‘Corporate image at stake’: The impact of crises and response strategies on consumer perceptions of corporate brand alliances

Relationships between hyperinsulinaemia, magnesium, vitamin D, thrombosis and COVID-19: rationale for clinical management

Some Reflections on the Practice of Research

Pilot3 crew multi-criteria decision support tool estimating performance indicators and uncertainty

Pilot3 D1.1 - Technical resources and problem definition

Domino D1.2 - Final Project Results Report

Proceedings of Bhutan: Biodemocracy & Resilience Conference 2019

Trump’s offer on Kashmir: Does it matter?

Small state relations: Bhutan and Bangladesh

Bhutan-India Relations in the 21st Century

Can You Hear Kashmiri Women Speak?

A multi-layer model for long-term KPI alignment forecasts for the air transportation system

Can Artificial Intelligence, RegTech and CharityTech provide Effective Solutions for Anti-money Laundering and Counter-terror Financing Initiatives in Charitable Fundraising.

A relational analysis of an invisible illness: A meta-ethnography of people with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis and their support needs

Airport Privatisation: a Successful Journey?

Diagramming the Social: Relational Method in Research

Why do people spread false information online? The effects of message and viewer characteristics on self-reported likelihood of sharing social media disinformation

'Artists Hidden From Human Gaze': Visual Culture and Mysticism in the Nineteenth Century Convent

Preface for the Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Information Management & Management Science (IMMS 2020) and the 2nd World Conference on Management Science and Engineering (WCMSE 2020)

China's Media in the Emerging World Order

Antibiotic-free PHA-based antibacterial materials for bone regeneration

‘Through the patient’s eyes’: shadowing patients at the end of life

Manx English: a phonological investigation into levelling and diffusion from across the water

Competence development through the lens of structuration - Does age matter in Finnish IT workplaces?

Enhancing Deeper Learning Using Empathy and Creativity In Role-Playing Serious Games

Contextualising Individual Diversity Perceptions: A Relational Study across Egypt, Germany, and the United Kingdom Technology Industries

Anthropocene Islands: there are only islands after the end of the world

Entity Regulation, Litigation Rights and the Changing Meaning of Professionalism at the Bar of England and Wales

Investigating users’ perspectives on the development of bike-sharing in Shanghai

A New Framework for Understanding Memories and Preference for Music

Electrosprayed Chitin Nanofibril/Electrospun Polyhydroxyalkanoate Fiber Mesh as Functional Nonwoven for Skin Application

Can Music Make You Sick? Measuring the Price of Musical Aspiration

Evaluation of Education and Training Impacts for the Unemployed: Challenges of New Data

K. Rajagopal on making films for and on the ethnic minority in Singapore

Boo Junfeng on funding, festivals and Chinese privilege

Why Do People Share Disinformation On Social Media?

The street party: pleasurable community practices and place making

Having a say? The potential of local events to articulate community responses to regeneration.

Toward a Closed Loop, Integrated Biocompatible Biopolymer Wound Dressing Patch for Detection and Prevention of Chronic Wound Infections

OPEC meetings, oil market volatility and herding behaviour in the Saudi Arabia stock market

Remembering Cultural Experiences: lifespan distributions, richness and content of autobiographical memories of museum visits

Maladaptive Planning and the Pro-Innovation Bias: Considering the Case of Automated Vehicles

Miller 2: a Political Decision or a Saviour of the UK Constitution?

Doctor Watson Architects: Incomplete Works Volume Two

Participation in Reality Television: Entertainment Mobilization in Dance Talent Shows

Dr Manal Mohammed for The Conversation on three major scientific controversies about coronavirus

Inequalities in the commuting burden: Institutional constraints and job-housing relationships in Tianjin, China

Comorbidity of compulsive buying and brand addiction: An examination of two types of addictive consumption

Brand addiction in the contexts of luxury and fast-fashion brands

Introducing the Journal of Deliberative Democracy

New centrality and causality metrics assessing air traffic network interactions

Reimagining the Role, Duties and Liabilities of Non-Executive Directors in 2020; 15 Years of the Companies Act 2006 and the Pathway to the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018. Part Two: The Most Current Approach.

Reimagining the Role, Duties and Liabilities of Non-Executive Directors in 2020; 15 Years of the Companies Act 2006 and the Pathway to the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018. Part One: A Prelude to the Current Approach.

Fucking Law: The Search for her Sexual Ethics

Understanding the mental health of doctoral researchers: a mixed methods systematic review with meta-analysis and meta-synthesis

Exploring digital discourse with Chinese characteristics: contradictions and tensions

International rotational assignments: Women’s challenge to occupational gender segregation

Letter from the soils I have designed with

Unions and the green transition in construction in Europe: contrasting visions

Future conditional: from Just Transition to radical transformation?

Transforming vocational education and training for nearly zero energy building

Chávez’s "Aló Presidente" and its Impact on Venezuela’s Journalistic Practice

Revisiting Latin American Media Democratisation Theories and the Populist Factor

Edulingualism: Linguistic repertoires, academic tasks and student agency in an English-dominant university

Why advocate for public service media? Perspectives from organizations for media development

I Discovered Feminism in a Revolution

Civil society coalitions as pathways to PSB reform in Southern Africa

‘[A] stronger position as women alone’: women’s associations in the British civil service and feminism, 1900-1959

Cytocompatibility Evaluation of a Novel Series of PEG-Functionalized Lactide-Caprolactone Copolymer Biomaterials for Cardiovascular Applications

Lindsay Bywood interviews Carol Robertson on her experience of the early days of subtitling at the BBC

Book review: Sanderson, John D. and Carla Botella-Tejera (eds) (2018) Focusing on Audiovisual Translation Research

Technology and Audiovisual Translation

The Journey Experience of Visually Impaired People on Public Transport in London

Assessing young children from diverse backgrounds: Novel ways to measure language abilities and meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage

Spillover Effects in the Banking Sector of Emerging Economies: a South Africa Case study

Contemporary Iran: Politics, Economy, Religion

In a minority in male spaces: the networks, relationships and collaborations between women MPs and women civil servants, 1919-1955

Design methodology for 360-degree immersive video applications

Deferoxamine and Curcumin Loaded Nanocarriers Protect Against Rotenone-Induced Neurotoxicity

A National Treasure? The Role of Civil Society in Promoting and Enforcing Human Rights in the United Kingdom

Transparency and global resources: Exploring linkages and boundaries

Taking a holistic approach to practice-based arts research: our experiences (successes and challenges) at the University of Westminster

The struggle to imagine higher education otherwise: the transformative potential of diverse gender knowledges

"I've Seen You": A conversation about the Transformative Potential of Working in Partnership

Waste to Wealth (W2W): The need for a social enterprise approach to turn Waste into Wealth

How corporate social responsibility contributes to strengthening brand loyalty, hotel positioning and intention to revisit?

