Power and the Pursuit of “Justice” in Kosovo

Midwives and women's perspectives on family planning in Jordan: human rights, gender equity, decision-making and power dynamics

Perceptions Toward the Use of Digital Technology for Enhancing Family Planning Services: Focus Group Discussion With Beneficiaries and Key Informative Interview With Midwives

Applied artificial intelligence for predicting construction projects delay

Boruta-grid-search least square support vector machine for NO2 pollution prediction using big data analytics and IoT emission sensors

Special Session - Students on Game Immersion Workshop

Complete Public Law: Text, Cases, and Materials, 5th edition

Opportunities and barriers of marketing of equity-based financing products of Islamic banking in Pakistan

A review of contemporary practices incorporating digital technologies with live classical music

Application of operational-based strategic intervention model for evaluating office buildings energy efficiency performance

A Dataset of COVID-Related Misinformation Videos and their Spread on Social Media

An Evaluation on the Effect of Thermal Mass to Modulate Overheating in the Cold Climate in China and the Role of Shading Devices and Night Ventilation

A coupled modelling method for the evaluation of the impact of pavement solar collector on urban air temperature and thermal collection

Numerical Investigation of the Influence of Vegetation on the Aero-Thermal Performance of Buildings with Courtyards in Hot Climates

Switching transformation for soft pneumatic adaptive shading

Investigating the impact of surroundings on a high-rise residential block's performance

Evaluating the impact of neighbouring structures on a high-rise residential block’s performance

Boundary layer wind tunnel modeling experiments on pumping ventilation through a three-story reduce-scaled building with two openings

The Impact of Data Granularity of Indoor Temperature Measurements on the Calculation of Degree Days

Developing Competent Project Managers for Mega Infrastructure Construction: A Digital Construction Approach

Heterologous Expression of Ion Channels in Mammalian Cell Lines



The Concise Guide to Pharmacology 2021/22: G protein‐coupled receptors

The Concise Guide to Pharmacology 2021/22: Introduction and Other Protein Targets

The Concise Guide to Pharmacology 2021/22: Enzymes

The Concise Guide to Pharmacology 2021/22: Catalytic receptors

The Concise Guide to Pharmacology 2021/22: Nuclear hormone receptors

Pharmacological Approaches to Studying Potassium Channels

Block of TREK and TRESK K2P channels by lamotrigine and two derivatives sipatrigine and CEN-092

A “Target Class” Screen to Identify Activators of Two-Pore Domain Potassium (K2P) Channels

Preprint: Outcomes and phenotypic expression of rare variants in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy genes amongst UK Biobank participants

Modelo de Escalas da Visibilidade: Mapeando Percursos de Visibilidade e suas Consequências para Midiativistas do Sul Global

Converging the attributes of firm generated contents (FGC) and user generated contents (UGC) in social media

Communication as a tool in achieving excellent and timely execution of projects: A study of Dangote cement company in Nigeria

Impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on marketing and sales of oil/gas in Nigeria

Long-term memory

Short-term memory

Turmeric Kombucha as effective immunomodulator in Salmonella typhi-infected experimental animals

Edible Insects: Sustainable nutrient-rich foods to tackle food insecurity and malnutrition

Nutritional management in polycystic ovary syndrome: challenges and opportunities

Exit To Community

Modular Politics

No Revolution without Religion

Enabling Community-Owned Platforms

Editorial: Peer Governance in Online Communities

Effective voice: Beyond exit and affect in online communities

Inferences Derived from Reservoir Permeability Estimation Using Static and Dynamic Data: Core Data Analysis Versus Drawdown Tests

Platelets' regulatory role on postnatal brain Neural Stem Cells of the Subependymal Zone

"Milking": an innovative approach to investigate the properties of postnatal brain neural stem cells and to obtain oligodendrocyte progenitor cells from live experimental rats

Platelets as novel regulators of postnatal brain Neural Stem Cells

Neurogenic and oligodendrogenic cell fate decisions of postnatal brain Neural Stem Cells are differentially dependent on their microenvironment

Advanced Project Management for Translators

Book review: Pedersen, J. (2011). Subtitling norms for television: An extrapolation focussing on extralinguistic cultural references. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. 240 p.

Quality Control of Subtitles: A Study of Subtitlers, Proofreaders, Quality Controllers, LSPs and Broadcasters/Streaming Services

Isolation of neural stem and oligodendrocyte progenitor cells from the brain of live rats

Characterization of substantia nigra neurogenesis in homeostasis and dopaminergic degeneration: beneficial effects of the microneurotrophin BNN-20

Using Genetics to Uncouple Higher Adiposity from Its Adverse Metabolic Effects

The carnivalesque pedagogy

The Cambridge Companion to Music in Digital Culture. Ed. by Nicholas Cook, Monique M. Ingalls, and David Trippett

Review: Decomposed: The Political Ecology of Music, by Kyle Devine

Intellectual Property

Clipped Coins, Abused Words & Civil Government: John Locke's Philosophy of Money


Learning from the quantified self

Accelerated modernity

Action learning for neighbourhood improvement – from practice to theory

The risk of algorithmic injustice for interactive learning environments

Monitoring athletes sleep: a survey of current trends amongst practitioners

Measured Lives - Theoretical Psychology in an Era of Acceleration

Advanced Personal Training: Science to Practice (2nd ed.)

A Route Diversity Measure for Performance Evaluation of Urban Rail Transit Network Considering Transfer Constraints and Length Threshold

Preprint: China's Metro Boom: A Review on the Development Patterns from 1970 to 2020 and Beyond

Research Notes: Social Movement Revealing Opportunities for Grassroots Transport Initiatives: Lessons from Hong Kong

Evaluating the value of new metro lines using route diversity measures: The case of Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway system

COVID-19, community response, public policy, and travel patterns: A tale of Hong Kong

Harmony, Contrast & Discord: Rochdale and the Art Schools of the North West

Theorising evidence based policing: a discourse analysis

Preprint: A combined bioinformatics and LC-MS based approach for the development and benchmarking of a comprehensive database for CNS proteins in Lymnaea stagnalis

Preprint: Histone acetyltransferase activity of CREB-binding protein is essential for synaptic plasticity in Lymnaea

Children’s subversive interactions in the school mealtime

Children's humour and the grotesque pleasures in school mealtime socialisation

Learning in retirement

Customer Oriented Ideation and its Impact on Customer Adoption of New Solutions

Preprint: Swap-Free Fat-Water Separation in Dixon MRI using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks

Preprint: Body fat volumes and distribution in chronic schizophrenia compared to healthy controls; a cross-sectional MR study

Analyzing BTC’s Trend During COVID-19 Using A Sentiment Consensus Clustering (SCC)

Forecasting the Early Market Movement in Bitcoin Using Twitters Sentiment Analysis An Ensemble based Prediction Model

Predicting market movement direction for bitcoin: A comparison of time series modeling methods

The Life and Travels of Isabella Bird: The Fearless Victorian Adventurer

Seroprevalence of ToRCH Pathogens in Southeast Asia

Seroprevalence of measles and rubella antibodies in vaccinated and unvaccinated infants in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Low seroprevalence of COVID-19 in Lao PDR, late 2020

Prevalence of Factor V Leiden G1691A and Prothrombin G20210A Gene Mutation Among Pregnant Women: Experience from a Multi-Center Study in Nigeria

LGBQ adults’ experiences of a CBT wellbeing group for anxiety and depression in an Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Service: a qualitative service evaluation

Impact of Mobile Technologies on Cervical Cancer Screening Practices in Lagos, Nigeria (mHealth-Cervix): A Randomized Controlled Trial

Effects of selenium supplementation on pregnancy outcomes and disease progression in HIV-infected pregnant women in Lagos: A randomized controlled trial

Awareness and practice of cord blood donation by pregnant women in Lagos Nigeria: Practice implication for future cord blood transplantation in Nigeria

'The Murderer State Will be Held to Account’ The Myth of the State and Its Violence

North-South Feminist Dialogue: Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Higher Education-Report

Mapping Stories of Cause and Cure Using Story Stem Completion: Mental Distress in the Evangelical Christian Community. A Study Protocol

A Qualitative Exploration of CBT and Psychodynamic Therapists’ Views, Experiences and Perceptions of Integrating Different Therapeutic Modalities into their Private Practice with Adult Clients: Study Protocol

An age-stratified serosurvey against purified Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi antigens in the Lao Peoplé s Democratic Republic

Waning of maternal antibodies against measles suggests a large window of susceptibility in infants in Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Analyses of blood donor samples from eight provinces in Lao PDR suggest considerable variation concerning HBV exposure and carriage

Contending with Spiritual Reductionism: Demons, Shame, and Dividualising Experiences Among Evangelical Christians with Mental Distress

From Whence Cometh My Help? Psychological Distress and Help-Seeking in the Evangelical Christian Church

Grenfell and Construction Industry Reform: A Guide for the Construction Professional

Buildings as complex systems: the impact of organisational culture on building safety

The valuation of high-risk residential buildings and the role of EWS1

Hepatitis B virus in Lao dentists: a cross-sectional serological study

High seroprevalence of Foot and Mouth Disease in Laos: Call for nationwide vaccination campaigns and disease surveillance

Epidemiology of acute respiratory viral infections in children in Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic

A closer look into the global determinants of oil price volatility

Energy poverty through the lens of the Energy-Environmental Kuznets Curve Hypothesis

Fashion and Materiality: Cultural Practices in Global Contexts, ed. by Heike Jenss and Viola Hofmann

The Figure of Migration

The International Criminal Court and the transformation of post-war justice in Northern Uganda.

More Than Just a Meeting: Exploring Dialogic Space in Domestic Homicide Review

A HML6 endogenous retrovirus on chromosome 3 is upregulated in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis motor cortex.

The Emotional Work of Homicide Review

Scarlett H.. Neuroscience for organizational change: An evidence‐based practical guide to managing change. London: Kogan Page, 2019, 288 pages, $39.95 paperback

Intersectionality and invisible victims: reflections on data challenges and vicarious trauma in femicide, family and intimate partner homicide research

Commissioning for inclusion: delivering services for LGBT+ survivors of domestic abuse

Interviewee Transcript Review as a Tool to Improve Data Quality and Participant Confidence in Sensitive Research

Editorial: Personal Genomes: Accessing, Sharing, and Interpretation

The role of ERK5 signalling in macrophage behaviour during wound healing

How online advertising competes with user-generated content in TripAdvisor. A neuroscientific approach.

What drives the helpfulness of online reviews? A deep learning study of sentiment analysis, pictorial content and reviewer expertise for mature destinations.

Advance booking across channels: the effects on dynamic pricing

Refining vertical productivity spillovers from FDI: Evidence from 32 economies

A Model of Adoption of AR-based Self-service Technologies: A two Country Comparison

A Cost-benefit Analysis of Information Security Mitigation Methods for ORVIs

Character expansion of Kac–Moody correction factors

Trans Parenting

Visual Analytics of Urban Informality and Infrastructure Planning with Tableau for Sustainable Urban Design Research Strategies in Lagos Metropolis

Associating street-network centrality with spontaneous and planned subcentres

Preprint: Using genetics to uncouple higher adiposity from its adverse metabolic effects and understand its role in metabolic and non-metabolic disease

Restorative Characteristics of Intermediate Architectural Environments: a Pilot Study

Freedom to create

A chance-constrained programming model for airport ground movement optimisation with taxi time uncertainties

A single-center report of COVID-19 disease course and management in liver transplanted pediatric patients

A novel insight into the pathophysiology of autoimmune hepatitis: An immune activator mutation in the FLT3 receptor

Human Leukocyte Antigen Profile Predicts Severity of Autoimmune Liver Disease in Children of European Ancestry

Course of vitamin D levels before and after liver transplantation in pediatric patients

Circulating tumour DNA is a promising biomarker for risk stratification of central chondrosarcoma with IDH1/2 and GNAS mutations

The early evolutionary landscape of osteosarcoma provides clues for targeted treatment strategies

Reconstructing single-cell karyotype alterations in colorectal cancer identifies punctuated and gradual diversification patterns

Preprint: A Genetic Model for Central Chondrosarcoma Evolution Correlates with Patient Outcome

The Prostacyclin Analogue, Treprostinil, Used in the Treatment of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, is a Potent Antagonist of TREK-1 and TREK-2 Potassium Channels

Two-Pore Domain Potassium Channels as Drug Targets: Anesthesia and Beyond.

