game Like2be

Are low-traffic neighbourhoods greenwashing? Here’s what the evidence says

An assessment of the effects of neurokinin1 receptor antagonism against nausea and vomiting: Relative efficacy, sites of action and lessons for future drug development

Supervised learning of arithmetic invariants

Machine learning invariants of arithmetic curves

After Falling Away: Reflections on a Vertiginous Art Exhibition

When are confident eyewitnesses correct? Investigating the impact of type and order of questions on eyewitness confidence and monitoring

Shigella serotypes associated with carriage in humans establish persistent infection in zebrafish

What We Do in the Shadows: How does Experiencing Cybercrime Affect Response Actions; Protective Practices?

The distinctive hepatoprotective activity of turmeric kombucha (Curcuma longa) induced by diethylnitrosamine in Balb/C mice

Discovering Drug-Drug Interactions Using Association Rule Mining from Electronic Health Records

‘Spunkles’, Donors, and Fathers: Men, Trans/Masculine and Non-Binary People’s Accounts of Sperm Donors and their Relationships to Children

Men, Trans/Masculine and Non-Binary People’s Views About Pregnancy

The pursuit of pleasurable work: Craftwork in twenty-first century England

Combination of Digital Second-Order Linearization Technique and DPD Compensation Technique - Concept and Results

Review of Adam Nathaniel Furman and Joshua Mardell (eds.) 2022: Queer Spaces: An Atlas of LGBTQIA+ Places and Stories. London: RIBA Publishing.

Language Practices and Processes in English-Medium Higher Education in Uzbekistan

Reversing The Weapons: Recuperating the marginalised body with performative photography

Sino-African journalism and journalistic fields: CGTN Africa’s workers between worlds

Standardised data collection from people with dementia over the telephone: A qualitative study of the experience of DETERMIND programme researchers in a pandemic

Using digital technologies to facilitate social inclusion during the COVID-19 pandemic: Experiences of co-resident and non-co-resident family carers of people with dementia from DETERMIND-C19

Linen in Menswear 1800 - present

Palliative Prototypes or Therapeutic Functionality? Examining C.P. Company’s Urban Protection Collection

Increasing Authoritarianism in India under Narendra Modi

Domain-driven multiple-criteria decision-making for flight crew decision support tool

Building it Green: European Report

Medical uncertainty and reproduction of the “normal”: Decision-making around testosterone therapy in transgender pregnancy

Whiteness in research on men, trans/masculine and non-binary people and reproduction: Two parallel stories

Dr Manal Mohammed,has launched a campaign to raise awareness of superbugs (antibiotic resistant bacteria).

Interdisciplinary Summer School "Measuring Light and Illumination"

I Am an Ordinary Man: Getting and Wearing Suits in Britain 1945-1980

Different Conversations Podcast: Obesity as a genotoxic environment

Biomonitoring and predictive modelling of genomic instability in childhood obesity

A digital life-cycle management framework for sustainable smart manufacturing in energy intensive industries


Future Trends in Geospatial Information Management (3rd Edition)

Impoliteness Interpreting: A Gender Talk?

Roundtable: Situated Learning Experiences in Medical Translation. The Rare Dementia Project

Diet-induced weight loss and phenotypic flexibility among healthy overweight adults: a randomized trial

Effects of information and communication technology improvement on revisit intention during Covid-19 Edit Download

An assessment of the effects of neurokinin<sub>1</sub> receptor antagonism against nausea and vomiting: Relative efficacy, sites of action and lessons for future drug development.

Groupwork: Advantages & Disadvantages. A Students as Co-Creators Project

British and International Peace Campaigning against the Strategic Defence Initiative

Sour Grapes by Zakaria Tamer

Spill over effects of Geopolitical risk on the banking sector of CIS countries

Car Dependency and Urban Form

The Contemporary Malaysian Fantastic Film: Imagining an Alternative Modernity

miR-34a-FOXP1 Loop in Ovarian Cancer

Contemporary Nurturing of the 1980 Hague Convention

Arcturus: what to know about the new COVID variant, omicron XBB.1.16

Developing responsible leadership in a cross-cultural setting, using a virtual challenge based learning approach

Homomorphic Routing: Private Data Forwarding in the Internet

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The value of research in global people management

Innovation: best practice and best fit for the future

Introduction by head judge

Stakeholder input in global mobility planning, decision-making and performance outcomes

The flex factor

Take five practical steps: international experience counts for women

The differential mediating roles of resilience in the relationship between meaningful living and stress among college students during the COVID-19 pandemic

To what extent do you think COVID-19 has impacted physiology teaching?

Prevalence of the related treponematoses syphilis and yaws and co-occurrence of pathogens causing similar skin lesions in Ghana

Language, Gender and Gendered Discourse of the Communities of practice of Professional Chefs

LawTech: Fit for the Future. Could Advances in LawTech Provide a Much Needed silver Bullet for the UKs Ailing Criminal Justice System?

Chinese investment in Europe: An analysis of the Belt and Road Initiative

A Mixed Method Approach to Post-Awakening Cortisol Research: Exploring Associations with Post-Awakening Melatonin, Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma and Experiences of Participation

Community Radio Broadcasting and Local Governance Participation in Ghana: A Study of Simli Radio in the Kumbungu District of the Northern Region.

Basel III: Implications of Capital and Liquidity Regulations on Financial Stability during Economic Depression.

Hegemony of BBC, CNN and Al Jazeera’s Framing of Protests in China: The Cases of Wukan and Hong Kong

Interaction of skin cells with skin microbiota

An exploration of learner autonomy in an international university in Japan

The role of CD180 in hematological malignancies and inflammatory disorders

The Extracellular Vesicle Citrullinome and Signature in a Piglet Model of Neonatal Seizures

Exploring the Impact of a Global Pandemic (COVID-19) on Factors Impacting the Resilience of Top-Tier London Hockey Players

Sex, drugs and superbugs: The rise of drug resistant STIs

Routing and Scheduling in Multigraphs with Time Constraints -A Memetic Approach for Airport Ground Movement

Why Do People Share Political Information and Misinformation Online? Developing a Bottom-Up Descriptive Framework

Africapitalism: The marketisation of philanthrocapitalism and neoliberalism in African entrepreneurial philanthropy

Association of the CHEK2 c.1100delC variant, radiotherapy, and systemic treatment with contralateral breast cancer risk and breast cancer-specific survival