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst: barriers to service innovation

Co-Creating Brand Image and Reputation through higher Education Internal-Stakeholder's Social Network

Leaders or Organisations? A comparison study of factors affecting organisational citizenship behaviour in independent hotels

Establishing psychological relationship between customers and retailers: a study of the small to medium scale clothing retail industry

Application of IoT and BEMS to Visualise the Environmental Performance of an Educational Building

Local Incentive Structures and the Constitution of Community-Based Enterprises in the Forest

Fabrication of Biopolymer Based Nanoparticles for the Entrapment of Chromium and Iron Supplements

N-Acetylcysteine Nanocarriers Protect against Oxidative Stress in a Cellular Model of Parkinson's Disease.

Co-Administration of Iron and a Bioavailable Curcumin Supplement Increases Serum BDNF Levels in Healthy Adults

Novel Psychoactive Substances in Custodial Settings: A Mixed Method Investigation on the Experiences of People in Prison and Professionals Working With Them

Morphological and molecular characterization of an African freshwater fish trypanosome, including its development in a leech vector

Generation of High Dose Inhalable Effervescent Dispersions against Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilms.

Book review: Soltando amarras: La costa noratlántica ibérica en la Edad Moderna

Tolerance and Control. Developing a language policy for an EMI university in Uzbekistan

Stories of Animistic Cinema

Queering Control and Inclusion in the Contemporary Organization: On ‘LGBT-friendly control’ and the reproduction of (queer) value

The ‘War on Terror’, State Crime & Radicalization: A Constitutive theory of Radicalization.

Service evaluation of a sole-session psychoeducational intervention to improve caregivers’ key illness beliefs after first episode psychosis (FEP)

Can urban ponds help tackle domestic water scarcity and build resilience?

The Value Effects of Changes in Leverage

The World According to Dave Trott: An Interview

Advertising and the Way Forward

Attitudes Of Ageing Passengers To Air Travel Since The Coronavirus Pandemic

Development of an electroactive aerobic biocathode for microbial fuel cell applications

Book review: The critical surf studies reader, edited by Dexter Zavalza Hough-Snee and Alexander Sotelo Eastman, Durham, Duke University Press, 2017, 463 pp., $31.95 (paperback), ISBN 978-0-8223-6972-1

The role of small businesses in employing the unemployed and inactive

A Tale of Two Cities

Sustaining municipal parks in an era of neoliberal austerity: The contested commercialisation of Gunnersbury Park

Aunthood and Narrative Voice: Virginia Woolf’s Materteral Form

Events in London's parks: the friends' perspective

An Overview of Insider Dealing Law and Policy: A Chinese Perspective (Part Two).

An Overview of Insider Dealing Law and Policy: A Chinese Perspective (Part One).

Flexibility and Sharīʿah Compliance of Islamic Financial Contracts: An Evaluative Framework

Investigating Physical and Chemical Interaction of Aspergillus terreus Spores for Changes in Morphology and Physiology

Open access transport models: A leverage point in sustainable transport planning

Global mobility policies: good governance and effective communication

The Pragmatics of Modern Greek Cooking blogs

Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Greek Linguistics (London 7-9/9/2017)

Archiving the Barcelona Pavilion and the Cumulative Tale

On-site as an Interdisciplinary Practice

Can AI help predict a learner’s needs? Lessons from predicting student satisfaction

Emerging roles of melanocortin receptor accessory proteins (MRAP and MRAP2) in physiology and pathophysiology.

Innovations in simulation: Experiences with Cloud-based Simulation Experimentation

Early Modern Aesthetics: Antony and Cleopatra and the Afterlife of Domination

Customer Orientation and e-WOM in the hotel sector

An excess of thought, or the thinking materials of research

Acts of Drawing Something you Cannot See

Barriers and opportunities for participatory environmental upgrading: Case study of Havelock informal settlement, Durban

Recommended resources for oxidative stress and dietary antioxidants in neurological diseases

What are the key features of Orthorexia Nervosa and influences on its development? A qualitative investigation?

Naturally-Occurring Autoantibodies to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) and its Subunits in Ovarian cyst Patients

Elevated levels of naturally occurring autoantibodies to human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) β core fragment in a female patient with thyroid follicular adenoma: Case report

Visual Activism and Marginalised Communities in Online Spaces

Museum Representations of Chinese Diasporas: Migration Histories and the Cultural Heritage of the Homeland

Uncovering variation within urban multilingualism

Book Review: Peri-Urban China: Land Use, Growth, and Integrated Urban–Rural Development

Normalized indices derived from visceral adipose mass assessed by MRI and their correlation with markers for insulin resistance and prediabetes

A Bayesian structural time series analysis of the effect of basic income on crime: evidence from the Alaska Permanent Fund

Peptidylarginine Deiminase inhibition abolishes the production of large extracellular vesicles from Giardia intestinalis, affecting host-pathogen interactions by hindering adhesion to host cells.

Attitudes of Ageing Passengers to Air Travel since the Coronavirus Pandemic

Think excellence: the purpose and vision of the Relocate and Global People Awards

The effect of astaxanthin supplementation on performance and fat oxidation during a 40 km cycling time trial

Knowledge sharing: Learning from the Relocate awards

Reading Signs and Symbols with Abdelkébir Khatibi: From the Body to the Text

Motivated forgetting: forgetting what we want to forget

Late changes in blood-brain barrier permeability in a rat tMCAO model of stroke detected by gadolinium-enhanced MRI

A Recipe for Shocking the Urban Body

Blog post: Proposed Amendments to the Human Rights Act to Disadvantage UK War Crimes Victims

Governing Without the Politics: Postcolonial Governmentality and the Indian Middle Classes

HIV in the UK: Voices from the Epidemic

“As soon as you’ve been there, it makes it personal”: The experience of healthcare staff shadowing patients at the end of life.

Comparison of the Influence of 45S5 and Cu-Containing 45S5 Bioactive Glass (BG) on the Biological Properties of Novel Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)/BG Composites

Antimicrobial Materials with Lime Oil and a Poly (3-hydroxyalkanoate) Produced via Valorisation of Sugar Cane Molasses

Is the content of patient’s written emotional disclosure associated with improved health outcomes for asthma patients?

