Keynote speech on the Metaverse (Meta universe) framework, strategies, technologies, deshopping & analytics for the 9th International Conference on Information Management (ICIM 2023) at the University of Oxford UK

Preface for the IEEE Conference Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Information Management at the University of Oxford, England, UK

Research Report on obtaining planning permission for retrofitting homes to reduce carbon emissions

European Cybersecurity Law in 2023: A Review of the Advances in the Network and Information Security 2 Directive 2022/2555

Male survivors of sexual violence: a rapid review of prevalence, disclosure and factors influencing help seeking for ethnic minorities

Moral leniency towards belief-consistent disinformation may help explain its spread on social media

Determinants of Intention to Revisit in Hospitality Industry: A Cross-Cultural Study Based on Globe Project

Reasons for incomplete STI vaccination among men who have sex with men in an English sexual health service

‘I felt I was right there with them’: the impact of sound-enriched audio description on experiencing and remembering artworks, for blind and sighted museum audiences

Against bifurcation: why it’s in the best interests of convict criminology to be international in scope and not a collection of individual country level organisations

Isolated Sleep Paralysis: Clinical Features, Perception of Aetiology, Prevention and Disruption Strategies in a Large International Sample

John Bull in a China Shop: Cartooning China: Punch, Power and Politics in the Victorian Age, by Amy Matthewson, London: Routledge, 2022, 188 pp., £36.99 (paperback), £120.00 (hardback), eBook £33.29, ISBN 9780367460990

Sauerkraut inoculated with Lactobacillus casei as a potent immunomodulator in Escherichia coli infected mice

Difference Festival: Fighting superbugs

Dr Manal Mohammed for The Conversation on the norovirus

Private events for public benefit? Events and the emergence of public-private parks.

Re-thinking Photographic Portraiture of 21st Century Italian Migrants in the Arc Lémanique area

The Adenylate-Uridylate-Rich element RNA binding protein ZFP36L1 suppresses replication stress-induced genomic instability

Reframing the Past

Exploring Associations between the Built Environment and Cycling Behaviour around Urban Greenways from a Human-Scale Perspective

Internationalization of innovation practices: Actors and linkages in crowdfunding ecosystems

Open Research Practice Based Researchers

Sex-disease dimorphism underpins enhanced motion sickness susceptibility in primary adrenal insufficiency: a cross-sectional observational study.

Social Economy in the Classroom: The London Birkbeck Schools

Rethinking “Hope” and “Resilience” in the Anthropocene: An Interview with David Chandler

Orientalist Afterlives: Theorizing Discourse about Peppa Pig and China

What Does It Take to Build an Inclusive Governance of Global Value Chains? A Framework for Intervention

Zebrafish null mutants of Sept6 and Sept15 are viable but susceptible to Shigella infection

Extracellular vesicle signatures and protein citrullination are modified in shore crabs (Carcinus maenas) infected with Hematodinium sp

Aligned Polyhydroxyalkanoate Blend Electrospun Fibers as Intraluminal Guidance Scaffolds for Peripheral Nerve Repair

Spontaneous perspective-taking and its relation to schizotypy

Migration, Europe, and the question of political and economic sovereignty in Africa

Returns to Education: Individuals

Going Global: Evidence from India

Coercion and crime: Convergences, divergences and ‘county lines’

Isolated sleep paralysis: Clinical features, perception of aetiology, prevention and disruption strategies in a large international sample

Wish You Were Here?

Preprint: Precision MRI phenotyping of muscle volume and quality at a population scale

An Impact Investment Strategy

Experiences and implications of the first wave of the COVID-19 emergency in Italy: a social science perspective

Biochemical, molecular and microbial ecological aspects of bioelectrochemical systems

Multi-Agent-Based Modeling of Deshopping Behavior Considering Two or More Shops or Web Sites

Audiovisual Translation

Changes after COVID-19 on welfare policies and services for people with learning disabilitites and Autism: Acase study for England, United Kingdom

Leadership Development On The Go: A Multi-Perspective Two-Cohort Case Study To Explore Collective Leadership Development

On Balance: Architecture and Vertigo

A deep learning workflow for quantification of Micronuclei in DNA damage studies in cultured cancer cell lines: a proof of principle investigation

Hydrocephalus: A neuropsychological and theoretical primer.

A relational investigation of Israeli gay fathers’ experiences of surrogacy, early parenthood, and mental health in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

‘Allow her to flourish and grow’: commodifying gendered handicraft labour in conscious capitalist brand imagery on Instagram

Integrating multi-communication research and the business English class

Audiovisual Translation and Media Accessibility Training in the EMT Network

Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation in children and young people with psychiatric disorders: a systematic review.