Challenging Institutional Norms and Organizational Lack of Support: An Empirical Study on Academics' Unsanctioned Use of Mobile Technologies for Classroom Augmentation in Higher Education

Time Perception in First Year Undergraduates: Correlation with Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Characterisation of two snake toxin-targeting human monoclonal immunoglobulin G antibodies expressed in tobacco plants

Does perpetrator gender influence attitudes towards intimate partner violence (IPV)? Examining the relationship between male-perpetrated and female-perpetrated IPV attitudes among a sample of UK young adults

Generic Architecture for Predictive Computational Modelling with Application to Financial Data Analysis: Integration of Semantic Approach and Machine Learning

Statues, Spatial Syntax and Surrealism: 'History' and Heritagescapes in Public Space

Modelling passengers in air-rail multimodality

Standard immunosuppressive treatment reduces regulatory B cells in children with autoimmune liver disease

A Conceptual Framework to Predict Disease Progressions in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, Using Machine Learning and Process Mining

Preprint: Near infrared-light treatment alters mitochondrial homeostasis to induce senescence in breast cancer cells

Translaboration in the literary translation community of practice

A national multiple baseline cohort study of mental health conditions in early adolescence and subsequent educational outcomes in New Zealand

Locating Menswear – A Non-Hierarchical Exploration of Place and Community.

Contribution to Evaluation of Nonlinear Distortion in 5G IoT Subsystems

The relationship between young children’s personal values and their teacher-rated behaviors in the classroom

Similar voltage-sensor movement in spHCN channels can cause closing, opening, or inactivation

Wireless Networks: Cyber Security Threats and Countermeasures

Tribute to Momar-Coumba Diop

SampleHST: Efficient On-the-Fly Selection of Distributed Traces

Production networks in the cultural and creative sector: case studies from the publishing industry (CICERONE report D2.8)

Trading off Time, Carbon, Active Travel, and Health: What do People Really Think about Traffic-reduction Measures?

After the End of the World? Rethinking Temporalities of Critique and Affirmation in the Anthropocene

Economic Regulation of Airports in the United Kingdom

Managing Airports: An International Perspective. 6th edition

Extracellular Vesicles in Phylogeny

Resisting Cybercide, Strengthening Solidarity: Standing up to Israel’s Digital Occupation

The Suppression and Othering of Black Lives Matter Protests Through Tear Gas

The Constitution of the United Kingdom: A Contextual Analysis, 4th edition by Peter Leyland (2021)

Comparing Australia’s Brereton Inquiry and New Zealand’s Burnham Inquiry: A Discussion

The Shadow of Operation Northmoor: Salient Lessons for Australia’s Own Prosecutions

The Repositioning of the Football Jersey from the Pitch to the Runway.

Preprint: Kidney Shape Statistical Analysis: Associations with Disease and Anthropometric Factors

CORONA HAIKUS: visual poetry in times of isolation

‘It was organized from the bottom’: the response from community-based institutions during the 2014 Ebola epidemic

Internet as an ideology nationalistic discourses and multiple subject positions of Chinese internet workers

“You always think about what other people be thinking”: Black men and barriers to cycling in London

Exteriority as Law: Revisiting the Masochean turn within Levinas

Genomic analysis of Anderson typing phages of Salmonella Typhimrium: towards understanding the basis of bacteria-phage interaction

An investigation into the tension lap splices

En(tre les) ligne(s): Reading between the lines, modes and materialities of the London French “diasberspace”

Adopting a Soft Transdisciplinary Approach via Inquiry: Focus on Law Education

In the opposite lane: How Women of Colour experience, negotiate and apply an oppositional gaze to dominant cycling discourses

Final Evaluation of the TSFT/GRCF Plants On The Edge Project

Tourism and Water: A Human Rights Perspective to Enhance Sustainable Tourism

Yoga use, physical and mental health, and quality of life in adults with irritable bowel syndrome: A mixed-methods study

Anti-Racist Video Activism: Framing and production of new knowledges that challenge the post-truth hegemonic project

Biotechnology, sustainability and the water environment

A Novel Microfluidic Dielectrophoresis Technology to Enable Rapid Diagnosis of Mycobacteria tuberculosis in Clinical Samples

Key note speaker: A 'lens of labour'; developing a new conceptual framework for considering young people's involvement in gangs and organised crime (reflections from Bangladesh, China and Nepal)

Playing to Survive; Street Children and the Right to Play in Bangladesh and Nepal

National culture and tax evasion: The role of the institutional environment quality

Critique pharmacologique de la condition des travailleurs du savoir à l’épreuve de la pandémie

Intercultural Skills: A Reflexive Approach to the Training of Sociocultural Workers

Between the Sacred and Secular: Faith, Space and Place in the Twenty-First Century

Project Europe: A History by Kiran Klaus Patel

Testing hypotheses about the harm that capitalism causes to the mind and brain: a theoretical framework for neuroscience research

Reparations for Afghan Victims of Australian War Crimes

Recalibrating the Olympics: Misplaced leverage and a relational turn?

Freedom of Expression and the Olympics

Income and Earnings at the Olympic Games

The Curious Case of the IOC and the Creation of Olympic Law

The Voice and Its Doubles: Media and Music in Northern AustraliaMaking Aboriginal Men and Music in Central Australia

Using social exchange theory to examine residents’ responses to heritage tourism: Case studies of Samarqand and Bukhara in Uzbekistan

Islamic Banks’ Sharia Compliance Disclosure: An International Evidence

Using drawing as a research tool in metaphor-led discourse analysis

Research Handbook on International Child Abduction: The 1980 Hague Convention

Our corporate tax windfall can bring life-changing equality to our thriving nation

DNS++: Dynamic Name Resolution with Homomorphic Encryption Based Privacy

Can group-based strategies increase community resilience? Longitudinal predictors of sustained participation in Covid-19 mutual aid and community support groups

Identification of cardiotoxicity related to non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) treatments: A systematic review

Tourism and Water: A Human Rights Perspective to Enhance Sustainable Tourism

Discovering Process Models from Patient Notes

On vowel nasalisation in transitional Francoprovençal and Occitan areas

Practice Research Voices (PRVOICES): Final report and recommendations

Prohibitin Links Cell Cycle, Motility and Invasion in Prostate Cancer Cells

Hope after ‘the end of the world’: Rethinking critique in the Anthropocene

Rethinking Research Ethics in the Humanities: Principles and Recommendations

The Impact of 2020 Low Traffic Neighbourhoods on Levels of Car/Van Driving among Residents: Findings from Lambeth, London, UK