Spectres of English Fascism: History, Aesthetics and Cultural Critique

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s Release may Depend on the UK Repaying its Debt to Iran – But can it Lawfully Pay?

Performance Comparison of Recent Population-Based Metaheuristic Optimisation Algorithms in Mechanical Design Problems of Machinery Components

A novel data-driven approach to support decision-making during production scale-up of assembly systems

IgG Seroconversion and Pathophysiology in Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection

Characterisation of a highly potent and near pan-neutralising anti-HIV monoclonal antibody expressed in tobacco plants

Preprint: Selective inhibition of PfATP6 by artemisinins and identification of new classes of inhibitors after expression in yeast

Construction Logistics - Summary slideset

Saintly Progression: St John-at-Hackney refurbished and re-branded by John Pawson

Perceptions and Content of Traditional and Online News: an analysis of Bias in Indian Media

Devolver a História, Materializar o Trauma: Observações sobre os corpos migrantes em Cavalo Dinheiro (2014) e Vitalina Varela (2019) de Pedro Costa

Ireland at 100: 12 reasons to feel great about being Irish

Can Ireland Inc.'s Expanding risk Register be Successfully Managed?

Opinion: 'You might think Ireland's fast going to hell in a handbasket. But that’s not true'

Cybersecurity, Threat Analysis and the Management of Risk

An Impact Investment Strategy

Bringing the News from Ghent to Axanar: Fan Works and Copyright after Deckmyn and Subsequent Developments

Music and Sound in Virtual/Augmented Realities-Questions, Challenges and Approaches A Multidisciplinary Roundtable

Teaching Principles of Interactive Sound

There are Only Islands After the End of the World

Conclusion: A Critical Agenda for the Anthropocene

Correlation: Registers of Change

Patchworks: The Ontology of the World

Resilience: The Power of Interactive Life

Anthropocene Islands: Entangled Worlds

From subsistence farming to agribusiness and nonfarm entrepreneurship: Does it improve economic conditions and well-being?

Tourism and development in Southeast Asia

Business Model for Non-Conventional Energy Source: Absorption Refrigeration System Using Solar Evacuated Tube Collectors

Marxism in Comparative and International Education

The double pendulum

Survey Data on the Impact of COVID-19 on Parental Engagement Across 23 Countries

The Research Schools Programme in Opportunity Areas: Investigating the Impact of Research Schools in Promoting Better Outcomes in Schools

Countering misinformation with targeted messages: Experimental evidence using mobile phones

Improving cross-cultural comparability: Does school leadership mean the same in different countries?

Can head teacher autonomy mitigate the effects of COVID-19 school closures in India?

Fatima Maatwk: Student-staff partnership in the University and decolonising Business Studies

Aishwarya Tiku: The British curriculum in an African context and decolonising Business Management Studies

Samir Pandya: ‘Equity’, Diversity and Inclusion and decolonising Architecture curricula

Tamara Naouri: “All the spaces within Counselling Psychology have been colonised”

Cheyenne Holborough: Creative writing as a tool for activism and decolonising English Literature

Moonisah Usman: Student partnership, anti-racist approaches to biomedical research and decolonising the Life Sciences

Catherine Charrett: Settler colonialism, sovereignty and decolonising International Relations

Raidat Suleiman: The “angry Black woman” stereotype, attacks on Critical Race Theory and decolonising Sociology (No. 11)

Mrinalini Greedharry: ‘The limits of literature as liberation’ and decolonising English Literature curricula

Tamara Reid: Inclusion, student partnership and decolonial work in higher education

Olimpia Burchiellaro: LGBTQ Studies, queer politics and coloniality

Dibyesh Anand: Colonial rule in China, securitization and decolonising International Relations

Lubna Bin Zayyad: Representations in the media and decolonising Journalism

Tanveer Ahmed: Decolonising Fashion Design and shifting the Western canon

Deanne Bell: Decolonial atmospheres, retrospective autoethnography and decolonising Psychology

Lubaba Khalid: Multiraciality, the attainment gap and student unions

Yahlnaaw: Indigenous worldviews, language revitalisation and Psychology as a discipline

Welcome to the podcast! with Jennifer Fraser, Fatima Maatwk and Kyra Araneta

Automated phenotyping of mosquito larvae enables high-throughput screening for novel larvicides and offers potential for smartphone-based detection of larval insecticide resistance

Structural Requirements for Dihydrobenzoxazepinone Anthelmintics: Actions against Medically Important and Model Parasites: Trichuris muris, Brugia malayi, Heligmosomoides polygyrus, and Schistosoma mansoni

Preprint: Actions of camptothecin derivatives on larvae and adults of the arboviral vector Aedes aegypti

Preprint: Structural requirements for dihydrobenzoxazepinone anthelmintics: actions against medically important and model parasites - Trichuris muris, Brugia malayi, Heligmosomoides polygyrus and Schistosoma mansoni

Preprint: Automated phenotyping of mosquito larvae enables high-throughput screening for novel larvicides and offers potential for smartphone-based detection of larval insecticide resistance

Actions of Camptothecin Derivatives on Larvae and Adults of the Arboviral Vector Aedes aegypti

The cardio‐respiratory effects of passive heating and the human thermoneutral zone

Dual-acting therapeutic proteins for intraocular use

Carbon Criminals, Climate Crimes: Critical Issues in Crime and Society by R.C. KRAMER, R. WHITE

The NECOS Approach to End-to-End Cloud-Network Slicing as a Service

Private Routing in the Internet

Engage D5.15 Production of three-part introductory courses

Engage D2.6 Annual combined thematic workshops progress report (series 2)

Engage D3.8 Mapping ATM research concepts, past and future - including the Engage wiki implementation

Engage D2.10 10th SESAR Innovation Days report

Engage D3.1 Final workshop presentations of wave 1 catalyst-funded projects

The Impact of Encoding and Transport for Massive Real-time IoT Data on Edge Resource Consumption

FinTech Innovation: Review and Future Research Directions

Credit-based mechanisms for user-driven prioritisation during ATFM regulations

D8.3 POPD - Requirement No. 7

D8.2 POPD - Requirement No. 5

D8.1 H - Requirement No. 1

D6.1 Intermediate concept assessment report

Online Shopping and Last-Mile Deliveries: Briefing Report

Rapid uptake and slow depuration: Health risks following cyanotoxin accumulation in mussels?

Trends in Data Engineering Methods for Intelligent Systems: Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics in Engineering (ICAIAME 2020)

The Future of Public Service Media and the Internet

Analysis of the Normalized Sign-Sign LMS Algorithm

Excessive Iron Induces Oxidative Stress Promoting Cellular Perturbations and Insulin Secretory Dysfunction in MIN6 Beta Cells

‘A movement that renovates people, as well as buildings’: squatting and neodomestic space in Seth Tobocman’s <i>War in the Neighborhood</i>

Introduction to the Court for Intergenerational Climate Crimes (CICC): A Conversation between Radha D'Souza and Jonas Staal

‘Double Lives: A Conversation between Grace Ndiritu and George Clark’

A poststructuralist who still believes in structures: interview with John Allen

Through the lens of labour; reconceptualising young people’s involvement in organised crime in the global South and beyond

Of Knives, Mustaches, and Headgears: The Fall of the Qabaday in Zakariya Tamir’s Latest Works

Tissue Remodeling in Health and Disease Caused by Bacteria, Parasites, Fungi, and Viruses

Special Issue: “Extracellular Vesicles in Phylogeny”

Special Issue: “Cancers across Phylogeny and Cancer Evolution”

Quality-Aware DevOps Research: Where Do We Stand?

Innovation Systems and Income Inequality: In Search of Causal Mechanisms

"Innovation-Productivity Paradox: Implications for Regional Policy" Background paper for the OECD-EC High-Level Expert Workshop series “Productivity Policy for Places”, March 3 and 5

Innovation Studies and Policy: A Topic-Sentiment Analysis

Active neighbourhoods in Greater Manchester

Disabled Environmentalisms

Permeability and Protest in Lane 49: Entangling Materialities of Place with Housing Activism in Shanghai


Integrated, Holistic Approach to Planning and Collaborative Governance for More Climate-Resilient Cities

Investigation of measures to reduce dog attacks and promote responsible ownership amongst dog owners with dog control issues in the UK

Editorial: Nucleic Acid-Associated Inflammation

Cultural Integration: Implications for business leadership and service productivity in sub-Sahara African

Facilitating academic writing practices at a British and an Uzbek tertiary institution

Invited Speaker, "Blurring Boundaries? Illiberal conservatism and the New Right", panel on "Illiberal Conservatism and the New Right -- Cross-National Entanglements"

Invited Plenary Speaker, "Global Authoritarian Populism Workshop" (panel with Bill Schwarz, Dan Nexon, Walden Bello)

Developmental Challenges in Bhutan and how to overcome them

Organiser and Speaker, "Bhutan Development and Resilience Early Career Researchers’ Conference”

Implementing the UN Global Compacts for Refugees and Migrants in Times of Pandemic: A View from the EUMS

Physical migration

Invited Speaker, "The Transnational Right in World Politics", (panel with Nicholas Michelsen, Mustafa Kutlay, Xin Fan)

Invited Speaker "Blurring Boundaries? Illiberal conservatism and the New Right", panel on "Illiberal Conservatism and the New Right -- Cross-National Entanglements"

Invited Speaker, "Rising India, Falling Freedoms: Hindutva Visions of Dissent and Democracy", (panel with Professors Purnima Bose and Mona Bhan, Pralay Kanungo, Bernadette Marie White, Zainab Farhat)

Invited Speaker, Lecture titled “Desiderata for 21st Century Decolonisations”

Technological Catch-up to the National and Regional Frontier: Firm-level Evidence for India.

A Safe Space / Supervising Solicitors: an approach from psychotherapy

H-FFMRA: A Multi Resource Fully Fair Resources Allocation Algorithm in Heterogeneous Cloud Computing

Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of Deshopping Using A Multi-Agent Based Method

Excessive Iron Induces Oxidative Stress Promoting Cellular Perturbations and Insulin Secretory Dysfunction in MIN6 Beta Cells.

The impact of workplace physical activity interventions on university employees health, wellbeing and behaviour change

Acute alcohol tissue damage: Protective properties of betaine

Online Ready-To-Eat Meal Orders and Last-Mile Deliveries

Online Non-Food Parcel Shopping and Last-Mile Deliveries

Online Grocery Shopping and Last-Mile Deliveries

Online Shopping and Last-Mile Deliveries - Summary Report

Online Shopping and Last-Mile Deliveries - Full Report

A review of literature on roadmapping to reduce freight transport CO2 emissions by 2050

Understanding and Addressing HGV Driver Shortages in the UK

Construction Logistics

COVID-19: Passenger Boarding and Disembarkation

Analytical approach to solve the problem of aircraft passenger boarding during the coronavirus pandemic

“Patchy Patriarchy” and the Shifting Fortunes of the CCP's Promise of Gender Equality since 1921

Intra-Sector Firm Performance and its Determinants in the UK Construction Industry

Active Learning Metamodels for ATM Simulation Modeling

Gaza, Palestine and the Political Economies of Indigenous (Non) Futures

Don’t let feedback becomes dangling data… Improve student engagement with feedback!

Supporting student retention in socially distanced campuses: What can personal tutoring do?