Teaching Communication, Skills and Competencies for the International Workplace A Resource for Teachers of English

Sexual health in the UK: the experience of racially minoritised communities and the need for stakeholder input

Doctoral writing through a trajectorial lens: an exploratory study on challenges, strategies and relationships

International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning Academic English in Turbulent Times

Intelligence at the Extreme Edge: A Survey on Reformable TinyML

Statistical Analysis Plan: Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in London: Interrupted time series analysis of sensor count data

Hindutva, Muslim Women, and Islamophobic Governance in India

Challenging Nation-Statism: Political Boundaries and Bodies at the Border

Subalternizing Geopolitics: Bhutan as a Small Himalayan State

P1 Bacteriophage-Enabled Delivery of CRISPR-Cas9 Antimicrobial Activity Against Shigella flexneri

Preprint: Cardiovascular measures from abdominal MRI provide insights into abdominal vessel genetic architecture

What informs a firm’s Attractiveness as an Alliance Partner? The development of a survey instrument.


Hear: Law and the Senses

'Negotiating Diasporic Identities in Glocal Heritage Discourses'

A tool for deriving camera spatial frequency response from natural scenes (NS-SFR)

‘Imposter participants’ in online qualitative research, a new and increasing threat to data integrity?

Social Entrepreneurial Intention: Educating, Experiencing and Believing

Dr Manal Mohammed for CNN on how often you should wear your clothes without washing them

Beyond the pale: fencing off parks for festivals

The Impact of the Russian-Ukrainian War on Global Financial Markets

The operation of the 'hidden':towards an understanding of architectural and urban space, the case of Omonia square

The Model Diet: Building a tailored dietary intervention for fashion models to meet the needs of the individual and the occupational and social constraints of the fashion industry

Telling a story with metadata: always drink from the upstream. What if your metadata isn’t properly represented in the stream

Herding in foreign direct investment

Fan-Slicer: A Pycuda Package for Fast Reslicing of Ultrasound Shaped Planes

Aggregation tests identify new gene associations with breast cancer in populations with diverse ancestry

A Green Democratic Revolution

The effect of political connections on firms' auditor choice decisions and audit opinions: evidence from Egypt

A paradigm shift for medical health care to focus on a service-value approach to achieve greater patient satisfaction.

Festive Parks as Inclusive Spaces: Celebrating Latin American London in Finsbury Park

A Study of Curation, Location and Temporality in Contemporary Art Fairs

Understanding Cognitive Variability in Alzheimer’s Disease

Factors influencing clinical outcome in vestibular neuritis – A focussed review and reanalysis of prospective data

Selecting the Right Digital Influencer in B2B Markets: Guidelines for Managers

Proceedings of a roundtable event ‘Workplace Diet and Health – priorities for researchers and practitioners’

Towards democratic intelligence oversight: Limits, practices, struggles

Review of Alexander Gilder, Stabilization and Human Security in UN Peace Operations

Global Chinese media and a decade of change

A Trojan dragon and its Achilles heel

Ten Years After the European Crisis: Arbitrating Sovereign Debt

Islam, ‘terror’ and national identity

Redefining African news

Covering political unrest

Responding to disaster

Telling China's story well

Seeking ‘truth’ from facts

A battle for global influence

Seeking Truth in International TV News

Market Developments on Chinese International Air Passenger Markets in Light of COVID-19 Policy Measures

Efficient Neural Network DPD architecture for Hybrid Beamforming mMIMO


Selective schooling and social mobility in England

Musicians, their Relationships, and their Wellbeing: Creative Labour, Relational Work

'Co-branding as a Masstige Strategy for Luxury Brands: Desirable or Not?

Cross-cultural adaptation of the web-based executive functioning questionnaire for Brazilian sample (Webexec-BR)

Precarious Professionals: Gender, Identities and Social Change in Modern Britain Edited by Heidi Egginton and Zoë Thomas, London: University of London Press, 2021, pp. v‐332, ISBN 978‐1‐912702‐59‐6.

‘It stretches your body but makes you feel good too’: A qualitative study exploring young people’s perceptions and experiences of yoga

The Real Law

The Law School Degree Show: law, materiality, decolonisation and authentic assessment

The school-to-work transition for young people who experience custody

A Social Sciences and Humanities research agenda for transport and mobility in Europe: key themes and 100 research questions

Moving Towards Transition: Commoning Mobility for a Low-Carbon Future

The EU in International Negotiations

Edward Said and the Question of Language

Intraclass Clustering-Based CNN Approach for Detection of Malignant Melanoma

Tiny Happy People? Brain-building and the 'word gap'

To what extent has the Court of Appeal, in R (Williamson) v City of Westminster Magistrates Court [2012] Cr App R 24, clarified the application of the ‘power of the magistrates’ court to re-open cases to rectify mistakes etc’ under s.142 of the Magistrates Court Act 1980?