Lifestyle migrants and intercultural communication in Swedish villages

Ad Vitam Aeternam: a legal text that remains relevant

Partner selection in sustainable supply chains: a fuzzy ensemble learning model

Blog post: UK Accountability for War Crimes in Doubt

Covid 19 Business Impact Study - Global Perspective

Cancer cells grown in 3D under fluid flow exhibit an aggressive phenotype and reduced responsiveness to the anti-cancer treatment doxorubicin

Effects of Quorum Quenchers on Aspergillus fumigatus Conidia Aggregation, Adhesion to Surfaces, and Biofilm Formation

The Application of the Principle of Mutual Recognition in EU Criminal Law Matters - Internally and Externally vis-à-vis Pre-Accession Policy

Multilingual practices in a disavowed community: The case of new Italian migrants in London

One-pass Context-based Tableaux Systems for CTL and ECTL

More than just 'Protecting Veterans’: How the UK Government Plans to Get Rid of the ECHR in Overseas Operations

Nursing assistants’ experiences of administering manual restraint for compulsory nasogastric feeding of young persons with anorexia nervosa

Hadatha, dissent and hegemonic masculinity in the short stories of Zakariyya Tamir

Putative Roles for Peptidylarginine Deiminases in COVID-19

The role of multilingualism in the emergence of a technical register in the Middle English period

Trains, Twitter and the social license to operate: A case study analysis of Twitter use by train operating companies in the United Kingdom

Extracellular Vesicles and Post-translational Protein Deimination Signatures in Haemolymph of the American Lobster (Homarus americanus)

Perspectives on language education policy

Insights into language education policies

Editorial: Exercise as a Countermeasure to Human Aging

Comparable Endocrine and Neuromuscular Adaptations to Variable vs. Constant Gravity-Dependent Resistance Training Among Young Women

The Self-Defining Period in Autobiographical Memory: Evidence from a Long-running Radio Show

A Hybrid Combinatorial Approach to a Two-Stage Stochastic Portfolio Optimization Model with Uncertain Asset Prices

Differential Object Marking and Language Contact: An Introduction to this Special Issue

Modeling perception and behavior in individuals at clinical high risk for psychosis: support for the predictive processing framework

Power Range: Forward Private Multi-Client Symmetric Searchable Encryption with Range Queries Support

The combined impact of sauerkraut with Leuconostoc mesenteroides to enhance immunomodulatory activity in Escherichia coli-infected mice

Brands may support Black Lives Matter, but advertising still needs to decolonise

Improving professional observers’ veracity judgments by tactical interviewing

Towards a Cloud Native Big Data Platform using MiCADO

Predicting and elucidating the etiology of fatty liver disease: A machine learning modeling and validation study in the IMI DIRECT cohorts

Reconsidering the variable context: A phonological argument for (t) and (d) deletion

The Role of Art in Subverting the “Ungrievability” of Migrant Lives

Applying critical systems thinking to social prescribing: a relational model of stakeholder “buy-in”

Nursing assistants’ experiences of administering manual restraint for compulsory nasogastric feeding of young persons with anorexia nervosa

Fleshing Out Non-Binary

Building Science Gateways for Analysing Molecular Docking Results Using a Generic Framework and Methodology

Media ownership and the exploitation of media power for corporate self-interest: a case study of News International's coverage of the BBC and OFcom

Excessive iron accumulation mediated oxidative stress and β-cell dysfunction via perturbations of insulin secretion in MIN6 cells

Keynote on ICIM 2020: Quantum models, multi-agents & intelligent systems for business & management and for fighting against COVID-19

Exploring Immersive Technologies in Learning [Special issue]. Journal of Universal Computer Science (J.UCS)

Immersive Learning Research Network. Proceedings of 6th International Conference, iLRN 2020, Online, June 21-25, 2020. Immersive Learning Research Network

International law and development: From 'company raj' to global governance via indirect rule

‘There's nowhere wonky left to go': Gentrification, queerness and class politics of inclusion in (East) London

Preface for the Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Information Management (ICIM2020) 27-29 March 2020 IEEE

A brief history of free school meals in the UK

More sugar and spice: Revisiting medieval Italian influence on the mercantile lexis of England

Attitudinal Determinants of diet and lifestyle among African and Caribbean women living in the UK : study design and rationale - Diets of African and Caribbean women

The translaborative case for a translational hermeneutics

On statues and history: The dialogue between past and present in public space

Tooting Common Heritage Project: Final Evaluation & Completion Report

Litigation on Regulations Rome I and Rome II: Spain

Automated Decision-Making and Article 22 GDPR: Towards a more substantial regime for solely automatic decision-making

Climate, capital, class & crisis

Dietary metabolite profiling brings new insight into the relationship between nutrition and metabolic risk: An IMI Direct study

Ethnic differences in body fat deposition and liver fat content in two UK based cohorts.

Neuroticism influences informant ratings of other people’s memory performance

A constructive role for social science in the development of automated vehicles

Reversal of beta-Amyloid-Induced Microglial Toxicity In Vitro by Activation of Fpr2/3

Being Negative to be Popular: Style in Online Comments at the Mail Online

Creative-led strategies for peripheral settlements and the uneasy transition towards sustainability

Racism and Brexit: notes towards an antiracist populism

Overcoming diverse approaches to vocational education and training to combat climate change - the case of low energy construction in Europe

The nexus of internal market orientation and international HR management

Patient-specific Alzheimer-like pathology in trisomy 21 cerebral organoids reveals BACE2 as a gene-dose-sensitive AD-suppressor in human brain

Socio-spatial inequalities in flood resilience: Rainfall flooding in the city of Arnhem

Machine Learning Prediction of Susceptibility to Visceral Fat Associated Diseases

Comprehending 3D and 4D ontology-driven conceptual models: An empirical study

Filmi vs the Everyday:Hindi films in the lives of women in an Indian village

How people successfully get in and get on in the UK broadcast television industry: implications for skills policymakers

Evaluating individuals with extreme phenotypes of HIV-1 contributes towards better healthcare management of all HIV-1 positive individuals

DNA damage in paediatric obesity: a promoter and predictor of cancer in adulthood

Data‐driven integration of hippocampal CA1 synaptic physiology in silico

Exploring the Suitability of Semantic Spaces as Word Association Models for the Extraction of Semantic Relationships

Towards a Critical Theory of Communication as Renewal and Update of Marxist Humanism in the Age of Digital Capitalism

Women’s expatriate careers: losing trust in organisational equality and diversity policy implementation?