Resisting Executive Dominance: An assessment of executive-legislature dynamics during the United Kingdom’s entry into, and withdrawal from, the European Communities

Challenging hydro‑hegemony of India: resistance of Nepal in the Upper Karnali and Saptakoshi dam project

Examining life in detention: A process of survey translation and adaptation through an ecological and collaborative approach

Digital Marketing in Luxury Fashion: From Crisis to Strength

The Effect of Bilingualism on Executive Functioning Found in Young Adults: an eye-tracking study

Preliminary but Necessary: The Question on the Applicability of the Notion of Apartheid to Occupied Territory

Liminality in Cuba’s Twentieth-Century Identity: Rites of Passage and Revolutions

Curating Arts on the Edge of an Unstable Society

Shezad Dawood in conversation with Lucy Reynolds


You scratch my back, and I scratch yours: Bartering for qualitative data

Quantum Ecologies in Cosmological Infrastructures: A Critical Holographers Encounters with the Meta/Physics of Landscape-Laboratories

TOLOnews: Dr Ayaz Safi for TOLOnews about the public health crisis in Afghanistan and potential solutions

Barriers to Physical Activity: A Comparison of Afghans Living in the UK and Afghanistan

An Improved Lotka–Volterra Model Using Quantum Game Theory

Dispatcher3 D2.1 - Data definition and processing report

Pilot3 D5.1 - Verification and validation plan

Pilot3 D4.2 - Crew assistant decision model software package (first release) - Pilot3 - user manual

Pilot3 D4.1 - Crew assistant decision model description (first release)

Local Amenity Societies - Participation and Power: A case study on the St Marylebone Society 1948 - 2021

BBC School Broadcasting, Progressivism in Education and Literacy 1957-1979

A software engine for multi-criteria decision support in flight management - Use of dynamic cost functions - Architecture and first results

Machine learning to improve tactical flight decision making - The case of Pilot3

The lasting social value of mega events: experiences from green point community in Cape Town, South Africa

Resident engagement in the regeneration of social housing: the case of Woodberry Down, London

"The recording has started": Notes on the sudden move to online teaching

Knowledge Management Model Building for Business Resilience, Continuity, and Sustainability

Factors Affecting Successful Adoption and Adaption of E-Learning Strategies

Exploring Institutional Behavioural Elements Needed to Support Knowledge Management in Higher Education Partnerships

Role of knowledge management in developing higher education partnerships: Towards a conceptual framework

Great Power Privilege

Third Party Funding Regulation in Australia

Why radical transformation is necessary for gender equality and a zero carbon European construction sector

Interpretable semisupervised classifier for predicting cancer stages

Artificial Intelligence in Precision Medicine: A Perspective in Biomarker and Drug Discovery

An ensemble approach for evaluating the cognitive performance of human population at high altitude

Machine learning in precision medicine

Questioning the practice of la sape: will the London movement survive?

EU Digital COVID Certificates: When governments move fast and break things

Photography (Art Essentials)

Políticas de Riobaldo: a justiça jagunça e suas máquinas de guerra

The value of home narratives in shaping identities and making sense of experiences in a host culture

Digital Transformation and Social Business: A Practice-Based Pathway Framework for SMEs

Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Survival by Tumor Subtype: Pooled Analyses from the Breast Cancer Association Consortium

Travelling Companions

Novel Inhibitors for Isocitrate Lyase as a Potent Antitubercular Agent for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Online blended learning using virtual microscopy for students: Seeing and naming patterns

Understanding Autonomic Control via Human Deep Brain Stimulation

Train tweets and the social licence to operate: Exploring stakeholder engagement through the use of Twitter by train operating companies in the United Kingdom

Phenomenal Landscapes: exploring children’s neighbourhood mobility and their experiences within three east London neighbourhoods

Navigating Burnout within the Changing Context of the NHS: An Exploration into the Experiences of General Practitioners

Exploring the Impact of School-Based Yoga and Mindfulness for Adolescents in a Highly Deprived Urban Area: A Mixed Methods Feasibility Study

The British Museum of Decolonized Nature

Repaying Iran that Outstanding £400 million: What does International Law Say?

MacDonald Gill: Charting a Life

Expression patterns of CD180 in the lymph nodes of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

A Key Action Plan for Education in a Global Crisis

Whole Genome Interpretation for a Family of Five

Helmut Schmidt and British–German relations: a European misunderstanding

A brief analysis of the physical requirements for converting coal-fired power plants to hydrogen

‘Spectacularising’ Nigeria’s Niger Delta Condition as Necropolitics: Revisiting Ken Saro Wiwa’s Genocide in Nigeria: the Ogoni Tragedy

Framework for monitoring implementation of national science and technology policies for challenge and innovation

Book Review: Fur: A Sensitive History

‘The men who wear corsets are just ordinary people, Officers, aye and Privates too’: Fragments of biography of a gentleman’s corset in mid-twentieth century Britain

Contaminated Objects - Collecting and Exhibiting Face Masks during COVID-19

Encounters with Errors: How the error shapes relationships with digital media practice

REVERIE Virtual Hangout: An Immersive Social and Collaborative VR Experience

A Comparative Study of the Delhi Nirbhaya Protests and the Occupy Nigeria Movement: Evaluating Uses of ICTs and Social Media

Extracellular Vesicle Signatures and Post-Translational Protein Deimination in Purple Sea Urchin ( Strongylocentrotus purpuratus ) Coelomic Fluid—Novel Insights into Echinodermata Biology

Текстиль-сфера (Textile-Sphere): порог повседневных взаимодействий

Photo-Texts: Critical Intersections in History

On the ABET accreditation of academic programs and rankings of universities in Saudi Arabia

The Judgement of the Court of Justice in LU. A missed opportunity to address certain aspects of the Framework Decision on financial penalties

" For the Love of Music - Crossing the technological divide; an examination of the impact of digital disruption on issues of social reproduction, mental health and inequality in the working lives of the music workforce in the UK.”

Social Housing, Enclave and the Poetics of Habitation

Estimating the costs of workplace conflict

Profiling successful change in Diversity & Inclusion: Law Firm Case Studies

Understanding and Operationalising Rapport Building in Police and Probation Interviews

Capturing the whole effect of social prescribing – meaningful outcomes and theoretical positions

Practice made Practical. Reducing the OTHER of non-text

8-BIT MUSIC ON TWITCH: How the Chiptune Scene is Overcoming the Pandemic

Performing Electronic Music Live

Emotion regulation and decision-making in persons with dementia: A scoping review

Association between symptoms of sleep apnea and problem behaviors in young adult twins and siblings

Digital Media Practice as Critique: Roshini Kempadoo's Installations: Ghosting and Endless Prospects

Life Between Islands: Caribbean-British Art 1950s–Now exhibition book

Music, Identity, and Community

#ICPConcerned: Global Images for Global Crisis

Providing unity where there is division: Rethinking public space in the twin cities of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, Palestine

Corporate Social Responsibility in China: The Influence of Dynamic Capability and the Implications on Financial Performance and Investment

Clouds of discontent: art, work, solidarity and digital platform labour

Practices of shared living: Exploring environmental sustainability in UK cohousing, community living, and coliving

The value of toxin profiles in the chemotaxonomic analysis of paralytic shellfish toxins in determining the relationship between British Alexandrium spp. and experimentally contaminated Mytilus sp.

Geopolitics of China's Rising Media and Soft Power in Africa: Eating and Being Eaten

Changing the Narrative - Planning for How Women use Space

Curricula comparison of electrical and electronics engineering technology and similarly named associate degree programmes

Transcending Disciplinary Fetishisms: Marxism, Neocolonialism, and International Law

The Engage KTN achievements, lessons and legacy

The origins of imperial yellow glazed porcelain in the Ming Dynasty (1,368 to 1,644) China: Technical comparison to low‐fired tile with yellow glaze

Distinction by indistinction: luxury, stealth, minimalist fashion

Dataremix: Aesthetic Experiences of Big Data and Data Abstraction

Rivalry in International Relations: A Mimetic Approach to the Case of the Rivalry in Northern Ireland (1963-2020)

Cinema and the Urdu Public Sphere: Literary imaginaries in the making of film cultures in north India (1930-50)

Agency is molecular: moved by being moved to moving or co-constitution in intra-active knowledge production

Women and the Practice of Studio Portraiture in Britain 1888 – 1914: Politics, Commerce and Constructions of Femininity

Impact of healthcare strikes on patient mortality: a protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies

Data linkage for early intervention in the UK: Parental social license and social divisions

La Rabbia

5. Europe’s Migration Regime: Why a Radical Approach is Necessary and Possible

The CFA Franc Under Neoliberal Monetary Policy: A labour-focused approach

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis: Screening Tools for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents.

In Fact: An Optimist's Guide to Ireland at 100


Disruption of Cxcr3 chemotactic signaling alters lysosomal function and renders macrophages more microbicidal

Mapping the landscape of male-on-male rape in London: an analysis of cases involving male victims reported between 2005 and 2012

Using DAWs as modelling tools for learning design sound-based applications in education

SARS-CoV-2 and EBV; the cost of a second mitochondrial "whammy"?

Editorial: From Modems to Mobile Apps

Regulation of TNF-Induced Osteoclast Differentiation.

Challenging Institutional Racism in International Relations and Our Profession: Reflections, Experiences, and Strategies

Using Salivary Biomarkers for Stress Assessment in Offshore Saturation Diving: A Pilot Study

Emergent quality issues in Chinese medicinal plants: Investigation of their contemporary occurrence and historical persistence through questionnaires and interviews of key informants.

Quality differences of genus Chrysanthemum used as food and medicine from the global market

Simultaneous identification of common synthetic adulterants in slimming aids and sexual enhancers herbal supplements by High-performance Thin Layer Chromatography

A mixed methods evaluation of Viniyoga therapy intervention for rheumatoid arthritis

Valuable Space: Nicole Polonsky Profile

White Gold

“Gothic and the Heritage Movement in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries”

Flexibility in policy design

Efficacy of a Six-Week-Long Therapist-Guided Online Therapy Versus Self-help Internet-Based Therapy for COVID-19–Induced Anxiety and Depression: Open-label, Pragmatic, Randomized Controlled Trial

Predictors of psychological distress among the public in Oman amid coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic: a cross-sectional analytical study


AU-Rich Element RNA Binding Proteins: At the Crossroads of Post-Transcriptional Regulation and Genome Integrity.

Phonetic Teachers and the Reform Movement: evidence from records of the IPA

Exploring barriers to carbon management in UK universities

The Case of the United Kingdom: Mapping Localism, Resilience, and Civic Activism in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Design of a Network Topology Using CISCO NSO Orchestrator

Doherty Amplifier Linearization in Experiments by Digital Injection Methods

Experimental Verification of the Impact of the 2nd Order Injected Signals on Doherty Amplifiers Nonlinear Distortion

Evading Representation: The Literature of Contemporary U.S. Anarchism

Günther Anders’ Theory of Media and Communication: Developing a Conception of Technological Domination, Alienation and Ideology with Marx beyond Marx

One Planet Living and the legitimacy of sustainability governance: From standardised information to regenerative systems

Media Consumption and the Construction of Diasporic Identities of Youth of Pakistani Origin in Britain

Marketisation and Privatisation in Criminal Justice, K.Albertson, M.Corcoran and J.Phillips (Eds.). Bristol: Policy Press (2020) 329pp. £64.00hb, £23.19pb, £23.19e‐book ISBN 9781447345701, 9781447345817, 9781447346180

Making Digital Surveillance Unacceptable? Security, Democracy, and the Political Sociology of Disputes

Finding the right fit: Enhancing the academic-industry link in the sector for Nutrition undergraduates – a pilot study

Teaching homocapitalism with Rahul Rao’s out of time the queer politics of postcoloniality: navigating against queer inclusivity as a way of shoring up capital

Real-World Applications in Cognitive Neuroscience

Unlearning (in) the anthropocene

Adventures in Scale

Role of microRNAs in response to cadmium chloride in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Health chatbots acceptability moderated by perceived stigma and severity: A cross-sectional survey

Thinking with Groundwater from Chennai: Materials, Processes, Experimental Knowledge

Preface to the Brazilian edition

Defining Women Subjects: Photographs in Trinidad (1860s – 1960s)

Imagining Activism: Black, Gold, Dust

Nationwide assessment of the mental health of UK Doctoral Researchers

Life Between Construction Sites and Reconfiguring Public Space: The Current Case of Istanbul

Finding the Material of Memory: Sketch for a Palimpsest

Parametric procedures for environmental adequacy of architectural conception: Methodological proposal

Emerging from the third space chrysalis: Experiences in a non-hierarchical, collaborative research community of practice.

