The Role of Natural Laccase Redox Mediators in Simultaneous Dye Decolorization and Power Production in Microbial Fuel Cells

Let's have a CHAT about curriculum design: using cultural historical activity theory to analyse the process

Women and Kashmir

Knowing In Our Own Ways

The Singular Picture

Historic Institutionalism and Urban Morphology in Jakarta: Moving Towards Building Flood Resiliency into the Formal Planning and Development System

So Present, so Invisible - Conversations on Photography

Widening the focus on informal entrepreneurship through the lens of intersectionality

The Rise of Authoritarian Capitalism

The neoliberal subject, reality TV and free association: A Freudian audience study of Embarrassing Bodies

Walking in a patient’s shoes: an evaluation study of immersive learning using a digital training intervention

Transcultural body spaces: re-inventing and performing headwrap practice among young Congolese women in London

Probing the mechanism of simultaneous bioenergy production and biodegradation process of Congo red in microbial fuel cells

Size and diversity in VC syndicates and their impact on IPO performance

Vista D1.2 - Final Project Results Report

Vista D5.2 - Final Assessment Report

A multi-layer model for long-term KPI aligment forecast

Airline disruption management with aircraft swapping and reinforcement learning

Towards new metrics assessing air traffic network interactions

Arrival trade-offs considering total flight and passenger delays and fairness

Research pro-design in environmental architecture, pedagogical approaches for quality and performance: the case of the Latitudes Global Studio Project

Passive Cooling Applicability Mapping: A tool for designers

Influence on Learning Efficiency from natural light in Educational Environment

“Green Pockets” as Microclimate Modifiers in UK Urban Schools

Sustainable Architecture and Social Engagement for Flooding and Drought Resilience

Draft genome sequences of Salmonella Dublin strains from St Nectaire and Morbier Cheeses characterised by MLVA profiles associated with two fatal outbreaks in France

Hydrophobically modified chitosan nanoliposomes for intestinal drug delivery

Decentralized Implementation of Flood Resilience Measures – A Blessing or a Curse? Lessons from the Thames Estuary 2100 Plan and the Royal Docks Regeneration

Quantifying the effects of acute hypoxic exposure on exercise performance and capacity: A systematic review and meta-regression

Sodium bicarbonate supplementation improves severe-intensity intermittent exercise under moderate acute hypoxic conditions

The influence of alkalosis on repeated high-intensity exercise performance and acid–base balance recovery in acute moderate hypoxic conditions

Sodium bicarbonate improves 4 km time trial cycling performance when individualised to time to peak blood bicarbonate in trained male cyclists

Digitale Demokratie und Öffentlich-Rechtliche Medien [Digital Democracy and Public Service Media]. In ORF Public Value Studie 2017/2018: Der Auftrag: Demokratie [ORF Public Value Study 2017/2018: The Mission: Democracy]

Identifying Heavy Goods Vehicle Driving Styles in the United Kingdom

Book Review: Waterways and the cultural landscape

Law and the Senses: See

Semi-Nonparametric Distributions with Time-Varying Skewness and Kurtosis: Properties, Estimation and Applications to Portfolio Choice

Flexible distribution functions, higher-order preferences and optimal portfolio allocation

Cultural Aspects of Attachment Anxiety, Avoidance, and Life Satisfaction: Comparing the US and Turkey

Getting ads banned is a planned PR and Advertising strategy

Time-varying transmission between oil and equities in the MENA region: New evidence from DCC-MIDAS analyses

Gamification and Entrepreneurial Intentions

Rethinking Radical Democracy

Facilitating Arab-European Dialogue: Consolidated Report on an AHRC Project for Impact and Engagement

Men who have sex with men who do not access sexual health clinics nor disclose sexual orientation are unlikely to receive the HPV vaccine in the UK

Domestic thermal upgrades, community action and energy saving: a three-year experimental study of prosperous households

D2.1 – Establishment of Performance Framework

Art's Potentiality Revisited: Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook's Late Style and Chiang Mai Social Installation

Why is the new British Army advert actually a communication success?

Domino D6.2 - Stakeholders' consultation on system and investigative case studies

Domino D3.1 - Architecture definition

Domino D2.1 - Data management and sources

Domino D6.1 - Dissemination plan and project visual identity

Domino D1.1 - Project Management Plan

The door to door perspective

Haunting: Whitehead & Mies

Socialising Anti-Social Social Media

’Does country-of-origin matter in the era of globalisation? Evidence from cross sectional data in Uzbekistan

An Analysis of Basel III as a Prophylactic

Hardware implementation of Modified Annular Ring Ratio for Blood Cell Detection in Thin Blood Smear Images

Mobile Hardware Based Implementation of a Novel, Efficient, Fuzzy Logic Inspired Edge Detection Technique for Analysis of Malaria Infected Microscopic Thin Blood Images

Student experiences of using virtual laboratory simulations to develop skills as preparation for the professional work place

Language ideologies and identities in Kurdish heritage language classrooms in London

The October Revolution and Anti-Colonial Movements in South Asia

The implications of age diversity in multicultural team working

Novel Insights Into the prevention and Treatment of Invasive Salmonella Dublin

Where Old Meets the New at beyond the Glass: An analysis of the effect of internet and social media on consumers’ purchase intentions for luxury wine brands

The role of admission documents on the pricing of UK fixed priced IPOs

Employer branding – a relocation revolution

Millennials on the move

Adiabatic Circuits for Power-Constrained Cryptographic Computations

The UK scheduled express coach market – its economic structure and consequent entry, exit and operation by small and medium firms

Creating Mediated Cosmopolitanism? Global Media Flows and the Beijing Youth

Enhancing energy recovery from industrial wastewater using microbial fuel cells

Public health nutrition intervention to enhance healthy eating and lifestyle modification among Lebanese women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

The Vital Role of Crowdfunding and Social Media in Establishing an Art Career: A ‘How To’

Insights from a New Division of the Self-employed: Analysis of Characteristics, Earnings Returns and Labour Market Transitions using the BHPS and UKHLS

Elucidate the elusive concept of ‘pleasant voice’ for interpreters: a case study

Social Conformity in Autism

Intersecting Spheres of Analysis in Business and Human Rights: Developing a new Socio-Legal Research Agenda and Methodology for UN Guiding Principles No. 9

What is grammar? A universal grammar approach

Strengthening functionally specific neural pathways with transcranial brain stimulation

Ethnography and Modern Languages

Old school wins: outbreak investigation of foodborne salmonellosis

Genome-wide and abdominal MRI-imaging data provides evidence that a genetically determined favourable adiposity phenotype is characterized by lower ectopic liver fat and lower risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

Atlas of Science: Old School Wins: outbreak investigation of foodborne Salmonellosis

Physical fitness and prior physical activity are both associated with less cortisol secretion during psychosocial stress

Hormonal measurement in psychobiological research

Hybrid IIR/FIR Wavelet Filter Banks for ECG Signal Denoising

Insertion strategies used with lone English verbs in otherwise Igbo utterances

Colonization with Chinese Characteristics: Politics of (In)Security in Xinjiang and Tibet

BBC Radio London: Dr Manal Mohammed talks about research finding 19 types of bacteria on cash and coins

Information is Power? Transparency and fetishism in International Relations

Experience of Hearing Loss, Communication, Social Participation, and Psychological Well-Being Among Adolescents With Cochlear Implants10.1353/aad.2018.0027

Towards Team Formation Using Belbin Role Types and a Social Networks Analysis Approach

Contributions of Knowledge Management to Firm Competitiveness from a Complexity Approach

Factors Affecting Corporate Happiness within Technology-Based Firms in Andalucia

Evaluating Socioeconomic Influences on Pinterest Consumer Behavior

The Ghadar Movement: Why socialists should learn about it

The Conceptual World of the Ghadarites

Weather Impact on Airport Performance

Measuring walking accessibility to public transport for the elderly: the case of Naples

Gaywaves: Transcending Boundaries - the Rise and Demise of Britain's First Gay Radio Program

Sounding Out: A Rapid Analysis of Young People and Radio in the UK

Keeping Data Safe: how to implement a secure repository

Implementing a next-gen repository mid-REF cycle…madness or a stroke of genius?