'Introduction', Trans TV Dossier 3, Trans TV Re-evaluated (Part 2)

'Introduction', Trans TV Dossier 3, Trans TV Re-evaluated (Part 1)

Interrogating Democracy in the Digital Gaze

Science Gateways with Embedded Ontology-based E-learning Support

Industry Simulation Gateway on a Scalable Cloud

The effect of the visual exercise environment on the response to psychological stress: a pilot study

Effectiveness of stress relieving strategies in regulating patterns of cortisol secretion and promoting brain health

Hanging in the balance: Conceptualising doctoral researcher mental health as a dynamic balance across key tensions characterising the PhD experience

Trans TV Re-Evaluated, part 2

The UK Biobank imaging enhancement of 100,000 participants: rationale, data collection, management and future directions

Demographic predictors of wellbeing in Carers of people with psychosis: secondary analysis of trial data

The Prediction of miRNAs in SARS-CoV-2 Genomes: hsa-miR Databases Identify 7 Key miRs Linked to Host Responses and Virus Pathogenicity-Related KEGG Pathways Significant for Comorbidities

Prisoner university partnerships at Westminster

Long-Wellesley & Publicity: The Role of Celebrity in the Public Sphere (1788-1832)

Materialities and corridors: The Chinese diaspora and connected societies

Desiring homeland: The return of the Indonesian Chinese women to Maoist China

侨批研究的力作 国际学术沟通的桥梁: 评《亲爱的中国:1882—1980年的移民书信和汇款》

What kind of vocational education and training is needed to combat climate change? The case of low energy construction in Europe

“Curating the Nomadic: Film and Video at Ambika P3.”

Constellations of weathering: Following the meteorological mobilities of Bangla bricks

Bangla Bricks: Making and Unmaking Monsoon Grounds

Lecture Capture Adds Value to Attending Psychological Research Methods Lectures

Supporting older eyewitnesses’ episodic memory: The Self-Administered Interview and Sketch Reinstatement of Context

Perceived barriers and facilitators to female condoms among UK based healthcare professionals

The sensitivity of GCC firms’ stock returns to exchange rate, interest rate, and oil price volatility

Practice-based (arts and architecture) research

Preface to Manfred Knoche’s Article “Science Communication and Open Access: The Critique of the Political Economy of Capitalist Academic Publishers as Ideology Critique”.

Describing and Processing Topology and Quality of Service Parameters of Applications in the Cloud

Modeling asset returns under time-varying semi-nonparametric distributions

Controlling Insider Dealing Through Criminal Enforcement in China

Kommunikation und Kapitalismus: Eine kritische Theorie

Communication and Capitalism: A Critical Theory

Optimal Instagram Advertising Design Features. A study on brand image and Millennials consumer’s purchase intention

Malawi’s food security: two decades of agriculture’s trends and challenges, new perspectives.

Food sovereignty and agroecology as an alternate agricultural approach: lessons from Malawi

Exploration of parental perceptions and practices concerning sugar/oral health of children

Perceived Pathways to Kwashiorkor or Marasmus in Ameya, Ethiopia

Achieving Global Nutrition Targets, through an increased investment in voice and equity

Symposium on Global Nutrition themes 1B – “Are we there yet?” Are Health systems supporting the achievement of the Global Nutrition Goals?

Food and Mood: Exploring the determinants of food choices and the effects of food consumption on mood among women in Inner London.

WRITING UTOPIA NOW: Utopian Poetics In The Work Of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

Intellectual heritages of post-1990 public sector accounting research: An exploration

Aviation security by consent using the Controlled Cognitive Engagement (CCE) alternative screening programme

A class act: an interview with Julie Hesmondhalgh on casting, representation and inclusion in British television drama

“Aspirational capital” and transformations in first-generation Alevi-Kurdish parents’ involvement with their children’s education in the UK

Unpacking the 'Singapore New Wave'

Taipei Golden Horse film awards and Singapore cinema: Prestige, privilege and disarticulation

Clay:A Vibrant Matter

Slacklands 2

Fossil and Clay, we and they are Uncommon Ground

Evaluation of WGS-subtyping methods for epidemiological surveillance of foodborne salmonellosis

Migration Beyond Capitalism

"Doctor Who, Family and National Identity"

The Archers, the Radio, Violence against Women and Changing the World at Teatime

Why and how to integrate non-standard linguistic varieties into education: Cypriot Greek in Cyprus and the UK

From village talk to slang: the re-enregisterment of a non-standardised variety in an urban diaspora

Demob Suits: One Uniform for Another? Burtons and the Leeds Multiple Tailors' Production of Men's Demobilization Tailoring after the Second World War

False-positive troponin elevation due to an immunoglobulin-G-cardiac troponin T complex: a case report

Alternative digital journalism in Greece under conditions of austerity

Predictors of likelihood of sharing disinformation on social media 2019-2020

History and Class Consciousness 2.0: Georg Lukács in the Age of Digital Capitalism and Big Data

Semantic Data Pre-Processing for Machine Learning Based Bankruptcy Prediction Computational Model

Negotiating Brexit: A Clash of Approaches?

Queering Public Spaces

Social innovation drivers in social enterprises: Systematic review

The Changing Narratives of Death, Dying, and HIV in the United Kingdom

Non-Standard and Minority Varieties as Community Languages in the UK: Towards a New Strategy for Language Maintenance

Growing PSM Organically: International Initiatives to Support National Conversations in New Contexts

The "Non-favourite": Neo-tribal Sexualities on Celluloid

Capital punishment: Creating more victims?