Power, Policy, and Digital Switchover: An Analysis of Communication Policy Making and its Challenges for Regulating Ghana’s Digital Television Sector

Situating documentary film in a speculative future: an exploration in multi species entanglements

Development of a composite regional vulnerability index and its relationship with the impacts of the COVID‑19 pandemic

Model-based Resource Management for Fine-grained Services

Bourdieu the Ethnographer: Grounding the Habitus of the ‘Far-Right’ Voter

A Cross-Sectional Study Exploring the Physical Activity Levels of Afghans and Other South Asian Youth in the UK

Tiny happy people? Brain building and the ‘word gap’

Curcumin and N-Acetylcysteine Nanocarriers Alone or Combined with Deferoxamine Target the Mitochondria and Protect against Neurotoxicity and Oxidative Stress in a Co-Culture Model of Parkinson’s Disease

Libri alienigeni: Evidence of Anglo-Italian language contact from the fifteenth-century port of Southampton

Lexical replacement, retention and borrowing in Middle English: A case study

Improving Physiological Relevance of Cell Culture: The Possibilities, Considerations and Future Directions of the Ex Vivo Co-Culture Model

Wellbeing initiatives the role of mindfulness in international mobility

Going home: the hardest move

The whole story

Artifact-Free Fat-Water Separation in Dixon MRI using Deep Learning

Regional Industrial Redistribution and Carbon Emissions: A Dynamic Analysis for China

Abyssal geography

Battles over ‘unruly bodies’: Practitioners’ interpretations of eating disorders and the utility of psychiatric labelling

The Italian Legislation on War Crimes: Obligations to Implement and Principle of Legality

Costa Rican Exceptionalism: Nostalgia, Costumbrismo, and Patriotism in Maikol Yordan de viaje perdido (Miguel Gómez, 2014)

The impact of artificial intelligence capabilities on servitization: The moderating role of absorptive capacity-A dynamic capabilities perspective

Do executive remuneration decision-makers know what’s going on? The gap between independence and institutional contexts

Institutions and business customer experience: the role of interfunctional coordination and service co-design

Opening the Simulation Box: Towards Explainable Metamodels for Enhanced Air Traffic Management Performance Assessment

Photography in Flux: The Global Contemporary

End-to-end slices to orchestrate resources and services in the cloud-to-edge continuum

Translaboration in Analogue and Digital Practice: Labour, Power, Ethics

Accounting and Auditing with Blockchain Technology and Artificial Intelligence: A Literature Review

I’m Skinny, I’m Worth More: Fashion Models’ Experiences of Aesthetic Labor and Its Impact on Body Image and Eating Behaviors

Montage and Dialectical History: The Accession Day Tilts, Whitehall and Embodied Participation


Interpretations of European integration history and introduction to research tools

The Franco-German relationship at the heart of EU history

Ideas and movements in favour of European integration from the nineteenth century until today

Milk lakes and butter mountains: The common agricultural policy

The European Commission: A government in the making?

From the early Common Market to the crises of the 1960s, 1958-68

Miriam Camps and European Integration: Blurring the Boundaries between Scholarship and Diplomacy

Catastrophe Bond Pricing In The Primary Market: The Issuer Effect And Pricing Factors

The Possible Forms of Professionalism: Credibility and the Performance of Queer Sexualities Among Barristers in England & Wales

“An Expensive Commodity”? The Impact of Hope on US Foreign Policy During the “Unipolar Moment”

Investigation of the drivers of logistics outsourcing in the United Kingdom's pharmaceutical manufacturing industry

Attitudes Towards Passwords Sharing in Cohabiting Partners

Enhanced production of biobased, biodegradable, Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) using an unexplored marine bacterium Pseudohalocynthiibacter aestuariivivens, isolated from highly polluted coastal environment.

Ageing Passenger Perceptions of Ground Access Journeys to Airports: a Survey of UK Residents

Why are we still reading Ovid's rapes?

A Museum for Me: Place and Memory Making with Mujer Diáspora

Cuestiones de representación en Miss Museo: Mujer, Nación, Identidad y Ciudadanía (2007)

Architecture and Faux-nationalism: reflections on a remark made by the British architectural historian Gavin Stamp about the German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Towards social innovation strategy: an analysis of UK Social Enterprises

Using concordance lines to teach participial adjectives

What explains Alibaba’s miraculous IPO success on the New York stock exchange?

Contemporary Kashmiris and Kurds: Conflict and Coloniality

The development of digital commerce in the fashion industry: The typology of emerging designers in London

Masculinities and men’s emotions in and after intimate partner relationships

Saudi Arabian Television: The Challenge of Connecting with Reality

The Impact of First UK-Wide Lockdown (March–June 2020) on Sexual Behaviors in Men and Gender Diverse People Who Have Sex with Men During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Cross-Sectional Survey

Street children, criminological research and emotional labour; reflections from the field

Interviewing in virtual environments: Towards understanding the impact of rapport-building behaviours and retrieval context on eyewitness memory.