ECG Baseline Wander Removal Using the LSRLMF-Based fixed-Point Interference Canceller

Skewness in energy returns: estimation, testing and implications for tail risk

The Palaces of Comfort, Consolation and Distraction - The Pie and Mash shop as a performative space of a contested London working class memory

Does schooling have lasting effects on cognitive function? Evidence from compulsory schooling laws

Reframing Construction Labour Productivity in a Colonisation Context: The West Bank as an Example

Transitions in Motion: Accelerating Active Travel Infrastructure in London through Grassroots Groups and Activist Researchers

The role of the institutional environment as a barrier or an enabler to entrepreneurial and innovation activity; the case of the South African green economy industry

Cross cultural verbal cues to deception: truth and lies in first and second language forensic interview contexts

How to spend the country's €65 billion surplus and make people happy

A Comparative Analysis of E-Government in Jamaica and Singapore: An Exploratory Study of Supply-Side Factors

RNA-Binding Proteins and Their Emerging Roles in Cancer: Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg.

The Lisa and John Slideshow (2017): A Play about Photography

Acquisition of a large virulence plasmid (pINV) promoted temperature-dependent virulence and global dispersal of O96:H19 enteroinvasive Escherichia coli

“But can chatbots understand sex?” Attitudes towards artificial intelligence chatbots amongst sexual and reproductive health professionals: An exploratory mixed-methods study

Making the elephant dance: Connectivity as transgressive practice in doctoral research

Including the 'Students' as Co-Creators

Alien power chords

Moving Pictures: Reusing Cinemas as Places of Worship in Diaspora

Road transport and urban logistics

Road Freight Transport SMEs: Trading, Operational and Decarbonisation Perspectives - Summary slideset

Warehousing in the UK: Operations, Planning and Decarbonisation - Summary slideset

Warehousing in the UK: Operations, Planning and Decarbonisation - Summary Report

Warehousing in the UK: Operations, Planning and Decarbonisation - Full Briefing Report

Road Freight Transport SMEs: Trading, Operational and Decarbonisation Perspectives - Briefing Report

The Image of the Road Freight Transport and Warehousing Industry

Health tourism and government supports

Fostering a growth mindset to reduce inequality in academic success

Travelling to Ankara: Western Perspectives of the Modern Capital

Action learning and coaching as an integrated approach for supporting women’s career progression: A reflective analysis

Policy Brief: Bridging the Gender Pay Gap

Smart Urban Metabolism: A Big-Data and Machine Learning Perspective

Changing Monsoonal Waterworlds

Topologies of Regional Cinema: Philippine, Mindanaon, and Southeast Asian Films

A Modular Deep Learning Framework for Scene Understanding in Augmented Reality Applications

Detection of Physical Adversarial Attacks on Traffic Signs for Autonomous Vehicles

An AI-Assisted Skincare Routine Recommendation System in XR

3D CATBraTS: Channel Attention Transformer for Brain Tumour Semantic Segmentation

Do Blue Flag promotions influence tourists’ willingness to pay a price premium for coastal destinations?

Cosmos, Fiction and Transcendence

Recommending yoga for health: A survey of perceptions among healthcare practitioners in the UK.

Migrant workers navigating the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK: Resilience, reworking and resistance

Exploring the Relationship between Urban Form, Mobility and Social Well-Being: Towards an Interdisciplinary Field of Sustainable Urban Planning and Transport Development

Preprint: A drug repurposing screen for whipworms informed by comparative genomics

Editorial: Scene-dependent image quality and visual assessment

Sense of Humour and its Effects on Great Britain's Destination Image

Prevalent Elements of Consumer Wellbeing in Wearable Technology Use: An Interdisciplinary Systematic Review and Future Research Agenda

Mini-Publics as an innovation in spatial governance

How to be an anti-racist ally on the university campus

Grassroots football club stakeholders’ sponsorship: the role of happiness and shared values

Sour Grapes

Hand in Hand With Love: An Anthology of Queer Classic Poetry

Joining the EU was the inflexion point in our modern progress

Qualitative study of experience of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT+) amongst Survivors' Rehabilitation Evaluation after Cancer (SURECAN) trial participants and therapists: A protocol

Olympic Laws: Culture, Values, Tensions

Birkbeck 1823-2023 and the future of lifelong learning

A community psychology for migrant justice: Critically examining border violence and resistance during the COVID-19 syndemic.

Forging organizational resilience through green value co‐creation: The role of green technology, green operations, and green transaction capabilities

Synthesising the existing literature on the market acceptance of autonomous vehicles and the external underlying factors

The industry’s inconvenient truth. We can’t just afford to build greener, we must build less

Challenging the Rules of the Game

Factors Influencing Saudi Youth Physical Activity Participation: A Qualitative Study Based on the Social Ecological Model

‘Searching for the lost home in the labyrinth: Set design in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’,

Emotion-focused dyadic coping styles used by family carers of people with dementia during the COVID-19 pandemic

Critical AI Studies Meets Critical Political Economy

Understanding A Century of Exceptional Progress: Ireland Since Independence

The Changing Nature of Long-Haul Traffic on the North Atlantic: An Examination of Airline Network Strategies

Disrupting work and leisure in lockdown: the case of the Soho Poly

Exploring Art Schema and their Relevance to DAW Teaching and Pedagogy – Examples of Artistic Practice in the Field of Music Production

Fostering a growth mindset in higher education for inclusive learning for all

Beyond just talking strategy: using gaming simulations to catalyze airline managers' buy-in to novel strategies that can shape or adapt to profit cyclicality

Research outputs for the PhD by Published Work “Potentials and limitations of language in observing and interpreting art”

Managing Cybersecurity Threats and Increasing Organizational Resilience

Live Coding and Music Production as Hybrid Practice

Effective Governance and the Political Economy of Coordination

Gothic Chapbooks, Bluebooks and Shilling Shockers, 1797–1830 by Franz J. Potter

Italian diplomacy and the Ukrainian crisis: the challenges (and cost) of continuity

Sleep disturbance, mental health, wellbeing and educational impact in UK university students: A mixed methods study