Capacity sharing within Virtual Centre: How much delay can be reduced?

Microbial Electrolysis Cells for Decentralised Wastewater Treatment: The Next Steps

The Persisting Past of Iraq

1848 Springtime of the People

Modus D5.1 Definition of use cases

Modus D4.1 Interface to modal choice model

Modus D3.1 Modal choice analysis and expert assessment

Controlled Delivery of Pan-PAD-Inhibitor Cl-Amidine Using Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Microspheres.

How to Learn Spanish

Cultural China 2020: The Contemporary China Centre Review

British Mosques

Improving Automatic Renal Segmentation in Clinically Normal and Abnormal Paediatric DCE-MRI via Contrast Maximisation and Convolutional Networks for Computing Markers of Kidney Function.

Controlled Delivery of Pan-PAD-Inhibitor Cl-Amidine Using Poly(3-Hydroxybutyrate) Microspheres

Reflections on a French linguistics co-creation project

The History of Building Trades and Professionalism: the Proceedings of the Eighth Conference of the Construction History Society

Pathways for accelerating transitions towards sustainable mobility in European cities

Initial conceptual framework to map and establish cross-sector Links between major trip-generating sectors of the economy

Developing transition pathways for mobility in European cities – challenges and new approaches

Urban Mobility Transitions: Governing through Experimentation in Bristol and New York City

Assessing the Policy Environment for Active Mobility in Cities—Development and Feasibility of the PASTA Cycling and Walking Policy Environment Score

Heritage and Memory

Monsoonal Multiplicities

Jade Urbanism

Editorial - "Weathering, Weathermaking"

'Ordinary Case of RLS and RLS'

‘My Dreams, My Plateau’: State Media Representations of Tibetan Entrepreneurs in the Post-2008 Era

Russia, Transition and Poland’s Energy Security: A Retrospective View

The diffusion of democratic innovations

Capturing multimodal performance – KPI choices and trade-offs

Nanotechnology based therapeutic approaches to iron‐induced oxidative stress in an in vitro model of Parkinson’s disease

Assessment of student outcomes of an electrical and electronics engineering technology programme: A case study

Current practice in English-medium education in higher education: Case studies from Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Bangladesh and Nepal

Engage D2.7 Annual combined thematic workshops progress report (series 3)

Adipose tissue dysfunction, inflammation, and insulin resistance alternative pathways to cardiac remodelling in schizophrenia. A multimodal, case-control study

The many manifestations of successful partnership

Personal, social and relational predictors of UK postgraduate researcher mental health problems

Quorum quenchers affect the virulence regulation of non-mucoid, mucoid and heavily mucoid biofilms co-cultured on cell lines.

Towards a digital legal consciousness?

Case Study 3: Ipsative Feedback at the University of Westminster

Carbon emissions in China's thermal electricity and heating industry: An input-output structural decomposition analysis

Covid-19 Associated Risks and Mitigation Strategies relevant for the UK Construction Industry

Developing authenticity, building connections; exploring research methodologies in Asia

Measurement practices in hallucinations research

“The Ancient East in the West End”: Margaret Morris and Angkorr (1917) at the London Coliseum

Conflicting Goals: Calorie Attentiveness and Consumer Food Bundle Choice

Ab ū l-Ḥasan ibn ʿAlī l-Tusūlī

J aʿfar ibn Idrīs al-Kattānī

Undercover: The Migration of Face Coverings During COVID-19

Reading Sauerbruch Hutton

The Power of the Interpreter in the Business Domain: A CDA Approach to the Professional Interpreter’s Mediating Role

Investigation of the role of monocytes/macrophages in allogeneic immune response

Social media literacy for empowering children with new literacy skills for reading, writing and interacting in the networked digital setting: An Action Research Study of teenage students in Mumbai

Learning of Research Methods in Psychology: The Influence of Affective, Behavioural and Cognitive Factors

Working in partnership to build a Research Information Management System at the University of Westminster

The Immediate and Short-Term Effects of Transcutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulation and Peripheral Nerve Stimulation on Corticospinal Excitability

The Implications of Parental and Child Smartphone Use on Parent-Child and Family Relationships: a Case-Study of the Turkish-Speaking Community in London

Romanian Migrant Entrepreneurship: a Vehicle of Acculturation in London

Fungal Enzymes as Catalytic Tools for Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Degradation.

The Role of CDK4 in the Pathogenesis of Pancreatic Cancer.

The Routledge Handbook for Regional Design

Borders and the Design of the Civic

Beyond ambivalence: Locating the whiteness of security

Towards A Short to Medium Term Mitigation Strategy to Address the External Air and Sea Connectivity Challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic for Northern Ireland

Preface: Manfred Knoche’s Critique of the Political Economy of the Media and Communication

The UN Decade of Nutrition: WPHNA’s position at mid-term

A reflection on the CFS (Committee on World Food Security) Voluntary Guidelines on Food Systems and Nutrition in advance of the United Nations Food Security Summit

Queering the web archive: A xenofeminist approach to gender, function, language and culture in the London French Special Collection

Photography in Surrealism

Land Resources Rights for Oil Producing Communities in the Niger Delta During Petroleum Operations: An Appraisal of the Legislation Relating to Petroleum Operations in Nigeria

Current state of the art and use case description on geofencing for traffic management

Leisure communities and digital participation in mass online CAL (crochet along) events

Equity in new active travel infrastructure: a spatial analysis of London’s new Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Australian War Crimes in Afghanistan: Prosecutions Face an Uncertain Road Ahead

Alcoholic liver disease: Current insights into cellular mechanisms

In Vitro Investigations of miR-33a Expression in Estrogen Receptor-Targeting Therapies in Breast Cancer Cells

Layered-MAC: An Energy-Protected and Efficient Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Queerying Planning Policy

Apocalyptic films have lulled us into a false sense of security about climate change

‘A polyphonic tale’: Arendt, Cavarero and storytelling in Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell (2012)

Dr Manal Mohammed for Which? Travel about how to best protect your health when travelling

Why El Salvador has adopted Bitcoin as legal tender

The human connection to an intelligent building

The misleading simplicity of designing an intelligent city

Analysis of Natural Scene Derived Spatial Frequency Responses for Estimating Camera ISO12233 Slanted-edge Performance

Navigating my ethnic minority identity in higher education: a student reflection

Editors' Introduction

Enhancing student learning and teaching experience through a cross-level collaboration: a reflection

Enriching BAME staff-student partnerships in higher education

Accelerator Networks As Embedding Mechanisms For Internationalizing Startups: A Study In The Finnish Edtech Context

How older people living with HIV narrate their quality of life: Tensions with quantitative approaches to quality-of-life research

Health, environmental and distributional impacts of cycling uptake: The model underlying the Propensity to Cycle tool for England and Wales.

Sustainable solutions in urban freight & logistics management: European experiences

A snapshot of translation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis during exponential growth and nutrient starvation revealed by ribosome profiling

Functional Profiling Reveals Altered Metabolic Activity in Divers’ Oral Microbiota During Commercial Heliox Saturation Diving

The politics of organising during the pandemic

Living in the Workroom. Elements for a (rhythm) analysis of the everyday during a lockdown

English Domestic Interiors, 1986-88

The switch to online teaching during the first COVID-19 lockdown: A comparative study at four European universities

Architecture and Allegory, A Tale of Three Sites

Architecture and Allegory, A Tale of Three Sites

Learning from World Architecture Festival 2015: Transitional opportunities and teaching in the new normal

Z is for Zoom

Estimation of ISO12233 Edge Spatial Frequency Response from Natural Scene Derived Step-Edge Data

Edu-Communication Strategies of Cashew Production in a Rural Ghanaian Community

MiCADO-Edge: Towards an Application-level Orchestrator for the Cloud-to-Edge Computing Continuum

Dr Manal Mohammed for CNN about how often you should wash your towels

Ontological Anosmia

The Household Water Insecurity Experiences (HWISE) Scale: comparison scores from 27 sites in 22 countries

The power of celebration: Learning from the Relocate Awards

The future of international mobility

Italy’s Legal Obligations to Criminalise

In and Out of Fashion - Aligning Education with the International Fashion Calendar

The Corset and the Hijab: the Discursivisation of Identity Between the West and the Orient

Russia and the Middle East: Quest for Recognition

Preliminary Investigations Into the Effect of Exercise-Induced Muscle Damage on Systemic Extracellular Vesicle Release in Trained Younger and Older Men

Law, Drugs and the Politics of Childhood

AI for Everyone? Critical Perspectives

An Analysis of the Trade Policy Review of the European Union

Post-Pandemic Urbanism: Criteria for a New Normal

Coloniality, just war & carceral injustice in Brazil

Mining the hidden seam of proximity m-payment adoption: A hybrid PLS-artificial neural network analytical approach

Silver Nanoparticle-Coated Polyhydroxyalkanoate Based Electrospun Fibers for Wound Dressing Applications.

The Impact of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods on Active Travel, Car Use, and Perceptions of Local Environment during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Impact of Introducing a Low Traffic Neighbourhood on Street Crime, in Waltham Forest, London

Editorial: Immersive Media in Connected Health

Progressive social movements

English in higher education in the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan

Organizational Justice in the Hotel Industry: Revisiting GLOBE from a National Culture Perspective

Bhutan and India: The Importance of Subnational Diplomacy

Bhutan and Northeast India: Subnational Diplomacy Possibilities

Association of germline genetic variants with breast cancer-specific survival in patient subgroups defined by clinic-pathological variables related to tumor biology and type of systemic treatment.

Prospecting for electrochemically-active hydrocarbon degrading microorganisms for use in bioelectrochemical remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons

Taking the waste out of dye wastewater using microbial fuel cells

Analytical models for CO2 emissions and travel time for short-to-medium-haul flights considering available seats

LMS Design Interventions Forenhancing the Intention to Continue Use

“Morocco’s Arab Spring Protests: Transmediality as ‘Doing-Publicness’”

How does mode of travel affect risks posed to other road users? An analysis of English road fatality data, incorporating gender and road type

The impact of the image on personal life: is current law out of focus?

Saving England’s public health nutrition system

The Social Value of Community Events: A Literature Review

“It just makes me feel a little less alone” a qualitative exploration of the podcast “menopause unmuted” on women's perceptions of menopause

Is England's public health nutrition system in crisis? A qualitative analysis of the capacity to feed all in need during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dissociable effects of age and Parkinson’s disease on instruction-based learning

Future of Public Health Nutrition Services in England

Local Modernism and Universal Aesthetics

Insights Into the Origins of the IEEE Computer Society and the Invention of Electronic Digital Computing

Exploring individual differences in neuropsychological and visuospatial working memory task performance in aphantasia

A Comparative Review on Ombuds: Recommendations of Action for the Turkish Ombudsman and Guidelines for the Ombudsman and Public Authorities

‘My Dreams, My Plateau’: State Media Representations of Tibetan Entrepreneurs in the Post-2008 Era. British Association of China Studies, University of Birmingham.

Action Learning as a Practice: A Case Study of Compassion in Action

Letter from Lubumbashi

Diy laboratories, their practices, and challenges – a systematic literature review

Rethinking Fragility Fractures in Type 2 Diabetes: The Link between Hyperinsulinaemia and Osteofragilitas

The Public Service Media and Public Service Internet Manifesto

Fragile minds, porous selves: Shining a light on autoethnography of mental illness

Communicating COVID-19: Everyday Life, Digital Capitalism, and Conspiracy Theories in Pandemic Times

Climate change and the architectural profession - the 'social' turn?