Flexible Green Supply Chain Management in Emerging Economies: A Systematic Literature Review

La Convention citoyenne: un dispositif hors norme parmi les assemblées citoyennes sur le climat? (Placing the Convention: an outlier amongst climate assemblies?)

Journalistic ethics and elections news coverage in the Ghanaian press: a content analysis of two daily Ghanaian newspaper coverage of election 2020

Water insecurity and gender‐based violence: A global review of the evidence

Upper echelon theory

Zakariyya Tamir and the politics of the Syrian short story - modernity, authoritarianism and gender

A multi-contextual lens on racism and discrimination in the multicultural marketplace

Special Issue "The Exposome in Immune Evolution, Health and Disease"

Discovery of drug-omics associations in type 2 diabetes with generative deep-learning models.

Book review: Escapees. The history of Jews who fled Nazi deportation trains in France, Belgium and the Netherlands by Tanja von Fransecky, translated by Benjamin Liebelt, New York, Berghahn Books, 2019, 314pp., $135.00/£99.00 (hardback), ISBN 978-1-78533-886-1; German railways, Jewish souls: the Reichsbahn, bureaucracy and the final solution, by Christopher R. Browning, Peter Hayes and Raul Hilberg, New York, Berghahn Books, 2019, 164pp., $149.00/£110.00 (hardback), ISBN 978-1-78920-275-5

The effects of institutional independence on initial central bank responses to the COVID-19 crisis

The psychological therapy preferences of patients who hear voices

Why London is Labour: A History of Metropolitan Politics, 1900–2020

Geospatial Technologies in Archaeology

International perspectives on academic English in turbulent times: an afterward

International perspectives on academic English in turbulent times: an introduction

Enlargement, Treaty Reform and Crises (1993-2021)

A combined optimization–simulation approach for modified outside-in boarding under COVID-19 regulations including limited baggage compartment capacities

Are Small Effects the Indispensable Foundation for a Cumulative Psychological Science? A Reply to Götz et al. (2022)

Leaving egos outside: A ‘reverse mentoring’ study of BAME psychology students and senior university leaders

Integrating Citizen Deliberation into Climate Governance: Lessons on Robust Design from Six Climate Assemblies

On Boredom and Contemporary Fashion Photography

______________________________________: Inclusive Football Commentary: Creating a Richer Experience for Audiences Who Cannot See

Untangling the complexity of mentoring feedback practices in post-compulsory initial teacher education in the UK

A qualitative investigation of service providers’ experiences supporting raped and sexually abused men

Development of Intra-Individual Value Structures in Middle-Childhood: A Multicultural and Longitudinal Investigation

Actor Network Theory and Sensing Governance: From Causation to Correlation

The vulnerability of Technology-based Business during COVID-19: An indicator-based Conceptual Framework

Tableaux and Sequent Calculi for CTL and ECTL: Satisfiability Test with Certifying Proofs and Models

The human translator in the 2020s

Vulnerability Reduction of Technology-Based Business research in the Last four Decades: A Bibliometric Analysis

The landscape of informal economy research: a systematic review of transient trends, pivot, and emerging pattern: is there a spatial turn?

William Klein: Yes

Sustainable partner selection and order allocation for strategic items: a framework and decision-making model

Advancing Sustainable Development Goals through Interdisciplinarity in Sustainable Tourism Research

Writing Popular Music Fiction

Media Activism, Artivism, and the Fight Against Marginalisation in the Global South: South-to-South Communication

The Stepping into Visibility Model: reflecting on consequences of social media visibility – a Global South perspective

Geospatial Technology and the Sustainable Development Goals

Confirmations That Were Not Meant to Be: Religion, Violence and the Female Body in Un poison violent (2010), Corpo celeste (2011), and Kreuzweg (2014)

Routledge Handbook of Geospatial Technologies and Society

School adjustment of ethnic minority youth: A qualitative and quantitative research synthesis of family-related risk and resource factors

The Visually Induced Motion Sickness Susceptibility Questionnaire (VIMSSQ): Estimating Individual Susceptibility to Motion Sickness-Like Symptoms When Using Visual Devices

Spillover Effects in the Banking Sector of Emerging Economies: a South Africa Case study

Reinventing Europe: The History of the European Union, 1945 to the present

Arztgeschichten: Zur chinesischen Medizinkultur, 1926-2015 [Physicians' Stories: On the Culture of Chinese Medicine, 1926-2015]

Human Security and International Law: the role of the United Nations

Social media in community building (SocMedHE2022)

Video case study: AMC Natural Drinks, International Business Challenge