Potentials and limitations of language in observing and interpreting art

Democratic design for future-regarding institutions

Doctor Watson Architects, Incomplete Works Volume Four

Is it possible to compete with car use? How buses can facilitate sustainable transport

Embracing the language of human rights: international women’s organisations, feminism and campaigns against the marriage bar, c.1919-1960

Getting connected: establishing direct communication between learning developers and PhD Students with teaching responsibilities

Physicochemical and microbiological characteristics of fruit-based kombucha

Re-formulating Monascus fermented durian seeds yogurt with strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) puree to enhance its microbiological, physicochemical and organoleptic properties

Editorial: Investigating the molecular targets and therapeutic potential of Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) in various pathophysiological conditions

The Use of Plant Steroids in Viral Disease Treatments: Current Status and Future Perspectives

Inhibiting CDK4/6 in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma via microRNA-21

Writer Conversations

Is It Possible to Compete With Car Use? How Buses Can Facilitate Sustainable Transport

The twilight of resource nationalism: From cyclicality to singularity?

An examination of UK companies' modern slavery disclosure practices: Does board gender diversity matter?

A systematic review and meta-analysis of studies exploring prevalence of non-specific anxiety in undergraduate university students.

Review of: Barang-Barang, Erika Tan

Misinformation as Material: Towards the use of cognitive psychology as a research tool for artists

Islamic Banks’ Sharia Compliance Disclosure: An International Evidence

A meta-ethnography investigating relational influences on mental health and cancer-related health care interventions for racially minoritised people in the UK

Analysing the Factors that Influence Social Media Adoption Among SME's in Developing Countries

Choice of output

Misogyny, Authoritarianism, and Climate Change

Discerning popularity of innovations on digital platforms using an exploratory developer motivational perspective framework

Organizing in digital platforms: Temporality, the grammar of actions, and algorithmic delegation

Mental health and the music industry: an evolving intervention landscape

Dynamics of Emotions Towards AI-Powered Technologies: A Study of GitHub Copilot

The Art of Meaningful Universal Values

Practice Research Voices (PR Voices): a case study

Decolonization, Indigeneity, and the Cultural Politics of Race

Fostering a Growth Mindset in Higher Education for Inclusive Learning for All

China’s Anti-Monopoly Law Amended to Adapt to its Booming Platform Economy

Genomic Analysis of Clinical Multidrug Resistant E. coli in Nigerian Hospitals

Associations between sleep variables and ostensibly paranormal experiences and paranormal beliefs: A scoping review

Excessive reactive oxygen species induce transcription-dependent replication stress.

Multi- Level Governance Framework for Global Political Renewal

“Doors that could take you elsewhere”: The Architectural Practice of Reading Science Fiction

Translator work practices and the construction of the correct interpretation of Marxism in post-war Greece

Accounting, accountability and governance in junior stock markets

Social positioning matters: A socialized affordance perspective of mHealth in India

India: Rahul Gandhi’s defamation trial highlights drift away from democracy under Narendra Modi

Occupying Powers, Obligations of Prevention and Private Actors in Occupied Territory: A Theoretical Inquiry under the Law of Occupation

Abdominal imaging associates body composition with COVID-19 severity

Cost–Benefit Analysis of a Trans-Arctic Alternative Route to the Suez Canal: A Method Based on High-Fidelity Ship Performance, Weather, and Ice Forecast Models

Interface: Resistance and Response in Planning

Right-wing populism and urban planning

Spatial risk for a superspreading environment: Insights from six urban facilities in six global cities across four continents

Environmental Design Strategies for Heritage

NOSTROMO: Lessons learned, conclusions and way forward

De-municipalisation? Legacies of austerity for England’s urban parks

Editorial: The public health problem of burnout in health professionals

Donate Yourself: An AR trail exploring the future of organ, tissue and body data donation

Insights into How Vietnamese Retailers Utilize Social Media to Facilitate Knowledge Creation through the Process of Value Co-Creation

How incarcerating children affects their labour market outcomes

Do residents living in transit-oriented development station catchment areas travel sustainably? The impacts of life events

Islands and Resilience Experiences from the Pandemic Era

Measuring the susceptibility to visually induced motion sickness and its relationship with vertigo, dizziness, migraine, syncope and personality traits

Copyright Law and Fan Works

Eudaimonic career identities – Finnish executive women’s career navigation at the top management level

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The Flex Factor

Take five practical steps: international experience counts for women

The Conundrum of Defining and Prosecuting Terrorism: A Review of United Kingdom and International Reponses

Critical Reception Studies: the White Feminism of Feminist Reception Scholarship

Wayfinding Resilience

Evaluation of Year 1 of the Academic Mentoring Programme: Impact Evaluation for Year 11. Evaluation Report: An exploration of impact in Year 11

Bioengineering of Antibody Fragments: Challenges and Opportunities.

Computerized cognitive training in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials with blinded and objective outcomes

Spaces for children's play and travel close to home: the importance of threshold spaces

Moral leniency towards belief-consistent disinformation may help explain its spread on social media

Factors prompting and deterring suicides on the roads

Publications for the PhD by Published Work "Copyright Law and Fan Works"

Curricula comparison of mechanical engineering technology and similarly named programmes

Translator work practices and the construction of the correct interpretation of Marxism in post-war Greece

Keynote speech on the Metaverse (Meta universe) framework, strategies, technologies, deshopping & analytics for the 9th International Conference on Information Management (ICIM 2023) at the University of Oxford UK

Preface for the IEEE Conference Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Information Management at the University of Oxford, England, UK

Research Report on obtaining planning permission for retrofitting homes to reduce carbon emissions

European Cybersecurity Law in 2023: A Review of the Advances in the Network and Information Security 2 Directive 2022/2555

Male survivors of sexual violence: a rapid review of prevalence, disclosure and factors influencing help seeking for ethnic minorities

Reasons for incomplete STI vaccination among men who have sex with men in an English sexual health service

‘I felt I was right there with them’: the impact of sound-enriched audio description on experiencing and remembering artworks, for blind and sighted museum audiences

Against bifurcation: why it’s in the best interests of convict criminology to be international in scope and not a collection of individual country level organisations

Isolated Sleep Paralysis: Clinical Features, Perception of Aetiology, Prevention and Disruption Strategies in a Large International Sample