The use of bio-electrochemical systems in environmental remediation of xenobiotics: a review

Planning for waterway renewal: balancing institutional reproduction and institutional change

Female expatriates’ motivations and challenges: the case of oil and gas

Supporting Ghanaian micro-entrepreneurships: The role of mobile technology

In vivo modeling of human neuron dynamics and Down syndrome

Primed, Prepped and Primped: Reflections on enhancing student psychological wellbeing in tertiary education

Architectures of Nothing: Aldo Rossi and Raymond Roussel

Biosynthesis and characterization of a novel, biocompatible medium chain length polyhydroxyalkanoate by Pseudomonas mendocina CH50 using coconut oil as the carbon source

The Chagos request: Does it herald a rejuvenation of the International Court of Justice’s advisory function?

Challenges of inequality to democracy

A Knowledge Spillover-based Approach to New Product Conceptualization

Water Governance in Decentralising Indonesia

Civil society contributions to local level flood resilience

CSR Disclosure Practices in the Zambia Mining Industry

Extract from The Treatment

Extract from The Treatment

Did You Find the World or Did You Make it Up? Media, Communications and Geography in the Digital Age

Human papilloma virus genotype distribution and risk factor analysis amongst reproductive aged women in urban Gambia

Technical Education in England: Investigating Seven Key Assumptions

Transforming Last-Mile Logistics: Opportunities for more Sustainable Deliveries

Optimising Parcel Deliveries in London Using Dual-Mode Routing

Monographs on the move?: a view on ‘decoupling’ and other prospects

The Effect of Omega-3 Supplementation on Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage

20th Century Avant-garde and Architecture: Mies van der Rohe’s unbuilt design for the City of London

The 30th Anniversary of the Supercomputing Conference: Bringing the Future Closer - Supercomputing History and the Immortality of Now

The Death of Hope? Affirmation in the Anthropocene

A Resilient Multi-factor Framework for Low Carbon Cities: An International Perspective

Preface for the Proceedings of 2018 International Conference on Information Management and Management Science (IMMS 2018) (ACM)

Capitulation to the Laibach Kunst War Machine

Unexplained progressive visual field loss in the presence of normal retinotopic maps

The impact of multimodal Collaborative Virtual Environments on learning: A gamified online debate

Spatial Delight and Environmental Performance of Modernist Architecture in London – Golden Lane Estate

Identification of the splice variants of Recepteur d'Origine nantais (RON) in lung cancer cell lines

Henri Lefebvre’s Theory of the Production of Space and the Critical Theory of Communication

The effects of mergers and acquisitions on acquiring banks' contribution to systemic risk

Area and Power Efficient Implementation of db4 Wavelet Filter Banks for ECG Applications Using Reconfigurable Multiplier Blocks

A review of the global distribution of Alexandrium minutum (Dinophyceae) and comments on ecology and associated paralytic shellfish toxin profiles, with a focus on Northern Europe

Exploring cultural heterogeneity: The effect of intra-cultural variation on executives’ latitude of actions in 18 countries

Governors and directors: Competing models of corporate governance

Public Relations People: Occupational culture and the search for profitable sense

The paralytic shellfish toxin profiles and global distribution of the dinoflagellate Alexandrium minutum Halim

The Effects of Quorum Sensing Inhibitors on Multispecies Biofilms of the Oral Cavity

Plastics and Environment: Is There a Happy Medium?

Quorum Quenching Effect of Triclosan on Aspergillus fumigatus Conidia Adhesion to Surfaces, Aggregation and Biofilm Formation

Do citizens hold mayors accountable for local conditions? Evidence from Italian municipalities

The implications of Schumpeter's theories of innovation for the role, organisation and impact of community-based social enterprise in three European countries

BBC Radio London: Dr Manal Mohammed talks about spread of germs in public spaces

Rapporti fra strumenti di codificazione: il Progetto di Articoli sulla Responsabilità degli Stati e le convenzioni di diritto umanitario

IIR Wavelet Filter Banks for ECG Signal Denoising

Industrie 4.0 – Die digitale deutsche Ideologie

The Bite of Conscience: How Intensity of Guilt Appeals in Cause Marketing Influences Consumers

Computers and students’ achievement: An analysis of the One Laptop per Child program in Catalonia

Project Report to Stakeholders: Invisible Children - Children's Media, Diversity and Forced Migration

Children's Screen Content in an Era of Forced Migration: Munich Workshop Briefing

The physiological variability of channel density in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal cells and interneurons explored using a unified data-driven modeling workflow

Biopolitics 2.0 – Reclaiming the Power of Life in the Anthropocene

The Transvaluation of Critique in the Anthropocene

DNA barcoding of the medically important freshwater snail Physa acuta reveals multiple invasion events into Africa

The SmartTarget BIOPSY trial: A prospective, within-person randomised, blinded trial comparing the accuracy of visual-registration and MRI/ultrasound image-fusion targeted biopsies for prostate cancer risk stratification

Do self-employment rates converge? Evidence from European OECD countries

Anti-biofilm efficacy of triclosan-amphotericinB combination against filamentous fungus, Aspergillus fumigatus

What’s behind Alexei Navalny’s digital challenge to Vladimir Putin’s regime? Five things to know.

Towards Understanding the need for a Comprehensive Design Methodology for Rich Web-based Applications

Modification of bacterial cell membrane to accelerate decolorization of textile wastewater effluent using microbial fuel cells: role of gamma radiation, salinity and endogenous biosurfactant induction

Design of a single chamber air cathode microbial fuel cell using a stainless steel spiral anode and 3D printing techniques for continuous flow dye decolourisation

Degradation of azo dyes (Acid orange 7) in a microbial fuel cell: comparison between anodic microbial-mediated reduction and cathodic laccase-mediated oxidation

Hierarchical Framework for Automatic Pancreas Segmentation in MRI Using Continuous Max-flow and Min-Cuts Approach

Islamic Mortgages: A Comparative Study to Improve the Legal and Financial System of Mortgages in the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a Regulatory Analysis of the US and UK, and Case Analyses of the UK, Sharjah, Dubai and Saudi Arabia

Using Spatial Analysis in an Evidence Informed Approach to Community Engagement in Design

The Rasmaska project: temperature behaviour of three, full scale test cells in hot Mediterranean summer: non-insulated double masonry wall and different insulation locations

Botschafter in Uniform? Die Beziehungen der Britischen Rheinarmee zur Deutschen Zivilbevölkerung 1948-1957

The British Army of the Rhine and the Germans in Westphalia (1948-1957): Obstacles to Rapprochement

The Plural Society: Labour and the Commonwealth Idea 1900-1964

The Powerlessness of Employees in France: The Spread of Income Taxation, 1945-1980

The relative labour market returns to different degrees

Uncovering the influences on decision making in the popular music industry; intuition, networks and the desire for symbolic capital

Activin subfamily peptides predict chronological age in humans

Technologies of Uncertainty in the Search for Flight MH370

The Contribution of International Humanitarian Law to the Development of the Law of International Responsibility Regarding Obligations Erga Omnes and Erga Omnes Partes

The Use of Armed Force in Occupied Territory

A Cautionary Antecedent: The Belfast Career of John Bruce Wallace

Epitope recognition of peptide-imprinted polymers for Regenerating protein 1 (REG1)

Dangerous drugs, dangerous mothers: Gender, responsibility and the problematisation of parental substance use

Enhancing mathematics support using gaming technology, higher education current perspectives and future considerations

A Note on the Modelling and Interpretation of a Public Goods Game Experiment

Conceptualising a distributed, multi-scalar global public sphere through activist communication practices in the World Social Forum

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: relationship with cardiovascular risk markers and clinical endpoints

An End-to-End Deep Learning Histochemical Scoring System for Breast Cancer TMA

Pliant Bodies: Generic event laws and the normalisation of the exceptional

Cultural Preservation in a Saudi Domestic Environment in the Eastern Province

The Residue of a Deep Past: Struggle over cultural transmission in southwest China

An Inquiry into Exchanges Rate Misalignments as a Cause of the Major Global Trade Imbalances

Acquired DNA damage in adolescent obesity – a promoter and predictor of cancer?