The Night and Cultural Benefit : The Case for a Holistic Approach to Licensing

Ethnography as thrownness and the face of the sufferer

Diversity in the work-life interface: Introduction to the Special Issue

Reading Öcalan as a South Asian Woman

Wars Beyond the Armed Forces: Colonialism and Militarisation of Ethno-national Conflicts in Contemporary South Asia

Machine Learning for Enhancing Dementia Screening in Ageing Deaf Signers of British Sign Language

Contribution of street food to dietary intake of habitual urban consumers: a cross-sectional study in Kampala city, Uganda

Approaching delivery as a service

Reviews: ENO's Luisa Miller/ Pure Dance, Natalia Osipova

Reviews for Scene 2015-

An Extended NRBF Model for the Detection of Meat Spoilage

Architecture and Faux-nationalism: reflections on a remark made by the British architectural historian Gavin Stamp about the German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

Exploring the Role of Organisational Context and Work Flexibility in Perceiving Digital Technology Affordances: A Study of Knowledge Workers

Re-enacting the mobility versus accessibility debate: Moving towards collaborative synergies among experts

Exporting cherries for the tops of cakes: The Charter of Fundamental Rights in domestic courts of the EU’s neighbourhood

Copy-pasting or Negotiating? Post-Brexit Trade Agreements between the UK and non-EU countries

Left Lives in 20th Century Ireland, Vol. 3: Communist Lives

Teaching research methods: Introducing a psychogeographical approach

Learning atmospheres: Re-imagining management education through the dérive

Can academic writing retreats function as wellbeing interventions?

Post-Translational Protein Deimination Signatures in Serum and Serum-Extracellular Vesicles of Bos taurus Reveal Immune, Anti-Pathogenic, Anti-Viral, Metabolic and Cancer-Related Pathways for Deimination

How do knowledge workers with flexible jobs manage constant connectivity? An affordance perspective

Using emergent strategies to lead effectively

Corporate social responsibility: good for business and your brand

Extreme expatriation: the challenge of newly emerging economies

HDL-apoA-I kinetics in response to 16 weeks exercise training in men with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)

Snacking on whole almonds for 6 weeks improves endothelial function and lowers LDL cholesterol but does not affect liver fat and other cardiometabolic risk factors in healthy adults: the ATTIS study, a randomized controlled trial

Ethnic differences in adiposity and diabetes risk – insights from genetic studies

'To trust or not to trust': The impact of social media influencers on the reputation of corporate brands in crisis

Protein Deimination Signatures in Plasma and Plasma-EVs and Protein Deimination in the Brain Vasculature in a Rat Model of Pre-Motor Parkinson’s Disease

The impact of digitalization and servitization on the financial performance: An empirical analysis

Post-translational Protein Deimination Signatures and Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) in the Atlantic Horseshoe Crab (Limulus polyphemus)

The Use of Dietary Supplements Among African and Caribbean Women Living in the UK: A Cross-sectional Study

Charlie and the CryptoFactory: Towards Secure and Trusted Manufacturing Environments

Lone other-language items in later medieval texts

Theory, reality, and possibilities for a digital/communicative socialist network society

Evaluating the impact of multimodal Collaborative Virtual Environments on user’s spatial knowledge and experience of gamified educational tasks

The Coronavirus: Biopolitics and the Rise of ‘Anthropocene Authoritarianism’

Coronavirus and the End of Resilience

Recycling and the Environment: a Comparative Review Between Mineral-based Plastics and Bioplastics

Modification of bacterial cell membrane to accelerate decolorization of textile wastewater effluent using microbial fuel cells: role of gamma radiation

Technical Skills for Students of Architecture

Addressing Ethical Issues in Studying Men’s Traumatic Stress

Dr Manal Mohammed holds public lecture about superbugs at Westminster’s Difference Festival (27 February 2020)

Dr Manal Mohammed for The Conversation about which kinds of sanitisers are most effective against coronavirus

The Assumptions Underlying the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and their Implications

Instrumental Reason

Genome-wide and Mendelian randomisation studies of liver MRI yield insights into the pathogenesis of steatohepatitis

Assessing the Effectiveness of Automated Emotion Recognition in Adults and Children for Clinical Investigation

Unlocking inhibitors to women’s expatriate careers: can job-related training provide a key?

What does successful social prescribing look like? Mapping meaningful outcomes

An Exploration of Relocation Decision-making and Experience: Wellbeing and Chronic Stress Outcomes for Older Under- Occupying Homeowners

The role of causation, effectuation and bricolage in new service development processes

A Priority-based Fair Queuing (PFQ) Model for Wireless Healthcare System

Understanding how and when change occurs in the administrative justice system: The ombudsman/ tribunal partnership developments in England

Alltagsleben und Alltagskommunikation im Coronavirus-Kapitalismus

Everyday Life and Everyday Communication in Coronavirus Capitalism

Stress, the cortisol awakening response and cognitive function

Collaborative Parcels Logistics via the Carrier’s Carrier Operating Model

Servitization 2.0: The Significance of Product and Service Dominant Logics for Public Service Organisations

Demonstration of microRNA using in situ hybridisation on formalin fixed paraffin wax samples using conventional oligonucleotide probes: A comparison with the use of locked nucleic acid probes

UK tourism arrivals and departures: seasonality, persistence and time trends

Social Considerations in the COVID19 Emergency in Italy

Do regional self-employment rates converge in the UK? Empirical evidence using club-clustering algorithm

Hacking Antarctica

The changing nature of labour regulation: the distinctiveness of the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry (NAECI)

Deimination Protein Profiles in Alligator mississippiensis Reveal Plasma and Extracellular Vesicle- specific Signatures Relating to Immunity, Metabolic Function and Gene Regulation

Architecture Without Plans

The worst place on earth to be a woman: violence against Yemeni women in peace and war

Which Way Huawei? ISDS Options for Chinese Investors

Technological advances relevant to transport – understanding what drives them

Unpacking the difference between digital transformation and IT-enabled organizational transformation

Owner challenges on major projects: The case of UK government

The end of the beginning: Understanding benefits realisation in transformation projects in the UK government

Unregulated Desires: Anomie, the “Rainbow Underclass” and Second-generation Alevi Kurdish Gangs in London

Tourism and development in Southeast Asia: concluding remarks and future outlook

Researching tourism and development in Southeast Asia: Methodological insights

The tourism-development nexus in Southeast Asia: History and current issues

Mapping tourism, sustainability, and development in Southeast Asia

Tourism and Development in Southeast Asia

Quantifying environmental and financial benefits of using porters and cycle couriers for last-mile parcel delivery

The Role of Differentially Expressed miRNAs and Potential miRNA-mRNA Regulatory Network in Prostate Cancer Progression and Metastasis

Upregulated Wnt-11 and miR-21 Expression Trigger Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition in Aggressive Prostate Cancer Cells

Oil price changes and industrial output in the MENA region: nonlinearities and asymmetries

The effects of investor emotions sentiments on crude oil returns: a time and frequency dynamics analysis

The response of corporate investments in the US to oil price changes: the role of asymmetries