John Bull in a China Shop: Cartooning China: Punch, Power and Politics in the Victorian Age, by Amy Matthewson, London: Routledge, 2022, 188 pp., £36.99 (paperback), £120.00 (hardback), eBook £33.29, ISBN 9780367460990

Sauerkraut inoculated with Lactobacillus casei as a potent immunomodulator in Escherichia coli infected mice

Difference Festival: Fighting superbugs

Dr Manal Mohammed for The Conversation on the norovirus

Private events for public benefit? Events and the emergence of public-private parks

Re-thinking Photographic Portraiture of 21st Century Italian Migrants in the Arc Lémanique area

The Adenylate-Uridylate-Rich element RNA binding protein ZFP36L1 suppresses replication stress-induced genomic instability

Reframing the Past

Exploring Associations between the Built Environment and Cycling Behaviour around Urban Greenways from a Human-Scale Perspective

Men’s efforts to tackle men’s violence: negotiating gendered privileges and norms in movement and practice spaces

Open Research Practice Based Researchers

Sex-disease dimorphism underpins enhanced motion sickness susceptibility in primary adrenal insufficiency: a cross-sectional observational study.

Social Economy in the Classroom: The London Birkbeck Schools

Rethinking “Hope” and “Resilience” in the Anthropocene: An Interview with David Chandler

Orientalist Afterlives: Theorizing Discourse about Peppa Pig and China

What Does It Take to Build an Inclusive Governance of Global Value Chains? A Framework for Intervention

Zebrafish null mutants of Sept6 and Sept15 are viable but susceptible to Shigella infection

Extracellular vesicle signatures and protein citrullination are modified in shore crabs (Carcinus maenas) infected with Hematodinium sp

Aligned Polyhydroxyalkanoate Blend Electrospun Fibers as Intraluminal Guidance Scaffolds for Peripheral Nerve Repair

Spontaneous perspective-taking and its relation to schizotypy

Migration, Europe, and the question of political and economic sovereignty in Africa

Returns to Education: Individuals

Going Global: Evidence from India

Coercion and crime: Convergences, divergences and ‘county lines’

Isolated sleep paralysis: Clinical features, perception of aetiology, prevention and disruption strategies in a large international sample

Wish You Were Here?

Preprint: Precision MRI phenotyping of muscle volume and quality at a population scale

An Impact Investment Strategy

Experiences and implications of the first wave of the COVID-19 emergency in Italy: a social science perspective

Biochemical, molecular and microbial ecological aspects of bioelectrochemical systems

Multi-Agent-Based Modeling of Deshopping Behavior Considering Two or More Shops or Web Sites

Changes after COVID-19 on welfare policies and services for people with learning disabilitites and Autism: Acase study for England, United Kingdom

Leadership Development On The Go: A Multi-Perspective Two-Cohort Case Study To Explore Collective Leadership Development

On Balance: Architecture and Vertigo

A deep learning workflow for quantification of Micronuclei in DNA damage studies in cultured cancer cell lines: a proof of principle investigation

Hydrocephalus: A neuropsychological and theoretical primer.

A relational investigation of Israeli gay fathers’ experiences of surrogacy, early parenthood, and mental health in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

‘Allow her to flourish and grow’: commodifying gendered handicraft labour in conscious capitalist brand imagery on Instagram

Integrating multi-communication research and the business English class

Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility Training in the EMT Network

Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation in children and young people with psychiatric disorders: a systematic review

Teaching Communication, Skills and Competencies for the International Workplace A Resource for Teachers of English

Sexual health in the UK: the experience of racially minoritised communities and the need for stakeholder input

International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning Academic English in Turbulent Times

Intelligence at the Extreme Edge: A Survey on Reformable TinyML

Statistical Analysis Plan: Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in London: Interrupted time series analysis of sensor count data

Challenging Nation-Statism: Political Boundaries and Bodies at the Border

Subalternizing Geopolitics: Bhutan as a Small Himalayan State

P1 Bacteriophage-Enabled Delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 Antimicrobial Activity Against Shigella flexneri

Preprint: Cardiovascular measures from abdominal MRI provide insights into abdominal vessel genetic architecture

Transformational Innovation in the Creative and Cultural Industries

What informs a firm’s Attractiveness as an Alliance Partner? The development of a survey instrument.

The European Approach to Cybersecurity in 2023: A Review of the Changes Brought in By the Network and Information Security 2 (NIS2) Directive 2022/2555


Hear: Law and the Senses

Dry Powder Formulation of Azithromycin for COVID-19 Therapeutics

'Negotiating Diasporic Identities in Glocal Heritage Discourses'

A tool for deriving camera spatial frequency response from natural scenes (NS-SFR)

‘Imposter participants’ in online qualitative research, a new and increasing threat to data integrity?

Social Entrepreneurial Intention: Educating, Experiencing and Believing

Dr Manal Mohammed for CNN on how often you should wear your clothes without washing them

Beyond the pale: fencing off parks for festivals

The Impact of the Russian-Ukrainian War on Global Financial Markets

The operation of the 'hidden':towards an understanding of architectural and urban space, the case of Omonia square

The Wellbeing Effects of Developing and Staging a Community Festival During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Model Diet: Building a tailored dietary intervention for fashion models to meet the needs of the individual and the occupational and social constraints of the fashion industry

Tasting Tunnocks Teacakes: Accidental Atmospheres in Scottish Food Tourism

Telling a story with metadata: always drink from the upstream. What if your metadata isn’t properly represented in the stream

Herding in foreign direct investment

Fan-Slicer: A Pycuda Package for Fast Reslicing of Ultrasound Shaped Planes

Aggregation tests identify new gene associations with breast cancer in populations with diverse ancestry

A Green Democratic Revolution

The effect of political connections on firms' auditor choice decisions and audit opinions: evidence from Egypt

A paradigm shift for medical health care to focus on a service-value approach to achieve greater patient satisfaction.