Psychological and Pastoral Orientations Towards Survivors of Human Trafficking

Exploring the relationship between the commuting experience and hedonic and eudaimonic well-being

Extracellular Vesicle Signatures and Post-Translational Protein Deimination in Purple Sea Urchin ( Strongylocentrotus purpuratus ) Coelomic Fluid—Novel Insights into Echinodermata Biology

How B2B marketers interact with customers and develop knowledge to produce a co-owned marketing strategy

Exploring the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and changes in travel behaviour: A qualitative study

Flexibility in strategic flight planning

A systematic review of the applications of Expert Systems (ES) and machine learning (ML) in clinical urology.

Silver Nanoparticle-Coated Polyhydroxyalkanoate Based Electrospun Fibers for Wound Dressing Applications

Rejecting acceptance: learning from public dialogue on self-driving vehicles

Feasibility study of the Home-based Exercises for Responsible Sex (HERS) intervention to promote correct and consistent condom use among young women.

Popular Conservatism and the Culture of National Government in Inter-War Britain. By Geraint Thomas

Mendelian randomisation study of smoking exposure in relation to breast cancer risk.

A Protocol of Process Evaluations of Interventions for the Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes in Women With Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review

(Un)welcome guests: VoD platforms and the new rules on European works quotas in Italy

A study on the symbiotic model for green and conventional buildings considering the game payoff matrix and limited market capacity

Preface for the Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Information Management & Management Science (IMMS 2021)

Web Analytics: Web sites, strategies, models, frameworks, software tools & decision support

Genetically defined favourable adiposity is not associated with a clinically meaningful difference in clinical course in people with type 2 diabetes but does associate with a favourable metabolic profile

Unprecedented challenges for boards: 9 pillars for the next decade

‘Filming the invisible’: Barrie Gavin in conversation with John Wyver

Flight flexibility in strategic traffic planning: visualisation and mitigation use case

Investigating the asymmetric linkages between infrastructure development, green innovation, and consumption-based material footprint: Novel empirical estimations from highly resource-consuming economies

Application of the tools of Positive Psychology within the university setting

Copula methods for evaluating relative tail forecasting performance

An exploration into the impacts of music learning experiences on the musical proficiencies of popular musicians

Ways of Monsoon Air: Entanglements and Stories of Matter, Space, and Time

Investigating Microbial Quorum Sensing Potential for Enhanced Production of Biodegradable Polymers

Rapport building and witness memory: Actions may ‘speak’ louder than words

Understanding suicidality and reasons for living amongst Doctoral Researchers: A thematic analysis of qualitative U-DOC survey data

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as a Potential Countermeasure for Phenotypic Characteristics of Sarcopenia: A Scoping Review

Metabolic Phenotypes and Step by Step Evolution of Type 2 Diabetes: A New Paradigm.

Treating Chronic Wounds Using Photoactive Metabolites: Data Mining the Chinese Pharmacopoeia for Potential Lead Species

Global criminology 2: Transnational criminology

Global criminology 1: Comparative criminology

Expedited biodegradation of organic pollutants and refractory compounds using bioelectrochemical systems

Increasing access to cognitive–behavioural therapy for patients with psychosis by evaluating the feasibility of a randomised controlled trial of brief, targeted cognitive–behavioural therapy for distressing voices delivered by assistant psychologists: the GiVE2 trial

Mapping the Politics of Vision: searching for a transformative gaze

A Population-Practice-Based Model to Understand How Yoga Impacts on Human Global Functioning: A Qualitative Study

Trust, personality, and belief as determinants of the organic reach of political disinformation on social media

Weathering the storm: A qualitative study of social prescribing in urban and rural Scotland during the COVID-19 pandemic

Cinematic Animism and Contemporary Southeast Asian Artists’ Moving Image Practices

Philippine Noir: The Cinema of Lav Diaz

Visions of electric media: television in the Victorian and machine ages

Education for 21st Century Urban and Spatial Planning: Critical Postmodern Pedagogies

Customer Oriented Ideation and its Impact on Customer Adoption of New Solutions

Offerings for a ghost film: From fragmented work to cosmic assemblages

Drinking the Winds: Monsoon as Atmospheric Spring

Concluding Chapter

National Perspectives, England and Wales

Introduction to the International Handbook

International Handbook on Child Participation in Family Law

Pathways to global employee voice: analysis of three company case studies in the metalworking sector.

Novel Digital Alias-Free Signal Processing Approaches to FIR Filtering Estimation

Universal Health Coverage by 2030, or the Right to Health? The continued relevance of the Alma Ata principles of voice and equity, through an intersectoral approach, to reducing global inequalities

The Role of the RNA-binding Protein ZFP36L1 in Suppression of Replication Stress-induced Genomic Instability

Enabling the City: Learning for Transformational Change

A Creative “Nanotown”. Framing Sustainable Development Scenarios with Local People in Calabria

What Causes Social Marketing Programs to Fail? A Qualitative Study

Post-translational protein deimination signatures in sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus) plasma and plasma-extracellular vesicles

Spaces of Law and Custom

Chinese Media in Africa: Perception, Performance, and Paradox

Step-free railway station access in the UK: The value of inclusive design

Spatial and social mobility in England and Wales: A sub‐national analysis of differences and trends over time

Impacts of 2020 Low Traffic Neighbourhoods in London on Road Traffic Injuries

Bioclimatic and Regenerative Design Guidelines for a Circular University Campus in India

Pregnancy influences the selection of appropriate reference genes in mouse tissue: Determination of appropriate reference genes for quantitative reverse transcription PCR studies in tissues from the female mouse reproductive axis.

CNN Health: How frequently should you wash your bed sheets? More often than you think

Why radical transformation is necessary for gender equality and a zero carbon European construction sector

Ownership structure’s effect on financial performance: An empirical analysis of Jordanian listed firms

Pension Schemes, Sustainable Investing and the Promise and Challenge of Governance Innovations

Dr Manal Mohammed for The Conversation about bed hygiene.

Enhancing mental health awareness in emergency services (the ENHANcE I project): cross-sectional survey on mental health stigma among emergency services staff

A mixed-methods investigation of mental health stigma, absenteeism and presenteeism among UK postgraduate researchers

Gender, language, and elite ethnographies in UK political institutions

Labor Participation and Gender Inequalities in India: Traditional Gender Norms in India and the Decline in the Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR)

Why should we care about media policy? Critical directions in media policy research

Expression patterns of CD180 in the lymph nodes of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

Analysis of SARS-CoV-2 infection associated cell entry proteins ACE2, CD147, PPIA, and PPIB in datasets from non SARS-CoV-2 infected neuroblastoma patients, as potential prognostic and infection biomarkers in neuroblastoma


Democracy in a Pandemic: Participation in Response to Crisis

Addressing the challenges of delivering a laboratory class when students are miles away

Becoming the Monsoon Forest – Emergence in the Breakdown of Categories

Barriers and facilitators to engagement with artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbots for sexual and reproductive health advice: a qualitative analysis.

Do frequent satisfying trips by public transport impacts its intended use in later life?

Comparative Assessment of the Acute Effects of Whey, Rice and Potato Protein Isolate Intake on Markers of Glycaemic Regulation and Appetite in Healthy Males Using a Randomised Study Design

Bruno Latour's Mode(s) in Situations

The Global Cyber Security Model: Counteracting Cyber Attacks through a Resilient Partnership Arrangement

Harnessing Polyhydroxyalkanoates and Pressurized Gyration for Hard and Soft Tissue Engineering

Prediction of reactionary delay and cost using machine learning

The End of the Beginning: Achieving Value for Money from Government Digital Transformation Projects

Proceedings of Bhutan: Biodemocracy & Resilience Conference 2020

Research and recommended resources on Zika virus, pathology, and control

Dynamic Composition and Automated Deployment of Digital Twins for Manufacturing

Through the lens of labour; reconceptualising young people’s involvement in organised crime in the global South and beyond

Re-imagining the landscape of gangs; reflections from Bangladesh and China

Tales from the field; an invitation to criminological research in Asia

The transformed Gram Charlier distribution: Parametric properties and financial risk applications

Investigating the implications of the London Heathrow Airport expansion for the landside freight industry

The Technopolitics of Mapping Dar es Salaam: An examination of the technological and political motivations of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team / La tecnopolítica de la cartografía de Dar es Salaam: Un examen de las motivaciones tecnológicas y políticas del equipo humanitario OpenStreetMap

Culture and Rural-Urban Sustainable Development: Is South Africa Addressing this New Global Agenda?

Introduction: Culture and Rural-Urban Revitalization in South Africa

Culture and Rural–Urban Revitalisation in South Africa. Indigenous Knowledge, Policies, and Planning

Natural Scene Derived Camera Edge Spatial Frequency Response for Autonomous Vision Systems

Estimating commuting matrix and error mitigation – A complementary use of aggregate travel survey, location-based big data and discrete choice models

Obesity, oxidative DNA damage and vitamin D as predictors of genomic instability in children and adolescents

Network-wide assessment of ATM mechanisms using an agent-based model

Mass Univariate Regression Analysis for Three-Dimensional Liver Image-Derived Phenotypes

Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) of women migrant workers in the ASEAN region: a systematic narrative review and synthesis.

Acute Administration of Bioavailable Curcumin Alongside Ferrous Sulphate Supplements Does Not Impair Iron Absorption in Healthy Adults in a Randomised Trial.

A Data Science Approach for Early-Stage Prediction of Patient’s Susceptibility to Acute Side Effects of Advanced Radiotherapy

Feasibility and outcome of an online streamed yoga intervention on stress and wellbeing of people working from home during COVID-19

Functional annotation of the 2q35 breast cancer risk locus implicates a structural variant in influencing activity of a long-range enhancer element.

On Thinking in the Anthropocene: A Sketch of a Proposal

Advancing Conversations About EDI in Football

EAP Student Perspectives on Using Real Work Activities Within Their Courses

Implementing the TRAAC model in an Academic English Context

Two sides still at play 20 years after the Good Friday Agreement

An integrated decision-making approach for sustainable supplier selection in the chemical industry

Cézanne the Cartographer

PITHIA-NRF e-Science Centre – A Science Gateway based on Cloud-based Reference Architectures

Motion Sickness Lessons from the Southern Ocean

HIV-related stigma in the UK then and now: to what extent are we on track to eliminate stigma? A qualitative investigation

Common Negative Thoughts in Early Motherhood and Their Relationship to Guilt, Shame and Depression

Using protection motivation theory to explain the intention to initiate human papillomavirus vaccination among men who have sex with men in China

A qualitative analysis of factors influencing infant and young children feeding perceptions and practices, of working mothers, in London Borough of Ealing

Exploring Online Diasporas: London’s French and Latin American Communities in the UK Web Archive

Supporting minority expatriate diversity

Policy uncertainty and seasoned equity offerings methods

French London: A blended ethnography of a migrant city

Effects of Icelandic yogurt consumption and resistance training in healthy untrained older males

Sea lice (Copepoda: Caligidae) from South Africa, with descriptions of two new species of Caligus

Olmi and Pasolini: Industrialisation, the underdog and ‘ecological eschatology’ in Manon finestra 2 (1956) and Grigio (1957)

“Communitas in Crisis”: An Autoethnography of Psychosis Under Lockdown

The effects of spatial planning, well-being, and behavioural changes during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

Digital cultural heritage: Collaborating with students and discovering lost museums

The Politics of Self-Representation

Plant Cell Wall Hydration and Plant Physiology: An Exploration of the Consequences of Direct Effects of Water Deficit on the Plant Cell Wall

Trace: Translating Bankside Air Raid Shelter through Material and Spatial Tracings

Genetic architecture of 11 organ traits derived from abdominal MRI using deep learning.

The Tokophobia Severity Scale (TSS): measurement model, power and sample size considerations.

Get a grip: variation in human hand grip strength and implications for human evolution

The Relational Materiality of Groundwater

The Analysis of World Works Councils, World Union Councils and Global Trade Union Networks in a Regulatory Space Framework.