A Reassessment of the Higher-Order Factor Structure of the German Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire (SPQ-G) in German-Speaking Adults

DNA damage in obesity: Initiator, promoter and predictor of cancer

Race, Nationalism and Landscape Belonging: Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice

The effects of economic crises on participatory democracy

A Trojan dragon? CCTV news in English and the battle for global influence: 2014-16

The influence of digital capabilities on customer orientation of service employees (COSE) and its consequences on customer satisfaction and e-WOM within Family Businesses

The use of social media by train operating companies: A study case analysis

Beatboxers and guitarists engage sensorimotor regions selectively when listening to the instruments they can play

High-Order Hybrid Stratified Sampling: Fast Uniform-Convergence Fourier Transform Estimation

Ensuring our future doctors are resilient

Disability in higher education: do reasonable adjustments contribute to an inclusive curriculum?

Well Being and Mental Health in the Gig Economy: Policy Perspectives on Precairty

In Vivo Tracking and 1H/19F Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Biodegradable Polyhydroxyalkanoate / Polycaprolactone Blend Scaffolds Seeded with Labeled Cardiac Stem Cells

Molecular Nutrition: Fats

Social Media Landscape of the Tertiary Referral Hospitals in China: Observational Descriptive Study

The effects of dietary supplementation with inulin and inulin-propionate ester on hepatic steatosis in adults with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Evaluating the long-term impacts of bus-based park and ride

Extracellular vesicles and their nucleic acids for biomarker discovery

Potential use of electronic noses, electronic tongues and biosensors, as multisensor systems for spoilage examination in foods

One step forward and two steps back? The ‘20 Principles’ for questioning vulnerable witnesses and the lack of an evidence-based approach

Women’s participation in organisationally-assigned expatriation: an assignment type effect?

The New French Contract Law and Its Impact on Commercial Law: Good Faith, Unfair Contract Terms and Hardship

Evaluating the benefits of virtual training for students

Law and the Senses: Taste

Copyright and Heritage: Relation, Origin, Temporality

Book review: Jose Bellido (ed.), Landmark Cases in Intellectual Property Law (Bloomsbury 2017) 416 pp.

Smart Transitions in City Regionalism: Territory, Politics and the Quest for Competitiveness and Sustainability

Frederick Lanchester and the invention of the air-supported roof

CAMRI Policy Brief: Appearance, Discrimination and the Media - Portraying Facial Disfigurement Fairly in the News

Towards a Psychoanalytic Concept of Affective-Digital Labour

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a Novel Inhibitor for Exosome and Microvesicle (EMV) Release in Cancer

Filtering Nonuniformly Sampled Grid-Based Signals

Procedural justice in Alternative Dispute Resolution: Fairness judgments among users of Financial Ombudsman services in Germany and the United Kingdom

Managing Airports: An International Perspective

Post-Conviction Review in England and Wales: Perpetuating and Rectifying Miscarriages of Justice

Editorial: Re-evaluating China's global media expansion

Reference range of liver corrected T1 values in a population at low risk for fatty liver disease-a UK Biobank sub-study, with an appendix of interesting cases

Software tools for big data resources in family names dictionaries

The value of recent records, historical context, and genealogy in surname research

Neuro-Fuzzy Based Intelligent Approaches to Nonlinear System Identification and Forecasting

My Tryst With The Kurdish Freedom Movement


Symmetric Power Analysis Attack Resilient Adiabatic Logic for Smartcard Applications

The Rights Network: 100 Years of the Hohfeldian Rights Analytic

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 3 through an increased investment in the Alma Ata principles of voice and equity through an intersectoral approach

Understanding Infant and Young Child Feeding and oral health practices and perceptions in Tower Hamlets

Book Review of Alex De Waal's new book, Mass Starvation: The History and Future of Famine:

Questioning the Solutions: Reaching the 800 million people living with hidden hunger in South and South east Asia, with effective interventions

Intergenerational and interethnic mental health: an analysis for the United Kingdom

Behaviours preceding suicides at railway and underground locations: a multimethodological qualitative approach

VHDL-based Modelling Approach for the Digital Simulation of 4-phase Adiabatic Logic Design

Do firms still need to be social? Firm Generated Content in social media

Shades of communitas: a study of soft skills programs

Rectifiers Based on Quadrature Hybrid Coupler with Improved Performance for Energy Harvesting

Guided graded exercise self-help for chronic fatigue syndrome: Patient experiences and perceptions

The Rights Network: 100 Years of the Hohfeldian Rights Analytic

Team Air Grid - Colour Computing Cubicle (CCC)

Fucking (with) Academia: Ethics, Epistemology, Method

TMS over right OFA affects individuation of faces but not of exemplars of objects

Palpable memory: re-conceptualising diasporic memories through the (im)materiality of built heritage

The memory of architecture and the architecture of memory: Re-conceptualising diasporic memories through the built heritage of the ‘Indonesian-Chinese’

‘Double heritagisation’: Negotiating diasporic Chinese identities through celebrating the Chinese New Year in London

Doublecortin-expressing cell types in temporal lobe epilepsy

Congenital macrothrombocytopenia with focal myelofibrosis due to mutations in human G6b-B is rescued in humanized mice

Impact of Penny Brohn UK’s Living Well course on informal caregivers of people with cancer

Development of Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing for informal caregivers of people with cancer – a multicentred study

Geographic Protest: The Role of Counter-Mapping in Supporting Campaigns Against Large-Scale Extractive Projects in Colombia: The Case of La Colosa

Perceptions of pedagogy for employability at a transnational university

Enabling Cloud-based Computational Fluid Dynamics with a Platform-as-a-Service Solution

A third wave of Participatory Budgeting in France

A Note on the Wage Effects of the 1972 Raising of the School Leaving Age in Scotland and Northern Ireland

Paying for parks. Ticketed events and the commercialisation of public space

Modesty, liberty, equality: Negotiations of gendered principles of piety among Muslim women who cover

Discovering Business Processes in CRM Systems by leveraging unstructured text data

The fragile future of the Cypriot Greek language in the UK

Informant personality is associated with ratings of memory problems in older adults

Estimating city-level travel patterns using street imagery: A case study of using Google Street View in Britain

Impacts of an active travel intervention with a cycling focus in a suburban context: One-year findings from an evaluation of London’s in-progress mini-Hollands programme

Comparative study of new point of care haematology blood count device Biosurfit Spinit with reference Sysmex XE2100 automated haematology analyser

The CloudSME Simulation Platform and its Applications: A Generic Multi-cloud Platform for Developing and Executing Commercial Cloud-based Simulations

Book Review: "Islamic Wealth Management: Theory and Practice" edited by Mohamed Ariff and Shamser Mohammad

Human Papillomavirus Sero-prevalence and Sexual Attitudes Amongst a Cohort of HIV Positive Women In The Gambia

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Time to Revisit the Syndromic Management Approach

Young people's labour market transitions: the role of early experiences

'Please Alexa': are we beginning to recognise the rights of intelligent machines?

A transcriptome-wide association study of 229,000 women identifies new candidate susceptibility genes for breast cancer

Glycosylation and Disease

Economy and Divorces: Their impact over time on the Self-Employment Rates in Spain

Could Chinese News Channels Have a Future in Latin America?

Keynote Speech: Towards Treatment and Prevention of Invasive Non-typhoidal Salmonella

"The Politics and Law of Doctor Who": Special Issue of the Journal of Popular Television

The Online Advertising Tax: A Digital Policy Innovation

The Online Advertising Tax as the Foundation of a Public Service Internet

Reliability of functional outcome measures in adults with neurofibromatosis 1

Beyond image: Imagined experiences of a destination

BBC 100 Voices: Literary India at the BBC

Re-imagining Learning Spaces in Higher Education

'She doesn’t want to go to hospital. That’s one thing she hates’: Collective performativity in avoidable nursing home to hospital transfers

Disrupting 'Self-Management': Broadening Understandings Through Narratives of Traumatic Brain Injury

Employer and part-time student perceptions of virtual laboratory teaching and assessment resources

The Time Capsule and the Cut Up: Negotiating Temporality, Anticipating Catastrophe

Digitale Demagogie: Autoritärer Kapitalismus in Zeiten von Trump und Twitter

Post-translational Protein Deimination in Cod (Gadus morhua L.) Ontogeny: Novel Roles in Tissue Remodelling and Mucosal Immune Defences?