Festive Parks as Inclusive Spaces: Celebrating Latin American London in Finsbury Park

A Study of Curation, Location and Temporality in Contemporary Art Fairs

Understanding Cognitive Variability in Alzheimer’s Disease

Factors influencing clinical outcome in vestibular neuritis – A focussed review and reanalysis of prospective data

Selecting the Right Digital Influencer in B2B Markets: Guidelines for Managers

Proceedings of a roundtable event ‘Workplace Diet and Health – priorities for researchers and practitioners’

Review of Alexander Gilder, Stabilization and Human Security in UN Peace Operations

Global Chinese media and a decade of change

A Trojan dragon and its Achilles heel

Ten Years After the European Crisis: Arbitrating Sovereign Debt

Islam, ‘terror’ and national identity

Redefining African news

Covering political unrest

Responding to disaster

Telling China's story well

Seeking ‘truth’ from facts

A battle for global influence

Seeking Truth in International TV News

Market Developments on Chinese International Air Passenger Markets in Light of COVID-19 Policy Measures

Efficient Neural Network DPD architecture for Hybrid Beamforming mMIMO


Selective schooling and social mobility in England

Musicians, their Relationships, and their Wellbeing: Creative Labour, Relational Work

The Music of the Gothic 1790-1820

'Co-branding as a Masstige Strategy for Luxury Brands: Desirable or Not?

Cross-cultural adaptation of the web-based executive functioning questionnaire for Brazilian sample (Webexec-BR)

Precarious Professionals: Gender, Identities and Social Change in Modern Britain Edited by Heidi Egginton and Zoë Thomas, London: University of London Press, 2021, pp. v‐332, ISBN 978‐1‐912702‐59‐6.

‘It stretches your body but makes you feel good too’: A qualitative study exploring young people’s perceptions and experiences of yoga

The Real Law

The Law School Degree Show: law, materiality, decolonisation and authentic assessment

The school-to-work transition for young people who experience custody

A Social Sciences and Humanities research agenda for transport and mobility in Europe: key themes and 100 research questions

Moving Towards Transition: Commoning Mobility for a Low-Carbon Future

The EU in International Negotiations

Edward Said and the Question of Language

Intraclass Clustering-Based CNN Approach for Detection of Malignant Melanoma

Correcting mistakes in the magistrates’ courts: To what extent has the Court of Appeal, in R (Williamson) v City of Westminster Magistrates Court [2012] Cr App R 24, clarified the application of the ‘power of the magistrates’ court to re-open cases to rectify mistakes etc’ under s.142 of the Magistrates Court Act 1980?

Power, Policy, and Digital Switchover: An Analysis of Communication Policy Making and its Challenges for Regulating Ghana’s Digital Television Sector

Situating documentary film in a speculative future: an exploration in multi species entanglements

Development of a composite regional vulnerability index and its relationship with the impacts of the COVID‑19 pandemic

Model-based Resource Management for Fine-grained Services

A Cross-Sectional Study Exploring the Physical Activity Levels of Afghans and Other South Asian Youth in the UK

Tiny happy people? Brain building and the ‘word gap’

Curcumin and N-Acetylcysteine Nanocarriers Alone or Combined with Deferoxamine Target the Mitochondria and Protect against Neurotoxicity and Oxidative Stress in a Co-Culture Model of Parkinson’s Disease

Gendered Discourses of Responsibility and Domestic Abuse Victim-Blame in the English Children’s Social Care System

Libri alienigeni: Evidence of Anglo-Italian language contact from the fifteenth-century port of Southampton

Lexical replacement, retention and borrowing in Middle English: A case study

Predictors of UK postgraduate researcher attendance behaviours and mental health-related attrition intention.

Improving Physiological Relevance of Cell Culture: The Possibilities, Considerations and Future Directions of the Ex Vivo Co-Culture Model

Wellbeing initiatives the role of mindfulness in international mobility

Going home: the hardest move

The whole story

Artifact-Free Fat-Water Separation in Dixon MRI using Deep Learning

Regional Industrial Redistribution and Carbon Emissions: A Dynamic Analysis for China

Abyssal geography

Battles over ‘unruly bodies’: Practitioners’ interpretations of eating disorders and the utility of psychiatric labelling

The Italian Legislation on War Crimes: Obligations to Implement and Principle of Legality

Costa Rican Exceptionalism: Nostalgia, Costumbrismo, and Patriotism in Maikol Yordan de viaje perdido (Miguel Gómez, 2014)

The impact of artificial intelligence capabilities on servitization: The moderating role of absorptive capacity-A dynamic capabilities perspective

Do executive remuneration decision-makers know what’s going on? The gap between independence and institutional contexts

Institutions and business customer experience: the role of interfunctional coordination and service co-design

Opening the Simulation Box: Towards Explainable Metamodels for Enhanced Air Traffic Management Performance Assessment

Photography in Flux: The Global Contemporary

End-to-end slices to orchestrate resources and services in the cloud-to-edge continuum

Translaboration in Analogue and Digital Practice: Labour, Power, Ethics

Toilet talk: (Trans)Gendered negotiation of public spaces

Future multimodal mobility scenarios within Europe

Accounting and Auditing with Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence: A Literature Review

The associations between paranormal beliefs and sleep variables

I’m Skinny, I’m Worth More: Fashion Models’ Experiences of Aesthetic Labor and Its Impact on Body Image and Eating Behaviors

Dissent and Democracy in Contemporary India: Visions of Education, Versions of Citizenship, and Variants of Jihad

Montage and Dialectical History: The Accession Day Tilts, Whitehall and Embodied Participation


Interpretations of European integration history and introduction to research tools

The Franco-German relationship at the heart of EU history

Ideas and movements in favour of European integration from the nineteenth century until today

Milk lakes and butter mountains: The common agricultural policy

The European Commission: A government in the making?

From the early Common Market to the crises of the 1960s, 1958-68

Miriam Camps and European Integration: Blurring the Boundaries between Scholarship and Diplomacy

Parental experiences of the impact of grooming and criminal exploitation of children for county lines drug trafficking

Catastrophe Bond Pricing In The Primary Market: The Issuer Effect And Pricing Factors

The Possible Forms of Professionalism: Credibility and the Performance of Queer Sexualities Among Barristers in England & Wales

“An Expensive Commodity”? The Impact of Hope on US Foreign Policy During the “Unipolar Moment”

A qualitative exploration of student self-harm and experiences of support-seeking within a UK university setting

Investigation of the drivers of logistics outsourcing in the United Kingdom's pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

Nuestra America: a family in the vertigo of translation

Attitudes Towards Passwords Sharing in Cohabiting Partners

Enhanced production of biobased, biodegradable, Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) using an unexplored marine bacterium Pseudohalocynthiibacter aestuariivivens, isolated from highly polluted coastal environment.