Making an impact on Bali's water crisis: Research to mobilize NGOs, the tourism industry and policy makers

Journalism and the Problem of Progress

Protests, Development and Democratization in Ethiopia, 2014-2020

An exploration into aphantasia: the inability to form voluntary mental imagery

The Assessment of Daily Energy Expenditure of Commercial Saturation Divers Using Doubly Labelled Water

Modelling and Simulation of Proteins

Proteins and Proteomics

International Interventions

The strategic logic of ethnic cleansing in post-intervention Kosovo and its implications for the Kosovo Specialist Chambers

Introduction: power and the pursuit of justice in Kosovo

Kosovo and Transitional Justice: the Pursuit of Justice After Large Scale-Conflict


One Planet Living and the legitimacy of sustainability governance: From standardised information to regenerative systems

On the Usefulness of Modern Animism: Co-Creating Architecture with Soils as Ontopolitical Practice

Events and sustainability: why making events more sustainable is not enough

Microorganisms and food safety risks associated with indigenous fermented foods from Africa

Material Ecstasy: cultural alienation and the influence of the nouveau roman in the work of Nakahira Takuma and J.M.G. Le Clézio

Corrigendum to “A tale of two cinnamons: A comparative review of the clinical evidence of Cinnamomum verum and C. cassia as diabetes interventions” [J. Herbal Med. 21 (2020) 100342]

Ecological Civilisation Discourse in Xinhua’s African Newswires: Towards a Greener Agency?

Smaller Cortisol Awakening Responses Are Associated with Greater Visual Dependence in Postural Control

Foundations of Communication/Media/Digital (In)justice

3D Deep Learning for Anatomical Structure Segmentation in Multiple Imaging Modalities

The Urban Character of the Early English Seaside Resort 1700-1847

Resilience in Humanitarian Supply Chains: A Focus on the Procurement Decisions

Unheard voices: practice based arts research and the PID landscape

Sexual healthcare professionals’ views on the rapid provision of remote services at the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic: A mixed-methods study

Individual differences in sharing false political information on social media: Direct and indirect effects of cognitive-perceptual schizotypy and psychopathy.

Mussel Inspired Chemistry and Bacteria Derived Polymers for Oral Mucosal Adhesion and Drug Delivery.

Research Trends and Future Perspectives in Marine Biomimicking Robotics

Mastermind of Dunkirk and D-Day: The vision of Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay

How leadership affects organisational citizenship behaviour – a study of independent hotels

Spatiotemporal impact of major events on air quality based on spatial differences-in-differences model: big data analysis from China

Do responses to the COVID-19 pandemic anticipate a long-lasting shift towards peer-to-peer production or degrowth?

HIV-related stigma in the UK then and now: to what extent are we on track to eliminate stigma? A qualitative investigation

Editorial: Keith Douglas at 100


How to write a love poem

Micellar Nanocarriers of Hydroxytyrosol Are Protective against Parkinson’s Related Oxidative Stress in an In Vitro hCMEC/D3-SH-SY5Y Co-Culture System

The changes of intergovernmental collaboration dynamic in post-disaster destination management: Network analysis

At the limits of ‘Capability’: The sexual and reproductive health of women migrant workers in Malaysia

Corona Haikus - documentary during Covid 19

The Weather Is Always a Method

The Misogyny of Authoritarians in Contemporary Democracies

Modelo de Escalas da Visibilidade: Mapeando Percursos de Visibilidade e suas Consequências para Midiativistas do Sul Global

Salada Sonora: O Que Dizem as Paisagens Sonoras e a Rádio de Poste Sobre Viver em Comunidade em um Bairro Popular de Salvador

Foreign Policy of Pakistan: a Critical Approach

Russia and the Gulf States: Between East and West

Sexual offences and to have done with the courtroom

Mouth Rinsing With a Pink Non-caloric, Artificially-Sweetened Solution Improves Self-Paced Running Performance and Feelings of Pleasure in Habitually Active Individuals

Rejecting the Civil Society Paradigm. Chinese Christian Values and China's Hegemonic Discourse

Early Career Planners in a Neo-liberal Age: Experience of Working in the South East of England

Intermediary-led Participation in Regeneration: Governing and Networking Communities in Post- Developmental Urbanism - A Study of Seoul

Influential factors of loyalty and disloyalty of travellers towards traditional-resorts

Impact of COVID-19 on air transport passenger markets: Examining evidence from the Chinese market

Short-Term Association between the Introduction of 2020 Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and Street Crime, in London, UK

The Impact of 2020 Low Traffic Neighbourhoods on Fire Service Emergency Response Times, in London, UK

The Trump Party: Republican In Name Only

Radiation Nation: Three Mile Island and the Political Transformation of the 1970s, Natasha Zaretsky (2018)

In Other Words: What’s Happened to Metaphors in the Translation of Political Texts

Co-creation as im/mediate/d caring and sharing in times of crises: Reflections on collaborative interactive documentary as an agile response to community needs

Enhanced electrochemical treatment of phenanthrene-polluted soil using microbial fuel cells.

Vaccine acceptability, uptake and completion amongst men who have sex with men: A systematic review, meta-analysis and theoretical framework

Microbiological hazards associated with food products imported from the Asia-Pacific region based on analysis of the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) notifications

Prostate Cancer Cell Extracellular Vesicles Increase Mineralisation of Bone Osteoblast Precursor Cells in an In Vitro Model

Incorporating spatial context into remaining-time predictive process monitoring

Why do Irish pig farmers use medications? Barriers for effective reduction of antimicrobials in Irish pig production.

Law and the Senses: Un-sensing Time  

Law as Sonic Performance

Rail Freight

Alternative Streitbeilegung und vulnerable Gruppen

The institutional forces that impact on the understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the form of social partnerships in the Peruvian Mining industry

Regulating nightlife, policing race: a critical exploration of public and private policing in a non-metropolitan setting

Music Culture and the Self-Presentation of Indigenous Musicians on Social Media in Contemporary Taiwan

“Cross-editing”: Comparing News Output Through Journalists’ Re-working of Their Rivals’ Scripts

IPSO: Regulator or Complaints Handler? – Summary

IPSO: Regulator or Complaints Handler? How UK News Publishers Set Up Their Own Regulator to Avoid Scrutiny

Preclinical study of peripheral nerve regeneration using nerve guidance conduits based on polyhydroxyalkanaotes

Dynamic Capability and Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Adoption: Evidence from China

RACISMO Y CLASISMO EN LA PUBLICIDAD MEXICANA Una exposición de mensajes visuales

Racismo y clasismo en la publicidad mexicana

COVID in India: a tragedy with its roots in Narendra Modi’s leadership style

Exploring relationship between environmentalism and consumerism in amarket economy society: A structured systematic literature review

Neoliberal agency, relational agency, and the representation of the agentic child in the Sociology of Childhood

The Dynamics of Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry’s Environmental Regulation: Revealing/Storying Neglected Voices and Excluded Lives of Environmental Encounters and Affects

Genetic evidence for different adiposity phenotypes and their opposing influence on ectopic fat and risk of cardiometabolic disease

A Miraculous Materialism: Lines of Flight in We Have a Pope and Corpo Celeste

Margaret deGuzman, Shocking the Conscience of Humanity: Gravity and the Legitimacy of International Criminal Law

Marco Longobardo and Marco Roscini, Review of Giulio Bartolini (ed.), A History of International Law in Italy


Black Women in Parliament and on Social Media: Link visibility as an Intersectional and Solidarity-Building Tool

Investigating the difference in phage susceptibility among MDR Salmonella Typhimurium phage types DT104 and DT104b.

Microorganisms and food safety risks associated with indigenous fermented foods from Africa

The Condition of My Existence

Engagement in a virtual learning environment predicts academic achievement in research methods modules: A longitudinal study combining behavioral and self-reported data

Bricolage – a mindset of resourcefulness: Stories as a vehicle for mediating means into resources

Where two worlds meet: language policing in mainstream and complementary schools in England

Transport Planning and Management and its Implications in Chinese Cities

Hindutva in Western Societies: Entanglements and Paradoxes

Adapting a large class practical skills examination during the Covid-19 pandemic

‘Viral journalism’, is it a thing? Adapting quality reporting to shifting social media algorithms and wavering audiences

Dreaming to learn together: Lessons in decolonial and anti-racist partnership practices

Staging city events in public spaces: an urban design perspective

Generational Categories: A Broken Basis for Human Resource Management Research and Practice

An Evaluation of Physical Activity Levels amongst University Employees

Mind the Gulliver Gap: Architekturmodelle und das Realismusproblem

Developing Belief in Online Teaching: Efficacy and Digital Transformation

Queering Public Space: Exploring the relationship between queer communities and public spaces

Church, Episcopacy and Ecumenism: Debates about order, authority and ambiguity in the Anglican-Methodist Conversations

Responsibility Sharing in International Refugee Law: Towards Differentiated Legal Obligations

Bioresorbable and Mechanically Optimized Nerve Guidance Conduit Based on a Naturally Derived Medium Chain Length Polyhydroxyalkanoate and Poly(ε-Caprolactone) Blend

Non-coding RNAs in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: New approaches for better diagnosis and therapy

Naphthalimide-phenanthroimidazole incorporated new fluorescent sensor for “turn-on” Cu2+ detection in living cancer cells

Changes in Italy's education‐related digital divide

Exclusion and Inclusion in the Australian AEC Industry and Its Significance for Women and Their Organizations

Have a Good Trip! Expanding our Concepts of the Quality of Everyday Travelling with Flow Theory

Enhancing mental health awareness in emergency services (the ENHANcE I project): cross-sectional survey on mental health stigma among emergency services staff.

Measuring accessibility to health care services for older bus passengers: A finer spatial resolution

The voice, text and the visual as semiotic companions: an analysis of the materiality and meaning potential of multimodal screen feedback

Antibacterial Composite Materials Based on the Combination of Polyhydroxyalkanoates With Selenium and Strontium Co-substituted Hydroxyapatite for Bone Regeneration

Staying Alive: 1970s Southern Cone Exiles in the UK

Association of Infrastructure and Route Environment Factors with Cycling Injury Risk at Intersection and Non-Intersection Locations: A Case-Crossover Study of Britain.

Added Value Report: University of Westminster Transformation in Students Project

Between the state and citizens: Changing governance of intermediary organisations for inclusive and sustainable urban regeneration in Seoul

Beyond self-help: learning from communities in informal settlements in Durban, South Africa In: African cities and collaborative futures

Audiovisual Translation

The Tricycle and the Camera: New Technologies for Self-Determination

The secret thoughts of social network sites users: a scale for the measurement of online knowledge-hiding in a knowledge exchange (KE) context

Measuring and Comparing QoE of Hybrid VR Applications under increased network load

Work-In-Progress Paper: 360-degree immersive storytelling video to create empathetic response

Work-In-Progress Paper: WebXR to support student wellbeing and anxiety

Characterisation of Phage Susceptibility Variation in Salmonellaenterica Serovar Typhimurium DT104 and DT104b

Fashion Media and Sustainability

Small state, big example: Covid pandemic management in Bhutan

Old Photo Sharing and the Politics of Time in Post-2008 Tibet

Medicinal plants from the Himalayan region as potential novel antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory skin treatments

The potential of Serious Games to foster learning among children and adolescents with disabilities: A systematic review

Prostate Cancer Cell Extracellular Vesicles Increase Mineralisation of Bone Osteoblast Precursor Cells in an In Vitro Model

The Politics of Exhaustion and Migrant Subjectivities: Researching border struggles in northern France in 2016-2019

Innovative Digital Start-Ups and their Venture Creation Process with Enabling Digital Platforms


Förderung der Exploration im Berufswahlprozess mit Serious Games am Beispiel von like2be

A novel measure of corporate carbon emission disclosure, the effect of capital expenditures and corporate governance

Zinc-dependent multimerization of mutant calreticulin is required for MPL binding and MPN pathogenesis

"Are trans rights human rights? The case of gender self-ID"

Non-coding RNAs in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: New approaches for better diagnosis and therapy

An Empirical Investigation of U.K. Environmental Targets Disclosure: The Role of Environmental Governance and Performance

Transport and Mobility Planning

Linguistic (il)legitimacy in Migration Encounters

Preface for the IEEE proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Information Management at Imperial College London UK

The Memory of Colonialism in Britain and France: The Sins of Silence

Holistic Business Psychology Practice: Towards Building A Culture Of Compassion In Higher Education