Resilience unpacked: Framing of ‘uncertainty’ and ‘adaptability’ in long-term flood risk management strategies in the regions of London and Rotterdam

The factors influencing the decision to list on Abu Dhabi securities exchange

The Internet of Living Things

Ceramics Collections: exploring object engagement beyond the known historic models of clay practice

Technological Innovation in Architecture: The Role of the Aberrant Practitioner

Fostering creativity through the use of digital tablets (an investigation into the potential of tablet use for creative production among seven- to ten-year-old children in Malta)

Children's Screen Content in an Era of Forced Migration: Copenhagen Workshop Briefing


Mies & Stirling in The City

Primed, prepped and primped: Reflections on enhancing student wellbeing in tertiary education

How does drinking water affect attention and memory? The effect of mouth rinsing and mouth drying on children's performance

Who Fights Whom? Understanding the Complex Dynamics of Bacteria-Phage Interaction using Anderson Phage Typing System

Bond Resounding

Urban tourism as a bone of contention. Four explanatory hypotheses and a caveat

Can Routing Systems Surpass the Routing Knowledge of an Experienced Driver in Urban Deliveries?

Humanism, Existentialism and Art

The history and development of the Ceramic Research Centre-UK

Critical Mass

Multi-Stage Complex Notch Filtering for Interference Detection and Mitigation to Improve the Acquisition Performance of GPS

Visualizing Collaboration Characteristics and Topic Burst on International Mobile Health Research: Bibliometric Analysis


OECD School User Survey: Improving Learning Spaces Together

Identity Conflicts and Emotional Labour in the Veterinary Profession

Transitional Frames: From Normalisation to Democracy Czech and Slovak Art Photography (1968-1998)

Modelling the Perinatal Network System

Everyday practices of sacrifice: a case study of Palestinian women

Sensory dominance and multisensory integration as screening tools in aging

Law, necropolitics and the stop and search of young people

Glutamate mediated metabolic neutralization mitigates propionate toxicity in intracellular Mycobacterium tuberculosis

The Role of Knowledge Share, Satisfaction, Social Commerce Usage Experience on Smart Mobile Device User’s Purchase Intentions: Evidence from South Korean Consumers

Branding post-conflict cities and nations: theory and cases

Human Capital Investment and Employment in Iran: The Importance of Urban-Rural Distinctions

“Their Need Was Great”: Émigrés and Anglo-American Intelligence Operations in the Early Cold War

Understanding taxi travel demand patterns through Floating Car Data

On the Mechanisms of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): How Brain State and Baseline Performance Level Determine Behavioral Effects of TMS

Technology is shaping the future of education: Striking the right balance between the old and new

A Conceptual Framework for Servitization in Industry 4.0: Distilling Directions for Future Research

Under the fucking skin: a whore and her hotel room door

Nutritional Management in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Challenges and opportunities

Sustainability analysis of the CITYLAB solutions

Assessment of roll-out potential of CITYLAB solutions to other CITYLAB living labs

Assessing the Exchange of Knowledge Between Operations Management and other Fields: Some Challenges and Opportunities

How Customer Service Experience Deters Customer Switching Behaviour and Results in Brand Loyalty in a Collectivist, Developing Market

How the market driving approach utilizes a digital platform to enhance B2B and strengthen stakeholder relationships

INTREPID Futures Initiative: The future of Academia and trans-disciplinary knowledge production in the urban field, 6th INTREPID Report

Voices for alternative urban regeneration practices in China: the case of the historic district of Taohuawu

Over skies of extraction

Job-queuing and Auto-scaling in Container-based Cloud Environments

Automated Scalability of Cloud Services and Jobs

Telmisartan reverses antiretroviral-induced adipocyte toxicity and insulin resistance in vitro

Flexible Deployment of Social Media Analysis Tools, Flexible, Policy-Oriented and Multi-Cloud deployment of Social Media Analysis Tools in the COLA Project

High-level Description of Cloud Applications using TOSCA

A Generic Framework and Methodology for Implementing Science Gateways for Analysing Molecular Docking Results

Scalable Multi-cloud Platform to Support Industry and Scientific Applications

Understanding Russia's return to the Middle East

Comparison of Fuzzy Integral-Fuzzy Measure based Ensemble Algorithms with the State-of-the-art Ensemble Algorithms

How Do Public Service Broadcasters Make a Case for Themselves? An Analysis of BBC’s ‘Charter Manifestos’

The Organisational Life Cycle Narrative

Using Art to Teach

Can Robots Ever be Persons?

Dietary Assessment of Undernutrition

How can teachers move from traditional to innovative learning environments?

Improving SMEs competitiveness with the use of Instagram Influencer Advertising and eWOM

Applying FCM to Predict the Behaviour of Loyal Customers in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry

Understanding Energy Security in Central and Eastern Europe: Russia, Transition and National Interest

Making drug harms: Punishments for drugs offenders who pose risks to children

Design of agile supply chains including analysing the trade-off between number of partners and reliability

Pentraxins CRP-I and CRP-II are post-translationally deiminated and differ in tissue specificity in cod (Gadus morhua L.) ontogeny

Towards A Critical Theory of Communication with Georg Lukács and Lucien Goldmann

Motor traffic on urban minor and major roads: impacts on pedestrian and cyclist injuries

Reassessing the effect of Colour on Attitude and Behavioural Intentions in Promotional Activities: The Moderating Role of Mood and Involvement

What kind of Brexit do voters want? Lessons from the Citizens’ Assembly on Brexit

Where's the Working Class?

Technical Note: Error metrics for estimating the accuracy of needle/instrument placement during transperineal MR/US-guided prostate interventions

The Effects of Biofeedback-based Stimulated Recall on Self-Regulated Online Learning: A Gender and Cognitive Taxonomy Perspective

A Fully Planar Substrate Integrated Probe-Based Wideband Orthomode Transducer

Impulse Response with Correlation Study of a Broadband Bended Wearable Monopole Antenna

The scope for pavement porters: addressing the challenges of last-mile parcel delivery in London

Proactive Energy-Efficiency: Evaluation of Duty-Cycled MAC Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

Performance Analysis of Denial-of-Sleep Attack-Prone MAC Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

Evaluation of a photographic food atlas as a tool for quantifying food portion size in the United Arab Emirates

Aspects Of London’s Evening And Night Time Economy: A Report for the Mayor of London/ GLA

Social Media and the Capitalist Crisis

Plasma metabolome analysis identifies distinct human metabotypes in the postprandial state with different susceptibility to weight loss–mediated metabolic improvements

Entrepreneurial decision making in a microcosm

Banning Taste: Boycotts, Identity, and Resistance

Preface for the ACM proceedings of the 2018 International Conference on Computers in Management and Business (ICCMB2018) Oxford UK

Preface for the IEEE conference proceedings of the 2018 4th International Conference on Information Management (ICIM2018) Oxford UK

Optimised meta-clustering approach for clustering Time Series Matrices

Energy security in Central and Eastern Europe: An IR theoretical framework

Queer in Your Ear: Connecting space, community and identity in LGBT BBC radio programmes, 1992 – 2000

A Resilient Multi-factor Framework for Low Carbon Cities: An International Perspective

Quantum games, quantum models, simulation & intelligent systems

Quantum strategies, quantum games, agent-based simulation, and intelligent systems for business, management and engineering

New Perspective on Customer Orientation of Service Employees: A Conceptual Framework

Is information diffusion a threat to market power for financial access? Insights from the African banking industry

Inequalities in self-report road injury risk in Britain: A new analysis of National Travel Survey data, focusing on pedestrian injuries

Impact and process assessment of the seven CITYLAB implementations

Introducing a gender-sensitive approach to pre-trial assessment and probation: Evaluation of an innovation in Kenya

Authoritarian Capitalism, Authoritarian Movements and Authoritarian Communication

Personality biases in different types of 'internet samples' can influence research outcomes