Hepcidin secretion was not directly proportional to intracellular iron-loading in recombinant-TfR1 HepG2 cells: short communication

Organised crime, gangs and the complexity of group offending in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr Manal Mohammed for the Daily Mail about whether face masks can help stop the spread of viruses (11 Feburary 2020)

Would you ditch your car if public transport was free? Here’s what researchers have found

Development of Neurofuzzy Architectures for Electricity Price Forecasting

Branching-time logic ECTL# and its tree-style one-pass tableau: Extending fairness expressibility of ECTL+

Becoming Indigenous: The ‘Speculative Turn’ in Anthropology and the (Re)colonization of Indigeneity

Granule Cell Dispersion in Human Temporal Lobe Epilepsy: Proteomics investigation of neurodevelopmental migratory pathways

Urban China: The Tortuous Path Towards Sustainability

Stickiness of the Halasina Hannu

„Europa wird nur sein, wenn es einig ist.“ Deutsche Christliche Demokraten in der Hohen Behörde der EGKS und der Kommission der Euratom, 1952-1967

Learning Across Institutions – Secretariats (and Secretaries) from the League of Nations to the ECSC High Authority and the EEC Commission

The share of the global energy mix: Signs of convergence?

Language learning experiences of postgraduate research students in the UK

The Architecture of Natural Cooling

Scene-Dependency of Spatial Image Quality Metrics

An Analysis of the Service Provider’s Legal Duty to Make Reasonable Adjustments: The Little Mix Saga

Deiminated Proteins and Extracellular Vesicles as Novel Biomarkers in Pinnipeds: Grey seal (Halichoerus gryptus) and Harbour seal (Phoca vitulina)

Peptidylarginine Deiminase Isozyme-Specific PAD2, PAD3 and PAD4 Inhibitors Differentially Modulate Extracellular Vesicle Signatures and Cell Invasion in Two Glioblastoma Multiforme Cell Lines

Design and evaluation of a biologically-inspired cloud elasticity framework

Doctor Watson Architects: Incomplete Works Volume One

‘We believe in every child as an individual’: Nursery School head teachers’ understandings of ‘quality’ in early years education

Intervention in XIXth century international law and the distinction between rebellions, insurrections and civil wars

Amid the debris: ruins of underdevelopment in contemporary Brazilian documentary

An Extraordinary Duckling B2B Magazines as Information and Networking Tools for Professionals

Tacit Knowledge and Creative Possibility

Making demand side response happen: a review of barriers in commercial and public organisations

A mixed methods evaluation of an individualised yoga therapy intervention for rheumatoid arthritis: Pilot study

Deiminated Proteins and Extracellular Vesicles - Novel Serum Biomarkers in Whales and Orca

The changing nature of labour regulation: the distinctiveness of the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry

Landscape as Weapon: Cultures of Exhaustion and Refusal

Monsoon [+ other] Grounds

The Plural Society: Labour and the Commonwealth Idea 1900-1964

A mixed methods evaluation of an individualised yoga therapy intervention for rheumatoid arthritis: Pilot study

Oil price changes and industrial output in the MENA region: Nonlinearities and asymmetries

Novel anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective effects of the human melanocortin MC1 receptor agonist BMS-470539 dihydrochloride and human melanocortin MC3 receptor agonist PG-990 on lipopolysaccharide activated chondrocytes

A tale of two cinnamons: a comparative review of the clinical evidence of Cinnamomum verum and C.cassia as diabetes interventions

The role of physical activity in metabolic homeostasis before and after the onset of type 2 diabetes: an IMI DIRECT study

The effects of investor emotions sentiments on crude oil returns: A time and frequency dynamics analysis

Transport and Deregulation

Servitization 2.0: The significance of product and service dominant logics for public service organisations

"I wouldn't delve into it too much": public concerns (or not) about the UK food supply system

The “broken escalator” phenomenon: vestibular dizziness interferes with locomotor adaptation

Salivary cortisol as a non-invasive window on the brain

Psychological stress reactivity and future health and disease outcomes: A systematic review of prospective evidence

Alternative Responses to Presidential Tweets on Elections in Africa: A New Counter Power?

The Changing Face of Election Campaigning in Africa

FIR Filtering of Discontinuous Signals: A Random-Stratified Sampling Approach

The Conversation (Manal Mohammed & Andrew Millard): Antibiotic resistance: Scientists are reengineering viruses to cure bacterial infections

High omega arachidonic acid/docosahexaenoic acid ratio induces mitochondrial dysfunction and altered lipid metabolism in human hepatoma cells

Islands and the rise of correlational epistemology in the Anthropocene: rethinking the trope of the ‘canary in the coalmine’

Mapping Crisis: Participation, Datafication, and Humanitarianism in the Age of Digital Mapping

The right to the city: Evaluating the changing role of community participation in urban planning in England

Live Project: Understanding the Design Process from Project Brief to Post Occupancy Evaluation

The Witness-Aimed First Account (WAFA): A new technique for interviewing autistic witnesses and victims

A network analysis to identify mediators of germline-driven differences in breast cancer prognosis

Reproduced, reinterpreted, lost: Trajectories of scientific knowledge across contexts

Night Matters—Why the Interdisciplinary Field of “Night Studies” Is Needed

Accountability, Denial and the Future - Proofing of British Torture

Could sleeper trains replace international air travel?

The role of hormones in financial markets

The Treatment

The City of Collective Melancholy: Revisiting Pamuk’s Istanbul

Berberine for prevention of dementia associated with diabetes and its comorbidities: A systematic review

Menu engineering to encourage sustainable food choices when dining out: An online trial of priced-based decoys

Acceptability of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled chatbots, video consultations and live webchats as online platforms for sexual health advice

Yoga practice in the UK: a cross- sectional survey of motivation, health benefits and behaviours

Design methodology for 360° immersive video applications: the case study of a cultural heritage virtual tour

Property speculation: causes and consequences

Soft Power to Whom? A Critical Analysis of the Publicity Film “CPC (Communist Party of China) is With You Along the Way” in Relation to China’s Soft Power Project

Innovation Institution and Spatial Transfer of Energy Industry: The Case of Jiangsu Province, China

Parliamentary Influence Ten Years after Lisbon: EU Trade Negotiations with Japan

The Utopian Internet, Computing, Communication, and Concrete Utopias: Reading William Morris, Peter Kropotkin, Ursula K. Le Guin, and P.M. in the Light of Digital Socialism

Communicative Socialism/Digital Socialism

Communicative Socialism/Digital Socialism (Special issue)