Antecedent, behaviour, and consequence (a-b-c) of deploying the contact tracing app in response to COVID-19: Evidence from Europe

Ageing Passenger Perceptions of Ground Access Journeys to Airports: a Survey of UK Residents

Why are we still reading Ovid's rapes?

Cuestiones de representación en Miss Museo: Mujer, Nación, Identidad y Ciudadanía (2007)

Architecture and Faux-nationalism: reflections on a remark made by the British architectural historian Gavin Stamp about the German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Towards social innovation strategy: an analysis of UK Social Enterprises

Using concordance lines to teach participial adjectives

What explains Alibaba’s miraculous IPO success on the New York stock exchange?

Chile – from Pinochet’s neoliberal counter-revolution to the 2019-20 anti-neoliberal revolt

Contemporary Kashmiris and Kurds: Conflict and Coloniality

The politics of truth at LGBTQ+ Pride: contesting corporate Pride and revealing marginalized lives at Hong Kong Migrants Pride

The development of digital commerce in the fashion industry: The typology of emerging designers in London

Masculinities and men’s emotions in and after intimate partner relationships

Saudi Arabian Television: The Challenge of Connecting with Reality

The Impact of First UK-Wide Lockdown (March–June 2020) on Sexual Behaviors in Men and Gender Diverse People Who Have Sex with Men During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Street children, criminological research and emotional labour; reflections from the field

Guest editorial: Challenges and opportunities for increasingly turbulent times

Interviewing in virtual environments: Towards understanding the impact of rapport-building behaviours and retrieval context on eyewitness memory.

A transfer learning-based system for grading breast invasive ductal carcinoma

Flexible Green Supply Chain Management in Emerging Economies: A Systematic Literature Review

La Convention citoyenne: un dispositif hors norme parmi les assemblées citoyennes sur le climat? (Placing the Convention: an outlier amongst climate assemblies?)

Journalistic ethics and elections news coverage in the Ghanaian press: a content analysis of two daily Ghanaian newspaper coverage of election 2020

Labour Standards in the Ghanaian Construction Sector: an investigation of the governance landscape

Water insecurity and gender‐based violence: A global review of the evidence

Zakariyya Tamir and the politics of the Syrian short story - modernity, authoritarianism and gender

A multi-contextual lens on racism and discrimination in the multicultural marketplace

Special Issue "The Exposome in Immune Evolution, Health and Disease"

An exploration into the impact that shift work has on the nutritional behaviours of UK police officers

Discovery of drug-omics associations in type 2 diabetes with generative deep-learning models.

Book review: Escapees. The history of Jews who fled Nazi deportation trains in France, Belgium and the Netherlands by Tanja von Fransecky, translated by Benjamin Liebelt, New York, Berghahn Books, 2019, 314pp., $135.00/£99.00 (hardback), ISBN 978-1-78533-886-1; German railways, Jewish souls: the Reichsbahn, bureaucracy and the final solution, by Christopher R. Browning, Peter Hayes and Raul Hilberg, New York, Berghahn Books, 2019, 164pp., $149.00/£110.00 (hardback), ISBN 978-1-78920-275-5

The Place of Radio in the Soundscapes: Everyday Listening and Producing Sounds in Marginalised Communities of the Global South

The use and measurement of communication self-efficacy techniques in a UK undergraduate accounting course

The effects of institutional independence on initial central bank responses to the COVID-19 crisis

The psychological therapy preferences of patients who hear voices

Preprint: Liver Shape Analysis using Statistical Parametric Maps at Population Scale

Why London is Labour: A History of Metropolitan Politics, 1900–2020

Geospatial Technologies in Archaeology

Acoustic characteristics of fricatives in Francoprovençal (Nendaz)

International perspectives on academic English in turbulent times: an afterward

International perspectives on academic English in turbulent times: an introduction

Gender justice in global tourism: exploring tourism transformation through the lens of feminist alternative economics

Using a human rights approach to improve hotels’ water use and sustainability

Enlargement, Treaty Reform and Crises (1993-2021)

A combined optimization–simulation approach for modified outside-in boarding under COVID-19 regulations including limited baggage compartment capacities

Are Small Effects the Indispensable Foundation for a Cumulative Psychological Science? A Reply to Götz et al. (2022)

Time and mobility/immobility: the chronopolitics of mobility and the temporalities of suffering and hope in situations of encampment

Leaving egos outside: A ‘reverse mentoring’ study of BAME psychology students and senior university leaders

Integrating Citizen Deliberation into Climate Governance: Lessons on Robust Design from Six Climate Assemblies

On Boredom and Contemporary Fashion Photography

Eros against Law: Levinas and Erotic Interiority in Don Juan of Kolomea

Thinking holistically about procedural justice in alternative dispute resolution: a case study of the German Federal Ombud Scheme

Victorian Values: past and present in the refurbishment of London's historic churches

______________________________________: Inclusive Football Commentary: Creating a Richer Experience for Audiences Who Cannot See

Male victims of sexual violence and their welfare in the Criminal Justice System

Untangling the complexity of mentoring feedback practices in post-compulsory initial teacher education in the UK

A qualitative investigation of service providers’ experiences supporting raped and sexually abused men

Development of Intra-Individual Value Structures in Middle-Childhood: A Multicultural and Longitudinal Investigation

Actor Network Theory and Sensing Governance: From Causation to Correlation

The vulnerability of Technology-based Business during COVID-19: An indicator-based Conceptual Framework

Tableaux and Sequent Calculi for CTL and ECTL: Satisfiability Test with Certifying Proofs and Models

The Urgency of Changing the Arab World: The Case of Adonis, Mohammed Abed Al-Jabry and Mohammed Arkoun

‘For Us Foreigners, Licking Your Fingers Clean is a Good Habit’: On Learning Chinese and Learning About Discourse from Chinese-language Textbooks.

The human translator in the 2020s

International Child Abduction

Septins promote caspase activity and coordinate mitochondrial apoptosis

Accounting Classification in the Era of International Financial Reporting Standards: The case of Africa

Running and Reading Remnant Danwei Walls in China's Post-socialist City

Vulnerability Reduction of Technology-Based Business research in the Last four Decades: A Bibliometric Analysis

Music and Wellbeing vs Musicians’ Wellbeing: Examining the Paradox of Music-Making Positively Impacting Wellbeing, but Musicians Suffering from Poor Mental Health

The landscape of informal economy research: a systematic review of transient trends, pivot, and emerging pattern: is there a spatial turn?