Highly Efficient Balanced Power Amplifiers for 4G Applications

Ethics, security, and an invisible process: when fieldwork gets wrapped up in red tape

Extracts from the play 'she had a ticket in mind'

‘Shaken, Not Stirred’: An Introduction to Exploring Nightlife

EU politics and the making of the General Data Protection Regulation: Consociationalism, policy networks and institutionalism in the process of balancing actor interests

Enabled: Educational Network Amplifying Learning Experience (EnAbled)

Planetary Memory in Contemporary American Fiction

Synergistic Effect of Tryptophan and Erythromycin on Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Biofilm Structure and Dispersal

Mucosa-associated invariant T cells link intestinal immunity with antibacterial immune defects in alcoholic liver disease

Bibexcel-Quick Start Guide to Bibliometrics and Citation Analysis

Strategies for improving mental health and wellbeing used by older people living with HIV: A qualitative investigation

Body Composition Profiling in the UK Biobank Imaging Study

Postface: Horst Holzer’s "Communication & Society: A Critical Political Economy Perspective"

Serious Games as a Way of Augmenting Legal Education

Tiangao or tianxia? The ambiguities of CCTV's English-language news for Africa

A novel antifungal property for the Bacillus licheniformis ComX pheromone and its possible role in inter-kingdom cross-talk

"Dear Mr. Neo-Nazi, Can You Please Give Me Your Informed Consent So That I Can Quote Your Fascist Tweet?": Questions of Social Media Research Ethics in Online Ideology Critique

I make, therefore I am: Agency, action, affordance, and the path to creative identity

Social Media Measurement and Monitoring

Live Reality Television: care structures within the production and reception of talent shows

An Impossible Challenge for Public Service Media? The Intellectual Context of the Networked Society

Breaking Boundaries: Is team diversity changing in ad agencies? An exploratory investigation

Investigating the effectiveness of Without Charge-Sharing Quasi-Adiabatic Logic for energy efficient and secure cryptographic implementations

Using virtual reality laboratories to improve engagement and understanding for wet laboratory practical sessions

Framing Brexit: the role, and the impact, of the national newspapers on the EU Referendum

Hepatoprotective properties of Gentiana SPP: Against non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

Ideological Sinicization of China Central Television in Africa A Reception Analysis of African Audiences

Gaming-playing on social media: using the psychoanalytic concept of ‘playing’ to theorize user labour on Facebook

Permittivity Extraction of Glucose Solutions Through Artificial Neural Networks and Non-invasive Microwave Glucose Sensing

Cycling injury risk in London: A case-control study exploring the impact of cycle volumes, motor vehicle volumes, and road characteristics including speed limits

Analysis of the melanocortin system in the regulation of pituitary gland function in mice

A comparative study between the UK and the USA house price indicators before and during the financial crisis of 2007-2009

Making sense of the evolving nature of depression narratives and their inherent conflicts

Parliamentary Oversight and Corruption in the Caribbean: Comparing Trinidad & Tobago and Grenada

Post-Brexit trade survival: Looking beyond the European Union

Operations Management: An international perspective

Eyewitness Memory in Face-to-Face and Immersive Avatar-to-Avatar Contexts

Introduction: Radio Modernisms: Features, Cultures and the BBC

‘[N]or bear I in this breast / So much cold spirit to be called a woman’: The Queerness of Female Revenge in The Maid’s Tragedy

Ferments in the Field: Introductory Reflections on the Past, Present and Future of Communication Studies

Ferments in the Field: The Past, Present and Future of Communication Studies (Special issue). Journal of Communication 68 (2): 219-451

Book Review: Health without Borders: Epidemics in the Era of Globalization

The Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee: A British Isles Perspective

Energy efficient implementation of multi-phase quasi-adiabatic Cyclic Redundancy Check in near field communication

Climatic applicability of downdraught evaporative cooling in the United States of America

When Cives Europae became bargaining chips: free movement of persons in the Brexit negotiations

Museum Audio Description: The Problem of Textual Fidelity

The physiological effects of Transcranial Electrical Stimulation do not apply to parameters commonly used in studies of Cognitive Neuromodulation

Co-creating value through renewing waterway networks: a transaction-cost perspective

Advanced body composition assessment: from body mass index to body composition profiling

Never Mind the Countryside

Quin-C1: a selective Fpr2 agonist that shifts microglial phenotype following LPS and Aβ1-42 exposure

Rurality and Minimal Architecture: An inquiry into the genealogy of Tate Modern’s Bankside gallery spaces

Children's Screen Content in an Era of Forced Migration: Manchester Workshop Briefing

Indigenous Medicine and Biomedical Health Care in Fragile Settings: Insights from Burundi

"A Cathartic Moment in a Man's Life": Homosociality and Gendered Fun on the Puttan Tour

Rethinking Affordances - Symposium and Exhibition

Shaping Earth Futures, Centre for GeoHumanities Creative Commission

A national survey on violence and discrimination among people with disabilities

Creativity in Events: the untold story

Localism at the neighbourhood level: London borough governance and situated anti-politics

Contact effects on the technical lexis of Middle English: A semantic hierarchic approach

Corporate Values from a Personal Perspective

Automatic Heart Sounds Segmentation based on the Correlation Coefficients Matrix for Similar Cardiac Cycles Identification

Architectures of Nothing: Aldo Rossi and Raymond Roussel

Out of Ice at Ambika P3

Islands of relationality and resilience: the shifting stakes of the Anthropocene

Identifying Contributing Factors to Sustainability Awareness in the Norwegian Software Industry

Popularizing Party Journalism in China in the Age of Social Media: The Case of Xinhua News Agency

Digital Architecture Beyond Computers: Fragments of a Cultural History of Computational Design

Decoding and Encoding the Discourse Meaning of Punctuation: a Perspective from English-to-Chinese Translation

Towards Secure Cloud Orchestration for Multi-Cloud Deployments

Triage Decision-Making by Welfare Fraud Investigators

Vista D5.1 - Initial Assessment Report

Reciprocal peer coaching: A constructivist methodology for enhancing formative assessment strategy in tertiary education

A tale of two cities: The impact of airline mergers and consolidation at London and New York

Aligned nanofibres made of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) grafted to hyaluronan for potential healthcare applications

More police stop and search won’t stop knife crime – here’s why

A Semantic Field and Text-Type Approach to Late-Medieval Multilingualism

Imagined contact with atypical outgroup members that are anti-normative within their group can reduce prejudice

Barriers to investing in cycling: Stakeholder views from England

Media practices

World Social Forum

Prospects for Standardising Sustainable Urban Development

Anonymity and Democracy: Absence as Presence in the Public Sphere

Il coinvolgimento alla base della mobilità sostenibile

Learning, training and development

Career management and development

Motivation and work satisfaction

Sustainable Urban Systems: Co-design and Framing for Transformation

The Resurgence of Regional Design

Community Networks and Sustainability: a Survey of Perceptions, Practices, and Proposed Solutions

The Collaborative Interdisciplinary Studio

Simplexity, Complicity, and Emergent Collectivities: Informal Urbanism in Rome

Planning and Leadership

Engendering Cities: Designing Sustainable Urban Spaces for All

Supported Decision-Making: The Expectations Held by People With Experience of Mental Illness

ICT for Sustainable Last-Mile Logistics: Data, People and Parcels

A cost and CO2 comparison of using trains and higher capacity trucks when UK FMCG companies collaborate

Pianificare per l’accessibilità: misure, applicazioni e barriere

A TOD Classification of Metro Stations: An Application in Naples

Performance assessment in ATM – towards better collaborative methods

The institutionalization of deliberative democracy: democratic innovations and the deliberative system

Sortition, Rotation and Mandate: Conditions for Political Equality and Deliberative Reasoning

Fucking Law (A New Methodological Movement)

BBC Experiments in local radio broadcasting 1961-62

Rethinking Energy Policy in Central and Eastern Europe

Doctor Watson Architects: AIR Grid Transnational

Modelling the Interaction Levels in HCI Using an Intelligent Hybrid System with Interactive Agents: A Case Study of an Interactive Museum Exhibition Module in Mexico