Response: the Anthropocene Islands agenda

A Call for Abolition: The Disavowal and Displacement of Race in Critical Security Studies

Acute Alcohol Tissue Damage: Protective Properties of Betaine

Styles, standards and meaning: Issues in the globalisation of sociolinguistics

How to counter organisational inertia to enable knowledge management practices adoption in public sector organisations

The role of brand love on bank customers' perceptions of corporate social responsibility

Mitochondrial Function as a Potential Tool for Assessing Function, Quality and Adulteration in Medicinal Herbal Teas

Social Media: A Critical Introduction

Marxist Humanism and Communication Theory

Corporate Governance Practices and the Pandemic Crisis: UK Evidence

Dr Manal Mohammed for The Conversation about the long-term problems of hand sanitiser

The BBC: Guardian of Public Understanding

Acetate induces growth arrest in colon cancer cells through modulation of mitochondrial function

Befriending Ourselves: Self Compassion

The Neuroscience of Depression: Genetics, Cell Biology, Neurology, Behaviour, and Diet

Recommended resources on the neuroscience of depression: Genetics, cell biology, neurology, behavior, and diet

Characterization of a biosurfactant producing electroactive Bacillus sp. for enhanced Microbial Fuel Cell dye decolourisation

Blog: Global narratives of Britain in the 1990s

Making sense of (new) social mobilisations, conflicts and contention in the tourist city: A typology

Automatic Pancreas Segmentation and 3D Reconstruction for Morphological Feature Extraction in Medical Image Analysis

Bioelectrochemical remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons

Advice pandemic report final

Sustaining Brand Loyalty: the Moderating Role of Green Consumption values

AMPK Is the Crucial Target for the CDK4/6 Inhibitors Mediated Therapeutic Responses in PANC-1 and MIA PaCa-2 Pancreatic Cancer Cell Lines

The Digital Commons and the Digital Public Sphere: How to Advance Digital Democracy Today

Navigating the London-French Transnational Space: The Losses and Gains of Language as Embodied and Embedded Symbolic Capital

Compassion and tolerance: their relationship in a spirit for turbulent times

Concluding Remarks

What Constitutes a Compassionate University?

Action Learning as a Vehicle for Compassion

Rethinking the UK Languages Curriculum: Arguments for the Inclusion of Linguistics

Strategic Ingestion of High-Protein Dairy Milk during a Resistance Training Program Increases Lean Mass, Strength, and Power in Trained Young Males

A benzimidazole-based new fluorogenic differential/sequential chemosensor for Cu2+, Zn2+, CN-, P2O74-, DNA, its live-cell imaging and pyrosequencing applications

MicroRNA-Regulated Signaling Pathways: Potential Biomarkers for Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Sprint interval training (SIT) reduces serum epidermal growth factor (EGF), but not other inflammatory cytokines in trained older men

Children's rights to information: The responsibility of public service media during the Corona pandemic

Backtesting VaR under the COVID-19 sudden changes in volatility

Post-Translational Protein Deimination Signatures in Plasma and Plasma EVs of Reindeer ( Rangifer tarandus )

The Italian Legislature and International and EU Obligations of Domestic Criminalisation

Identification and characterisation of the lactic acid bacteria associated with the traditional fermentation of a dairy fermented product

Chemical Authentication of Botanical Ingredients: A Review of Commercial Herbal Products

Drama Out of a Crisis: A Celebration of Play for Today

Post-traumatic stress, personal risk and post-traumatic growth among UK journalists

Law with the Sound of Its Own Making

Estimating economic severity of Air Traffic Flow Management regulations

Exploring multi-quality attributes of airports and the asymmetric effects on air traveller satisfaction: The case of Thai International Airports

Stop Superbugs!

Contractual Performance in Covid-19 Times: Does Anglo-French Legal History Repeat Itself?

Book review: Adam Phillips, Attention Seeking, Harmondsworth, Penguin, 2019, 144pp

Do Assurance and Assurance Providers Enhance Covid-Related Disclosures In CSR Reports? An Examination In The UK Context

Determinants of industry herding in the US stock market

Portraits of Places: Gabriele Basilico and the Slowness of the Gaze

The Effect of Social Media Addiction on Romantic Relationship Outcomes: Factors Associated with Social Media Addiction

Building trust in cross-cultural relationships: Active trust through culture mobilisation in Finnish-Indian project teams

Afrokology as a transdisciplinary approach to media and communication studies

Cannabidiol modulates mitochondrial redox and dynamics in MCF7 cancer cells: a study using fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy of NAD(P)H

Afrokology of media and communication studies: theorising from the margins

Decoloniality and the push for African media and communication studies

Estimating economic severity of Air Traffic Flow Management regulations

SESAR: The Past, Present, and Future of European Air Traffic Management Research

Incumbents’ capabilities to win in a digitised world: the case of the fashion industry

Peptidylarginine Deiminase (PAD) and Post-Translational Protein Deimination—Novel Insights into Alveolata Metabolism, Epigenetic Regulation and Host–Pathogen Interactions

Discovering the evolution of urban structure using smart card data: The case of London

Global Policy Uncertainty and Cross-Border Acquisitions

Doctor Watson Architects: Incomplete Works Volume Three

A Quantitative Examination of the Phenomenon of Soli and Public Relations Practice in Ghana

An Exploration of Ethical Decision Making with Intelligence Augmentation

Fat and trans: Towards a new theorization of gender in Fat Studies

'Trusted to the Ends of the Earth?’ An Analysis of Solicitors’ Disciplinary Processes in England and Wales from 1994 to 2015

Patterns and motivations for method choices in suicidal thoughts and behaviour: Qualitative content analysis of a large online survey

Adolescent School Bullying Victimization and Later Life Outcomes

Carbon Footprints in Emergency Departments: A Simulation-Optimization Analysis

Inclusive museum audio guides: ‘guided looking’ through audio description enhances memorability of artworks for sighted audiences

Dehydration in older people: a systematic review of the effects of dehydration on health outcomes, healthcare costs and cognitive performance

Automated Valuation Models (AVMs): Machine Learning, namely Mass (Advanced) Valuation Methods and Algorithms

Belt and Road: The China Dream?

Palliative Prototypes or Therapeutic Functionality? Examining C.P. Company’s Urban Protection Collection

Motion sickness diagnostic criteria: Consensus document of the classification committee of the Bárány society

Large-scale enterprises, social capital and the post-disaster development of community tourism: The case of Taoping, China

Choosing Among Alternative Brands: Revisiting the Way Involvement Drives Consumer Selectivity

The cash-holding link within the supply chain

Where do we go from here? EU relations with the Eastern Partnership avant garde

Routledge Handbook of African Media and Communication Studies

MiR-21 Is Required for the Epithelial–Mesenchymal Transition in MDA-MB-231 Breast Cancer Cells

Editorial: Tissue Remodeling in Health and Disease Caused by Bacteria, Parasites, Fungi, and Viruses


The 1930s: A Decade of Modern British Fiction

Peptidylarginine Deiminase Inhibitor Application, Using Cl-Amidine, PAD2, PAD3 and PAD4 Isozyme-Specific Inhibitors in Pancreatic Cancer Cells, Reveals Roles for PAD2 and PAD3 in Cancer Invasion and Modulation of Extracellular Vesicle Signatures

The Self(ie) in the Anthropocene

Imagining Apocalyptic Politics in the Anthropocene

Autonomy in the Age of Multilingualism


Clinical relevance assessment of animal preclinical research (RAA) tool: development and explanation.

The Standing of Indirectly Injured States in the Litigation of Community Interests before the ICJ: Lessons Learned and Future Implications in Light of The Gambia v. Myanmar and Beyond

Formulation and Characterization of Phytostanol Ester Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for the Management of Hypercholesterolemia: An ex vivo Study.

Representing Bhutan: A Critical Analysis of the Politics of Knowledge Production

The Tricycle and the Camera: New Technologies for Self-Determination

Does online sexually transmitted infection screening compromise care? A service evaluation comparing the management of chlamydial infection diagnosed online and in clinic

The World Economy and Islamic Economics in the Time of COVID-19

Curation as methodological enhancement in researching production cultures behind screen content about displaced children in Europe

The Impact of Introducing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods on Road Traffic Injuries

Cohesin mutations alter DNA damage repair and chromatin structure and create therapeutic vulnerabilities in MDS/AML

Focusing on the family: Policy issues in the Covid-19 era

Managing employee engagement during the pandemic

Remote working: implications for talent management and global teams

Heterogeneous effects of missing out on a place at a preferred secondary school in England

Sexual Knowledge and the Formation of Chinese Modernity

Documenting as Method: Photography in Southeast Asia

The Digital Transformation of the Valuation Sector in the World of Algorithms

Improvising Songwriting and Composition Within A Hybrid Modular Synthesis System

Identifying Urban Functional Areas and Their Dynamic Changes in Beijing: Using Multiyear Transit Smart Card Data

The effect of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid supplementation on exercise-induced muscle damage

How Did Donald Trump Incite a Coup Attempt?

MicroRNAs for Virus Pathogenicity and Host Responses, Identified in SARS-CoV-2 Genomes, May Play Roles in Viral-Host Co-Evolution in Putative Zoonotic Host Species

The Proteome and Citrullinome of Hippoglossus hippoglossus Extracellular Vesicles—Novel Insights into Roles of the Serum Secretome in Immune, Gene Regulatory and Metabolic Pathways

The influence of music on black, Asian and minority ethnic women working in the field of domestic violence and abuse: Critical reflection on music as method

Masking Masculinity – An overview of the mask in menswear before and after COVID-19

DARKROOM NETWORKS: Mundane subversiveness for photographic autonomy, 1880s-1900s

Laccase Immobilization Strategies for Application as a Cathode Catalyst in Microbial Fuel Cells for Azo Dye Decolourization

Variations in the determinants of regional development disparities in rural China

Social welfare [law] advice provision during the pandemic in England and Wales: a conceptual framework

Predicting individual susceptibility to Visually Induced Motion Sickness (VIMS) by Questionnaire

Neighbourhood satisfaction in rural resettlement residential communities: The case of Suqian, China

Factors Affecting Organizational Effectiveness in Independent Hotels- The case of Iran

Bangla bricks: constellations of monsoonal mobilities

Operations Management. 2nd edition

Editorial: Special issue on ‘transport, gender, culture’

Festivals, public space and cultural inclusion: public policy insights

The impact of Covid-19 on G7 stock markets volatility: Evidence from a ST-HAR model

Cornel West and Marxist Humanism

South Africa: Beyond democratic deficit in public service broadcasting

Comparative VET European Research since the 1980s: Accommodating Changes in VET Systems and Labour Markets

Participation in the Art Museum: Defining New Models for Public Engagement at Tate Exchange

Glial regenerative cell types in the superficial cortex in cortical dysplasia subtypes

Why do students dislike research methods modules and what to do about it?

The Airport Dependency Index

Air Transport and Regional Development Policies

Air Transport and Regional Development Case Studies

Air Transport and Regional Development Methodologies

Integrating molecular modelling methods to advance influenza A virus drug discovery

The hidden cost of uncertainty for airspace users

Acceptability of remote prescribing and postal delivery services for contraceptive pills and treatment of uncomplicated

The use and efficacy of question type and an attentive interviewing style in adult rape interviews

States’ Mouthpieces or Independent Practitioners? The Role of Counsel before the ICJ from the Perspective of the Legal Value of Their Oral Pleadings

Friedrich Engels and Digital Capitalism. How Relevant Are Engels’s Works 200 Years After His Birth?

Friedrich Engels in the Age of Digital Capitalism. Introduction

Engels@200: Friedrich Engels in the Age of Digital Capitalism

Prosecuting terrorism: secret courts, evidence and special advocates. The panoply of challenges facing criminal justice, the United Kingdom perspective

Antithetical Stratified Sampling Estimator for Filtering Signals with Discontinuities

Out of time: The queer politics of postcoloniality

Access to Justice for Vulnerable and Energy-Poor Consumers: Just Energy?