Marxism: Karl Marx's Fifteen Key Concepts for Cultural and Communication Studies

What is Food? Researching a Topic with Many Meanings

The Tourist Experience of Heritage Urban Spaces: Valletta as a Case Study

Regimes of Temporality: China, Tibet and the Politics of Time in the Post-2008 Era

Sexualized Video Games, Sexist Attitudes and Empathy Toward Victims of Rape: Correlational Evidence for a Relationship Is Minimal in an Online Study

People analytics data – its value to HR professionals

Data analytics: building a data driven culture

Transport, Social Equity and Capabilities in East Beijing

Protein Deimination and Extracellular Vesicle Profiles in Antarctic Seabirds

The Politics of Exhaustion: Immigration Control in the British-French Border Zone

Natural outdoor environment, neighbourhood social cohesion and mental health: Using multilevel structural equation modelling, streetscape and remote-sensing metrics

Does an international academic environment promote study abroad?

Sharq al-Adna: British Covert Radio and the Development of Arab Broadcasting

Plasma mEV levels in Ghanain malaria patients with low parasitaemia are higher than those of healthy controls, raising the potential for parasite markers in mEVs as diagnostic targets

Sustainable business models: integrating employees, customers and technology

Changes in socioeconomic inequality in access to study abroad programs: a cross-country analysis

Career cooperation, coordination, compatibility and co-working: how female expatriates mobilise dual-career strategies

Carbohydrate intake and ketosis in self-sufficient multi-stage ultramarathon runners

A well-founded fear of being persecuted ... but when?

London governance and the politics of neighbourhood planning: a case for investigation

Application Performance of Physical System Simulations

The Ways of Making, Dissemination and Reception Have Changed, So What Should We Do About It?

Distortion, illusion and transformation: the evolution of Dazzle Painting, a camouflage system to protect Allied shipping from Unrestricted Submarine Warfare, 1917–1918

Domestic Violence and Child Participation: Contemporary Challenge for the 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention

Gender and the legal academy in the UK: a product of proxies and hiring and promotion practices

The social and local dimensions of governance of energy poverty: adaptive responses to state remoteness

Erich Fromm and the Critical Theory of Communication

The Ethics of the Digital Commons

Impulsiveness or self-protection? Exploring individual perceptions, family and school strains related to why adolescents run away from home in China

Book Review: Cyber Espionage and International Law (2018) by Russell Buchan

Noise Power Spectrum Scene-Dependency in Simulated Image Capture Systems

Camera System Performance Derived from Natural Scenes

Studies on the effect of MegaPixel sensor resolution on displayed image quality and relevant metrics

Flight and passenger efficiency-fairness trade-off for ATFM delay assignment

Determinants of consumers’ intentions to share knowledge and intentions to purchase on s-commerce sites: incorporating attitudes toward persuasion attempts into a social exchange model

Dante Bini: Architect

Medicinal plant analysis: A historical and regional discussion of Chinese publication trends and emergent complex techniques

Constructing women's "different voice": Gendered mediation in the 2015 UK General Election

Emerging citizen contributions, roles and interactions with public authorities in Dutch pluvial flood risk management

How does the design of the Byers’ home in Stranger Things (2016-2019 Netflix) reflect notions of nostalgia for a particular space in time?

How community-based social enterprises struggle with representation and accountability

Managing complaints: Focusing on users and non-users of the system

Radio Modernisms: Features, Cultures and the BBC

Non-coercive human intelligence gathering

Planning the 2015 Chennai Floods

Sedimentary logics and the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

Greer's 'bad sex' and the future of consent


Technocrats of the Imagination: Art, Technology, and the Military-Industrial Avant-Garde

Extracellular Vesicles, Deiminated Protein Cargo and microRNAs are Novel Serum Biomarkers for Environmental Rearing Temperature in Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua L.)

Women, Language and Politics

Deiminated Proteins in Extracellular Vesicles and Serum of Llama (Lama glama) - Novel Insights into Camelid Immunity

Airline Schedule and Network Competitiveness: a consumer-centric approach for business travel

Atmosphere in Participatory Design

Language attitudes and religion: Kurdish Alevis in the UK

Of Particle Systems and Picturesque Ontologies: Landscape, Nature and Realism in Video Games

Jacques Rancière: Aesthetics and Photography

Photography as Critical Practice: Notes on Otherness

Children's television in an era of digital distribution: European and Arab responses

Airport Competition with the Scottish Lowlands Region

Lack of Consensus Among Scholars on the Issue of Video Game “Addiction”

Visualising urban gentrification and displacement in Greater London

Gamification and online consumer decisions: Is the game over?

The Burkina Faso: Côte d’Ivoire Migration Corridor

(M)othering and the politics of early intervention

Contact and sociolinguistic variation

Exploratory analyses of crime-scene characteristics in cyber-related homicides

Securitising education: An exploration of teachers’ attitudes and experiences regarding the implementation of the Prevent duty in sixth form colleges

Exploration of crime‐scene characteristics in juvenile homicide in the French‐speaking part of Belgium

Steering, knowledge and the challenge of governance evaluation: the case of National Health Service governance and reform in England

The city inhabits me: space, topology, and Gabriele Basilico’s Milan: Ritratti di Fabbriche

Visual Vertigo, Motion Sickness and Disorientation in vehicles

Parallax, a story in two parts

Paddington in Prison: How does the design of the prison in Paddington 2 (2017) reflect character and story?

Experiment, Cybernetics and the Formal Film in Britain

Participation as a Framework for Analysing Consumers’ Experiences of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

From the Proliferation of the Photographic to the Nullification of Truth: Personal and Commercial Narratives of Travel in Britain, 1890s-1930s

Helping parents to help children overcome fear: The influence of a short video tutorial

Institutional Metamorphosis: The Backlash Against Independent Central Banking

Language experience impacts brain activation for spoken and signed language in infancy: Insights from unimodal and bimodal bilinguals

Strategic Alliances and Firm Performance in Startups with a Social Mission

Flags of convenience? Sport & nationality at the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Police officers’ and Registered Intermediaries’ use of drawing during investigative interviews with vulnerable witnesses

Security through societal resilience: Contemporary challenges in the Anthropocene

Britain, the common agricultural policy and the challenges of membership in the European Community: A political balancing act

The Crown and Conservative Party Leadership: The Political Crisis of 1963 in Britain