At work and play: business events as entrepreneurial spaces

Designing for events - a new perspective on event design

Guest Editors’ Introduction: Towards a Vertigology of Contemporary Cities

Ombudsmen and ADR: a comparative study of informal justice in Europe

Suspended: Art in the threshold

Identifying networks in social media: The case of #Grexit

And For Law: Why Space cannot be understood without Law

Impact of Institutional Environment Quality on Tax Evasion: A Comparative Investigation of Old Versus New EU Members

Antecedents and consequences of customer satisfaction in using sharing economy platforms: Evidence from UBER platform

Justifying and resisting public park commercialisation: The battle for Battersea Park

Future Cities: Asserting Public Governance

Binary Polyhydroxyalkanoate Systems for Soft Tissue Engineering

'There's Nowhere Wonky Left to Go': Queering the Politics of LGBT-Friendly Diversity

The Use of Computer Games in Teaching Law

'Robot Rights, Now!?’ A Conversation on the Possibility of ‘Machine Rights'

Modeling Patient Flows: A Temporal Logic Approach

“Who can play this game?” The lived experiences of doctoral candidates and early career women in the neoliberal university

Doctor Watson Architects: Publications in the History & Theory of Architecture

Internal Market Orientation: an empirical study in the context of small and medium business organisations in Russia

Targeting Receptor-Type Protein Tyrosine Phosphatases with Biotherapeutics: Is Outside-in Better than Inside-Out?

The Effects of the Selective Muscarinic M3 Receptor Antagonist Darifenacin, and of Hyoscine (scopolamine), on Motion Sickness, Skin Conductance & Cognitive Function

REPLY TO ADRION ET AL. ON PATEL ET AL. Letter to the Editor, British Medical Journal

Bridging the Gap Between Imaging Performance and Image Quality Measures

AIR Grid: Partial Recall

AIR Grid: Exhibition Extract

Metabolic Responses to Carbohydrate Ingestion during Exercise: Associations between Carbohydrate Dose and Endurance Performance

Investigation of factors influencing the immunogenicity of hCG as a potential cancer vaccine

Differing Effects of Younger and Older Human Plasma on C2C12 Myocytes in Vitro

Why There Are Certain Parallels Between Joachim C. Fest's Hitler-Biography and Michael Wolff's Trump-Book

Industry 4.0: The Digital German Ideology

Tomorrow’s accounting and society’s future

Cooperatives and family businesses

Learning from Young Entrepreneurs: Context and Competencies

Differences in personality and individual entrepreneurial orientation between entrepreneur students and non-entrepreneur students

Should robots have the same rights as humans?

Patterns and Drivers of Demand for Air Transport

Airport Economics and Finance

The Loss of Work

Relationships At Work

Digital Demagogue: Authoritarian Capitalism in the Age of Trump and Twitter

Nationalism 2.0: The Making of Brexit on Social Media

Development of a pre-operative scoring system for predicting risk of post-operative paediatric cerebellar mutism syndrome

Work Psychology: An Introduction to Human Behaviour in the Workplace

An assessment of community-based social enterprise in three European countries

The Touch of Iconoclasm

‘“Adults decided our fate”: Children and young people navigating space, territory and conflicting identities in the “new” Northern Ireland

Children, Young People and the Press in a Transitioning Society Representations, Reactions and Criminalisation

In-between identities: A sociolinguistic analysis of the community of young Italians living in London

Regional Trade institutions in West Africa: Historical Reflections

Sports Tourism: Golf

Differential expression of Lp-PLA2 in obesity and type 2 diabetes and the influence of lipids

Attitudes towards Cypriot Greek and Standard Modern Greek in London's Greek Cypriot community

Before you celebrate the centenary of women voting remember that it isn't actually the triumph you think it is

Enhancing Momentum Investment Strategy Using Leverage

My ‘Other’ Journey: From the Persecution of Refugees to the Misapprehension of Artificial Intelligence

The Law Firm, the Legal Services Market and Law Tech

Emerging Pedagogies: Using Serious Computer Games for the Purposes of Teaching Law

A Pseudo-Panel Approach to Estimating Dynamic Effects of Road Infrastructure on Firm Performance in a Developing Country Context

Exploring the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment: An instrumental variable approach

Ibn Taymiyya wa 'asruhu ابن تيمية وعصره (Arabic Translation to "Ibn Taymiyya and His Times")

Dutch and American waterway development: identification and classification of tools for value creation

Competing narratives in framing disability in the UK media: a comparative analysis of journalistic representations of facial disfigurement versus practices of self-representations online

Doctor Watson Architects: Plasma Department, Collection

Doctor Watson Architects: Bots, Collection

Greening of the Transport and Logistics Sector: Solutions for National and Local Governments

A multicentre integration of a computer-led follow-up of prostate cancer is valid and safe

All or Nothing: Capacity, Vulnerability and Autonomy

HRI Malta 2017—Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy: HRI’s Third International Research Conference in Malta

A Novel Two-Channel Continuous-Time Time-Interleaved 3rd-order Sigma- Delta Modulator with Integrator-Sharing Topology

MRI Indices of Cortical Development in Young People With Psychotic Experiences: Influence of Genetic Risk and Persistence of Symptoms

Costs and benefits to small companies of digital reporting

Brexit, the City and options for ISDS

Trace: Design Project and Critical Reflection

Evaluation of plasma neurotransmitters in children living with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Do Androids Dream of Asylum? The Blade Runner Films (1982, 2017) and Fear of the ‘Other’

Unhappy Patients Are Not Alike: Content Analysis of the Negative Comments from China's Good Doctor Website

Measuring the Engagement of the Learner in a Controlled Environment Using Three Different Biosensors

Let’s talk about sex: deception, ethics and consent

Implicit mentalising during level-1 visual perspective-taking indicated by dissociation with attention orienting

Doctor Watson Architects: Classic AIR Grid, Collection

Walkable cities: the study cases of London and Ghent

Classifying day and night station areas: application of the node-place model in Greater London

Sustainable Accessibility and the Implementation of Automated Vehicles: Identifying Critical Decisions

The long-term impact of engaged scholarship: how do SMEs capitalise on their engagement with academics to explore new opportunities?

The economic value of additional airport departure capacity

Explaining city branding practices in China’s three mega-city regions: The role of ecological modernization

Special Issue ‘New Perspectives in Assessment in Translator Training’

Introduction to Special Issue ‘New Perspectives in Assessment in Translator Training'

Servitization strategies from customers’ perspective: the moderating role of co-creation

Blind Faith: Between the cognitive and the visceral in contemporary art

Open Codes: Living in digital worlds

The Return of the Art and Technology Lab

Evaluating the benefits of virtual training for bioscience students

Faculty Responses to Business-School Branding: A Discursive Approach

Troubling Children’s Families: Who’s Troubled and Why? Approaches to Inter-Cultural Dialogue

China’s Manifest Destiny

The Return of the Repressed: three examples of how Chinese identity is being reconsolidated for the modern world

The Re-imagining of China under President Xi Jinping

Social Prescribing: community-based referral in public health

High intensity exercise decreases IP6K1 muscle content & improves insulin sensitivity in glucose intolerant individuals

Actual and Intended Growth in Family Firms and Non-Family Owned Firm: Are They Different?

The cortisol awakening response predicts response inhibition in the afternoon of the same day

Public Law

‘Cyclo-Photographers’, Visual Modernity, and the Development of Camera Technologies, 1880s–1890s

Education Act 1944

Public Trust in Mega Event Planning Institutions: The Role of Knowledge, Transparency and Corruption

Strategic allocation of flight plans in air traffic management: an evolutionary point of view

Secret Signals from Another World: Walter Benjamin’s Concept of Innervation

Living Behind Bars: Representations of the Costa Rican Home in Cinematic Works by Hernán Jiménez

Interpreting the development and growth of Convict Criminology in Latin America

Inside perspectives in research activism

Editors: Special edition of Journal of Prisoners on Prisons: Twenty years of Convict Criminology

Treaty carcerality and its discontents: Latin American ethnography comes of age

Carceral Communities: Troubling Prison Worlds in 21st Century Latin America

Conviviality and Survival: Co-Producing Brazilian Prison Order

No evidence against Sketch Reinstatement of Context, Verbal Labels or the use of Registered Intermediaries for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Response to Henry et al. (2017)

Homeopathy in the age of antimicrobial resistance: Is it a viable treatment for upper respiratory tract infections?