The chimera of choice in UK food policy 1976-2018

Whose sister? ‘Convenient pigeonholes’, Peter Owen and the publishing of Anna Kavan

Sustainable value creation in event ecosystems – a business models perspective

Performing Metaphors

Peptidylarginine deiminases and extracellular vesicles: prospective drug targets and biomarkers in central nervous system diseases and repair.

Psychological and pastoral care for survivors of human trafficking and the effects on their personhood

Processes Underlying Glycemic Deterioration in Type 2 Diabetes: An IMI DIRECT Study

Building a Heavy Metal World: Cultural Entrepreneurship in the Polish People’s Republic

‘No Pope Here.’ Britain, the Vatican, the IRA and the Papal Visit to Ireland, September 1979

Quantifying Aphantasia through drawing: Those without visual imagery show deficits in object but not spatial memory

The impact of information and communication technology and internal market orientation blending on organisational performance in small and medium enterprises

Measuring Success for a Future Vision: Defining Impact in Science Gateways/Virtual Research Environments

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and the Understanding of Behavior

Institutionalizing diversity and inclusion engaged marketing (DIEM) for multicultural marketplace wellbeing

Book review: Wong, R. The Illegal Wildlife Trade in China: Understanding the Distribution Networks

Expertise and Participatory Governance: The Incorporation of Expert Knowledge in Local Participatory Processes

Efficiency of scanning and attention to faces in infancy independently predict language development in a multiethnic and bilingual sample of 2-year-olds

Testing the input-process-output model of public participation

Working conditions and wellbeing in UK social workers

Understanding the transport and CO2 impacts of on-demand meal deliveries: A London case study

Coloniality and/as Development in Kashmir: Econonationalism

Public service media in the age of SVoDs: A comparative study of PSM strategic responses in Flanders, Italy and the UK

Reimagining the landscape of gangs: reflections from Bangladesh and China

The Politics of Exhaustion and the Externalization of British Border Control. An Articulation of a Strategy Designed to Deter, Control and Exclude

Edmund Burke, Delegates, Trustees and Parliament: From Constituency Instructions to Delegatory Government

Examining the spatially heterogeneous effects of the built environment on walking among older adults

Gaza, Palestine, and the Political Economies of Indigenous (Non)-Futures

Understanding the diverse sexual repertoires of men who have sex with men, trans and gender-diverse groups is important for sexually transmitted infection prevention

Explicitations in Political Texts and the Translator’s Rationale

Empirical Studies of Translation and Interpreting: the Post-structuralist Approach

Men, trans/masculine, and non-binary people negotiating conception: Normative resistance and inventive pragmatism

English grammar writing

European Citizens Assembly: Bring Citizens into EU Decision Making

The UK’s shifting diasporic landscape: negotiating ethnolinguistic heterogeneity in Greek complementary schools post-2010

'Where is Bhutan?': The Production of Bhutan's Asymmetrical Inbetweenness in Geopolitics

Working together: Factors affecting the relationship between leadership and job satisfaction in Iranian HR departments

Developing academic wellbeing through writing retreats

Entrepreneurial Intentions: a bibliometric analysis

Combining on-foot porters with vans for last-mile parcel deliveries: results of a study in central London

It made me feel brighter in myself”- The health and well-being impacts of a residential front garden horticultural intervention

Violence against women in peace and war: cases from the Middle East

The contribution of community events to social sustainability in local neighbourhoods

Self-governing prison communities

Ethnographic reflexivity and ethics of community in the new mass carceral zone

Carceral Communities in Latin America: Troubling Prison Worlds in the 21st Century

Towards Sustainable Informal Settlements: A Toolkit for Community-Led Upgrading in Durban, South Africa

On the Beach

Improvising Songwriting and Composition Within A Hybrid Modular Synthesis System

Space, Taste and Affect: Atmospheres That Shape How We Eat

Anthropocene Islands: there are only islands after the end of the world

Evil Eye in Christian Orthodox Society: A Journey from Envy to Personhood

Investigating users’ perspectives on the development of bike-sharing in Shanghai

Moral Music Management: Ethical Decision-Making After Avicii

OPEC meetings, oil market volatility and herding behaviour in the Saudi Arabia stock market

Can democracy safeguard the future?

The Individual and Administrative Justice

Reimagining the Role, Duties and Liabilities of Non-Executive Directors in 2020; 15 Years of the Companies Act 2006 and the Pathway to the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018. Part Two: The Most Current Approach

Reimagining the Role, Duties and Liabilities of Non-Executive Directors in 2020; 15 Years of the Companies Act 2006 and the Pathway to the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018. Part One: A Prelude to the Current Approach

The Legality of Closure on Land and Safe Passage between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank

The undeniable reality of the ‘war on terror’, radicalisation and sanity

'The Artist as Filmmaker': Modernisms, Schisms, Misunderstandings

‘[A] stronger position as women alone’: women’s associations in the British civil service and feminism, 1900-1959

Towards sustainability: An assessment of an urbanisation bubble in China using a hierarchical - stochastic multicriteria acceptability analysis - Choquet integral method

Divergent Trajectories of Creativity and Coercion - An Introduction to the Media and Popular Culture Section

Waste to Wealth (W2W): The need for a social enterprise approach to turn Waste into Wealth

How corporate social responsibility contributes to strengthening brand loyalty, hotel positioning and intention to revisit?

State Immunity and Judicial Countermeasures

Stories of Animistic Cinema

Queering Control and Inclusion in the Contemporary Organization: On ‘LGBT-friendly control’ and the reproduction of (queer) value

Judicial Interpretation of Commercial Contracts in English and French Law: A Comparative Perspective

From Counterpublics to Contentious Publicness: Tracing the Temporal, Spatial, and Material Articulations of Popular Protest Through Social Media

The critical surf studies reader

Sustaining municipal parks in an era of neoliberal austerity: The contested commercialisation of Gunnersbury Park

A Multi-modal Machine Learning Approach and Toolkit to Automate Recognition of Early Stages of Dementia among British Sign Language Users

Customer Orientation and e-WOM in the hotel sector

Environmental Design Sourcebook: Innovative design ideas for a sustainable built environment.

Museum Representations of Chinese Diasporas: Migration Histories and the Cultural Heritage of the Homeland

A Bayesian structural time series analysis of the effect of basic income on crime: Evidence from the Alaska Permanent Fund*

The Three Grammars and the Sign

The effect of astaxanthin supplementation on performance and fat oxidation during a 40 km cycling time trial

Experiencing interim landscapes: ephemerality and place-making

Performing Metaphors

Ad Vitam Aeternam: a legal text that remains relevant

"Fatties Cause Global Warming": The Strange Entanglement of Obesity and Climate Change

‘There’s nowhere wonky left to go’: Gentrification, queerness and class politics of inclusion in (East) London

Why compassion, why now?

Towards the Compassionate University: From Golden Thread to Global Impact

Creative-led strategies for peripheral settlements and the uneasy transition towards sustainability

Creative Considerations for On-Screen Visuals in Popular Electronic Music Performances

Patient-specific Alzheimer-like pathology in trisomy 21 cerebral organoids reveals BACE2 as a gene dose-sensitive AD suppressor in human brain

Optimal Instagram Advertising Design Features. A study on brand image and Millennials consumer’s purchase intention

History and Class Consciousness 2.0: Georg Lukács in the age of digital capitalism and big data

Ethnography as thrownness and the face of the sufferer

Can academic writing retreats function as wellbeing interventions?

The impact of digitalization and servitization on the financial performance: An empirical analysis

Lone other-language items in later medieval texts

Urban logistics and freight transport

Unpacking the difference between digital transformation and IT-enabled organizational transformation

Adapting Television Drama: Theory & Industry

About Time: Addressing Intersectionality in the Casting and Performance of Chris Chibnall/Jodie Whittaker Era Doctor Who

„Europa wird nur sein, wenn es einig ist.“ Deutsche Christliche Demokraten in der Hohen Behörde der EGKS und der Kommission der Euratom, 1952-1967

The share of the global energy mix: Signs of convergence?

Landscape as Weapon: Cultures of Exhaustion and Refusal

Islands and the rise of correlational epistemology in the Anthropocene: rethinking the trope of the ‘canary in the coalmine’

Gender and the legal academy in the UK: a product of proxies and hiring and promotion practices

Children's television in an era of digital distribution: European and Arab responses

Imagine being off-the-grid: Millennials' Perceptions of Digital-Free Travel

Introduction to Architectural Technology (3rd edition)

Parkour and Street Culture: Conviviality, law and the negotiation of urban space

Why Spontaneity Matters: Rosa Luxemburg and Democracies of Grief

Making sense of (new) social mobilisations, conflicts and contention in the tourist city: a typology

At what stage in the drinking process does drinking water affect attention and memory? Effects of mouth rinsing and mouth drying in adults

The Erber: Tracing Global Trade Through a London Building

Women’s participation in organisationally-assigned expatriation: an assignment type effect?

Nutritional Management in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: Challenges and opportunities

And For Law: Why Space cannot be understood without Law

Which Visual Transmission Of Knowledge For A Hawza Knowledge?

A Dialogue with Claude Cahun: Between Photography and Film in Magic Mirror and Confessions to the Mirror

Fishes with Funny French Names: The French Restaurant in London from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century

Classical Arab poets

‘Hot Dog, Jumping Frog’: the community of experience and meaning in songs

First-person accounts of the processes and planning involved in a suicide attempt on the railway.

China, Tibet and the Politics of Time.

Monsoonal Multiplicities

Introduction: Thinking with the Monsoon

Tower Flat

Double Ghosts

Undercover – From Necessity to Debris: The Pollution of Face Coverings During COVID-19

Undercover – From Necessity to Luxury: The Evolution of Face Coverings During COVID-19

Queering Public Space

[Audiobook] Can Music Make You Sick? Measuring the Price of Musical Ambition

Between the Barometer and the Dragonfly

An Eco Museum for Stevenage

Coventry Cathedral: Building for a New Britain

Undercover – From Necessity to Debris: The Pollution of Face Coverings During COVID-19

Virtual Assembly

Wicked Changes - Curated exhibition (LFA)

The Space Between The Stars

The British Museum of Decolonized Nature

The Space Between The Stars - Parts 1, 2 and 3

Jazz Jamaica All Stars: The Trojan Story - Live Event

The Spirituality of the Psyche

Understanding suicidality and reasons for living amongst Doctoral Researchers: A thematic analysis of qualitative U‐DOC survey data

Real Friends EP

Corona Haikus @ the Corona Bug Exhibition

A Nuclear Bomb Memorial

An agent-based model for air transportation to capture network effects in assessing delay management mechanisms

Jettisoning Limited Liability: Okpabi, and Four Nigerian Farmers v Royal Dutch Shell Plc as the Reckoning for Oil Multinationals’ Environmental Harm in Frontier Oil Provinces?

Performing Electronic Music Live - video tutorial series

Video Case Study "Banger Games". (Students as co-creators)

Universal Publishing Production Music UK

Ghosting (2004) in Fragments of Epic Memory

Imprisonment! Poplar Council in 1921

WZ59_Mont2_Poem1 (2021)

Quince Duncan Moodie

The Impact and Significance of Brian Belle-Fortune’s ‘All Crew Muss Big Up’

Machinic Unconscious

Music Creator's Earnings In The Digital Era - A Discussion Of The Findings

C.P. Library

Risky Business - Music Creator's Earnings In The Digital Era – A Discussion Of Comments

Corona Haikus @ Women's Stories Exhibition

Switch Beetles

Falling Away - Vertigo

A New Skyscraper Concept

am skyscraper series #1

Collection Rebellion

A Grid with a Brain

Ghosting (2004) in Life Between Islands: Caribbean-British Art 1950s – Now

Clothing the Pandemic: A Virtual Exhibition of COVID-19 Face Masks from Around the World

Percussion Animation

Construction Voids

Face masks from the Westminster Menswear Archive

Itinerant Imaginaries: Seminar series published online

Lydia Carmichael, in her former classroom at Ashlyns school, Berkhamsted