Parkour and Street Culture: Conviviality, law and the negotiation of urban space

Why Spontaneity Matters: Rosa Luxemburg and Democracies of Grief

‘A Dynamic Attitude of the Gaze’: Basilico’s Sense of Vertical Space

‘Skanky Stories’: Breaking boundaries of sexual taboo in women’s travel narratives

Making sense of (new) social mobilisations, conflicts and contention in the tourist city: a typology

Communicating Fashion Brands: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives

Experimental Film

‘Maiden, whom we never see’ : cultural representations of the ‘lady telephonist’ in Britain, c.1880-1930, and institutional responses

Designing Democratic Innovations as Deliberative Systems: The Ambitious Case of NHS Citizen

Correcting for non-participation bias in health surveys using record-linkage, synthetic observations and pattern mixture modelling

Carol White: The Bardot of Battersea

Nordic Visions of a Classical World (1901 – 1966)

Drawing from Grotowski and Beyond: Kuo Pao Kun’s Discourse on Audiences in Singapore in the 1980s

The beginning of a beautiful relationship: A case study on an immersive filmmaking process

The Relevance of the Concept of Due Diligence for International Humanitarian Law

Changing Technologies of Music Distribution

High dose Nitrate ingestion does not improve 40 km cycling time trial performance in trained cyclists

Communism in Cold War Belfast, 1945-62

Can board environmental orientation improve US firms’ carbon performance? The mediating role of carbon strategy

On Photographs

‘Time for all of us to Walk into the Sunshine Together’: Glee, the same-sex wedding spectacle and the imagining of queer futures

Lesbians On Television: New Queer Visibility and The Lesbian Normal

The health impact of nature exposure and green exercise across the life course: a pilot study

A Few People, a Brief Moment in Time: Architectural Education Experiments 1987-91

‘The own’ and ‘the wise’ as social support for older people living with HIV in the United Kingdom

"Fitting in" vs "standing out": How Social Enterprises Engage with Stakeholders to Legitimise their Hybrid Position

On the Theopolitics of Sovereignty: Carl Schmitt and the theopolitics of global orders

Parallels and ruptures in the neoliberal intensive parenting regime

Genealogies of Immersive Media and Virtual Reality (VR) as Practical Aesthetic Machines

Islam and Resistance in the Middle East: A Methodology of Muslim Struggle and the Impact on Women

The Spiral Economy: a Socially Progressive Circular Economy Model?

Language, Religion and Ethno-National Identity: The Role of Knowledge, Culture and Communication

The Challenges of Enlargement and GATT Trade Negotiations: Explaining the Resilience of the European Community’s Common Agricultural Policy in the 1970s

Making a Difference: Toward a Feminist Democratic Theory in the Digital Age

Improving Financial Inclusion through the Delivery of Cash Transfer Programmes: The Case of Mexico’s Progresa-Oportunidades-Prospera Programme

Transcultural body spaces: re-inventing and performing headwrap practice among young Congolese women in London

How intensity of cause-related marketing guilt appeals influences consumers: The roles of company motive and consumer identification with the brand

Review Essay: Biopolitics 2.0 – Reclaiming the Power of Life in the Anthropocene

Disability in higher education: do reasonable adjustments contribute to an inclusive curriculum?

Guided graded exercise self-help for chronic fatigue syndrome: Patient experiences and perceptions

Diaspora as Frame: How the notion has reshaped migration studies

The Time Capsule and the Cut Up: Negotiating Temporality, Anticipating Catastrophe

Law, necropolitics and the stop and search of young people

Applying FCM to Predict the Behaviour of Loyal Customers in the Mobile Telecommunications Industry

"A Cathartic Moment in a Man's Life": Homosociality and Gendered Fun on the Puttan Tour

Islands of relationality and resilience: the shifting stakes of the Anthropocene

Media practices

World Social Forum

Engendering Cities: Designing Sustainable Urban Spaces for All

The Touch of Iconoclasm

Exploring the relationship between job satisfaction and organizational commitment: An instrumental variable approach

Alibaba’s Open Sesame: Unravelling the Islamicate in Oriental Fantasy Films

She’s Everything That’s Unpardonable: Hema Malini, Dream Girl on a Motorbike

Reinventing Europe: The History of the European Union, 1945-2015

Aesthetics as Storytelling

Conducting Effective Research into State Complicity in Human Rights Abuses

Screen Plays: Theatre Plays on British Television

Women in the Frame: Feminist Intimacies on the British Screen

Disrupting Heritage: mosques as mediators of British Identity

Fishes with Funny French Names: a History of the French Restaurant in London from the 19th to the 21st Century

London/Paris Culinary Geographies: the restaurant as transnational site

Should We Believe? The Fictional, The Virtual and the Real in the Contemporary Novel

The development, preservation and loss of differential case marking in inner Asia Minor Greek

Champs de bataille: expériences et imaginaires

Arztgeschichten: Zur chinesischen Medizinkultur, 1926-2015 [Physicians' Stories: On the Culture of Chinese Medicine, 1926-2015]

Safeguarding Across the Life Span

Contemporary issues in environmental law and policy

UNOVIS to Bauhaus: Malevich's Theory of Education

Doctor Watson Architects: The Architecture School

Architectures of Nothing: Aldo Rossi & Raymond Roussel

Travelling Companions

Seminar: What or Who is Your Travelling Companion?

ppF: sensation of a person in space/Chry&Co

Improvisation Demonstration Number 1

Tell Me The Story of All These Things

Clinical utility of cardiac troponin measurement in COVID-19 infection

Frankfurt Screening: Confessions to the Mirror






Simulating A Complex Oscillator - Patching Techniques and Walkthrough - Proof of Concept





Modular Synth as Lab - Complexity and the Single Oscillator



Jersey Premiere Screening of Confessions to the Mirror

Jamaat at Old Kent Road Mosque (2019-20)

‘As soon as you've been there, it makes it personal’: The experience of health‐care staff shadowing patients at the end of life

DS2_6 Heritage to Helios: Six Projects, Hannah Ismail, Jason (Chan) Lai, Amber Collinson, Joe Robinson, Yuen-Wah Williams, Will Pope

Global Warming Risk Perceptions in India.

Symbolic Violence (Critical Theory)

Not From Round Here

Residency at Kunstland, Norway

Sonic Recursion - Sound Based Music

Skyline Melody - Modular Synthesiser Proof of Concept

Confessions to the Mirror Staged in an Exhibition

Jamaat at Harrow Mosque (2020)