Predicting anxiety, depression and wellbeing in professional and non-professional musicians

William Klein: Yes

Toward a reference architecture based science gateway framework with embedded e‐learning support

Sustainable partner selection and order allocation for strategic items: a framework and decision-making model

Sustainable supplier selection and order allocation for multinational enterprises considering supply disruption in COVID-19 era

Advancing Sustainable Development Goals through Interdisciplinarity in Sustainable Tourism Research

Analysis of the quantum evolutionary game of coordination game

Full Range Leadership Theory

The Persistence of Political Power: A Communist ‘Party Village’ in Kerala and the Paradox of Egalitarian Hierarchies

C.K. Ogden, I.A. Richards and ‘Word Magic’: Rethinking the Relation of Language to Myth

“Arab” Cultural Studies: Phenomenology Being Digital, and Other Notes

Writing Popular Music Fiction

Restoration, Expansion and the Building Art: Contemporary Issues in the Life of Mies van der Rohe’s Museum of Modern Art (New National Gallery) in Berlin

Media Activism, Artivism, and the Fight Against Marginalisation in the Global South: South-to-South Communication

The Stepping into Visibility Model: reflecting on consequences of social media visibility – a Global South perspective

Geospatial Technology and the Sustainable Development Goals

A Queer Sexuality Education: The Possibilities and Impossibilities of Knowing

Confirmations That Were Not Meant to Be: Religion, Violence and the Female Body in Un poison violent (2010), Corpo celeste (2011), and Kreuzweg (2014)

Routledge Handbook of Geospatial Technologies and Society

School adjustment of ethnic minority youth: A qualitative and quantitative research synthesis of family-related risk and resource factors

Religion, Parliament, State and Nation since the Glorious Revolution

The Visually Induced Motion Sickness Susceptibility Questionnaire (VIMSSQ): Estimating Individual Susceptibility to Motion Sickness-Like Symptoms When Using Visual Devices

How do Olympic cities strategically leverage New Urban Tourism? Evidence from Tokyo

Religion and the Constitution to 1688

The effects of gradual vs. rapid weight loss on serum concentrations of myokines and body composition in overweight and obese females

Purposes and practices of MENA television: Components of an ever-evolving medium

Spillover Effects in the Banking Sector of Emerging Economies: a South Africa Case study

Dante Bini: Architect

International Management of Customer Orientation

Reinventing Europe: The History of the European Union, 1945 to the present

Building Mass Customised Housing through Innovation in the Production System

The mosque and the nation

Paris and London Calling: the restaurant as transnational site

Arztgeschichten: Zur chinesischen Medizinkultur, 1926-2015 [Physicians' Stories: On the Culture of Chinese Medicine, 1926-2015]

Human Security and International Law: the role of the United Nations

Tourism and/in the Metropolis: Nighttime and the metropolis (Episode 2)

Dr Regina Keith on the importance of free school meals for BBC Radio London

Social media in community building (SocMedHE2022)

Empirical Research on Financial Efficiency and Economic Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

Blabla time Podcast

The Art Schools of the West Midlands

Cape (Corporeal, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)

My City (In)visible: Colombo

Video case study: AMC Natural Drinks, International Business Challenge

Optimum Nutrition & Team GB Weightlifting: Female Athlete Nutrition Talk

Confirmatory Research Design: Testing Sustainable Performance Model of Schools Improvement

Cumulus (sculpture) Towards a flower (video)

Public Engagement Event at Cody Dock as part of the Therapeutic Horticultural Live Project

Northampton Contemporary Art

Sustainable Planet

In The Future

Prostate Cancer in Black Musicians

老舍的《二马》记录了二十世纪二十年代的一对中国父子在伦敦经营一家古玩铺的经历。在对这部小说的导读介绍中,安妮·维查德(Anne Witchard)探讨了老舍如何用幽默的笔调塑造人物生活,直面种族主义。

90lifestyle Dailymotion video series on the French in London

Ken Grant in Conversation with David Moore

We live like trees inside the footsteps of our ancestors

Utopia Re-Visited: Post-Crash New Town

Ursula Schulz-Dornburg: Memoryscapes

David Moore in conversation with Nigel Shafran

Connecting Works

Exiles: My Stolen Chinese Father

‘Yu Rongling (裕容齡1889–1973) – Diplomat’s daughter who introduced Western dance to China’

The Implications of Loraine James’s Production Approach as Real-time Production Performance Practice

Thinking Global Podcast – Nitasha Kaul

Weaving an Air Grid 01

BOG - Decoding the Details with the Westminster Menswear Archive

Wild Awake

Analyze how ChatGPT can be used in the research field

Deepfake Eden

Hold Me



The Growing Space

Studies (between heaven and earth)

WEb3 Creator Summit - Guest Speaker

A Speculative Approach to the Archive: Itinerant Imaginaries #3

Amplifier Linearization by using Parallel Coupled Stepped-Impedance Resonator Filter in the Linearization Circuit

Reimagining Coral Reefs

Deliberate Practice and Unintended Consequences in Music Production as Practice and Pedagogy

All's Well That Ends Well

Lecture at PRME Winchester

Project on Architectural Student Employment Outcomes (PASEO)

Various fanzines dedicated to the casual subculture

Semiotics and Media Studies

Inside Events Podcast Series

Case studies of authentic, transformational or personalised approaches: Moving from evidence into Action: creating caring reflective professionals

Fresh look at DNA of 5000-year-old 'Iceman'

Technologies of Care: Thought, Cardboard and Silver Paint

Digital Health Evidence Generation Ontology Prototype

A Single Chemist's Shelf

Video: Join us at the University of Westminster to Fight superbugs!

A Guide To Interconnected Learning

Stevenage New Town Tabloids

CYGNA: Power of Neurodiversity

Pauline Boty: Artist - Model - Actor - Blonde

Blonde Noir

Beyond Singular Identity: Exploring the Power of Intersectionality

Dr Manal Mohammed comments on the spread of waterborne disease outbreaks during Gaza war

Changing Spaces (1992) and Kissing Life Better (2023) in The World that Belongs to Us

Changing Spaces (1992) and Kissing Life Better (2023) in The World that Belongs to Us

Digital Accessibility Symposium

Guest Presentation @ complecs TECC | workshop: “Navigating a Platformized Music Industry”