Self-care and entrepreneurism: An ethnography of soft skills development for higher education staff

St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) products – an assessment of their authenticity and quality

Sentiments like Water: Unsettling Pathologies of Homosexual and Sadomasochistic Desire

Invisible cyclists? Disabled people and cycle planning–A case study of London

Open Sesame: Ali Baba and the Oriental Film in India

An Ethnographic Study of Suicide Among Young Men in the London Alevi Community

The Common Agricultural Policy: 'In order to preserve the CAP, we need to change it'

1938: Modern Britain

Examining Consumers' Intentions to Dine at Luxury Restaurants while Traveling

Camera Phones and Mobile Intimacies

Which Visual Transmission Of Knowledge For A Hawza Knowledge?

Image Quality Loss and Compensation for Visually Impaired Observers

How Do Complainants Experience the Ombuds Procedure? Detecting cultural patterns of disputing behavior: A comparative analysis of users that complain about financial services

Biological Diversity

Drug law reform, performativity and the politics of childhood

A Ripening Surveillance - Material Environments exhibition

Model for a Common Room

Public Interest Litigation and the Civil Society Factor

Expanding known dinoflagellate distributions: Investigations of slurry cultures from Caspian Sea sediment

Do media play a role in promoting vocational education and training? The case of MasterChef

China's Media Go Global

Highly Efficient Balanced Power Amplifiers for Carrier Aggregation

Intervention and Statebuilding beyond the Human: From the ‘Black Box’ to the ‘Great Outdoors’

Book Review: Chinese Medicinal Plants, Herbal Drugs and Substitutes, an identification guide



The Rise and Limits of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

New Poles in Uncertain Times?

Misplaced Gender diversity policies and practices in the British construction industry: developing and inclusive and transforming strategy

Contradictions between Artisan and Wage Labour Production: Non–Simultaneity in the Building of Somers Town from the End of the Eighteenth Century

Residents’ support for the Olympic Games: Single Host-City versus Multiple Host-City bid arrangements

Mini-publics and deliberative democracy

Impact of macro-structural reforms on the productivity growth of regions: distance to the frontier matters

Picturing statistical narratives: a century of data visualisation from the healthcare public relations perspective

Revisiting the impact of macroeconomic conditions on health behaviours

Financialisation of News in China in the Age of the Internet: The Case of Xinhuanet

MYC regulation of Glutamine-Proline regulatory axis is key in Luminal B breast cancer

Space, place, autonomy and the road not yet taken

Space, place and autonomy in language learning: An introduction

Using Research to Improve Outcomes for Abducted Children

Alevism as an ethno-religious identity: Contested boundaries

Conducting an Exploratory Survey of a Little Researched Marginalised Transnational Migrant Community

What seals the deal? How compensation and benefits affect women’s decisions to accept expatriation in the oil and gas industry

Positive body image is positively associated with hedonic (Emotional) and eudaimonic (Psychological and Social) well-being in british adults

India’s obsession with Kashmir: democracy, gender, (anti-)nationalism

Tiangao or tianxia? The ambiguities of CCTV's English-language news for Africa

Building the layers of a manufacturing taxonomy: how 3D printing is creating a new landscape of production eco-systems and competitive dynamics

The academic impact of natural disasters: evidence from L’Aquila earthquake

Segmenting international assignments: theorising expatriate reward

International assignment reward policies: the importance of compensation and benefits to women’s expatriate participation

Review: Franklin, Geraint, Howell Killick Partridge & Amis, Swindon: Historic England (2017)

Predictors of the frequency and subjective experience of cycling near misses: Findings from the first two years of the UK Near Miss Project

"Crunch my Heart! It Falls for You: Re-theorizing Chocolate Gift-Giving as Carnal Singularity Across Language Contexts

Tourism, nightlife and planning: challenges and opportunities for community liveability in La Barceloneta

The Relationship Between Schizotypal Facets and Conspiracist Beliefs via Cognitive Processes

Quantum strategies, quantum games, multi-agent-based simulation, big data, and hybrid intelligent systems

Britain’s Older Employees in Decline, 1990-2006: a panel analysis of pay

Retirement plans and active ageing: Perspectives in three countries

Current Trends on MA Translation Courses in the UK: Changing Assessment Practices on Core Translation Modules

'Countries in the Air': Travel and Geomodernism in Louis MacNeice's BBC Features

Standing in the Line of Fire: Cricket Umpires, Injuries and Liability

Reflections on Time in Arabic Poetry

William Arrol and Peter Lind: demolition, construction and workmanship on London’s Waterloo Bridges 1934 -1946

The Routledge Companion to Media and Activism


Screen Plays: Theatre Plays on British Television

Formalization of the Classification Pattern: Survey of Classification Modeling in Information Systems Engineering

The road to Civilisation: early television journeys to Greece

Human Rights Fact-Finding and the CIA's Rendition, Detention and Interrogation Programme: A Response to Cordell

The Cell, the Field, and the Tower: the spaces of ecological cybernetics

Managing local supplier networks: conflict or compromise

Are we spending too much to grow? The case of Structural Funds

Italian Post-War Migration to Britain: Cinema and The Second Generation

What's Wrong With Rights? Social Movements, Law and Liberal Imaginations

Physical fitness and prior physical activity are both associated with less cortisol secretion during psychosocial stress

"Coming To Life" and Intermediality in the Tableaux Vivants of Magic Mirror and Confessions To The Mirror

Doctor Who: A British Alien

Collective autonomy and multilingual spaces in super-diverse urban contexts: Interdisciplinary perspectives

The Internet of Things

An integrated approach to cultural heritage: The Council of Europe's Technical Co-operation and Consultancy Programme, 2018

The significance of a historical perspective on language planning and language policy making. Listening to past voices to inform future policy: the voice of Johan Storm.

Authentic Reconstruction

Rurality Re-imagined: Villagers, Farmers, Wanderers and Wild Things

Turning the Sword: How NPD Teams Cope with Front-end NPD Tensions

Pedagogy as “Cryptic Politics”: Benjamin, Nietzsche, and the End of Education

A Survey of the Current Status of Research on Quantum Games

London’s “Unseen Tours”: Slumming or societal change in the city?

Being in the field in Bali: A reflection on fieldwork relations in community-based tourism research

The Wessex Project: Thomas Hardy, Architect

No More Softly, Softly: Women in the Construction Workforce

Lines of enquiry: Drawing Out Sigmund Freud’s Study and Consulting Room

The Routledge Companion to Air Transport Management

Patterns and drivers of demand for air transport

Airport economics and finance

Retirement Saving in the UK: a Life-Cycle Analysis

General Directions for Dazzle Painting

The Intrinsic and Extrinsic City

Masculinities in China

A Tale of Two Cities: The Impact of Airline Mergers and Consolidation at London and New York

Lost lesbian spaces: memories of an urban community in 1970s London

‘Nuclear prospects’: the siting and construction of Sizewell A power station 1957-1966.

Tourism Management - an introduction (2nd edition)

Disrupting Heritage: mosques as mediators of British Identity

The British Mosque: An architectural and social history

Reaching Out - Engagement through Events and Festivals - the Cathedrals of England

London/Paris Culinary Geographies: the restaurant as transnational site

A Comparative Study of Islamic and Conventional Banks Risk Management Practices: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan

Nonprofit Issues Management: A New Approach to Resist the Label of ‘Risk’

The Chinese connection: an historiography

Nestin-expressing cell types in the temporal lobe and hippocampus: Morphology, differentiation, and proliferative capacity

Forms of Solidarity

Governance, rights and the demand for democracy: evidence from Bangladesh

Off the record: The transcription of parliamentary debates for political discourse analysis

The Diffusion Network of Research Knowledge in Operations Management

Space, place and autonomy in language learning

Feminist Solidarity and Experiment in Kathy Acker's Early Writings

The Cosmopolitan Dream: Transnational Chinese Masculinities in a Global Age

Introduction: Transnational Chinese Masculinities in a Global Age

Smile yourself happy: Zheng Nengliang and the discursive construction of happy subjects

The Securitization of Islam in Europe: Public debate, Policy, Identity and Citizenship

Ali Smith

Redefining Italian spaces: Piazza Vittorio and migratory aesthetics

Between Resistance and the State: Caribbean Activism and the Invention of a National Memory of Slavery in France

Objects, Debris and Memory of the Mediterranean Passage: Porto M in Lampedusa

Messy entanglements: research assemblages in heart transplantation discourses and practices

Tennyson and Geology: Poetry and Poetics

Performing for Hollywood: Coloniality and the Tourist Image in Esteban Ramírez’s Caribe (2004)

Happiness in Chinese Socialist Discourse - Ah Q and the "Visible Hand"

Introduction: Chinese Happiness, A Shared Discursive Terrain

Chinese Discourses on Happiness

Missions of Dead Souls: A Hauntology of the Industrial, Modernism, and Esotericism in the Music of Joy Division

Iron enhances hepatic fibrogenesis and activates TGF-β signaling in murine hepatic stellate cells

Cherry-picking participation: explaining the fate of proposals from participatory processes 

Hiroshima-Nagasaki remembered through the body: haptic visuality and the skin of the photograph

Healing past wounds with more than an elastic bandage– A small scale evaluation of attitudes and aspirations of contemporary Northern Irish Catholics

Developing Educators in the Digital Age: A Framework for Capturing Knowledge in Action

The stop and search of minors: A 'vital police tool'?

Should We Believe? The Fictional, The Virtual and the Real in the Contemporary Novel

Travel Marketing and Popular Photography in Britain, 1888–1939: Reading the Travel Image

'Don't make me go back': post-feminist retreatism in Doctor Who

Itinerant Cinematic Practices In and Around Thailand During the Cold War

Social Media Logic and Its Impact on Political Communication During Election Times

Nguyen Trinh Thi's Essay Films

‘Smarter, stronger, kinder’: Interests at stake in the remake of Iftah ya Simsim for Gulf children

Evaluating coordination and learning within governance: open epistemological issues

Hip-Hop pedagogy as production practice: Reverse-engineering the sample-based aesthetic

Leakage Current Analysis for Diagnosis of Bridge Defects in Power-Gating Designs

Exploiting Aging Benefits for the Design of Reliable Drowsy Cache Memories

Corporate Governance and Firm Risk

Paracomplete logic Kl: natural deduction, its automation, complexity and applications

Neogeography, development and human rights in Latin America

Understanding the Impact of E-commerce on Last-Mile Light Goods Vehicle Activity in Urban Areas: The Case of London

The Popular Front Novel in Britain, 1934-1940

Linkages between financial development, financial instability, financial liberalisation and economic growth in Africa

The role of ombuds - a comparative perspective

To Brexit or not to Brexit: The roles of Islamophobia, conspiracist beliefs, and integrated threat in voting intentions for the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum

The ‘Ombuds Watchers’: Collective Dissent and Legal Protest Among Users of Public Services Ombuds

Cross-border arbitrage and acquirers’ returns in the Eurozone crisis

Provocative engagement: documentary audiences and performances in The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence

Skywalking in the city: Glass platforms and the architecture of vertigo

This is not a copy: writing at the Iterative Turn

Anthropocene, Capitalocene and Liberal Cosmopolitan IR: A Response to Burke et al.’s ‘Planet Politics’

Stakeholder interactions and corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices: Evidence from the Zambian copper mining sector

Innovation Discovery: Network Analysis of Research and Invention Activity for Technology Management

Well-being and the Television Actor: Challenges and Coping Strategies

Rifaximin in Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis: An Open-Label Pilot Study

Student Preferences for Lecturers' Personalities

Promoting free flow in the networks: reimagining the body in early modern Suzhou

Risk, Commercialism and Social Purpose: Repositioning the English Housing Association sector

A new paradigm for virtual knowledge sharing in product development based on emergent social software platforms

Exploring suicidal behaviours by probation clients—a qualitative near-lethal study

The Hollowing Out of Public Service Media: A Constructivist Institutionalist Analysis of the Commercialisation of BBC’s In-house Production

Lesbian and gay teachers and sex/uality education policy enactment in schools

Changes in plasma concentrations of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D during pregnancy: A Brazilian cohort

Using cultural diversity to advance multicultural dialogues in Higher Education

Stepping into uncharted waters no more: the Court of Justice and EU Criminal Law

Cyborg Activism: Exploring the reconfigurations of democratic subjectivity in Anonymous

The smart city and Its publics: insights from across six UK cities

A Strategic Approach to Crisis Management and Organizational Resilience

The effectiveness of Lee Silverman Voice Treatment therapy issued interactively through an Ipad device: a non-inferiority study

Capitalism, Patriarchy, Slavery, and Racism in the Age of Digital Capitalism and Digital Labour

Assessing the value dimensions of social enterprise networks

Stock price reaction to profit warnings: The role of time-varying betas

'Spontaneous' Visual Perspective-Taking Mediated by Attention Orienting that is Voluntary and not Reflexive

Teaching vicarious trauma in the journalism classroom: an examination of educational provision in UK Universities

Analysing Phraseological Units in Legal Translation: Evaluation of Translation Errors for the English-Spanish Language Pair

Erziehung: the critical theory of education and counter-education

Teaching, In Spite of Excellence: Recovering a Practice of Teaching-led Research

A Knowledge Capturing and Sharing Framework for Improving the Testing Processes in Global Product Development Using Storytelling and Video Sharing

Integrating the Islamic Divorce Approach to Facilitate Marriage Breakdowns in England

Towards Internationalization: A Critical Assessment of China's Public Administration Research in a Global Context 2000-2014

Values in Families with Young Children: Insights from Two Cultural Milieus in Germany

An Adaptive Fuzzy Logic System for the Compensation of Nonlinear Distortion in Wireless Power Amplifiers

The Blitz Companion: Aerial Warfare, Civilians and the City since 1911

'Being in Being': Contesting the Ontopolitics of Indigeneity Today

Art Practice and the Community

Taking a hike: Exploring leisure walkers embodied experiences

Agency and Artifice in the Environment of Neoliberalism

From a ‘sort of Muslim’ to ‘proud to be Alevi’: The Alevi Religion and Identity Project combatting the negative identity among second-generation Alevis in the UK

Editorial of Special Issue of National Identities: Alevism as an ethno-religious identity: Contested boundaries

Heroism in the Frame: Gender, Nationality and Propaganda in Tashkent and Moscow 1924-1945

Text Metaphtonymy: The interplay of metonymy and metaphor in discourse

The development, preservation and loss of differential case marking in inner Asia Minor Greek

Drawing the answers: Sketching to support free and probed recall by child witnesses and victims with autism spectrum disorder

Declining Social Mobility? Evidence from five linked Censuses in England and Wales 1971-2011

Poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate), a promising new material for cardiac tissue engineering

Exploring Television Acting

Guerrilla Networks: An Anarchaeology of 1970s Radical Media Ecologies

Fast 2D/3D object representation with growing neural gas

Book review: Ethnicity in China: a critical introduction

Risk Preferences and the Role of Emotions

Not Belonging to one’s Self: Affect on Facebook’s Site Governance page

Design, Ecology, Politics: Towards the Ecocene

Modern foreign languages get a voice: the role of the journals

Language standardization in sociolinguistics and international business: Theory and practice across the table

A Meaner, More Callous Digital World for Youth? The Relationship Between Violent Digital Games, Motivation, Bullying and Civic Behavior amongst Children

A Rapid Detection of Meat Spoilage using an Electronic Nose and Fuzzy-Wavelet systems

Léopold Survage dans les espaces des revues artistiques et littéraires: rythmes, interactions, innovations

Laccase from Aspergillus niger: A novel tool to graft multifunctional materials of interests and their characterization

Reframe Migration: Lampedusa and the Aesthetics of Subversion

Constructing Brutalism: in situ knowledge and skill on London's South Bank

Language and national identity in Palestine: representation of power and resistance in Gaza

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